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Muscle Kingdom

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Sorry I missed my deadline on this, but I wanted to make sure I  got it out before the month ended.  Not just life, but for the first time I was having some writer's block.  I think I pushed through it, and I hope you enjoy.  It does have some recurring themes from previous stories, including growth from sex and royalty (I think I watched too many Imperial margarine commercials as a kid, but there is something appealing to me about a regular guy becoming a king).


Muscle Kingdom


"Holy fuck, he really is growing!"
Jody gaped at the unnatural sight before him.  A small part of him thought he should be running away, but he continued staring. aware of his painfully hard erection.  Those behind him moaned their approval, for they had experienced it themselves.  Jody knew he couldn't go far with those behemoths behind him.  If he turned his head slightly, he would see gargantuan cocks stretching upward, saluting the newest muscle king.
He continued looking straight ahead at King Zeus seated upon the throne and the man kneeling before him, swallowing his royal seed and erupting with more and more muscle until he pulled away and roared ecstatically.  He slowly stood, wobbling a bit as he became accustomed to his new self.  He turned and threw a double-bi pose, his beautiful bearded face slightly coated with the king's jizz, arms now the circumference of a holday ham.
"Jayse," Jody said as his eyes rolled back and his dick throbbed, shooting load after load.  He fell back as he fainted, landing in the arms of King Thoth, who slowly lowered him to the floor.  
Jayse looked at King Zeus and said, "I told you."
"That you did.  Let us wait until he awakens to finish the ceremony.  In the meantime, let us congratulate our newest king...King Loki!  All hail the king!"
And as his fellow monarchs shouted, "Hail, King Loki," the man Jody knew as Jaysen continued flexing before his unconscious friend.


One week earlier


"A lot has happened in the last three months.  You're not going to believe the new me.  I've really done it this time.  All those years we talked about getting bigger muscles, and I did it!  And I'm not done.  Meet me at my new gym, and maybe I can get the owner to give you a starter membership.  He's done so much for me, I can't begin to tell you."
Jody reread the email.  He hadn't seen Jaysen since he went to university.  They chatted by emails and texts, but Jaysen had taken himself off social media so no pictures of these changes he bragged about were anywhere.  He wondered if Jayse was taking steroids and now had acne.  Jayse wasn't vain, but meticulous about his appearance.  That was one reason why Jody was so attracted to him.
That, and their love of muscle and bodybuilders.  They met at a competition, where they sat next to each other as they cheered on friends who were flexing onstage.  Jody's friend ended up third in men's middleweight, and Jaysen's friend was fifth in women's physique.  But after, Jaysen asked Jody out for a drink, and the two were inseperable after.
When he got to the address, he was surprised to see a house.  But then he thought how some people convert their garages into gyms, so maybe that's what he meant.  He walked up to the front door and rang the bell.  The being that opened the door stunned him.
"Hello, you must be Jody.  Jaysen said you should be arriving about now."  If a voice could be called muscular, it was as masculine and powerful as the rest of him.  His hair and beard were white, but his body was naturally and deeply tanned.  His shoulders spanned the doorway, and his chest protruded heavily with a deep, thick cleft.
"Yeh...yes, I'm Jody.  Is Jayse here?"
"He's in the gym, downstairs.  I'm Zed, like the British letter for Z."  Jody shook his hand, which felt like a mitt surrounding his.  "How much has Jaysen told you about us?"
"Not much."  He followed Zed downstairs, awestruck by the man's size.  He must be at least four-hundred pounds of pure muscle, he thought.  Jody looked him up and down, marvelling at his narrow waist, immense thighs, sculpted calves, and a round, curving, beefy ass that swayed with every lumbering step.  He will himself not to get hard in front of this stranger.
Zed opened the door, and Jody immediately smelled male sweat and pheremones.  He heard gentle grunting and the clink of metal weights.  "We have a guest, Jaysen."
He stood before the mirrored wall,   The only thing Jody recognized about his friend at first was his shaved head, which he started doing shortly after they met.  But the change in his friend baffled hiim.  How could he put on one-hundred or more pounds of muscle in three months?  Though nowhere near Zed's size, Jaysen looked like a scaled-down version of him.
Jaysen's bright blue eyes lit up when he saw Jody standing there.  He put down the eighty-pound dumbbells and strode over.  He hugged his buddy, and Jody felt like a python was squeezing him.  "Oops, sorry, still getting used to these," he teased as he flexed a bicep.
Jody stuttered, "Wha...how...whe..."
"I've got a lot to tell you, but Zed wants me to finish my sets."  Jaysen went back to the dumbbells, this time grabbing a ninety-pound pair.  Jody watched him curl and lift them overhead with ease.
He was startled by Zed's hand upon his shoulder.  "Before you know it, he'll be as big as me.  He's told me you'd be a perfect fit for our group."  He turned Jody around.  "Tell me what you're thinking, and be honest with me.  Wouldn't you like to be...this big?"  Zed put his hands on his hips and gently flexed sending tremors of rippling muscle all over his frame.
Jody gulped at the display, ogling every inch, and suddenly realizing the size of the bulge jutting from Zed's groin.  His eyes widened at the coconut-sized mound.  Zed saw where the eyes were focused and let out a lusty laugh. "Yes, I'm big everywhere."
The sound of footsteps made the two turn towards the door.  The man who opened it said, "Hail, ki...oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know..."
"That's all right, Omar.  I'd like you to meet Jody, a friend of Jaysen's.  He invited him to see our facility."
Omar (aka King Thoth) stuck his equally large hand out.  "Nice to meet you."
"You too.  Wow, did you train Omar also?"  He eyed the Middle Eastern stud up and down, 
"You could say that," Omar said with a sly grin.  "Would you like Zed to...train you?"
"I...I'm not sure.  It seems like it would be a lot of work, and I don't think I'm ready for it."
Zed said, "You'd be surprised how little effort it takes.  Before you know it, Jaysen will be as big as us.  Come on, let's see how well you lift.  We won't judge, we promise."  So Jody joined the others, watching them push and pull the weights with ease, even Jaysen who would sometimes whine when he got tired.  He was tempted to reach out to his friend and feel those new muscles, but he didn't want to make a scene.
Jody managed to work up a good sweat before finishing, and although Zed offered his shower Jody decided to head back home.  After he left, Jaysen asked, "Your majesty, do you approve?"
"Patience, Lord Loki.  He must show commitment to us, and to himself.  I trust your judgment, though."
"Thank you, King Zeus.  I so want to take the final step and join the kingdom."
"You are quite eager.  If he comes back within the next three days, I will consider your final task completed.  Then we shall celebrate your coronation."
"Thank you, my king."


Four Days Earlier


As it was, Jody came back the next day, even though his muscles were quite sore since he'd tried showing off what he could lift instead of pacing himself.  So he lightened the amount of weight he was lifting, but he still wanted to keep up with Jaysen as much as he could.  That day, he met two others,  a red-headed Russian named Yevgeny, and a black Jamaican named Desmond, a yin to the other's yang.  Yevgeny (aka King Karewit) had pale, milky skin with some freckles, while Desmond (aka King Nyambe) was deep chocolate.  Other than their skin tones, their muscles were almost exactly as large as Omar or Zed.  Jody focused on Jaysen during the workout, trying to get him out of everyone's earshot so he could ask when they could get together again.  But it didn't happen then, or the next day.
On the fourth day, during a small break when Zed was out of the room, Jody finally broke down and said, "Jaysen, it's killing me.  I want to touch you so bad, feel all those muscles you grew...so big.  Can't we get together like we used to?  Remember how we'd worship each other?  Don't you want me, Jayse?"
"Jod, you know I do.  But I can't yet.  I need to prepare myself for when I take the final step.  I'm doing this for you...for us."  Zed reentered the gym as Jaysen quietly said, "Please trust me."
They continued working out, but Jody had trouble reconciling his words.  The final step, what's that supposed to mean?  He cut short the workout, and left with more questions filling his brain than he would admit.
When he left, Jaysen turned to Zed.  "I'm scared, my king."
"Of what?"
"That he won't understand why I've done this, and why I want him to join us.  He's not only my best friend...I love him, and I don't want to lose him."
"I can assure you you won't.  I see in his eyes what I saw in yours when you first entered our domain.  The wonder, and the desire, and the need, and the love."
Jaysen nodded.  "KIng Zeus?  Haa anyone ever entered here who didn't deserve your gift?"
Zed sighed.  "A couple of men proved their unworthiness after some time.  One showed his greed early on, and another entered knighthood before I understood his real reason for trying to join us.  Rest assured, they were punished and told never to come back or face further consequences.  My gift can be taken away, and then some.  Are you afraid he will reject you once he knows?"
Jaysen nodded again.
"We shall tell him together.  I will assure him that not only should he join us, he must.  Because I know what he wants even more than he realizes.  After all, you were once the same after King Apollo brought you in."
"Well it didn't take much convincing after I watched him suck your cock and grow.  That was the hottest thing I'd ever seen...and it was always Jody's deepest fantasy.  He almost passed out one time during our fantasy roleplay, he was so turned on by it, and I bet he actually would faint watching me grow.  So does this mean I'll be king?"
"If Jody accepts, then yes, you will join the kingdom."
"Thank you, your majesty!"


Two Days Earlier


Jody did come back after giving himself a day to rest and recuperate.  When he saw Jaysen sitting  on a bench, his melon-sized shoulders swollen with pump, he walked over and quietly said, "I'm sorry.  I shouldn't be doubting you, but you haven't told me how you've changed your body this fast.  Like, are you on some secret drug program or something?"
"No, definitlely not.  In fact, I think it's time for you to know everything."  Jaysen went to a wall, and pressed a button to reveal a secret intercom.  Jaysen preseed a button.
"Hello?"  Jody recognized Zed's voice.
"Jody is here.  I'd like to bring him upstairs to explain everything."
"You may proceed."
The two went up to an open-floor area with almost no furniture except for one chair...but not just a chair.  A throne.  And a nude man sitting on it wearing a large, bejeweled crown like the kind Jody saw the king of England wearing in that musical.
Jaysen said, "Hail, King Zeus."
"Step forward, Lord Loki."
"What the hell is this?" Jody asked as he walked up with Jaysen.  
Zed/Zeus stood from the throne, causing Jody's jaw to drop.  Seeing his immense nude glory, the thick inflated muscle, the heavy tube of cock dangling past the knees...Jody suddenly thought of all the other men he'd met.  They're all this big...and Jaysen...he's...he wants to...
"Wha...what's going on?"  Jody asked with a whimper.  "You called him Lord Loki, and he called you King Zeus?  Is this some weird game?"
"Don't be afraid.  I know this seems absurd, but once I explain everything I think you'll see clearly.  Yes, I am King Zeus, and Jaysen is Lord Loki.  In fact, all the men here own the names of gods which I have granted.  We are a kingdom, and we devote ourselves to the majesty of muscle, the royalty of manhood."
"So why haven' t I ever heard of you or the other guys?  I mean, any one of you could be Mr. Olympia if you wanted, you're even bigger than them."
"Competition is arrogance, selfishness.  We strive for humility, as it is a noble trait.  We have goals that we consider to be for the greater good, not just for our kingdom, but for mankind."
Jody continued looking into the king's intense brown eyes.  "So, are you some kind of cult?  You're not gonna sacrifice me or something, right?"
The king laughed heartily, causing his pecs to bounce.  "We would never harm anyone, as long as they don't attempt to harm us first.  We don't practice a religion or pray to the gods whose names we take or accept."  He stepped forward and placed his hands on his hips.  "I'm sure you're wondering how I and the others grew this big."
Jody gulped.  "Yeah, sure."
"Would it surprise you to know I was once a professor of archeology?"
"Oh?  Okay."
"I was on a search for a lost Central American tribe of whom there is very little written history.  It is suspected that most of their history was destroyed as they practiced male love.  The religious conquerors did all they could to wipe them out.  But there were rumours of a temple hidden in the jungle, and that anyone not pure of heart would meet their end there."
The king walked in front of the pair as he continued, "Of course I was curious, but I also didn't believe this story.  I decided to search for the temple, and one of my students, Rodrigo, joined me.  It took nearly the entire day, and by the time we found it we were exhausted and starving.  We went inside so that we could rest, eat, take some pictures.  We saw two statues on either side, carved from stone, of two males with exaggerated muscles and genitalia.  We had read they were the god kings of the temple, and that they should be given a gift for allowing us entry, so we placed a coconut at the feet of each statue."
"Rodrigo and I ate, and both of us decided to nap on the stone floor.  I awoke to a strange sensation, like I was a puppet and some outer force was moving me.  I saw the coconuts were broken and eaten, and when I looked at the statues they were now next to each other and their penises were erect and jutting in front of them.  I walked over to them and suddenly my arms were grabbing each of these stone cocks.  They felt smooth, and warm...and alive.  I knelt before them, and saw liquid oozing from a hole.  Before I could think, I licked one, then the other."
"Think of the most delicious fruit you've ever eaten, so sweet and delectable, and take it to the nth power.  I wanted to taste every last drop of this fluid.  I was moaning, it was so good.  Suddenly, I could sense the one to my right was about to erupt, so I put my mouth on it and was rewarded with this gush.  I drank and drank, but nothing was filling me.  It was being absorbed by my body.  Then I felt the other about to explode, so I opened my mouth and took that load, but it too was absorbed as soon as it hit my tongue."
"I felt dazed and dizzy, so I slowly stood up, and realized my clothes were tight.  My body was warm, and I felt this quivering sensation.  I thought I might be poisoned, and I touched my chest...and it was big and pulsing.  That's when I understood I was growing.  I ripped off everything, until I was naked.  I watched my arms, chest, legs...all growing stronger and mightier.  I looked down and saw my penis lengthen and thicken, going further down my treetrunk thighs, hitting the knee and surpassing it.  I reached down to heft my testicles, as big as the coconuts I'd placed before the statues."
"At this point Rodrigo woke up, and when he saw me he froze.  But I could see the lust behind the fear.  I told him to come forward, and without any questions he knelt before me.  He reached out and began stroking my cock with both hands, looking up at me with worship.  I guided his head, and he licked and sucked me as best he could.  When I was fully erect, I knew I was over two feet long and a foot around, identical to the statues."
"As he kept sucking me, he kept calling me his god and king.  At first, I was uncomfortable about it, but then I heard a voice in my head tell me the god kings have accepted me as one of them, and I must give their seed to those who deserve it so they can become god kings as well.  I looked in Rodrigo's eyes, and I knew he must join us.  So I flexed my muscles for him as he kept sucking, and when my orgasm hit I roared with joy."
"Just like the statues, my semen was being absorbed into his body, and I sensed the shock he experienced.  I quickly stripped him, and I saw the muscles ballooning under his caramel skin.  I saw his uncut cock get longer and heavier, and I took him in my mouth so I could feel him grow as I sucked him.  My hands moved farther apart as his glutes got so round and heavy, like two halves of a watermelon stuck onto him.  His nipples...so suckable and brown, like two truffles.  His pecs were so meaty I could barely see his angelic face.  I reached out to fondle his heavy balls, and soon that familiar blast of semen hit my tongue and disappeared."
"I don't know how many hours we fucked, but it was the next day by the time we were done.  By then, the statues were back in their original spots and their genitals were limp.  I kissed each of them before I left, vowing I would honor their faith in me and thanking them for their great gift.  Even with the new clothes I, and Rodrigo, had to buy before we left, I didn't regret one single moment."
Jaysen and Jody gazed at the king's monumental erection.  "Oops, sorry, I still get hard every time I think of that day.  So, Rodrigo and I remained lovers for some time.  During that time, many men came up to the two of us to 
ask how we got this big.  I could now see into their souls, and every one of them was not worthy of the gift.  Almost a year later, this young man at the coffee shop we hung out at asked about us instead of our bodies.  And for the first time since the temple, I wanted to grow a man.  His name was Cameron, and I could tell he was gentle and loving, and worthy of muscle.  But I wanted to make sure he deserved it, so I asked him if he wouldn't mind doing some chores for us, and we could help him improve his body.  He became our first knight of our kingdom.  After he showed his devotion, I gifted him with the god king muscle he secretly desired."
"After our group had grown a bit, Rodrigo decided I should be a real king, so he bought this crown for me.  But I thought it was unfair for me to be the only one, so I bought crowns for everyone else.  And when I crowned each of them, I gave them a god name that fit them best.  I've given Jaysen the name Loki because of his jokester nature."
Jody said, "Yeah, he's always been a joker...but he's not a king yet.  What's with calling him a lord?"
"We have a set of guidelines in place now.  If you join our kingdom, you start as a servant to the king who brought you here.  Once you have completed his tasks, you are made a knight, and serve all the other kings.  Except me.  When you have completed their tasks, you become a lord, and you are given your king name as incentive to complete your final task as soon as possible.  In Jaysen's case, you were the final task...to bring a new acolyte to the kingdom who is worthy of kinghood himself."
"Yes.  I can see your devotion to your friend, and your desire to be like us.  I think you always knew deep down this is the right place for you.  So...just say the word, and you will begin your journey with us, and Jaysen will join us as the god muscle king you want him to be."
Jody looked over to his best friend...his confidant...his king?


Present time


Jody regained his senses, and looked at the throne where Jaysen now sat.  On a small table next to it was a red velvet pillow, and on top of that a crown the same as the other kings wore.
King Zeus said, "Step forward, Jody."  As Jody walked up, he continued, "Your first duty as servant to King Loki is to crown him.  Please bestow upon him his crown as muscle god king."
Jody carefully took the crown and placed it upon King Loki's head, making sure the crown's arms were perfectly symmetrical.
As he stepped back to admire his friend, King Zeus said, "Your second task will be to service your king, and accept his royal seed."
Jody knew this would be required, and felt abashed about sucking Jaysen's cock in front of these strangers, but he wasn't about to displease his king.  He gently took the newly-grown schlong in his hands and began stroking it the way he knew would please his king most.
King Loki pinched his gumdrop nipples and said, "Suck me, Jody, please.  Suck my king cock!"
Jody soon forgot about the others as he licked, kissed, sucked the large knob.  He had no idea he would be getting into this so much, as he kept the vocal worship strong, calling him king, majesty, highness, royal this, regal that.  The first drop of seed seeped out, and when he tasted it his eyes grew wide as he understood what King Zeus meant.  He quickened his pace, grabbing and sucking harder.
King Loki gasped and said, "Yes, take it.  Take my kingly seed!"  The first shot splashed inside Jody's mouth, and absorbed within seconds, as did every subsequent one.  Jody removed his mouth from his king's cock, and felt the warmth spreading over his body.  He was told his first growth would be noticeable, but minor in comparison .  He flexed a bicep and could tell it had grown, maybe up to an inch.  He could feel the under cleavage in his pecs where they started hanging, and his substantial cock, which was already very large, added another inch to push it to ten solid stud inches.
And as congratulations were given to the new king and his servant, King Zeus already knew what Jody's king name would be.  He looked at the young man and his raging erection and whispered, "Hail, King Priapus!"



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