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Meet the Machine - The Wrong Fight Part 2

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The testosterone level was sky high in the auditorium while the people were evacuated brought outside the building. The other guys were in the locker room getting dressed, leaving tan stains all over their clothes. To be such huge men, they were very scared to what was going to happen on the stage. None of them wanted to participate to fight  and Kiril well instructed the fellas to leave the stage immediately.

The audience leaving the building and stomping their feet while leaving the building sounded like bombs were detonating all over the place.

If the two rivals could have had super power, with the anger running through their veins, they probably had the building destroyed in few seconds.

Kirill and Adam were staring at each other at long distance, to the opposite side of the stage.

"I will destroy you Kirill, I will wreck you, you will be dead by the end of the day" Adam said.

Kirill only smiled to such ego and arrogance and replied:

"Try me"

"You think I came alone, don't you Kirill? Nikolay, came in".

A damn huge Russian bodybuilder emerged from the curtain. He was a living tank, taller and bigger compared to the two bodybuilders on the stage. His face was squared and massive, the right structure for his rock hard and muscular body.

Nikolay walked toward Kirill, he stopped in front of him, he was a tower compared to the Ukrainian muscleman, he crossed his huge arms over his chest and spoke:

"I will smash you"

Kirill smiled again and that attitude drove Nikolay insane.

Nikolay punched Kirill face, the Ukrainian guys did not move a single inch, like if Nikolay was punching a hard concrete wall. Nikolay was surprised, he tried again but the punch was stopped by Kirill hand.

Kirill wrapped his hands over Nikolay's arms like like cling film. Firmly he squeezed his opponent hand.

Noise of cracked fingers were heard, Nikolay was brought to his knee, screaming and moaning for the pain.

Kirill with an evil look, watched his prey suffering down, while he was still applying pressure to the tank's fingers; few bones snapped and Nikolay screamed louder for each broken finger.

The Ukrainian released the hold, Nikolay grabbed his destroyed hand and brought it to his massive chest, he was crying like a baby.

"I am not done yet with you, tank" Kirill said.

With his left hand he grabbed Nikolay by the jaw and afterwards he was standing with an additional pain on his face.

While Kirill grabbed the Russian's over his jaw, he applied so much pressure that he was able to fracture the jaw of the huge guy.

Nikolay cried more, Kiril spoke:

"You are useless to be so big, I will end you".

Kirill got closer to the Russian tank, he wrapped his arms over him locking the big guy in a bearhug. Nikolay's arm were locked in the squeezed, not able to move them.

Kirill started applying pressure, Nikolay's arms bent in an unnatural way, his arms were breaking so was his back that was bending backward, Nikolay screamed and cried at the same time with his head reclined to stare the ceiling.

Two typed of screamed thundered the auditorium; the pain of Nikolay and the excitement of Kirill.

A loud snap boomed the stage, Nikolay's back was broken, his ribs crushed, his arms diverted.

Kirill released the hold, Nikolay fell off onto the floor like a bag of potatoes, Adam was shocked and scared at the same time, he could not believe at his own eyes.

"Meet the machine, the crushing killing machine" Kirill said, looking at Adam with evil smile and so much proud.







Kirill                                                                                                                                        Nikolay






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Three perfect man destroying themselves.

What a shame... The orgy they could have with all that strenght

This was great

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