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You’re keeping us waiting for part 4...

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14 minutes ago, Ozymandias said:

You’re keeping us waiting for part 4...

I know. Sorry, guys! I wanted to give it the once over before I posted it which I'm doing now! It will be up shortly. 😊 

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Deano and some of the other lads cheer me on as I walk to the front of the class and stand next to Luke. He looks stoney faced. Like he’s majorly pissed off at me.

Jesus, I’m so much bigger than he is. My shoulders, my arms. He looks almost puny next to me. It’s laughable really. It’s also kind of intoxicating standing next to someone where there’s such a size difference. I bend forward and crank out a quick most muscular with a cocky face and a grunt. Some of the lads laugh and others cheer.

I look at Luke with a smug smirk and his eyes are on my huge, thick pecs. HA! Caught him. He has a weird look on his face. I can tell he’s intimidated by my muscle, but he looks impressed too. He catches my eye and he suddenly looks embarrassed.

“Right then, boys,” Hancox begins, “let’s have a standard abs and thighs pose! Exactly like I just demonstrated.” 

Both of us throw our arms behind our heads in preparation. I pause, cock my head and look pointedly at Luke’s geeky yellow boxers. Then I shake my head and roll my eyes, which makes some of my classmates (including Deano) laugh.

Luke crunches down and his little shredded abs tense and I have to admit, I’m quietly impressed. He seems to be giving it as much as he’s got. I’m clearly about to wipe the fucking floor with him though.

I cheekily wiggle my eyebrows up and down as I look at my audience and give them a cocky grin. Then I puff out my cheeks, arrogantly grimace and release a loud grunt as I crunch down on my thick, blocky abs. “EURGH!” The lads start cheering and whooping and a couple of them shout my name. Fuck YES.

When I stop posing I look over at Luke. He’s clearly embarrassed and uncomfortable. And pissed off. Maybe he’s realising that transferring to Montgomery University was one monumental mistake. Maybe right now he’s thinking about packing up his Tommy Foster poster, collection of novelty boxer shorts and assorted geek-tastic t-shirts and catching the first train home. Maybe by tonight I’ll have my dorm room all to myself again. Here’s fucking hoping.

“Okay, lads, let’s get another pose. This time with only one hand behind your head and the other resting on your hips!” Hancox instructs.

I lift up my right arm to put behind my head as instructed, but then I stop midway and cheekily flex my biceps. The lads cheer. I look over at Luke and the cheeky little fucker is rolling his eyes at me. I can’t resist. I lean closer to him, put my flexed biceps close to his face and some of the lads laugh.

“I think he wants to feel your biceps, Woody!” Deano heckles, and one of his little minions laughs. What a weird thing to say. I look at Luke and he looks just as confused as I am. I swear he’s even blushing a little.

“Blow him a kiss, Woody!” Deano calls.

What the fuck?! I have no idea why Deano just made that comment but I feel a sudden, sharp pang of nerves. No one here knows I’m gay. I’ve never done or said anything to insinuate that I am. Unless it was more directed at Luke? Why though, I have no idea. There’s nothing about Luke that screams, “I’m a homosexual”.

“Calm down, lads!” Hancox orders. “And you, Woody - stop pissing about and just hit the pose please!”

I love the way Hancox talks to us. He respects us but he doesn’t take any shit.

I shake off Deano’s weird comments and get back into the zone. I arrogantly grimace and let out a deep grunt as I crunch down once more on my abs. I really didn’t need to grunt that loud. Or grunt at all. It’s totally for effect.

“Aaaand twist your upper body to the side, boys! Show off those serratus!” Hancox instructs.

I internally laugh. Because as if Luke has fucking serratus. I twist to the side as instructed and look down to admire the view. My (quite frankly) awesome abs are popping through my stomach. What an image! My emerald green poser bulge is sticking out (I’m not hard, but stranger things have happened while flexing for an audience!) and my quads look so meaty and thick. As do the bicep muscles in my right arm bulging next to my face. And as for my serratus, while they might be not as shredded as they would be if I were in competition condition, they’re still pretty damn prominent. 

I shoot a glance over at Luke and WOW, I have to give it to him. As predicted, there’s no no sign of any serratus, but his abs are awesome. They’re differently shaped to mine. Sort of rectangle, where mine are longer and more square shaped. The lines separated his are a lot neater than mine too. If Luke packs on some size and gets really shredded, he could have one seriously impressive physique. But those bright yellow boxers. Dear fucking lord. The poor lad’s never gonna be able to live those down.

“Nice work, lads!” Hancox says. “Luke, you did well there, mate!” 

Luke stops flexing and relaxes. He’s got this coy, little grin on his face. I can tell Hancox’s comment meant a lot to him. Something weird happens when I see Luke looking happy. I get this fluttery feeling in my chest. I have no fucking idea what that’s about.

I cough dramatically and some of the lads laughs. Hancox rolls his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, Woody, good job too!” he says. “Less of the grunting next time please!” 

Ha! That makes me laugh. I look over at Luke and he’s smiling too. Our eyes meet and his smile doesn’t waver. And neither does mine. It’s like we’ve momentarily forgotten we’re not friends. Ugh. Whatever. I roll my eyes and look away. And then … well I can’t resist. 

“How about one more pose, sir?” I ask. I look over at Luke and smirk. “I’m thinking … most muscular?”

And you should fucking see Luke’s little face. HA! He’s terrified. The lads start to spur Hancox on, but he’s clearly noticed Luke’s horror.

“Don’t be an idiot, Woody. Right, the two of you can sit down again!”

I’m gutted. “Ahhh, sir!” I whine, but Luke’s already trotting off back to his spot amongst the class. I know I’m acting like a bit of a twat. To be honest, I don’t really know what’s gotten into me but I’m definitely not hating the reaction my behaviour is getting from my classmates. Or the fact that, for fucking once, me and my muscles seem to be the centre of attention.

I’m not ready for my spotlight to end just yet. So instead of retreating back to the group, I stay at the front of the class,  lean forward, scrunch up my face and blast out a quick most muscular with a big, loud, “YEEEAHH!” The reaction from my classmates is awesome. Everyone laughs and cheers and whoops. Oh I could definitely get used to this.

“Sit the fuck down, Woody!” Hancox orders in a stern voice. 

I obey and go back to my spot in the class, the adrenaline of posing and showing off my muscles for my classmates and receiving such a brilliant reaction surging through me.

“How about I get one of the third years in here to have a pose off with Woody?” Hancox suggests lightly to the class. “What do you think, lads?”

HA! The cheeky fucker! Everyone laughs, including me. The truth is I would actually fucking love to pose next to a third year. I mean, I would definitely get shown up. Most of those guys are monsters. But the vast majority of them are also hot as fuck. I kinda love seeing them waddling around. A reminder of how big I’ll be in two years time. Jesus, what kind of attention will I get when I go to visit Emily in Bristol then? 

Posing Practice 101 has finished and the classroom is emptying. Luke’s still putting his clothes back on.

Deano and one of minions, Shaun, come up to me. Shaun’s a tall blonde guy who’s fairly lean but he’s got some decent size on him. I have to say he’s a pretty cute guy. Shame he’s a bit of a knob and basically follows Deano round like a fucking puppy dog.

“Ooooh, Woody! Can I feel your biceps?” Deano asks in an annoying, twattish manner.

I feel another sharp twist in my stomach.

“What are you on about, Deano?” I ask confused. Over Shaun’s shoulder, I notice that Luke is looking at us. He even looks a little interested. Nosey little shit. 

“That dude on your Instagram post yesterday!” Deano says smugly.

I internally breathe a sigh of relief. Suddenly everything makes sense. I pull a face and shrug. “Guys post comments like that on my pictures all the time!” 

Deano raises an eyebrow. “Well they don’t do it on my posts!” he says, side eyeing Shaun and giving him a sly smirk.

“Hmmm. Not exactly Chris Hemsworth though are you, mate?” 

Shaun laughs and Deano narrows his eyes and gives me a fake, sarcastic smile.

“Its bodybuilding, Woody. Not a beauty contest!” he says.

“Hmmm. Well that’s good news. For you!

I’m making digs, but Deano’s actually not a bad looking guy. He’s not what you’d call conventionally handsome but I can definitely see how someone might be attracted to him. He’s olive skinned with green eyes and dark brown hair which is usually slicked back but today is fluffy and un-styled. Like he was in a rush to get to class. His nose is large and curved and he’s got these chipmunk-like cheeks that make his face look a bit chubby. And he wears one round black earring with a hole in the middle which has stretched his right earlobe slightly. He’s got this sort of bad boy, scally look going on. Like from the very first moment you see him you can tell he might be trouble.

“Anyway, it was your reply to him I was more surprised at!” Deano says smugly, giving Shaun another smirk. 

Oh shit. I’ve suddenly remembered how I replied to that particular comment when I was on the train back to Muscle University yesterday.

“WHY would you reply to a comment like that with the kissing face emoji?” Deano spits. 

He seems genuinely baffled. Like he can’t even comprehend the notion of a guy flirting with another guy. Even if it’s just for a harmless bit of fun over Instagram.

I suddenly feel nervous. Here’s the thing. I haven’t really made a conscious effort to hide the fact that I like guys here, but I don’t think it’s something I’d be very open about either. I’ve never really known how accepting the bodybuilding world would be of an openly gay competitor. I mean, they’re not exactly common. And although I try not to think about it too much, mostly because it just makes me angry, I’ve seen some pretty homophobic comments amongst bodybuilders and straight fans alike on the Internet. I don’t really know if most of the lads here at Muscle University would be the same. 

I keep my calm and pull an indifferent face. “I was just pissing about!” I say lightly, as if it’s no big deal. Which is absolutely fucking shouldn’t be.

“Just seemed kinda gay!” he says.

And now I feel like I’ve been kicked. The way Deano said the word “gay”. Like he has an issue with it. Like it’s a bad fucking thing. And now I’m starting to feel pissed off.

“Look, just be careful, Woody!” Shaun pipes up, sounding a hell of a lot more sincere than Deano. I ask him why.

“Because people LOOK at our Instagram profiles. Students. Teachers. Other bodybuilders. IFBB pro judges!” Deano explains. “You don’t wanna get a reputation! Or do anything to affect your future.” 

And now my head is spinning. I mean, I know there’s politics in bodybuilding and the right guy doesn’t win in every competition, but the suggestion that being gay might potentially harm my bodybuilding career? That’s some seriously fucked up shit.

“A reputation for what? Someone who sends emojis?” I joke.

Deano scoffs and shrugs. “Well if you wanna flirt with gay dudes, mate!” he says, then he and Shaun walk off. 

If only they fucking knew. A part of me would love to tell them I like boys. Partly just to see their reaction. And partly because I really don’t know why it would be such a big deal. Because it shouldn’t be an issue if a competitive bodybuilder were to be openly gay. And it definitely shouldn’t have any bearing on their career. Why the fuck would liking lads affect someone’s ability to be the biggest and best conditioned muscle freak on a bodybuilding stage?

I have a few hours to kill before my A History of Bodybuilding lecture so I go to the gym in Watson House. Afterwards I go back to my room for a quick shower. Luke is sitting on his bed with his face buried in a book. It looks like some geeky, sci-fi shit.

“Alright, Potter!” I say to him, smiling to myself. 

He takes his book away from his face and shoots me an evil look. “Hilarious!” 

“Well I wouldn’t go that far! Still pretty funny though!” I quip. Luke rolls his eyes and puts his book back up in front of his face again. 

I start stripping off for my shower. Right down to the shiny emerald green posers I’m still wearing from Posing Practice 101. I look over at Luke, who’s still got his face covered by his book.

I can’t resist. Still only wearing my trunks, I walk over to his bed. 

“What do you reckon then, Harry? Fancy another flex off?” I ask. He drops his book and there’s that expression again as he looks at my overhanging pecs and tummy bursting abs. The same expression he had when I first stood next to him in Posing Practice. Intimidated, nervous, slightly in awe and undoubtedly impressed. 

Luke rolls his eyes and puts his book back up to cover his face. “Thought you only flexed off with other bodybuilders?” he asks.

“Hmmm. I’ve had a change of heart! Turns out it can be pretty fun posing next to a wannabe physique competitor!”

I hear him scoff behind his book.

“Especially one who’s wearing bright yellow Harry Potter boxers!” 

I have no idea what expression is on Luke’s face. Whether he’s annoyed or amused. Or a mixture of both. 

“Oooh! Or we could have a pec bouncing competition instead?” I suggest excitedly.

I look down and start bouncing my thick muscle tits. I look up, and Luke quickly puts his book back up to cover his face, but before he does, I notice his mouth curled into a little smile. And now I’m smiling too. 

“Suit yourself! The offer’s there. Any time you want!” 

I walk away and head to the shower. I look back at Luke. Maybe in hope of catching him looking again. Maybe noticing how my humongous sized arse spills out either side of the shiny material of my emerald green trunks. I feel a surprising pang of disappointment that he doesn’t.

When I get out of the shower, Luke has gone. I’m half expecting him to be sitting in class when I walk into A History of Bodybuilding, but he’s not, which means we have slightly different timetables. Thank fuck for that. Me and my last roommate Craig had the exact same classes. I literally couldn’t get away from the annoying prick.

Luke’s not home when I get back to my room. I wonder if he’s gone to one of the campus gyms or whether he’s somewhere else. Maybe he’s found a little friend who’ll let him crash in his dorm room because his own roommate’s been nothing but a fucking dick to him since they met? 

I’ve got my earphones plugged in and I’m watching Netflix on my laptop when Luke finally comes back to the room. I purposely don’t look up at him. I decide that this can be a new tactic. For tonight at least. Yesterday I was a dick, this morning I insulted him, in Posing Practice 101 I humiliated him and now I’m just ignoring him. Like he’s not even there. Like I don’t have a roommate. Luke who? Maybe it’s bothering him. Maybe he’s relieved. Who knows what’s going on in that head of his.

I keep it up for the rest of the night. In fact, I only really look over at him when he’s walking from the bathroom to his bed and climbing underneath his duvet, his pert muscled arse cheeks nestled into the yellow Harry Potter boxer shorts he’s still wearing.

I can’t help but smile at the image of those novelty boxers. I’m even still thinking about them and smiling to myself when the lights are out and I’m turned away from Luke and I’m drifting off to sleep.

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It’s great writing - again! That and waiting for the next episode!

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2 hours ago, muscleaddict said:

Because it shouldn’t be an issue if a competitive bodybuilder were to be openly gay

In fact, it shouldn't be a problem at all to be gay. It doesn't make you any less professional. Unfortunately ... some still think that being gay is bad for business. Shit! It is 2019, not the last century. Sorry for the outburst, man! I love your story!

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Ah man OUTSTANDING.  Perfect muscle fiction.  I know you probably have the story outlined already, but really into muscle and strength, so would be great if there was a gym session where the main players are pushed to their limits in a strength comp.  Muscle guys who look like young Hercules should be strong as Hercules :)

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I think twat-face maybe has a secret.

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Thanks for the continuing comments and praise, guys! 😊 The next chapter gives you a better idea of where the rest of the story is heading.

13 hours ago, brawnygods said:

I think twat-face maybe has a secret.

Sorry, mate - no spoilers! 🤐😜

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i think I have a pretty good idea of where the story is heading and i can't wait

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