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m/m Happy Father's Day

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"You can't be serious son!"

Yelling at my 19 year old son I tried to dissuade him from what he was about to do.

"I can't lose this competition dad! It means the world to me! You gotta help me!"

My boy was always headstrong. A born Alpha Male with my genetics he was designed for greatness. He inherited my masculine good looks, tall height and large cock. The only thing he did not seem to inherit from me was my muscle mass. My son was a champion cyclist. He was fast like lightning and even faster to flash his dashing smile whenever he crossed the finishing line in cocky victory. Being a cyclist he was naturally scrawny in frame. Being tall and lanky did make him look smaller too. 


In contrast I was a champion bodybuilder in my youth and had won countless competitions. And now, even though i do not compete, my muscles have mostly stayed intact, and my looks never seemed to age. Good genetics i guess.


Alas another thing my son did not inherit from me was my sportsmanship. You see, my son was a champion. He was addicted to winning and he would want to win at all cost. The rush of victory, the adrenaline of getting to the finishing line first. The attention he would get from winning, and all the girls who would want to feel his muscled cyclist torso was what drove him to win.

Even if that meant cheating. 

"Look i've already planned this for ages. I know i cant win against those new guys from New york. But ive got tricks up my sleeve dad."

He smirked a wicked smile as he continued.

"I will be hiding in a secret location halfway in the race. But the person who will take my identity and go first at the start line will be our little slave..."

Pulling a metal chain towards his dirty feet, a pathetic looking skinny slave crawls towards my son's stinky feet. The blindfolded slave than silently proceeds to clean my son's toes and shoes with his tongue, always making sure to lick up every spot. 


My son than gestures at the slaves naked body particularly his arms and feet.

"Check out his body dad. Notice any difference? I've been training him to cycle on my behalf. I whip him early in the morning and make sure he cycles with me and trains under my routine daily. He will take my place at the starting line as me and swap places with me just before we cross the finishing line where i can win this race victoriously...like i always do"

"I mean after all no one should be able to tell the difference between me and him. We are practicaly the same age, we're both skinny tall lanky dudes. And we have almost the same face! No one will know!"

He puts both his arms behind his head and lies back in a cocky position while he opens his legs wide like an Alpha Male.

"All i need you to do dad, is to watch my slave at the swap point to make sure he stays in bondage.

Shaking my head I disagreed with my Son's actions

"You can carry on with your plans if you want. I won't stop you boy. But I won't take part in your plans. You'll have to get someone else to watch your slave"

Getting up calmly, my son simply shurugged. 

"Fine dad. Keep your morals and virtues. I'll just add more chains to this little slave bitch."

Kicking the naked slave on the ground in his caged up balls, my Son then left the room.


I sat down disappointing on how i failed at being a dad. Having a Champion son meant nothing if he only became a champion from cheating.

Looking at the naked slave kneeling on the ground, i shook my head and patted the poor little guy on the head. 

He was still moaning in pain from getting his balls kicked and i could tell my Son was harsh to this little guy. He was malnourished and had some scars around his body from the constant abuse from my son. 

We bought this slave from the market years ago and he had been with us for years and him being the same age as my son, I would talk to him when i had no one else to confide in.  Of course he didn't reply me. He couldn't. He was a slave and he either had his mouth gag on or was only allowed to say yes sir.

"Poor little guy. I sometimes wish my son was different. I wished he could follow in my footsteps as a bodybuilder instead of a cyclist. That he wouldn't be a cheat and just be a good sportsman..." 

"I can only wish for a better son huh?"

Hanging my head down, i ruffled the slave's hair before I left the room with the slave kneeling on the ground.



The day of the Race

The Finishing Line

Watching from the stands, i watched as my Son rode into victory through the finishing line. He looked as confident as he had always been. 

Too confident...

He was starting to get extra cocky by showing everyone his trophy...

It was almost as if he was making up for something..

I couldnt't understand...


Greeting me at the stands i couldn't help but secretly telling him he cheated. He was a cheat.

To my surprise he told me he didnt.

"No dad, I did not cheat. I started at the starting line and ended up at the finishing line all on my own. I trained hard for this for months. I am a champion."

"If you don't believe me, i'll take you to the swap location where the maste......erm... i mean the slave is held at."


Leading me to the secret location I found our slave bound up head to feet. Blindfolded, gagged, tied up like a pig, he was struggling intensely. I had never seen our slave so active, he was trying to yell through his mouth gag and trying to untie himself. Watching the little guy rolling around on the dirt in vain made me laugh alittle. It was quite pathetic. 

oy tumblr_pbsmi68Q6h1sfyy02o1_1280.thumb.jpg.11741225c2cbd51a350a732c7eb09127.jpg

But what i realized was my son's slave was never dressed for the cycling competition and his leg muscles did not look like he had a workout. 

For once i was so proud of my Son. He was telling the truth! He really did win the competition on his own!




Getting home my son was so excited, telling me about very unusual things. Like how the wind felt so natural on his face. And how he never felt so free before.

It was weird but i was just proud that for once my son did not cheat and was a good sportsman.

He was giving me so much attention, telling me how much he loved being my son and how great a father i was. I never felt so appreciated by my Son!

And on top of that he said he would begin to pursue bodybuilding together with cycling. 

I was such a proud father!


Dragging his slave into a small cage, my son whispered into the slaves ear while i watched the slave struggle even more violently. The slave was kicking and trying so hard to make pig like squeals and noises through his mouth gag. 

I asked my son what he told the slave. He smirked to himself before replying "I told him not to struggle. After all he's gonna be a slave for the rest of his life. Theres no point struggling"

Poor little slave dude, i thought to myself. Maybe a cock cage strapped on his balls might make him struggle less.



1 Year Later

See this good looking muscled 20 year old boy in his sexual prime?


He's my pride and joy.

He's my Son.


Its been a full year since he begin his career as a pro aesthetic bodybuilder. And look just how fucking aesthetic he is now.

He gyms every day, he eats pure protein and he shoots 100% white creamy semen. He is every bit the Alpha Male he was born to be.


But im impressed that even with so much time spent in the gym getting his hot bulky body he still competes in cycling races and hes crazy fast. But the best thing is that he has completely given up on being a cheat. I'm such a proud sports dad. My son has really become the muscled young hot blooded sportsman i always believed he would be.


Alot of things have changed too, he has gotten alot more cocky, alot more arrogant and a hell load more sexy. Hell i even let him bring chicks home to fuck. And i don't mind. Im so proud at how many chicks he has fucked since. Thats my stud boy!


As much as my son has changed, our slave has also become alot more subservient and submissive to his commands now.

The slave has since struggled alot less and has been more accepting of his lowly place in life.

Its all thanks to my Son's efforts too. Hes a great slave master, shaving off his head to make him look less human. Forcing him to eat less nutritious food and making him lose all his previous muscle mass. The slave has really been put in his place.


While my son has been pumping iron at the gym transforming his body into the monster muscled hunk he is now, the slave has languished in captivity for a year. There are days my son has even denied the slave free from his arm chains and constantly locks his slaves cock up in a dick cage.

And i can't really remember but i think our little slave has not seen light for at least a month now. Hes been blindfolded full 2 months as punishment for trying to escape. What a poor sad little fucker.


He really enjoys bringing his slave to gym sessions with him too. The slave provides tongue cleaning for my Son's stinky feet. And for some reason my Son really enjoys that service! Look how happy he is!


Strangely though, there was one particular incident that seriously caught my attention regarding the slave we own.

You see, a few days ago on Father's day I came to my son's slave boy in private again.

In the past i would confide in my Son's slave about how disappointing and sad i was. But now i would spend hours telling the slave how proud i was of my Son now. How muscular and strong he was now. How many bodybuilding competitions he had been winning. And not to mention also the cycling marathons he has been winning without cheating! How much of a man he was compared to a year ago. How proud i was of him now.

And it was then i thought i saw a tear fall from behind the slave's blindfold. 

And strangely if i listen closely enough i could hear him say in a muffled voice through his gag "Happy Father's Day......"

Weird huh?


Just then my son stepped in.

He had just arrived home from another one of those long adventure cycling trips. I could see what a free spirited boy my son had become. Muscualr, cocky and full of energy

"Did the slave just called you father?"

My son looked curiously at me.

It was weird how cautious he suddenly become.

But i just took that as a joke.

"How can this little bitch be my Son? My son is a free alpha man. He's cock is large, hanging and free to conquer the world. He's a champion bodybuilder and cyclist both at the same time. My son is a slave master. He is tall, good looking, muscular and every bit like his old man."

I then looked at the slave groveling below my feet looking around in complete agony at his bondage

"This. This is not my son. How can this slave be my son. He is skinny, weak and ugly. His cock is small and caged up. He was born a slave and he shall remain one for the rest of his life"


My son then laughed before he patted the slave's head condescendingly. Then he wished me..

"Happy Father's day DAD!"


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5 hours ago, goggletan said:

Thanks man. Howd you like the characters?

Enjoyable! It’s a fun twist on your usual formula! I definitely like the place switching element!

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15 hours ago, MrAlice said:

Enjoyable! It’s a fun twist on your usual formula! I definitely like the place switching element!

I left the switching part quite vague so that readers could make it up on their minds. But also leave them slightly clueless as this story was from the POV of the dad. But could you tell that the 2 guys swapped? And maybe Guess how they swapped? 

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1 hour ago, goggletan said:

I left the switching part quite vague so that readers could make it up on their minds. But also leave them slightly clueless as this story was from the POV of the dad. But could you tell that the 2 guys swapped? And maybe Guess how they swapped? 

Yeah, I was able to get that. The vagueness was a very good choice on your part!

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On 6/19/2019 at 10:31 PM, MrAlice said:

Yeah, I was able to get that. The vagueness was a very good choice on your part!

thanks man. Like to let you guys the readers connect the dots lol

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