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A few macro stories


Hey guys, I’m trying to find a few stories: 


The first involves a guy who’s part of an experiment to grow people. I recall that they would just feed him giant nutrient bars, and after a while he started experimenting with swallowing them whole. Then one day he gets angry, swallows a scientist whole, and breaks out of the facility into the forest. 


The second might be a related story. Some bears and a younger guy are out skinny dipping when one gets caught in a giant hunting snare. A giant comes along, and I think they recognize each other. Then he eats them 


Finally, a guy tries to sneak a growth potion into his own bottle of vodka at a party, but his friend thinks it’s a roofie or something and gives it to the biggest asshole ever. The guy grows giant and I think destroys a parking garage?






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