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1 hour ago, muscleaddict said:

Thanks for the sweet words, mate. No spoilers but it's erm...definitely a memorable class this week. 🙈 

Ha! That can only mean a romantic kiss, in class, in front of everyone!

 But would Woody and Luke have the balls to do that?

And now I'm grinning and chuckling like mad, thinking about that line from Sister Act 2.

Mr.  Crisp: Teach them to play "Sucker!" (Sets ball down on the tables)

Father Maurice: "We don't have the balls for that!"

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I know it sounds crazy ... but, I wonder how the story of Woody and Luke goes so far. I imagine Mr. Olimpya's two oldest winners, muscle freaks who need help changing clothes (pulling his shirt over his head, for example) and yet Luke still wearing his Harry Potter and Woody underwear with your now even bigger PECS.
Oh shit! Sorry ... I shouldn't have said that ... Sorry

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22 hours ago, TonnyGiant said:

Eu sei que parece loucura ... mas, eu me pergunto como a história de Woody e Luke vai tão longe. Eu imagino os dois vencedores mais velhos do Sr. Olimpya, malucos musculares que precisam de ajuda para trocar de roupa (puxando a camisa por cima da cabeça, por exemplo) e, no entanto, Luke ainda vestindo sua cueca de Harry Potter e Woody com seu agora ainda maior PECS.
Ah Merda! Desculpe ... eu não deveria ter dito isso ... desculpe

Google Translate came up with this, from Portuguese:
"I know it sounds crazy ... but, I wonder how the story of Woody and Luke goes so far. I imagine Mr. Olimpya's two oldest winners, muscle freaks who need help changing clothes (pulling his shirt over his head, for example) and yet Luke still wearing his Harry Potter and Woody underwear with your now even bigger PECS.
Oh shit! Sorry ... I shouldn't have said that ... Sorry"

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1 hour ago, crushme99 said:

O Google Translate veio com isso em português:
"Eu sei que parece loucura ... mas, eu me pergunto como a história de Woody e Luke vai tão longe. Imagino os dois vencedores mais antigos do Sr. Olimpya, loucos por músculos que precisam de ajuda para trocar de roupa. (puxando a camisa por cima da cabeça, por exemplo) e ainda Luke ainda vestindo sua cueca Harry Potter e Woody com seu PECS agora ainda maior.
Oh, merda! Desculpe ... desculpe ... eu não deveria ter dito isso ... desculpe "

I'm trying to delete my comment and I can't delete it. I'm sorry, I think I said bullshit

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1 hour ago, TonnyGiant said:

I'm trying to delete my comment and I can't delete it. I'm sorry, I think I said bullshit

Please don't worry.  😃  I tried Google Translate just for the fun of it and Google is never perfect!  Please continue to participate here.  👍

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Oh I am just a gooey mess!! Sigh!!! 😍😍😍. I hope they both are wearing their pink posers to practice! 🤩

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12 hours ago, Bjort said:

Oh I am just a gooey mess!! Sigh!!! 😍😍😍. I hope they both are wearing their pink posers to practice! 🤩

I'm not sure if Luke would have the nerve to do that! 🙊

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32 minutes ago, muscleaddict said:

I'm not sure if Luke would have the nerve to do that! 🙊

Love will conquer all!!! 🏳️‍🌈💪😍

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Twenty Five

“So, you know what you asked me this morning …” I say to Luke as we briskly walk through Hanson Hall to Posing Practice, “how long have I … you know!” 

And now Luke’s got this excited grin on his face. “Yeah?”

“So ... what about you?” I ask, my chest suddenly tightening. 

Luke bites his bottom lip. He’s still smiling, but he suddenly looks a little shy. “I mean, I thought you were hot pretty much the first time I saw you!”

“Obviously!” I say, smirking.

Luke pulls face and rolls his eyes. “I remember thinking, Jesus - how am I gonna share a room with this guy?”

Fuck! I love hearing Luke confess to that.

“And then you started being an absolute dick to me and then I thought, UGH - how am I gonna share a room with THIS guy?”

I throw my head back and laugh. 

“I guess it was kind of a gradual thing!” he confesses. “The more we hung out the more I just started having … these thoughts!” he says, with a cheeky smirk.

God I love this. My chest expands. And I can’t stop fucking smiling.

“I did actually almost kiss you once!”

What the fuck? I look at Luke wide eyed and shocked. “When?!” I practically screech. 

Luke laughs. “Remember when you took me to the gym? And afterwards we were sitting on your bed and you uploaded that selfie of me to your Instagram?”

I can’t believe it. I remember that moment so fucking well. Because that was the moment I realised I liked Luke. 

I look around. There’s no one behind us, so I bring my hand to his and gently tickle his palm with my fingers, Luke giving me the cutest grin as I do so. God - I’d love to just fucking grab his hand right now and hold it properly. Just walk through the halls to Posing Practice holding hands with Luke for everyone at Muscle University to see. Proudly showing off the fact that me and Luke are now a thing. That we’re together. Shit - my stomach suddenly tightens when I have that thought. Me and Luke are together. And now my chest is tightening too. Like I’m suddenly freaking out a little. I look over at him and he’s still smiling at me in that super cute way. And suddenly my insides are back to normal.

“So what trunks are you wearing today?” Luke asks.

I shrug. “The most boring trunks I own!”

Luke glares at me suspiciously. “You don’t own any boring posing trunks!”

I laugh. “This is very true!” I say. “So, ummm … what’s your general opinion of … posers?” I ask Luke with a raised eyebrow.

He looks at me with his eyes narrowed and a mischievous smirk on his face. Then he adorably looks over his shoulder to see if anyone’s behind us. “Are you asking me if posing trunks turn me on?” he asks in a lowered voice. 

HA! “Yep!”

Luke pulls a face like the answer to that question is really bloody obvious. “God yeah! Especially when you’re wearing them!” 

Fuuuck. I feel like I want into the fucking floor. 

“Wait - have you been secretly going through my posing trunk drawer when I’ve been out of the room?”

Luke laughs. “You joke, but … I did actually think about that once!”

Oh my GOD! I glare at him wide eyed.

“Hey, boys!”

I turn around and Deano and Shaun are coming up behind us as we approach the classroom. It’s funny, because usually just the mere sight of Deano annoys the hell out of me, but today, he’s really not bothering me at all.

I let out a gasp. “Luke! Is that …” then I point at Deano, “Chris Hemsworth?’

Deano pulls a face and rolls his eyes as we all walk into class.

“Come on, lads! All four of you are late!” Hancox says impatiently, looking at his watch. I look at Luke, who's giving me a shy, knowing smirk.

Everyone else is already here and has started to undress. I suddenly feel a strong pang of nerves when I think about the posing trunks hiding under my trackies. Fuck. Maybe I shouldn’t have worn the pink trunks after all. Luke clearly didn’t think I was being serious about it. Am I completely fucking crazy for doing this? Am I just asking for trouble? Giving Deano more ammunition to give me shit and insinuate that I'm gay? 

Me and Luke stand next to each other in a free spot and, just like they did in last week’s lesson, Deano and Shaun stand right in front of us again. For fuck’s sake. I’m starting to think that maybe Deano has some weird obsession with me and Luke.

I whip my vest off and then I reach for the waistband of my trackies and then my stomach fucking lurches as I pull them down. Because, in front of Luke and Deano and Shaun and Hancox and all of my other classmates, I’m wearing a pair of bright pink posing trunks. FUCK!

And just as I start to wonder what the actual fuck I was thinking, Luke looks over and suddenly stops dead in his tracks - his eyes comically bulging and his mouth curling into a big, ecstatic grin. Fuuuuck. And seeing how surprised and impressed Luke is that I was brave enough to go through with the deal we made I suddenly can't think of another single pair of posing trunks that I'd rather be wearing right now.

I sneakily look around the class but no one seems to be looking at my choice of posers. Meanwhile Luke, now in nothing but his shiny blue trunks, can barely wipe the smile off his adorable little face. I grin back at him but then - oh fuck, Deano casually glances around and (oh fuck!) down and my heart leaps into my fucking throat. 

He looks so shocked. And also a little weirded out. He nudges Shaun for his attention and my stomach clenches when his minion turns around and sees my shiny pink bulge.  A look of surprise and amusement taking over his face. 

“Erm … maaaate!” Deano says to me.

I just glare at him, wide eyed. “Problem, mate?” I ask him, hopefully hiding my nerves and doing a good impression of someone who doesn’t give a shit what he thinks. Even though (UGH!) annoyingly, I actually fucking do.

Deano looks at Shaun like he’s completely lost for words and Shaun just smirks and shakes his head. And then they turn back around. Wait - is that all they’re giving me? Meh! I’m almost disappointed. I look at Luke and pull an eeek face and he’s still looking at me like I’ve done the coolest, most bravest thing ever.

Then Deano turns around with a smug look. Like he’s suddenly thought of something to say. “Where are your pink posers, Henderson?”

“Back in my dorm room!” Luke casually says with a straight face. 

Oh my God. HA! I love it. Deano pulls a face, shakes his head and turns back round. I look over at Luke wide eyed and he’s giving me this cute grin. Like he’s all proud of himself.

“Okay, lads,” Hancox begins, addressing the class, “today we’re gonna concentrate on the most muscular pose!” 

Oh fuck! I feel a surge of panic. Because this is the pose and the class that Luke has been dreading. I look over at him and God - he looks so worried. He rolls his eyes and I try and give him a supportive smile. I’d do anything to reach out and give him a hug right now. Or even just squeeze his hand.

Hancox demonstrates a style of most muscular with one hand gripped over his wrist. I’m so nervous for Luke. I know with his lack of size he’s going to struggle with this pose. I decide the best thing to do is to just not look at him. That would probably make him even more nervous. I’m also fucking praying that Deano doesn’t turn around. Ugh - why did he have to stand right in front of us? Of all the lessons to do so.

Hancox instructs us to hit the pose and I stick to my plan. Keep on facing forward. Don’t look at Luke. Don’t make him nervous. Pretend that everything’s fine. 

Hancox demonstrates a second style of most muscular with both hands placed on the top of his quads. I fucking love this pose. But I know Luke’s probably even more nervous and embarrassed at the prospect of hitting this pose than he was the last one. Hancox gives us the nod and I’m squeezing out the pose. Hands on my thick quads. Pecs tightening. Muscle bursting. But the whole thing’s tainted with my worry for Luke.

And then it fucking happens. Deano turns around and looks at Luke. For FUCK’S sake. He pulls a face and excitedly nudges Shaun, who turns around as well, both of them with these amused, piss-taking smirks on their faces. Luke looks wounded. And mortified. And this anger rises up in my chest. Argh! Fucking DICKS. How dare these twats take the piss out of my Luke and make him feel bad about himself?

I roll my eyes and shake my head at Luke. He looks so hurt and I fucking hate it.

And now Hancox is demonstrating a fucking crab most muscular and Luke’s face has gone red and I can tell he’s even more nervous now. He looks like he’s lost all of his confidence. My stomach’s twisting. I swear to fucking God if Deano and Shaun laugh at Luke again.

Hancox gives us the go ahead and I nudge Luke’s arm with my elbow and give him a supportive smile and his face relaxes slightly.

Then I turn away from him and let Luke do his thing, even though I kind of wanna see him squeezing a crab most muscular, mostly because I think he’d look really fucking cute and adorable doing so.

I bring my arms up and lean into the pose with all the other lads in the class. I hear a few audible grunts around me which immediately makes me think, “Fuck yeah!” My traps are erupting, my biceps are bulging, everything’s popping and tightening as I’m squeezing and squeezing and GOD I fucking love this pose. 

I’m still flexing, holding the pose and then my stomach flips because Deano’s fucking turned around and now he's letting out this childish little snigger. ARRGGHH!! And now he’s nudging Shaun and he’s sniggering too with his fist to his mouth and I suddenly feel this pulsing rage.

I relax from my pose and straighten myself up. “Such … a fucking …” and then I lunge forward with my arms out, “TWAT!” and with the force of my shove to his back, Deano goes flying forward. 

It all seems to happen so fast. There’s shocked gasps around me. Someone near Deano cries, “Ow!” Deano’s stumbling forward but manages to stay on his feet. The whole class seems to have come to a pause. And then I look at Luke, who looks so fucking shocked, his mouth actually hung open a little.

Fuck! Did I actually just do that? It was almost like I wasn’t myself for a moment. Like someone else took over my body. I’ve never had any kind of urge or desire to hit or physically attack anyone the way I just did before, but then I've never felt for anyone the things I feel for Luke before either.

“OI!” Hancox shouts angrily. Shit! “What the hell?!” he says from the front of the class, his voice getting closer.

Deano spins around, this aggressive look on his face. I’ve never seen him looking like that before. I’m honestly more scared of Hancox right now though. 

Deano suddenly lunges towards me (FUCK!) and I instinctively push him back in defence.

“OI, OI, OI!” Hancox shouts, lunging towards us. Deano eases off and Hancox gets in the middle of us, placing his hand on my chest and pushing me away.

“Pack it in NOW! Pair of fucking idiots!”

I can’t help thinking that Hancox’s anger seems to be more directed towards me, which fucking pisses me off. Because it really should be more towards Deano. And for a second, I suddenly feel like I’m in one of the Harry Potter films I’ve watched with Luke. Hancox is Severus Snape, Deano is Draco Malfoy and I’m (obviously) the hero, Harry. I guess that means Luke would be Ron Weasley. Expect I’m not sure Harry and Ron ever made each other cum and spent all night with their arms wrapped around each other like me and Luke did last night. 

“Right, you two - put your clothes on,” Hancox orders, clearly riled up. “DON’T even look at each other!” Then he drifts away from us, gets out his phone and makes a call to someone.

I start to put my trackies on as instructed my lecturer. People around us are whispering, some of them even giggling. I look at the boy next to me. He looks worried for me but the corner of his mouth curls into a little grin and I feel myself melting. Because I know that Luke approves of what I just did. And God - I can’t fucking wait to kiss him later. And cuddle him. And all the fucking rest.

I’m putting my vest on when Hancox comes back over. “Right, you two - Prince Hall, room 10B. Johnny Hoxton’s office! Act like a pair of fucking school kids and I’m gonna treat you like one!” 

Luke gives me a nervous smile as I pick up my backpack and follow Deano out of the room. Johnny Hoxton’s office? Jesus! I’m Harry Potter again being sent to see fucking Dumbledore.

I’m not really worried. I mean, what’s the worst they can do to me for giving someone a hard shove? But then a thought suddenly comes to me. I’ve put my name forward for the end of term bodybuilding show in a few weeks and I know full well that Deano will have too. What if they stop us from competing as a punishment? Fuck. My chest suddenly tightens. Surely Johnny wouldn’t do that to me? If he tries that shit I’ll fucking fight it all the way.

“Why are you always such a twat?” I say to Deano as we walk through the hallway.

“Why are you wearing pink posing trunks?” he sneers. 

Ugh. Fuck’s sake.

“Tommy Foster. Liam “The Guns” Watson. AJ Jones. ALL competitive bodybuilders who wear pink posing trunks!” 

“Who the hell is AJ Jones?”

I breathe a deep sigh and shake my head. Why am I even bothering to argue with him?

“I mean, Liam “The Guns” Watson … he can pull off pink posers!”

I roll my eyes, not looking at Deano.

“You just look kinda gay!”

And then I snap. “ARGGHH!! Enough with the gay comments! It’s … pathetic!

I look at Deano, an expression of surprise on his face.

“Do you know I went to Bristol at the weekend? My friend goes to uni there. They have this society, like a sort of club, for gay students!” 

I feel my stomach twist. I’m surprising myself with what I’m saying. Deano looks a little weirded out. Even a little uncomfortable.

“Not just for gay guys either. Lesbians. Trans people!”

Deano screws his face up. “Sounds like you’d fit right in!”

I groan. “Just … don’t talk to me, okay?” I say, my patience gone. 

I look over at Deano and I can’t help but notice that, not only has his expression softened, but the corner of his mouth has actually curled into a little smirk. Like he’s actually fucking enjoying this! Maybe this was what Deano wanted all along? To push me so hard that I’d lose my cool and react? Maybe now he’s finally succeeded, he’ll just leave me and Luke the fuck alone?

When we get to Johnny’s office, he doesn’t seem so much pissed off than he does just slightly put out. “Sit down, lads!” he orders, a tone of annoyance in his voice. We sit across from his desk and he gives us a speech about how he doesn’t expect to get interrupted from working by being told that two first years have been fighting in a class and how if he wanted to deal with this sort of thing he would have been a headmaster of a school and not lecture at a university.

“You’re supposed to be adults. Bloody act like it!” he says, before breathing a deep sigh and leaning back in his chair. Admittedly, now I’m sat in front of Johnny, who (unlike Hancox) I actually like and respect, I am starting to feel embarrassed about the whole thing.

“I thought you two got on?” 

Ha! Is that a fucking joke? I side eye Deano, expecting him to be sneering or pulling a face, but he’s not. He just looks awkward and embarrassed. Even a little fucking sheepish. Which is something I’d never expected to see in Deano.

“Come on then. What happened?” Johnny asks, in a relatively calm tone.

I look at Deano and he glances back, neither of us speaking up.


I shrug. “I pushed him. From behind!”

“Oh-kaay …” Johnny says. I can’t help noticing a hint of a smirk on his face. “Anyone gonna give me a bit more?”

“I … pushed him back a bit!” Deano admits, surprising me.

Johnny huffs. “Okay. I was kinda looking for the reason why Woody pushed you in the first place though, Deano!”

I cautiously look at Deano. It’s crazy. I fucking hate the guy, but I feel like there’s some sort of unspoken code that I shouldn’t get him into trouble. Some sort of secret loyalty towards my fellow Muscle University student.

Deano sighs. “Fine! I was … laughing at Henderson!” he confesses, rolling his eyes. 

Johnny chews on his bottom lip and shakes his head. “Luke Henderson?” he asks. “Luke Henderson who wouldn’t harm a fucking fly?”

My chest flutters. Luke Henderson who kissed me last night. Luke Henderson whose bed I woke up in this morning. Luke Henderson who I think I’m falling in love with.

“I was just having a laugh. You know … messing about!” Deano says, trying to defend himself. “He was trying to squeeze a most muscular!”

“Oh right!” Johnny says, his expression and tone of voice suddenly turning. “So because Luke’s smaller than you and not as advanced as all of the other lads here you thought you’d belittle him and make him feel like shit by laughing at him?”

Oh my God! Yes, yes, YES! Fucking rip into him, Johnny.

“We do NOT tolerate any harassment or bullying of students at this university!” Johnny says sternly. “Verbal or physical!” he says, glaring at me.

“Have there been any other incidents involving you two and Luke Henderson?”

I look over at Deano. He actually looks a little worried. “No, sir,” I lie. I have no idea why I’m lying for Deano. Maybe in the crazy hope that all the pathetic gay jokes and remarks will finally fucking stop?

Johnny breathes a deep sigh. “You know what the real problem here is, don’t you?”

Deano looks about as confused as I’m feeling.

“You two are too bloody similar!”

I scoff loudly. “I am nothing like him!” 

I look at Deano and I don’t know if I’m imagining this, but he actually looks a little bothered by what I’ve just said. 

“Okay, here’s what I’m gonna do. No surprises - you’ve both put your names forward for the end of term bodybuilding show next weekend …”

Oh fuck. My stomach clenches tightly. I look at my classmate and wow - I never thought I’d see Deano looking nervous.

“Relax! I’m not gonna stop either of you from competing! Although another incident like today and I will seriously consider doing just that. Looking at who’s filled out the online entry forms you two are pretty much guaranteed top five placings in the first years category!”

I feel a pinch of excitement at that thought. I can tell Deano liked hearing Johnny say that as much as I did.

“Now you were both told that entering the competition required extra coursework around the show. So …”

Oh God. I have a horrible, horrible feeling I know what’s coming. Please don’t fucking say it, Johnny.

“... I’ve decided you two will be doing your coursework together!”

Hell fucking NO! I let out a loud groan and Johnny gives me a stern look. “That means training together for the next few weeks. You’ll be coming up with a joint diet plan and sticking to it. You’ll be helping each other with your posing routines. And you’ll be required to film videos of each other going through your mandatory poses!”

For fuck’s sake. 

“Any current ... training commitments will have to be put on hold!” Johnny says, giving me a knowing look, clearly referring to my mentoring Luke.

“Think you can be civil to each other for the rest of the term?”

I side eye Deano. He’s giving me a slight look of disdain, but it's nothing compared to the looks he usually gives me.

“Who knows, maybe the pair of you will actually become friends?” 

HA! I have to stop myself from laughing out loud. There’s about as much chance of me becoming friends with Deano than there is of me being able to look at Luke’s arse in his shiny posers (blue or pink) and not getting a fucking hard on.

As I make my way back to my dorm room, it seems to really hit me what I’ve just been asked to do. Work with Deano. Hang out with him. Bloody train with him at the gym. EURGH! I can’t think of anything fucking worse. Surely this is a much more severe punishment than I deserve? At least it’s only until the bodybuilding show next Saturday. Less than two weeks time. It will be done with before I know it. But that’s time that I could be spending with Luke. Kissing him. Cuddling him. Watching Harry Potter with him. Hearing those sexy little groans he makes when I make him cum. Fucking GRRRR! And now I don’t feel too shitty. Because I’m reminded of what happened last night with me and Luke. And what we did this morning. And what we'll probably be doing later.

Luke throws his book down and sits up from his bed the second I open the door to the dorm room. “What happened?” he asks anxiously. “Did you get bollocked?” He looks so worried. Which - God - just makes me want to fucking melt.

I shake my head. “No!” I reassure him, dumping my backpack down and climbing on to Luke’s bed. His mouth curls into a cute little grin as I crawl up the mattress to where he’s sat.

I wrap my arm around his waist and Luke grips me as I lay my head down next to his, this dreamy grin now etched on his face. Fuck! 

“It’s fine! Well …” and then I tell Luke how Johnny’s making me do coursework with Deano.

“Ugh!” he says pulling a face when I’m done.

“I know!” I groan, rolling my eyes. 

I squeeze my grip on him tighter and now I’m suddenly smiling, because I’m lying next to Luke on his bed, my faces inches from his as I cuddle him. His geeky Ghostbusters t-shirt covered chest is pushed against mine, his legs are pressed against my considering bigger thighs, and I’m touching him and looking at his cute smiling face and GOD - I want to melt into his fucking skin.

“Mmmm!” I groan, this feeling of warmth and happiness washing over me. “So ... that was an eventful Posing Practice!” I say, my eyes widening. 

Luke pulls an eeeek face, before smiling again. “I mean … it wasn’t like you hit Deano or anything!”

I shake my head. “I’ve never done anything like that before. I just …” my stomach tightens, “I dunno. I just lost it, I guess!”

Because of you. Because I couldn’t stand seeing anyone upset you.

“You were … kinda like a superhero!” Luke says, his mouth curling into a mischievous grin.

I throw my head back and laugh. “I knew you got a kick out of it!”

He bites his bottom lip and cheekily grins. “A superhero in hot pink posing trunks!”

“Wasn’t expecting me to be wearing those were you?”

He beams and squeezes me tighter.

“Are you okay, though?” I ask him. “After ... you know, Deano…” I roll my eyes and sigh, “twat faced fucking Deano!”

Luke shrugs and looks down at my chest. “Yeah! Just … a bit embarrassed, I guess!”

“Fuck that! You have NOTHING to be embarrassed about!” 

He nods, giving me a cute grin. And then his expression suddenly changes. He even looks a little nervous. “So ... I was just thinking, like, if you wanna just chill tonight, like we’d normally do..."

I furrow my eyebrows at him.

"I mean, we don’t have to, you know, if you don’t want to …” Luke mutters as his eyes veer to my chest again.

He is being so fucking adorable right now I can’t even.

“And if you wanna sleep in your own bed tonight …” he looks up at me, clearly a little surprised to see me smiling. But I can’t fucking help it.

“Luke Charles Cuthbert Henderson …” I say, straight faced.

“Cuthbert?!” he says, with a little giggle.

“Aka, Woody’s little Hufflepuff …”

And now Luke’s fucking beaming at me. This big, heart melting grin.

“Just shut the fuck up and kiss me!”

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