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Farenheit 94,1

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Ya'll ever stumble into a project that got way out of hand? Well, this was one of em for me. Unfortunately this story got so out of hand I was sitting on 20 pages by sunday and I still had 70% of the story to go. Oops. Knowing I wasn't gonna have enough time to finish the story off what follows below is the result of a pretty drastic last minute overhaul. Hopefully it's still enjoyable, and if I have the time, I hope to do one day do the story more justice.

Farenheit 94,1°




None of those words came even close to describing the emotion of pure joy coursing through my veins.

The grass didn’t feel rough and harsh anymore, instead it felt caressing and gentle on my big bare feet. I almost felt a bit guilty for pushing the ticklish grass into the dirt while imprinting my large footprint, but I was running so fast it was hard not leave behind a large and deep mark, especially with all the muscle mass weighing me down. 

I expected my breath to be short and raspy, having run so fast and for so long, but I had never felt more at ease as when my thick and long legs were shooting me forward on the grassy plains. 

I suddenly felt a loud urge swell up inside my solid chest, an urge to let out a load roar.

I tried rationalising myself out of it. The last thing I wanted was the world knowing where I was. But suppressing urges had never been my strongest point. 

“FUCK YEAH!” My deep voice boomed while the softly hilled plains shot past me in a green blur. 

The deepness of my voice had caught me slightly off guard. I hadn’t heard much of it since the change and it sounded so different. It really was a tremor now, if my body wasn’t causing earthquake's by itself this voice certainly would be doing the trick. 

I let out a short laugh, reveling in the sensation of my entire chest moving and cascading with even the slightest giggle. There were so many new sensations going through me in the last minute alone. 

No way I wasn’t gonna enjoy every last bit of all these unfamiliar experiences.

I slowed down my lightning speed sprint till my feet were firmly planted into the ground again. My body showed not even the slightest sign of having just run faster than any Olympic record for more than an hour. 

I tried acquainting myself with my surroundings. From this angle there was only green as far as the eye could see. I know better than to turn around, the grey drab of The Capitol was surely poking in my wide lats and I had no need for turning back. 

My eyes landed on a small lake just a few strides away. I noticed my run had left me thirstier than I had thought, must be from the thinnest layer of sweat coating every surface of my body. 

Bending down to my knees I was ready to take a big gulp of the small clean pool when I caught my reflection in the water.

The sight of my insanely muscular physique caught me off guard. 

Damn was I hot. Big enough to fuck any guy till they were seeing stars.

That thought caught me by surprise too.

These new thoughts of sex were so alien to me. In my old body fucking had never been on my mind, just like The State  enforced. It just was all work with no play, and with how I looked, and everyone else in the country, it was no mystery why sex and pleasure didn’t take up an iota of my brain power.

Now ripping open cute bubble butts with my beer can sized fuck stick formed a comfortable constant backdrop in my mind.

To think I had been deprived of this for so long. I grinned, I was gonna fucking love looking like this.

I let my gaze glide over my body, checking my arms, the thick biceps that could hold any pretty face in place while I fucked someone’s throat out still looked as massive as ever. I smiled as my I saw pecs jutted outward enough I could probably use them to squash a melon in between their deep ridge. I had to use my fingers to check my abs, the deeply cut washboard formed an 8-pack that felt tight enough to be bulletproof.

All the goods were there, including the very meaty shaft I had dangling between my legs that was slowly waking up seeing just how hot I was now. 

I couldn’t help but let a wave of disbelief wash over me. Man, had I not expected this day to go this way. 

I mean, just this morning I had been your average scrawny office drone. Loyal to the state, loyal to the state’s belief sex was nothing but gross dirt that had to be scrubbed off soceity. I was indistinguishable to nearly every other male, all off us short, thin, and with nothing of a dick. We were clean, cleansed of attributes that might inspire sexual arousal, cleansed of thoughts that might horn us up.

Fuck, I even remember being excited for my yearly ‘scrubbing’ just this morning. I had noticed a few stray hairs on my chest, and the development of a few muscles near my calves from many walks up the stairs to my apartment. I was ecstatic to plop my little dicklet into that machine and have all of that drained away, all the muscles that had incidentally developed, the masculine traits that had peeked their heads, all of it the machine could efficiently suck out. 

I smiled, man, had I been naive. 

Of course that was before I had stumbled down a few wrong corridors in Cleaning Clinic trying to find the bathroom, and discovered that the sex residue that was sucked out of every citizen, the liquid form of all their atributes that might call forth feelings in others of lust and desire, was decidily not destroyed by the state like they preached they’re doing on every corner of the street.

Instead the pink goo containing a nation’s worth of height, muscle mass, handsomeness, hair and cock size went into tubes tunneling deep underground. The goo reeked of testerone, at that point I had still been disgusted by the smell of real men, but I had followed the tubes regardless, occasionally having to sneak around to dodge watchful eyes, my curiosity always spurring me on. 

Discovering where the tubes led had been the most important moment of my life. I smiled while looking at the sinews making up my arms, the network of veins covering them reminding me of the network of tubes from Cleaning Clinic’s all over the nation converging at that central chamber. All that sexual power the state had so efficiently scrubbed away, brought to one point, one room. A room I could look into just a bit behind one of the air ventilation ducts.

A room housing all the state’s controlling oligarchs. 

I had looked on in horror as the one’s who had liberated us from the nastiness of sex by wiping every trace of it out of our lives now indulged themselves in a the nation’s residue of sexual taint. I couldn’t imagine drinking the thick pink goo, I knew I had to stay a mile away from anything that could make me as hard as a whiff of the testerone reeking goo made me.

But my horror hadn’t just stemmed from the fact that the most powerful people in this nation, the ones who had set us long ago on this road of total liberation, were now consuming a sex reeking drink. No, it came mostly what followed from them drinking the goo. 

They convulsed, they merrily screamed, they moaned, and they grew.

God did they fucking grow.

All the muscle mass, height, handsomeness, all of what they had taken away from the state, it started reappearing on them. Their twiggy arms grew to thick meaty pillars that could rip apart tanks. They didn’t stop growing till the former buisnessmen who had been just as scawny as me were looking like pure paragons of sex and size. The moaned, as they worked their new horse sized cocks with their meaty mittens and explored the muscular valley making up their chest.

I was stunned. Why would the nation’s most elite defile themselves with all these sexual blasphemies? 

I started connecting the dots once I was able to see the founding fathers of our modern nation fucking twinks in another room. I didn’t even have to be silent not get noticed peeking around, the sound of their deep manly grunts as they partook in their sacrilege of the new consitution banning sex they had personally written was louder than any sound I could make. 

I understood in an instant. The values of our modern world, the values that had led from the humble beginnings of the banning of porn websites to our current complete liberation from sex, those values were nothing more than a lie. A lie the elite of our world had used so they could have all the pleasure to themselves.

I trembled. For how long had we willingly given these fuckers everything that made us special and unique? How big was the group of supersized oligarchs that had taken everything from the state’s residence? I bit my lip and carefully readjusted my very humble package, and god, why did seeing all these extremely hunky men make me feel so good.

I remember with joy the decision I had taken after that. “If these fuckers are gonna steal everything from me just so they can feel good, I can at least take a few sips from that pink goo too and get back what they owe me, right?” 

It had not taken me long to find a tap attached to the tubes. 

Originally I had wanted to take just a single sip, get back the definition to my calves and the little fluff of chest hair I had given up just a few hours earlier.

But after that single sip, and after feeling how it felt to slowly inflate with power, the rush of energy, I couldn’t stop myself from taking another sip.

And another. 

And another. 

And a few dozen more.

Before long I was sitting in the shreds of my work clothes, bulging with muscle mass, and oh so thirsty for more.

Of course that had been the moment one of the security guards finally found me. His mouth was agasp, and I could see why.

I embodied sex, I was an adonis in the purest sense of the word, I had a body that was made for delivering pleasure. Even just seeing me made the scrawny fucker shoot his pathetic load. Licking his lips while watching my massive pecs twitch
I had just laughed and walked away, I wasn’t gonna wait around till he realised what he had just seen. That taser he had around his belt didn’t look like too much fun. So I just ran, ran till I was back on the dark streets of The Capitol again. I was bucknaked, my filled out glutes and oversized fuck stick on full display for the evening trafic. 

I realised I couldn’t stay here. I wouldn’t want all this glorious size to be taken from me again, so I continued running. Running till I left the city and it’s stunned inhabitants behind, ran until the green of the rolling hills was all I could see. 

I smiled, today had been a day. 

I was just about ready to finally fully explore this wonderful body and colour this natural pool of water white with cum when I spotted a man approaching from the bushes. 

My muscles tensed, I had thought I was far enough away from agents of the state to still be following.

“Evening.” I called out, trying to make out his size from his shadow. He looked to be big, but I was ready to test out what these biceps bigger some people’s heads could do. 

“Good evening.” He replied, his voice warm and deep.

He revealed himself, he was truly a giant. I swallowed.

“No need to be anxious.” He said with a smile. “I won’t hurt ya, big guy.”

I had a hard time believing that. 

“Guessing you figured it out today? There’s always new blood on the annual scrubbing.” He continued

I narrowed me eyes, was this a spy trying to find out how much I knew?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I mumbled, trying to not let myself be distracted by his handsome square jawed look. 

His eyes traveled all over my new huge muscles and threw me a grin.

“I think you know, Mr Sexy.” He said with a chuckle. “I hope you didn’t think you were the first to figure out we were getting robbed, there’s a camp with a few of us up just ahead. We all sought… Compensation for being cheated, just like you.”

The stranger looked at my legs, large enough to squat a train with an amused smile.

“Though not many took quite as much as you, obviously. Size differences are good for fucking though” 

I was at a loss of words. But I knew I probably shouldn’t trust strangers promising more than I could dream off. My mind threw up it’s last defense mechanism, falling back on the ideology that had controlled my life for so long seemed like the best choice.

“Sex is a horror, I’m not going to your camp of degeneracy. I hate being this full of sexual energy. I should go to cleaning clinique and get all this dirt washed off me. I’m not even into you, all that muscle mass and sexual appeal is an abomination --.”

Words died in my throat as the stranger suddenly grabbed my arms, although I could easily have thrown him off, I was intrigued by his grip, the way his hands felt on my biceps.

“Did you know the skin is remarkably constant in temperature?” He asked.

I nodded no. 

“It’s nearly always the same, 93 degrees. It only really changes in one condition. Wanna know what that is?”

My breath grew short while seeing how the stranger’s muscles twitched with his every move.

“When were aroused, then it changes. Tends to go up a degree.”

I stared at grooves making up his chest, I had never seen such beauty.

The stranger pulled out a small digital thermostat, taking the temperature of my skin before I even knew it.

“You know, you can say what you want about still believing the lies the state has fed you, but your body temperature disagrees.”

He waved the result of the thermostat in my face.

94,1 degrees. Biologically my body was ready to fuck this handsome stud into the ground.

“So, why don’t you come back to our camp, and I’ll introduce you to the guys?”

I smiled, and I took a leap of fate.

“Yeah, that’d be nice.” I said with a grin.

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Muscle growth and dystopian fiction: two of my favourite things :) 

The narrative benefits from some really skillful pacing; there is a wonderful rhythm to your writing. I don't know if that's something you've worked on or something that comes naturally. Either way, a terrific read, mate!

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I do hope to see those extra 20 pages someday. If the story got that big then it must be really good and this si avery promising start man. Keep goping.

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That was a fun story!


And I totally get where you're coming from.  My story is due on Sunday and I'm at like 20 pages already and trying to figure out how to shorten it down, haha.  Brevity is not my strong point.  

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On 6/12/2019 at 1:28 AM, Ro20316 said:

I do hope to see those extra 20 pages someday. If the story got that big then it must be really good and this si avery promising start man. Keep goping.

Me too!

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Your story has had an exciting beginning, I can see several possibilities, each more attractive than the other. It was incredible. I'm waiting for the continuation, you write too well.

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