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Chapter 11 Rudy and Amy pulled back from their kiss. Amy was looking up into Rudy's eyes and saw him looking back at her, the desire obvious in his eyes. "Wow." Amy said, letting out her bre

Hey guys, here's the first chapter of the new story I'm writing. Since it's not a story already finished or anything, the chapters will be released as I go. Im sure the story will have it's flaws

Chapter 9 "Well here we are." Eric said, as he pulled into the parking lot at San Diego University, and shut off the engine. Seth, who had his cowboy hat, sitting, in his lap, glanced over a

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Chapter 5

Eric, Seth, and Deborah all sat down at the dinner table, and prepared to eat, together. At that same moment, Cole, Seth's Collie, came into the house. He came over to Seth, wagging his tail.

"Cole! Hey, boy!" Seth greeted him, petting the top of his head, and scratching behind his ears. "You done working in the fields?"

Cole gave a sharp bark, as his way of saying yes.

Seth laughed, and so did Eric and Deborah. Then, Seth turned his head towards Eric.

"Cole, this is Eric." Seth said, to the dog. "Go over and say hello."

Cole walked over towards Eric, who turned in his seat to greet the dog.

"Hi, Cole." Eric said, extending out his hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you, boy!"

Cole sat down, at Eric's feet and lifted his paw into Eric's hand and Eric shook his paw. Eric looked up at Seth and Deborah and grinned.

"Not only is this dog a beauty, but he's very smart too." Eric said, to them.

"Yeah, He's a very smart dog." Deborah said to Eric. " He looks after the farm, and the family very well. I don't know what we would do, without him."

"Well, now that I've shook Cole's paw," Eric said, standing up. "I need to re-wash my hands. Will you all please excuse me for a moment?"

"Absolutely." Deborah replied. "Hurry back."

Eric started walking down the hall, to the bathroom to wash his hands. When he was gone, Deborah looked at Seth.

"He seems like a really nice young man." She said to him.

"Yeah, he is." Seth said. He was petting Cole, who had nuzzled his head in his lap.

When he saw the look in his mother's eyes, he narrowed his eyes.

"Mom, what are you getting at?" Seth asked her, with a suspicious tone in his voice.

"Nothing." Deborah said, still with the smile on her face. "Like I said, Eric seems like a nice young man, and I think he'd be a very good friend to you, once you get to know him better. I mean, God knows, you could use some mature friends for a change."

"Why?" Seth frowned "What's wrong with the friends I do have?"

"Well, nothing really." Deborah said to him. "It's just that most of your friends go out to bars and drink too much, and I don't think they're a good influence on you, sometimes."

"But Mom, I don't drink much when I'm with them." Seth protested. "I know how bad alcohol is for the body, which is why I usually limit myself to one beer."

"I know, Sweetheart." Deborah said to him. "My point is that Eric seems to be a very mature young man, for his young age, and I think he'd be a much better friend to you, and possibly a better influence on you."

"Well, whether that's true or not, Mom,"Seth pointed out, letting go of Cole. "Eric is only going to be working with us, temporarily. He's a student at San Diego University, and he's working here to gain experience, so that he can write about what it's like, working on a farm, for his college essay."

"Oh." Deborah said, looking disappointed. "Well, you didn't mention that."

"I didn't have a chance to, Mom." Seth said. "I just finished telling Eric earlier that I'd only hire him on the condition that his college education comes first and foremost. I know how important a college education is, considering, I never got to go to college."

"I know, honey." Deborah said, sadly. "Your father and I couldn't afford to put you through college. But that still doesn't mean that you couldn't go if you still wanted to."

"I know, Mom." Seth told her. "I might still go to college later on, if I still want to, but right now, with Dad being gone for a year now, all I can really focus on, is taking care of this farm, and my family. Nothing else matters."

"Honey, you've been helping to run this farm since you were 6 years old."Deborah pointed out. "The only time you ever really had any freedom to do anything is when you were in school, and later, after graduation, when you decided that you wanted to be a bodybuilder and compete in those bodybuilding shows."

"Yeah." Seth said. "I remember how proud Dad was when he saw how big and strong I was getting from all that hard work. I mean, I was already a big kid, from all my years of helping to run the farm, but bodybuilding did the rest for me."

Seth looked at his mother, his expression, taking on a sad look again.

"I miss him, Mom." Seth whispered, sadly. "I miss him, every day."

Deborah could see how much Seth was still hurting, over his father's death. She reached over and put her hand on his cheek.

"So do I, Sweetie." She said, softly. "So do I."

Just then, they heard the bathroom door opening, signaling Eric's return to the table. Deborah pulled her hand back from Seth's face and both of them sat back in their chairs.

Eric came back into the kitchen and sat down at the table.

"Sorry about that." Eric said. "I wanted to make sure my hands were clean before we ate. It would be bad manners not to have washed them."

Deborah smiled at him. Eric looked back and forth from her to Seth. He could pick up on some tension that was going on, but wasn't sure how to respond. So, he decided to leave it be for now.

"So, are we ready to dig in?" Deborah asked the two men.

"Absolutely." Seth answered. "I'm starved. It's been a long day."

"Alright." Deborah said, then added. "Who wants to say grace?"

"I will, if that's ok with you?" Eric asked.

"Certainly." Deborah replied. "Let's all join hands."

Eric, Deborah, and Seth all took each other's hands. As Eric's hand came in contact with Seth's, again, he felt that same feeling he'd felt when his hand had touched Seth's, in the  Whole Foods store, that morning. Eric closed his eyes and began to pray.

"Dear Lord, We thank you for this food, we are about to receive, and for the many blessings that you have bestowed upon me, and upon this family. Please help the people that are less fortunate than we are to live better lives, and keep them in your loving care, always. Amen."

"Amen." Deborah said Seth, both said, in unison.

Eric, that was a beautiful prayer." Deborah complimented him. "Thank you."

"Yes, Thanks man." Seth chimed in.

"You're both very welcome." Eric replied, smiling at both of them.

"Alright, let's eat!" Deborah announced. "I think we've all waited long enough."

Deborah, Seth, and Eric proceeded to eat their dinner, which consisted of roast beef, with celery, carrots, potatoes and onions. 

Eric cut into his piece of beef and put a piece in his mouth. As he chewed, he noticed how tender the meat was, which made it very easy to chew, and it was seasoned perfectly, and full of flavor.

"Deborah, this has to be the most, tender, delicious roast beef I've ever tasted." Eric said to her. "This sure beats the food they serve at the cafeteria on campus."

"Thank you, Eric." Deborah told him. "Make sure you save room for dessert, though."

"Oh, I will." Eric said, with a smile. "I've been wanting a taste of that delicious pie you've been baking, since I got here. It smells like it's Blueberry."

"Good nose." Seth laughed. " That's exactly what kind it is. That's my favorite."

"Really?" Eric asked. "Mine too. But I have to admit, I'm also becoming a huge fan of peach pie as well."

"That's my personal favorite, too." Deborah said to him. "I love all flavors of pie, but peach is my personal favorite."

"Well then, I can't wait to taste it, the next time you make it." Eric replied.

"Consider it done." Deborah said, smiling warmly "I'll make it for you, on your official first day, on the job."

She then turned to Seth.

"When does he start?"

"I don't know." Seth said to her, then turned to Eric. "When can you start?"

Eric hadn't thought about that. But he knew that if he was going to start working on the farm, that he would have to get permission from the Dean, at the university.

"You know, now that I think about it, I'll have to talk to the Dean's office at the University to get permission to work on the farm."Eric pointed out. "I'm sure if it was just Professor Mastrian's class that I was missing, I'd be fine, but I still have my other classes to consider."

Now, Eric was starting to worry. What if the school would say no? Then how would he be able to commit to the job, on the farm."

"I just hope they don't say no." Eric said, out loud. "If they do, then I'm screwed."

"We'll work it out, somehow, if they say no." Seth said, as he put a bite of potato in his mouth.

"I hope so." Eric said, taking a bite of a piece of celery. "I would hate to make you look bad, if I had to pull out of the job."

"Don't worry about it, right now."  Seth said. "Find out where you stand with the University first, and then we'll go from there."

"Ok." Eric said, around his food. "I need to be getting back soon."

"Do you have time for a piece of blueberry pie before you have to leave?" Deborah asked.

"Of course." Eric said to her. "I'm not going to leave without having dessert."

"Excellent!" Deborah said, getting up. "Excuse me, while I go and cut a slice for you."

Deborah got up and went over to the kitchen counter where the pie was sitting.  She pulled a pie slicer out of the utensils drawer and proceeded to cut the pie. After few moments, she brought the slice of pie over to the table and sat it down, in front of Eric's dinner plate. Eric was still eating his dinner.

"Thank you, Deborah." Eric said, politely. "I can't wait to taste it after I finish my dinner."

" You're welcome, Sweetie." Deborah replied. "Take your time."

She sat back down, and the 3 of them ate the rest of their dinner, in silence. Once Eric finished his plate of food, he pulled the little plate with his slice of pie on it, and started cutting a piece to taste. He put it in his mouth and his face took on a look of pure delight.

"Now, this is delicious!" Eric said, after he swallowed his bite of pie. "There's nothing like a home cooked, and baked, meal."

"Thank you, Eric." Deborah said. "And you're right about that. I prefer to cook and bake from scratch, most of the time."

"You've always been a good cook, Mom." Seth said, as he prepared to take another bite of beef.

"Thank you, Sweetie." Deborah said, very touched by her son's words. "I'm glad you still think so, after all these years."

Eric finished up his pie, and wiped his mouth with his napkin. Then, he looked at Deborah.

"That was a delicious dinner, Deborah." Eric complimented her. "And the Blueberry pie was delicious, too. Thank you."

"You're welcome, Eric." Deborah replied, with a smile. "And I'm sure you'll be joining us for many more dinners, soon."

Eric smiled. He'd never met anyone quite like Deborah. Not only was she still a very beautiful woman, at her age, but she was still slim with a nice figure. And now, glancing at her, he noticed why something about her eyes seemed familiar to him. He glanced over at Seth and saw it: They had the same eyes.

"I hope so." Eric said, hopefully. "Well, I need to be going. I have to get back to the university before I get too tired to drive."

"Ok, Sweetie." Deborah said, getting up. At that moment, Seth decided to get up, too.

"I'll walk out with you, to your car." He offered to Eric.

"Ok, cool!"Eric said. Then he extended his hand out to Deborah. "It's been a great pleasure meeting you, Deborah."

"Likewise." Deborah replied. "You have a good night and a safe drive back to the university."

"I will." Eric said, as he was walking towards the door. "Thank you."

I'll be back in a few minutes, to help you with the dishes, Mom." Seth said, to Deborah.

"Oh no, Honey." Deborah said, with a wave of her hand. "Take your time. I'll be fine."

Seth nodded, and walked out the door, with Eric. They started walking towards Eric's red Nissan Altima.

As they walked, Eric looked around, taking in the sounds of the evening. It had gotten dark and the crickets and tree frogs were out, in full force, making their sounds.

"It's a beautiful night out here, don't you think, Seth?" Eric asked, looking up, at the stars, in the night sky.

"Yeah." Seth agreed. "Mom and I usually like to sit out here, on the porch, listening to all the sounds of the night."

Eric nodded. Since he lived in the city, it was hardly ever this quiet. He loved being out here, in the country.

"I miss the quietness of the country." Eric said to him. "As much as I love San Diego, I think one day I'd like to have my own place, out in the country."

"Really?" Seth asked him. "I figured you'd be used to the city, since you told me you were born and raised, here in San Diego?"

They stopped beside Eric's car, and Eric leaned against it. Seth stood in front of Eric, looking down at him, slightly.

"I am used to it." Eric said, gazing into Seth's gorgeous blue eyes. "But, you know how when you've been used to something for so long, it suddenly becomes boring to you?"

"Yeah, I know." Seth nodded. "I used to feel that way, when I was a kid about living here on the farm, sometimes. But now that I've grown up, I've realized that there's nowhere else I'd rather be. The farm is my home."

Eric nodded, as he gazed at Seth. He noticed that Seth seemed to be a little bit more relaxed around him, tonight, then when they'd met up again, at the farm, earlier that day."

"I certainly understand that." Eric nodded, with a smile on his face. "Home is where the heart is."

Seth smiled back at Eric, showing off his perfect teeth and sexy dimples, in his cheeks. Eric noticed that he had not put his cowboy hat back on, which allowed Eric to take in his beautifully styled golden blond hair, which was slightly blowing, from the slightly balmy night breeze.

Seth, meanwhile, was looking at Eric, ina way that Eric had never seen before. Eric was staring back into his eyes, just as intensely. Eric could already feel his body starting to get a warm sensation and he knew that feeling in his stomach that you get when you're smitten with someone.

But all too soon, the moment between them was broken, when Seth cleared his throat, frowning a bit.

"Well, I'd better let you get going." Seth said, stepping back a little. "You gotta get back to your dorm and get some rest."

Eric was disappointed that his moment with Seth was ending, but he knew that Seth was right. He was beginning to get very tired.

"You're right." Eric said. "I need to go."

Eric opened his car door and got in. As he closed the door and started the car, Seth leaned in and knocked on the window. When Eric rolled it down, Seth spoke up.

"I don't have your phone number." Seth told him. "And you'll need mine so you can let me know what the university says about your working on the farm."

"Oh right." Eric said. "Get your phone out and I'll give it to you."

Seth pulled his phone out of his pocket and Eric gave him his number. 

"One sec, I'll text you, my number." Seth said, holding up a finger. 

He then started tapping away at his phone. He finished and put his phone back in his pocket. At that same moment, Eric's phone, dinged in his hand. He looked at the screen. It read:

"It's Seth. Have a good night, Eric."

Eric smiled, and looked up at Seth.

"You too, Seth." Eric said, softly. "Good night."

Eric started pulling the car out of the driveway.  The family had a circle drive so that you didn't have to back up. You could just drive forward on a circle until you got to where you drive back to the road. As Eric drove slowly towards the street, he could feel his heart beating a mile a minute. 

"Wow." Eric breathed. "The way he was looking at me........ could it be possible? Could Seth be as attracted to me, as I am to him?"

Eric's thoughts were in overdrive, as he drove back onto the street and started driving towards the university.

Seth, after watching Eric's car disappear from view, turned and leaned against his truck and let out a huge breath. The expression on his face was a mixture of confusion and lust.

"What the hell was that?!" Seth whispered to himself. "I've never felt like that before, looking at another man. What is it about Eric that's making me feel like this?"

Seth wasn't sure what he was feeling, but one thing he did know was that he really did like Eric and definitely enjoyed his company. Eric wasn't like any of his usual buddies he hung out with, when he wasn't working on the farm. Eric was different, somehow. And although Seth did not know why, it made him like Eric even more.

Seth looked towards the house and noticed Cole, his dog, coming towards him.

"Hey Cole." Seth said, kneeling down and hugging him. Cole licked his face in response. "You ready to go to bed, buddy? We have a very busy day ahead of us, tomorrow."

Cole gave a sharp bark, as his way of saying yes. Seth laughed as he stood back up.

"Come on, Boy." Seth said, to the dog. "Let's go inside."

Seth started walking back to the house, with Cole following right beside him.

About 15 minutes later, Eric walked into his dorm room and closed the door behind him. He dropped down on his bed, exhausted, from the day's events, as well as the drive back to the college.

He laid back, on his bed and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He scrolled through his texts and found Amy's and his text history and he decided to send her a text.

"I am back on campus now and I'm tired as hell. I'll tell you how everything went in the morning."

After about 10 seconds, Amy's text came through.

Amy: "Ok. I'll see you, tomorrow, after our classes are done." Good night!"

Eric texted goodnight back to her and sat his phone down on the dresser next to the bed. Then, he plugged in so it would charge overnight.

Eric then stripped down to his boxer briefs and climbed into his bed and pulled the covers up over him. Then, he turned out the light.

As he laid there, his mind flashed back to his moment with Seth, by his car, before he left. He had felt so drawn to Seth, at that moment. He had wanted so bad to tell Seth how handsome he was. How badly he wanted to feel his muscles again. How he wanted Seth to flex and pose for him, like a bodybuilder. And even more than all that:

Eric had wanted so badly to kiss Seth. But he knew that he couldn't take a risk like that so soon. He didn't want to ruin his chances of getting the job on the farm, as well as losing Seth's friendship.

"Oh, Seth." Eric said, out loud. "If you only knew how much I want you."

At that same time, back at the Lombardo farmhouse, Seth was upstairs in his bedroom, stripping out of his clothes. Seth took off his Levi jeans, revealing his sexy bikini briefs he was wearing, underneath. He threw his jeans into a nearby laundry basket to be washed later. Then, as he headed to his bed, he caught his reflection, in the mirror and stopped. He took a moment to check out his body. Since he had a full body mirror, he could see his whole body.

Seth grinned and started doing some bodybuilding poses. Even though he had not competed in a show, since his father died, Seth still knew all the poses.

As he struck a front double biceps pose, he took in his biceps' incredibly great shape and definition, as well as their size. He grinned at his reflection in the mirror.

"Not bad for an offseason look." Seth said to himself. "Bulky, but still defined."

He then struck an abs and thighs pose. His abs, all 8 of them, tightened up and took form. The muscles and striations in his quads bulged.

"My abs still look damn good." Seth commented. "And these fucking quads! I worked my ass off for big fuckers like these."

Seth then started bouncing his pecs, which he could do extremely well.

"I'll bet Eric would get a kick out of this." Seth said, out of the blue.

Seth thought back to the moment when he flexed his biceps for Eric, in the fields. He remembered the look on Eric's face when he was feeling his biceps. 

"The guy really seemed to like my biceps." Seth thought. "I wonder if he's a fan of bodybuilding? He didn't really say before, so I wonder what he would think of my physique."

Seth then wondered something. If he wanted Eric's opinion of his physique, there was one way to find that out.

"Should I pose for him?" Seth asked himself. "Would he be cool with that?" 

Seth pulled back the covers on his bed and got into it. As he laid there, he then thought of something.

"It has to be the right time for it, though." Seth thought. "I don't want to just spring it on him, or I might intimidate him."

Seth turned off the lamp, on the table next to his bed. Then he turned on his side, facing the door to his room.

"If I do pose for him." Seth said, softly. " I really hope that he likes it."

Seth closed his eyes and soon drifted off to sleep.

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Although this handsome cowboy is not quite Seth's size in muscle, he's about the closest to the character of Seth, looks wise, that I can see in my mind.

As for Eric, for some reason, I picture a young James Marsden as him. Although Marsden is still incredibly hot in his 40s today, he's too old for the character of Eric.

If you guys have any pictures of handsome candidates to picture as Eric in your minds during the story, feel free to post your pictures of handsome 22 year old looking guys that match Eric's description, glasses or no glasses.

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Nice to know that sets actually did bodybuilding and it was ot just farm work that gave him the body.

The feelings are starting to rise. It migth be lust at first but they will change with time

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Really enjoying this story and how it is developing.  Can’t wait for the scene when Seth does pose for Eric and Eric’s reaction!  You are doing a great job describing each of their emotions and how the feel about each other.  I particularly loved these kind of more realistic stories than the muscle growth fantasies that rarely make sense.  Thank you!

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On 8/24/2019 at 10:56 PM, Shawn1978 said:

Eric was a very kind hearted guy, with light brown hair, and the most piercing blue eyes you ever saw. At least when he was not wearing his glasses which was not that often. Eric stood about 5'11" and at 22 years old, was generally, a very active young man. Eric was also smart, but yet very sensitive, as well.

Yet, This handsome guy does not have light brown hair, he has all the right features that stand out to me that totally shouts out to me: That's him! That is Eric! If I was casting the role, Eric would look like this, but with glasses. What do you guys think?


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