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m/m The Converts

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Part 1: Why Not Try It?

Bzzz bzzz. Evan heard his phone vibrations from across the room as he fixed himself a sandwich. He had been waiting for a text back from his friend Brandon.

Evan walked over and picked up the phone, swiping it unlocked and deftly typing a response. “I’m home from college for the weekend. Wanna hang out?”

Branson responded faster now. “Yeah bro! I’d been hoping you’d come home some weekend soon. Wanted to catch up with you.”

Evan remembered when he was home last year for a few days and he and Brandon had met up with a couple of girls their age, partying with them and eventually fooling around with them in Brandon’s basement. “Yeah? You wanna do a repeat of last November?”

Brandon was Evan’s best friend from hometown; they’d done everything together, from homework to baseball, to hooking up with girls. Even though Evan was going to a university about 3 hours away, and Brandon was still at home at the smaller local college, the two still kept in good contact with each other.

It took a few minutes to Brandon to reply, and Evan was a little worried he offended his buddy. Maybe he was weirded out by getting a blowjob in the same room as his lifelong friend? Still, they didn’t watch each other or anything. As far as Evan knew, they were both straight as an arrow.

”nah” the gray speech bubble finally read. “Wanna come work out with me? We can go to my campus gym.”

”works for me” Evan quickly typed out. “Be over in 10 to pick you up.”

Evan was excited at the chance to get a workout in with Brandon. The two guys were roughly around the same build and physique which made them perfect workout partners for each other; around 160 lbs, 6’ tall, they normally benched around 140, taking turns spotting each other while shooting the shit.

This was the first time working out at Brandon’s college, Evan thought, as he hopped into his parent’s Mazda and began driving towards Brandon’s house. 

Pulling up to the curb some 5 minutes later, Evan looked down to text Brandon to come outside. He saw the guy on Brandon’s front yard start walking towards his car, but that must have been Brandon’s uncle or something. That guy was nearly 200 pounds and had much thicker chest, arms, and legs than Brandon.

Still, the guy walked closer until he reached the passenger side door and knocked on the window. Evan could see him closer now and recognized him instantly.

”B?! Is that you??” He rolled down the window and unlocked the car.

”Hey Ev,” replies Brandon, his voice no different than Evan remembered it. Brandon opened the door and hopped in. He was wearing a loose cutoff shirt and short mid thigh running shorts, which his thighs were nearly too thick for.

”Good to see ya man,” Evan said. Not wanting to waste any of their workout time, he started driving toward the gym. “You look...”

”Huge??”  laughed Brandon. “Yeah, I haven’t seen you since last June, right? I’ve been putting in crazy time at the gym. What do you think?”

Brendan flexed a little as he directed Evan’s route. “Yeah, I mean you look crazy!” Evan exclaimed. 

“I’ve made a couple big lifestyle changes,” Brandon said. “I’ll tell ya about it when we get there.” He grabbed Evan’s upper thigh playfully. “If you can keep my secret!”

Evan stayed silent while Brandon let go and laughed. “I’m kidding man. Nothing more than good old fashioned hard work and nutritional changes! Oh, you can park here.”

They arrived at a brown brick building with the sign “Eastern Student Fitness” our front. There were no other cars around and no sign of anyone else on campus.

”Where is everyone?” asked Evan as they walked toward the entrance.

”Fall break. But since I work here, I’ve got a key. And since they’re all gone, we’ve got the place to ourselves.” He flipped through the keys on his maroon lanyard, finally selecting a silver one and turning the lock open. “After you...”

The motion sensor lights flicked on as the two guys entered the linoleum hallway. “Wanna hit the weights?” Brandon asked, sort of skipping down the hallway.

”Hellll yeah man, show me what you can now!” called Evan.

They ended up at the bench press where Brandon had racked up 2 plates on each side of the bar. Before Evan could even get in position to spot him, Brandon was busting out reps, racking the bar after completing his 10th with ease.

Evan’s eyes went wide. “Ok, well I usually do about 5x5 of 135...” he said sort of meekly, removing a plate from his side of the bar.

”No problem bro!” Brandon hopped behind the bar to spot his friend. Evan felt motivated by Brandon’s new swagger, and felt his muscles surging a little as he pressed the reps out.

This continued for a while across the deserted weight room, with Brandon pounding out an impressive set while Evan removes weight and followed suit. The two guys were starting to get a little hot, and since no one else was around, they decided to take their shirts off. Evan had some pec definition and a modest 4 pack, with a fledgling few strands of chest hair. Despite being 20 now, he had never been able to grow any.

Meanwhile Brandon had pecs nearly twice the size of Evan’s, covered in a light dusting of blonde hair that was shaved down to a stubble. Evan eyed Brandon up and down, noticing both his huge upper body, but stopping to notice Brandon’s butt tightly stretching his black nylon shorts in the back.

”You must be hitting those squats hard too eh man?” laughed Evan.

”Hah, yeah dude,” said Brandon, adjusting his shorts a little to show the white and black striped waistband of his underwear sticking out slightly. “Let’s do it.”

Brandon loaded up around 250 lbs as a warmup weight and squatted it down. Evan watched him intently, especially his friend’s butt. I mean damn... it was incredible the way Brandon had changed in the last 5 short months. 

Evan peeked a small strip of skin and the crack of Brandon’s ass between the bottom of his waistband and the top of his shorts as Brandon squatted down and back up again. 

“Bro, you wearing a jock or something?” teased Evan.

”Oh shit, sorry man, didn’t mean for you to have to see that.”

”Its alright B, we’re like brothers after all. I’m impressed with how far you’ve come.”

”Dude it could totally be you too. I just got lucky with the way my body kept growing after high school.”

”No way man, you put in good work. You must be getting tons of chicks now!”

”Eh,” said Brandon. “Not really. But to be honest with you, I’m happy that way. Hey, you wanna shower here? It’s just us two and we really fuckin’ stink.”

”Sure man,” said Evan, as Brandon motioned toward the locker room and followed him out of the weight room.

Evan pushed the swinging heavy door to the locker room open and walked down one of the far aisles of orange lockers. He raised his voice to talk to Brandon, assuming he’d take the next row over. After all, why change together if they could have privacy, right? “So what kind of diet’ve you been eating?” he called, looking down to untie his sneakers.

Brandon was basically right behind him as he answered. “Oh you know, a ton of protein,” he calmly replied, also untying his shoes.

”Fuck!” cried Evan, startled. “I didn’t expect you to come down the same row as me dude.”

”Eh what’s the big deal bro? Nothing you haven’t seen before!” Brandon laughed. He was naked now except for his white jockstrap. His cock was starting to stir a little, the pump from the gym, his shirtless friend, and the musky smell turning him on.

Evan turned around and saw Brandon’s stiffening bulge. “The fuck, man?” He was now naked himself, and covered his own crotch with his hands. “Calm that thing down dude, I’m not your chick Jenny.”

”Nah Jenny’s been gone for a while,” Brandon said. “Actually I’ve been hanging out with ‘Dave’ these days.”

That sent Evan the message. “Dave? Who’s Dave? You’re fucking gay?! After all we went through, I can’t believe it. I mean I still love you man, in a friend way, but damn, how could you not tell me!”

Evan felt betrayed. And scared at Brandon’s out of character behavior, and his openness. But most importantly, Evan was scared of his own cock stiffening underneath his cupped hands.

”Its a long story,” Brandon replied. “But I’ll tell you. And it has to do with this-“ he flexed his left bicep- “and this-“ he cupped his rock hard boner bulge through the fabric of his jock with his other hand. “But hey man,” he started to say, as Evan couldn’t look away from his body and moved his own left hand away from his crotch to balance himself on the wooden bench as he stepped closer to his friend.

”I can tell-“ as Evan stepped within a foot of Brandon now, sweating and smelling the manly musk of the locker room and slowly moving his right hand away from his cock, ready to show Brandon in all its 6-inch erect glory, as Brandon’s bulge pulsed and bounced in its jockstrappy-prison, the tip of it gently poking out at the top right of the pouch.

”You’re curious.” Brandon concluded as Evan took another step closer, his cock now gently poking Brandon in the thigh as he rested his hands on the big man’s chest, gently feeling them up. 

Brendan tilted his head right and down to whisper in Evan’s ear as his right arm wrapped around Evan in a tight embrace, his left reaching town towards his crotch, pushing his jockstrap pouch to the side, freeing his 10-some inch beast to press up fully against Evan. The warmth of Brandon’s meat pressed against his crotch and leg turned Evan on even more, as his cock bounced and stiffened even further. “Why not try it,” whispered Brandon as his left arm grasped both their cocks and rubbed them together gently, his right arm now holding the back of Evan’s head and pushing him down slightly, as, unknowingly to the pair of men, Brandon’s body pumped out gallon after gallon of invisible pheromones of growth and seduction.

To be continued next time in:

Part 2: One of Us Now

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Part 2: One of Us Now

The next Saturday, Evan was driving to Brandon’s house again. He canceled his plans to hang out with his friends at college this weekend and his parents were surprised to see him back in his hometown on a non-break weekend from school, but this was the only way. Brandon refused to come out to Evan’s university, so desperate times called for desperate measures.

He fidgeted in the driver’s seat, his cock twitching through his jeans as he remembered the locker room last weekend... 

I remember his body pressing into me, and the smell of our muscles and sweat from the workout. And I felt confident then in a way I don’t think I’d ever felt before. For once I felt... manly. Like I was happy with my body, for once, like I felt sexy for once. I wasn’t insecure before but... I was never virile like this either. It felt incredible. And my cock kept getting harder, and his kept pushing into my abdomen as it got harder too. And then we kissed.

He pulled into the driveway next to Brandon’s house. Only Brandon’s red Honda was in the driveway; his parents were out of town. Evan fidgeted again as he unbuckled his seatbelt to get out of the car. The voices were coming back now. Was this the right thing to do? Was his friendship with Brandon only going to be weird now? He sighed, kept going towards the front door, and rang the bell.

He heard Brandon shout from inside and heard his loud plodding steps downstairs to come answer the door. “Hey man, c’mon in,” Brandon said casually. He was wearing a gray undershirt and a backwards baseball cap covered his short blond hair. Evan entered. How could Brandon feel so calm and casual about the last 7 days?

I was engaged with him now, my arms wrapped around his beefy torso as his own were holding my hips and reaching for my ass. His mouth crashed into mine with a force and intent. His tongue was warm and slick as we made out passionately. He had this presence that overpowered me but uplifted me. I was filled with a singular aspiration: that this man I was kissing could be me.

I leaned away some minutes later as Brandon’s hand made its way to the back of my head. He pressed down, instructing me to my new calling. I licked and teased his chest, nipples, and then his abs as I slowly fell to my knees. Now, I was face to face with his meat. I remember a voice in my head. “Give the man what he wants,” it said. It was my voice, only the tone was different. It was confident and manly. It was sure of itself. “Give in to what you want.” 

I wasn’t sure how to start, but somehow my new instincts took over. I licked and slurped at Brandon’s rock hard 10-inch manhood, coating in my saliva and making it slick. I started to close my mouth around it now, inhaling as much of the smell of Brandon’s musky crotch as I could. I had a good amount of it in my mouth now and felt myself trying to gag. “More, you little bitch. More! Suck that cock like a man!” My own voice was mad at me now. I tried harder to take more of it, but it kept berating me. I wanted more cock, always. I couldn’t get enough, I couldn’t get possibly enough. My hands started caressing his big sweaty balls and stroking his shaft as I sucked. The sound of my gagging echoed around the tiled showers, and Brandon’s breathing became heavier and he started to grunt. “You’ll get a reward soon,” my voice said again.

“So dude how’ve ya been?” asked Brandon, as if it wasn’t a loaded question. Evan started back blankly. “You been feeling weird about the whole thing yeah?”

”Yeah. I’m confused.” The two guys entered Brandon’s room. There were posters of sci fi movies and sports teams on the wall. It was virtually unchanged from high school. They sat on the made bed. 

“You didn’t seem confused back then-“ Brandon replied. He flipped on the tv, but it was mirroring his computer, displaying a blue and green landscape background dotted with program shortcuts.

”I don’t know how to interpret what happened.” Evan sighed. “I only want what’s good for both of us.”

”Dude. Evan.” They were sitting side by side on the bed now, backs to the headrest, staring at the TV screensaver. Brandon turned and put his hand on Evan’s shoulder. “You didn’t call me on the phone to talk- you invited me to come visit. When they didn’t work you said you’d come all the way here. I think you know what you want.” Brandon looked down at Evan’s shorts, now tented by his boner. Brandon grabbed his wireless keyboard and mouse and opened a web browser. “Since you’re here now I guess you’ve made your choice. Why don’t we start a little slow.”

Brandon was getting into it now, showing his aggressive side. He held my head down onto his shaft, “flexing” his cock while I had nearly the entire length down my throat to push even more dick into me. After a bit of a contest to see who would relent first, Brandon let go and I gasped for air. “You’re pretty good, stud,” said Brandon. 

He called me a stud! The manly man Brandon called ME a stud! He was leading me down another row of lockers now, to an aisle with a wider bench down the middle. He laid down on his back and stroked his cock a little. “Come keep sucking me,” he growled. I walked over to get on the other side of the bench but Brandon shook his head. “Like this,” he motioned, instructing me to stand at the front of the bench. I got the message, now climbing on top of him to reach his cock while my own rested across his face. He grabbed my dick and guided it into his mouth as we began to 69.

I had gotten a blowjob before - from a girl, ironically next to Brandon while he got head of his own. This was on a completely different level of pleasure. Those girls had no idea what they were doing. Quite possibly no woman truly knows what they’re doing when it comes to head, I thought. Only a man can suck a man off right. The voice returned.”This is who you are now, eh big boy? A stud like Brandon here.”

“You’re the guest,” said Brandon, offering Evan the controls to the computer. Now it was showing something called “GayVidDB” in full screen with several categories flashing thumbnails of naked men. “Pick what looks hottest.”

Evan smirked. He loved this new found sexuality- no more dancing around the topic, worrying about what a girl might think. Him and Brandon were just two bros, both horny and crazy about sex, and there was a full air of openness between them. Evan clicked through some muscle and sports categories until he settled on a video of two baseball players getting frisky. He and Brandon took off their shirts and shorts and started to jerk off. “Good pick dude,” said Brandon. “That tall guy has an ass for days.”

Evan smirked again, jerking himself slowly with a now lubed up hand. “Could us if we still played,” he said. Brandon extend his hand out to offer it to jerk his friend off. Evan returned the favor.

It was getting late now and both of us were nearing our limits. My internal voice came back. “Time for a stud’s big reward eh? Big Bro Brandon’s gonna give you his huge load, man, well deserved.” We returned to our earlier position with me on my knees and Brandon slapping me in the face with his turgid cock. “A huge blast of cum for you Evan,” came the other me. Brandon was moaning loudly now. I felt his cock pulsing and tasted sweet precum dribbling out. “A man’s seed for a new manly man,” I moaned. I jerked my own cock furiously as Brandon neared climax. Finally he unleashed it all into my mouth, spurt after spurt of thick hot cum, each burst thicker and more delicious than the last. My mouth filled up fast and he pulled his cock from it, letting 5 or 6 more ropes of cum blast me in the chest and face. The sheer erotic feeling of being covered with Brandon’s spunk pushed me over the edge too, as I moaned and shot my own load all over the floor while Brandon egged me on. “You like that shit, wait til B turns you into a REAL stud,” said the other me.

They had jerked for a while to the two jock baseball players who had mostly ditched the uniforms and were now sucking each other off. “Let’s go even further today Bro” moaned Evan. Brandon nodded. He turned over onto his hands and knees and stuck his huge bubble but into the air for Evan to play with. Evan lubed up Brandon’s ass, slowly sticking slicked up finger by finger into his friend’s hole, deeper and deeper, encouraged by the moans of foreplay that Brandon let out. Evan got up on his knees and rubbed his cock up and down Brandon’s crack and began to press his head up to his lifelong friend’s hole.

The rest was kind of a blur. We showered playfully, soaping each other up. I rubbed all of Brandon’s muscles, jealous of his new size and imagining how I would look with that kind of strength. And then... we went home. I had to get back to school, Brandon had plans for the next day- we thought it best not to talk about it, for now. 

When I got back to the dorm room, none of my roommates were home. I opened my laptop and laid in my bed to jerk off. With a little fear I unchecked “female” and changed it to male, and beat off like never before.

Evan’s cock was buried into his friend’s ass now, and he began to thrust and fuck. Brandon was used to bigger, but he still moaned and groaned in the throes of pleasure. Evan picked up speed. “Yeah, fuck him hard so he knows how you like it later,” whispered Evan’s inner self. He picked up speed, grabbing onto Brandon’s hips as Brandon began backing his own ass up onto Evan’s member. “Fuck me, bro!” moaned Brandon.

Last Wednesday, Brandon finally texted me back. “Sorry man, I can’t get out there this weekend. I know you probably want to have another round but it just won’t work for now.”

I briefly considered begging but instead sought to get some material for my spank bank. A whole new sexual world had started to open up for me and I was jerking off nearly 4 times a day, whenever my roommates’ schedules permitted. I would say bye to his roommate Brian in the morning, wait about 10 minutes to be safe, then pull out the laptop and look at hot pictures of Austin Wolf. But now that Brandon had responded, I wanted some answers.

”am I gay now?” I texted Brandon. “Is that what happened to you?” 

“No. It seems like you are but if you go long enough without seeing me you’ll go back to being a straight boy. Or I can make it permanent if you want.”

”oh.” I answered. Permanent? Would I want that? 

“You’d also get muscles like mine,” he said.

Ok... deal getting a little sweeter. I thought about my inner voice and how good Brandon felt. 

“It’s a long story. I’ll tell you soon. I met a guy called Dan. He gave me this gift, and I can pass it down too, just once. If you want it to be you then we’ll do it whenever I can get out there. You’d be even more of my brother than you could even imagine if we did it man. But I won’t pressure you. I love you like a brother no matter what you decide.”

I did want it. So badly. I wanted to be a stud  like him, to feel like a real man. I said yes. And I wanted to do it ASAP. So I planned to drive back out to a Brandon next Saturday. How would he do it, I asked the next day. “I think you can guess,” he replied.

Brandon begged Evan to stop and finally Evan relented because He knew the main event was coming up. They hugged and kissed, making out with passion and strength. Their cocks throbbed together. “You sure you want this forever man?” He asked Evan last time.

”Yeah bro,” Evan replied. “Make me your dirty homo boy.”

Brandon laughed and moved behind him, his cock now pressed up against Evan’s ass. The tables turned, he pushed Evan’s torso down so he was in doggy style position.

Having never taken a cock before, it took Evan a bit longer to accept Brandon’s  10-inches. It slowly stretched and widened Evan’s ass. Evan had entered a pure state of bliss, unable to distinguish distinct feelings from one another. The feeling of Brandon’s warm meat in his ass; his own stiff cock breaking new hardness records, the sweat and musk from a their two hard bodies mixing to the perfect manly odor; the two baseball players now fucking reverse cowboy style on the screen; and the dirty talk both Evan’s inner self and Brandon were softly moaning; all of it synthesized into one feeling of pleasure for Evan. He dreamt of his new muscles, his new power and demeanor. He dreamt of Brandon’s friend Dan, of continuing this “cycle” himself. And finally he felt it all culminate at once as Brandon pumped his ass in one final massive thrust, unloading spurt after spurt of fluid into his newly christened gay boy. Evan’s ass spasmed, struggling to contain the sheer volume of seed Brandon’s cock was pumping into Evan’s tight ass.

Unknown to the boys, Brandon’s cum was flooded with growth factors and hormone molecules to not only convert Evan’s sexuality but grow him into a special kind of man, a convert like Brandon and Dan; the ultimate stud. An eternity later, Brandon pulled his spent cock out of his bro’s ass and crumpled onto the bed, whispering, “you’re one of us now.” 


To be continued in 

Part 3: New Life

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Cant wait to see Evan reborn with that inner voice as his only voice, narrating as muscles explode all over his frame

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Part 3: New Life 

On the Monday evening after the big day, in a quiet dorm room at the end of the 5th floor hall, Evan was lying in bed with his computer on his chest. The sterile white glow from his MacBook lit his face as he clicked through online storefronts looking for items on the list Brandon had given him: lube, sexy underwear, “maybe some toys”, it had read. Evan had already selected some lube and a couple of hot looking brightly colored jockstraps and was now browsing a page full of dildos of varying sizes and materials.

He clicked one that claimed to be modeled after a famous porn star and imagined lying on his bed, slowly fucking himself with it and jerking with the other hand, or maybe sticking it to the wall of the shower and back up onto it. That sounded hot. Maybe some hot guy will walk in on me and let me suck him off at the same time, he dreamed.

As this fantasy developed he began to rub his fledgling boner a little, but was snapped out of it by the sound of his stomach growling. Damn, he thought. “Well, I’ll come back to this thought later.”

He hopped out of bed and closed his laptop, and made his way to the dining hall. None of his 3 roommates were home, but maybe he’d see some of them there. He swiped his card with the menu and grabbed a modest plate of food- tonight they had burgers and fries. Generally, the dorm food was pretty bad, but Evan felt especially hungry tonight; weird, considering he felt like had a huge breakfast and considerable lunch only a few hours ago. He loaded a second cheeseburger onto his plate and grabbed a full glass of milk before moving away from the food lines and back to the dining area. He saw his roommate, Brian, sitting with a couple other guys from his hall, and went over to join them.

”Jeez man,” one of the guys said, pointing at Evan’s tray. “You just coming back from prison or something?”

Evan laughed nervously and didn’t want to make a scene, but his extreme level of hunger didn’t help to draw attention away from the huge portions he had gotten. He quickly took a huge bite out of his burger. The guys chatted about class and how their respective weekends had been. Evan ate fast and voraciously. “Yeah, that’s right man, eat up all that meat,” he heard himself say from the back of his head. “Gotta make us grow big and strong like Brandon wanted.” Evan ignored and kept eating. “So what about you E, how was your weekend? Didn’t you go home again?” asked Brian.

”Mmph, yeah,” he replied between bites. “You should tell him how we went home, got fucked and railed by our best friend from college and turned into a huge faggot,” the voice suggested. “Don’t stop eating either... maybe if we eat enough we’ll gain enough muscle to fuck this guy like he probably wants us to.” The voice was coming on stronger; Evan hadn’t heard it since the weekend with Brandon. 

“And...?” asked Brian. Evan realized he hadn’t really answered the question and came up with a lie. “It was fine. Had to help my parents with some housework.” He grabbed the glass of milk and began chugging it. “Bet you wish that was cum, eh stud? Oh yeah, imagine if it was Brian’s thick cum going down your throat now. All that protein...” The thought of this did turn Evan on a lot. He kept chugging and downed the whole glass. Now finished with his food, he looked up at his friends and saw them all staring at them like he was some kind of freak.

”What?” he asked.

”Dude, you ate all that like a pig! You sure you’re okay?” someone asked.

”Yeah, fine.” 

He was not fine- he was still hungry. Even worse, he was getting horny. How could he go up and get one more, no, make it two more, of everything, if he had a huge boner sticking his shorts out. 

The guys finished up, while Evan pretended to be held up. “Think I’m just gonna hang here for a minute, think I saw my lab partner in line for pizza,” Evan mumbled. His friends left and he quickly got up, blocking view of his crotch with his tray, and got another huge meal’s worth. Sitting back down alone now, and without anyone to judge him, he ate even faster, wolfing down close to 1500 more calories in under 10 minutes. 

Finally sated, Evan had a second to actually assess what the fuck was going on with him. “I guess maybe this is what Brandon was talking about?” His friend hadn’t given him any inkling of what to expect about the “change” to come... He decided to fire off a quick text and ask. He put his tray and dirty dishes away, and trotted back to his dorm room.

Brian was the only one home when he returned. “You okay man? You were acting weird at dinner and now you’re all sweaty,” he asked from behind his laptop screen. Evan looked down and did feel sweaty; no, he was sweating buckets with huge pit stains and sweat covering his crotch. He could swear he felt his balls pulsing down there too. “I’m gonna go take a shower,” he said, turning straight back around out the door and towards the hall communal bathroom. “Yeah, YEAH!” screamed the other him. “This is it for us. We’re gonna be huge. We’re gonna be sexy, think of our pecs, our arms, our shoulders... our ass and cock and balls... all so huge!” Evan ran down the hallway now, covering his crotch with hands at a desperate attend to shield the huge tent and wet spot in his pants from anyone in the hall, which was for now, mercifully empty. 

The bathroom was divided in half by a thick wall; on the left there were showers and to the right were urinals and toilet stalls. Evan went over to the showers, unsurprisingly empty on a Monday evening. The showers had two sections: a set of 6 stalls with curtains, and then an older communal shower area with one larger curtain across the entrance. The communal area had a big mirror, so Evan went inside, closing the curtain behind him. 

His mind was racing; what was going on with him, was this normal? He could barely separate his thoughts from the other voice, and Brandon had still not responded. In the mirror he could see all of his clothes were drenched in sweat. He discarded his shirt and pants. He had what looked like a beer belly, presumably his gut sticking out from eating that obscene amount of food. His underwear weren’t doing much good given that his cock was basically sticking out of them; when he took them off and threw them across the room, he gasped. 

Evan’s testicles were hugely swollen nearly to the size of tennis balls, and they were pulsing. His heart rate sky rocketed and he grabbed his cock. Just then, in the mirror, he saw another copy of himself behind him. The other Evan was naked and sweaty too, but looked comfortable and confident compared to the real Evan’s worried panting. “Here we are,” the other him growled into his ear, brushing his hand across Evan’s shoulder. This has to be fake, thought Evan. But it feels so real, like he’s here with me. And he not just in the mirror but really truly here next to me!

”What do I call you,” asked Evan. 

“Well, I’m you, so maybe ‘Evan’... still, that’s a bit confusing isn’t it? I’m the psychosomatic  manifestation of your sexuality. In effect, I’m your pure “manly essence.” So maybe you’re best calling me “Fun Evan,” he laughed. “Or Evan2.”

Evan2 continued, now caressing Evan’s body as he walked around his seductively. “Though I expect to not feel so separate from you, pretty soon.”

”What do you mean,” asked Evan; and Evan2 took it upon himself to answer by showing instead of telling. He walked in front of Evan and sat down on the floor. “Have a seat,” he grinned, stabilizing his erection upward with his hand. Evan complied, slowly lowering himself into a squat and then carefully directing his alter ego’s cock up to his asshole as he lowered further. With a deep breath he accepted it inside of himself, feeling his own warm hard cock slowly push his ass cheeks apart and fill his hole.

Evan panted a little as he began to move and ride ... himself. Evan2 held him by the hips and fucked, gently at first. “Brandon brought me into being,” he explained. “He let me come out of hiding within your psyche.” He picked up speed and intensity now as Evan started to let out a moan with each thrust. “And now I’m here to deposit a little of myself into you, to seal the deal. To turn you - us - into the stud you are deep down. You went and got all the good nutrients, so where should we start?”

”Aah!” Evan cried, now being pounded hard and deep. “That’s ok, how about the arms first?” Evan2 said and grinned, thrusting a little further this time. Evan felt the cock in his ass pulse a little, then felt hot liquid start out deep in his butt, but then felt the warmth travel up through his body and into his biceps, which were now pulsing too. They felt tight; like they were somehow being flexed as hard as possible, as they pushed themselves out to grow.

”Oh fuck,” cried Evan. “Fuck, do my pecs now,” he grunted, feeling his chest with his hands. Evan had always wanted bigger pecs; to him, having a big, muscular chest was the mark of a true man. Even when he was straight, he dreamt of being like the guys you would see on tv, with massive, perky pecs and a body to match.

”Our pecs,” corrected Evan2, still pumping their arms up with more thrusts, “and not yet. Let’s save the hottest for last. No, let’s work on those legs,” he said. Evan was full on bouncing on Evan2’s cock now. He felt more spurts of liquid enter him and seemingly travel through his body into his legs, which started to feel hot. Like, really hot, burning hot. They felt tight, too; like they were expanding outward forcefully. Sure enough, the muscles of Evan’s legs flexed and grew into big sculpted trunks, replacing the somewhat flabby calves Evan had before.

Seeing his muscles grow like this while he felt a cock fucking him sent Evan over the edge. Even without touching his cock, cum erupted high into the air above him, landing a little on his chin and abs. His cock stayed hard, though, as Evan2 continued spurting growth fluid into him. 

This position was getting a little tiring, though, so Evan stood up and laid down on the floor, and allowed Evan2 to grab his legs and lift them straight up to come over his shoulders so he could fuck missionary. Evan couldn’t see himself in the mirror anymore, but now he could see himself- well, Evan2, topping him. As the cock reentered his ass, Evan2 grunted and had an aggressive look on his face as he resumed the work.

More liquid entered Evan, now spreading into his shoulders and back muscles. “We’re gonna need nice big broad shoulders if we want to be a real stud,” Evan2 grunted. More deep thrusts, more heat and stretching, and Evan was left with thick, wide shoulders. Below, in his armpit, he felt patches of thick brown hair growing in the deep cavity formed by his muscular shoulder and upper arm. These changes were mimicked in Evan2, too, who was looking like quite the jock. 

Without warning Evan2’s thrusting increased speed and leaned down, kissing Evan passionately as larger spurts flooded Evan’s ass. These traveled straight up, into Evan’s chest. “FUCK!” he screamed, pulling away from the kiss. This burning was intense. It felt like his chest and was going to explode. Instead, it inflated, his pecs swelling up like meaty balloons, his nipples sticking out, hardened and perky. Abs sculpted themselves out into a respectable 4 pack, Evan’s massive food gut now expended. He came again, coating his new muscle tits with ropes of jizz. 

“Almost,” roared Evan and Evan2 in unison. More liquid came now, this felt less plentiful but perhaps even hotter in temperature than ever. It didn’t travel far; the warmth exploding straight into Evan’s ass cheeks and cock. His butt inflated, as his pecs did, only with a perfect mix of fat and muscle to create a beautiful springy bubble butt.

At his dick, he felt his boner harden even more. The erections Evan had been getting since hooking up with Brandon were noticeably harder than before, and this was no exception. His cock kept getting harder though, literally to its limit and beyond. It stretched out further, expanding its girth length into a massive 9 inch cock fit for the new stud. As it grew, Evan felt Evan2’s cock in his ass growing, fucking him deeper and shooting a near continuous steam of juice into him. He had to grab his cock now, desperate to feel his new meat and experience what it was like to jerk himself off. 

Just then, Brian entered the bathroom, curious what had happened to Evan. He didn’t look good when he left half an hour ago, and anyway he didn’t bring a towel or anything if he planned on taking a shower. The bathroom seemed normal; Brian checked then stall area, which was empty. “Hmm, none of the showers are on...” he started to leave, thinking maybe Evan went somewhere else, but noticed the curtain to the communal shower was drawn. As he got nearer, he heard a voice- was it Evan moaning in stomach pain? No, it didn’t sound like painful moaning... it sounded like grunting too. Brian called out Evan’s name as he neared, finally slightly drawing back the curtain.

There was Evan, naked on the floor, squirming and holding his erection, violently masturbating. There was a lot of cum all over him already, and he looked much bigger- no, he was much bigger- his muscles must have doubled in size! Brian kept watching, feeling his own cock stir in his shorts.

Back in Evan’s mind, Evan2 was exhausting every last bit of the liquid he had into the true Evan, whose consciousness was fading into different scenes and fantasies. First he saw Brandon, and his new self, both wearing harnesses and jockstrap, dancing in a club. Then the scene changed; he was in a locker room, taking off his football gear, while other players on the team turned and started walking toward him. They took off their helms to reveal they were various porn stars Evan had watched a lot of. Evan2’s voice began to narrate these scenes, which progressed further to show the men undressing, rubbing cocks together, and kissing. “We’re here now. This is us. A new man. Unafraid.” Evan felt his own voice effortlessly speaking the same words in unison. “A real man. Big muscles, full strength. Power to fuck hard and be fucked.” Their voices were in unison now, until they slowly merged into just Evan’s voice. “With his new body I can be myself. A new life of sex, muscle, and passion.”

His erupted one more time, this time Brian was present to watch as his friend moaned and squirmed around floor, cum gushing out of his huge throbbing cock. It flew all about the room, spraying the walls and floor, landing all over Evan’s own body. Around a full minute later it finally subsided, and Brian rushed in to check on his unconscious friend on the floor.


Coming up next time:

Part 4: Male Bonding

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