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This is the first of a two part story.  I had written this back in October as a story to amuse myself.  I never thought I would put it out there for the world to read... but since you have all have welcomed my other stories so kindly... here it is!!!  I rewrote some of it to give it better flow, etc.  The second part is a little crazier... involving more transformation, muscle, destruction, etc.  If you aren't into that... let this part be what you read and that is it.  This has an ending.  If you are into stuff a little wilder... I'll post Part 2 soon!!   I hope you enjoy it!!!!  Comments and suggestions always welcome!!

Tell Me You’re Mine



I watched as Richard tried once again to fight against the ties that bound him to the leather/wooden cross.  I couldn’t deny that he looked hot naked, handcuffed, and with a ball gag in his mouth.  No, I scolded myself!!  Don’t look at him.  Don’t think about him.  He’s a means to an end and that is all!!!  I leaned once again over the smoke coming from the silver bowl and inhaled... the sharp odour calming my nerves. Soon this would all be over.  Soon I would have what I desired.

This wasn’t how it originally started.  I had gotten home from the gym, horny as fuck with the knowledge that tonight was the night I had been waiting and preparing for for years.  I hopped on the hook-up app I often used for quick fucks, hoping he would be on... and I wasn’t disappointed.  

There he was... Richard from the gym... built, young, cocky, and obviously out for NSA fun.  It had been a while since I had seen him at the gym, but perhaps that had been for the best.  My pic on my profile was recent, but the lighting might have made me look a little buffer and a little younger then I really was.  As I began sending a message to Richard, three guys hit me up at once.  Quickly looking at their profiles… one of them was passable and might be an option... but no... only Richard would do.  I sent my message and waited to hear back.  It wasn’t long before he had taken the bait. 

I was older then Richard by about ten years, but my picture shows me at my best: an athletic man with black hair and ice blue eyes.  Our initial conversation went well, so I decided to simply go for it and asked him if he wanted to play.  Sending my location, Richard was glad to know my home was only six blocks away from his own... a fact I already knew.  Yeah, this had all the makings of a perfect quick hook-up for him... we could each get off and he would have plenty of time to meet-up with some friends.  When I showed him my dick pic... that sealed the deal.  He would be over in ten.

When Richard arrived, he commented on the slight silver at my temples and stated that it was a sexy addition, and one he approved off.  I took his coat, offered him a glass of very fine red wine, and then we began kissing on the couch.

Now, my body is not as muscular as Richard’s, and I’m not as tall as he is, but I do have a tight runners build that was obvious, by the bulge in his pants, that he respected.  Also, once we had stripped out of our clothes and were naked, I was able to prove, to his eager mouth, that I truly was sporting an XL endowment.  

After nearly fifteen minutes of kissing... deep and passionately, Richard wanted to move it to the bedroom, but I let him know I had other plans.  How adventurous was Richard feeling?  Sure I could easily fuck him... but why not put a little handcuff play into the action... I could see the wheels in his head spinning behind his eyes.  No, Richard, he was thinking.  That’s how guys get killed… I hardly know this guy.  But, the leaking of his cock was screaming: Yes!!!! This guy is totally normal!!  His cock won out.

Richard took a gulp of his wine, texted a friend where he was just in case he disappeared… always a smart move, and followed me down the hallway.  The room, the prize of my house, was a large conservatory that I had converted into a personal library with shelves and shelves of hardback books, some intricately bound and other centuries old.  They were the result of my decades of research, and I knew each one practically by heart.  The ceiling is over thirty-five feet high, and the sun can easily be blocked out with shades that moved electronically.  I knew he was impressed by the sheer size of the room, joking it was bigger then three of his apartments.  What really took Richard’s attention were the tools of my play: masks, hoods, gags, handcuffs, dildos of all sizes, and a multitude of paddles and whips.  The collection was lit by several dim pin lights, but my prize was what took centre stage: an imposingly large wooden cross padded with leather, raised up on its own circular platform.   

Nervous, but ultimately turned on as well, Richard took in the entire room in awe.  His laughter echoing in the enormous room, he said he had never read 50 Shades of Grey... or seen the film... but he had heard of the ‘Red Room’ and imagined it had to be something like this.  I told him I hoped mine was a little classier then Christian Grey’s.  Quietly I came up behind him and began to gently kiss his neck, my arms wrapped around him, my hands stroking his abs.

  • I’ve never done anything like this before.  I’m usually pretty vanilla.
  • We don’t have to if you’re not comfortable.
  • No!  No... I want to.
  • Are you sure?  I want everything to be totally consensual.  

Richard lowered my hand down to the his hard cock signalling the affirmation of his desires.  I turned Richard around and pulled him toward me, our bodies pressing together while we passionately kissed.  Within moments and with expert hands, I was exploring every inch of his body, traveling my tongue over every muscle.

Richard’s cock began to leak pre-cum again as his excitement mounted.  Lapping it up with my tongue, I succeeded in taking Richard’s entire cock in my mouth, deep throating him like a champ.  Richard placed his hands on the back of my head and began to massage my scalp, tremors of ecstasy running through him.

  • Let me worship your body.  It’s so beautiful, so built.  I want to lick every inch of it.
  • Do it!!

I looked into Richard’s eyes and pushed him toward the cross.  Willingly, Richard allowed his arms to be placed on the cross bars, and he let out a low moan as I grabbed his hands and locked them swiftly and dominantly into the handcuffs.  I did the same at his feet.  Then, to make the picture complete, I covered his eyes with a leather mask.

As promised, I worshiped, licked, and sucked every inch of Richard’s quivering and flexing body.  My tongue traveled into crevices no tongue had ever reached, and Richard bucked his pelvis uncontrollably as an orgasm appeared on the horizon.  

I wrapped my mouth around Richard’s cock and brought him closer and closer to explosion.  Seconds away from coming in my mouth, I pulled back and looked up at Richard.

  • You like that?
  • Yeah!!!
  • Want me to finish you off?
  • Oh yeah!!!
  • Tell me you’re mine.
  • What?
  • Tell me you’re mine.
  • Fuck!!  I’m yours!  Do it!!!!

I attached myself to Richard’s cock again, and with my hand began to massage his balls.  Unable to hold on much longer and entirely under my sway, Richard felt his balls rise up in his sack.

  • I’m gonna... I’m...

I removed my mouth seconds before Richard shot and captured his release in a small silver bowl I had hidden near the base of the cross.  Using my hand, I milked more and more cum from his balls until Richard cried out that he couldn’t take anymore.

Beginning to already go soft, Richard’s masked face looked down at me and smiled.

  • Fuck, man!!!

Richard chuckled as he shook his head.  I stood up, took off the mask, looked at Richard, and kissed him once again.  His cock started to get hard again, but playtime was over.  Richard watched in silence as I walked to the side of the room and opened a cabinet.  Inside was a large copper bowl.

Removing it, I walked back over to Richard.  Placing the bowl on the floor, I looked up at him with a grin and quickly bound Richard’s waist to the cross with thick rope that had been lying on the floor, hidden in the shadows.  When that was complete, I removed a sponge from the bowl, and starting with Richard’s feet, began to wash him with the mixture of goat milk and other herbs I had prepared the night before.  The mixture was warm to the touch and had a spicy smell emanating from it.  

  • Damn that smells good.  Very sexy.  What are you doing, man?

I looked up at him, his cock hard and throbbing, a grin on his face.

  • I’m cleansing you.
  • What?
  • Cleansing you.  Preparing you.
  • For what?
  • For the ritual.  You will be the soul I give in place of mine.

Richard laughed, believing that I was joking, but when he looked in my eyes, he knew I was totally serious.  He attempted to free himself as I began to wash him again, covering his softening penis with the sponge.

  • You’re fucking with me… right man?  You’re totally fucking with me!!!!


I began to wash Richard’s abs.  Richard was attempting to loosen himself from his binds but found it was virtually impossible.  Panicking, I could hear his heart racing in his chest.  He tried to reason with me as I began to cover his pecs with the milky substance.

  • Please let me go man.
  • You gave yourself to me.
  • We were fucking around!!  You know we were!  I didn’t give you anything!
  • I asked and you responded.  You even gave me your seed.  You are mine.
  • HELP!!!  SOMEONE!!!  HELP!!!
  • No one can hear you.  Believe me.  But if you’re going to be difficult...

I walked to the opposite wall and pulled a ball gag from its place.  Upon my return, Richard attempted to move his head from side to side, but in my position now I was a little stronger and a lot faster.  Eventually, Richard was gagged.  Screaming over the ball was useless, and trying to move his head away from me proved futile as I concluded the cleansing by covering his neck and face with the milk.  When he was completely covered, I took the bowl and poured the remaining over Richard’s head, cascading over his hair and dripping down his muscular body.

Swiftly, knowing time was of the essence, I moved to another cabinet, removed red and black candles and began to place them strategically around the room.  When that was completed and all 36 were lit, I returned to Richard with a pot of black paint and a paintbrush.

With expert hand, I began to use Richard’s body as a canvas, covering it with intricate symbols that only a very few could read.  These were runes forged at the beginning of time, instructions of how to carry out my desires.  Richard tried to cry out again, but I found he was becoming weaker over time with fear.  It took nearly thirty minutes, but with my expert hand, the job was complete and Richard’s entire body was covered in markings.  I moved away and stared at my work admiringly.  For so long I had prepared for this... for years... and now it would actually be happening.    

I left the room for a moment and returned with a large brass bowl filed with kindling.  Placing this down in front of Richard, I struck a match and lit it.  From a shelf on one of the bookcases, I returned with both a silver bowl and a silver knife.  Walking up to Richard, I began to chant the invocation under my breath while moving the knife in elaborately choreographed movements.  

Trailing the knife in patterns on his chest, Richard barely felt the moment when I cut him just below his left pec.  As the blood flowed, I captured it in the silver bowl.  It was by no means a mortal wound nor one that might leave a scar.  Even if it had been mortal, in a few minutes it wouldn’t matter to Richard.  Nothing would matter to Richard. 

As the blood continued to drip, I captured some on my hand.  With this, I began to stroke Richard’s penis again.  Despite being in total fear for his life, Richard’s cock was hard once again.  Stroking him faster and faster until he came a second time, I allowed his ejaculation to merge with his blood in the silver bowl.  From the first bowl, the bowl with his first ejaculation, I used his semen to pain the last symbol, the one that would let Astaroth know that Richard was mine.

When finished, I poured the rest of the ejaculation into the other bowl and sat myself on the floor behind the open flames.  Placing the silver bowl on top of the burning wood, I began the Invocation, calling the most powerful of all demons to me. 

The incense and herbs I threw into the silver bowl began to float on the air.  My volume was raised as I became more and more frantic, wrapped up in the incantation I was weaving.  I could feel the energy in the room changing; I could feel that he was here.  He simply just needed to show himself.  Finally, after waving the silver knife in different directions, I stood up, and raising the bowl over my head, I screamed the demon’s name.  Over and over I called for him...

  • Astaroth!!!  Astaroth... most powerful... even more powerful then his father, Lucifer!  Astaroth… hear your servant!!! Astaroth... receive my gift... Astaroth… find me worthy!!! Astaroth!!!  Fill me with your power!!!... 

Over and over again I repeated this chant until the room grew cold, there was a great wind, and the candles all blew out simultaneously.

A moment passed... then two... when suddenly all of the candles were lit once again by some supernatural hand.  I kneeled down on the floor and began the invocation once again with even more passion and fervour.  He was close… so close… this was the furthest I had ever gotten before.  A pillar of smoke began to rise from the silver bowl, growing thicker and thicker, filling up the room, until a long clawed hand shot out from within it.

I watched in anticipation as a face made entirely of fire emerged from the smoke.  On top of the demon’s head were thick ram horns the curled upward.  Pulling its way out of the smoke, the creature emerged fully formed.  The smell that came with the creature, a mixture of rotten eggs and death, made me feel both physically ill and excited at the same time.  I had prepped for this moment... and now it was here.

The concept that this was actually happening hit me again as Astaroth moved toward Richard.  As it walked, it left behind burnt hoof prints in the stone floor.  Still existing on two planes, the creature looked to be created from both flesh as well as the thick smoke that trailed behind it.  Eventually, as it gained strength, it succeeded in fully crossing over into our realm.

Once the flames that had covered its body disappeared, it’s skin looked horribly burnt, but the longer it remained in this world, the more like human flesh began to appear.  It wasn’t tall... maybe 5’6, and walked on black hoofed feet.  It’s legs were entirely covered in long jet black hair, but this didn’t hide the immense penis that erupted from its crotch.  It’s chest was also covered in hair, but it was quite muscular, a tight firm body any man would have wanted.  The only difference was that it had a human eyeball in place of each nipple.  These eyes looked independently around the room, leaking tears of flame.

It’s face... perhaps at one time had been human, but now most of the flesh had been burnt away revealing a skull that appeared more wolf or jackal then human. It’s eyes glowed blood red and were reptile-like.  From its snout, sharp long fangs emerged, and instead of a tongue, a living snake.  What remained of its hair was long and black, and traveled from its head down its back.  Finally, it dragged behind it a powerful serpent tail that left a trail of ooze wherever it lay.

Moving toward Richard it sniffed him before moving its claws over the patterns that I had drawn there.  After taking the time to read what I had placed on Richard’s body, it turned to me and spoke.

  • Egnahcxe ni tseuqer uoy od tahw?

The creatures voice was serpentine yet quite deep, with smoke emerging as it spoke.  Expecting this, I held a large mirror high above my head.  From within the glass, smoke began to blossom until it exploded outward repeating Astaroth’s words:

  • What do you request in exchange?
  • I want power.
  • Elaborate.
  • Make over my body.  Sculpt it as mighty as can be.  Form my sex into a colossal tower.  Let me stand above the masses, forever young, forever virile, forever healthy, preaching our master’s name.  In exchange, I give you my slave.
  • And he comes willingly?
  • He is mine... proclaimed so by his own words and deeds.  It was his seed that called you.

It moved up to Richard and smelled him again.  Too frightened to move, Richard allowed the serpent tongue to travel over his face, down his neck, and over his pecs.  It was obvious the demon was examining him... but would he accept him in trade?

  • Yes... it is writ that he is yours to exchange.

Richard tried to cry out, to deny that he was mine, but the gag made it impossible.  Astaroth looked from me to Richard.  The gag, the rope, and the handcuffs were suddenly released, and he was free.    Wasting no time, Richard tried to run for the door, but Astaroth was too fast.  In a split second, he had leaped onto Richard’s back and brought him down to the floor.

Richard screamed out as Astaroth opened its mouth and began to insert Richard’s head in.  Like a vacuum, it swallowed his shoulders, then his chest, his torso, his legs, and finally his feet.  Within moments, Richard was gone.  Throughout time, history rewrote itself, and Richard ceased to ever have lived... ever have existed... remembered by only me.  His soul was now hell bound, sent in exchange of mine.  Once Richard had been ingested, Astaroth turned its head to look directly at me.

  • The deal has been made, and the payment received!!  Young and virile you forever will remain.  Tall and mighty your body shall become, and a monument to our master your sex will be.

Smoke flowed out of the silver bowl and slowly began to swirl and wrap itself around my body.  My heart began to beat faster as my fate lay before me.  What would Astaroth make of my instructions.  What was I to become?  What I had written on Richard’s body... was that possible?  Could a human grow so massive... so tall... so powerful?  For a second I feared what I had written.  This room I stood in... my sanctuary would be like a dollhouse.  Was this what I wanted???  Oh yes, I thought with a grin!!!!  Yes!!!!!!

As the smoke wove around my body faster and faster, an unholy cry began to pierce my head.

           ⁃ Screams!  I hear screams!

  • Yes!!!  It is the energy of the thousands of souls preparing to power your body.

My penis got hard thinking about the power I was soon to possess, the smoke swirling around every inch of my cock.  The smoke began to pick up speed until it was like a storm wrapping itself around my body.  Lightening burst from the smoke and began to strike my body over and over again.  I embraced the power invading me.  I had never felt anything so incredible.  The sound of the smoke storm was now so loud that I could barely hear myself think.  Above the storm, even louder, were the screams of thousands of tortured souls crying out from hell.

  • You are willing to accept what gift I give you?
  • Yes!!!  Fill me with ultimate power!!  Make me mighty!!
  • As you request, so I do!!!

The storm sped up even faster, covering me in a shroud of pure darkness.  Suddenly and without warning a smoke tentacle broke away from the source and shot itself into my face, forcing its way into my body.  Following its lead, more and more of the smoke storm rocketed its way into every inch of me.  I welcomed it, trying to digest it all.  Eventually, I had swallowed the entire thing, and those souls had taken up residency within me.

  • Yes!!!  I can feel them within me!!  I feel them changing me... altering me... so much power!!  I never expected so much power!!!
  • But a taste.  Now I complete you!!

Astaroth released a jet of fire from its mouth, and once again it wrapped itself around me, this time with even more force then before.  I wanted to shield my eyes from the bright flames swirling around my body, but it was impossible to not watch.  This was the power that would change my body... my world forever!!!

  • Yes!!!!  Give me even more power then I can imagine!!!

The flame shot up in the air and then down into my open mouth.  I wanted to scream out in ecstasy as my whole being quaked as it filled with what the demon had gifted me.  What felt like an eternity lasted a few minutes as what had entered took root.  Suddenly I was afraid of what I felt... I was afraid yet turned on by my desires.

  • I... I can feel my humanity being stripped away... I’m.... no... no... I’m no longer human... am I?
  • No.
  • What am I becoming?
  • Exactly what you requested.  The earth will soon quake beneath your feet.  The world will shudder when it sees you.  Never has there been a more beautiful... more monstrous creature then you.

All I could hear in the room was my own breathing and the thousands of souls preparing to power my transformation.  No longer was I human.  I had been stripped of that by this creature, but did I care... perhaps for a moment but that was all.  I was too eager for my conversion to start.  

I breathed several times in and out... The power was welling up inside of me, ripping through my body and altering every cell.  Uncontrollable spasms hit my body over and over again as the power prepared me... burning through me.

Unexpectedly, the creature released a jet of fire from its mouth once again, this one longer then the first, and again it shot directly into my mouth.  Screaming out, the onslaught forced me to the ground.  What was this creature doing to me?!  So much power existed inside my body now… much more then I had asked for.  I was unable to control my limbs as I flailed on the ground receiving more energy then a nuclear bomb!!

When the smoke cleared, the room was illuminated only from the red glow coming from... yes... coming from my eyes!!  My eyes no longer saw as a human saw... but what was I becoming?  When I spoke next, my voice was filled with steel.

  • Fifty thousand souls are prepared to fuel my transformation... to make me power incarnate!!!  

Shakily, my body still spasming over and over from this onslaught, I rose to my feet and faced off with the creature.  Sporadically, flames would erupt from my body and a howling emerged from my mouth when I opened it.  I was intoxicated by what I felt.  This had far surpassed what I had imagined it would be like... yet like every addict, I knew what I wanted and that Astaroth had more to give.  

On shaking legs, I approached it.

  • Be careful what you ask for.
  • I need it all!!!! 
  • Then take it!!!

The creature smiled, flexing its muscles for me.  Yes.  He was the well from which I had to drink.  I had the power of fifty thousand of souls in me prepared to fuel my metamorphosis, but I needed more!!  Falling to my knees in front of it, I took my hand and placed it on the creature’s mighty shaft.  Stroking it, it quickly rose to a swollen 15”, flames dripping from the head.  As I nervously licked the head, one drop touched my tongue... my brain exploded as I witnessed in one second all of the power Astaroth held.  Needing more, I wrapped my mouth around the mighty head and began to suck it, taking as much of the shaft down my throat as I could.

Minutes passed.  Astaroth’s claws dug into the back of my head forcing me to take much more of its cock then I thought I ever could.  I could feel my body quaking with power as I mined for more.  I sucked and stroked the shaft demanding it give me what I deserved.  Eventually, Astaroth began to grunt and groan, breathing heavily due to my expert mouth.

  • Turn back now, human... while you can!!!

This warning only caused me to suck and stroke harder until finally the creature reached orgasm, and unloaded its powerful load inside of me.  As he deposited it in my stomach, I felt like I was being electrocuted.  I no longer could control my body as I convulsed from the onslaught of what was being bestowed upon me.  I continued to suck on its shaft, determined to drain it all… until with one mighty blow it threw me off its cock and to the middle of the room.

I tried to stand but couldn’t.  I had ingested too much power and my body was unprepared to digest it all.  My whole body was pulsating with life.  My entire body began to shift, to throb.. my skin began to bubble.  This tapped force was attempting to surge out of my body, seeping my pores, releasing flames when it ruptured.  My entire being had overdosed on power and was being ravaged by it.  I felt lightheaded and sick to my stomach at the same time.  I put my head in my hands and felt my face and skull give way as it pressed and merged around my hands. 

Never had I felt anything like this onslaught of power, and it was it was getting more powerful by the second.  As I tried to stand again, my entire being began to smoke as if I were burning from within.  I could only chuckle at what I was going to become, and knowing it was about to happen at any moment made my 8” cock go hard.  From the reflection of the glass on the ceiling, I could see my eyes were shining a bright blue now.  Soon… I could feel the power rising up within me as if my whole body was about to cum.  It was getting stronger and stronger.  A sudden burst of laughter erupted from my throat as I realised my time as Darren was over and that a new creature was going to take my place.

  • I will be the mightiest creature to walk this Earth!!!  I will take what is rightfully mine!!!!  I will exist at the top of the food chain!!!  Nothing... will ever... stop me... AGAIN!!!!!!!

My whole body suddenly stopped fluctuating and tensed up, my back muscles beginning to cramp.  It felt as if hundreds of hot nails were being hammered into my traps at once.  I released a scream that bounced around the room and was echoed by the thousands of souls within me.  As I screamed, I could feel my back beginning to swell with muscle.  Larger and more defined it became, and still it continued to grow.

My collarbone and scapula made gruesome cracking noises as they fractured and then expanded, growing wider… my arms moving further away from my body.  The pain was agonising but welcome.  This is exactly how I had wanted it.  My body was being tortured to make me even more mighty.  For what seemed like hours, but was only minutes, my shoulders extended, becoming wider then any door, and showed no sign of slowing its growth.  As the bones continued to stretch longer and thicker, my shoulder muscles began to join in the development of my traps.

I was determined to stand, but the orgasmic rush of growth proved too much for me, and I fell once again to my knees.

  • My shoulders... my delts getting so round and thick!!!  My whole upper body stretching wider and wider... my upper back... so filled with muscle and strength... my traps getting so concentrated... my... ARGH!!!!

My upper body surged even wider.  There would be no way possible that I could ever walk through a normal door again, my shoulders were simply too wide.  My traps were riding higher and rounder on my shoulders giving me the look of a bull that I had always longed for.

With a sudden eruption, my lats began to swell, pushing my arms even further from from my body.  I couldn’t believe how quickly my upper back, shoulders and traps had become mountainous, and far from the realm of human possibility.    With all of this muscle, it was as if four bodybuilders had been fused together to create my upper back, and still I continued to bulge and grow.

  • More!!!  My hunger is insatiable.  Make me bigger!!  Make this body a monument to your strength!!!

I cried out in orgasmic lust as my neck began to swell into a Grecian column of muscle.  I tried to feel it with my hands, but they were now too far away and too short to even reach my neck!!  Moving my head with ever growing difficulty, I could feel that it was so dense and muscle bound that it must look more like a quad then a neck!!  As my traps continued to rise up higher and higher and started to fuse with my neck, my lats continued to widen until, to my joy, my upper back resembled that of a immense morphed cobra head.

The horrific sound of cracking filled the room even louder then before as my arms and hands began to lengthen.  

  • Fuck!!!  Look at these arms??!! They’re getting longer then my legs!!!  How big am I gonna be??!!  
  • Monstrous.

The creature hadn’t spoken until now, but simply watched with glee as my body was racked with pain and the birth of what I was becoming.  I looked up when it spoke in shock, awe, and desire.

  • Freakish.  Never on Earth will there have been one to rival your size or mastery.
  • Yes!!!!!!!  Grow me!!!  Stretch me!!!  Don’t stop!!!  Ever!!!

Hearing my plea, my legs and feet began to lengthen along with my arms and hands.  Although still top heavy, I could finally stand!  My legs were so long and wobbly that I must have resembled a newborn pony.  Standing for the first time, I was shocked at how tall I was, yet even more surprised when my hands dragged on the floor.  The ceilings in the refurbished conservatory were over 35 feet high, and here I was standing a little above what I estimated at ten feet.  I couldn’t help but laugh as I took in my new view of the world.

  • Look at me... towering above you... towering above everything!!

I continued to get taller, my inhumanly wide and muscular back began to resemble a flesh-like shell, it was so mountainous with peaks and valleys of muscle.  The thickness of my neck and traps made it virtually impossible to turn my head, and I found I had to turn my whole body if I needed to look around.  I was being hit by the impracticalities of my new size, but I didn’t care.  I revelled in them and I wanted more.  I ceased to care about a normal life and wanted to exist purely as a creature of brute strength and muscle.

I lifted my growing hand and marvelled at the sheer size of it.  Each finger was much longer then my own head and thicker then three or four of my old fingers put together.  My palm... fuck... that is where I gaped at the size... the palm of my hand was growing to become nearly as large as my own chest!!!  

As I continued hurling into my metamorphosis, I could feel this energy burning up inside of me.

  • The screaming in my head is getting louder... all of this dark energy erupting inside of me... fuelling me!!!!

My torso soon joined in with my arms and legs, and loudly begun to elongate.  The snapping and pulling of my body was soon so excruciating that my own screams merged with the moans of the souls erupting from me to create a symphony of terror.  As my body developed taller and longer, I laughed through my pain thinking that I must resemble the urban legend of Slenderman made flesh.  As the ground fell further away and the ceiling came closer, I tried to rationalise how tall I was becoming.  Was I nearly fifteen feet tall now?  The more my torso stretched, the quicker my arms and hands, legs and feet finally began to look in proportion to my body... but my own body was so out of proportion to every human on earth!!!  

Stumbling, I moved around the room on my stick legs, my enormous feet rocking the very foundation of my house.  I’ll never be able to get out of this room without tearing the whole thing apart, I thought with excitement.  How tall am I now?!  The ceiling is getting so much closer!!  I reached up my arm and found that I it wasn’t as far away as I thought it was!!  Soon I would be able to easily touch it with the tips of my finger!!!  Fuck!!!  The ceiling that was too tall for a ladder, and soon I would touch it with my own hand... and still I grew.

Contemplating how much larger I was to become, I felt an itching beginning to rise in both of my pecs.  The itching became an irritation, and then the irritation became stabbing bolts of pain.  I screamed out, a sound the whole neighbourhood must have heard as my pecs began to explode with size.  

Like two massive inflatable rafts attaching themselves to my body, my pectorals simply blossomed, quickly getting firmer and rounder.  The sensation of feeling my blood engorged muscles grow made my head spin.  Looking down as much as my neck would allow, I saw these massive globes coming to life, taking over the top half of my chest.  I rubbed my hand over the right one, and nearly collapsed as my hand brushed over my nipple.  My nipples had never been sensitive before, and I never understood nipple play, but now... fuck!!!  Now I could!!

With each beat of my heart, my pecs swelled larger and larger.  Using both of my hands, I grabbed my nipples and I squeezed them.  Colours formed in front of my eyes and my head spun with ecstasy.  I squeezed them again and twisted them at the same time, releasing a low moan from my throat.  They were the most sensitive things I had ever felt.  As if they were trying to enrapture me to play with them more, they both suddenly began to get larger and thicker, the areola getting wider and browner, and the nipple bursting with size until they both were nearly the length of a human finger.  

My pecs, fuelled by my intense nipple play grew even mightier, extending feet from my chest.  The sensation of feeling my blood engorged pecs grow fuller made me want to roar.  I looked down at Astaroth who appeared so tiny now compared to me.

  • Look at my pecs... getting so full... so heavy with muscle.  I can’t wait till my whole body feels this way... weighing thousands of pounds of muscle!!!
  • Thousands of pounds?  Too small!!  Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of pounds!!  Your muscle mass making the very earth tremble!!  No scale ever strong enough to weigh how heavy you really are.

His words swam in my head as I watched my pecs beginning to find more room to grow on my body, rising up while being forced down at the same time.  The gap between my pecs was so deep, but it also grew tighter as they took up more space.  I took my hand and placed it down into the gap, and felt the pressure being forced on it by these two powerful masses.  Soon I would be able to crumble boulders between my pecs, or splinter trees just from flexing them together.  Never have pecs been so mighty

My abs and lower back began to burst with muscle at the same time to prevent my upper body from collapsing down upon it.  My back, lats, and traps were still gaining mass, and I could just imagine how I looked.  My traps rose up to near my ears, now giving me the guise of either having no neck at all or one so massive that it rose simply from my back.

My abs exploded one by one, but there was to be no simple six-pack for this body.  With my hands I felt, since I couldn’t see anymore below my pecs, that my own body was mutating and I now possessed a twelve pac!!  With my knowledge of the male anatomy, I was aware that most humans have, at most, eight muscle bellies making up their ab muscle, but here I was with my abdomen divided in 6, with each becoming thick and as dense as cinder blocks.  

Fuck!!!  How I wanted a mirror in this room!!

  • As you command.

Vanished were the walls of bookshelves and toys, my chamber was now composed entirely of mirrors. Every surface… every wall… even the floor and ceiling were mirrors.  There wasn’t even a door anymore!!  Everywhere I looked I saw me, and what I saw freaked and thrilled me!!  

Astaroth watched as I took in my half formed body.  The first thing I noticed was my head.  It had only grown a small amount with the rest of my body, and my eyes still glowed a bright blue with no pupils at all.  My head was tightly wrapped in between my immense traps, which now rose mightily past my ears.  My neck, larger then my waist, was barely visible, as my pecs and deltoids simply covered it up.  Finally, my lats caused my upper body to curve away from my body but then taper back in.

How wide was I?  I had no way of knowing in inches or feet how big I was, but at this size, it simply didn’t matter.  My upper body had to be larger and wider then a car... and still I grew!!  My lower torso... my abs... a brick wall didn’t do it justice!!!  Each ab alone was a testimonial to muscle, and jointly created a pure work of mastery.  Each crevice in the wall of abs, along with my newly forming Adonis belt was so deep... so so dark.  My waist... no matter how thick, as it had to be over 50 inches, was firm compared to my massiveness of my chest giving me the ultimate wasp waist.

I smiled at my reflection, and looked down at the Astaroth.

  • The birth of a monster.
  • Only the beginning...

My legs began to tremble and quake as my feet began to grow longer and to thicken with muscle.  Stretching upward, both my calf muscles began to take on mammoth proportions.  They swelled up so thick that, the diamond shape of the two heads began to expand outward on all sides and take up more room over my ankle until it appeared that my foot formed right from my calf.

My calf muscles stretched upward toward my kneecaps, but a titanic rumbling sound announced the birth of my new elephantine quads.  I cried out in exhilaration as each muscle simply erupted in size.  I could only drool over how massive they quickly were becoming.  The lateral and medial muscles of my quads immediately became so swollen that I had to widen my stance.  Each time I did, and created a little more room for my balls, they would quickly take up all available space.  In no time at all the rectus emerged as two massive teardrops that dipped over my kneecaps and required me into a bow legged and crouched position for comfort.  I was resigned that for the rest of my existence I would be forced to walk this way, and it made me supremely happy.

By the fifth time I had spread my legs, this time as far as they could possibly go, I heard a familiar cracking noise and knew it was my pelvis breaking to enlargen my stance.  This caused my waist to broaden as well, which only forced my upper body to grow more as well to keep my tapered look.

As I felt my gluteus grow, I cried out.  I had been growing for nearly thirty minutes now, and with each change and alteration to my body, the more orgasmic it felt.  I moved my hands to try and feel my swelling ass since even with the mirrors I had trouble seeing it, but with my widening lats, I had difficulty moving my arms to even touch it.

  • My body... how did I ever exist in anything but this body you are forming for me!!!  I am indeed becoming monstrous as you said.
  • And you shall remain this way for all eternity... immortal as you requested.
  • Fuck!!!  I had forgotten that...
  • Never ageing... never sickening... never dying... existing as you are for eternity... pure power!!!

I clenched my jaw and grit my teeth as I felt the agony of my pelvis bone breaking and growing again, extending my waist more and causing my stance to become far more unnaturally bowlegged.  My legs were now so muscle bound, so massive, and so engorged, that some might say they bordered on the grotesque, but I only cried out for more.  Every time I stepped now, the entire house shook and the stone floor beneath me cracked and shattered to dust from my insurmountable weight.  In no time at all, I knew this entire house would come down around me simply due to my very existence, and that had me begging for more size and mass.

As best as I could, I lifted my arms above my head and found that with some manoeuvring I could easily place my palms against the mirrored ceiling.  By this time, I was over twenty feet tall, no doubt nearing twenty-five.  My deltoids had grown so dense with muscle that it wasn’t easy to lift my arms above my head, but at this time it was still a possibility.

My arms began to shudder and ignite with a blissful burning sensation as I finally felt my upper arms join the rest of my body in its symphony of growth.  Flexing my upper arm, I watched as it quickly bloated with power, my biceps and triceps becoming thick and dense as stone.  

I wanted to scream out as my clavicle fractured and enlarged to create more room for upper body growth.  The prominence of my upper arms made it difficult to bend my arms, forcing them down off of the ceiling.  So much strength were in these arms now.  I could easily rip apart a tree or a boulder with my bare hands, and my strength only increased as my forearms surged with size.  My hands... fuck... the muscles of my hands expanded until I knew that by the time I had broken out of this house, I would be able to crush coal into diamonds and diamonds into dust.

I glanced at myself in the mirror again, a creature of pure muscle.  I saw myself as the world might see me:  I was nightmarish, I was a mutant of muscle, I was freakish... I was beautiful!!!  A beast of pure strength and power.  I did a full body flex, and watched as my whole body became even more grotesque as it surged larger.  When I released the flex, my body maintained the pump I had gained.

Until this moment, my head had remained the same size as when I had first begun this journey, but with an unanticipated flash of pure torment, the bones that formed my entire cranium began to split and re-fuse larger.  I tried to keep my eyes open to watch this happen but it was truthfully a frightening sight.  My skull swelled and grew first until my head resembled an immense light bulb.  My neck muscle continued to thicken to support the added weight of my new head.  Soon my eye sockets expanded, as did my eyes.  I had thought I understood pain with my last growth, but this surpassed even that.  As my eyes doubled and tripled in size, I was afraid they were going to explode.  My upper head looked alien, but as my cheekbones and nose began to grow as well, I could see that very soon I would look like me again... just a leviathan version of myself.  My chin grew and squared off at the same time my brow ridge became more prominent.  Fuck!!!  This was now the head of a true Brobdingnagian!!!!  My traps, afraid of being left behind, soon grew more immense and once again fused above my ears.

I felt a peculiar feeling in my abdominal wall, and looked gain at myself in the mirror.  It was odd to know I would never truly see my lower half again due to my immense pecs, but that only made me smile with happiness.  That was how I wanted to live.

My abdominal muscles were growing larger... lengthier... stretching down like thick tentacles toward my pubis.  This was it, I thought.  This was the moment I had been waiting for, and my body was preparing itself for it!!!

I thought my body was evolving my pubis to be more muscular in order to hold the massive cock I was soon to have, but I was only partially correct.  The tentacles of muscle forced their way into my penis and I could only cry out as the greatest surge of ecstasy hit me.  

Further and further this tentacle of muscle invaded my penis, starting at the base... forcing it to grow longer and thicker, transforming it from tissue into a shaft of pure muscle.  My cock was becoming as the rest of my body was... nothing but bulging, pulsating, throbbing muscle!!!  I whimpered as this metamorphosis occurred, as my cock was inundated with muscle to become this hard and thick shaft.  My muscle cock, because what else could I call it, grew tremendous, nearly as thick as my own forearm, and just as my body continued to grow more massive with muscle, so did my cock.

I wrapped my hand around what had once been my old cock, and instantly felt the difference.  My muscle cock was no longer pliable with a soft feel but hard as the rest of my body was.  I stroked it and felt it flex for the first time, growing even more tremendous in my hand.  It was more sensitive then my original flesh cock, as my body evolved to have thousands more nerve endings imbedded throughout it.  I could only drool as wave after wave of pleasure besieged my body as I stroked this new muscle cock, watching it grow even more colossal.  

The tentacles of muscle eventually reached the head, and I watched as this too was transformed into muscle, more bulbous and wider then ever before, the slit a vast open cavern.  This was exactly the cock I had wanted, and watched as it expanded and lengthened until it grew even larger then my arm, the head mushrooming even fatter until it was thicker then my fist.

I roared... I actually roared as my balls began to widen.  I could feel the testosterone in my body being forced into overdrive, as my evolved testicles became a power plant to fuel my last metamorphosis into a being of total size and total masculinity.

My head spun as my evolution went wonderfully out of control.  As my balls grew immense and sent out shockwaves of testosterone fuelled by the hundreds of thousands of souls within me, I grew even faster, adding on hundreds of pounds of muscle each minute.  Hair erupted all over my body, growing quicker and thicker on my face and chest.  My hair growth was so out of control that where one follicle would once have grown, I know had five or six, making my newly grown beard thick and dark.  Within minutes, I had a full beard that lengthened as I grew taller, my head nearing the thirty foot ceiling.  My pecs were covered in a pure pelt of jet black hair, but no matter how thick the hair on me was, it couldn’t hide the musculature beneath it.  The hairs on my arms and legs lengthened, trailing down onto my hands and feet, and my underarms had a forest of long jet black hair.  My pubes grew denser as well as they covered my pubic mound and ever expanding balls.  

Thick hose like veins rose up all over my body feeding my musculature.  New veins and arteries were formed doubling and then tripling the amount the human body had.  My body needed this larger amount so my massive heart would be able to pump the required power throughout my body.  My cock muscle, now nearing the length of my leg, grew even thicker as pipe-like veins took root, crisscrossing the entire surface and feeding this monster.  The head... ugh!!!  The head grew even larger, nearly the size of my cranium.  My cock was indeed more then simply a devise for reproduction.  It was a monument to all things muscle, all things strength, and all things masculine.  Leaking a constant flow of precum, my entire body began emitting the most intense musk... sexual and masculine.

Still the world spun around me as my whole being went into overdrive.

  • Changing... becoming... something else... all of my senses are becoming heightened... becoming... my deep... more like a rumble of thunder then a voice...yes...becoming even stronger... becoming... yes... a being of pure instinct... I feel as if I am transforming into something more animalistic the more masculine I become.
  • This is what you wanted.
  • Was it...???
  • You wanted to be the alpha.. reign supreme over everything.., I am giving you that...
  • Yes... 

The largest surge of power shot through my entire body and I let out a massive roar, which shattered the walls of mirrors.  This new evolution was wanted... asked for... but unexpected.  I didn’t truly realise what it was I had desired, and now I was receiving it.

  • What is happening now... I’m... I’m becoming smarter... my intellect doubling... no tripling... Ha!!!  Quadrupling!!!  I’m smarter then any man alive!!!  How is this happening??!!  My brain... taking in so much information at once...YES!!!!  Smarter then any human!!!!  More powerful then any human... more supreme then any human!!!  I am indeed the ALPHA!!!  I breathe in and I can smell everything around me... every person, every creature.  I am now the apex predator!!!!  I have evolved past humanity into what humanity wishes it was!!!  About to crash through this ceiling... soon I will be forced to reveal myself to the world... their superior... their ruler... and yet... can I say it... YES... I want more!!!

My head smashed into the ceiling, the mirror and metal shattering and falling apart around me.  As my growth surged one last time, my head appeared over the roof of my house, my shoulders where the mirrored ceiling had been.  I had broken free of my womb and now planed to enjoy the playground that lay before me.  The wind of my new world blew through my long black hair and caused my titanic nipples to harden.  At one time I would have been embarrassed for the world to see me naked, but now that was the only way the world should see me!!  How else would they bask in my magnificence?  Worship their... could I say it?  Could I speak the word??  YES!!!!  Worship their new god!!!

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Wow! Another amazing story from you! I love it!

You are quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Keep up the good work :)

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Holy shit I can’t WAIT for part 2! You never disappoint!

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16 hours ago, musclepecadmirer said:

Wow! Another amazing story from you! I love it!

You are quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Keep up the good work :)

Thank you so much!!  I really appreciate it!!

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2 hours ago, MrAlice said:

Holy shit I can’t WAIT for part 2! You never disappoint!

Hey there!!  Crazy busy... but hoping to get it out soon!!  

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Beyond incredible. 

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Awesome as always!

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Really glad you are contributing to the community. All your stories, Ncgazza, are incredibly hot and really well-written. I love the detail, the careful descriptions of the character, the slow world building. They are really fantastic. You're inspiring me to write new stories myself! Thanks, bro!

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Mmmmm just like that guy I demand MORE!

Seriously this is some of the best writing there's been in a while

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Finally... here is Part Two!!!  Sorry that it took so long... but I have been crazy busy with going on a skiing holiday and then dealing with nonsense at work.  Hope you enjoy it.  It's crazy... but damn it was fun to write!!!  Let me know what you think!!!!


Part Two


My head swam as I realised that I now stood forty feet tall with my mass of muscle obviously weighing tons!! As I looked out over my domain, the wind of my new world blew through my long black hair and causing my titanic nipples to harden.  At one time I would have been embarrassed for the world to see me naked, but now that was the only way the world should see me!!  How else would they bask in my magnificence?  Worship their... could I say it?  Could I speak the word??  YES!!!!  Worship their new god!!!

With my mighty right arm, I swung, and the entire conservatory collapsed around me.  I lifted bars of metal and easily bent them like straws.  I leaned over and with my hands raised part of the foundation from the ground, crumbling the stone and concrete it was fashioned from into dust.  Simply stomping my foot created fractures and ravines that dipped far into the earth.   My cock leaked as I continued demolishing the room around me, enjoying the power I now possessed, until I could no longer hold back, grabbed onto my cock with both hands, and ejaculated over my own destruction. I roared out in euphoria as I came gallons, and all of the windows in my house blew outward creating a hailstorm of glass!!!  

After five minutes of a continual orgasm that only got more powerful as it continued, I realised I had grown even taller and more massive, standing nearly fifty feet from the ground.  I was indeed a god, and I would enjoy living this way forever!!!  It was now time to reveal myself to my subjects.  With a grin, I flexed my quad against the main baring wall and couldn’t hold back my deep bellowing laughter as my entire house began to crumble around me.  Pieces would fall onto my redwood-like legs, and splinter as they hit the might of my mass.  

As the entire structure began to disintegrate around me, I grabbed onto a large part of the remaining roof, and hurled it into the air, watching with glee as it soared up into the night sky, and came down like a missile onto my next door neighbour’s house causing the entire building to collapse under its weight.  A moment later there was an explosion and what remained of my asshole neighbour’s home burst into flames, the fire igniting the night sky and reflecting on my body.  

My own prison had been utterly destroyed around me, fire engulfing what remained.  This house had been in my family for generations and I was glad to see it fall at my own hands... my hands that were now two of the most powerful things on this earth.  My heart beat faster as I took in my own destruction.  It felt so good... so freeing!  I needed to destroy more!!  I needed to bring the world down a peg.  Stroking my muscle cock, I took my first steps out into my new playground and looked around me.  Yes!!!  This was all mine now to do with as I desired.

As I took my first steps, the ground shook like a titanic earthquake, and cracks and fissures appeared in each area where my feet touched.  The sudden shaking and rumbling of the earth caused car and home alarms to begin sounding around me as my footsteps rocked the very earth I stood upon.

Easily grabbing a car that had been parked on the street, I lifted it into the air with my right hand, and smashed it down onto the roof of the house across the street.  Over and over again I brought the car down onto the house until it was nothing more then a smoking pile of rubble. 

Lights began to turn on in several of the neighbouring homes, and people came outside to see what had caused such explosions.  Screams reached my ears as they took in my immense figure.  Yes, I thought, this was the soundtrack of my reign... screams of awe and terror.  Soon would come the worshiping, and I couldn’t wait.  To further show my might, I flexed and roared at the same time.  I’ve never seen a group of people run so fast!!!

  • Run!!!  Run while you can!!!  Warn the world what was created here tonight!!!!

I stroked my muscle cock over and over again, faster and with more force until I reached another powerful orgasm, this one even more intense then the last.  Cum shot out of my muscle cock like a cannon, putting holes in the walls of other houses, and created large craters where it landed in the street.  With my cock being made entirely of muscle now, it never went soft, so in a few minutes of further stroking, I was once again shooting the seed of my destruction, bringing down further houses around me.

The destruction of my neighbourhood went on for another hour of supreme joy.  I fucked holes in houses, body slammed my old high school to rubble, and entirely uprooted the woods behind the old football pitch.  Overtime, the police had tried to get near me, but this proved futile for them and fun for me.  I laughed as they tried to use bullets to bring me down, and watched as they bounced right off of my body like water.  With a simple tug, I ripped several trees that had stood for centuries, and hurled them at the pathetic ants beneath me, causing them to flee for their lives.

  • Yes!!!!

My body flexed and revelled in this simple act of might.  To me, destroying an entire neighbourhood had been as easy as knocking down a house of cards.  More!!  I wanted more.  I wanted to destroy cities... I wanted to bring down countries with my might.

As my body had grown in might, my brain had grown in intellect.  I didn’t simply want to be a mere creature praying on the populous with destruction and displays of power.  No.  I finally saw what the true plan was... why I had been created... what had led me to my pursuit of knowledge in regard to the occult... and to my deal with the Incubus.

Yes.  I now knew why the deal had so easily been made... why I now stood as a beast above my own world.  Just as I yearned for more power... so did it...  I thought I had used it to get my hearts desire, but my new intellect told me otherwise.  It was using me to create mass destruction and chaos on this earth.  No!!!  I would not be used.  I would reverse the hand and play it to receive what I truly deserved.

  • I want to make a new deal!!

My voice rumbled from my throat and echoed on the wind.  I had never heard a voice so sexual, so deep, and simply dripping in masculinity.

  • A new deal?  What do you mean?

Astaroth, who had watched my destruction with glee, walked closer to me, its form a little larger then before, but still only coming up about midway to my knee

  • I have seen all you have given me in exchange of... what was his name??.. in exchange of the human’s soul.  You have given me so much... made me monstrous, made me eternal... but now it isn’t enough.  You have given me the guise of a god... but I want more.  I want you to make me a God!!
  • One soul in exchange for that?  Never!!
  • Not just one soul... how about thousands of souls?  Give me what I ask for... and all of my followers will be yours!!  This world is crying out for something to take control... and it should be me!!!
  • And in exchange you will give me the souls of each of your followers?
  • I have no need for them.
  • No.  Such a deal is unheard of.  You already possess too much!!!
  • And in exchange... I will give so much to you... just think of how powerful this will make you!

The Incubus looked up at me... my glowing blue eyes looking deep into his.  I saw what he wanted and it made him just as horny as the thought of becoming a god made me.  My brain played out every possible variable... every possible outcome...

  • The souls of all of my followers will be yours.
  • All of them!
  • This whole world will be yours.  I’ll be your harbinger.
  • My harbinger?
  • Yes... preparing the world and its souls for your domain.  
  • My own World-Eater... a god to finally bring all of creation to its knees...  Do I possess such power to make this happen??

Again my brain played out every scenario, and if this creature was as vain as I thought it was...

  • Of course you do!!!!  You are all powerful!!  Form me into this god... this WorldEater...
  • Do I dare??!!  Total destruction would be glorious!!!!
  • So??!!  Will the deal be made??  My soul and the souls of this world in exchange of you transforming me into a god!!

Astaroth glanced at me one last time, it’s eyes burning into my soul, smiled, and faded into nothingness.

  • What game are you playing...?? Answer me!!!  Is the deal made?!!  I called you and you answered... you can not deny me!!!

Where had it gone?  Had Astaroth decided to simply ignore my desire to ascend into Godhood?  No!!!  It was impossible!!!  My brain had gone through every scenario...  it wanted more power as badly as I did!!

I clenched my hands into fists ready to pound the very earth I stood upon, furious to be denied my right to Godhood, when I noticed small blue sparks of electricity beginning to form around my hands.  At first they were barely visible, but in a few moments they began to gain strength, turning into wisps of blue energy, and then into more powerful whipping tendrils of supernatural current.  Cascading over my clenched fists... lightly at first... but quickly gaining strength until both of my hands were covered in a cloud of pure electricity.  What was this strange energy that was beginning to feel so good... like being licked by thousands of tongues and massaged by millions of hands.  It felt so incredible... my cock flexed over and over again, swelling even thicker... pre falling freely as the sensation from my hands rose in intensity, and caused me to catch my breath and moan.  As the current intensified in power...  it began to become painful... erotically painful... and my cock began to flow like an open tap.

My mounting horniness caused me to want to experience how the current would feel when it came in contact with my cock... so I brought my hands down and placed them around the shaft.  To my surprise, the electricity merged into a bolt of lightning that grew to be thousands of times more powerful then what was on my hands, split in two, the one bolt jumped from my hands and began to revolve around the root of my massive appendage.  As it whirled around both my cock and my hands... I could feel it getting stronger... gaining more power... gaining more strength...

  • What is this??!!!

In the distance I could hear police cars coming toward me.  As I tried to shake the powerful blue current from my hands, lightning would shoot in every direction around me, completely evaporating whatever it touched... leaving behind a smouldering crater.

The pain was becoming excruciating as the current began to envelope more of my body as it spread up from my hands to my forearms.  It also began to create a maelstrom of power around the the shaft of my muscle cock as it moved toward the head.  I let out a deep bellowing moan as the energy reached its target, the head of my cock, and began to engulf it as well.  Revolving around the massive head like a tornado, static shooting off of it, the blue energy eventually formed an outgrowth which invaded the slit and dove into my body.  

My scream of anguish and ecstasy must have been heard for miles as this strange stream flew down the inside of my muscle cock and settled in my testicles, causing them to both audibly churn and burn.  In pain, I instinctively moved my hands to grab them, and the electrical storm that was wrapped around my hands soon enveloped my ball sack as well, causing my balls to slowly begin to swell.

  • What... is... happening... to... me....????
  • I thought in your arrogance you would have guessed... the deal has been made... WorldEater!!  You are becoming a God!!!

His words echoing in my ears, I watched as the energy began to whip faster around my cock gaining speed and size, and was soon traveling down to also cover my glutes, and then my quads.  My hands and arms were now completely engulfed by the original storm, and it was beginning to spread to my chest and back.  This was it!!!  My body... my mind was evolving into that of a God!!!  I roared out as the blue storm began to envelop my pecs, attaching itself to my nipples causing me to shoot bolts of cum lightning from my cock, the ground bursting into flame wherever it landed.

As I stood there being further engulfed in the energy storm, my mind burst open, and knowledge from before the first star was born began to fill my brain.  Slowly I was gaining the knowledge of everything!!  My laughter, as I gained more and more insight, could be heard all over the planet.

  • I’m changing into something more then even I imagined!!!  

I was so enraptured in what was occurring to me that I failed to notice the police cars, the helicopters circling above me, and the hundreds of men on the ground with automatic weapons aimed at me.  

My mind continued to expand further and further as my entire upper body as well as my quads and calves were now completely covered in the electrical storm.  This power had found another entry point into my body as it flowed over my gluteus and into my rectum.  I felt the storm enter me like a massive cock, filling me up to bursting, but unlike the other times I had been fucked, this filled my entire body, hitting and igniting every organ.

As my mind took in more and more knowledge... something was beginning to slowly take place in my body as the current took control.  I could feel it happening as every cell, every molecule and every atom of my body began to be transformed into something this world had never seen.  The deal had been made... and I was being elevated to Godhood!!

  • Soon... you will... all... kneel... to me!!!!

I spoke, and every creature’s mind heard me in every language possible.  Yes!!!  This is what I always had dreamt of but thought it impossible.  I was soon to be a god!!!  

A beam of light from a close flying helicopter hit me in the face, momentarily blinding me.  I lifted my arm to swat at it, but instead, a concentrated beam of light shot from my hands and directly into the helicopter causing it to instantaneously evaporate.  Ten more bolts left various parts of my body, randomly disintegrating other helicopters, police cars, and several of the men below.  Through gritted teeth I screamed out to the surviving onlookers below.

  • Bask... upon... my power while you... can!!!  You... are here... to witness... the birth... of a new GOD!!!

As I screamed the final word, a constant stream of energy shot from my hands and began to impale the centre of my forehead... burrowing deep within.  Screaming out in absolute anguish, I tried to lower my hands to stop the stream, but it wouldn’t cease and only got stronger.  The beam drilled through my skull and hit my brain, lighting it up with power!!!  The knowledge I had gained before was nothing compared to what I was receiving now as my brain evolved further to beyond anything one could imagine!!!  My entire body was now cocooned in the electrical storm, my face being the final part to be covered.  

  • So... much... power!!!  
  • Yes... and this is only the start...

More!!!  I needed more power to complete the ultimate transformation.  I reached my mind out to every source of power on the Earth... and in an instant the world went completely dark.  Every power source ceased to work, ranging from phone batteries to nuclear power plants, as trillions of trails of energy arced through the sky leading to its final destination... ME!!!!  

How much energy can a body take?!  If it is mine... all of it!!!  Each second I was inundated with more and more power... electrical, nuclear, wind... anything that could induce power, it was transferred directly to me.  I lifted my arms into the air, as best as I could, and created two conduits for the power to enter my body.  Faster and faster the worlds energy flowed into my body causing me to eventually begin to glow from within.  

All of my internal organs began to slowly shrivel and disappear as I no longer had any need for them now.  The only organs that remained and evolved further and further as I did were my brain, and my testicles..  both growing larger and more powerful.  I cried out and my scream caused the entire globe to quake.  I was becoming one of the most powerful creatures in existence!!  My body further mutated, as every muscle in my body expanded and got larger, filling in the gaps left by the evaporation of my internal organs.  Even my skeletal structure transformed into pulsating muscle until I was existed as nothing BUT muscle!!!  No longer did I obey the male human anatomy... I now existed as a god of pure muscle.

As my form began to mutate further, I began to grow larger and taller, adding onto my frame tons upon tons upon tons of muscle.  I surpassed seventy feet high and continued to grow... getting thicker... wider... taller... hairier... and more powerful.  

I screamed out, and the sheer volume and force of my voice sent a shock wave of destruction for miles around me.  The police and police cars simply disintegrated as they were ground zero to the source.  The trees and greenery around me simply withered and turned to dust as their life-force was sucked into my being.  Buildings and homes imploded, turning to kindling at the sheer intensity of my voice.

As the Earth’s energy fuelled me, my eyes opened... glowing pure white...all three... for now I possessed a third eye in the centre of my forehead that could see everything!  With this eye, I now understood all things and found I could, at will, alter the world around me.  With a grin, all of the Earths power exploded from my being, and in doing so, I reversed the world order and created a world filled with hyper masculine men... and that was all.  I watched as the world around me changed... reflecting my desires.  Temples appeared all over the world to me... filled with worshipers calling out my name!!

As I took my first step, the ground beneath me shook and burned.  I stood one hundred feet tall, my body... bulging, pulsating, flexing muscle... all of it!  I looked at my world and surveyed every inch of this paradise.  This was a world where indeed man was created in my image, tall, muscular, and virile men.  

In this world there was no need for reproduction.  My muscle cock shot seed onto the ground, and from where it landed, further hyper masculine men were formed.  Within moments they were flexing and fucking... for that is what my world now was.  I willed myself larger and soon stood 150 feet in the air.  

All thoughts of my old life as a human began to fade as I now existed solely as a god.  There were times when I would let myself become like them... their size... fuck around... grant some request without them knowing it was me, and then return to my preferred height and size.  I only ever remembered one existence, and it was being this worlds god for thousands of years...

I raised myself up into the air and floated above my realm... higher and higher and larger and larger I became until I existed as a massive barrier between anything and my world... I resigned supreme... I was the most powerful creature to ever... 


A clawed hand, larger then myself, grabbed my immense form and dragged me back through space and time...   

The red energy beam emitting from my hands drilled into my brain as I once again stood 50 feet tall in the ruins of the woods behind the old football pitch.  My body was again cocooned in a whirlwind of power, and the earths energy was being funnelled into my body!!

  • What... is... happening??!!
  • A deal was made!!!
  • Again??  How is this possible???  I... am... becoming... a... god...again!!!  Yet... something is different... 
  • Yes... you are becoming a god...but in my image!!!
  • NO!!!!
  • Yes!!!  Your desire for more power... in your seduction you proclaimed yourself my harbinger... my WorldEater... and that is what you shall be!!!  More powerful then anything imaginable... a god of pure destruction!!!!
  • My world!!!!  My paradise!!
  • I shall leave you that parallel world where you reign supreme.

My brain reached out to that existence, and I discovered the demon wasn’t lying.  On that plane I still resigned supreme..  With the mental strength I didn’t know I possessed... I set up a wall between this world and that... and nothing could tear it down... my world was safe from what I was to become... because on this plane... I WOULD DESTROY!!!!

Astaroth called out to all of the powers of hell to form me.  The ground below me began to pulse and swell beneath my feet.  The earth erupted, and hell in the form of molten lava began to flow from the ground and surround me... but I was not burnt... rather my body began to ingest it as a plant would water.

Fuelled by Earth’s energy from above and the powers of hell below my entire body began to rumble and quake.  Several times I roared out... and from my throat, merged with my own scream, was the scream of thousands of souls existing in damnation for all times.

As my own form was inundated with more power then one-hundred suns, my eyes opened... but now they were large and lizard-like, glowing blood red...all three... for now I possessed a third eye in the centre of my forehead that could see everything!

My entire body began to burst with flames from various parts of my body as my muscles began to swell even larger.  I looked down at the crowd of people below and smiled.  Soon... oh so soon... they would be mine!!!  This entire globe would be mine... this existence would be mine!!!!

  • You... are about... to witness... the... birth... of a... GOD!!!!  The birth... of your... destruction!!!

My body continued to get larger, adding more mass, more muscle, and more density.  When Astaroth has opened up the doors to my Godhood... he had flung them wide open and now was unable to close them!!!  He had unleashed all the power of hell into one form... soon I would become the most powerful being in all existence!!!!  Isn’t that what I wanted... was it worth loosing all of my humanity??  YES!!!!

My torso began to get longer and wider.  Every aspect of my chest and back doubling and tripling in size.  My pecs added on more and more size, becoming like mountains attached to my chest.  My nipples began to itch, and then burn.  I moved my hands up to try and deal with this sudden discomfort, gently trying to massage what had once been so sensitive, but now brought insurmountable pain.

As I was trying to deal with this intensifying pain, I noticed my eyesight getting blurry.  Within a few seconds, I only saw darkness even though my eyes were open.  I stumbled around trying to get my bearings and comprehend what was happening when I heard a loud tearing noise, and discovered that I now was seeing from lower down then before as my nipples had cracked open to reveal two more red lizard-like eyes imbedded in my pecs!  As I was adjusting to this new circumstance, my original eyesight returned as well.  With concentration I found I could adjust my eyesight depending on which set I looked through.  The eyes in my chest could now see through every surface, recognise heat trails, and see infrared and ultraviolet light.  My original two were able to see for miles, and the one in my forehead saw everything... past... present... and future.  With this eyesight I was becoming the ultimate hunter!!

As my torso continued to gain mass, my backbone started to enlarge... getting thicker, until it ruptured from my back, sending flames shooting from my body into the air.  

The crowd started to back away as my metamorphosis began, but being humans... their curiosity got the better of them!  I screamed out in ecstasy as the plates of my backbone ripped through my skin, and began to harden and sharpen into the beginnings of immense horny protrusions that would trail down my entire back.

The fires of hell began to alter my skin, first causing it to change into a deep muddy grey colour, then making it thicker, and more hide-like.  This alteration in the makeup of my skin forced all of the hair all over my body to rise to the surface and fall out around me.  Within minutes I was entirely hairless and my skin had become an impenetrable force that nothing in heaven or hell would pass through.

As the horns on my back lengthened even further, my hands began to ache and crack and soon I could watch with anticipation as they began to grow longer and longer.  Each nail was lengthening into claws that would be able to rip through any surface.  I lifted my hands to look at them, admiring their size and weight, knowing they would get even larger, sharper, and more powerful.

An agonising pain erupted from my feet.  They both had begun to stretch and lengthen with the rest of my body... and that pain I welcomed, but this was something different from what I was used to.  Smoke began to rise up from my feet, as the flesh of my toes began to bubble and melt.  The melted flesh began to flow and fill in the spaces between my toes until it was impossible to even move them.  Like wax, the flesh eventually hardened, merging my toes together into one large mass.

The soles of my feet where my toes had once been quickly began to harden and thicken into a completely inflexible mass.  I slammed my feet down on the ground, and the sensation was one I couldn’t comprehend.  I could still feel the ground... my feet still had sensation... but it was dulled due to the soles becoming tougher then they had ever been... more durable... more fit for total destruction!

I began to understand what was occurring when the bones of my feet each broke in the centre, and the back half began to be absorbed into my calves, making them even larger.  The area where my toes had once been proceeded to get more sizeable and thicker, until I stood on two mighty hooves.

The crowd began to back away as I took my first steps toward them, attempting to get acquainted with my new hooves.  As I walked, where I left a deep indentations of hoof prints behind, fire erupted from the ground like a geyser... igniting the sky.  This fire was hotter then any known on Earth and would burn forever.  This was the beginning of my legacy of destruction.

Terrified to see me moving toward them, the crowd began to scream and run away.  Although still going through my transformation, my instinct now was to give chase, but was forced to halt when I felt the bones in my face begin to shift and alter.  Yes, I thought!!  This part of the transformation would truly wipe away all that was human from my body.  My nose and mouth began a steady progression of jutting out further from my face, forming the beginning of my snout.  The corners of my mouth ripped further to allow my mouth to be much larger and to open wider.  My browridge splintered and descended further over my eyes, forcing them deeper into my skull.  The eye in the centre of my forehead grew even larger, taking up nearly the entire thing.  As it looked around, bolts of lightning wound erupt from within, transforming anything it hit into mere atoms.

Pre-cum in the form of fire began to leak from my cock as I watched the onlookers standing in terror at what I was becoming.  I let out a loud deep grunt as my snout began to protrude even further on my face.  To further adorn my face, a large silver ring began to form from my septum granting me the bull-man look I desired.  My sense of smell had become heightened, and I found I could smell every scent for miles, and recognise each one, whether it be man, animal, vegetable, mineral, or gas.  I sniffed the air and knew more police were on their way, I could smell their fear.  I grinned, excited for their approach.

  • Witness the birth of your destruction!!!

As I spoke, my voice dropped several octaves lover to become a mighty bellow.  I lifted my bull-like head to the sky and let out a loud roar that felled trees around me.  I smiled at the simple power of one roar, and blood began to flow out of my mouth and onto the ground.  My teeth were being forced from my mouth by the sharp fangs that were growing in beneath them.  I could only imagine how beautifully beastial I must appear to those onlookers who remained.  To show my might, I roared again, showering them with my blood and showing off my growing fangs before they completely evaporated from the power of my voice. 

My metamorphosis was quickly going out of control.  From either side of my head, two pulsating pustules formed, growing larger and leaking blood down my face.  I shook my head from side to side trying to alleviate the pain, when two even larger ones began to form on my upper back, my shoulders, and my lower back.  Blood flowed freely from these pulsating masses as my razor sharp claws tried to scrape at them, but only succeeded in making them ooze even further.

As the pressure on my body built up further, I could hear a horrid ripping sound coming from my head.  The extra weight began to pile on my head as two horns began to force their way out, growing larger by the second.  Within minutes, each horn were as long and as thick as my arm, and the point, deathly sharp.  To counterbalance the new weight, my neck, shoulder, and back muscles proceeded to grow even larger and denser.  

As the horns on my head grew out and then curved up, two additional ones burst from my shoulders, extending outward.  The strength of my body was multiplying as I grew larger and even more muscular.  I opened my mouth, showing the world my newly enlarged and sharp teeth, roaring louder and deeper then ever before.  My tongue, having transformed with my teeth was now long and serpent-like, yet thick and as powerful as the rest of my body.

I now stood over 100 feet tall and still I grew.  I was horrifyingly beautiful, my muscles so large that they defied reality.  In one world I was a God of Creation... in another a God of Destruction... but which one did I prefer??  Which was more powerful?  Only hours had passed since I had been a mere human and now here I stood being transformed into something I never could have imagined back them.

My thoughts were interrupted by sudden agonising pain coming from above my glutes.  The pain was joined with a tearing sound as my lower backbone began to rip from my body and proceed to lengthen and thicker, transforming into my new appendage... a thick muscular tail!

My tail continued to grow in orgasmic splendour.  Pulsating muscles from my glutes formed around it the tailbone, completely covering it, and making it even mightier.  My hidelike skin quickly covered my flexing tail, and soon, just like my back, horns erupted down the length of it.  My tail soon reached the ground and continued to lengthen till it dragged far behind me.  The feeling of such weight threw my balance off at first, but just like the muscles of my arm, I learned how to flex my tail, whipping it from side to side, knocking down everything around me.

Thick black hair forced its way through the hide covering my head, and began to grow wildly, soon falling to below my shoulders.  My chest was soon inundated with such hair as well, coating my pecs and trailing down over my abs.  

I roared again, and my bellow was even more powerful then before.  I found it difficult to form any words with my new mouth and tongue, but after a few minutes of trying, ceased to care.  I could communicate with my mind when needed, and growl and roar and grunt with my mouth.  Who would I speak to anyway when none were my equal any longer?!  Let them speak to my through worship!!

To any humans... I must now appear more animal then human... but that was the cost of such power.  Humans feared their animal nature and tried to suppress it.  I was the epitome of that nature now.  My intellect was far superior to anything this existence could create, and my strength was insurmountable.  The incubus had indeed created a god... but one born to end the old rule and bring forth total chaos.  

Still I grew taller and larger till my head rose above the clouds.  I walked, and brought down everything in my path.  Looking at the pitiful planet below me, my cock grew even harder and longer then it had ever been before.  Knowing what it was my destiny to do, I fell onto my knees causing earthquakes to form mammoth canyons for miles.

Now that I was on my knees, I dragged both of my taloned hands on the ground, creating massive divots in the earth as I uprooted trees and roadways, and with a mighty thrust impaled my muscle cock into the ground like it was a hot, firm ass.  At first the Earth was tight, but as I thrust further and further in, magma from the core began to lubricate my cock, allowing me to fuck it deeper and harder.  As I fucked the very ground below me, I quickly began to grow, siphoning all of the energy this planet held into my own body.

My size knew no limits as my entire body and tail began to circle the globe as I continued to fuck it.  I had never felt such pleasure fucking anything else in my life, the molten core massaging my cock.  Soon my form covered half of the planet and still I fucked it, draining it dry.  My thrusts became more powerful and my moans became gruffer, louder, and deeper, as the planet began to fall apart around me, unable to compete with my mastery.  Closer and closer I got to orgasm, until with a mighty roar that rocked the universe, my cock let loose a torrent or lava and flames that tore the Earth apart.

I continued to cum for hours, floating in outer space, larger then any planet in this solar system.  As I came down from my orgasm, I looked around me and saw the future that lay ahead.  Before me was my buffet.  There were worlds upon worlds to fuck and drain dry, getting even larger each time.

One final transformation occurred as massive wings ripped from my the final two pustules on my lats.  Stronger and wider my demon wings grew till they were as wide as I was tall.  This is what would propel me on my conquest of total destruction.  I was now a creature of legend... a creature of nightmares.

As I moved toward my next feast, I thought of where this journey had begun: in a simple quest for size and muscle.  In millions of parallel worlds there were more like me who yearned for such power.  I grinned and with a mere thought made this possible.  On countless worlds those like me would be granted a way to touch such power through magic, science, and a myriad of countless other ways.  Yes... others would follow me in gaining muscle and size... some content with living within the upper realm of human possibility and others who would grow to tower over their worlds.  I split my mind into billions of pieces so I would always be one of those men experience the ecstasy of growth forever.

Now as The World Eater I would move onto my next conquest... the sun!!!  Each feeding would grow me larger and larger until I alone was this universe.  The ultimate source of power.  This existence now belonged solely to me!!!!



Richard wanted to scream when he saw the creature, but the ball gag prevented this.  All he wanted to do was run when a strange wave came over him and his body suddenly relaxed.  Just go with it, he said to himself.  Somehow this will all be okay... 

The creatures voice was serpentine yet quite deep, with smoke emerging as it spoke.  Expecting this, I held a large mirror high above my head.  From within the glass, smoke began to blossom until it exploded outward repeating the Incubus’ words:

  • What do you request in exchange?
  • I want Power
  • Elaborate.
  • Make over my body.  Sculpt it as mighty as can be.  Form my sex into a colossal tower.  Let me stand above the masses, forever young, forever virile, forever healthy, preaching our master’s name.  In exchange I give you my slave.
  • And he comes willingly?
  • He is mine... proclaimed so by his own words and deeds.  It was his seed that called you.

It moved up to Richard and smelled him again.  Knowing not to move, Richard allowed the serpent tongue to travel over his face, down his neck, and over his pecs.  It was obvious the demon was examining him... but would he accept him in trade.  

After a moment it turned to me, raised its hand, and I was thrown against the bookshelves.

  • Master...
  • This slave does not come willingly!!  You have tried to deceive me... and therefore must be punished!!

The creature looked once again at Richard and with another wave of his hand, was freed from his bondage.

  • All that this mortal fool has requested... I now bestow on you!

I ran toward the creature but was blocked by a wall of fire.

  • No!!!
  • Yes!!!!  I will make him over as you had requested.  His body gaining insurmountable height... muscle mass... and a cock that all will worship!!  Do you accept my gift... Mortal?

Richard looked at me... at first confused... almost as if he had a strange case of deja vu... but then he broke into a wide grin.

  • Yes!!!  Make me a walking mountain of male masculinity and power... only... whatever he wanted... double it.  Then we have a deal!
  • No!!!!
  • The deal is accepted and done!!! 

Smoke flowed out of the silver bowl and slowly began to swirl and wrap itself around Richard.  Soon all I wanted would be his!!  Forever young... forever virile... towering above the masses and the supreme example of a man.

  • Yes!!  Give me this power!!!  Give me it all!!!!  GIVE ME IT ALL!!!!

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