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21 hours ago, laboriens said:

for me Seth looks like that


That's almost perfect! But I'm not quite seeing the legs size.

Seth's nicely groomed hair and type of body would be kind of like this guy for me.


If I had it, my way, as a casting director, this guy would be the almost perfect Seth!

But like I said, everyone can visualize the characters any way you want. That's what makes reading stories fun!

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Chapter 11 Rudy and Amy pulled back from their kiss. Amy was looking up into Rudy's eyes and saw him looking back at her, the desire obvious in his eyes. "Wow." Amy said, letting out her bre

Hey guys, here's the first chapter of the new story I'm writing. Since it's not a story already finished or anything, the chapters will be released as I go. Im sure the story will have it's flaws

Chapter 9 "Well here we are." Eric said, as he pulled into the parking lot at San Diego University, and shut off the engine. Seth, who had his cowboy hat, sitting, in his lap, glanced over a

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Chapter 9

"Well here we are." Eric said, as he pulled into the parking lot at San Diego University, and shut off the engine.

Seth, who had his cowboy hat, sitting, in his lap, glanced over at Eric.

"So, this is where you go to college?" He said, grinning.

They both could see the students, outside, in their groups. Some were talking amongst themselves. Others were either studying or reading their books, and others were eating.

Eric turned to Seth, in his seat.

"Are you sure you're ready to be oogled by all of these students?" He asked him. "I doubt we'll make it back to my dorm, without at least two or maybe four people wanting to feel your muscles."

Seth grinned. There was a glint in his eyes and Eric noticed it. Eric squinted his eyes, an amused smile playing on his lips.

"Or is that what you're hoping for?" He asked. Seth just continued to grin.

"You'd better believe it." Seth said. "After all, I've already lived the high school experience of muscle lovers. Now, I want to see what college has to offer."

Eric rolled his eyes and shook his head, smiling, in amusement.

"Well, I think you would fit in, here, nicely." Eric said to him. "But you would probably fit in anywhere, with the way you look, and not just because you have big muscles."

Seth looked at Eric, still smiling. Eric could see that Seth truly did seem flattered by his comment.

"Thanks, man." He said, then added. "You really think so?"

"Hell yeah!" Eric replied, with an excited tone, in his voice. "Seth, you're a fucking stud, and you know it!"

Seth started laughing, and at that moment, Eric realized what he had said and blushed about 5 shades of red.

"I'm sorry, man." Eric apologized. "I didnt mean to just blurt that out, the way that I did. I apologize if I offended you."

Seth was still chuckling a bit. As he looked at Eric, Eric noticed that he didn't seem to be bothered by his comment at all.

"It's cool." Seth said, genuinely. "I definitely appreciate the compliment."

Eric nodded, calming down a bit. He looked in the rearview mirror and saw that the redness was fading from his face.

"Well, come on, Mr. Urban Cowboy!" Eric said to Seth. "Let's do this!"

"Fuck yeah!" Seth said, excitedly. "I'm ready!"

Eric and Seth got out of Eric's car and started walking towards the university doors. Seth put his cowboy hat on, as they walked. It seemed as if Eric and Seth were walking in slow motion. Seth looked around as they were walking, and noticed that he was getting a lot of looks. Three girls sitting in a group were looking at him and one of them mouthed "Wow!" As he passed by. Seth winked at them, and flashed his killer smile.

Eric was looking around, too, and noticed that even some of the college jocks that he knew that were on the wrestling team, were checking Seth out. And one of them, who was the captain of the wrestling team, who had blond hair and green eyes, was headed in their direction.

"Here we go." Eric said, to Seth lowly. "That's Joey Sloane, captain of the wrestling team."

"I see him." Seth whispered back. " He seems like a nice guy."

"He is." Eric said, to him. "He's a bit full of himself, at times, but he's an over all good guy."

After Eric finished saying that, The handsome college wrestling captain stopped in front of them. Eric and Seth stopped walking, at that moment.

"Hey, Eric!" Joey greeted him, extending out his hand. "Good to see you, man!"

"You too, Joey!" Eric said, shaking his hand. Joey then turned his eyes to Seth.

"Who's your friend?" Joey asked. In response, Seth extended out his hand to Joey.

"Hi Joey, I'm Seth." Seth said, as Joey took his hand. They shook, briefly. "It's a pleasure to meet you, man!"

"You too, man!" Joey said, with a grin, his eyes traveling up and down Seth's buff body. "I gotta say, you are one swole dude!"

Eric glanced around and noticed that more people were gathering around them, and all eyes were on Seth. The 3 girls whom Seth had winked at, were now, standing right behind Seth and Eric happened to notice that they were checking out his huge ass, which was straining his Wranglers jeans he was wearing.

"Thanks, man!" Seth said to him. "Eric, here, tells me that you're the captain of the wrestling team."

"Yeah, that's right." Joey said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I used to wrestle in high school." Seth told him. " I was the biggest guy on the wrestling and football teams in school, my sophomore year at 16 years old."

"Cool!" Joey said, impressed. "You still know those moves?"

"My wrestling moves?" Seth asked him. "Oh yeah! I was a pro in high school. Before I was even in my senior year, I bested every wrestler on the team."

Joey nodded. Eric noticed the look on Joey's face and wondered what he was thinking at that moment. Then, what Joey said next surprised him.

"I bet I could take you, on the mats." Joey challenged. "Just a little friendly competition. What do you say, man?"

Seth's eyebrows shot up, in surprise.

"Are you serious?" He asked, Joey. "I'm bigger than you are."

Eric's eyes darted, back and forth between Seth and Joey. He had a feeling this was not going to end well.

"That's never stopped me, before." Joey replied. "I've taken on a few guys your size, and have beaten them, at wrestling."

Eric was starting to get annoyed at Joey. Not even five minutes after meeting Seth, Joey was challenging him to a wrestling match.

"Knock it off, Joey, ok?" Eric said, to him. "Seth doesn't have time for this! He's got a farm to run!"

Seth raised his hand up.

"Eric, it's ok." Seth said, turning to him. "I got this."

Eric frowned, wondering what Seth was up to. Then his eyes widened. "Was Seth going to accept Joey's challenge?"

Seth turned back to Joey, who was standing there, in front of him, arms still crossed over his chest, with a cocky, yet smug, smirk on his face.

"Ok, Joey, I accept your challenge."Seth said, to Joey. "Is the gymnasium free?"

Joey's face dropped, in shock. Apparently, he hadn't expected Seth to accept his challenge.

"Uh," Joey said, sounding nervous. "Yeah. I can have things ready in twenty minutes."

"Cool." Seth said, nodding. "That'll give Eric, here, time to go to his dorm and pack up some of his clothes."

Joey frowned, then glanced at Eric.

"Why?" He asked. "Are you going somewhere?"

"Yeah." Eric said. "Seth hired me, to work on his family farm, as a Farmer's Helper, and tomorrow is my official first day, on the job, so I'm staying the night at his family's home, since I don't have any classes tomorrow."

"Oh." Joey said. "Well that's cool of you, man. I wish you luck!"

"Thanks." Eric replied. "Now if you'll please excuse us, Seth and I have to go to my dorm room and start packing up a few things."

"Alright." Joey nodded, then he glanced at Seth. "You'll meet me, in the gymnasium, afterwards, for our wrestling match?"

Seth looked at Joey, and nodded at him.

"I never back down from a challenge, man." He said, to Joey, his tone serious. "I'll be there. You have my word."

"Cool." He said. Then he extended his hand out to Seth again. "Once again, it's nice to meet you."

Seth reached out, and shook Joey's hand again.

"You too, Joey." Seth said, then smiled. "I have a feeling that this wrestling match is going to be very interesting."

Joey nodded. As he turned to go, he glanced at Eric.

"I'll see you later, Eric." Joey said, as he turned to go.

"Bye, Joey." Eric relied back.

As Joey turned away from them to walk back to join his teammates, Eric noticed him clenching his jaw, and he smiled, knowing exactly what that meant. He turned back to Seth.

"Well, shall we head back to my dorm?" Eric asked him.

But before, Seth could answer him, a female voice rang out.

"Before you do that," The blonde female, that Seth winked at, said. "I'd like to see what's hiding beneath that shirt. Will you flex your muscles for us, Seth?"

Eric glanced at Seth, at that moment, and saw Seth looking right back at him, giving him a knowing smile. Seth turned back to the girls, in front of him.

"It would be my pleasure." He said to them, grinning madly.

Seth reached up and slowly started, unbuttoning his shirt. He was doing it, slowly and teasingly. Eric watched the girls, who were watching Seth, in anticipation.

Seth opened his shirt, revealing his golden tanned pecs and chiseled washboard abs. He held the shirt open and let the sleeveless part of the shirt slide down his shoulders, slowly, sliding down his arms. When it finally slid down his forearms, he removed it from his body completely, and handed it to Eric.

"Hold this for me, please?" He asked Eric. Eric accepted the sleeveless shirt and held it for him.

Seth turned back, to the women and did a front double biceps flex. As he tightened the pose, the girls started laying their hands on his body, feeling him up. One red haired girl started feeling his biceps. The other two girls started feeling up his abs and pecs. Then, the red haired girl, who had been feeling his biceps slipped behind him and started sliding her hands up and down Seth's torso, feeling up his pecs, which Seth flexed and started bouncing them, at her touch. He tensed his abs for the ladies feeling them. And their hands felt amazing to him, running all over his body.

Seth closed his eyes, in pleasure. He absolutely loved being worshipped. He loved how these girls were totally into his body.

Eric could feel a familiar stirring in his pants, as he watched the whole thing unfold, in front of him. And more college girls were crowding around Seth, wanting to feel his body. And now, more hands were on Seth, than ever before.

Eric's eyes were on Seth's ass, as he noticed a pretty African American girl feeling up Seth's ass in his jeans. As hr watched, he saw Seth flex his glutes through the jeans, shocking the girl, and making her squeeze it even harder.

"Fuck!" She cried out. "This guy has the best ass I've ever felt!"

Seth grinned, and glanced over at Eric, who was grinning back at him, shaking his head, in amusement.

Then another girl's voice rang out.

"If you think his ass is great, you should get a look at what he's packing in front. This guy's getting hard in his jeans."

Eric's smiled immediately faded from his face hearing that part. Immediately, he could feel his chest getting heavy and his eyes felt like they would water up with tears any second. He had to get out of there!

He handed Seth's shirt to a woman, who was standing beside him, watching Seth.

"Give this back to him, please, when he's done, here." He said, to her. "I have to go back to my dorm room and pack some clothes."

She nodded and accepted Seth's shirt. After that, Eric quickly headed to the university doors and headed inside. Seth was so into the muscle worship, going on, that he didn't even notice Eric had left. 

As Eric walked to his dorm room, the first set of tears started running down his face. He wiped them away, only for more tears to replace them.

"I should have known that Seth was too good to be true." He said to himself, his voice shaky. "I knew he was straight."

As he got to his dorm room, he pulled his keys out of his pocket to unlock the door. His hand was shaking, making the keys jangle a bit as he slid the key in the lock and unlocked his door. He opened it and went inside.

He entered his dorm room, walking over to his desk. He sat down at his desk and looked out the window, though the blinds. He could see Seth, still out there, flexing his muscles and showing off to the crowd of students, since Eric's dorm was on the same side of the university where you could see the parking lots.

As Eric sat there, he kept thinking back to all the moments he'd had with Seth. He thought back to the moment when he and Seth had met at Whole Foods market. Then when Seth had flexed his biceps for him, in the fields, and had let him feel them. Eric also thought about the moment with Seth, by his car yesterday night, when he thought he and Seth could possibly have kissed. And most recently, when Seth had teased him, by opening his shirt and bouncing his pecs just before Eric went into the house to have lunch with Amy and Deborah.

"But what about all those moments I've had with Seth at the farm?" Eric asked himself. "I really thought that he felt something for me, this morning when he showed off his chest and bounced it for me. The way he was smiling at me, like he knew I was enjoying it, I really believed, right then, that Seth had feelings for me, too."

Eric then thought back to what the girl had said about Seth getting a hard on in his jeans, outside, which brought him back to reality.

"But, apparently, I was wrong." Eric said, shaking his head, in disappointment. "So, now, I know the truth. And now I can just focus on being a good Farmer's Helper for Seth, getting the experience I need to write my essay, and graduating college."

Eric got up and walked to his closet and grabbed a duffle bag, out of it, and took it back to his bed.

He walked back to his closet and started packing up his clothes that he wanted take with him. He packed them, in the duffle bag, and then went into his dresser drawers to get underwear and socks. After grabbing about 4 pairs of underwear and socks, he packed them in his bag, also.

Eric zipped up his duffle bag and then sat down, on the bed, beside it. He wiped his face clear of any remaining wetness from his tears. He wanted to make sure that when Seth came looking for him, he didn't see any signs that Eric had been crying.

"Now, what do I do?" Eric asked himself. "How am I supposed to face Seth now, after hearing what that girl said, out there?"

Eric buried his head, in his hands. He just didn't know what the best thing to do was. But he did know one thing: He wasn't going to keep spending time with a man, who wasn't what he thought.

"Well, I'm not going to be spending extra time with Seth, outside of my job, now that I know he's straight. What would be the point?" He asked.

Eric stood up and walked over to the window and looked outside again. When he did, he noticed that the crowd of female students who had been worshipping Seth were gone, and Seth, also, was nowhere to be seen.

"Where'd he go?" Eric asked, frowning, in confusion.

"Right here." A familiar voice said, from behind him, startling him.

Eric whipped around and saw Seth, standing in the doorway, his shirt back on, and his arms crossed over his chest. He didn't look happy, either.

"Damn, Seth, you scared me!" Eric said, his hand held to his chest.

"Sorry." Seth said, seriously. He shut the door behind him, and locked it. He looked back at Eric.

"What happened out there?" He asked. "Why did you just leave and come to your dorm, without telling me where you were going?"

Eric felt the guilt start to sink in, over doing that to Seth. Even though he believed that he finally knew the truth about Seth's sexual orientation, even he had to admit that abandoning Seth outside was a shitty thing to do.

"I'm sorry." Eric told him. "I guess I don't handle large crowds that well."

Eric was looking at Seth, but Seth's face was impassive, showing no signs of what he could be thinking.

"You sure that's all it was?" Seth asked.

From the tone, in his voice, it sounded like Seth wasn't buying Eric's excuse.

"Yeah." Eric said, attempting a smile, yet frowned slightly. "Why wouldn't I be?"

Seth started walking towards Eric, his face still serious.

"You tell me." Seth said, as he continued walking slowly towards him.

"Oh Shit!" Eric cursed, in his thoughts. "He's advancing on me. If he gets right in my face, I don't know if I can keep myself in control."

Seth stopped, right in front of Eric, his ocean blue eyes, staring right into Eric's piercing baby blue ones. Eric almost felt as if Seth's gaze was looking right into him.

Eric opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but no words would come out. He happened to turn his head towards the wall above his bed and his eyes fell on his poster of Jay Cutler, hanging above his bed. Seth also turned his head to see what Eric was glancing at, and he, also, saw the poster of Jay.

Eric turned away from Seth, at that moment.

"Well, what do we have here?" Seth asked. "You have a poster of Jay Cutler posted on the wall. Are you a fan of his?"

Eric breathed a sigh of relief. He turned back to Seth, hoping to change the subject.

"Hell yeah." Eric said, with a grin. "That guy's a fucking legend!"

Seth nodded, grinning.

"I agree." He replied, still looking at Jay's image. "And he's one hell of a nice guy, too."

Eric's eyes shot up at that revelation from Seth. 

"You know him?" Eric asked, in amazement. Seth nodded.

I met him, at one of my past bodybuilding shows." Seth told him. "He was hosting at the very first show I ever competed in. A men's physique competition. I was about 19 years old."

"Aside from being a nice guy, did you like him?" Eric asked Seth, curiously.

"Of course I did." Seth revealed. "The man was so down to earth and made every one of us competitors who met him, feel special. Especially me."

"How so?" Eric asked, wanting to know."

"He told me that I reminded him so much of himself, when he was my age." Seth said. "He said that he could see that same drive and determination, in me, that he'd had himself when he started in bodybuilding. I remember how flattered I was to hear him compare himself to me. I swear that made my year!"

Eric smiled, enjoying the story. Seth, suddenly moved towards Eric's bed and sat down on it. He removed his cowboy hat from his head, and sat it down, beside him, on the mattress. Seeing that, Eric removed his own hat and sat it down, on his desk. He then walked over and sat down, next to Seth, on his bed."

"Sounds like Jay made quite an impression on you." Eric said, glancing at Seth.

"He sure did." Seth replied. "He's been not only a great mentor, to me, but also a great friend as well. I've learned a lot from him."

Eric smiled, still looking at Seth. Then a thought occurred to him.

"How did you do, in your first men's physique show?" He asked.

"I took first place." Seth said, with a grin. "And that win qualified me for nationals."

"Nice." Eric said, grinning from ear to ear. "Congratulations, man."

"Thank you." Seth said. "I remember how proud I was that day when Jay Cutler presented me, with the first place trophy."

Seth's smile, which had been pretty frequent during much of his storytelling, slowly vanished from his face and was replaced by that look of sadness again. Eric saw this, and knew that Seth was thinking of his father, at that moment.

"I remember, my father was there, in the audience, sitting in the front row, and I could see how proud he was of me, when I'd won the bodybuilding show."

Seth's eyes teared up, thinking about his father, at that moment.

"I can see how much your dad still means to you, Seth." Eric said, softly, putting his hand on Seth's shoulder. "And how much you, obviously, still miss him."

Seth nodded, as a tear suddenly made it way down the side of his face. Eric had never seen Seth cry before, so seeing even just one tear falling down Seth's face, tugged at his heartstrings, making him feel like he was ready to cry too.

"I know you are probably still not ready to talk about your father's death." Eric said, squeezing Seth's shoulder. "But, can you at least tell me what your dad was like?"

"Yeah." Seth said, as he thumbed away the tear that was sliding down his face. "My dad was my best friend. He taught me, everything he knew. He taught me, from an early age how to run the farm. I was 6 years old when I first started learning it. I had my farm chores to do, which taught me, early on, about the value of a hard day's work. The only time I ever was allowed out of my farm chores is when I was in school, but only when I had a lot of homework to do. But once homework was done, it was back outside, to help out my dad, with the rest of the farm duties."

Eric was impressed by how responsible Seth made it sound like he was, as a child. He wondered then if Seth had ever been defiant, as a kid.

"Didn't you ever want to get out of doing your farm chores, as a kid?" Eric asked Seth.

Seth chuckled, as he started nodding his head.

"Oh, yeah." Seth replied. "Don't think I was a goody two shoes kind of kid, because I definitely wasn't. I had one day where I didn't want to do chores. I wanted to just stay indoors and just play video games, all day, with some of my school buddies, once, but my dad wasn't having it. I learned early on that there was no mouthing off to my parents. If I did it to my mom, I got a slap to the face. And If I did it to my dad, I got the belt treatment. I would get my ass beat with it."

Eric couldn't help himself, and started snickering at that. He remembered that he'd gotten that kind of punishment too, as a kid.

"What are you laughing at?!" Seth asked, trying not to laugh, too, which only made Eric laugh harder. "Have you ever had your ass beaten with your father's belt?! That shit fucking hurts! And the painful welts it leaves, afterwards? Good Lord! I thought my ass would never recover from it!"

Eric had tears, in his eyes from laughing so hard. Seth continued his story.

"And then if that wasn't the worst of it, my dad would ground me, for a month, with no TV, no telephone, and have me do the chores, I absolutely hated the most, as punishment."

"Let me guess." Eric said, knowing what one of them was. "Mucking out the stalls?"

"That was one." Seth said. "Shoveling manure and having to wheelbarrow it was another, and then the baling hay and stacking up heavy chopped logs, into a wood pile for the winter. I had to do that for a whole month. Every muscle in my body hurt during that time. Talk about excruciating!"

Eric wiped the tears of laughter off of his face and turned to Seth.

"I'm sorry, I didnt mean to laugh at your pain, over the whole belt punishment thing." Eric said, then started giggling again. "But, I know how painful those belts are because my ass got it, too!"

"You're kidding?! Seth asked, before he started to laugh. "Well, I'm gonna have to hear about this one."

Eric looked at Seth, who seemed in a better mood now.

"I'll tell you more about my childhood, a little bit, later." Eric said, to him. "Right now, we have other business to attend to."

Seth frowned, not knowing what Eric was taking about. Eric grinned.

"I can't wait to see you wipe the floor with Joey Sloane, in this wrestling match challenge!"

Remembering that, Seth's grin matched Eric.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that." Seth said, then grinned like the cat who swallowed the canary. "You ready to see this hot 3 in 1 bad boy, in action?"

"3 in 1? Eric asked, frowning in confusion, not getting it.

"Yeah." Seth replied. " This hot wrestler, bodybuilder, and urban cowboy, is going to make Joey Sloane his bitch, on those mats!"

Eric grinned.

"I saw him, clenching his jaw, when he started walking back towards his teammates, earlier, so I know he's probably realizing that he may have bitten off more than he can chew, when it comes to taking you, on."

Seth raised his eyebrows, wondering something.

"You think he'll chicken out?"

"Oh no!" Eric said, frowning, as he shook his head. "I know Joey well and he's not going to back down from this competition. He's very competitive, but he's not going to be a coward, in front of his teammates. He can live down, being defeated by you, more than he could by chickening out of the match. His reputation would be ruined. The team would never let him live that down. As the wrestling team captain, he has to set an example for the team. That's what a good captain does, and Joey is a good captain."

"I know." Seth said. "I will give it to Joey, the guy does have guts wanting to wrestle someone my size. I just hope he doesn't take it, personally, when he's defeated by me."

"I don't think he would." Eric said. "From the way he interacted with you, I think he genuinely does like you or he wouldn't have said a little "friendly competition" and he didn't come at you, with a confrontational attitude when you two met."

"I didn't think he did, either." Seth said. "I didn't pick up on any tension or animosity, which I'm good at sensing from people."

"Good." Eric said, then he decided to bring up Seth's worship session outside, on campus, earlier. "So, how did that flex show go, outside, earlier? Did you enjoy it?"

Seth's grin lit up his whole face, at that moment.

"Fuck, yeah!" Seth exclaimed. "I loved every minute of it! And so did all those girls!"

Eric felt a pang of sadness hit his heart, but it didn't sting as bad, this time, which definitely surprised him.

"I could tell." Eric pointed out. "And you looked completely, within your comfort zone, flexing and posing, in front of them. Almost like you were on a stage."

Eric took another look at his poster of Jay Cutler, hanging overhead, on his wall.

"I used to be in awe of bodybuilders when I was a kid. I used to see Jay and other bodybuilders flexing up there, onstage, and I always wished that I....."

Here, Eric trailed off, realizing where his mind was going, and quickly clammed up, hoping Seth hadn't been listening to him.

"You always wished that you what?" Seth asked, frowning.

No such luck. Seth had indeed been listening to Eric.

" Nothing." Eric said, shaking his head. "Forget it."

"No. Tell me." Seth urged him. "What?"

Eric thought about it, for a moment and figured that he might as well let Seth in on his secret of liking bodybuilders.

"Do you promise that you won't judge me, or think I'm a freak, after you hear what I'm about to tell you?" Eric asked him.

"Of course, I won't." Seth said to him. "I promise. Now, please, tell me."

Eric looked at the poster of Jay Cutler again, his face, taking on a dreamy look.

"I used to wish, when I was a kid," Eric said, to Seth. "that I could feel what a bodybuilder's muscles really felt like. I used to wish that it was just me and Jay Cutler, on that stage, just the two of us, and he was flexing and posing his muscles, just for me. Letting me feel and appreciate every rock hard muscle in his body. A muscle fan getting to muscle worship his bodybuilding hero!"

Eric wasn't looking at Seth, when he was talking, or he would have seen the smile that crossed Seth's lips, at that moment.

"But who am I kidding?" Eric said, grinning nervously. "It's just a fantasy. It'll never happen."

Eric looked down, and started playing with his fingers, afraid to look at Seth, at that moment. He wasn't sure how Seth was processing his confession.

After that, there was silence, but only for a few moments. Then Eric heard Seth suggest something that he never thought he'd hear from him, in a million years.

"I could pose for you."


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Wow! Wow! Wow!  What a great chapter!!  The heat is becoming intense.  And the anticipation of the wrestling match AND the posing session for Eric is almost too much to bear!  How will Eric be able to control himself? Will Seth motive Eric’s what will sure to be a throbbing hard on??

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On 10/29/2019 at 8:33 AM, Shawn1978 said:

I could pose for you."


And i dont think that guy was being cocky. I think eh wants a challeneg and Seth will give him one.

This posing session needs to be right after the match. Seth pumped and sweaty body would be the perfect fit for Eric's hands and even tongue lol

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22 hours ago, Ro20316 said:


And i dont think that guy was being cocky. I think eh wants a challeneg and Seth will give him one.

This posing session needs to be right after the match. Seth pumped and sweaty body would be the perfect fit for Eric's hands and even tongue lol

Yes definitely agree

Right after the match ,in Eric's dorm Seth pumped and sweaty and horny from the match

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