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m/m Genetic problem (part 3 added 09/05)

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"Fuck, wen is you?" Jack couldn't believe the giant slowly squeezing his body into the little door, the huge chest muscles breaking the fragile solid wood door, the huge oak thighs than him. The whole body is still huge!

"Of course, haha, man, you look so small now." Wen entered the house after destroying half of the door. He looked down and saw that Jack's dick could not be controlled by him, and he laughed when he was already wet. Up, the low and sexy voice made Jack greet the second orgasm.

"Sorry... I have to come....." Jack shyly covered his trousers wet with semen and wanted to turn around and go into the toilet to solve his difficulties. "Hey, man, you don't need to be afraid, no one can resist this physical energy, even if you are a straight man, oh, a straight man." Wen raised his hands and shrugged.
"Come on, I know you want to feel this huge muscle, don't you want to touch this hot 8-pack?"
Wen pressed the low voice to a lower level. The rumbling sound shook the whole house like a devil's whisper. Jack was involuntarily attracted by huge muscles. His hands touched wen's abdominal muscles and rubbed his cock. With Wen's giant thigh, he felt his muscle stripes, like a devout believer admiring his muscular god.


"Yes, fucking, seeing my unstoppable muscles makeing can't control youslef! Brothers look at your lascivious look hahahaha, fucking this is only level 9, this year I will continue the second course, I will be the only 15th-level muscle god in the world!"


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