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College Professor Unaware of his Growth


There is a story out there about a college professor or teach takes to working out and bodybuilding.  While he works out and does everything right, he doesn't feel like he's growing.

Then one day in class his muscle rip out of his shirt to the hoots and hollers of his students.  I think one student even comments something like "We were wondering how long that shirt would last."  It is then that he starts to realize just how big he has gotten.

Anybody care to shed some light?

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Sorry for the delay. I also could not find a current link for it. I have it saved. I guess it's possible that I put the wrong author's name on it. I'll post it. Hopefully it's cool with Londonboy and/or the actual author.



Professor Big – by Londonboy


It’s crazy how a reminder of how important a person’s health is and two years can make a difference in a man’s life.  Harris Benjamin, Doctor of Greek Mythology, at Vanderbilt University had found out around that time that he had high cholesterol and was a prime candidate for a stroke.  That diagnosis had made him immediately change his lifestyle – he jumped into exercise cold turkey and started doing everything to stay healthy.  The teacher also loved being under the radar in his department and at the school.  He was a tenured professor that was one of the world’s leading experts on all things pertaining to the Greek gods and he was well liked by the small number of students that chose to take his classes.  Even Benjamin knew the topic wasn’t interesting or sexy.  He typically had classes of about six or seven, but that had all changed with this semester.  He was shocked at the beginning of the term to find out he had been moved to one of the large lecture halls that were specifically reserved for classes of a hundred or more.  He was even more surprised to find out he would have one hundred and thirty-seven students and a waiting list of twelve.  Harry, as his few close friends called him, had no idea what had caused this sudden change in his student population.  He knew he was a good teacher, but these numbers were usually reserved for the visiting celebrity teachers or people that had scored off the charts on ‘Rate Your Professor.’  It had been a nerve wracking first month and a half.  Harry found that he had to do a lot more work after hours to grade papers and monitor the progress of so many students.  It wasn’t really a bother, since the forty-eight year old single man really only taught, went to the gym, and occasionally joined a colleague or friend for drinks and dinner.  His home and his office at school were his sanctuaries and he loved it that way.  He did, however, wish his closet-sized office had grown in proportion to the increased number of students.  It was barely big enough to house all of his stuff and himself, let alone the now constant parade of students either seeking advice or, heaven forbid, just stopping by to say hello.


Today’s lesson seemed to have the class more interested than ever.  Harry was talking about the importance of Heracles as a metaphor for the battle between good and evil.  The enthusiasm of the students influenced the teacher’s spirits and he was speaking quickly and writing furiously on the white board, being one of only a few teachers that didn’t use smart boards.  At one point Harry got very excited about translating something to Greek and he lifted his arm high to start writing.  Suddenly there was a loud ripping sound and immediately the class broke into cheers and applause.  They had been watching the professor closely, knowing that his jacket was way too tight for his big body and hoping that one specific motion would finally make the seams rip.  They were not disappointed.  The back part of the jacket sleeve tore away from the material at the torso and Harry’s shirt-covered big arm and shoulder seem to pop out in 3D.  The teacher’s embarrassment was almost enough to send him running from the room.  He immediately started to take the jacket off, but, as was now usual, found he couldn’t do it alone.  Suddenly, Jared Miles, the star linebacker of the university’s football team was at Harry’s side offering to help.  The elder man was touched by the student’s response and forgot about his embarrassment.  He allowed the football player to assist him in taking off the jacket and then began to teach again, after laughing off the fact that he had just burst through corduroy.  Harry also contained his energy, especially because he knew his shirt had recently become too tight, as well, and he didn’t want to rip it to shreds.  He somehow felt that the class was hoping that would happen.


There was a hard tap on the doorframe of Harry’s office a few minutes after class.  He was sitting at his desk looking at the jacket to see if it was worth saving.  His arm had really done a number on the thing – something Harry still didn’t understand.  He looked up on the third tap and saw Jared Miles in the doorway.  The professor smiled and stood up.


“Jared.  Please come in.  Thank you very much for your help in class.  I’m not sure what the problem is but I’m having trouble getting this jacket off now.”


“You’re kidding, right Dr. Benjamin?”


“Um no, no I’m not.  I just don’t know what’s happened to this jacket.  I’ve had it for years.”


“Dr. Benjamin, it’s not the jacket – it’s you.  Your body has outgrown the thing, by a hell of a lot.”


“What’s that, Jared?  No, I don’t think so.  I think I’ve just had this thing for far too long.  It must be a little ragged and the seams are surely getting old.”


“No, I’m pretty sure it’s you, Doctor Benjamin.  You’ve swollen up something huge – everyone’s talking about it.”


“What do you mean, Jared?”


“Well, how much do you weigh, Doctor?”


“I don’t know.  I guess about two hundred and ten pounds.”


“I don’t think so, sir.  When was the last time you weighed yourself?”


“I guess about two years ago.  I can’t remember when my last physical was – that’s when I saw my weight.”


“I think that’s about the time people started noticing the change in you, Dr. Benjamin.  It’s when you started to grow.  I’m sorry Dr. Benjamin, but you’ve turned into a monster.”


“Why do you say that, Jared?”


“Hey, I don’t mean it as a bad thing, sir.  I just mean you’ve become something huge – freaking huge.  Like I said, everyone’s talking about it.  You’ve packed on more muscle in two years than most guys my age.  We all call you Professor Big now.”




“It’s your new name.  Most of us come to class just to see how much you’ve grown and the rest come hoping you’ll rip through your clothes with only some normal everyday movement.  That’s what made today so hot – seeing your jacket arm split open just because of your growth.”


“I really haven’t grown that much, Jared.  Yes, I’ve been working out hard, but I’ve just basically toned up my body.”


“You think I’m big, Dr. Benjamin?”


“Of course, Jared.  Everyone knows you are one of the best and biggest linebackers this school has ever had.  You know you’re big.”


“And my arms are pretty big, aren’t they, professor.”


“Yes, of course.”


Jared put his arm across the desk and raised his forearm, causing his beautiful biceps to bulge out nicely.  The professor’s mouth went dry for a second from seeing the beautiful mound of muscle pressing hard against the super tight sleeve of the student’s polo shirt.  It was the kind of sight that made an old gay man like Harry weak in the knees.  The man was flabbergasted that this handsome boy was flexing this way in his office.  Suddenly the small room was even warmer than before.  Harry forced his eyes to move upward to meet Jared’s gaze.


“Okay then, let’s see what you’ve got.”


“What do you mean, Jared?”


“Flex your arm beside mine, Dr. Benjamin.”


“What?  No way.  This is ridiculous.  I don’t want to embarrass myself that way.  Come on, Jared – quit teasing.”


“Dr. Benjamin, please.  Trust me.”


 The older man stared at his student for a few seconds.  Harry shook his head, as if he was saying he couldn’t believe he was doing this, and then he bent down and put his arm on the table – next to the beautiful biceps already bulging out proudly.  The professor made a fist, squeezing tight, and brought up his forearm.  He made sure both limbs were side by side.


“Aw, hell yeah!”


Jared’s lust-filled exclamation was lost on the older man.  Harry’s mouth dropped open as he stared at the two biceps tensely resting on the table.  Even though the sleeve of a white button-down shirt covered the professor’s arm, it was clear it bulged out more massive than the young football star’s smaller arm.  It was so unreal that Harry had to shake his head to make sure he was awake.  The material of the shirt was stretched thinly over a massive biceps.  The professor was sure it wasn’t his arm, even though when he tightened his fist the bulge on the table bounced.  Suddenly, without any warning at all, the material being pushed upward by the elder man’s huge bulge spit open with a loud ripping noise and his hard biceps burst through the shirt sleeve.  It was the most incredible shot either man had ever seen – so much raw power and erotic magnetism.


“Fuck, professor!  I’m so sorry, but I’m going to bust a big nut!”


Harry was too overwhelmed by what his arm had just done to his shirt that he really didn’t grasp what Jared was saying, at first.  Dr. Benjamin was too distracted by the fact that the humongous arm flexed on the table – the one that had just shredded the sleeve of a good button down – was his!  It just wasn’t possible.  Harry was trying to figure out when he had grown this much and why he hadn’t noticed before.  It wasn’t until he saw the younger guy grabbing the edge of the table and shaking like a leaf in the wind that his attention shifted to Jared.  The hefty jock had grabbed the desk with both of his hands and was clearly trying to calm his wobbling body.  It took a few minutes for Harry to comprehend that the handsome big student was ejaculating profusely into his own underwear.  The erotic stench of fresh cum wafted throughout the room as the younger man shook uncontrollably and whimpered with every jerking motion of his crotch.  Harry could tell it was a powerful orgasm – the kind that made your balls ache immediately and your cock stay hard for an hour.  The big man’s own dick was painfully stiff – caused partially because of the big biceps powering up from his arm and the sight of young Jared pumping out a college-boy sized load of cum.  The inappropriateness of the situation was intermingled with the complete and utter sexually charged excitement of what was happening.  Harry’s mind was instantly torn between choices he knew he should make and those he wanted to make.


“Damn, Professor Big, I just couldn’t help myself.  Seeing that massive arm bursting through your shirt just sent my cock into overload.  I haven’t ever shot like that before – especially without even touching myself!”


“Um … Jared … this, um, this is highly inappropriate.  I think you should … uh … leave.  Yes, you should leave.”


“Yeah, I know what you mean, doc, the mess at my crotch is going to be pretty embarrassing.  I should get back to my dorm room before it gets even more noticeable.”


“No, Jared, I mean what just happened between us … it’s not right for a teacher and student to interact this way.”


“Listen, big guy, I’m twenty-one and I was given the talk about the birds and the bees over ten years ago.  Let’s not mess this up.  I’ve been lusting after your big body for two years and I graduate soon.  I’m not missing the chance to see the entire muscle package you’ve got hiding under those clothes.  I’ll be back after your three thirty class.  We can figure all of this out then.  Fuck, that arm is massive.  I bet I’ll be able to jerk out another huge load when I get back to my room.  See you later, Professor Big.”


“Please don’t call me …”


It was too late.  The jock had grabbed his backpack and held it at his crotch as he quickly left the office.  Harry wasn’t sure if the stain seeping wider across his pants caused the student to exit so quickly or if it was the thought of being able to pump his hard cock a second time as soon as he got back to his room.  Either way, Jared was gone in a flash.  Everything happened so quickly that the professor really didn’t have time to digest anything.  He simply continued to look at his flexed biceps ballooning up from the desk.  The bulge was so inviting and so huge that he had to bring his other hand up to feel the hardness – to see that the size was real and not just his imagination.  As soon as his fingers touched the tight skin, the big man let out a moan of surprised pleasure.  It really was his body protruding sexily through the ripped shirtsleeve.  His hand immediately started massaging the humongous mound and Harry’s cock twitched painfully in his pants.  The sound of giggling from the hall made the professor look up quickly, but he didn’t remove his hand from the muscle.  Two girls were standing across the hall staring at every move the teacher was making.  Instantly, Harry stood up and walked to his door.


“Um … excuse me, ladies.  I … uh … was … um, just … “


“Groping yourself, professor?”


This caused an eruption of laughter from both girls as they stared at Harry – well, they were actually staring at his arm.  This, again, surprised the elder man.  These girls were staring at his bulging biceps in the same way that Jared had stared.  This was too much for the guy to handle.  He answered in the affirmative without even realizing what he was doing.


“Um … yes … yes, I was.”


Harry quickly shut his office door and he heard the girls squeal in delight as they moved down the hall.  Remembering the lust that had been apparent in Jared’s eyes, mixed in with the gleeful looks of these two girls, caused the man to become light headed as blood shot powerfully to his engorged cock.  Harry sat down in the chair at his desk and exhaled loudly.  He forced himself to take about ten deep breaths and kept his eyes tightly shut.  He then remembered the arm.  He opened his eyes, raised his arm, and flexed it hard to the side of his head.  The intense flex cause the shirt to rip even more and the sound of material tearing filled the room loudly.  Harry’s eyes grew wider as the bulge on his arm grew wider and higher.  His biceps popped out like some kind of massive bodybuilder’s arm.  It looked as huge and veiny as the arms he lusted over when he glanced through bodybuilder magazines in the grocery store.  It was still difficult to believe this was his arm.  Harry began to realize that years of living in a work-eat-sleep haze had prevented him from noticing the changes that had happened to his body since he started working out.  It’s not that he had been some puny ninety-pound weakling a few years ago – as a matter of fact he was a pretty big man, but he had never been a guy to have so much hard and giant muscles packed on his frame.  He had always been a bit paunchy and flabby.  Now, however, there wasn’t an ounce of flab on the bulging arm he was staring at and it was much bigger than Harry ever dreamed of becoming.  How had he missed this growth?  Suddenly, big tears streamed down the man’s face.  He realized he had been living a life on hold.  His existence had really just been a shadow of his true self.  His brief interaction with Jared had caused him to come barreling out of his love of invisibility with almost no second thoughts.  A knock on the door quickly snapped the professor out of his quickly developing depressed mood.  He wiped his face and opened the door.


“Hey, Harry, some of us are gathering at MacDonovan’s for dinner – care to join us?”


“Um, no … John … I can’t.  I already have plans.  Um … thanks, though.”


“You have plans?”


“Don’t act so surprised.  I do have friends, you know.”


“Yes, but all of them will be a MacDonovan’s.”


“Not all.  Thanks … really. I appreciate the invitation.  Have a great night.”


Harry pushed the door closed on his fellow teacher – John, from the Philosophy department.  He had kept his arm behind the door so John wouldn’t notice the rip.  He looked down at the open hole in the sleeve and saw the huge gorgeous bicep again.  It took Harry’s breath away as he smiled to himself.  He still couldn’t believe the bulging arm was his own, but he really couldn’t believe that in the span of a few seconds he had decided to be here, in his office, when Jared returned at five.  He had no idea what would come next, but he didn’t care.  His new body had empowered him to not second-guess everything.  He also realized that he had to change somehow or he was going to end up a muscular old maid that lived with a bunch of cats.  Harry didn’t know why he imagined cats; since he had no pets, but he knew that was the path he was destined for if he didn’t change.  Jared was somehow tied to the transformation that Harry sought.  He figured that he could be friends with the jock and that would be it.  Of course, the raging hard on pressing against his slacks said something entirely different.  Harry gathered his stuff for lunch and for the class that followed.  He moved in a daze, for all he was really thinking about was his rendezvous with destiny at five.  He also knew he had to change clothes before heading to the faculty dining hall.




Jared peered in the small window in the door to the classroom where Professor Big was teaching.  It was the third time he had glanced in and his cock was now fully hard and aching.  The big jock had been completely caught off guard at the teacher’s change of outfit – at first thinking it was incredibly dweebish, since the guy was wearing suspenders, but on closer inspection little hot details suddenly became apparent.  Jared started getting turned on when he noticed how the elastic strips dug into the huge traps of the older man – making the already huge muscles seem like they bulged out even more than they already did.  It was also nice to see the same indentions where the strips cut across the mammoth pecs underneath – making the substantial meat look like a big present wrapped in a bow. Finally, Jared loved how there was actually space between the suspenders and the professor’s tight abs, since his chest expanded out so far.  The big teacher made the geeky outfit work and the poor jock’s lust for the older man was even greater.  Muscled forearms, revealed because sleeves of the too-small button down were rolled up to the elbows, made the linebacker get a little lightheaded.  The tight slacks, hugging the bulbous ass in a way that seemed close to pornographic, had certainly made the horny student even more excited.  Jared was a little panicked – what if Professor Benjamin didn’t join him for the evening.  The student wasn’t sure he could handle the rejection.


Meanwhile, Harry had noticed the football star peeking through the window about ten minutes earlier – causing the professor to immediately break into a sweat created by a mixture of excitement and nervousness.  The professor found it hard to concentrate – stumbling on words and repeating himself a few times.  Harry started to think that his decision to go with Jared was insane and he made up his mind that he would simply tell his student he was thankful for the attention, but he could not join him.  But the super stiff elongated tool pressing against his thigh underneath his pants told him something else.  Harry was thankful that there was a large podium between him and the class – he knew there was no way his cock would not have been noticed.  He realized its huge thickness was clearly outlined through the material and suddenly his pants seemed much tighter than usual.  Only when the professor gave into is basic urges and accepted that he would join Jared for the evening did he re-gain control over his speech and concentration.  Somehow, facing the fact that he wanted to spend the evening with the linebacker more than anything in the world made him calm, cool, and collected.  He even sensed that he was teaching with more enthusiasm and ease than for many years.  He never looked back towards the window in the doorway, because he could feel the young man’s stare without even glancing.  There was a connection that couldn’t be explained – it was just felt.  The rest of the class seemed to sail by quickly and before he knew it people were filing out the door and the beautiful jock had slipped just inside the door.  Harry got even more excited when he saw that Jared was wearing a tight t-shirt that had the logo of some band that the older man did not know.  The shirt was pretty well worn and hung on the young man’s body like a snug-fitting glove – skin tight and obviously used to the contours of the youthful muscles underneath.  A vision of taking his hands and ripping the shirt off the boy’s body with one powerful tug shot through Harry’s mind and the vision freaked the elder man out for a second.  Where in the hell had that intense desire and dominant action come from?  The professor began to realize that the overpowering connection with the student was even more forceful that he understood – a thought that thrilled and worried the teacher at the same time.  Suddenly, Jenny Rogers – a very pretty blonde – was standing in front of him and asking a question.


Jared was amazed at how nervous he felt.  He was usually the typical cocky jock that could handle any situation.  He was also amazed at how pissed off he got when he saw Jenny, the muscle slut, Rogers approach his date for the evening.  Jared knew that the blonde wide-eyed girl loved muscle as much as he did.  She had often begged Jared to flex his guns when they were both drunk at keg parties and even got him to take his shirt off once so she could fondle his bulges and make girlish “ooh” noises as she groped him.  He knew Rogers was only in this particular class because she wanted to stare at Professor Big’s body and imagine him undressed.  And even though that was the main reason Jared, himself, was in the class it didn’t make a difference.  Suddenly, the jock realized he was jealous – and nervous that his dream man might prefer Jenny.  Professor Benjamin was smiling at her and listening intently as she rattled on, a finger playing with her long hair while she leaned in way too close.  For a few seconds Jared was distracted from the flirting when he noticed that the professor’s hard nipple was pressing against the shirt right beside where the suspenders pressed into the muscle.  The elastic strap made the chunky nub of hard meat push out even further, like a flesh-covered silo in the middle of treeless farmland.  Copious amounts of drool filled the jock’s mouth and some gurgled out down his chin.  He quickly wiped his face and made a coughing noise to remind the teacher that he was there.


“Um, those are very good questions, Jenny.  Why don’t you come by my office next week and we can discuss them further.”


“I’ve got time right now, Professor Big … Benjamin.”


“I’m sorry, Jenny.  I’ve got another appointment right now.”


When Jared heard these words his heart started to beat fast and his stomach started doing flip-flops.  It was actually going to happen.  Professor Benjamin was going to go with him for the evening. The jock’s nervousness suddenly got more intense.  He almost passed out when the elder man looked over and smiled in his direction.  Jenny clearly figured out who the appointment was with – seemed to sense the unspoken attraction that was raging like a wildfire between the men – and then helplessly conceded to the jock by telling the professor she’d drop by on Tuesday.  The muscle-loving blonde then walked out of the room very dejected.  Of course, neither of the two men seemed to notice.  They were too intent on what was about to happen.  As the professor started gathering his belongings, Jared took three deep breaths and captured some of his jockish swagger he was known for.  He forced himself to look at this evening’s adventure in the same way he looked at any date he’d ever had with some dude or girl for the four years he’d been at the university – they were lucky ones since they were going out with the best looking guy on campus.  This attitude usually calmed any nervousness that the student felt and even empowered him to lead his dates with alpha-like attitude – a quality that seemed to turn his mate for the evening on even more.  Jared figured he’d need to turn up his alpha-ness tonight to take the lead for the obviously shy muscled older man.  Jared also felt the need to impress Professor Benjamin – in hopes that this evening would be repeated many more times to come, which was a totally new feeling for the ‘date them once and move on’ jock.


Harry’s earlier nervousness had suddenly disappeared.  Having decided to give into his desire to live his life to its fullest and the fact that the student standing near the doorway had released an inner awareness within the professor, caused a confidence that was not normal in the usually introverted man.  Dr. Benjamin accepted the fact that he was about to teeter close to the edge of breaking some rules, but he didn’t care.  He had been a meek mouse for all of his life – following every guideline to the nth degree and never even thinking about doing something spontaneous or for himself.  Tonight was going to be a different night.  He embraced this new path with excitement and great vigor.  He did not want to die with a house full of cats or without ever having given in to an untamed urge.  His body ached for the jock that was now stepping closer towards the middle of the room.  He wasn’t saying he was going to go to bed with the young man – even though that thought crossed his mind a thousand times a minute – but he was going to go out and have a fun evening with him.  This was something Harry seemed to never do – have fun.  Tonight was the night that all things changed for the recluse teacher and he was ready for the new beginning.


“Are you ready, Professor Big?”


“Please don’t call me that.”


“Well then I’ll just call you Big – is that okay?”


Harry stared at the gorgeous student – amazed at how he could sense the confidence radiating off of the jock’s big body.  But the professor also realized that a large chunk of the cocky behavior was being projected for his benefit.  Harry realized that Jared was as nervous as he was – and had found his own way of coping with the wild feelings shooting through his mind.  This sudden awareness empowered the elder man’s confidence even more and he began to feel on level ground with the student.  No longer was he the professor and Jared was the student, but at the same time, no longer was Jared the huge jock and he was the timid lame teacher.  They were now equals – in stature and in size.  It was the wildest feeling Harry had ever felt – this intense awareness of another person – this sixth sense of what made this beautiful younger man tick and how thrilled Jared was to be going out with his new friend.  A rush of excitement washed over Harry’s entire body and he was suddenly calm and intensely powerful at the same time.  He smiled at the jock standing in front of him – a move that made the younger man turn instantly red – and began thinking differently.


“When we’re alone you can call me Big, but when others are around please just call me Harry.”


“Yes sir, Big.”


Telling Jared he could call him Big caused Harry’s cock to throb hard within his pants.  It was the first time he had referred to himself that way and it just felt right.  He had spent a lot of time that afternoon looking in the mirror at home and had realized that the young guy had been right – he had grown a lot.  Harry Benjamin was, indeed, now larger than the star linebacker stud of the university – a fact that had never seemed possible.  A second big jolt shot through his mega stiff shaft as soon as the jock had answered using the name ‘Big.’  Now that Harry was embracing his new size it thrilled him beyond belief to have someone else acknowledge it – especially someone as beautiful and huge as Jared.  It was taking a lot of strength not to throw the big student down on the floor and jump on top of him for a quick release of intense sexual tension.


“I get to choose a name for you, too, though.”


“What’s your pleasure, Big?”


“I think I’ll dub you Jock-Boy.”


“I like it.”


“I thought you might.  What’s the plan for the evening, Jock-Boy?”


“Well, Big, I thought we’d go get drinks with some friends so I can show you off and then I was hoping you might choose a restaurant for dinner.”


“I guess me choosing the restaurant also means I’ll be paying, right?”


“Well, I am a poor college student, Professor Big.  But maybe I can repay you in other ways.”


“Okay … okay, Jock-Boy, none of that kind of talk, yet.  Let’s just go have a nice evening together and play the rest by ear.  I realize we have something powerful going on between us, but let’s not get carried away too quickly.  I want to make sure it’s worth it if we’re going to start breaking rules.”


“I promise it’s worth it, Big.”


Both men just stared at each other.  They sat on a precipice from which there were two ways to fall – one way was into the throes of total lust and would clearly lead to hard things rammed into different parts of their bodies and the other was journey into friendship that might lead to other things down the road.  Both men desperately wanted to tumble quickly down the first path – their bodies seething with the kind of desire that made the gods on Olympus look weak – but they both individually chose the second path.  Harry and Jared both realized they potentially had a lifetime of wild masculine sex and taking the time to get to know each other would probably only intensify the powerful animal magnetism they both felt for the other.


“So, these friends that we’re going to have drinks with – are they students here?”


“No sir.  I like to go to a fun little bar about forty-five minutes away and I’ve got a group of guys there that like to hang out together.  It’s a gay bar, Big.  I hope that’s okay.”


“Of course it is, Jock-Boy.  I’ve been to a few gay bars in my life, you know.”


“But I bet you haven’t since you started to look all huge, have you?”


“Um … well, know.  What makes you say that?”


“You wouldn’t still be single, Big, you wouldn’t still be single.  Ready to go?”


“Yes.  Who’s driving?”


“I’ve seen your ancient Volvo and I think my Mustang will fit our big bodies a little better.  Besides, I also know you drive like an old man.”


“Hey, that’s mean.  And how do you know that, anyway?”


“I’ve been stalking you for months, Big.”


“You’ve what?”


“I’ve been so hot for you that I followed you around – I know where you live, where you work out, and even where you shop for groceries.”


“That’s a little scary, Jared.”


“I was trying to figure out if you were gay, Big!  I didn’t want to make a moved if I thought I’d be rejected.”


“Oh yeah?  And what gave me away?”


“I didn’t know for sure until today – in your office.  When I flexed my big arm on your desk you went all white in the face and I could tell your mouth went dry.  That was all the confirmation I needed, but then when you looked at your own huge biceps – especially after it ripped through your shirt – your body got such a surge of lust that I could feel it radiating out of every pore.  I think we’re the same – you and me, professor – I think we both like huge muscles and handsome men.”


“Um … yes, I guess we do.  But it’s a well-known fact that you date girls, too, Jared.  I’ve always assumed you were bi.  I just haven’t ever found anyone that could completely satisfy me, Big, that’s all.  I started running out of cute boys to plow, so I figured I’d try some women.  I have a feeling, though, that I won’t be straddling the fence any more.”


“Okay, sir, it’s time to go.  Right now.  March – come on, out the door before we do something we’ll regret.  Let’s go meet your friends.”


Both men were on that kind of high that comes on quickly when you fully realize that someone you have lusted over for a long time actually feels the same way about you.  Harry now intimately knew what the phrase ‘he floated out of the room’ felt like.  He had never felt his body tingling the way it did as he and Jared made their way from the building and towards the beautiful restored Mustang parked across two spots in the parking lot.  Harry noted the rude parking job – he had always wondered the kind of guys that thought they had the right to do such a thing.  He realized that part of getting to know Jared would be teaching him some manners, as well.  The professor realized the jock was young and not fully mature, but he also realized that he could be the man to help Jared learn a few of life’s lessons – like doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.  That phrase stuck in the elder man’s mind for a while – maybe the quote could be transferred to the bedroom, as well.  The sound of the suped-up car starting returned Harry to the present moment.  On the way to the bar the two men chatted away like they had known each other for years.  Jared’s enthusiasm about being with Professor Big got the best of him and he rattled on a hundred miles per hour – almost driving as fast, too.  Harry didn’t mind the speed of the young man’s mouth or the car.  It was thrilling to be flying down the highway with such abandon and it was equally as exciting to listen to the young man trying so desperately to impress.  The professor was surprised to learn that the two men had so many things in common – Jared loved old movies, museums, and traveling.  These were all things that rated high on Harry’s favorite things, as well.  Their backgrounds were similar, as well – both of them grew up as only children in small towns.  It was also fun to realize that the small town they were headed to right now was where Jared grew up and that many of the friends they would be meeting were mates from as far back as elementary school.


“There’s the bar – Rusty’s.  Out in the middle of nowhere, isn’t it?”


“Indeed.  I guess that makes it easier to fly under the radar.”


“I guess it does.  I haven’t hidden the fact that I’m attracted to men since high school.  I came out loud and clear as a freshman and no one really batted an eye.”


“I’m sure it had something to do with you being the star football player, Jared.  For some of us – born in a different time and of different size – struggled a little bit more.”


“Well if size is what empowers people to come out of the closet, Big, then you should be the main event at a large pride parade.  You’ve got enough muscles to make all the women cry about losing another one to the other team.  I also think your body could convert a few straight men to our side, too.  Shall we go in?”

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This story was too good to be forgotten.  Thanks for bringing it back.  Love to see a sequel though I've got a good idea what is in store for Jockboy and Professor Big.  They have a lot to learn from each other and no doubt will be creating plenty of HOT muscle encounters.

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I'm not sure if it's exactly the story you're looking for, but "Professor Big" by Londonboy could possibly be it. If it's not the right one, it's certainly in the same vein. 

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7 hours ago, Kymuscleboy said:

I'm not sure if it's exactly the story you're looking for, but "Professor Big" by Londonboy could possibly be it. If it's not the right one, it's certainly in the same vein. 

Where is that? 

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13 hours ago, Kymuscleboy said:

I'm not sure if it's exactly the story you're looking for, but "Professor Big" by Londonboy could possibly be it. If it's not the right one, it's certainly in the same vein. 

is there a link?

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On 6/11/2019 at 11:59 AM, Kymuscleboy said:

I'm not sure if it's exactly the story you're looking for, but "Professor Big" by Londonboy could possibly be it. If it's not the right one, it's certainly in the same vein. 

please , give us a link

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I would like to read this story too, I tried searching for it but couldn't find it :(

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8 hours ago, Kymuscleboy said:

Sorry for the delay. I also could not find a current link for it. I have it saved. I guess it's possible that I put the wrong author's name on it. I'll post it. Hopefully it's cool with Londonboy and/or the actual author.



Professor Big – by Londonboy

YESSSSSSSSSSs.  That's it!  O

Of course it would be by Londonboy.  He writes some of the best middle-aged and older muscle guy stories.

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