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9 hours ago, expandingmuscle said:

I hope people are enjoying the revised version of the existing story.

'Enjoying' is putting it mildly, buddy :) Take your time over Part 3; I'm sure it'll be worth the wait!

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This is the beginning of the new section of the story. It could still be revised I suppose, but here is how it stands for now. This is not the last part, but it could be a while before any more is ready. I look forward to feedback and observations. Thanks guys.



Part III

Over the tops of the small university town's buildings, Jakk saw the people beginning to stir. Lights were coming on in windows, vehicles were starting to move. People were lining up at the rail stops.

He knew that the lights and the trains wouldn't keep going much longer. The systems that allowed them to work were being hollowed out by his nutrient synthesis program. The system was learning as it went along. It was starting to actually attack elements of the power grid instead of just waiting for them to become idle. The program was growing and adapting, finding ways to corral more and more of the power grid. By causing overloads here and there, it created shutdowns of distribution. The power was never able to be restored to those systems. All that power was being set aside to build Jakk bigger and bigger. The cascading failure of the power grid meant more food for Jakk. He was giddy at the prospect, and determined to make himself even greedier as fast as he could.

A couple of hundred people were staring up at Jakk in awe and shock. The idea that anyone really would grow so huge had never been imagined by the people in his academic community. He wondered how many of them recognized him. He wouldn't actively taunt them, but neither would he be swayed at all by any of their appeals to reason. His brain had grown and changed too. His cognitive abilities were shifted toward his agenda, without any concern at all for anyone else or what they wanted or needed.

Jakk would become an even more gigantic muscle god, and then more. He soaked his awareness back into himself again, feeling his frame and all of his muscles swell and bulge with greater and greater ferocity, his nervous system a ruthless amplifier of sensation and acquisitive capacity. He wanted to grow faster, to dominate everything and use up more and more of the power on the planet. He wanted to consume all of its energy into his vast and burgeoning body. He knew that once he reached a certain degree of control over the grid, he would be unstoppable, and then he'd be able to grow even faster.

Jakk felt the nutrients forming more of his body faster and faster. The grid was now seeming to pump itself directly into his muscles. He arched his back and raised his head toward the sky. He roared unabashedly, and terrified all of the people in the town. Since they started watching him just after dawn, he had grown another 150 feet taller, and was now 250 feet tall, his wildly hypertrophied physique was over seven million pounds.

Jakk's head had grown too, of course, to accomodate all the new nervous control, but he knew that his head was incredibly small compared to body's scale. As he looked from side to side, as much as he could turn his head, he marvelled at how vastly wide his body was. He figured that his shoulders were as wide as 10 buses placed end to end, and he could feel his lats protuding out even further from his back, both to the sides and further back as they thickened. He roared again, celebrating the sensation of his muscular mass, which was growing bigger and bigger every second.

Jack concentrated as hard as he could, to make it happen even faster. Within a few minutes, all of the power grid within about 200 square kilometers except that in the computer lab, which was feeding him, was shut off. He expanded the nutrient circumference in his stomach until he felt like he couldn't take any more pressure. Suddenly he started to grow like never before. His height shot up by more than fifty feet in just a couple of minutes, and even as that was happening, he grew more muscular than ever. He felt amazing. He concentrated again. This time the grid shut down over 700 square kilometers, and although he was already growing much faster than before, Jakk forced the issue again with his matter broadcasters, building the pressure and size of the nutrients in his stomach until he felt very uncomfortable, on the verge of pain.

Now Jakk was growing so fast it was almost disorienting. His body soared up higher and higher into the sky, and became more and more packed with muscle. I'm going to turn the world into my muscles, he thought, filled with lust and joy at the prospect. The lowest level of clouds seemed almost close enough to touch. Soon he would be able to stir them around with his hands. He focused again and knocked out the power for 3000 square kilometers. Most of the province.

Jakk spoke to those down below. "Now I'm going to grow into your God." he said calmly. he began constantly expanding the nutrient density and circumference inside himself, but it didn't hurt any more. He was more efficient now. He began to explode with size. He was bigger than a mountain within just a few minutes, and growing faster and faster. He felt the power blasting into him, his body was literally growing by orders of magnitude now.

Even a small fraction of the pleasure he was feeling now would kill a man. Jakk wanted more. He was determined to grow billions of times bigger. He could already feel the inevitiblilty of it, of himself consuming everything, converting more and more and more into his muscles, his cosmicly huge body. He started laughing again, the glee overcoming him as he kept on exploding with size and mass and power. "MORE!" he roared over and over.

On the other side of the planet, his program had gained control of a group of orbital laser platforms. They immediately started to blast down onto the surface and melt everything into a plasma, which was being collected by phantom beam power and fed into the grid to be used to help Jakk grow faster. They kept eating away at the material of the surface, digging into the ground and consuming the land. in an hour, hundreds of cubic kilometers of earth had been vaporized. Suddenly, Jakk became aware of what was going on with the laser platforms.

This is serious, Jakk thought. The system is starting to eat the planet and feed it to me. There will no going back once this gets very far along. Jakk wanted to jump up and down. He was eating the world! I'm going to cram it all into my muscles! I'm going to turn EVERYTHING into ME! His growth kept accelerating, faster and faster now. The planetary defense systems had been brought under his control, and subverted to feed him the planet.

Jakk looked around the grid with his mind and discovered six more groups of laser platforms. He immediately took control of them and duplicated the process. Now he was consuming seven of the nine continental plates on the planet. I will empty those plates, but I need to get started on the other two as soon as I can figure out a way. Jakk's body was visible for thousands of kilometers in every direction. His body was changing the weather, and his weight was warping the surface of the planet.

The grid acquisition program was starting to manipulate the atmosphere, so that it was deeper around Jakk, and not as thick anywhere else. It was also comandeering desalination plants and parsing the ocean minerals. For miles and miles along the coastlines, mile high batteries were collecting electrochemical energy and feeding it into the grid. More for Jakk. The laser platforms focused on areas with the most to offer, minerals, material that would give the most energy. More for Jakk.

An entire mountain range had already been leveled on the far side of the planet, and what was left looked like matte finished glass, about 300 feet below the surrounding elevation. More for Jakk. There were whole islands that were gone, whole cities wiped off the map, entire ecosystems evaporated. More for Jakk. More for Jakk. More for Jakk.

Jakk knew what was happening to all of these places, and he was happy about it. He wasn't interested in being sentimental about things that could become his body, his frame, his muscles.

The orbital platforms continued to blast the surface, but they were moving in orbit to form a circle in one particular area of the globe. The southern hemisphere near a rift between two plates. The tectonic plates were moving apart there, leaving a gap which produced a string of volcanoes and fissures.

Jakk knew what was about to start. All of the lasers trained on the planet's largest volcano, Mount Nolvodus, on the end of a chain of volcanic islands. The Volcano began erupting but the magma and lava was being vaporized and converted into power. Jakk felt an amazing surge of even faster growth. The lasers kept boring away at the volcano.

Several other nearby volcanoes began erupting violently. water from the ocean began to fall into the hole being drilled by the lasers, sending up immense plumes of steam that started the rotation pattern for a cyclone, then another, and another. soon there were three powerful hurricaines swirling about the south seas, further south than would ever happen normally.

The lasers kept drilling away at the volcano's coordinates, even though the mountain was long gone. Soon a long crack formed in the area, and all of the erupting vocanoes and the islands around them shook dramatically, triggering tsunamis that spread out across the ocean in every direction. before another hour passed, the crack opened wider, and all of the islands fell into it, followed by vast roaring swaths of ocean water, making a bigger plume of steam, that reached out beyond the atmosphere into space.

Jakk was growing so much faster now, it was dizzying, but he just wanted more and more and more. More for Jakk. More for Jakk! Jakk was taller than any mountain, and nearly as wide, stuffed with expanses of muscle bigger than whole regions of Aminoterre. He reveled in the sensation of his size and power. His consciousness migrated around in him, fully feeling all the immensity of himself, and the way his body kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

He could never get tired of feeling himself grow. It was the most compelling, addictive sensation imaginable. Jakk knew that he would never have even thought about this kind of thing before the experiment, but now it was the only thing that mattered.

Was he even the same man? No, he thought, and why would he ever want to be, when he was now becoming cosmically huge, with a mind so supremely capable, entirely focused on growth and mass and power. "I am all that matters!" I am everything!" Jakk exulted. He knew the next step was going to make him bigger than a world. "Yeah, ME! ME ME ME!"

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9 hours ago, expandingmuscle said:

Even a small fraction of the pleasure he was feeling now would kill a man. Jakk wanted more. He was determined to grow billions of times bigger. He could already feel the inevitiblilty of it, of himself consuming everything, converting more and more and more into his muscles, his cosmicly huge body. He started laughing again, the glee overcoming him as he kept on exploding with size and mass and power. "MORE!" he roared over and over.

See, THIS is why this is a hot story. Jakk will never be satisfied with his size; his greed is insatiable. An amazing chapter, expandingmuscle :) 

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