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The 7 muacle bros... Fooling them PT1

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For the past 3 weeks they have been trying to cum on me and Jacqui to no avail. Why you ask? No idea. But they have literally tried EVERYTHING to cum on me. They even snuck into our house. C'mon now😑

Jacqui and I would've have killed them by now since we got AK's and other weapons stashed at the house, but their muscles are too hard (Pause) to penetrate (Pause again)

Chase and Cade are the worst ones with it. Believe it or not, Chase is gay for me Cade Elliot and Dominic. (Got me fucked up) so he always wants me to get covered in his nut, and when he sees Cade grow his muscles, his cock gets like 25 more veins and gets harder and cums harder than a firehouse, and Cade since he is an sex addict, he's always horny, and has to cum at least 30 times a day. 27 of those times is aimed at me and Jacqui and the rest is aimed at the neighbors house across the street. Feel sorry for them.

They all have tried and failed miserably, except this one time...


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