m/m The Grind (Updated 6/30/2020)

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Great start! Nice writing and love the size difference between the two.

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I have a newfound appreciation for, um, grinding.... Divine story start, Kadethewolf!

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Wow!  Great story.  Mark is truly a fantasy man.  I too enjoy the rugged, hands-on, construction type.  I was picturing Mark's sweaty tanned muscles glistening as the sparks showered him.  And his cocky, fun biceps flexes.  Can't wait to read more.  

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Hey guys!  

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments.  I'm glad to have found a supportive community of muscle-lovers like myself, and I'll definitely be continuing the story at some point to be determined.

I would like to take this opportunity now to invite those of you who do visual art to draw one of the scenes from the story.  I would like to see how you guys visualize my story.



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This fantasy it's everyone's fantasy.

I loved it.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this and can't wait for more.

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I laughed breathlessly as I came down from my post-orgasmic high.  

Oh my god, that was amazing.

I became aware of a warm, wet spot in my pants from the semen, as it seeped through my underwear and my shorts.

“That was fucking sexy,” spoke Mark in his husky, smooth baritone of a voice.

“Just, the way I was driving you crazy, the way you kept spasming and moaning.  I loved doing that to you.  I love making you feel good.” he admitted in earnest.

I peered over Mark’s rippled body, the golden dusting of hair smoothed down with a layer of sweat that made him glisten in the lights of the garage.
His broad, tan shoulders.  Shoulders I just wanted to lay my head on while he bearhugged me.
His voluminous, round pecs, each finished off with a nice, hard, enticing nipple.
His rippling six pack abs, so cobbled and bumpy and so unimaginably hard.
His brawny arms, his baseball biceps, his bulging triceps, his veiny forearms, his rough, calloused, beefy hands.

And then up to his devilishly handsome face.  Beautiful, blue eyes with a mischievous glint.  Short blonde hair, slightly tousled from his metalwork and our makeout session.  His charming smile.  His perfectly kissable lips.  His sandpaper stubble that was so hot to touch.

His boner through his trainers.

Upon noticing my observation of him, Mark set down the grinder and took off his safety glasses.

“Damn it, Tommy boy.  You’re so fuckin’ cute.  Lookin’ at me like that,” Mark exclaimed.

This, this… this beautiful hunk of a man, this physical wonder, this perfection… he thought I was attractive.

I mean, I always saw myself as decent looking.  On the skinnier side, beginning to accumulate a little bit of padding as my metabolism slowed down.  Tall.  Lanky.  I worked out a little.  But I always saw myself as averagely handsome, nothing more.  

But this man, he saw me as so much more than that.  I was held by a mixture of awe and flattery.

He… me???

Mark seemed to read my mind.

He walked over to me, a slight swagger defining his movement.

“C’mere,” Mark whispered once more.

Crouching down to eye level with me, he delicately removed the glasses from my face and kissed me lightly on the nose. Then, he wrapped his long, ripped arms around me, and lifted me clean off the couch.  He was rugged, but gentle, knowing exactly how to carry me in such a way that my sprained ankle was not disturbed.

He carried me out of the garage.  I felt almost like a child, the way he so effortlessly picked me up.  I put my head on his shoulder, and felt the hard, warm muscle beneath me flex and release with each step.  It felt incredible, and I began to feel aroused again.

Mark made his way back to the couch where he first addressed my sprained ankle.  He set me down on it, and grinned down at me.

“You scare me sometimes, you know that ri-AH!” I was unable to finish as Mark tackled me onto the sofa.  

“I’ve got you now, boy.  You’re never gonna escape.  No sir.  Not on my watch.  You’re mine, now. And now, you’re gonna feel my power.” he purred.  Our gazes were locked into each other, our faces inches apart.  Mark straddled me, and his brutally powerful arms pinned mine down against the cushions.

He eyed me deviously, looking down at the collar of my shirt.  He raised one eyebrow, as if asking to remove it from my body.

“Rip it, stud,” I commanded, surprising myself.

Mark’s face froze slightly with shock, before he composed himself, staring me down with a mock-sneer.

“Oh yeah?” He asked sarcastically.

He grabbed the collar of my tee in his thick, strong hands, and with one powerful tug, tore my shirt clean down the middle.  Looking at my bare chest now exposed to him, Mark gazed at it, as if committing every little detail to memory.

He stopped dead in his tracks. 

Just as I was about to give him an inquiring look, Mark swooped in, kissing my neck roughly and passionately.  I shouted and laughed in surprise, as the sensations from his lips traversed through my body like an electrical fire.  It felt so good, this barrage of kisses.  I was being turned to jelly by this muscle man. And yet...

An idea suddenly came to mind.

“Oh, am I now?  We’ll see about that,” I responded breathily, my words fighting their way out.  And I began to wrestle against Mark, my smaller forearms straining against his much bigger, stronger ones.  

“Again?  Do we have a rebel, now?”

“Feel MY power, Mark.”

And with that I slammed my body upward against Mark’s as best I could.  Except because of my ankle, my chest flew forward and just kind of bounced off Mark’s pecs, before I flopped back down on the couch.  Not my proudest moment.

Mark stared at me for a minute, stunned, before he burst out laughing, his deep, sexy laugh booming through his living room.  
“Oh, that was real cute,” said Mark, leaning his handsome face dangerously close to mine.  

“That was real fuckin’ cu-” Mark’s teasing was cut short as I slammed my lips against his.  His hold on my wrists loosened, and I was able to wrench them free, this time wrapping my arms tightly around his muscular back.

Mark growled into the kiss, his large arms snaking around my neck.

Our hardening members ground against each others’ bodies.  As we kissed, I rutted against Mark’s massive thigh, and I could feel his boner through his trainers rubbing on my lower torso as he rubbed and tweaked my nipples.

My heart hammered in my chest.  My breathing was rapid, and caught in my throat repeatedly.  My dick strained against my pants to the point where it was becoming painful.

Mark stared down into my eyes lustfully.

“C’mere,” he rasped.

“I’m gonna take care of you, my Tommy boy.  I’ve got you, right here, right now.  You just hold onto me.  Feel my power.  Feel my body against yours.” he growled into my ear, his rough, husky voice and warm breath making my head tingle and my mind foggy.

With that, he trapped me in a tight bearhug and began to suck on my neck.  I screamed out in pleasure.  Every inch of my skin was alive and buzzing.  I shivered with excitement.  I had never felt so protected in my life than I did in this moment with Mark, as his giant, hard, warm body lovingly smothered my own.

Our pelvises thrusted rhythmically with each other, as if in synchronization.  Mark growled animalistically in my ear.  Listening to the sound of his pleasure drove me wild. 

Almost there.  Almost there.  

“Mark, I - oh shit - Mark I’m gonna cum!” I shouted desperately.

Not much time left. 

Any second now.

“Then hold on to me, my boy.  I’ve got you.  You ready for this?  Huh?  You fuckin’ ready?” Mark purred.

“Yes! Oh fuck fuck fuck MARK!” I screamed desperately, clawing into Mark’s meaty back, my head buried between the couch and his pecs.

“Oh yeah!  Fuck yeah!  Here we fuckin' go, Tommy boy.  FUCK YEAH!  FUCK YEAH!” Mark roared in ecstasy.

We climaxed together.  Mark squeezed my smaller frame tightly against his massive one, and he held me as powerfully intense orgasms ripped through our bodies. 

I cried out and my body shook wildly as my seed shot out of my cock, through my pants, and mixed with Mark’s own cum spilling out of his trainers.  He held me as we rode out the last waves of our climaxes with each other.

Sweat dripping from his brow, Mark collapsed on top of me, panting heavily.

“Holy… holy shit, Tom.  That was incredible… you’re incredible,” he breathed.

“Damn.  I’m flattered,” I replied.

Then it occurred to me:  This was my first time doing anything sexual with another person, let alone another man.  Mark had made me feel so safe, comfortable, and loved, that I had forgotten to be horribly nervous and awkward about the whole thing.

“I mean… I’d never done anything like this before now.” I admitted.

Mark sat up, straddling me.

“Wait, so I was your first?  Dude, really?” He asked incredulously.

I nodded slowly.

“You were so good.  Damn, you’re fuckin’ great at this, man. I never would’ve known if you hadn’t told me,” replied Mark.

My hands moved to grasp his bigger ones.  I stroked them gently and slowly as I spoke.

“You made it so easy.  Look, I don’t know if it’s just because you’re really charming and reassuring, or we’ve got great chemistry, or you’re super sexy,” I quipped with a wink, pawing at his perfect pecs, “but you were the perfect person to be my first.  You made me feel so comfortable and sure of myself. Thank you.” I answered honestly, peering up into his deep, blue eyes.

“I’m honored, man,” said Mark quietly.

He leaned down, pressing his lips against mine softly and sweetly, his hand cupping my chin and cheek.  I breathed in his manly, spent, sweaty scent, relishing this tender glow of a moment between us.

We silently ended the kiss.

 For a few moments, Mark rested his head in the crook of my neck, his muscular body a loving, affectionate shield wrapped protectively around me.
I closed my eyes, listening to the sound of his soft, steady breathing, his warm breath tickling my ear gently, the slight whistle of air through his nose.  I pressed my cheek against his and enjoyed the contrast of slight stubble against smooth skin.  I explored his back with my hands, rubbing soothingly and feeling the strong, sinewy muscle relax against the light touch of my fingers.

I could've lay here forever, with Mark.  My strong, powerful protector.

After a period of just holding each other and listening to each other breathe, I felt Mark nudge me.

“What’s up?” I whispered lazily.

“You know, I still have some work to do.” he responded.


“I could teach you a thing or two about grinding.  How’s that sound?”


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LOVE IT!  I want a Mark, lol. 

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Oh Man. This keeps getin better and better

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