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Ok guys, here’s the new story I’ve been working on. It’s of a similar size and scale to my last story "AJ & Noah". It’s told from the point of view of Woody (real name Sebastian Wood), a hand

Okay guys, here's the next chapter. Thanks again for all the love and wonderful comments on the last one! Twenty Three “Fuck!” Luke whispers once we’ve parted lips. I can’t believe the

Five Hands down my favourite teacher at Montgomery University is Johnny Hoxton. Johnny is a bit of a legend in British bodybuilding. He competed in a few big IFBB shows with other famous pros but

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Excellent chapter, Muscleaddict!

It's about time Woody was worshipped for real. And who better then from the man he loves?

Muscle worship is rewarding enough in itself with a muscle guy who is a stranger, but it's even more rewarding when i someone that you know loves you and your muscles and you love them back.

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13 hours ago, crushme99 said:


HAHA!! This made me laugh, mate!

11 hours ago, Lefty said:

Just the chapter I was waiting for - the muscle worship!  Even hotter than I thought it would be!  I think I got almost as hard as Luke!


2 hours ago, Shawn1978 said:

Excellent chapter, Muscleaddict!

It's about time Woody was worshipped for real. And who better then from the man he loves?

Muscle worship is rewarding enough in itself with a muscle guy who is a stranger, but it's even more rewarding when i someone that you know loves you and your muscles and you love them back.

Well, lads...you know who to thank if you liked this chapter. A certain loud mouthed, twat faced, future 212 class pocket rocket who always thinks he's right! 😏

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19 minutes ago, muscleaddict said:

Do you think Flex Lewis is writing some Muscle University fan fiction featuring himself as a professor? 🤔😜


Goodness - we've discovered your true identity! 😲

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9 minutes ago, WashburnDaddy said:

Goodness - we've discovered your true identity! 😲

Bouncing my pecs (Woody style) and cheekily flexing my biceps in nothing but a pair of shiny posing trunks as I type! 😉

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44 minutes ago, muscleaddict said:

Bouncing my pecs (Woody style) and cheekily flexing my biceps in nothing but a pair of shiny posing trunks as I type! 😉

I was going to say "keep pumping it out" and of course I meant the rest of the story! But now, well....... Is this is what is known as 'bringing the story to life'?! 


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Twenty Eight

“Imagine being so wide that you actually have to turn sideways to walk through doorways!”

I’m walking back to the gym changing rooms after a back workout with Deano. I don’t know if it’s because I'm still on a high from what happened with Luke yesterday when I got back from the gym, but my new workout partner doesn’t seem to be annoying me quite as much today.

“I’ll let you know in about five years time when that happens to me!” he replies.

I can’t help but smile at that. I look at Deano and he’s smirking back. Oh God. Did I just share a joke with fucking Deano? Ugh!

I can’t wait to go back to my room and show off my pumped lats to Luke. Maybe even blast out some poses (complete with cocky grunts) again and make him squeeze them. If he needs to blow his load as a result of doing so, even fucking better. 

“I actually don’t think I can reach the middle part of my back right now!” I say to Deano, when we’re back in the changing rooms.

“Try!” he orders, smirking. 

I twist my arm around, but I’m so fucking pumped that my movement is restricted. “Nope! Can’t do it!” I say, struggling.

Deano grabs his backpack from his locker, shaking his head and smiling.

“I suppose we should go through our posing routines at some point!” he says, rolling his eyes.

“Mmmm!” I say, taking my backpack out of my locker.

I look at Deano and he’s just looking at me, like he’s waiting for me to say something.

“Oh - what you wanna do that now?!”

He pulls a face and shrugs. “Might as well get it over with!”

I internally groan. “Fine!”

“Your place or mine?” Deano asks, casually.

“DEANO! You flirt!”

He pulls a face, looking gloriously uncomfortable. “We could do it at mine?” he suggests, leading us out of the gym changing rooms. “Although my flatmate’s probably in!” 

“Who’s your flatmate?”

He looks at me like I’ve asked a stupid question. “Shaun!” 

Ugh. Fuck that. “Definitely mine!”

Not long after I’m sitting on my bed with Deano, which is both fucking weird and slightly awkward. I was kind of hoping Luke would be home, but I’m guessing he’s at the gym.

Funnily enough Deano doesn’t seem too uncomfortable though. At least not as much as he was the other day when he was here apologising to Luke. 

“So this is pretty much the routine I’ve used for my last two shows!” I say to Deano, as I finish writing out a detailed description.

I hand him my notebook. Straight away he looks disapproving. And his expression becomes even more judgemental as his eyes go down the page.

“What the hell is fold arms, cheekily nod at audience and wiggle eyebrows up and down?” he says, scrunching up his face.

“Exactly what it says!”

His lip curls up so he's giving me the stink eye face. I didn't really question whether Deano would approve of my posing routine, but I’m mostly just finding his reaction funny.

“Why are there so many most musculars?”

“Cause it’s my best pose!”

Deano pulls a face and shakes his head. “Abs and thighs is your best pose!” he says matter-of-factly.

Huh. That completely throws me. I can’t believe he’d even have an opinion on what was my best pose, let alone notice.

“You’ve got, like, five most musculars in a row! Okay, that is ridiculous!” 

I laugh. “Why is it?!”

Deano continues to read. “Most muscular with mouth open. Most muscular with tongue out!” He rolls his eyes. “Crab most muscular while loudly shouting “YEAH!” - oh for fuck’s sake! You’re not one of those annoying twats who make loads of noise every time you hit a pose?”

“Well, not every pose!” I tell him, amused. “Don’t you do that?”

He screws his face up. “No! I hate when bodybuilders do that. It’s so fucking unnecessary!”

“But sooo much fun!” I say, cheerily. “And did you, Deano, seriously just call ME an annoying twat?” 

He rolls his eyes and goes back to my routine. It’s kind of funny how much my routine seems to have got his back up.

“What the hell is signal to body with hands, purse lips and nod?”

I stand up, point to my body with both hands outstretched and facing down, arrogantly purse my lips and give Deano a smug nod to demonstrate the move.

“Why the fuck are you doing THAT?!”

I shake my head. “It will all make sense when you hear my posing routine music!” I say, sitting back down and reaching for my phone. I know Deano’s going to disapprove of that too. I actually feel a little excited to play it for him. Wait - am I actually enjoying this? Spending time with Deano? Jesus.

I load up Spotify and search for my posing routine song. I chew on my bottom lip and feel an odd rush of adrenaline as it starts to play. Deano immediately screws his face up. 

“What is THIS?!”

“Look!” I say, standing up, ready to show him part of the routine.

The guy on the track start signing. 

“Girl look at that body …”

And then I do the action I did before, signalling to my body with both hands.

“I- I- I work out …”

And that’s when I arrogantly purse my lips and nod at Deano.

“Oh my GOD!” Deano cries.

“Wait - so, back lat spread …” I say, turning around and continuing to pose along with the music. And then I spin back round and wait for the topline of the song.

“I’m Sexy And I Know It!”

And BOOM - I crank down into a crab most muscular, face scrunched up into a super smug, "Fuck yeah!" expression.

“Maaate! You are NOT posing to this!” Deano says.

Okay, now THAT pisses me off a bit. 

“Huh. That’s funny. I didn’t realise you had to approve every competitor’s posing routine music?”

“You think anyone’s gonna take you seriously posing to THIS crap?”

“Well, since I did that routine for my last two shows and WON my class both times, erm … I’m gonna go with YES!”

Something flickers in Deano’s expression, like maybe he was impressed by what I just said. Then he sighs and shakes his head disapprovingly. 

“What the fuck’s your problem, Deano?” I ask, losing my cool.

“It’s fucking tacky!” he spits. “The song. The stupid expressions. You’re one of the best guys in the year. And you’re posing to this shit!" Then he scoffs. "AlthoughI don't know I'm surprised!"

"What does that mean?!"

"It’s like … you don’t take any of it seriously!”

Huh? Now I'm confused. “Take any of what seriously?” 

“This! The show. This uni. Bodybuilding for that matter!”

What the fuck?! I almost can't believe what I'm hearing. I let out a shocked laugh because I honestly don’t know how to respond right now.

“You think I don’t take bodybuilding seriously?”

Deano shrugs. Is this twat being fucking serious? Does he actually believe the crap he’s saying right now or is this just his way of getting a reaction out of me and winding me up? If it's the latter, annoyingly, it’s worked.

“Okay, Deano. Tell me exactly how I don’t take bodybuilding seriously!”

“Your Instagram for a start! All that stupid stuff you post. Flirting with gay dudes!” The way he says the word 'gay' pisses me off.

I groan. “Oh for fuck’s sake. Don’t start with that again! Jesus, Deano. It’s calling having fun. You actually don’t think I take bodybuilding seriously? You think I trained my arse off from the age of fifteen for a laugh? You think I’m sticking this university out because, what, it’s something to do?”

“But, it’s … all the stuff you do!”

What the hell is this guy's problem?

“Wearing pink posers to Posing Practice!” he says, screwing his face up. “Hanging around with Henderson!” he says, pointing to Luke’s bed.

Woah! My insides suddenly clench.

“What does hanging around with Luke have to do with anything?” I spit, feeling myself starting to get seriously pissed off.

Deano suddenly looks a little awkward. Like maybe he knows he's gone too far. Or maybe he knows he's talking absolute bollocks. He shrugs, keeping his cool. “Well, he’s just a bit of a joke!” he says, but there's wariness in his voice. Like maybe he’s scared of my reaction.

And he’s right to be. Because now I’m seriously angry. How fucking dare he say that about Luke? 

"How the fuck is Luke a JOKE?!" I spit. "Oh what - 'cause he's the smallest lad in the year?" 

Deano shrugs. "Well … yeah!” But it’s funny, because he actually doesn’t look or sound that convinced. Maybe I just want to believe that no one would think that about Luke, but I can’t help feeling that deep down Deano doesn’t really believe what he’s saying.

Still, I'm ready to defend the hell out of Luke, but before I have a chance to respond, the key in the door sounds and Luke walks in with his gym backpack slung over his shoulder. He pauses when he sees us, looking surprised. And now he looks a little uncomfortable. He can obviously sense an atmosphere. Oh God. I hope he can't tell that we were just talking about him.

“Hey!” he says, awkwardly.

“Alright!” I call from my side of my room, trying to act casually.

“Henderson!” Deano says, with a nod. He looks at me and I’m just glaring at him. I feel pissed off, but I can't say anything with Luke here. “You’re wrong!” I say, assertively.

Deano looks at Luke awkwardly, then pulls a face at me like he doesn’t care what I think. Even though I think that maybe he does. And that he knows he went too far with what he said about Luke.

“ARRGGHH!!” I cry once Deano has finally gone.

“What was all that about?” Luke asks. He looks slightly nervous. Fuck. I can’t tell Luke what Deano just said. I know it will bother him to know that a fellow Montgomery student called him a “joke”. Even though I’m still not convinced that Deano really thinks that. So why did he say it? To get a reaction out of me? 

And even so - what the hell does me hanging around with Luke have to do with how serious I take bodybuilding? I should have asked Deano who exactly I should be hanging around with? Him and Shaun maybe? And why the hell does Deano care who I hang around with anyway? ARGH! The more I think about it, the more I find myself getting worked up over it.

I climb onto Luke’s bed and crawl to where he’s now sitting and immediately find myself feeling better. “It was nothing,” I tell Luke as I get to him, wrap an arm around his legs and rest my head in his lap, “just … Deano being his usual twat faced self!"

When I wake up a few mornings later in Luke’s bed, this wave of relief washes over me. “Oh my God!” I announce, holding my arms up dramatically. 

My cute little Luke looks at me from his pillow, confused and smiling. “What?!”

“It’s Saturday. No fucking training with Deano today! Woo-HOO!”

Luke laughs at me. I wrap my arm around him under the duvet and push my body against his. “Mmmm!” I say, my face just an inch from his. “Whatever you wanna today, let’s do it!”

Luke furrows his eyebrows at me and smirks.

“I’m serious! We can go to Glasgow again. Or … we can have a Harry Potter marathon. Whatever you wanna do!” I say, giving him a little squeeze.

Luke looks at my chest, his mouth curling into this mischievous little smirk. “Actually, there is … one thing I’d quite like to do. It’s a bit weird though!”

“I can do weird!”

Luke bites his bottom lip. “Can I … watch you draw something?”

I laugh and roll my eyes. “Luke Richard Hugo Henderson … wait - what IS your middle name?”

Luke’s mouth curls into a mischievous smirk. “I’ve been waiting for you to ask me that!”

I smile back, confused but excited. “It’s not Cuthbert is it?”

Luke laughs. “It’s the same as my dad’s name.”

“So what was your dad called?”

Luke smirks and shrugs. “Dean!”

“Oh for fuck’s sake!” I say, laughing.

A little while later and I’m showered and dressed and sitting back on Luke’s bed with my sketchbook and pencils. He's sitting next to me in his black framed glasses and geeky white Ghostbusters t-shirt. I feel oddly nervous. I guess it’s because I’ve never drawn in front of anyone before. I never really imagined that anyone would ask.

“I’m not drawing you naked, by the way!”

Luke gasps. “We could reenact that scene from Titanic!” 

I laugh and shake my head. “Hmmm. I’ve got a better idea.” 

I reach for my phone, load up the camera app and I hold it out in front of us. Luke looks at me confused but smirking.

“Look into the camera!” I order. He obeys and then I kiss Luke on the cheek and capture the moment with my phone. He gives me a cute, coy grin as I show him the picture. He grips my arm and buries his face into my shoulder, grinning happily. 

“Okay, this might not be the most exciting thing to watch!” I warn him. He shrugs and gives me a loving smile. 

“Well, just … let me know if you get bored!” 

But he doesn’t. He sits and watches as I sketch away with his face gently resting on my shoulder.

“So … what was your first impression of me?” Luke asks as I'm almost finished. 

Woah. My stomach suddenly tightens at that question.

"Where did that come from?" I say, glancing over at him.

Luke doesn't respond. He just shrugs into my shoulder. I keep it casual and shrug. “Hmmm. Wannabe physique competitor!”

I look over at him and he’s rolling his eyes and smirking. “I'm being serious!”

Fuck. My stomach clenches again. “Does it matter?”

Luke pulls a face and shrugs again. Clearly it does matter. I sigh. “Honestly, I ... thought you were kinda small. You know. For a Montgomery student!”

Luke nods into my shoulder. I can tell my reply has bothered him a little.

“But … then I started noticing things!” Luke's suddenly smiling and my heart flutters.

“Like ... your dimples!” I confess, as I'm still sketching away. Luke smiles and those very dimples appear.

“And your eyes. And your cute little calves. And your hot fucking arse!”

Luke’s practically beaming now.

“Oh - and your freakishly small feet.”

Luke pulls his face away from my shoulder looking surprised. “What? They’re not … that small!” he says, suddenly looking down to inspect his feet in the green and white stripy socks he’s wearing today. “I’m, like, a size eight!”

I laugh. “That’s tiny! Okay, let me rephrase that. Your adorably small feet!”

Luke narrows his eyes at me, but he's smirking like crazy.

“Okay … I think I’ve finished!” I announce a little while later. I drop my arm and Luke grips on to it as we both look at the picture. There on the page is a side view of me kissing the cheek of the cutest boy. Black framed glasses. A little smile. Adorable dimples. It's unmistakably Luke. 

“I love it!” he says, looking at me lovingly and making my chest expand.

I put my pencil in the page of the sketchbook and set it down on Luke’s bedside table. Then I lie down on his bed and he whips off his glasses and follows suit, curling my arm around his waist and pressing my body against his. I lean in and kiss Luke, his head now next to mine on his pillow. I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be right now. Or anyone else I'd rather be with.

Luke looks at my chest. I don’t know why, but he suddenly seems a little nervous. “So … Johnny approved the training plan you gave me!” 

And now I know why. FUCK. My insides suddenly clench. We haven’t discussed the training plan I did for Luke, or anything to do with my deal with Johnny to mentor him since he found that page in my notebook last weekend and I confessed to everything.

“Oh right!” I say, suddenly feeling nervous. I knew we’d have to discuss this again at some point. I just didn’t think that that time would be now.

“You still wanna use it?” I ask warily.

Luke shrugs. “Yeah!” he says, softly. I nod at him. I guess that kind of makes sense. But now I’m suddenly remembering what happened last weekend when Luke found what I’d written in my notebook. How hurt he was when he found out about my deal with Johnny. 

“I’ve been meaning to say … I’m gonna go to Johnny and tell him the deal’s off.”

Luke just looks at me pensively. He bites his bottom lip. “But … then you won’t get your own room next year?”

I shrug and give him a little smile. I expect Luke to smile back, but he doesn’t. 

“Woody,” and then he sighs, “just … don’t do it because you think that’s what I want you to do. Like, I know I was pissed off last weekend but you don’t have anything to prove to me. I mean, not anymore!” And then his mouth does curl into a little smile. And now I’m smiling back.

“And I know you struggle with the roommate thing. I mean, yeah I like sharing with you, but … well, who here wouldn’t want their own room?”

I swallow hard. I don’t really know what to say. I honestly haven’t thought about having my own room for weeks. I thought that was what I wanted. I mean, it was what I had for a while, after my old roommate Craig left and before Luke came along. But was I happy by myself? God no. In fact, I was miserable. And I was lonely. God! I was so fucking lonely. 

“And, you know … if you got your own room, I’d still come round!”

That makes me smile. I cant believe how sweet and understanding Luke’s being about this. Especially after what I wrote in that fucking notebook. 

“To watch Harry Potter?” I joke. 

Luke beams at me, dimples in full fucking force. “Of course!” 

“You know that means you’d get a new roommate though, right?”

Luke pulls an eeeek face and looks at my chest. Something flickers in his expression. I’m getting the feeling that Luke very much doesn’t want to share a room with someone else. Which makes what he’s doing here even fucking sweeter.

I gasp. “What if you had to share with Deano?”

“Don’t even joke about that!” he says. “Hmmm. Although …”

I pull my face back sharply. “What?!” 

“Well he does have one redeeming feature!” Luke replies, smirking.

I feel a sharp pang of nerves and I don’t know why. “He does?! Are we talking about the same Deano?”

Luke just smirks and rolls his eyes, like I’m supposed to know what he’s talking about. I mean, I guess physically speaking, Deano has some not completely unattractive qualities. There’s the wonky shaped abs and the impressively thick pecs. And those big round shoulders. And yeah - if you’re into that sort of bad boy, twat faced look, I guess he could be seen as being kind of hot. I just didn’t think Luke would fit him attractive. Maybe it’s the chubby cheeks. Or the trendy, slicked back hair.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about!” I say, playing ignorant.

“His arse!”

I immediately screw my face up. 

“Oh come on, Woody. You can’t tell me you haven’t noticed!”

Of course I fucking have. How could anyone not notice Deano’s big, round bubble butt which blows out of his always boring, never shiny posing trunks?

“Okay!” I say, rolling me eyes. “I suppose Deano does have a pretty good arse. But … it’s Deano’s! I mean, just the fact that it’s his completely cancels out the hotness!”

Luke pulls a face and shrugs. “Hmmm. I guess. It’s still a fantastic arse though!”

For some reason my stomach clenches. I look down at Luke’s chest. I’m finding it hard to smile right now.

When I look up, Luke’s studying my face with an ominous smirk. 

“Woody, are you … jealous?”

Fuck! I pull a face and roll my eyes. “No!” I scoff. But I think I actually am. God I’m ridiculous. But Luke doesn’t seem to care. In fact, he seems to be enjoying it. He’s got this smug smirk on his face. 

“Well it wouldn’t be the first time!”

“What do you mean?!” I cry, my voice sounding oddly high pitched.

Luke laughs. “Well, why else would you tell that Max guy I had a boyfriend?”

Fuck. He’s got me. I shrug, suddenly feeling sheepish. “Not my finest moment!” I confess. But Luke just continues to smile at me lovingly.

“Hey. I’m sorry!” I say, squeezing him. “You know … about the deal I made with Johnny.” My chest suddenly tightens. “And for that stuff I wrote in my notebook.”

Something serious flickers across Luke’s expression. He gives me a little nod and looks down at my chest. And now I’m suddenly remembering how hurt he looked last weekend. I never want to see that expression on Luke’s face again.

“And I meant what I said last weekend. All that time we were hanging out, I was never pretending. I mean, I thought that I might have to at first. You know, pretend to like you, or whatever. But … it turns out I didn’t! I really didn’t!”

Luke’s mouth curls into a cute little smile.

“Even when I was sitting on your bed for the first time and we were talking about Tommy Foster …” I shrug, “I liked it!”

He looks at me with those gorgeous blue eyes, no longer hidden under his glasses. I can tell he knows that I’m being honest with him. That I’m speaking the truth.

“And I don’t know why I wrote that thing in my notebook. Kill me now,” I roll my eyes at my own stupidity. “Maybe I was just trying to kid myself!” 

Luke furrows his eyebrows in confusion. “Kid yourself how?” 

Fuck. My stomach twists sharply. I breathe a deep sigh. “I think … before you, I sort of convinced myself that, I dunno ... I didn’t need anyone. Here at Montgomery. Like, I was perfectly fine here all by myself!”

Luke’s just looking at me, like he’s studying my face.

“You didn’t need to be alone though, Woody!” 

I swallow hard. “But I was.”

Luke brings his face closer to mine and kisses me. And now he's just looking at me. And it feels like we’re not holding each other, but he’s holding me. I feel vulnerable, which usually I’d hate. But for some reason, in this moment at least, I actually don’t mind it. I really don’t mind it all.

“You know, I have this theory,” Luke says. “I think maybe when Johnny asked you to mentor me, he was trying to help you out too. I think ... maybe he was kinda hoping you’d make a decent friend here?” 

I look down at Luke’s chest and nod. I’ve kind of had the same thought.

“I mean, we probably should be thanking Johnny!”

I look up at him and smile.

“And I reckon we would have become friends anyway!” he says. “Once you’d stopped sulking about having a new roommate and insulting me every five minutes!”

“There’s nothing wrong with being a wannabe physique competitor, Luke!”

He smirks and rolls his eyes. 

“Do you think we would have … ended up doing this?” I ask him.

He pulls a face. “At the rate you were going?”

I laugh. “What do you mean?”

Luke gives me a look. “Erm … how long did it take for you to tell me that you liked me? I mean, I had to kiss you for fuck’s sake!”

I smirk and give him a little squeeze. I’m not sure how Luke would feel if he knew how freaked out I was about liking him. And how scared I was at the prospect of acting on my feelings. I wonder if he’d be put off by that. I guess he doesn’t really need to know.

“You know … I actually tried not to like you!” Luke says.

What the fuck? I pull my head back. “How come?”

Luke shrugs and looks at my chest.


He sighs. “I just didn’t think anything was going to happen between us, that’s all!” he says, a little sheepishly. “I mean, I didn’t think you would ever like me back!”

I shake my head at him. “Why not?”

He looks at me like it’s obvious. “Well I’m not exactly Blaine Holton am I?”

I screw my face up. “Who here is?!” 

“Or … that gay Welsh bodybuilder you met!” he says, rolling his eyes.

I suddenly remember showing him James Newman’s Instagram profile on my phone. How he was clearly bothered about something. And now I know what. I can’t help smirking at that realisation. I bite down on my lip to try and hide it.

“No. You’re so much cuter. And what we did the other day after I’d come back from the gym? Oh my GOD! That was sooo much hotter than anything I did with him!”

And now he’s just beaming at me. The cutest fucking smile. “I guess … I just didn’t wanna be obsessing over someone who wasn’t going to like me back!”

I know what Luke’s really saying. That he didn’t want to get hurt. And suddenly I’m remembering what that prick Leonard said to me last weekend in Bristol. That Luke’s too nice for me. That I’ll end up screwing him over. And my stomach suddenly tightens like a vice.

“And … even when I thought that maybe you might like me, I couldn’t help thinking, like, is it just cause I’m the only other gay guy here? Would you still like me if more guys here at Montgomery were gay?”

“Oh my God! Luke!” I shake my head. “Do you know how many guys I met back home? And yeah, some of them were nice, but … the way I feel about you ...” 

I don’t say any more. I don’t really feel like I need to. I just lean in and kiss him, while squeezing his back. My feet brushing against his adorable size eights. And a single, clear thought comes to me in that moment. That I never want to hurt Luke (my gorgeous little Luke) again.

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Deano it's a macho man that it's used to do things a certain way and i think the way he talks to Woody about how he is online it might be somethig that it's done in real life. Bodybuilders are so carefull with their content and how they react to people's comments so they dont look a certaing way and Deano it's part of that.

Now my stupid shipper brain cant not stop thinkin about a stupid threesoem where Deano finds Luke Worshipping Woody0s muscle and he somehow joins the fun showing to Luke how to "POSE IN A GOOD WAY" cause Woody's way it's just annoying for him lol

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2 hours ago, Ro20316 said:

Deano it's a macho man that it's used to do things a certain way and i think the way he talks to Woody about how he is online it might be somethig that it's done in real life. Bodybuilders are so carefull with their content and how they react to people's comments so they dont look a certaing way and Deano it's part of that.

Now my stupid shipper brain cant not stop thinkin about a stupid threesoem where Deano finds Luke Worshipping Woody0s muscle and he somehow joins the fun showing to Luke how to "POSE IN A GOOD WAY" cause Woody's way it's just annoying for him lol

Yeah - it's clear that some bodybuilders are quite careful with who and what they respond to on sites like Instagram for fear of how it's perceived by others (though I guess a lot of us do that to an extent with social media) whereas other bodybuilders clearly don't care. I've even seen some, like Woody, who respond and have fun with the flirty comments. You could argue that the former are just more professional but I imagine there's some underlying homophobia at play in some cases.

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