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19 hours ago, biggymnast84 said:

Once again, another amazing chapter! I check daily...sometimes multiple times a day...love it! 

Side note...I really how you are weaving an actual story instead of just growth and muscle porn. ;) Can’t wait for the next installment!! 

Thanks for this lovely feedback @biggymnast84 - I'm glad you're enjoying it so much. I've said this to others here before - I kinda love the idea of people eagerly checking the forum for new chapters! 😅 Thanks again, mate.

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Ok guys, here’s the new story I’ve been working on. It’s of a similar size and scale to my last story "AJ & Noah". It’s told from the point of view of Woody (real name Sebastian Wood), a hand

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Five Hands down my favourite teacher at Montgomery University is Johnny Hoxton. Johnny is a bit of a legend in British bodybuilding. He competed in a few big IFBB shows with other famous pros but

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13 hours ago, Ro20316 said:

Can they actually be friends????

This was amazing and a great affition to have more of deano


5 hours ago, Shawn1978 said:

Well you know what they say: There's a very fine line between love and hate.

I'm not saying that Woody is going to fall in love with Deano, but it is possible that the dislike they have for each other could turn into the opposite. I think they might end up liking each other to an extent, even if they never really become friends.

Maybe they could be the guys that will never be friends but they won't be enemies either.

It's really hard to comment on this without giving anything away but I'm loving all the speculation going on here!

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10 hours ago, Eadwig said:

A great chapter mate, this part had me creased. 

Hehe! Thanks, mate. That's probably one of my favourite Woody lines. The dialogue between him and Deano in general was really fun to write.

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5 hours ago, crushme99 said:

You hit the nail right on the head.  That's what puts muscleaddict's writing head and shoulders above the norm.

Awww! Thanks, mate - that's really sweet of you. ☺️

1 hour ago, Pecman9 said:

You would be, indeed. But don’t let that stop you!

Another Deano fan?? So we're up to about 4 people now? 🤔

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On 10/16/2019 at 12:26 PM, muscleaddict said:

I'm glad you're enjoying it so much. I've said this to others here before - I kinda love the idea of people eagerly checking the forum for new chapters! 😅

Oh really, pal?  You don't say!



I can promise you, no more than 20k of those were me. 😈

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9 hours ago, brawnygods said:

Oh really, pal?  You don't say!



I can promise you, no more than 20k of those were me. 😈

Haha!! Another 20k were probably me checking for comments! 😂

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Twenty Seven

“Oh. My. GOD!” 

Those are the first words I say to Luke when I get back to the dorm room after my first training session with Deano. He’s sitting on his bed with one of his geeky sci-fi books in his hand, looking as cute and adorable as he always does in his trendy black glasses and white Marvel superhero t-shirt.

By the time we'd finished training, I'd completely lost my patience with my new training buddie. On the plus side, I don’t think my arms have ever felt as pumped as they do right now.

“I’m gonna kill him before the end of term! I swear to fucking God!” 

Luke’s biting his bottom lip, clearly trying to disguise the fact that he’s finding my misfortune funny. I dump my backpack on the floor, jump onto Luke’s bed and crawl up to where he’s lying. This big, happy smile now on his face.

I collapse on top of him, wrap my arm around his waist and bury my head into his chest. Luke’s arm wraps around me and I feel a burst of happiness. I just wanna lie here for the rest of the day, cuddled into my gorgeous Luke.

He kisses my head (God!) and I squeeze his waist tighter, smiling into the material of his Marvel t-shirt. It really does feel like mine and Luke’s bodies fit together. Everything just feels so right when we’re together like this.

“Was it really that bad?” he asks me, gently tickling the top of one my ears.

“Mmmm. Yes!” I reply, in a sulky voice. I tell him about Deano thinking that he’s always right and having a better way of doing everything. I don’t tell Luke that some of the things Deano suggested actually were better than mine.

“At least it’s only for a few weeks!” Luke reassures me.

I let out a painful, muffled groan, my face still nuzzled into his lovely chest.

“Maybe I should just drop out of the end of term bodybuilding show?” I suggest, even though I have absolutely no intention of doing so. I’ll see this coursework with Deano through to the end and do the bodybuilding show out of sheer bull headed stubbornness, if nothing else. 

“I reckon Johnny would make you train with him anyway as punishment!” he says, squeezing my shoulder. “Besides …”

I glance up at Luke, curious as to what he’s gonna say next. He’s looking back at me with a mischievous, little grin. 

“... I’m kinda looking forward to seeing you on stage!” 

Fuck! And now I’m beaming at him. “Yeah?!”

“Mmmm. Flexing in your shiny pink posing trunks!” he teases.

I laugh. “Don’t put that idea into my head!”

“I can’t believe Deano was made to apologise to me. That was fucking brilliant!”

“Erm … I can’t believe he almost caught you wearing just your pink posers!”

Luke pulls an eeeek face. 

“That was a nice surprise!” I say. “Or at least it would have been!”

“Just thought it’d be … a fun way to greet you when you got back to the room!” he says, smirking. He looks so proud of himself for the little stunt he tried to pull off earlier. It’s so fucking cute. I give Luke’s waist a squeeze and the hand gripping me shifts. 

“Oh my God!” he cries out of nowhere.

I look up at him. “What?!”

“Your arm feels HUGE!” he exclaims, with a shocked face. He’s squeezing my unflexed upper arm through the material my blue Montgomery University hoodie.

My chest swells at Luke’s reaction. I can’t stop smiling as he squeezes my arm. “Shitting hell!” he exclaims, his eyes widening, clearly shocked at how pumped my arm feels right now.

I laugh in response, but fuck - what a rush it is to see and hear Luke’s reaction to feeling my freshly pumped arm.

“Hmmm. I’m suddenly feeling hot!” I say, smirking at him.

Luke bites his bottom lip and excitedly grins as I peel my hoodie off my body and throw it on the floor. Now I’m just in a white vest and wow - I have to say, I do looking fucking pumped. My arms are bulging. I lie back down and Luke excitedly places his hand on my now bare upper arm.

“Fuck!” he exclaims, in an almost whisper as he grips onto me. I can’t believe the look of surprise on his face as he explores my muscle. It’s so fucking sexy. And now I’m suddenly hard as a rock. Fucking Grrrrr. And now, well now there’s really only one possible thing to do next.

I bring my forearm up and clench my fist, flexing the bicep muscles in the arm still gripped by Luke’s hand. Flexing my muscles just for my little Lukey.

“Oh my fucking GOD!” he cries, his eyes further bulging.

A surge of adrenaline goes through me. I look down to admire my own flexed arm and FUCK - my biceps look so huge and pumped underneath Luke’s little fingers. I look back at him and he’s shaking his head and looking at me with an expression of disbelief.

I push my groin against his and I can feel his hard cock throbbing underneath his jeans. God - I love that my muscles have made Luke that hard. I reach down and give his cock a hard squeeze through the denim. Luke lets out the cutest little groan and leans his head against my shoulder, his hand still gripping my arm.

“Fuck!” he pants as I gently pop open the buttons of his jeans, his huge throbbing hard on now only covered by his Batman boxer shorts. He’s so fucking hard. I can see a spot of pre-cum which has dripped through the cotton material. I squeeze and tug on Luke's cock and he groans and whimpers some more. Fuuuuck. And now I just really wanna make Luke cum.

“Can you flex again?” he asks, with a pleading look. 

As if he has to fucking ask. I smirk and feel a rush of adrenaline as I lift up the arm Luke’s still gripping and my biceps explode in a hard flex.

“Oh my God!” he pants, as his fingers grip on to the pumped muscle. Fuuuuck. This is such a bloody turn on. Flexing for the boy I’m completely and utterly nuts about. Making him go crazy over my huge, flexed biceps. God YES.

I stretch my arm out flat then pump and flex again, looking from my biceps to Luke’s face. He groans as the muscle explodes under his fingers again. God - he looks so fucking turned on right now. No one’s ever reacted to my muscle like this before. Not even James Newman, the short, stacked Welsh bodybuilder I slept with at that bodybuilding show last summer.

I sit up and climb on to Luke’s thighs so I’m sitting on and looming over him, his boxer covered cock throbbing in front of my crotch. I whip my vest off so my pecs and abs are on display. Luke looks fucking hypnotised, almost like he’s looking at my body for the first time.

He puts both hands on my abs, and then slides them up to my chest. I squeeze and tense my pecs. “Fuck!” Luke whispers as his fingers dig into my thick chest muscle.

I lift up both of my arms and BOOM … I’m flexing a front double bicep for Luke. His hands slip from my chest to my hard, flexed guns. I’m squeezing my biceps and Luke’s digging his fingers into them and feeling the pumped, rock hard muscle and FUUUUCK. What. A. Rush! Flexing my biceps as the guy I’m crazy about squeezes, feels and worships them. I can tell I’m driving Luke crazy with my muscles. I can see what effect my flexed biceps are having on him by the expression on his face.

When I stop flexing, this mischievous grin emerges on Luke’s face. Like he can’t quite believe what just happened. I can’t resist. I lean in and kiss his cute little lips. 

“Want me to flex some more?” I whisper, our foreheads touching. 

“Yeah!” Luke pants, his face suddenly brimming with excitement. As if he was gonna say anything else. I’m not just gonna sit here on top of Luke and flex my biceps for him again though. Hell no. I’m gonna go full on fucking bodybuilder mode. 

Placing my fists on my waist, I bring my lats and pecs up into a front lat spread, letting out a deep little grunt (fuck YES!) as I hit the peak of my pose.

“Fuck!” Luke whimpers, a mix of excitement, arousal and awe on his face as he watches me pose. He clearly didn’t see that coming. And now his hands are sliding up my torso (God!) and now he’s reaching for my lats and fuuuck! No one’s ever gripped my lats like this before from the front. It feels so intimate. And it’s such a fucking turn on. 

I look down at my gorgeous little Luke with a smug smirk. It’s such a horny image to see my own freshly pumped upper body flexed into a front lat spread as Luke’s warm fingers grip on to the muscle. I feel like a proper muscle freak, being adored and worshipped by the world’s cutest audience.

And now his hands are moving up to my arms. And across to my pecs. All the time I’m holding the pose. God - I love how Luke’s hands feel as they touch and explore my flexed muscle. And I love the look on his face. So in awe. And so clearly aroused. Fucking GRRRR. 

With Luke’s right hand on my upper arm, I bring my forearm up and clench my fist into another bicep flex. I puff out my cheeks and scrunch up my face a little as I do so, displaying a hint of the attitude I do when I’m posing on stage. Luke lets out a little groan as his fingers squeeze and grip my flexed biceps again. Fuck yeah! And now he’s got this excited smirk on his face. And I’m getting the feeling that he very much approves of my little display of cockiness. I look him in the eyes. Both of us smiling like crazy. Fuck I love this!

I stop flexing, lean in and kiss him, Luke still gripping on to my arm. And now he’s got that look on his face. The look that tells me he wants to ask me a question.

“Do you … remember that first Posing Practice?” 

I fucking knew it! 

“When we posed together at the front of the class?” And now Luke’s giving me a mischievous grin.

“Of course!” I ask, equal parts confused and excited. I have no idea what’s coming next but I’m suddenly remembering when I was stood next to a pissed off looking Luke in his yellow Harry Potter boxer shorts at the front of Hancox's class. God - that seems like such a long time ago. I feel a sharp pinch in my stomach when I remember how much of a dick I was to him back then.

“Remember ... how noisy you were?”

Oh my GOD! 

“Yeah?” I ask, laughing. Luke’s raises an eyebrow at me, still grinning. 

Wow. So even though I acted like a complete dick during that pose off, showing off and trying to out pose Luke in front of Deano and Shaun and all my other classmates, he was secretly getting a kick out of the fact that I was being cocky and grunting with my poses? Fuuuuck! 

Well I guess there’s no reason to hold back on the cockiness now. I take Luke’s hand and place it flat on my abs, before throwing both of my arms behind the back of my head. I look at an excited looking Luke with a mischievous grin and with a loud, cocky grunt like, “EURGH!” I crunch down into an abs and thighs, my abs popping and crunching under Luke’s little fingers.

“Fuck!” Luke whimpers. I love what his face is doing right now. He’s just totally and utterly transfixed by my muscles. And then he does something completely unexpected. He reaches for his cock and starts tugging at it through his boxers. It’s so fucking horny. The fact that he’s that turned on by seeing me flex and feeling my muscles that he just has to play with his cock. God YES.

With one arm still behind my head, I bring the other one down and take over from Luke with my hand. He lets out the cutest little groan, while rubbing his hands over my blocky abs and up to my chest. I pull down the waistband of his boxers and free his beautiful cock. Throbbing and hard and bursting to explode. Fuuuuck! I start to tug and play. “Oh God!” he whimpers. “Woody!”

Still playing with Luke’s cock, I bring my other arm down, clench my hand into a fist and flex my biceps in front of him.

“Oh fuck!” Luke cries, grabbing on to my arm and squeezing. 

I look down at the pumped biceps Luke’s got his hand around again and arrogantly purse my lips. God - I almost can’t believe how fucking PUMPED my biceps look. 

I look Luke in the eye. He looks like he’s in some sort of muscle worship heaven. Loving every bloody second. As am I. Flexing my freaky biceps for the boy I’m fucking crazy about it as he squeezes and ogles it through his trendy black framed glasses.

I free my hand from Luke’s cock and he lets out a cute, pleading whimper. But I can’t squeeze out a proper most muscular with just one hand free can I?

I bring both clenched fists together and release a deep, grizzly grunt as I flex into a little most muscular. Luke’s other hand grabs my other bicep. And I’m just sat on his lap above him, flexing and squeezing. Looking from my own pumped mass to Luke’s adoring, awe-stricken face. Luke’s hand slip from my biceps to my huge shoulders and back again. Running his hands all over the pumped mounds of muscle bulging from my body. Touching and exploring the flexed muscle mass before him. MY flexed muscle mass to be exact. God yeah!

I bring my elbows out and lean forward slightly into another most muscular. Letting out a deep cocky grunt as I flex. “Oh God!” Luke cries, his hand now back on his cock and tugging away. God - I wanna make him cum so fucking hard.

“EURGH! YEAH!!” I growl, loudly in Luke’s face as I flex harder. Like some kind of fucking animal. Biceps exploding. Shoulders popping. An abundance of freshly pumped muscle mass bursting under my skin. God YES! This is what it's all about.

“Oh God!” Luke cries. “I’m close!” 

I reach my hand down to Luke’s cock, taking over from his. And now I’m tugging his beautiful, throbbing cock with one hand, and flexing again with the other. Luke releases the sexiest groan and cutest whimpers. Still gripping my biceps with one hand, he puts the other on one of my pecs.

“Oh God!” Luke cries again as I tug and play with his cock and tense and flex the biceps he’s now squeezing with his fingers.

“Oh fuck …”

Luke’s hand gripping my crazily pumped biceps as I squeeze and flex.

“Woody …”

Tensing my pecs as Luke squeezes with the other hand, his fingers digging into the muscle.

“I’m gonna cum!”

I let out a loud grunt (“EURGH!”) and then a deep growl as I squeeze my biceps and tense my pecs harder still. Squeezing and flexing my pumped up mass as I tug on my gorgeous Luke's cock and bring him ever close to blowing his load and … 


Luke's groaning loudly. His cock is exploding. He’s squeezing my flexed biceps and pecs. Panting and groaning and blowing his load as he grips onto my junior class winning muscles. Cum. Fucking. Everywhere. Fuuuuck!!

And now Luke’s laughing and panting, breathless. “Fuck!” he whispers, an ecstatic smile on his face as he tries to catch his breath. And now we’re just holding each other, Luke gripping on to my sticky back and and his face buried into my neck. Breathing him in. Taking in that Luke scent I love so fucking much. Squeezing and holding the boy I’m completely fucking crazy about as I get to grips with what just happened.

A little later on and Luke and I are wrapped around each other, my head on his chest and him gripping my arm again. It’s times like this that I can’t quite believe how scared I was of acting on my feelings for Luke for all that time. I can’t imagine not getting to kiss him and cuddle up to him the way I’m doing right now. 

“I just had a weird thought!” he says. I look up to see a weird smirk on Luke's face and ask him what.

“Well … you do know that wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t gone to the gym with Deano?”

I laugh. “Oh God! Are you saying we have Deano to thank for that?”

He pulls a face and we both grin at each other. “I’m sure it would have happened at some point anyway!” Luke says, squeezing my arm. 

“Can you believe the way he reacted to my illustration?” I ask, looking at the drawing of Tommy Foster pinned to the wall.

“Erm … yes!” Luke says, giving me a cute smile. I suddenly feel like my chest is melting from the inside.

“You know I didn’t show you all of my sketchbook!” I tell Luke, feeling a sudden mix of excitement and nerves.

“There’s more?”

I bite my bottom lip and nod.

“Show me!” he orders with a big, excited smile as he squeezes my arm. 

I jump off Luke’s bed and get my sketchbook from my side of the room. Luke sits up as I climb back onto his bed, still feeling nervous and excited at what I’m about to show him. 

Luke rests his face against my shoulder as I flip through my sketchbook to find the illustrations I was terrified of him seeing when I first showed him my book.

“Oh my God!” he exclaims, suddenly sitting up when I show him the illustration copied from the picture I took of him flexing a front double bicep the first time we went to the Students' Union bar. My heart starts to flutter at Luke’s reaction.

“When did you draw that?”

I pull a face and shrug and he just gives me this cute, happy grin. 

Then he leans forward and kisses me softly. “I love it!” he says. 

“And there’s one more!” I say, flipping the page to reveal the illustration of the two of us, drawn from the selfie I took the night we went to Glasgow.

“Oh wow!” Luke says, studying it. “I remember you taking that picture!” 

He looks at me with this loving smile and I squeeze him. For some reason, I feel a sting in the back of my eyes. We stay like that for a little while, just holding each other and looking at the illustration. 

“So ... what are you doing for the Easter holidays?” I ask Luke, my stomach suddenly twisting.

Luke looks at me with this giddy smirk. Like he knows exactly what I’m getting at.

“Mmmm. Well I definitely need to be home for the 25th!” he says. That’s the second week of the Easter holidays. There’s loads of days until then. 

“What’s going on the 25th?” I ask him.

“It would have been my dad’s birthday,” he explains.

“Oh shit!”

Luke just looks at me pensively with a little smile. “I mean ... I probably should go home for a bit anyway. First holidays and all that!”

I nod and look back at the illustration.

“But … I dunno. Until then, I was kinda thinking of staying here for a bit!”

Fuck! My chest swells. Luke’s grinning at me. And I’m smiling too. I can’t fucking help it. 

“What about you?” he asks.

“Hmmm. I might go and stay with Emily at some point. And I might go home later on. But … I was kinda thinking of staying here too?”

And now we’re practically beaming at each other. I think back to last term when I was counting down the days in the lead up to the Christmas holidays. I couldn’t fucking wait to leave Muscle University and go back home. And now. Well now there’s me and Luke. 

“I’m thinking ... up until around the 25th?”

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