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news 25APR2019 - Server Move & Security Improvements

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Well guys it happened again. We grew too big for our britches and needed to get a bigger pair. 

Overnight we made the seamless move to a brand new host which gives us a huge boost in backend performance and a larger storage space for all the content and media that everyone is producing. By my accounts our website is just shy of 150GB in size and the database alone is over 10GB in size. This data is also being redundantly backed up and encrypted  to make sure the data that is being produced stays safe. 

After many years of creating content the community has exploded in size and I'm very happy with what we have built today. 

Along with the backend improvements we also rolled out some security updates that will not be reflected but run in the background to ensure everyone stays secure and safe while browsing the forums. While most people won't see any of these changes it enforces a policy of rejecting unsafe older web browser versions and outdated software. One big change in doing this is to strictly enforce encryption and authentication between you and the server to make sure you are safe and will not be vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks.  

Safety of your user data and the integrity of the forums is my number one priority, we will continue to roll out security improvements and stay on the cutting edge of safety and security. 


You can use this forum thread to also report any broken links or broken pieces of content you may find as we are still cleaning up after the move. 

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