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Hey, Big Guy (Chapters 40-41 Added 5/10)

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            If it started somewhere, I’d guess it started with James.  James was too perfect, too beautiful to be real.  I’d always secretly suspected deep down inside that he was an alien sent to our planet to observe us.  It wasn’t just that he was gorgeous—but he was gorgeous.  Tightly compact muscles that bulged enough to be seen through his clothes, broad shoulders that gave him a sway when he walked, a tight waist that gave him a dancer’s grace, a beautiful smile that radiated warmth, and chestnut hair that belonged in a shampoo commercial. And no matter how recently he shaved, he always had scruff that made him look like an action movie star.

            But again, there are lots of exquisite men that I don’t think are aliens.  When I first met James three years ago, I was taken aback by his eyes.  They’re violet.

            James insists that they’re just intensely blue and any violet that I see is just a trick of the light.  He’s wrong; they’re violet.  I know it’s not a trick of the light because when the light hits his eyes just right, they flash gold.  How can his eyes be both violet and gold?

            Beyond his uncanny eyes, he always acts in a way that’s just… off.  He doesn’t act like he understands the most normal, everyday things.  He never shakes hands.  He never wears shoes when it’s raining.  He has weird holes in his vocabulary.  He eats all of his meals out of bowls.  Little weird things like that.  And when it’s an uncommon situation…

When our friend group (me, James, Dave, and Luke) went to an outdoor concert, James came dressed in a tux and brought a picnic lunch of wine and figs (in a bowl).  When Dave went into the hospital after a minor car accident, James brought him three pet goldfish and a box of popsicles.  When I told him I was gay, he asked, “What’s that?”  And when I explained to him what it meant, he simply laughed and said, “Oh, Chris.  Everyone’s gay.” 

            Neither Dave nor Luke think James is an alien.  Quirky and weird, sure, but not an alien.  Hot guys don’t have to behave normally if they don’t want to.

            But if it wasn’t James who started this whole thing, I don’t know who was.  Or what was.  Maybe nothing did

            As I recall it, I was hiding, and James sought me out.  I was outside, sitting behind my dorm on a stone wall set up to separate the dumpsters from street view.  I was crying.  Yet another guy had rejected me, and this one had been a real ass about it.

            I know I’m not much to look at.  Well, I wasn’t then.  I was a gangly 5’11”, barely 110 pounds soaking wet.  I had a boring haircut and wore bland clothes.  But I’m funny, and smart, and the life of the party.  I’ve never exactly suffered from a lack of confidence. 

This rejection was just brutal.  In front of a large crowd, he cut me down to size for daring to ask him out.  It wasn’t really what he said or did; it was how he made me feel.  He was the tenth guy in a row to reject me just because of my looks, and I’d never felt so small or unimportant in my life.

            So, I went out back by the dumpsters to cry, and James sought me out.  He put a hand on my shoulder and said, “A guy like you deserves to have your deepest wish come true.”  And, as the sun moved from behind a cloud, his eyes flashed gold.

            At the time, I took it as just a nice thing to say to a friend who was crying, but now I’m not so sure.  Maybe James isn’t an alien.  Maybe he’s magic.

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Chapter 1

            I was dreading chemistry class.  He was going to be there: Victor.  He was the asshole who rejected me so hard I cried by the dumpsters.  It was a couple of days after he rejected me, and I just was not looking forward to seeing his smug face.

            But I was a chem major, so I wasn’t going to let him chase me out of a class I needed to graduate.  I made sure to get to class early so I could get an unobtrusive seat in the back row.  I normally sat down front next to Dave, but he’d forgive me for ditching him today.  Chem lecture was in one of those auditorium-style classrooms with about 100 students.  Chem lab, where we practiced what we learned in lecture, were much smaller 15-20 student groups.  Since Victor and I didn’t have the same lab, I might be able to avoid him in the crowd.

            I blend into a crowd.  Victor really stands out.  He’s captain of the basketball team.  Hell, part of what drew me to him was that he’s seven inches taller than me—tall men just do it for me.  And when the captain of the basketball team came out as bi, I thought I finally had a chance with him.

            Unfortunately, I was very, very wrong.  So now, I was hiding in chem class.  If I just hid well enough, I doubted he’d seek me out.

            As class began, I didn’t see Victor or his beautiful face anywhere.  Maybe he skipped lecture today.  That would really be the best outcome.

            I took out my notebook and began taking notes.  It was ten minutes into class when things went haywire.

            I was in the back row, but there was a walkway behind that.  There must have been a door back there I’d never seen.  I was innocently listening to the professor and taking notes when I felt a large hand on my shoulder.  I looked over my shoulder and saw Victor.  His bright brown eyes, his perfectly coifed hair, his taut body, and a tuft of chest hair peeking out from the collar of his polo shirt.

            “Hey, Big Guy,” he cooed.

            I swooned.  I didn’t even mind the ironic nickname.  He was so close to me, and so handsome, and the physical contact.  A shiver of pure bliss overtook my whole body.

            “Victor,” I managed to say.  This was followed by an overly long, uncomfortable pause.  “I’m trying to take notes.”

            “I see that,” he said.  He leaned in closer so his mouth was right up against my ear.  “I’m sorry I was so terrible the other day.  It’s just, I’m fresh out of the closet.  College athletes are among the biggest homophobes I’ve ever met.  If you’d asked me in private, I would’ve taken you down gently.  But you asked me in public, and I freaked out.”

            “That’s okay,” I lied.  I just wanted him to keep talking.  His whispers were warm and welcoming, and if I’d been standing, my knees would’ve buckle.

            “It’s not okay.  I’m new to all of this.  I still don’t want to go out with you, but you didn’t deserve that.”


            “We good, Big Guy?”

            Again, my body shook in a wave of pleasure.  Was that… did I just orgasm?  From him whispering in my ear?  I couldn’t have just spontaneously jizzed myself in front of the captain of the basketball team.  Not while he was trying to apologize.

            “We good,” I whispered.  I brushed his hand off my shoulder, grabbed my books, and raced out of the room through the back door I’d never seen before.

            I fled to the nearest bathroom, ducking over in a vain attempt to hide my crotch.

            When I got to the bathroom, I threw my books down and locked myself in a stall.  I bent over to survey the damage.

            I was dry as a bone.

            And I wasn’t even at half-mast.

            Was this one of those ASMR things I’d heard about online?  I’d never experienced one before, but if that’s what this was, I would start watching all of those videos all the time.

            I left the stall and went to wash my face and hands.  When I looked up and saw myself in the mirror, I did a double take.

            I looked good.

            I looked real good.

            I had a glow about me; I looked healthier.  The lighting in this bathroom was amazing.  Even my clothes looked better: they didn’t completely hang off my body.  Next time I had a date, I was getting ready in this bathroom.

            While I was admiring myself in the mirror, my phone rang.

            Thankful I wasn’t in the lecture when that happened, I answered it.

            “Hey, Luke.  What’s up?”

            “Chris, buddy!  Dave saw you hightail it out of chemistry.”

            “How’d he tell you so fast?”

            “He texted me.  He always texts me during chem lecture.”

            “Ah, no wonder he needs my notes.”

            “What can I say?  He can’t be without me for more than fifteen minutes.”

            I rolled my eyes.  As much as I was encouraged by the nascent romance between Luke and David, their lovey-dovey phase was a touch obsessive.

            “Why did you call?”

            “Checking in on my buddy.  You need to talk?  Dave says Victor cornered you.”

            “Was he paying attention to the lecture at all?”

            “Of course not.  That’s why he sits next to you.”

            I laughed.  Dave need a science class to graduate.  Any science class.  He was a theater major and thought it would hurt his craft to actually learn anything like math or chemistry.  I redirected.  “Well, I’m good.  Victor apologized for dumping me so spectacularly.”

            “Cool.  Late breakfast?”  I could tell from his tone that he was unconvinced.

            “Sure,” I said, admiring myself once more.

            “Awesome.  Dave and James will meet us at the cart.”

            “Chem lecture lasts for another hour.”

            “And if you’re not there, he has no reason to be.”

            “True.  See you at the cart.”

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Nice first couple of chapter and with a set of nice main characters. Im sure gonna read what's next

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Chapter 3

            Walking back to my room was a revelation.  I could no longer deny it; I was growing.  Every part of my body made it clear with new sights and sensations.

            I could feel my ass move in my pants.  Whenever I walked up an incline, I could feel it bunch and the denim of my jeans stretch a little in an attempt to accommodate.  My shoulders, while not a mile wide, were noticeably bigger.  My shirt was being pulled away from me.  If I moved too quickly, I would get a little peek of my midriff.

            I had never felt sexier.  

            The climb up to my room compounded every sensation.  I never knew how much my ass was involved in going up a flight of stairs until I had more ass to use.  I actually went all the way down to the bottom of the stairs just so I could climb it twice.  The four flights up to my room had never winded me or exhausted me, I was in decent enough shape, but it had also never been this easy.  Or thrilling.

            When I got to my room, I locked the door behind me.  I had no idea when Luke was getting home from the gym, and I wanted a good warning.  As soon as I was convinced that I wouldn’t be interrupted, I shucked off all my clothes, practically in one fluid motion.

            I was bigger, but I wasn’t so big that my clothes stuck.

            Luke had a full body mirror on the inside of his closet door, so I was able to look at myself from head down to toes.

            I was hot.

            I was no longer just a straight line.  My body looked like a man’s body.  I was still small by most definitions of small, but I was used to looking practically two-dimensional.  Now, I felt like a giant.  When I flexed my arm, a noticeable bicep formed.  When I rubbed my flat stomach, there was resistance, and—maybe I was kidding myself—the faintest ridges.

            I had to check, so I flexed my stomach, and a four pack came into slight relief.

            I couldn’t stop myself from beaming as I looked at every inch of my body.

            My legs didn’t look anemic, but rather looked like I was a recreational runner.  My chest was no longer concave, but rather looked like I was a routine swimmer.  My arms, the part of myself I had always been most insecure about, no longer looked like twigs, but rather like I could throw a football back and forth with the guys.

            I remembered back in high school when everyone was going through puberty, I just got taller and hairier.  Everyone else’s body changed shape.  Some people, like Luke, had bodies that fairly exploded into male pulchritude.  For the first time in my life, I looked at my body and saw that I was a man.  I felt manly.

            I had to see how much I weighed.

            I’d been roughly 110 pounds since I turned 18.  No matter how much I worked out, no matter how much I ate, I stayed a pretty consistent 110.  I pulled out Luke’s scale (the one he thought I didn’t know about) and jumped on it.

            It was a weird electronic one with a lot of options I didn’t fully understand, but as it blinked and twinkled, the number on the display swirled in red circles.  After a second or two, a number popped up.


            That had to be wrong.  15 pounds?  People don’t spontaneously gain 15 pounds.

            I stepped off and back on.  It still said 125.  I turned the thing off and on again.  Maybe it needed to recalibrate.  It still said 125.  Maybe it was skewed heavier to boost Luke’s ego.  So, I grabbed one of his free weights that had 25 pounds written on the side.  The scale said it weighed 25 pounds.  The scale was accurate.  I weighed 125 pounds.

            In the course of one morning, I had somehow gained 15 pounds.  This was fantastic.  I had never felt like more of a sexual being.  Leaving the scale out, I went back to Luke’s mirror.  The more I examined every square inch of my body, the more my cock wanted to come into play.  I wrapped my hand around my full seven inches.

            Even my hand felt stronger on my cock.

            I started to stroke myself, getting off on my own reflection, when I heard the doorknob turn.

“Seriously, buddy?” Luke said from the other side of the door.

            I dashed to the other side of the room to put my clothes back on, skipping my underwear because I wouldn’t have enough time.  Luke was audibly rustling through his bag for his key.

            I had my pants on and buttoned when I heard Luke enter his key into the lock.  I threw my t-shirt on over my head and crashed into my desk chair just in time for Luke to open the door.

            “Back so soon?” I asked.

            Luke was freshly showered and in new clothes, his cheeks still red from earlier exertion.  He had gotten in a full workout.  But I’d just seen him ten minutes ago, right?

            I glanced at my alarm clock.  I had been staring at myself for over an hour.  I used to mock Dave for doing things like that, and now I was doing them.

            “Why’d you lock the door?”  Just as Luke asked the question, he happened to look down at my crotch and saw my hard-on pressed against the fabric of my pants.  “Oh, right,” he said.  “I need to rub one out too when I’m feeling sexy.”

            “That’s not why I locked the door.”

            Luke shook his head, closed the door, and put his bag down on his bed.  “It’s cool, buddy.  I don’t care.  We all do it.  Hell, I did it in the shower at the gym.”

            “Dave wasn’t there to help you finish off?”

            “We aren’t attached at the hip.”

            I took my in.  “So, you’re alone.”  I got up and locked the door.  I couldn’t hide my growth any longer, and I needed to tell someone about what was happening to me.  Luke, the skeptic of the group, could help me explain it to everyone else.

            Luke completely misinterpreted my actions.  “Look, I’m flattered, but Dave and I haven’t had the whole ‘open relationship’ talk yet, and…”

            I cut him off.  “I’m not trying to seduce you.  I need confirmation.”

            “Of what?”

            “That I’m not going crazy.”  I took a breath and finally asked, “Do I look bigger?”

            “Yeah, you do.  We went over this by the cart.  I guess you have been working out.  Good for you.”

            “No, I haven’t been.  And yet, I’ve put on 15 pounds.”

            “If this is some kind of fantasy role play…”

            I interrupted him again.  “I’m not trying to seduce you, Luke.”

            Luke sat on his computer chair.  “Okay.  This isn’t your sense of humor, so this isn’t a joke.  If this isn’t a seduction, then you must think this is actually true.”

            “It is true.”

            Luke pointed to his scale.  “Is that why this is out?”

            “Yes.  I’m up 15 pounds.”

            He slid the scale closer to me with his foot.  “You’ve been 110 since high school, right?  Weigh yourself in front of me.”

            I stepped on the scale, and it registered 125.

            Luke shoved me off.  “Why’d you fuck with my scale?”

            “I didn’t.”

            “Yeah, right.  We’ll see.”  He got on the scale himself.  “I weighed myself at the gym, and I know I’m 172.”

            The scale agreed with him.

            “How are you growing if you’re not working out?”

            “I think it happens whenever someone calls me Big Guy.”

            “Really?”  Luke said flatly, unconvinced.

            “There’s an easy way to test this.”

            A smirk slowly spread across Luke’s face.  “So, this is some fantasy role play shit after all.”

            “No.  Look, just call me Big Guy.”

            Luke sighed.  After a needlessly long pause, he said, “Big Guy.”

            Nothing happened.

            After a few seconds, Luke said, “Nice try, but Dave and I are monogamous, at least for now.”

            Something wasn’t right.  I flashed back to Victor and James.  What was different?  Insight.  “You have to touch me!”  I practically shouted.


            “When Victor and James made me grow, they were both touching me.”  I grabbed Luke’s arm and put his hand on my shoulder.  “Call me Big Guy one more time while touching my shoulder, and if nothing happens, I’ll let it go.”

            Resignedly, Luke let out, “If it’ll make you happy.  Big Guy.”

            My skin tingled over with ripples of sheer ecstasy.  For a moment, I was just rolling with the feeling, then I was back to reality, and my clothes were uncomfortably tight.  I was too big for them.

            “What was that?” Luke asked.  “Was that a trick?  You swelled up a little right in front of me.”

            I brushed Luke’s arm off my shoulder and stepped back on the scale.  It read 130.

            “That was five more pounds,” I said, pointing to the scale.  Luke looked to confirm.

            Our door room door opened.  Dave stood there, his smile wider than I’d ever seen it.  “That was hot.”

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I’m loving this story...

Thank you

pray it continues... 

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2 hours ago, TQuintA said:

“I held the door open a crack and watched the whole thing unobserved.  It was practically Shakespearean.”

This is perfect and now a doble dose will make it even more awesome

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