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On 11/24/2019 at 6:19 PM, Tetsuo88 said:

hoo i think i'm gonna die !! this story is the best love  story ever written ! i loooooooooooove it ♥

Bless you, mate! 😘

21 hours ago, crushme99 said:


I loved the A. J. Jones reference.  😍   And who, oh who, might those two video camera guys possibly be??  😁

Haha! Just a couple of random Montgomery students but yes - that part was a cheeky nod to "Charlie's Secret"! 😜

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Here we go...the final chapter. Thank you everybody for all the amazing comments, feedback and support for this story! I've had so much fun writing and sharing this with everyone here, even if it did take me quite a bit longer than I'd hoped! I don't know what's next for me story wise. As I said recently I have so many idea and I'm eager to have a play around and see if anything comes from any of them!

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone, again! #muscleuniversity #pecshavespoken #didsomeonesaysequel

Thirty Four


I feel like my heart’s about to burst. Because Luke is here. Looking awkward and nervous and unsure. But he’s actually fucking here! 

“What are you …” 

I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to do. I’m just frozen to the spot. But standing right in front of me is Luke. My gorgeous little Hufflepuff, Luke.

“I mean … you’re back!”

He bites his bottom lip and then looks at the trophy I’m clutching in my hands.

“How did you do at the show?” he asks, his voice noticeably nervous. And now I suddenly feel nervous too.

“I came third!” I reply, shaking my trophy.

Luke nods at me. And there’s a silence. God it’s awkward. I want to go up to him and cuddle him. I wanna hold him. And kiss him. But I don’t know what’s happening here. I don’t know why Luke’s back. Fuck - what if he’s just come back to get his stuff? And then my stomach lurches. Because what if he’s leaving for good?

I walk over to my side of the room, put my backpack down and place my trophy on my bed. And then I turn to face Luke. He’s still just standing there awkwardly. I fold my arms across my chest. I suddenly feel a little cagey.

“What’s going on here, Luke?”

He sighs and sits down on his bed. He still looks so nervous. My insides tighten with nerves at the thought of what's coming next. I walk across the room and sit down on the mattress next to Luke. Fuck - I still can’t believe he’s actually here. That I’m sitting so close to him again. 

He looks out to the room and swallows hard. Then he looks in my direction. At my body. At the Johnny Bravo t-shirt I'm wearing. And my ridiculously bronzed arms. And then he finally looks up at my face with those beautiful piercing blue eyes and breathes a deep sigh.

“Do you know what the scariest thing about coming to Muscle University was? The thing I was most nervous about?”

I look at him confused. I have no fucking idea what Luke’s about to say.

“It wasn’t knowing that I would probably be the smallest guy here. It wasn’t the training. Or the idea of having to take my clothes off and pose in front of a whole class of lads who were so much bigger than I was. The scariest thing for me was the thought of not making any friends. That’s what I was worried about the most. That I’d be stuck up here at this university with no one.

And when we started hanging out, I couldn’t believe it. That we actually got on. That you liked me enough to go to the SU bar with me. And take me to Glasgow. And sit on my bed watching Dom and Cole In The Land of Ug. That a guy like you, a bodybuilder like you, wanted to waste his time hanging out with someone like me!”

I can’t believe that Luke is saying these things to me. I shake my head. “Luke!”

“Just let me finish!” He lets out a deep sigh before continuing. “And then I found out that you were gay. And started thinking that - God - as fucking CRAZY as the idea was to me, that maybe you even liked me more than a friend! That maybe there was actually something more going on between us. And when we finally got together, I just kept thinking, how the FUCK has this happened? Why does Woody like ME?”

What the FUCK? I had no idea Luke was feeling any of this. 

“I mean, LOOK AT YOU! You’re an actual bodybuilder. With pecs. And abs. And … you look like a film star, for fuck’s sake. I remember thinking, he can have guy he wants, and he’s chosen me. Fucking ME!

And every day I just kept thinking that something was gonna happen. That you were gonna wake up one morning, look at me and think, “What the hell am I doing with THIS guy?”

And I thought, that if you can’t see it now, one day you will. One day you’ll meet someone bigger than you are. Maybe even better looking, and you’ll look back and laugh at the fact that you actually thought you liked your small, geeky roommate who used to wear Harry Potter boxer shorts!

And when you told me about Deano. It was like … this is it! This is the wake up call I’ve been waiting for. This is what’s gonna bring me back to reality. Make me realise that this. Being here with you. It’s just a fantasy. A fucking fever dream. 

And I was almost … God, this sounds really fucking awful … but I was almost relieved that you’d kissed Deano!”

What the hell? My stomach clenches.

“Because I didn’t have to kid myself anymore. I didn’t have to constantly think that you were gonna suddenly wake up and come to your senses. And realise you didn’t want to be with me after all.

But … God, Woody - these past three days. All I’ve fucking thought about is you! All I’ve wanted was to be back here on this bed. Hanging out with you. Doing all the things we do. Watching Harry Potter. In our matching Harry Potter boxer shorts.”

I feel like I’m gonna fucking cry. My heart’s blowing up. And I feel like I’m gonna fucking cry!

“Luke …”

“Just let me finish!”

I bite down on my bottom lip, trying not to smile at Luke’s sudden assertiveness. 

“And I know I did a shitty thing by leaving!”

I shake my head.

“I just … I panicked! I freaked out. About the Facebook post. About the Deano thing. I just couldn’t be here, Woody. But I regretted it. After I left, I got to the end of the corridor and thought, “What the fuck am I doing?” I mean, I actually stopped. I was gonna come back. But …”

But I told him to fuck off! Because I’m a fucking idiot.

Luke sighs. “And I thought about it all the way home. Whether I’d done the right thing by leaving. And all day yesterday. And then this morning I saw that Instagram post. I saw you in my posers! I saw the reference to the Harry Potter boxers I bought you. And the Gryffindor hashtag.”

And now I’m smiling. I can’t help it.

“And maybe one day you WILL wake up and realise you don’t want me. Maybe you will meet someone bigger than you. And better looking!”

ARGH! I want to fucking SCREAM.

“But … until that happens … I … I can’t NOT be with you, Woody!” 

Fuuuuck. That’s all I wanted to hear. The only fucking thing that matters here. 

“Luke - can I PLEASE speak now?”

He bites his bottom lip, suddenly looking nervous again.

“Oh my GOD! LUKE! What do I have to do?” I ask, dramatically.

He just looks at me puzzled.

“Come on! Just tell me. What do I have to say? To CONVINCE you that - GOD - I am absolutely and totally fucking CRAZY about you!”

And now Luke’s mouth is curling into this giddy little grin. Fucking HELL I’ve missed those dimples.

“I mean … I literally think about you ALL the time. I think about your dimples. And your cute calf muscles. And your hot little abs. And your arse. That CUTE fucking arse! Do you know before we got together, I sat on this bed and fucking SNIFFED your pillow for fuck’s sake? That’s how much I liked you! 

I mean, for God’s sake, Luke - I’m wearing your posers! And right now? Honestly? I never want to fucking take them off! Because they’re YOUR posers. They remind me of you. And your arse has been in these trunks. That cute fucking arse of yours I still think about SO fucking much.”

I’m not thinking about what I’m saying. The words are just tumbling out of my mouth. 

“And I’m sorry. I’m fucking SORRY! For all the shitty things I’ve done. For kissing twat faced fucking Deano. For not telling you about it. I’m sorry for abandoning you in Bristol. I’m sorry that I wasn’t brave enough to tell you that I liked you for all that time. And I’m sorry making that deal with Johnny. For those stupid fucking things I wrote in my notebook. For embarrassing you in your first Posing Practice 101 class. I’m sorry for being a dick to you when you first started. I’m sorry for calling you a wannabe physique competitor, even though there’s nothing wrong with being a wannabe physique competitor, Luke!”

And now Luke’s fucking beaming at me.

I shake my head. “I’m sorry for being a shitty fucking boyfriend. And I’m sorry for all the shitty things I’ll probably end up doing next term! And next year. And for the rest of our time here at Montgomery. 

And I WILL fucking be your boyfriend for the rest of the time we’re here. Because I don’t fucking WANT anyone else, Luke. I don’t want anyone bigger. Or anyone better. Because there IS no one better. No one’s ever made me feel like you do, Luke. No hot personal trainer guy from back home. No twat faced fucking pocket rocket bodybuilder here at Montgomery. Just YOU. Only YOU. I mean …”

And then I stop myself. Luke’s just looking at me. My chest tightens. Fuck. I can’t believe the words that we’re about to come out of my mouth before I stopped. I can’t believe what’s screaming in my head. What I want to say out loud. So fucking badly. But what if Luke doesn’t say it back? What if Luke doesn’t feel the same? What if I stop obsessing and worrying about every fucking Luke related thing just this one fucking time and TRUST that things might actually turn out okay and maybe even -

“I'm fucking in love with you, for God’s sake!”

Holy fucking shit! I said it. I fucking said it. Luke looks so surprised. But I’m not scared. I’m not freaked out. Because it’s fucking true.

Luke’s lip starts to quiver and he lets out a choked little sob. And now he’s lunging towards me and his lips are on mine and the first time in three fucking days (the longest three days ever) I’m kissing Luke. My gorgeous little Hufflepuff, Luke. Who I love so fucking much. And it feels like my heart has exploded. Into a thousand fucking pieces. 

And now we’ve stopped kissing. Our foreheads are touching. My arm around his back. Luke’s hand gripping my bronzed hairless forearm.

“I can’t believe you're wearing my posing trunks!” he says. I laugh, my forehead still touching his. I could stay like this forever.

“Oh and Woody?” Luke whispers.

I don’t say anything.

“... I'm in love with you too!”

Five Months Later

“Okay … 10,” I say, looking at the number on the door I wheel my suitcase past.

“That one’s 11,” I say, looking at the door on the opposite side of the corridor. 

And then I see the number 12 on the front door I’m approaching. I stop in front of it and turn to my boyfriend Luke, who’s now stood next to me with his own suitcase. He’s giving me this cute, excited grin. The dimples I love so fucking much out in full force.

I can tell from his expression that he’s just as excited and eager to see the room we’ll be spending our second year at Montgomery University of Bodybuilding & Fitness in as I am.

“This better be fucking bigger than our old room!”

Luke playfully rolls his eyes and smirks. “Just open the door!” he orders, smiling. I swear he’s gotten bossier since he packed more muscle onto his frame. 

I put the key in the door and then pause to look at Luke with an excited grin. There’s no one coming down the hall over his shoulder. I turn to look in the opposite direction. The hallway’s completely deserted. So I bring my face forward and give Luke a quick kiss on the lips. 

He’s looking at me surprised and wide eyed, but he's smirking like fucking crazy. 

I open the door to a bright room. It’s fairly spacious but really doesn’t look that much bigger or different to our old dorm room.

I look at Luke and screw my face up. Luke groans and rolls his eyes. “It’s FINE!”

“It's practically the same as our old room!” I complain.

Luke shakes his head and smirks as he rolls his suitcase into the room and I go to check out the en suite bathroom. At least that’s bigger than the old one.

“Are you having that side?” Luke says, pointing to the right side of the room. Which, incidentally, was the same side I had in our old one.

I shrug and pull a face. “Might as well!”

I lift up my suitcase and throw it on my new bed. And then I sense Luke behind me and before I have time to turn around, he’s wrapping his beefy little arms around my waist and pushing his torso up against my back. 

I grab his forearms with my hands and give them a squeeze, feeling like I want to fucking melt. I spin around, a huge fuck off smile on my face and wrap my arms around Luke’s waist and back and go in for a kiss. Jesus. Will kissing Luke ever NOT feel amazing? 

We part lips and I look down at his white vest with a print of The Hulk on the front. Six months ago Luke would never have worn this vest. 

“These arms!” I say, gripping on to Luke’s meaty upper arms with both hands. He giddily grins and bites his lip. Luke’s really packed on some muscle over the last few months. Especially since he signed up to a hardcore bodybuilding gym back home in Sheffield over the summer. Incidentally the same gym his dad used to train at. 

“You’re definitely not gonna be the smallest lad here anymore!” I tell him.

“Hmmm. I bet some of those first years are still gonna be bigger than me though!”

“BUT … will any of them be wearing bright yellow Harry Potter boxer shorts to their first Posing Practice 101 class?”

Luke grins and rolls his eyes.

I look at the big bare wall behind Luke. “Are you gonna put your Tommy Foster poster up?”

Luke shakes his head. “I didn’t bring it!”

“What?! The room won’t look the same without it!” 

Luke smirks and shrugs. “We’ll have to buy a new one.”

“We are NOT having a Harry Potter poster up on the wall!”

“I do have something to put up!” he says, going over to his suitcase. I follow Luke and flop down on his new bed for the first time as he rummages through his case to find whatever he’s looking for. 

And then he pulls out a book and from the middle of it retrieves the illustration of Tommy “The Tank” Foster I drew from Luke’s old poster. The same one that was stuck to the wall above his bed in our old room. He sticks it up with some Blu Tack and then looks at me, this happy, loving grin on his face. I look back at him and smile. A definite Woody and Luke moment.

“I wonder who are new neighbours are?” Luke asks. Then he gasps. “What if it’s DEANO?”

I smirk and roll my eyes at him. Deano pretty much left us alone after the incident with the Facebook post last year. There was one really awkward moment when me and Luke walked into the changing rooms at the Watson House gym and Deano was stood there alone. He nodded and said, “Lads!” like nothing had ever happened (which fucking pissed me off) but I remain tight lipped and let the incident slide. Other than that he hasn’t really spoken to me. All of the shouting out, gay jokes and twattish remarks stopped. I don’t think he dared give us any hassle after he got suspended for posting the illustration of me kissing Luke on Facebook.

There was a weird moment during one Posing Practice 101 last term when I turned around to find Deano just staring at me. This kind of sad, almost longing look on his face. He quickly looked away when he saw me looking. I never told Luke about it. Who knows if he’s still harbouring feelings for me. We haven’t seen each other all summer. He might be completely over me by now. I kind of hope for his sake he is.

I was sort of relieved when the university didn’t open up the end of year bodybuilding show to the first years again, because after the experience I had at the last one, I definitely would have entered. And I know Deano would have too. I guess I’ll have to wait for next term to find out whether I’d kick his huge, velvet trunk encased bubble butt on stage. 

Luke crawls over to where I’m sitting. He snuggles into my chest and I wrap my arm around his back. I kiss him on the forehead and take in that Luke scent I love so fucking much.

It feels so good to have him all to myself again. To finally be living in the same place. We spent quite a bit of time together over the summer. We had a long weekend in London. And we went to visit Emily in Bristol too. We saw cute, ginger Max again. Oh and that guy, Steve, who I pulled the weekend we were there for my birthday. Which was kind of awkward. 

Luke came to stay at my parents in Sussex too. I don’t think mum suspected anything. She just thought he was a mate from uni. It was cool having him there though, sleeping in the bedroom I'd grown up in together.

Oh and I went to visit and stay with his mum and sister in Sheffield too. His mum kinda loved me, but then I guess I did turn on the charm a bit. Oh and his little sister clearly fancied me. Which was fucking hilarious.

All in all it was a pretty great summer. And we managed to make it work, despite living miles apart from each other. But it wasn’t quite the same as being together all the time. In our own room in this university in the middle of sodding nowhere. Which, incidentally, isn't really something that bothers me much anymore.

I look around the room. Our brand new second year room in Johnson Hall. And I’m suddenly overcome with nostalgia for my old dorm room.

I spent so long in that room feeling unhappy. Wishing I were somewhere else. But that was before Luke showed up. With his Tommy Foster poster. And his geeky t-shirts. And his Harry bloody Potter boxer shorts. That was before I starting thinking about him all the fucking time. Before I started obsessing about his cute little arse blowing out of the shiny blue posing trunks I helped him buy on his third day here at Muscle University. That was before I fell completely in fucking love with him.

“Is it bad that I kinda miss our old room?”

Luke takes his head away from my chest and looks up at me, surprised but smirking. “Hmmm. I know what you mean!”

I just smile back at him.

“Do you think we’ll have a drama free year this time?” Luke asks, with a smirk.

I look down at the thick, perfectly pumped pecs bulging off my chest under my favourite Johnny Bravo t-shirt. 

“Hmmm. What do you think, boys? Are me and Luke gonna have a drama free second year at Muscle University? No deals with Johnny Hoxton? No one in velvet posing trunks trying to kiss either of us? OH - and is Luke gonna become more freak than geek by the end of the year?”

“That’s a lot of questions for one pair of pecs!”

“Oooh - AND … are we gonna grow to love this room as much as we loved the old one?”

Luke bites his bottom lip and beams at me. Dimples and bloody everything. 

"Bounce twice for yes, once for no!” Then I bounce my pecs twice.

“The pecs have spoken!” 


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Oh my gosh! This story is so amazing. The characters were perfectly drawn. Woody's talking pecs are so hot and fucking awesome. The bodybuilding show was perfect to see the boys posing. I just think this story should be published, maybe a Netflix movie or series.
Thank you for this masterpiece of the muscular world!

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Thanks so much for your hard work writing this sexy love story. The writing and pacing is brilliant. I’ll miss Woody and Luke, but I suspect you will sneak one or both of them into a future story.   Can’t wait for your next masterpiece. 

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Oh hell! It’s over! Sitting here in Essen, Germany, having just read the last chapter and thinking Christmas has come early! Well, that’s been a marvellous rollercoaster @muscleaddict so what can I say except thank you and well done! But what to do now as you cogitate your next move - and yes, you must and should write more as your mood takes you! Until then, well, it’s no more checking in here to see if the next exciting instalment is here (it has been a bit like being a kid again and the serial at Saturday morning cinema club!) so what am I going to do? Re-read that copy of AJ and Noah I cheekily copied to my books......

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7 hours ago, muscleaddict said:

“I wonder who are new neighbours are?” Luke asks. Then he gasps. “What if it’s DEANO?”

One can only hope!


Props for this major work, for bringing us these characters and this brilliant muscle Hogwarts setting.  Already feeling nostalgic for how the whole story started with Woody miserable and taking it out on poor Luke.

I look forward, eagerly, to reading anything and everything you write after this--you've definitely built a following and a brand and I'm excited to watch the MuscleAddict Universe expand and continue!🎟️🎟️🎟️

Congrats on the accomplishment and thanks again for sharing this here.🤩

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I've been checking in here over the last couple days.  Waiting.  Expecting.  Hoping.  Then I looked today and "muscleaddict" showed up under the notifications bell.

And I thought – "ALL RIIIIIIGHT . . . it's the next chapter."  😀

But then I realized – "Oh NOOOOO . . . it's the last chapter."  😢

I am truly going to miss Luke and Woody.  Just like I miss A.J. and Noah.  But I'm also going to miss the guy who wrote about them.  You see, muscleaddict, not only have you told us some wonderful stories with characters any of us would love to meet, but through your writing you have also shown us something of yourself.  Writing can be a window, I think, looking out onto the world and inward into the author.  What you have shown through that window, in both directions, is something special.  We would love to meet *YOU* as well.  Especially if you have Luke and Woody and A.J. and Noah tagging along with you.  😜

Thank you for all of this, our unmet friend.

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@muscleaddict Thank you so much for writing this story. It is really amazing that you shared your time, skill and imagination with us. I will miss Luke and Woody as I have missed AJ and Noah.😢😜😍💪💪🏋️

In the meantime, I want to wish that you enjoy your holidays. I will patiently wait for your next story. We need more cocky bodybuilders and their love stories. They make the world happier and a better place. Cheers Mate!

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Wow! It's been a great ride! Thank you, Muscleaddict for bringing this wonderful story to life for us all.

I wonder if the Logo network would air stories like AJ And Noah, and Muscle University as an overnight series. I think you should try having these made into films or a series.

Think of how fun it would be, sitting in the Casting room, looking at hot muscled candidates for the roles?

Awesome work, Muscleaddict! Can't wait for your next project to come!

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Thank you for bringing Luke and Woody to life. This was another great story from you with real characters showing real, believable and complex emotions.  Since in the epilogue, Luke has clearly added some muscle mass, sounds like there could be a sequel?   Sure hope so!  How about Luke and Woody meet AJ and Noah?  That would be a treat!  

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