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Welcome to the B.U.S.T. Club

Episode One: Welcome to the Gallery

written by: Mr. Mouse


      This series contains copyright characters from a number of different series by a number of different companies and they are all copyright their respective owners. All characters featured are over 18 and are conscenting adults in the events that progress. These stories are not for profit and are only for fun... that being said... on with the fun parts.


      In this world of toons. The cartoon characters from any number of shows blink into existance along with their small part of the world as it is created in our world. They act as performers and are aware of their shows as any actor might be. When the shows are cancelled they just hang out and visit around. While their shows or other cartoons are actively being created they work hard... though some eventually do turn to the more pornographic routes on occasion, depending on the creator.


     This particular story in the world of toons starts shortly after the recording of a new Sylvester and Tweety cartoon. It was set in their show: The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries, and was from short entitled: Good Bird Hunting. In that episode Sylvester got a magic amulet that made him incredibly muscular and super strong. He used his powers to fend off a mountain lion and to capture Tweety, at least until an accident resulted in him losing the amulet and therefore his powers.

     The assistant director blew a whistle then the director called out, "Cut! That's a wrap people. We got everything we need. Good episode."

     Immediately afterwards everyone on set dropped character and they shook hands congratulating one another on a job well done. Tweety Bird was of to his trailer, as was Granny, Hector the Bulldog, and Pete Puma. Sylvester the cat, however, remained behind on set.

     He whistled to himself as he waited and then saw the man of his desire, Pepe le Pew peek his head in from behind one of the light boxes.

     "Zat was most excellent, pigeon," said the skunk in his thick French accent, "I really liked zis episode."

     The cat walked over to the skunk and embraced him in a hug that pressed their naked chests together. He locked lips before allowing the skunk to say another word.

     After the long and passionate kiss, Sylvester looked Pepe in the eyes. He had a sadness hidden there as he spoke back with a lisp, "I really liked it to. You know what my favorite part was?" the cat then took a few steps back and flexed back to his massive buff size once more. He did a few poses to show off his arms, then flexed his abs taught, and finished off bouncing his pecs. He stayed large and held a double bicep pose, "This was my favorite part. I wish I could let out my buff side more often. why can't they just write a cartoon where we're super strong and muscular the whole time?"

      Sylvester huffed as he walked off then picked up a massive boulder and crushed it against his powerful chest with his massive arms. He flexed again and the remnants of rock rubble landed at Pepe's feet.

     The skunk smiled and flexed up as well, his muscles dwarfing that of the cat. He walked over and the ground shook under his footfalls, "Mais oui, mon petit minou. Zis would be so nice to stay in ze buff forms for more zan a small gag from time to time, no?"

     The muscular skunk scooped up the massive Sylvester in his arms and the pair's muscles writhed against each others. They were fighting for space as the toons held each other tight in a hug that could crush boulders. They kissed passionately and were lost in the heat of the moment.

     That was when they heard a voice call out to interrupt them, "Maybe I could, I say, maybe I could help you two with that."

     The pair immediately released each other and reduced back to their ordinary outward toon appearances. Sylvester cleared his throat and looked away while Pepe faced the interruptor head on but blushing a bit. They both stood quietly before the other toon.

     It was Foghorn Leghorn, a tall white rooster with a southern accent, "What's a matta boys? Cat got both ya tongues or just chompin down on the skunk's tongue got both your mouths busier than a centipede at a toe countin' contest?"

     Sylvester refused to make eye contact and blushed profusely, "We were uh, just rehearsing a scene for a new cartoon we got the scripts for is all. Nothin' to see here, Foghorn."

     "Look at me when I'm talkin to ya, son. Y'all are both about as sharp as a bowlin' ball if ya think I don't know what's goin' on," Chuckled the rooster as he slapped his big belly, "Wasn't hard to hear you to conversatin'. I came over here cause I heard the rocks then I just listened in. Y'all were makin more noise than a couple of skeletons throwin a fit on a tin roof."

     "What eez it zat you want?" asked Pepe.

     "Pay attention boys. I'm not just talkin' to hear my head roar." said Foghorn Leghorn. He pulled a couple of business cards from out of nowhere and handed them off to Pepe and Sylvester. He shot finger guns at the pair and said, "Y'all want to be able to let loose and getcher buff sides on then head on down to that address and wear some clothes there too. Be sure ta hold on to them cards. Yer gonna' need 'em to get in the first time. Trust me, I say, trust me boys. Yer gonna be happy tha'cha did."

      The tall rooster was off with a wink as Sylvester and Pepe looked to one another and then read the cards. The back side had an address in the bad part of downtown but the front side said:


Welcome to the B.U.S.T. Club


     "Ze Bust Club?" asked Pepe, "What does zis mean?"

     "I dunno," Sylvester shrugged. He then flexed his muscles lightly to show off a little definition, "I also dunno about you but I'm dyin' to find out."

     Pepe shared a small flex of his own, "Alright zen l'amour de ma vie. Let us find out what zis is all about."

     The pair of toons got cleaned up in Sylvester's trailer since shooting wrapped up. They headed down to the wardrobe department after and each picked an outfit.

     Sylvester wore a tank top and some basketball shorts while Pepe put on a black leather jacket and some blue jeans. Both went barefoot and Pepe seemed proud to be bare chested.

     Sylvester couldn't resist. He went up to the skunk and hugged him with one arm while the other traced over his chest, "That jacket really suits you, Pepe."

     Pepe smiled and resisted the urge to flex any bigger as he kissed his cat, "You don't look half bad yourself, mon petit minou. However, if we focus too much on each other now, we may never get to ze club."

     Sylvester resisted flexing up bigger as well then gave a nod, "Right then. Let's go, dear."

     He gave Pepe a playful swat on the ass and with that they were off. They took a cab who was all too thrilled to speed off after it dropped them in one of the more dangerous parts of the city. The whole area was run down and dirty. The pair looked to each other a bit concerned as they approached the address. There was a big metal door with a sliding view line part way up. Pepe gave the door a knock and the small door on the bigger one slid open.

     A pair of eyes, hidden behind sunglasses gazed down at them. Then a voice with a thick austrian accent spoke, "What do you vant?"

     Pepe swallowed hard, "Um yes. We were given zese cards and told by Foghorn Leghorn to come here?"

     The pair held up the business cards and showed them to the eye slot. The Austrian voice came back, "Ya. You are in ze right place. Come een."

     The door opened with clank and thud. They stepped in and it was slammed shut behind them by none other than Arnold the pitbull. They had both remembered working with him on Tiny toons but had never seen him quite like this.

     The white furred pitbull was naked except for a small red speedo but he looked far taller, buffer, and more powerful than he had on that show. He must have stood nine feet tall with muscles on top of muscles on top of even more muscle. However, at their current toon heights their lines of sight were closer aligned with what he was packing in that speedo, and boy was he packing. There was no doubt that he had a massive bait and tackle expertly crammed into a speedo that was just a tad too small. So much so that a bit of neck was showing at the top and the bottom came down over the massive balls nearly too his knees even though he was soft.

     "Why don't choo take a picture? Eet will last longer?" said Arnold with a flex that made his biceps go right up to the ten foot tall ceiling with a thud. A bit of rock from the grey-stone ceiling was knocked off and crumpled around his impossible strength, "Oops. I keep forgetting I can bring zis place down with ze few light flexes."

     Arnold chuckled a bit as he looked down over his monsterous pecs at the smaller toons. Pepe was busy staring and so Sylvester chimed in, "What is this place? Where do we go? What do we do here?"

     "Ya, zis place is da Bust Club. B.U.S.T. Club which stands for Big Underground Strong Toon Club," Arnold smiled, "Zis place is where we toons can go full adult mode and full buff mode without worrying about any cartoon fans seeing or finding out. Eet eez private unt secret for only true muscle toons to let loose. Speaking of, you don't have to hide your junk vit deeze when you ist here."

     Arnold reached down and with one fell swoop, reached in the sides of their pants and removed their undergarments. They were specially designed underware, called toon belts, they could wear as toons when totally or partially "naked" and it would conceal their genitals, nipples, and whatever else they needed to hide from public view in their cartoons. Pepe and Sylvester barely had time to react as he was so fast. They looked in awe as they saw that he somehow removed them without ripping them and then handed them back.

     Sylvester let out a little mew as he saw Pepe's black nipples and ariola now amongst his sexy white chest fur from the open leather jacket. His own pink nipples were hidden by his tank top but still made small bumps against the material. Pepe shot him a wink before looking to arnold with his toon belt in hand, "Where do we go from ere?"

     Arnold pointed to an elevator at the end of a sketchy looking hallway. there were no doors or windows in this building whatsoever, at least none that could be seen from this dimly lit hall. Arnold explained, "Go to ze elevator, hit ze button dat says B9 and then check your toon belts at ze desk. After zat zey will explain more down zere. It isn't safe to talk about ze rest too much by ze door to outside, ya?"

     "Okay," said Sylvester. He took pepe by the hand and the pair walked down the long hall to the elevator.

     The doors opened as they approched and Arnold gave them a nod and wink to signify it was all okay. They walked in and saw buttons that were marked floors 01 through 20 on one side while there were floors B1 through B10 on the other. Pepe pushed the button for B8 then realized his mistake and hit the button for B9 right after. Arnold had started to play with his nipple in one hand but waved to them with the other as the doors closed and his cock started to enlarge a bit.

     "I'm not a hundred percent sure about this," said Sylvester, trying not to spray Pepe as he spoke.

     The elevator moved and moved fast to floor B8. the elevator dinged and revealed what looked like an empty warehouse. They only had a moment to look out as the doors closed and the elevator went down one more floor. They walked out and saw what looked to be a fancy spa with gold and black art deco designs all around. There was fancy marble floor tile that felt cool on their bare feet and there were massive massage chairs on either side of the huge room which had 100 foot tall ceilings. They saw a desk not far from them and behind it stood Foghorn Leghorn though not as he had appeared before.

     The rooster was a good six and a half feet tall before but now he must have stood ten feet tall if he were an inch. He had massive muscles and a gigantic muscle gut. He wore the cuffs and collar of a dress shirt, along with a red bow tie, but no other clothing aside from a massive speedo that contained a cock's cock which put Arnold's to shame. The desk said "Toon Belt Check" on the front and the pair approched to see their friend. Henry Hawk was sitting on the desk dressed the same but, were he standing, would have stood a mere six feet tall with muscles to rival a god. He kicked his legs playfully as the toons approached.

     "Glad you two, I say, Glad you two could make it," smiled Foghorn Leghorn, "I didn't wanna give away too much but I thought I was being as subtle about it as a hand grenade in a barrel of oatmeal."

     "Zis place looks fantastique, no?" said Pepe to Sylvester.

     "Thith is amazing!" said Sylvester, "We can really flex up as big as we want?"

     Foghorn accentuated the actuality of his size when he set his massive package on the desk with a resounding thud that shook the desk and made it creek from the weight, "Flex as big, I say, flex as big as you want and fuck as much as you want."

     Henry Hawk began to rub over the massive package with both his hands, "There's just three rules o' dis place. Tell em Foggy."

     "Rules?" asked Sylvester.

     Foghorn nodded and crossed his massive arms over his massive chest so the muscles fought for room like too many baloons crammed into a tight space, "Now pay attention boys. Y'all we gotta have some rules or we would do more damage than a bull in a china shop. First rule is we can't let the cartoon fans know about this place or who might go here or it could ruin careers. Second rule is you can have sexy times with anyone out want but only if they say it's okay. No raping no matter what happens. Third rule is no letting loose all the way outside the art gallery. You boys understand all that?"

     They found it a little hard to focus with the massive cock cock growing on the desk before them and leaking more precum than most people could cum in a whole year. Henry smiled as he saw them jealous of the massive member.

     Sylvester and Pepe nodded but Pepe spoke for both as he said, "We understand Foghorn. What is the art gallery though?"

     Foghorn nodded, "I'll have, I say, I'll have my man show you as it's better to show than try and explain. Now bring up your toon belts and we'll get y'all sorted out, boys."

     The Rooster rang a small bell on the desk twice then waited with a devious grin. The smaller pair walked up to the desk to present their toon belts when there came a thundering thoom thoom thoom of massive foot falls that shook the ground beneath them. Out from the blinds behind the desk came a massive ten foot tall toon dressed the same as Henry and Foghorn.

     It was the all too familiar face of Pepe's fourth cousin: Pitu le Pew. His footfalls stopped short of the pair as he lifted up the hair draped over his eyes and peered down over his massive pectorals. Hearts popped from his eyes as he got a better look at the newcomers. He clasped his hands together in glee as his cock throbbed a little bigger, really straining that speedo. He spoke with the same French accent as Pepe when he addressed them, "Ah cousin and sacre bleu... the ever delicious Sylvester. How good eet eez to see you both 'ere. I am so happy zat I get to show you to ze galerie d'art. Come come. I show you ze best time you ever had, mon petits."

     He turned away with his big fluffy tail practically wagging then waved for them to follow him in. His heavy foot falls still shook the ground. Both Pepe and Sylvester adjusted themselves after exposure to so many buff toons and in anticipation of what was to cum. Even at their normal toon sizes they still had quite the respectable packages and neither one's outfits did a good job of hiding their boners. Walking was a little awkward as they went through a hallway to a room filled with giant paintings that were flush with the ground. the gallery seemed to go on for miles.

     The paitings all had golden frames around them and each one must have been 15 feet tall and 10 feet across. The picture frames all had lights on them, some lights were red and others were green. There were a variety of paintings that ranged from mountain ranges, to tropical islands, city scapes, japanese bath houses, spas, beaches, forests, small towns, gyms, subdivisions, arctic tundra, space ships, and even alien worlds.

     "What is this place, Pitu? I mean I know it's an art gallery but why come here?" asked Sylvester.

     "Eet eez simple my pin cushion of love," said Pitu, "We come ere to get off. You see we use ze, how you say, cartoon physics to jump into a painting. Zey are leftover sets from old cartoon shows and comics no longer in use. We hop in, we do whatever we want to whatever we want in zose worlds and zen we come back ere where we can go about with ze releif. If ze light is green we can go right een. If ze light is red zen someone eez already zere instead."

     They looked to a jungle painting with a red light as they heard the sound of a mousey voice crying out like Tarzan. They saw Sneezer swing into view only he wasn't like the Sneezer they knew. He wasn't the mere few inches tall as he had been on tiny toons but rather stood a good five feet tall and wore nothing but a brown loin cloth. The loin cloth however, had been ripped to tatters as his massive cock had already ripped it's way free to leave his gargantuan balls swinging in the breeze.

     He let go of the vine and hit the ground with a thud that knocked over the nearby trees and cratered a few feet down from his impact. The massively muscled barefoot mouse ripped trees from the ground then tossed them around and swung them like they were weightless to him. He flexed bigger and bigger till he stood at least seven feet in height and almost as much in width. Not to be out done, his super thick cock just as long as he was tall and it spurt precum like a fire hose. He walked over to a particularly massive rock outcropping and with a swing of his mighty cock he knocked that rock to rubble.

     The ground began to tremble at his flexing toes and the formerly diminuitive mouse grabbed hold of his throbbing cock. He started to stroke it furiously for all he was worth and the rumbling only intensified. He only said a very few moaning sounds as the end approached, "Ah... Ahhhhhh... AAAAaaaahhhh... AAAAAAHHHHH!"


Then it happened.




     His cock erupted with a tidalwave of cum at tremendous speed. The cum blasted through the forest and washed away everything in his path with millions of gallons of cum. Pitu, Sylvester, and Pepe watched the spectacle as the mouse fired for what must have been ten minutes straight. When he was done the entire landscape had been washed away and painted with his white seed for miles and miles.

     "Phrew," said Sneezer as he tore the last tatters of his loin cloth away from himself, "I really needed that... Well. I think I'm gonna go fuck that mountain over there."

     With that the gray mouse jumped into the air, launching like the Incredible Hulk till he was over the horizon.

     Sylvester and Pepe had to pick their jaws up off the floor but once they did, Pitu chuckled, "So... which painting would you care to go into first?"



What do you think? Where should they go first? Let me know in the comments!

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I really enjoyed this, very creative. Sort of a hot Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Looking forward to more.

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Someone clearly has been doing their research, although that said as Sneezer does sneeze all the time you should have had him sneeze and perhaps blow a couple of trees over and then have him apologise.

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Welcome to the B.U.S.T. Club

Episode Two: Welcome to the City


     This series contains copyright characters from a number of different series by a number of different companies and they are all copyright their respective owners. All characters featured are over 18 and are conscenting adults in the events that progress. These stories are not for profit and are only for fun... that being said... on with the fun parts.


     Pitu gave the pair of Sylvester the cat and Pepe le Pew a little bit to regain their composure after what they had just seen. They were both silent and so he restated his question in his thick French accent, "Which painting would you like me to show you how to get into, mes amis?"

     Sylvester blinked a few times, before he replied back with his signature lisp, "Just give us a moment."

     Pepe looked around and marveled at the possibilities before he saw one that intrigued him with the night infinite possibilities. He pointed at a painting with a green light, "Zat one! Zat eez ze one we should go to."

     Sylvester and Pitu looked at the portrait of a massive city from above. He scooped up Pepe and Sylvester in his massive arms and held them close to his gargantuan pecs as he said, "Right zen. Ere we go!"

     Without any warning he simply leaped into the painting and the trio found themselves falling and falling fast towards the ground. Pepe and Sylvester gripped to the massive pecs hard as the ground was coming up fast. Pitu just chuckled.

      Then they hit with a massive boom that shook the city scape like an earthquake. Cars flew off the street around them, a crater sixty feet in radius and twenty feet deep formed on impact and the buildings on either side of the street from them collapsed to the ground. Pitu held his friends till the dust clouds cleared.

     "Well zat was fun, no?" asked Pitu.

     Pepe wrang his hands together, "I'm very excited, but what about the people?"

     "Zese sets are abandonned as zey are not needed for any more cartoons," Pitu explained, "We can do whatever we like to zem. Do you know how many paintings and back drops zey make for our cartoons? Zere are so many."

     "Well then let's flex on up!" Sylvester said excitedly. He flexed his muscles in his smaller form. He flexed again and got a bit bigger. He hit another pose and swelled larger and larger still. He kept flexing and growing till he reached Pitu's height, his clothes were as thought they had been painted on, one more mighty flex and his shirt and pants shredded off, leaving him naked, buff, and ten feet tall with a two foot long soft cock that hung over his twin beach ball sized testes. He stomped the ground and made a crack explode forth from his massive foot that shattered the street and went to a nearby building, collapsing it down on itself, "What do you think?"

     Pitu let his cock do the talking for him as it ripped out of his thong in a moment, and hung in the air from his body at a 90 degree angle and eight feet long. Precum ran down the buff skunk's cock as he watched the flexing cat.

      Pepe chuckled and said, "Zat is pretty good, but let's see what zis skunk can work up pour vous."

      With that he adjusted his jeans and then straightened his leather jacket. The romantic french skunk had years of experience to play off of and decided to take a bit more time in his foreplay. He started by pulling a boom box out from nowhere then rested it on his shoulder. He hit the play button and a jazzy tune started to play.

     Pepe le Pew started to dance a sensual dance and led the pair of toons out of the landing crater. They walked into a nearby building with a fancy lobby and he set the boom box down. He got a bit more sensual in his dance then started to flex. Little by little the skunk began to grow. his muscles got bigger and bigger till he stood seven feet tall and his massive muscles filled the leather jacket and blue jeans till they were stretched totally taught. Sylvester and Pitu watched with mouths agape, drooling on their hard, eight foot long erections.

     The skunk turned and shook his bulbous bubble but at them through the tight jeans. That's when he flexed his calves and they exploded out of his blue jeans, turning them into jean shorts. The skunk then turned to face them, the massive bulge in his pants forcing his zipper to nearly bust open as the skunk's thick, soft. cock snaked down to his knees. He stretched his arms out to his sides and then brought up his right bicep to a flex causing his arm to burst from the sleeve, leaving only a leather cuff. He flexed his left bicep and the leather popped loudly and sent leather fragments everywhere. The leather jacket was then reduced to a mere leather vest with cuffs at his wrists.

      The massive skunk bounced his pecs, that protruded far from his jacket, in time to the beats of his song. He encircled the massive toons with him and traced his hands over their gargantuan musculatures with a smile. that's when he brought his arms down and let out a sensual moan as he flexed all his muscles at once, then in a moment he grew from a mere seven feet of muscle skunk to twelve feet so that the other toons faces only came up to his pecs. The skimpy clothing that was on him was exploded off by impossibly strong muscles in but a moment. The fragments of denim and leather bounced off the faces and muscles of his fellow muscle toons. His massive cock dwarfed that of Sylvester and Pepe as it stood erect as long as they were tall. Ten feet of sensual throbbing skunk cock that spurted precum like a firehose.

     "Zat... zat... zat was..." Pitu was at a loss for words.

     "That was incredible..." Sylvester trailed off, "I want you both inside me... NOW!"

     Pepe and Pitu looked to one another and grinned. Pepe leaned into his cousin, "You take ze front and I will take ze back?"

      "Zen we can meet in ze middle and zen some, cousin," smiled Pitu.

      Sylvester purred loudly as Pitu walked up from behind and put his hands in the sexy cat's armpits. Then he lifted up his soon to be lover. Pepe had to push his cock down as it wanted to point straight up and he was afraid it would go through the 15 foot high ceiling with how turned on he was. He moved in position with Pitu to guide Sylvester's rump right to that massive thick throbbing skunk shaft.

     Once in position Pepe asked, "Are you ready my pretty kitty?"

     Sylvester grinned, "I've never been so ready for anything in my whole life."

     Pepe then started to thrust forward to that cat that faced him, while Pitu pushed him down onto that massive cock, impaling him and bulging the cat's belly with a clear outline of the cock showing as he stretched oh so nicely.

     Pepe pulled Sylvester all the way down to the hilt of his throbbing skunk meat. The black and white cat's balls rested on the black and white skunk's invincible abs. Pepe grabbed that eight foot long cat cock and wedged the slick slab between his gargantuan pecs, they wrapped around the super thick rod in it's entirety. He then grabbed Sylvester by the ankles and willed his cock to lower the cat. Sylvester's mouth was already agape as Pitu got in position.

      Pitu pressed his cock against Sylvester's lips and the tremendous and super strong cat sucked so hard that it pulled the hypermasculine skunk forward till his balls rested on his sizable red nose. The cat's sucking went so hard and fast that he drug Pitu across the floor leaving twin indentations where his feet dragged and destroyed the tiles and stone beneath just from his sheer weight.

     With Pepe holding his ankles and Pitu grabbing his pecs, the skunk cocks ground against each other within the belly of the beastly cat and made him moan. Sylvester reached up to fondle and squeeze the skunk balls that rested on his nose and he inhaled deeply. Pepe and Pitu began to thrust in and out of the massive Sylvester, only encouraging him to flex harder and grow even larger as they did. The sheer force of their pounding shook the twenty story building's foundations and the weight of their massive muscled bodies caused the floor beneath their growing feet to crack. The three grew with one another as Sylvester got the pounding of his life.

     The cat's massive cock fucked between Pepe's white furred skunk pecs till it hit the ceiling with his thrusts and broke through like it were made of tissue paper, causing rubble to rain down on the group. Pepe and Pitu soon realized they had evened out at the same height when their heads hit the ceiling in unison. They ducked down but their growth continued against the fifteen foot tall ceiling and soon they stood together and let their heads blow through to the next floor. The grinding of their massive bodies in time with Sylvester's cock thrusts into the next floor caused the floor above them to simply collapse around them, giving them an even greater space to continue the grand fucking.

      It must have been a span of twenty minutes they went on till both skunks and the cat would have stood twenty five feet tall. Their feet having cratered the ground around them from the sheer weight of all that pounding, writhing, incredibly strong musculature. That crater wasn't enough to keep the twenty foot long humanoid cock of Sylvester from pounding into the next floor though but among all that writhing and thrusting the cat let out a moan.

     It was sudden and it was powerful. His cock suddenly expanded another five feet in length to really impale that ceiling and it doubled in thickness. His balls tensed with such ferocity that they shook Pepe in his thrusting. Then he came. The hyper masculine cock sandwiched between Pepe's pecs erupted. It fired forth with a force that filled floor after floor with his cum and just kept shooting till it blasted the building away from atop them and shot into the sky. He fired with such a force and volume that the cum rained down for miles around. Pepe and Pitu were so turned on by the sight that they scarcely had time to react before shooting off themselves.

      The two massive skunk cocks, that frotted inside Sylvester erupted at the same time and with a volume equal to Sylvester's own. His muscles were so strong that he was able to keep it all in him and he flexed hard to keep from expanding too large, but despite that, he expanded from the thousands and thousands of gallons erupting in him regardless. They came so hard that Pitu forgot to hold on and the power of his cock erupting blasted him away from his lovers.

     He was flung back after a good thousand gallon spurt of cum over Pepe and Sylvester but it didn't stop there. He turned and aimed his cock to fire a tidal wave of cum that blasted through every building he took aim at. Meanwhile Pepe's grip slipped with all the cum and precum that had blasted over his hands from the massive cat and he fired him like a bullet several blocks away.

      Pitu kept aiming at buidings and blasting them down while Pepe did the same, though not intentionally, he was more concerned with Sylvester. He leaped into the air, still blasting cum and only blasted himself back away from the cat of his desire. He landed with an impact that took out the city block around him as his orgasm finally came to an end.

     When Pepe and Pitu tapered off they found each other and then ran, plowing through buildings and cars after Sylvester. They found a massive bloated cat as big as a McDonalds, laying atop his own belly and leaking more cum than a whole city of men could cum in a month. He saw the others approach and smiled, “That was some of the most fun I've ever had.”

     Pepe breathed a sigh of releif when he noticed all of their cocks were still rock hard. That's when they saw it come in from above. It headed towards the city like a rocket and landed on a building, collapsing it down to a pile of rubble in a single blow. The trio stared through the dust of the collapsed building that was just across the street from them but found the toon hard to make out.

     An incredible amount of dust was kicked into the air by the impact and that's when they heard the mousey voice, “Oh no... I'm allergic to dust... ah... ahhhhh.... Ahhhhh.... AHHHHHHH... CHOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

     The tornado that billowed forth from sneezer the mouse put even the most powerful winds of Earth to shame. He erupted with such force that it not only cleared the dust cloud but half the remaining buildings of the city in the process. They saw the 9 foot tall mouse sanding with a heroic pose after as he looked to them and said, “Bless me...”

      He let out a high pitched chuckle and then walked over to the others, crushing rocks under his heavy feet as he did. Sylvester clenched up and flexed his muscles hard, using the protein and only becoming bigger. He now sat on the ground a hundred foot tall cat with and eighty foot long erection which dripped a small river of precum down it's length. The cat let out a burp and said, “Scuse me.”

     “What do you say mes amis?” asked Pitu in his French accent as he flexed a bit larger, “What would you like to do now?”

     Pepe and Sneezer, not to be outdone, started flexing up larger as well, “What say we fuck till we crack ze Earth's crust?”

     Everyone shared a devious grin and let the real fun begin.




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Welcome to the B.U.S.T. Club

Episode Three: Welcome to the Beach


This series contains copyright characters from a number of different series by a number of different companies and they are all copyright their respective owners. All characters featured are over 18 and are conscenting adults in the events that progress. These stories are not for profit and are only for fun... that being said... on with the fun parts.


     It had been a few years since Mortimer Mouse had filmed the short: Mickey's Rival Returns. Originally it was on Mickey Mouse Works but later re-aired on House of Mouse... apparently that was when Goofy took note of the cartoon and that particular toon star. Mortimer was surprised to get a call from Goofy and even more surprised that Goofy asked him out on a date. What didn't surprise him in the least is that he said yes.

     The only conditions was that he wear the same outfit he wore in that short cartoon and that he be ready for anything. He was invited to a set for a cartoon he wasn't actually in but was made for the House of Mouse show. He stood by wearing short blue shorts, a green open shirt, and a pair of blue flip flops. He smiled and then it seemed they were going to film the first scene of the cartoon first. The short was: How To Be A Spy, and the first scene of that short featured Goofy naked, ironing his underwear.

     It was all the mouse could do to keep from drooling as he watched Goofy wearing nothing but a flowery white apron. After they wrapped on filming, the director called cut and the crew cleared out. That's when Mortimer went into the trailer they had filmed in. He walked up to the naked Goof a bit coyly and blushing at the man dressed in only an apron.

     “Gawrsh!” exclaimed Goofy, “I'm sure glad ya came Morimer. What didja think of the cartoon?”

     Mortimer smiled with a bit more confidence and tried not to melt as he looked at the mostly naked man before him “Hot cha cha. You were on fire Goof. Gotta admit I'm liking that apron only look.”

     Goofy let out one of his signature chuckles. He looked over the mouse that stood next to him and took in that hot body. Same black body, massive feet just like his, white gloves, and similar build as his own six foot seven inch tall self. True he was on the taller toon spectrum but Goofy loved that Mortimer was so similar. He smiled to the mouse and said, “Dawwww thanks Morty. I guess I should get changed and then we can head out.”

     “Where did you plan on...” Mortimer began but was interrupted as the dog man flexed his muscles and erupted out from his apron with gargantuan masculinity.

     The only thing that preserved his dignity was the ironing board that mostly hid his junk. Even so there was a bit hanging below the ironing board till Goofy turned away to a chest behind him. He opened it and reduced back to his normal lanky size with just a hint more musculature to his frame. He tossed clothes behind him at the blushing mouse and then when mortimer looked again he saw Goofy standing in a very similar outfit to his own. He wore a pair of orange swimming trunks and an open pink shirt. Mortimer looked down as Goofy wiggled his large toes and saw the dog man wearing a pair of orange flip flops much like his own.

     Mortimer gulped and said, “Wow Goof, didn't know you were into that muscle toon stuff too. Also looks like you forgot to wear your toon belt...”

     “Oh I'm into more than that, and I took that thing off the second we finished filming today,” said Goofy. He walked up to the sexy mouse man and placed a white-gloved hand against his chest, “I know you are into me too. I watched you lookin' me over. Staring at my feet between takes. I also talked to Mick and I know yer inta the muscle toon stuff too. He told me all about the set that day.”

     “Alright, so what if I am? What's it to ya?” asked Mortimer.

     “Well gawrsh, Morty. It's cause of where we're goin on our date. It's a place my son Maxie and his B.F. Turned me on to. Come on, there's a cab waitin' on us outside. Oh and leave your toon belt here,” said Goofy as he led the mouse toon onward.

     The mouse complied and left his toon belt in the trailer, letting his sizable cock fill out his swimming shorts. They got into the cab and played a bit of footsie on the way during their mundane conversation about the cartoon industry and the shorts they were filming. Soon enough they got out to a building in the middle of the bad part of town. Mortimer looked around, “Geeze louise... you sure about this place, Goof? I thought with our getups that we'd be going to the beach or somethin'.”

     Goofy smiled with a chuckle then said, “Who says we're not goin' to the beach? I told ya to be ready for a surprise.”

     Morimer quirked his head confused as goofy knocked on the giant, metal, unmarked door. A slot in the door slid open and a pair of red eyes peered out from within. A highpitched voice spoke out, “Whaa? Raaht reedy rut roo?”

     Goofy chuckled, “Yeah I know. I can't help maself. I just love that feelin' and all. Plus this time I brought a date.”

     Goofy motioned to Mortimer who waved shyly at the door. The voice came back, “Pshaw... Ree raddy din.”

     The slot closed and the door swung open. The pair of toons stepped inside and saw it was Bunnicula within. The massive toon was at least nine feet tall with his ears and had muscles out the wazoo. Mortimer noticed there were crushed cans of spinach all around him as the massive vampiric bunny closed the door and gave the pair a flex to show off. His massive blue thong hid nothing as his junk bobbed and swayed with his every tiny motion.

    “Bunnicula?” asked Mortimer, “Hubba hubba how did... I mean you're so... I don't...”

     “Uh huh, yeah,” said Bunnicula as he gave a flex that caused his muscles to engulf his head almost completely, “Rit raddala ereho ahhh.”

     Mortimer was lost in the musculature before him till he heard Goofy call out to him, “Hey Morty! You comin or are you gonna hang out at the door all day?”

     Mortimer saw Goofy was already standing in the elevator at the end of the hall and then gave a small wave to Bunnicula as the rabbit started to expand in the hallway. He ran down and had to flex his toes to keep the flip flops from flying off. Once he got in he took one last look at Bunnicula, just as his growing cock busted out of his thong and slapped him in the pecs. The massive rabbit move his mouth down to suck on the head just as the doors closed. The button B9 was already pressed.

     “Hot cha cha... what is this place?” asked Mortimer, trying his best to conceal his fourteen inch boner as it wrapped around his right hip under his shorts.

     Goofy chuckled, “That's the surprise. I can tell you now we're here though. It's called the B.U.S.T. Club and it is a place for muscle toons to flex out and let loose in every which way.”

     “Oh my,” said Mortimer, “E... every way?”

     The mouse started to get excited and was about to flex when Goofy stopped him, “Wait! Not yet. Three rules: We gotta keep this place a secret. We can only have sexy times with people who want it. Then also we can only let our full power out when we're in the art gallery.”

     Mortimer relaxed in a huff and gave a nod, “Aww alright then. Got me so excited though.”

     The mouse was practically dancing in place, his boner subsided till he saw what happened when the doors to B9 opened. Behind the desk he saw a massive, muscular, white rooster that stood twelve feet tall, fucking a gargantuan chicken hawk with muscles bigger than the biggest bodybuilder, who stood 9 foot tall himself. The pair were grunting as the rooster sucked on the chicken hawk's massive cock between his pecs. He pounded with a force that shook the desk and the massive marble pillars that went up to the fifty foot ceiling. The rooster swallowed hard as he drank an impossible amount of cum that the chicken hawk fed him, and then he unloaded till he filled up that chicken hawk so much that he crushed the desk in front of them. The cock pulled his cock out of his lover and then gave a whew. Foghorn Leghorn adjusted his bow tie and then walked over to the pair of toons, his feet making the ground tremble as he walked over.

     “Goofy! So good to, I say, so good to see you back!” said the Rooster. He looked back to the gurgling chicken hawk, “Don't worry about Henry. He asked me to do that. Gonna have to get a new desk out here though. You two need help finding a vacant painting?”

     The rooster flexed and his muscle gut trembled. Goofy saw his date's jaw literally on the ground with a stiffy that stuck out more than a foot in front of him. He shook his head to Foghorn and said, “Naw. I'm meetin up with Maxie and his B.F. for a double date!”

     “We are?” asked Mortimer. He was transfixed on Foghorn's massive cock as it spurted precum over his feet. He looked over to Goofy.

     “Sure are,” Goofy winked.

     Foghorn thought a moment, “I think I had Napoleon show them down,” he then pulled a walkie talkie out from behind himself, out of who knows what place, then said, “Hey, I say, Hey Napoleon. Come to the lobby and show one of our VIP members down to the art gallery. Please and thank you, son.”

     Goofy blushed, “Gawrsh, I'm a VIP here?”

     Foghorn smiled, “Well, I say, well sure ya big Goof. Ya been here every day since you found out about tha darn place. We sure do love all those creative ways ya been whiting out the paintings too. You filled this place with more blank canvases than a dic blic clearance sale.”

     Goofy blushed, “Awww shucks, Foghorn. Well I think we're gonna keep up that streak today. I got a good feelin' about it.”

     “Reckon I ought to tell the new boy about the rules o' the place,” said Foghorn as he slowly stroked his cock.

     “Uh, Goof gave me the details in the elevator,” said Morimer, “The three rules for this place and such... such... a cock... hot... cha... cha...”

     Mortimer trailed off and Foghorn chuckled as he slapped his huge muscle gut, “Well, I say, well as soon as Napoleon gets here then I reckon you boys can mosy on down to the art gallery.”

     Napoleon Bonafrog was a character from the 1980s version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He was one of the Punk Frogs who were mutant frogs from down South. This particular frog normally wore a yellow and red open tee shirt (which really showed off his chest), a pair of purple shorts, athletic wrist bands, and a silver necklace with a locket; however, this day he wore a purple thong stretched over way too big a package, his signature necklace and nothing else. He stood no less than ten feet in height and must have been a ton of green muscle that he didn't seem shy about in the least.

     “You called boss?” said the giant frog to the rooster, “Oh hey there Goofy? Gonna clear some more paintings for us today?”

     “That's the plan,” Goofy smiled, “I think Maxie is waiting for me in the gallery.”

     “Right this way,” said Napoleon as he led them onward even buffer than his TMNT episode: Napoleon Bonafrog - Colosus of the Swamps. Goofy and Mortimer followed and gave a way to Foghorn and Henry as they went in back to the art gallery. Goofy smiled as he took Mortimer by the hand then removed his date's gloves. He followed suit and took off his own, tossing them aside.

     “Don't want anything to happen to my lucky gloves and I guess gloves in our size must be a little more pricey than normal toon gloves. Just gonna leave em out here for now,” said Goofy.

     “This is the one!” said Napoleon as he pointed to a massive painting of a beach. The gold picture frame had a red light on top, “They're waiting in here for you so have a fun time down there guys!”

     Goofy wasted no more time and led Mortimer into the painting with him. Soon they went from a cool hallway to a warm beach where the ocean beat the shores and the sand felt perfect between their huge toes. He called out for his son and heard a reply down the beach a ways, “Over here dad!”

     “Come on Morty! I'll race ya!” Goofy said then ran off down the beach. Mortimer hardly had time to react but then smiled and ran to catch up. As they built up speed they lost their flip flops to the wet sand by the waves and only laughed as they splashed along.

     Mortimer chuckled and then pushed Goofy into the water. Goofy stood up with a grin as the waves crashed against him, “Ahyuck! Hey! What's the big idea?”

     “Just livening things up, Goofy old pal,” Mortimer smiled and crossed his arms from the beach.

     “You wanna see livening up, huh? Well how about this for a start?” asked Goofy as he started to flex. His muscles grew and stretched his open shirt taught to his form as he raised his arms in a double biceps pose. His legs were nothing to shrug at and neither were his package as they stretched his swim trunks to the max. He walked from the water and the formerly six foot seven dog man now stood a good ten feet tall wall of muscle and sinew. Mortimer noticed his already massive feet were now even larger than before as his toes flexed in the wet sand.

     Mortimer nodded, “Hot cha cha Goofy, but what good is that if I can't kiss you?”

     Goofy blushed, “If you can what now?”

     Mortimer smiled and took his turn to flex, growing bigger and bigger till his size matched Goofy. Standing side by side and looking up from below one might mistake them for brothers as they matched so perfectly, excepting the tail and some details around the heads, not that you would have been able to see their heads over those massive pecs. Speaking of pecks, Mortimer laid one on Goofy long and hard. More than a peck really. More of a French kiss that was long and passionate as years of repressed feelings came out all at once.

      The muscle toons groped and fondled each other as the kiss only intensified. Mortimer's leg went up and wrapped around Goofy's to keep him close. Their massive packages ground and writhed together fighting for space. Mortimer's cock went out the top of his shorts and climbed between their impossible bodies. Goofy's cock went the other direction and headed down with a loud ripping of fabric. Mortimer felt his feet leave the ground as a massive black shaft raised him up.

     Their kiss was broken as Mortimer's cock surged in size and forced the faces of the soon-to-be lovers apart. It was as though their whole bodies were getting erections all at once from how turned on they were and as their cocks throbbed harder, so did their muscles. The musculature built on top of itself as their size swelled bigger as well.

     The now twenty foot muscle toons had erections that were easily fifteen feet long a piece. Their shirts flutterd away and the remnants of their pants fell to their even more massive feet. Mortimer was tired of not seeing Goofy's face and so he slid off that massive cock and grinned stepping back. He stood thirty feet away yet they were able to swing their cocks and smack the ends together.

     They shared a giggle as they played on the beach, that is until Goofy charged and knocked the massive mouse over with his meat spear. Mortimer hit the ground with a resounding thoom from his tons of muscle weight. He was about to get up when goofy lifted a massive foot and said, “Ahyuck. Where do you think you're going?”

     Mortimer didn't have time to reply as Goofy began to rub his massive foot up and down the length of the throbbing, harder than diamond, mouse cock. Mortimer bit his lower lip and then thrust up against that foot. The waves of the ocean washed over them as the huge dog man pushed the massive mouse cock down under foot. Mortimer looked up to Goofy, “I don't want to go anywhere that isn't right here right now. I've thought you were hot for years and if I'm honest I've wanted to be under your feet from the first time I saw you barefoot in that Midnight Movie Madness episode of Goof Troop.”

     “Gawrsh,” Goofy blushed as he flexes a bit, just hearing those words made him harder than ever. He then pushed his foot down half way up Mortimer's colossal cock and stepped upon it to wedge it between the mouse man's pecs. He put all his weight on it but saw only extacy on the mouse's face. Mortimer's mouse hung open as he began to enter heaven. Goofy blushed and said, “I always thought people found them gangly even though I always loved having such big feet. If you wanted my big ol feet so bad you should have just asked. I'd have done this long ago...”

     With that he pushed a few toes into the mouse's open mouth and Mortimer latched down to suck upon them. The pleasure was so intense as he sucked the massive toes of the muscle toon atop him that his cock throbbed to double in size. Goofy was so turned on that he couldn't keep his hands off his own massive member. It was as though it was not to be out done and it only got bigger and bigger.

     Mortimer's cock throbbed so hard in time with an involuntary pleasure flex that it launched Goofy into the air. He let out his well known “Yah hoo hoo hoeey!” and landed with a crash that shook the beach under Mortimer a hundred feet away. Mortimer sat up and his cock slammed the ground so hard that it resonated as a mini Earthquake. He watched the waters receed and come back as a small tidal wave that washed over the couple.

     Mortimer shot up and ran to his lover and said, “Goof! Goof! Are you okay?”

     Goofy lay there on the sand as another wave washed over him, he chuckled, “Of course, but that gave me an idea of how we should get off the first time together. Trust me it'll be a blast. Literally.”

     Mortimer was a wash with emotions and lost in thought as he looked at the massive Goofy rise to his feet. “I feel like I'm at home with you ya big Goof. Just tell me what to do.”

     “Ahyuck! Sure! First lets flex a little bigger together,” Goofy said as he started to flex even larger, soon he was thirty feet tall, then thirty five, then forty. Mortimer had to flex extra hard to keep up. Goofy stopped at 50 feet tall with his 30 foot cock. Mortimer didn't stop till he was the same, noticing that their feet were now as long as they were once tall in their default toon states.

     Goofy put a massive foot atop Mortimer's and flexed his toes while the waves washed over them. The cool water felt good on the barefoot giants. Mortimer just took in the views with his naked lover, “So big boy, what did you have in mind?”

     The massive Goof stroked his huge cock, “Alright so we slam our massive cocks into the ground as hard as we can. Then when the waves come to wash over us we blast them away with our floods worth of cum loads.”

     Goofy grinned as Mortimer smiled, “I've got a better idea. What if I held you up with my dick and then you stomped it onto the ground with all your might. Then we cum back the tsunami with our massive loads together.”

     Goofy thought he couldn't get any harder but he was wrong, “You really like my feet don't you?”

     “I feel at home under your feet, Goofy,” smiled Mortimer.

     “Then I'm happy to oblige,” said Goofy as he hopped atop Mortimer's cock. He stood at his full height, showing his rump to the massive Mortimer, balancing one foot in front of the other and rubbing those giant feet over his huge cock. He flexed the toes of his right foot over the head of Mortimer's massive cock and the mouse flexed in return, bouncing the dog man in the process. Mortimer moaned as Goofy chuckled and flexed his ass cheeks on display for the massive mouse under foot, “Time to get this quake going.”

     Goofy bounced up and down on the huge cock like it was a diving board and then sprung high up into the air at the same time Mortimer gave a mighty flex of his incredible dick. The massive fifty foot tall Goofy was flung so very high and then came down with his incredible weight on that powervul mouse cock, driving it into the ground with an incredible force that cratered the ground fifty feet down. Goofy's cock sprung down and slammed the ground in unison. Mortimer felt such in incredible pleasure at it that he had to squeeze the base of his cock to keep from instantly cumming on the spot. The mouse hopped out of the crater to the normal beach while holding Goofy by the cock single handed. Goofy stradled that massive mouse cock so they both thrust their thirty foot members out to sea as the ocean retreated to the point where it looked like dry land for miles.

      They saw the wave on approach, it must have been a mile high tsunami wave headed for them as Goofy leaned back and kissed Mortimer passionately on the lips. They both let go of their cocks and embraced in that kiss but broke it as the shadow of the wave loomed and blocked out the sun. Their balls rumbled and quaked the ground as Goofy flexed his toes atop Mortimer's feet and that was when it happened. They unleashed the fury of their passion and unleashed their colossal loads in unison.

     The mighty muscle toon pair fired the twin ebony cannons out to sea with a tidal wave equal to the tsunami that was sure to crash over them and wash away the beach. The tsunami that they instead washed back out to sea as they came with a twin foom of might that washed back with billions of gallons of toon seed. The muscle pair must have cum for ten minutes straight before their loads tapered. Afterwards, they started to soften and they relaxed their muscles in unison, shrinking to a more reasonable twelve feet tall each.

     They hugged to each other so their impossible muscles fought for space as they felt over each other's bodies face to face as they kissed passionately. They broke the kiss and looked out to see a sea of semen before them that had yet to filter back out with the rest of the water.

     Mortimer pulled back from the kiss and said, “Hot cha cha, Goofster. That was so incredible that I don't have words to describe what I feel... Though I feel like there was something we forgot to do.”

     They heard a shout from down the beach, “Nice one, Dad!”

     “Oh right. Max. The double date. Should we cover up any?” asked Mortimer as he flexed his mighty biceps.

     Goofy let out an extatic chuckle, “Naw. We're very open and free with our bodies in my house. Besides that was just the first of many.”

     They walked down the beach to see Max Goof laying face down on the beach, fully naked and at least twenty feet of heart throbbing muscle toon. He watched the lovebirds on approach and smiled, “Hey dad. Hey Mortimer. Mmmmmph ooohhh... that was so hot earlier... can't wait to see what you cum up with next, Dad.”

     Mortimer would have replied but he was too busy watching a twenty foot tall Louie Duck, with his backwards green ballcap from Quack Pack being his only article of clothing. The gargantuan white-feathered duck was busy butt fucking Max on the beach. He looked up at the pair and said, “Hey Mr. G, hi Mortimer. Sup dudes? Aside from your cocks that is.”

     The muscular duck pounded away but stuck out his tongue cheekily. Max thrust his hips into the ground, shaking the earth beneath him with his tons of muscles. The muscle bound son of Goofy grinned, “I'll show them something that's up.”

     Max thrust extra hard and his enormous cock emerged from the sands like a sandworm from dune, it must have been at least sixty feet long and after it rose up it landed on the feet of Mortimer and Goofy. Goofy murred at his son, “Ohhh seems like it's time to start round two. Whadda ya say Morty? Ready to go?”

     Mortimer watches as Goofy climbed atop Max's massive cock and flexed his huge toes then offered a hand to help up the giant mouse. Max moaned as his balls swelled so big they were like twin buildings behind Louie as they grew and grew ready to fire. Among the quaking, Louie cried out and fired his load, Max began to inflate like a waterbaloon that swelled with the powerful duck's seed. Mortimer felt Max's cock swell and tremble under his feet and held onto Goofy to keep his balance. It was only a matter of moments before an eruption came forth to rival both of theirs together.

     Mortimer smiled, “I'm ready for anything you have Goofy baby.”

     They embraced in another kiss that sent their cocks throbbing and then the Earth shifting orgasm exploded forth with a sea of white the likes of which Mortimer never knew was possible before...

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Normally not into cartoon or Rule 34 specific hyper stuff, but goodness me you've done such an incredible job with the premise and the forewarning of 18+. I adore how massive each of the men get, growing continuously as Pepe ant Pitu fuck Sylvester into an immense size.


I hope you can do some more foot growth based things with all that muscle and cock growth! I love the idea of sweat and smells too, maybe big snouts, or other cartoonish growths would be a lot of fun. Keep up the bulging and growing dude, this is really cool stuff, you're an excellent growth writer.

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15 hours ago, Dangeresque said:

What toons would you like to see in future episodes? Let me know!!!

Of course u have to do Johnny Bravo That would be so cool same as Brutus and Popeye

And of course the classic.

And if u do some anime. Im going for the go to cliche of Goku and Vegeta.

16 hours ago, Dangeresque said:

 An incredible amount of dust was kicked into the air by the impact and that's when they heard the mousey voice, “Oh no... I'm allergic to dust... ah... ahhhhh.... Ahhhhh.... AHHHHHHH... CHOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

     The tornado that billowed forth from sneezer the mouse put even the most powerful winds of Earth to shame. He erupted with such force that it not only cleared the dust cloud but half the remaining buildings of the city in the process. They saw the 9 foot tall mouse sanding with a heroic pose after as he looked to them and said, “Bless me...”

OMG this was the funniest part. I lost it at the "Bless me " 


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