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Hey, Big Guy (Complete Story 6/25/19)

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Bumping this. This was amazing. Hope you're writing novels- your prose is warm and vivid. Good job, Big Guy.

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I have loved reading this story. It’s immense. Love the characters, the growth scenes, the sex scenes, the style. It’s amazing!

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I’m at a a loss of words 

imagine a story with kink and growth 

but love and passion all in one .  
tears. Love and beauty

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Much like the artists showcase section there needs to be a 'classics' section for the stories.

I nominate this and 'the librarian' by dredlifter for the first two to go in!

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I'm late to the party.  I started reading this story last week.  I now feel like I did in college the time I read a 1,000 page Russian novel in a week for a class.  This story was amazing -- at times funny, wistful, thought provoking, sad and sexy, it kept my interest for 61 chapters and 19 web pages! That's a record! 

I have no doubt that the author could be (and probably is) a professional writer.  The pacing, the word choices, the funny turns of phrase, the clear delineation between at least nine different characters (the 4 friends, the 4 parents, the trainer, just to list a few) were all professionally done.  Everyone had a unique voice or distinctive set of characteristics or mannerisms.  Whether it was Luke, Chrissy, Dave, James or "the Dads" or "the parents (Chris') or the trainer (Vincent) -- everyone had a unique voice.  

I'll admit my interest in the muscle growth changed once Chris hit 285 pounds.  At that point his growth was so fantastical that I couldn't really get into "feeling" it.  The continued growth was hot, but not as intense for me. Similarly with the cock growth.  Once you're past 8 inches or so, what's the point?  Still, having James start to grow renewed my interest in the realm of believable, and therefore more sexy, muscle growth.  That's the sign of an experienced writer - always something new and fresh happening.

I hope TQuintA writes something else.  I know I'll read it!

Thank you for your work.  It was a tremendous amount of effort and you acquitted yourself well! 

Thank you!


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I agree with midlftr, I loved the whole story, but watching James grow too made it so much more entertaining. 

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On June 25, 2019 at 11:59 AM, TQuintA said:


            When I got back to the room, James had made up Luke’s bed and was waiting for me to crawl into it.

            I got in and held James on top of me.  I was used to being the little spoon, but with my new size, that was going to be unlikely.  Once we were cozy under the blankets, James rolled over to look at me and said, “I want to show you something.” He pulled my phone out of his pajamas pocket, and pulled up a picture.  “Remember this?” he asked.  It was the picture of us in our bathrobes after I’d walked to the help desk with James trapped on my cock.

            “How can I forget?  I think about this picture every time I walk down the stairs.”

            “The man in this picture is a muscle monster, right?” he asked leadingly.

            “Unquestionably,” I answered.

            “You have 85 pounds of muscle on this guy.”

            “He’s pathetic.  Puny,” I said.

            “And five inches of cock,” James added.

            “My cock is a whole cock bigger than his.  What a tiny dick he has.”

            James kissed my ear, glad I was pleased with the game.  He put the phone on Luke’s desk, then rolled back over. 

            I was ready to go to sleep, but James was obviously restless.

            “What’s wrong?”  I asked him.  James never had trouble sleeping.

            “I’m worried.”


            “Everything’s changing, and I don’t want it to.”

            “We can’t stop things from changing.”

            “I guess not, but that doesn’t make me feel any better.”

            “Is this about those internet comments?  Because Dave said…”

            “That’s part of it, yeah, but it’s not just that.  Everything is changing.  I have no idea what’s going to happen next.”

            “Anything I can do to help?”

            “Walk me through tomorrow,” James said.  His voice sounded dreamy; he was staring at the ceiling.

            “Okay.  We get up.  I’m going to wear what I wore to dinner because it’s the only thing I have big enough to fit me.  We have breakfast from the cart as a foursome for the last time, and then go with Dave to the airport.  Dave drives there.  We bid him goodbye.  Give him hugs.  Tell him to break a leg and to write.”

            “I meant to get him a going away present,” James said, cursing himself.  “He really likes goldfish.  I meant to get him some goldfish for his new apartment.”

            “They wouldn’t survive the plane trip,” I said.

            “True.  I guess I’ll have some delivered to him once he’s settled in LA.”  James sighed.  “What comes next after we say goodbye?”

            “Luke cries.  We cry too, most likely,” I said.

            “I meant after that.”

            “Luke drives Dave’s car back, and we pack to go home for break.  We have lunch with Luke, and if it takes us a long time to pack, dinner too.  Luke’s staying on campus for the break—Charles’s orders—so we say goodbye to him once your car is loaded.”

            “I should’ve gotten him a present too,” James said.

            “Give him Dave’s goldfish,” I suggested.

            “Luke doesn’t like goldfish.”

            “Then their marriage is doomed,” I joked.

            Without rolling over, James slapped me playfully and asked, “What comes after we say goodbye to Luke?”

            “We cry again.”

            “After that,” James said, chuckling slightly.

            “Actually,” I said, “we might not cry when we say goodbye to Luke.  We’re likely to see him again in January, especially if I decide to finish my degree on campus.”

            “That would be nice.”

            “Then, we find a way to squeeze me into your car.  As soon as we’ve done that, for a while, it’s just you and just me.  The two of us alone as we drive to my parents’ house for Christmas.  They freak that I’ve gained another 70 pounds.  Dad makes a ridiculous t-shirt; I tell him it’s funny even though it’s not.  Mom makes me take a drug test; I pass it.  We tell them I’ve maintained my 4.0 and gotten all these job offers.  Mom forgets all her concerns.  We go out for dinner to celebrate.  Just drinks if it’s really late.”

            “And then?”  James asked.

            “That’s the end of tomorrow.”

            “Then what comes after tomorrow?”

            “We have a lovely Christmas.  We go to your place for New Year’s.  Maybe even introduce your parents to my parents.”

            “I’d like that,” James said.

            “And sometime over break I decide if I’m finishing my degree on campus, or following Dave to LA, or something else.”

            “So, you really don’t know yet?” James asked.

            “No, I do not.” I said honestly.

            James sighed deeply and admitted, “Wherever you end up, I’ll end up there too.  You should let that help you make your decision.”

            Since James was in such a reflective mood, I finally asked him a question I’d wanted to ask him since the beginning of the semester.

            “Why did you do it?”

            “What?” he asked, rolling over to look at me.

            “Why did you make me so huge?”

            James seemed confused.  “You’re sexier that way.  What are you even asking?”

            “Why did you make the magic?”

            “I don’t understand.”

            “Just before I started growing, your eyes flashed gold.  And they did it a few other times this year.  I mean, how else do you explain everything?  The showcase, the soccer team, the calendar, the invitational.  And it’s not just me.  You got this sudden ability to take all of my cock, your sudden muscle gain.”

            “I don’t explain it,” James said.  “I’m just happy it happened.”

            “You mean, you didn’t…?” I trailed off.

            “I didn’t do anything except say the magic words.”

            “Not even that day I was crying by the dumpster over Victor?”

            “I barely remember that day.”

            “You said that a guy like me should have his deepest wish come true.”

            “Yeah.  I was trying to make you feel better, and I was tongue-tied because I was in love with you.”

            “But after that day, my deepest wish did come true.”

            “I had nothing to do with that, Chris.”



            “Huh.”  I lay there silently for a minute.

            Breaking the silence, James said, “If anyone made any magic, Chris, it was you.  The common denominator to all the crazy stuff that happened this semester was you.”

            “I guess,” I said.  “You’re not just saying that, are you?”

            James shook his head.

            “Good.  Because I love you.  And I want your deepest wishes to come true too.”

            James had a shocked look on his face.

            “What?” I asked.

            “Chris, your eyes!”

            “What about them?”

            “They flashed gold.”

This story was amazing!!  Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this. I found this story after it was finished, but I am so glad that I did find it 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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