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Chapter 11 Rudy and Amy pulled back from their kiss. Amy was looking up into Rudy's eyes and saw him looking back at her, the desire obvious in his eyes. "Wow." Amy said, letting out her bre

Hey guys, here's the first chapter of the new story I'm writing. Since it's not a story already finished or anything, the chapters will be released as I go. Im sure the story will have it's flaws

Chapter 9 "Well here we are." Eric said, as he pulled into the parking lot at San Diego University, and shut off the engine. Seth, who had his cowboy hat, sitting, in his lap, glanced over a

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3 hours ago, Lefty said:

The anticipation of the next chapter is killing me! Wrestling! Posing! More??

I just returned to work after a week off. I will write some of the next chapter when I can, buddy. 😉

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Chapter 10

Eric looked up, at Seth, in complete and utter shock. Did he really hear Seth say what he thought he'd heard?"

"What did you just say?" Eric asked, still looking shocked.

He could see Seth smiling at him, making him think that maybe there was still hope for something to happen between him and Seth.

"Well, I'm no Jay Cutler." Seth said, shrugging, as he looked at Eric. " But, I could at least make your childhood dream come true, in a way. And you'll get to feel the muscles of a real actual bodybuilder."

Eric was still a little shocked, but he was starting to recover a bit.

"You don't have to, Seth." Eric said, even though that's what he wanted, more than anything. "It's really nice of you to want to do something like that, for me, but I don't want you to be uncomfortable."

"I wouldn't be uncomfortable, at all." Seth replied. "Not with you. I trust you, and I've actually been thinking about posing for you, ever since yesterday night, when you left the farm and came back to campus."

Now, Eric was surprised by that admission from Seth. He had no idea that Seth had even thought about posing for him.

"You have?!" Eric asked him.

Seth nodded, still looking at Eric.

"I thought it would be cool to get your opinion on my physique." Seth replied. "And what better way than by flexing and posing for you? And letting you touch and feel every well developed muscle in my body?"

Eric smirked a bit, and looked down, at his hands again.

"You know, I have to admit," Eric began to say. "that when you flexed your biceps for me, in the fields, when we were talking about the Farmer Helper job..."

"Yeah?" Seth asked, now intrigued by what Eric had to say.

Here, Eric looked up at Seth, and started slowly grinning at him.

".... I've wanted to feel more of your muscles ever since." He finally admitted.

"Really?" Seth asked, in surprise. "Well, why didn't you ask me? I would have let you feel whatever muscles you wanted to feel."

"I was afraid that I'd offend you and possibly lose a good friend, in the process." Eric said, to him. "After all, We've barely known each other two days, and already, I feel as though we're already good friends, or are becoming good friends, at least."

"We are." Seth said. "And why would I be offended by you, liking my muscles? Plenty of people have felt my muscles over the years since I was 16 years old. Children, boys and girls, women and men, young and old, from all nationalities, and from all walks of life. And I've enjoyed every single opportunity I've had to flex my muscles for people. Just as I will enjoy flexing my muscles for you and letting you live out one of your greatest childhood dreams."

Eric could feel his heart swelling with joy. Not only was he going to get to worship Seth's body, but now he was going to be able to do it without fear of judgement.

"I have to admit that would be really cool." Eric said, then added. "But it has to be in private, just the two of us."

"Absolutely." Seth agreed. "That goes without saying."

Then, he frowned.

"But where could we have the private posing session?" Seth wondered, then asked. "Could we do it here?"

Eric thought about it and shook his head. His dorm wasn't the most private place to have a sizzling hot worship session with Seth.

"Well, as much as I would love that, Seth," Eric said, to him. "This dorm isn't the place for it. Someone could see us through the windows."

Seth looked over at the windows and saw that Eric was right. His dorm room didn't have any sun shades. Just the annoying sun blind singles that hung down, individually, replacing the need for curtains.

"Yeah, you're right." He said, then came up with another idea. "We could do it at the farm, maybe? You're staying the night, tonight, and I could pose for you, after my mom goes to bed."

"That could work." Eric said. " But if you make too much noise, while posing, your mom might wake up. And I'd feel really weird feeling up your body knowing that she could be just down the hallway."

Seth laughed.

"Yeah you're right about that." He said. "There's nothing more awkward than being walked in on by one of your parents when you're in a compromising position."

"So I guess the house is out of the question." Eric said, feeling disappointed.

"Looks like it." Seth said, frowning thoughtfully. "At least for now."

There was silence for a moment between the two men for a moment, as Seth thought about where he could pose for Eric. Just then, his face broke out into a huge grin.

"You know what?" Seth asked, outloud. "I've just thought of the perfect place where I can pose for you where we will not be interrupted."

"Where?" Eric asked, frowning, in confusion. Seth's grin just got bigger.

"Don't worry about that, right now." Seth replied. "It's going to be a surprise."

"Aww, man!' Eric said, his face taking on a pouty look. "Can't you give me a hint?"

"Nope." Seth said, still grinning. "You'll just have to wait until tonight."

"You're no fun." Eric said, slumping back against the headboard of his bed, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Be patient, Eric." Seth laughed. "Good things come to those who wait, right?"

"Yeah."Eric said, sarcastically. "And that's the most torturous part of the whole thing: The waiting."

"Hey it could be worse." Seth said to him, his eyebrows raised.

"And how could it be?" Eric asked, smiling, while still frowning.

Seth's grin turned into a big smile. He looked at Eric.

"I could make you wait, until tomorrow night, after you've worked your ass off on the farm all day."

Hearing that, Eric's eyes widened and his jaw dropped, in utter disbelief.

"Seth Lombardo!" Eric exclaimed. "You wouldn't dare?!"

"Wouldn't I?" Seth asked, with a huge grin, spreading across his face.

Eric continued to stare at him, his mouth still open.

"Oh my God!" Eric exclaimed. "You totally would!"

"Well," Seth shrugged. "Yeah, but not to be cruel. More along the lines of "Hard work deserves a reward." You know what I mean?"

Eric nodded. He could see Seth's point. But still, he didn't want to do the muscle worship tomorrow.

"I can understand that." Eric said, looking at Seth. "But I still would rather you flex for me, tonight."

"Don't worry, I plan on it." Seth said. "I may even have another surprise in store for you. If you play your cards, right."

Hearing that, Eric grinned at Seth's last sentence.

"If I play my cards right, huh?" Eric asked, a glint in his eye. "Interesting."

Seth frowned, wondering what Eric meant by saying that.

"What are you getting at, Eric?" He asked.

"Nothing." Eric said, trying to come off as innocently as he could. 

Seth's eyes narrowed. He wasn't buying it.

"I don't think so." Seth said, standing up, crossing his arms over his chest. "I can see your wheels turning. What do you have up your sleeve?"

"Nothiiing!" Eric said, stressing the word, as he stood up and walked over to Seth. "I was just thinking about a certain card game that I'm pretty good at playing my cards at."

"And what would that be?" Seth asked, with an amused smile, playing on his face.

Eric slapped both hands against Seth's arms, his thumbs gripping into Seth's big biceps.

"Strip poker!" Eric revealed, his smile breaking out even bigger.

"What?" Seth asked, trying not to laugh. "Are you saying you want to play a game of "strip poker" with me?"

"Hell yeah!" Eric said. "That could be fun!"

Seth smiled at him. Then Eric could feel Seth's biceps beneath his thumbs, contracting. He looked down, his expression changing to shock.

"Hot Damn, Seth!" Eric exclaimed. "These biceps feel even more incredible, the more I touch them."

Seth's smile turned into a cocky grin and he curled his arms, flexing his biceps, almost like a most muscular pose.

"I'm glad you like them." Seth said, that grin never leaving his face. "Feel them as much as you want."

"Cool." Eric said, as his hands slid up and down Seth's huge biceps, squeezing and gripping them tight, here and there. Then he looked up at Seth.

"But I'd really like to feel how amazing your pecs are." Eric said, lowly. "After all, Amy already got to feel them, but I didn't."

Seth laughed.

"Sure man. Go ahead." He said.

Eric took his hands off of Seth's biceps and Seth lowered his arms to his sides, letting Eric have access to his pecs. Eric pushed his hands into Seth's pecs, starting from the bottom, and pushed upwards, feeling the heaviness of them. A second later, Seth tightened his pecs. Eric couldn't believe how rock hard they were. As Eric kept feeling them, Seth started to bounce his pecs, both at the same time. Eric was starting to get seriously turned on by the whole scenario, playing out in front of him. His breathing started to get a bit huskier and his heart started beating a little faster. And it wasn't just because of Seth's muscles, having that effect on him, but Seth, himself, as well.

"Wow!" Eric whispered. "Seth, your pecs are so beautiful! And so perfect!"

Seth didn't answer him, and as Eric looked up at him, he realized why. He saw Seth's gorgeous ocean blue eyes staring right back at him.

"Seth, is something wrong?" Eric asked, looking from Seth's eyes to his lips.

Seth's eyes seemed to be doing the same thing. Looking from Eric's piercing blue eyes to his lips.

"No." Seth said, his deep voice sounding husky. "Not at all."

Seth's hand slipped to Eric's hip, pulling him, closer. Eric moved in closer to Seth, yet never breaking his gaze.

Then, Seth's hand came up and cupped the side of Eric's face, sliding down his cheek. His thumb came down and traced the shape of Eric's bottom lip. Then Seth's hand slid behind Eric's head and started pulling him closer. At that same moment, Seth started leaning down, his face inching closer and closer to Eric's.

"Oh My God!" Eric thought. "He's going to kiss me!"

Eric's heart was pounding, in excitement at what was about to happen.

Seth's lips were just mere inches away from Eric's, at that moment. Seth's eyes closed, and Eric's did too, as their lips were about to connect into the passion of a kiss.

"Knock! Knock! Knock!"

The sound of someone, knocking on the door to Eric's dorm, interrupted their passionate moment. Eric sighed, in disappointment, as he opened his eyes. Seth stood up and stepped back a bit. Eric looked over at the door.

"I'll see who that is." Eric said.

Seth stepped aside for Eric. As Eric walked over to the door. Seth took in a breath and let it out, his lips puckered into a blowing expression. His eyes took on a look of pure shock, as if his breath had been taken away.

Eric got to the door and opened it, revealing one of the guys from the wrestling team, on the other side.

"Hi Charlie." Eric greeted him. "What's up?"

"Everything is set up, in the gymnasium for the wrestling match." Charlie said. "Are you guys coming?"

"Yeah, We're coming." Eric replied. "I'm just finishing up, packing. Go ahead and let the others know that we'll be there in a couple minutes."

"Alright." Charlie said, then grinned. "There's a gym full of audience members too. Word got out around campus about your big muscular friend, so everyone's looking forward to the match."

"Oh really?" Eric asked, in surprise. "Well we won't keep them waiting."

"Alright."  Charlie said, turning to leave. "See you both downstairs."

Charlie headed back to the gymnasium, and Eric closed his dorm room door. He turned back to Seth, who was standing there, looking at him.

"Well, it looks like you've become quite the celebrity around here, today." Eric said, grinning at Seth. "Are you ready?"

"I was born, ready!" Seth said. "Let's go!"

As Seth headed to the door, Eric held out his hand.

"Seth, wait a minute!" Eric said to him, looking him up and down.

Seth stopped, right in front of him.

"What?" Seth asked, frowning in confusion.

Eric gestured towards Seth's clothes that he was wearing. Not exactly wrestling appropriate.

"If you're going to wrestle Joey Sloane, downstairs, in the gymnasium, you can't look like that." Eric pointed out.

Seth looked down at his sleeveless shirt and tight fitting Wrangler jeans and realized that Eric was right. 

"You're right." Seth said. "But what can I do? I didn't know I was going to be challenged to a wrestling match when I got here. That wasn't part of the plan."

"Yeah, you're right about that." Eric said, then thought of something. "Seth, what's your waist size?"

"32 inches." Seth replied, then frowned. "Why?"

"Good." Eric said, then held up a finger. "Hold on a second."

Eric walked over to his closet and looked through his wardrobe. He pulled out a blue sleeveless Jersey with a matching pair of blue shorts with a drawstring to tighten it at the waist, if needed. He turned and handed them out to Seth.

"Here, these will have to do." Eric said to him, as Seth accepted the attire. "The shorts are your waist size. But I'm wondering if the jersey will fit your upper body because it's still a bit too big for me."

"Well, there's only one way to find out." Seth said.

He then took off his sleeveless plaid checkered shirt, revealing his gorgeous muscular torso once again. He threw his shirt on Eric's bed. Eric just stood there and took the whole display of muscle in.

Seth put the jersey on and pulled it down, over his torso. After putting it on, he looked back up at Eric.

"Well, the Jersey tank is just a little bit tight on me, but at least it fits."

"I can see that." Eric said, gesturing towards Seth's chest. "Nothing's gonna hide those muscular mounds."

Seth looked down at noticed his pecs were indeed pushing through the material. He smiled.

"You're right." He said. "And I like it!"

With those words, Seth started bouncing his pecs again, fast and hard, kind of like he did, back at the farm, in front of Amy, Eric, and Rudy. As well as his mother.

"Will you cut that out, Seth?!" Eric laughed, watching the whole thing. "If you do that too much, you'll ruin my jersey, and that'll be a shame, because it looks so good on you."

Seth laughed, as he stopped bouncing his pecs.

"Sorry." He said. "Thanks for the compliment, though. I should probably get these shorts on now, since we need to get down there."

"You're gonna need a Jockstrap before you put those on." Eric pointed out.

"No need for that." Seth said, turning his back to Eric.

Seth threw the shorts down on Eric's bed and immediately dropped his pants. Eric nearly fainted when he saw that Seth was already wearing a Jockstrap beneath his jeans. Eric got a look good at Seth's massive glutes and saw just how big his ass really was. Now he understood why that girl was so shocked, when she was feeling Seth's ass, while he was flexing it for her. Seth's glutes, even offseason, still had amazing shape and definition to them. Seth, apparently not only held muscle mass well, but he didn't put on much body fat, either.

At the sight of Seth's Jockstrap covered ass, Eric's dick, which had already been semi- hard, now grew to full hardness.

"Oh God!" Eric thought to himself. "What a time to get an erection!"

There was only one thing to do, and Eric had to do it.

"Excuse me a second." Eric said, to Seth. "Bathroom."

"Ok." Eric heard him say, as he quickly bolted for the bathroom.

Once inside the bathroom, Eric shut the door, and locked it. He leaned over the bathroom sink, looking at his reflection, in the mirror.

"How much more of this sexual tension, am I supposed to take?" Eric whispered. "My God! Seth's lips were so close to mine, and I wanted that kiss to happen so bad!"

Eric thought back to the moment Seth had dropped his pants, revealing the sexy Jockstrap he had been wearing underneath. Eric didn't know that Seth wore those.

"And that ass on him!" Eric's thoughts continued. "Fuck! If Seth was a bottom, I'd give him the ride of his life!"

But Eric didn't just want to fuck Seth's gorgeous ass. He wanted to worship it. He wanted to feel it all over while Seth flexed his glutes for him. He wanted to muscle worship Seth, first, to create the hot sexual mood, and then when things got really hot between them, that's when Eric wanted to fuck him.

"Is that even possible?" Eric thought to himself. "Has Seth ever been with a man before?"

Eric's thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the bathroom door.

"Eric?!" Seth voice called, from the other side of the door. "Are you ok in there?"

"Yeah!" Eric called out to him. "I'll be out in a second."

Eric flushed the toilet, to make it seem like he had really used the bathroom and then washed his hands. After doing that, he unlocked the bathroom door and walked back out, into the dorm room. He saw Seth, standing in the middle of the room, waiting for him.

"Are you alright?" Seth asked him. "The way you just tore to the bathroom like that made me think that you were going to be sick or something."

"Oh no." Eric said. "I'm fine."

Eric then gestured towards the door.

"Shall we go, now?" He asked Seth.

"Yes!" Seth said, clapping his palms together, rubbing them. "I'm ready to hit those wrestling mats again! It's been a long time!"

Eric laughed. Then he pointed at something.

"Why don't you go ahead and leave your cowboy hat and your shirt and jeans here?" Eric suggested to Seth. "I have to come back to get my stuff anyway, so they'll be safe here, until after the match."

"That works for me." Seth said. Then he looked down at his feet. "Oh Shit!"

"What?" Eric said, wondering what was wrong.

Seth pointed to his brown boots, which he still had on.

"I can't wrestle in these things." Seth pointed out. "What am I going to do, now?"

Eric raised his finger and headed back to his closet. He pulled out a box of Nike sneakers and handed it to Seth.

"Do you wear a size 12 shoe?" He asked.

"Yeah." Seth said, as he opened the box. "Do you wear the same size?"

Eric shook his head.

"Actually, no." Eric said to him. "I'm only 5'11" so I only wear a 10 and a half shoe size. I bought these a while back online, and they were the wrong size, which I discovered too late, so I couldn't return them. So, if you want them, you can have them."

Seth pulled out a pair of black Nike Air Jordans with the white Nike brand symbol on the sides.

"Man, these are nice!" Seth said, looking them over. "But these must have cost you a fortune."

"Don't worry about it." Eric said, with a wave of his hand. "I can't use them, anyway, so you might as well. Try them on!"

Seth sat down and pulled off his boots. Then he put on the shoes and tied the shoe laces. After that, he stood up and started walking around the room a little bit, seeing how they felt under his feet. As he did, Eric got another look at Seth's magnificent ass, filling out Eric's blue shorts nicely. He could even see the outlines of the Jockstrap that Seth was wearing underneath them. that's how form fitting the shorts were on Seth. Eric had to admit that his jersey outfit looked better on Seth than him.

"How do the shoes feel?" Eric asked.

"These things are so comfortable!" Seth said, as he walked back over to Eric. "It feels like I'm walking on air."

Eric laughed at that, considering the name of the shoes.

"Well, that's why they're called Air Jordans." Eric said. "Now come on. You can break them in, walking down to the gym, with me."

"I'm right behind you." Seth replied.

Eric headed for the door and opened it. He stepped aside, so Seth could exit and he closed the door behind them, and locked it.

Eric and Seth headed in the direction of the gymnasium, where the eager students were waiting for the wrestling match to begin.

Meanwhile, back at the Lombardo family farm, Rudy and Amy were, out in the fields, together, talking. Rudy had tied Max to a fence post, while he and Amy sat under a tree, which happened to be the same tree that Eric and Seth had sat down under, the previous day.

"So, did you have a great time, riding Max?" Rudy asked Amy.

Amy smiled at him, as she pushed a lock of hair behind her ear.

"I did, Rudy." Amy said, happily. "Thank you for coming with me out here."

"You're welcome." Rudy said, smiling back at her. "Although I have to say, you sure have a way with animals. I mean, the way Max took to you, was nothing short of amazing."

Amy nodded.

"Well, he's a beautiful horse." She said to Rudy. "And I'm glad that he felt like he could trust me, completely."

Rudy gazed at Amy, taking in how beautiful she was, with her dark brown hair, long and flowing, halfway down to her waist. Her gorgeous blue eyes, and her dazzling white smile really stood out when you talked to her. And Rudy could see that she was an active girl, given her sexy hourglass figure and curves.

"Well, I can see why." Rudy said to her. "You're a beautiful, caring, and compassionate woman. Who wouldn't like you?"

"Thanks, Rudy." Amy said. "That's really sweet of you to say."

Rudy smiled at her, showing off his own perfectly white, sexy smile.

"As far as who wouldn't like me?" Amy pointed out. "There are a few people who don't. Those being women, of course."

"Really?" Rudy was surprised. "I have a hard time believing that."

"Why not?" Amy asked, in amusement. "It's true. There were a lot of guys who liked me, back in high school, who had girlfriends, but yet would still flirt with me. And those who did, whom I knew had girlfriends, are the ones I had to keep in check, and sometimes, not in nice ways."

Rudy cocked an eyebrow at that admission from her.

"Dare I ask about those ways?" He asked her, an amused smile on his face.

"Well," Amy said, looking up, frowning thoughtfully. "One way I did wasn't a very nice way."

"Tell me." Rudy said, not taking his eyes off of her.

"Well, ok." Amy said, sitting up straighter. "There was this one guy, back in high school. It was our senior year, and he also still had a girlfriend. So, one day, after school was out, and I was leaving to head to my car to leave, I saw him, arguing with his girlfriend and it looked like they were really getting into it about something. Anyway, as I passed by him, he slapped my ass, right in front of her."

"Ooh!" Rudy said, his face contorted into a painful expression. "How did you react to that?"

Amy smiled, at the memory.

"I turned around and looked at him, in shock. Then, after it wore off, I marched over to him and kicked him, in the balls."

"Ouch!" Rudy exclaimed, his face looking pained. "That makes me hurt just thinking about it."

"I let him have it with a verbal tongue lashing afterwards, and his girlfriend just grabbed her things and walked away from him, too, leaving him, laying in the grass, holding his groin." Amy finished, laughing a bit, at the memory.

"Well, if he did that, as a way of getting back at his girlfriend, then he probably deserved what he got from you." Rudy pointed out.

"Damn right!" Amy replied. "Not only did he disrespect me, by slapping my ass, he disrespected his girlfriend too, out of spite."

Rudy looked at Amy, grinning, profusely.

"Not only do you have guts, Amy," Rudy began saying. "You're incredibly feisty, too. I like that."

Amy smiled, looking down at her fingernails.

"I'm glad you approve, Rudy." Amy said, looking back up at him. "I think you're pretty damn awesome, yourself."

Then, Amy took another look at Rudy, admiring his build.

"As nice of a body as Seth has, I think yours looks really good, too, Rudy." Amy pointed out, to him.

Rudy blushed, but he was smiling like crazy.

"Thanks." He said. "I'm nowhere near the same level as Seth, but I'm trying."

Amy reached out and put her hands on Rudy's pecs. She gazed into his eyes, as her hands started feeling his pecs. Rudy looked down at his pecs, which he started to flex and bounce them for her. He wasn't as much of a showoff as Seth was, when it came to muscle. Rudy was a bit more reserved, but even he felt the need to impress a woman, sometimes.

"Nice pecs." Amy said, in a low seductive tone of voice. 

Her hands slid over Rudy's toned arms and gripped his biceps, which Rudy flexed for her.

"Nice arms, too." Amy whispered.

Rudy was gazing at Amy with a look on his face that meant he was smitten with Amy.

Just then, Rudy started leaning into Amy. Their lips met, in a soft, gentle kiss.

Back at San Diego, University, Eric and Seth walked into the gymnasium, full of students, eager to see the wrestling match between Joey Sloane and the new mysterious muscle guy, known as Seth, that everyone was talking about.

As they walked towards the bleachers, Joey Sloane, who was with members of the wrestling team, saw them coming, and walked over to greet them.

"Hey guys." Joey said, stopping just in front of them. "I thought you might have flaked out on us."

"Never." Seth said, with a grin on his face. "I told you I would be here, so, here I am."

Joey gave Seth's body another look over, and took notice of the Jersey and shorts that Seth was wearing.

"Nice change of clothes, Seth." Joey said. "I didn't know that you shared clothes with Eric."

Hearing that, Eric frowned, and Seth did too, but an amused smile also played on his lips. Eric was wondering what that crack, from Joey was about.

"What the hell, Joey?!" Eric exclaimed. "I just let Seth borrow my outfit for the wrestling match! Why would you make a comment like that?!"

"Calm down, Eric." Seth said, raising his hand. He turned back to Joey. "So, Joey, are you ready to do this, man?"

"I sure am!" Joey said, with a genuine smile on his face. "What about you?"

"Oh, I'm excited." Seth replied back to him. "I haven't wrestled since my high school days, so it'll be great to get back into it again."

Joey, still smiling, looked Seth over again.

"You really are a big guy, Seth." Joey said. "But it's not the size that matters, in wrestling, but the skill."

"Thanks, Joey." Seth said, still slightly grinning. "And that's true. So, when you wrestle me, on those mats, promise me something, ok?"

Joey crossed his arms over his chest, frowning slightly.

What's that, man?" Joey asked him.

Seth stepped in closer to Joey, and also crossed his arms over his chest. He leaned into him and said, lowly.

"I want you to come at me with everything you know, and everything you've got, when we hit those mats."

Joey nodded, pursing his lips together. He knew, at that moment that he needed to be on top of his game with Seth. 

"Oh, you bet I will." Joey said, with a knowing smile on his lips. "You were right before. This is going to be an interesting match."

Seth nodded. 

"I'll be over, in a minute." He said. "I just need to talk to Eric."

"Alright." Joey said, then walked back towards his teammates, who were sitting at the bleachers.

Seth turned back to Eric, who was shaking his head, in disbelief.

"If I didnt think that Joey was being cocky before, he sure is now." He said to Seth. "But I never thought I'd see the arrogant side to him, too."

"Don't worry about that." Seth said. 'I'm not worried about it."

Eric frowned. "Why not?"

Seth crossed his arms and looked at Eric.

"Let Joey be cocky, and a little bit arrogant. He may have met, and wrestled many guys." Seth said. "But he has met his match in me."

Eric stood closer to Seth and said to him, in a low tone of voice.

"If it were anyone else, I'd be rooting for Joey, all the way, because he really is a very good wrestler." Eric said. "But just know that you have my full support, for this match."

"Really?" Seth asked, then added. "I wouldn't fault you for cheering your university's team on."

"I know that." Eric said. "But, I want you to make Joey eat his words. I mean, the way he's being so smug and cocky, as well as that uncalled for crack about sharing my clothes, I think he's totally forgetting who he is dealing with. Plus, I think he deserves to be knocked down a few pegs."

Seth smiled at Eric. He really appreciated, having his support.

"Don't worry about me, Eric." Seth replied. "I've dealt with guys like Joey, in the past, so he will be mere child's play, for me."

Eric smiled at him.

"Now, who's being cocky?" He said, cracking a smile ay Seth.

"It's not cockiness." Seth replied. "It's confidence."

Eric nodded.

"All im saying is, don't underestimate Joey." Eric said. "You may be bigger than he is, but he's nearly perfected his wrestling skills and he's a very formidable opponent."

"Good." Seth said, with conviction. "I'm all for a challenge, Eric. Whatever Joey Sloane can dish out, I can take it. But the question is: Can he take what "I" can dish out?"

Eric frowned.

"What aren't you telling me, Seth." Hw wondered.

Seth smiled at Eric, and he was smiling like a Cheshire cat.

"Just watch." He said to Eric. "Watch, and enjoy the show."

Eric watched as Seth walked towards Joey, and the rest of the wrestling team, and started talking to them.

Eric walked over and took a seat on the bleachers, keeping an eye on Seth. He saw Joey nod and head over to talk to the coach and the refs to get things started.

Then Joey and Seth walked over, to the mats and got in position to get ready to start the match.

"And here we go, folks!" The wrestling coach began announcing. "It's a wrestling match between San Diego University's state champion, and wrestling team, Captain, Joey Sloane, and San Diego High School state champion, and graduate, Seth Lombardo!"

Seth looked up at the bleachers and saw Eric sitting just across from his view, at the other side of the gymnasium.

"Whoo!!!" Eric stood up, clapping, along with the audience. "Go get him!"

Seth and Eric shared a look between each other. Seth smiled and nodded at Eric. Eric gave him a thumbs up, in response.

Seth turned his attention back to Joey, as both of them, were braced for battle, waiting for the referee to give the signal to begin the match.


EDIT:. I ended the chapter here, because it was getting too length. Also, if I'm going to write this wrestling match, I need to do some research and educate myself on wrestling, so I can  write it, realistically.

Rather than watch videos, I need a post that lays everything out such as:

Basic wrestling moves and counter moves, holds, single and double leg moves kicks, etc. This is high school/college style wrestling, not professional.

Any of you with a background in wrestling, and who knows it well, feel free to give me a basic on all the types of moves, rules, penalties, etc.

Also, how does the point system work and how many rounds do the wrestlers wrestle for? Does one pin, where the ref taps the mat 3 times, without a kick out, signal the end of the entire match, proclaiming the victory for the winner?

Because, one thing I do know is that Joey Sloane, college wrestler, Vs. Seth Lombardo, former high school wrestler, farmer, and bodybuilder, the odds are stacked against Joey, because being a bodybuilder, Seth has strength on his side.

Anyone who can help me out, by writing a post for me, here, to refer to, it would be very helpful to me, and save me from having to spend too much time, researching, when I could be writing another chapter.

Thanks, you guys. Thank you for reading the story and I'm glad yo all are enjoying it.


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Wow, the moment they almost kissed,hot. And then Eric fantasizing about fucking Seth's huge thick muscle ass , wow . After this we just know that the worship and flex show that Seth is going to give Eric is going to get very very hot , here's hoping Seth does turn out to be a huge muscle bottom 😍😘😉

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On 11/12/2019 at 5:12 AM, Shawn1978 said:

Seth turned his attention back to Joey, as both of them, were braced for battle, waiting for the referee to give the signal to begin the match.

This gonna be good!

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A pin does end the match. There are three rounds I think and points are given for things like takedowns, escape from holds, near pins, etc.   If there is no pin, the guy with the most points wins.  That’s about all I can tell you.  Watch Olympic wrestling matches.  There may be some college matches on YouTube as well. 

I love the way you are pacing the story and building the sexual energy between Seth and Eric - as well as between Amy and Rudy!  

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16 hours ago, Lefty said:

A pin does end the match. There are three rounds I think and points are given for things like takedowns, escape from holds, near pins, etc.   If there is no pin, the guy with the most points wins.  That’s about all I can tell you.  Watch Olympic wrestling matches.  There may be some college matches on YouTube as well. 

I love the way you are pacing the story and building the sexual energy between Seth and Eric - as well as between Amy and Rudy!  

Thanks for the post, Lefty. I know a little bit about wrestling from watching the professional shows like WWE and WCW, except that Seth and Joey are competing on the mats, rather than in a ring, so I can't write it in the professional sense. I have to do it high school style/college style.

Thanks for the info. I'll use it to the best of my ability.

Glad you're enjoying the story. I only hope I'm not going too fast with the pacing of it.

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