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muscle growth Dad, The Homewrecker. (Part IV added 07/04)

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Part 5 part should be ready next week. A big thanks again to all the great comments, and also to @rolling24, who has helped, and hopefully will continue to help, making this story even hotter. Enjoy! ;)

 (Link to Part III) 


PART 4: 
Luke slowly opened his eyes and immediately wanted to fall asleep again.

Reluctance was not unusual after waking from a short night’s sleep, but when Luke saw the large stain of his dad’s cum soaked into the mattress, he knew that today was going to be horrible. 

Last night’s events lingered in the air like the next day’s stench of an orgy, but he had little time to contemplate this before hearing a familiar sound downstairs.  


Slap. Groan. Slap. Groan.


The stroking of morning wood caused loud echoes through the house. His dad was at it again. Luke quickly turned and checked on Macy, but she was fast asleep with a gentle smile on her face. He reminded himself he’d have to wake her up early, she’d need extra time in the shower if she didn’t want to show up to work reeking of sex. 

As much as he’d rather not deal with his dad while he was going to town on his fat cock, Luke certainly didn’t want Macy to intercede, she’d probably want another round if she got an eyeful of his dad’s thick rod and studly body. 

Besides, he had a few questions to ask, like how the fuck he magically grew in size whenever he pounded Macy out.

Luke didn’t put on anything other than his worn boxers before walking downstairs. He realized what a poor decision this was at the first glimpse of his dad’s magnificent body in the perfect morning light. Luke immediately wanted to cover his flabby body as his dad’s physique put his to shame.

The changes to Matt’s body this time were clearly visible to the naked eye. Matt had been athletic for his age before, but this was something else entirely. 


Wide shoulders capped with large, rounded delts…..
Thick, powerful biceps…..
And his showpiece square, solid pecs…...


Instead of having his eyes closed, Matt was looking with an expression of glee and fascination at every new muscle, every new bulge. And there were quite a few to admire.

Even more remarkable, his skin looked healthier and tighter than before. Luke wouldn’t have classified dad’s skin as sagging, but the signs of age had definitely been there.

Those seemed to have vanished entirely over night however. It was like whatever was changing Matt had turned the clock back to better showcase his tighter and bigger body.


“Hey Lukey.” Matt mumbled in between grunts, not looking away from a thicker, longer rig than the cock he rocked yesterday.

Luke felt curiosity bubble up inside him but knew it was best to resist his perverse fascination with his dad’s body. 


“Dad. I really didn’t think I’d have to tell you twice, let alone thrice, that you’re on full display here, and you need to take care of your urges elsewhere.”


Luke did his best to sound confident despite his dad now looking closer to a full on alpha hunk instead of a just an above average big guy, but his shaky voice betrayed the scared little kid inside. 

Matt lay there, distracted by his own growth spurt from the previous evening and with thoughts of pleasure tainting his mind. He didn’t ignore his son’s question on purpose, it just…happened.


“You know kiddo, I had always heard men with large dicks experience considerably less pleasure while jerking off than guys with normal sized dicks. Nerve endings, or something.”

Matt took a deep whiff of the thick scent of testosterone emanating from the large balls between his spread thighs. A smug smirk spread across his lips as he examined the fat new veins snaking along his tool. 

“Now that I know what it feels like to jerk off with a dick that is much bigger than that of an average man, I’m convinced that’s just a wistful myth created by men with teeny weenies.” 

“I mean looking at my powerful cock and knowing it’s even bigger than it already was… Fuck. That just makes beating my big meat even more intoxicating.”


Luke felt his mouth go dry while Matt got more comfortable in his position on the couch, spreading his big thighs wider. He wasn’t gonna leave the couch.

“Dad…” Luke tried before the big man interrupted him.


“Why?” Matt said sternly without even looking at Matt, continuing his self pleasure without pause.


Luke was at a loss of words.

“‘Why?’ Do you really need any reason other than the whole street can see you here?” 


Matt shrugged his newly widened shoulders and said with a chuckle, “You really think this bothers them son?” 


Luke couldn’t believe this, Matt had been rather disrespectful towards him ever since he had lost his status as the bigger, more muscular man a few years ago, but this was rude even for him.

“Excuse me? You’re a guest here. You’re free to jerk off on full display in your own apartment. But for as long you’re here, you’ll respect my authority as the man in the house.” 

Luke felt proud for making a stand. He normally just ignored his dad’s bullshit, and let him do his thing, but after the humiliation he suffered watching his dad fuck his wife, standing up to him made Luke feel he gained some power back. 


Than he saw that gleam return in Matt’s eyes and liquid terror shot through his veins. It was the gleam that shouted ‘I’m fucking done with your bullshit, twerp.’ at the loudest volume.


Matt jumped up from the couch, the floorboards creaking suddenly under his increased mass.

“The man of the house?” Matt asked with a snicker as he calmly strolled toward Luke. 


Standing toe to toe, Luke was horrified to realize that he had lost his height advantage. 
Matt used to stand at an average 5’9, with Luke having a good 4 inches on him. Now they stood eye to eye.

Matt nonchalantly ran a hand over his thick chest, Luke’s eyes were drawn to the impressive brawn and he felt the masculine authority that emanated  from his dad. Matt continued to casually tug and knead his cock despite there being only a few inches between them.

Luke knew he should have felt repulsed, but instead he felt attracted and intimidated, the dominant display casually eroding away the last shreds of his authority. 


“Lukey, I’m pretty tired of you bossing me around. Giving your old man rules...” 

“...But you know what? I’ll humour your little request, but you’re gonna do something for me in return.”


Luke knew that wasn’t right. This was his house. It was his responsibility to prevent his family home from becoming the laughing stock of the neighbourhood by the brazen display of his father's epic nudity.

But he was exhausted from his experience the night before and he just wanted his dad out of sight so his inferiority wasn’t being rubbed in his face. It was like his dad relished showing him up.

Luke saw the tub of protein he had picked up at the store sitting on the table. He wondered why doing stuff for his dad kept feeling like such betrayal to himself.


“Ummmm. Sure, whatever you need to do keep this out of sight.” gesturing at his dad’s swaggering frame.


Matt gave him a snide grin, like he hadn’t doubted for a moment that would be Luke’s reply.

“Great. I need someone to take my measurements. Gotta track my gainz kiddo!”

Luke didn’t know if you could count the muscles that magically grew on your body after having sex with the wife of your son as ‘gainz,’ but he didn’t object.


Matt bounced his jutting pecs for emphasis, as if Luke had forgotten about the large mounds of flesh for even a second.


“So. What do you wanna start with?” Luke asked meekly while he rolled out the measuring tape.


“Arms.” Matt commanded. 

He flexed a bulging bicep and threw Luke a self satisfied grin. It was a sight that eerily reminded Luke of the pose he had seen yesterday evening, only now without Macy’s moans in the background. 

Nevertheless Matt’s muscle was impressive even when he didn’t have a nubile young woman squirming on his cock. His arm had been beefy before, but losing a few pounds of fat and gaining a few pounds of muscle made it more powerful looking than ever. And the new vascularity snaking around the mound of power was a sight to behold.


“You just wanna stare at it all day or do you think you can put that measuring tape to use?”

Luke jumped a little, as if awakened from a trance, and slowly rolled the piece of tape around the angry looking muscle. He couldn’t help but think that he felt pure power pulse through his dad’s veins while his hands held the piece in place.

There was no acknowledgement of thanks or consideration coming from Matt, who more than anything looked rather annoyed that the simple act of measuring took Luke so long. 


“Spit it out!” Matt barked when he saw Luke check the number for the fourth time.

“19 inches.” Luke whispered with a deep sense of awe and astonishment. 


Even Matt was momentarily caught off guard. He went from an nice and thick 17, a number which was largely inflated by body fat, to having a truly massive arm. 

Matt hoped he still had enough tank tops.


“Fuckkkkkk, 19 Inches!” Matt said with a rare sense of wonderment at his physique. 

“Calves! Do calves next!”


Luke felt his dad’s own excitement rub off on him. Enough that he could almost ignore the precum dripping out of Matt’s erect and large shaft that nearly brushed his head as he kneeled

“18 inches.” Luke called out while looking upwards past the large cock, his dad’s muscularity looking even more impressive from his knees.

Matt sense of awe increased. His legs had always been his least stellar asset, now they were in perfect harmony with his new bulging biceps.

“And 26.5 inch thighs to go with ‘em.” Luke sighed.


Luke shifted to measure Matt’s waist. While doing so, he temporarily forgot the man he was measuring was as naked as a man can be, and his left hand briefly pressed into the fully exposed hunk of warm meat.

Luke couldn’t help but think for a moment just how solid and manly that thick cock felt when his hand rubbed firmly against it...

Then he suddenly realised what he was doing and quickly pulled his hand away, dropping the measuring tape on the floor.


His son’s hand had lingered just a moment too long and was withdrawn so hastily, with such shame, that Matt considered the possibility the incident wasn't accidental at all. 

“Wouldn’t that be hilariarious” Matt thought with a bemused smile.


Luke kept his eyes firmly averted from Matt’s gaze. He was thankful when his dad didn't mention the awkward encounter, but he didn’t need words to know that whatever it had done to the balance of power, it surely hadn’t shifted in his favour.


An awkward silence filled the living room before Matt finally spoke.

“C’mon Lukey, my waist and pecs aren’t gonna measure themselves.”


Luke silently nodded, grabbing the measuring tape again and circling it around Matt’s waist, the new V-taper and tighter waist only further highlighting the masculinity of his body.

And the sexiness.

“28 Inches. On the dot.” Luke murmured quietly, slowly rising back from his knees.


“Damn, all that extra size, and I only got leaner?” Matt laughed with disbelief.

He took another few seconds to bask in wonder at the changes in his physique before regaining his confident footing and shaking his head. 

“Hah. Other guys were hardly competition before Lukey, but now…”

Luke felt his cheeks burn spontaneously with humiliation. Although Matt hadn’t directed that statement at him, he felt quite spoken too.


As his gaze slowly slid over his dad’s upper body, Luke could spot even more changes. 

There were the outward jutting pecs of course, meaty slabs of flesh that had always been Matt’s proudest asset. They were even more impressive now, the increased bulk forcing his slightly darker nipples downwards. The abs, but a faint outline before, were now defined and cut with enough bumps to make up a six pack. The tortoiseshell that made up his stomach sat like a crowning jewel on top of the Apollo's belt that had emerged, pointing downward to the Matt’s big, fat, uncut coc--

Luke tore his gaze away when he noted Matt calmly watching him, unsure why he was increasingly fascinated with his muscular father’s naked body. 


Knowing that his salvation was close, Luke found the courage to roll out the piece of measuring tape again and slowly circle it around Matt’s chest. 

“56 inches.” Luke said, trying not to let his voice quaver with admiration.


The huge chest did look slightly out of proportion on the rest of Matt’s body. 50+ inches was bodybuilder sized, but he the new height and existing handsomeness somehow made it look manly and dominating instead of freaky.

Luke sighed a breath of relief, taking a few steps backwards. Barring the ‘incident’, he’d survived intact. Now Matt could take his jerking out of view.


Matt picked his self worship up again, basking in his own exquisite, undeniable manliness. He let out a deep, vibrating moan as his head lolled back on his thick neck and his pace increased.

“Uh, Dad. We had a deal. I took your measurements, so please make sure you’re not indecently exposed.”


Matt roared a growl of pleasure, moving imminently closer to his crescendo of bliss.

“Fuck,” Matt groused as his firm, slow squeeze produced another drop of precum, “Yeah I’ll go do this out of view. You’ve got one last thing to measure though…” Matt said while inspecting his reinvigorated body.

Luke threw him a questioning look. Arms, chest, legs, had all taken a turn with the tape, what else was there to measure? 


“C’mon Lukey, I’ve seen you looking at my cock all morning, hoping I wouldn’t notice. You gonna pretend you’re not curious what I’m packing after that ‘growth spurt’ last night? Hmmmm?”


Internally, Luke couldn’t deny he wanted to know the exact size of his dad’s meaty prick. Not that he’d ever admit that intrigue to his father's face however. 

“What? No, I’m not, I couldn’t care less about the size of your penis, dad.”


Matt threw him a lopsided grin, and took a stride forward, their bodies suddenly awfully close. Luke felt absolutely terrified about how much bigger his dad was now, it was like being a kid again and dealing with a jock bully from the next grade.

“Now let’s get one thing straight Lukey…” Matt said, taking the measuring tape from Luke’s trembling, clenched hand.

“What I’m packing isn’t a ‘penis’ at all. Penis is a biological term, it reduces what’s hanging between my legs to a tool for pissing or reproduction. That’s just reductive to use on such a nice, meaty prick don’t you agree? No, I’d call your average, little willy a penis, but what I’m packing is a COCK. An instrument of pleasure.”

Matt puts the measuring tape at the base of his dick, and in full view of Luke, slowly stretched the tape toward the bulging head.

“Shittttt Lukey, looks like my instrument of pleasure is a rock solid 8 and ½ inches! That’s like more than an inch since yesterday, as if the ladies and boys didn’t have enough reason to love me already. What do you say? Should we measure yours? Hah!”


Luke’s jealousy of his dad’s increasingly superior endowment boiled to the surface. How much longer was he going to have to hear his dad talk about how great it was to experience a supernatural shot of growth? 

“And you were already hung.” Luke sniped with envy.


Matt lets out a chuckle. A week ago he would have let that comment slide, but after fucking Macy as his son gawped, he found that voice in the back of his mind urging him to be more dominating.

He’d gladly oblige.

“Ohhhhh, Lukeyyyyy,” Matt mocked, “We both know I’ve got enough hanging between my legs to drive anyone I fuck wild, not just your sexy, and until recently, deprived wife. It’s just sad that 90% of guys can’t give that same experience. Guys like you with tiny, little penises can have ‘sex.’ But you and that dinky thing of yours? You’re not even in the same league bud.”

Matt stared Luke into the ground while his jerking picked up in pace once again, the full measurement of his now even manlier body driving his pleasure up to 11. Images of how much bigger, how much leaner he is now pushed him close to the edge.

“Only with a body, with muscles, with a cock like mine you can truly FUCK.” Matt growled in between gritted teeth.


And with a final look down his body, seeing all his muscles throb in excitement, he came.


Matt’s eyes rolled back as his morning of edging finally paid off, thick ropes of cum shot across the living room. His balls churned and churned as white shots of manliness covered the hardwood floor. 

“Fuck yeah!” Was all Matt roared as orgasmic pleasure rocked his body, his newly bigger muscles flexing involuntarily.

After what seemed like forever his orgasm tapered off, his cock drooling a last few spits of cum onto the floor.


Matt smirked, happy with the mess he made. 

“Alright, I’ll do round two out of view.” Matt said, shrugging his shoulders and striding out of the room.


Luke was left flabbergasted, checking out his dad’s powerful glutes as he strode up the stairs.

“Uh, dad, what about the mess you made?” He finally mumbled as he got over his shock and excitement.


Matt halted, he was already upstairs and out view, but Luke just knew he had the biggest, cockiest grin on his face. 

“Hm? I thought you wanted to me to be out of view Lukey? I’m sure you can clean that mess up in no time flat, right?”

Luke tried interjecting but was interrupted before he even managed to say half a word.

“You know, after all the services I’ve provided over the past few days it’d be rather rude if you saddled me with cleaning. Just be a man and scrub up that cum, will you? I’ve got clients coming over in a few hours and need to make sure my balls are properly drained.”

Matt loudly shut the door of the bathroom. Luke estimated he wouldn’t see him for at least another hour.


Taking a deep breath, he grabbed a sponge from the kitchen. He didn’t know how long it would take to air out the room to clear his dad’s musk.

Soon the low sounds of his dad’s vibrating moans rattled the house. Luke angrily scrubbed up the cum hearing them. When had he given his dad permission to host clients at his house anyway? Were there gonna be more sex obsessed weirdo’s walking around his house soon?


The large pool of white semen was nearly entirely gone now, a tiny puddle was all that remained. Luke was fully ready to scrub it away and erase the last remnants of his dad’s lewd display. 


But something held him back.


He bit his lip as a ridiculous thought shot through his head. An insane thought. But he couldn’t suppress it or push it away. In fact, to his horror, Luke noticed his hands suddenly followed the wild, cruel whim of his mind. 

Instead of the sponge, Luke’s left index finger had scooped up the last glob of cum.

It fascinated him, serenely lying close to his face, undisturbed. It wasn’t watery like his own semen, no, this was thick and heavy, it radiated virility.  


Without much further consideration Luke put the glob in his mouth.


The realisation of what he had just done arrived as the strong, salty taste flared up his nostrils. 

Luke coughed loudly as he experienced the unfamiliar, savory tang, but as he considered who had produced it, and in what circumstances, he thought it should taste awful.


The painfully hard dick pressing into his boxers disagreed. 

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Dad it's starting to let the urges take over him.

Things are gonna get even more inetresting. He is gonna see people in the house and im sure that0s gonna be a terrific experienced for anyone looking for a sex counselour.

Im sticking to my theory it's the wife that causes teh changes. She migth love her husband but the sexual sparkle is not as strong as teh few years and that's why he was a stud. She has a magical vagina :v 

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3 hours ago, Ro20316 said:

Dad it's starting to let the urges take over him.

Things are gonna get even more inetresting. He is gonna see people in the house and im sure that0s gonna be a terrific experienced for anyone looking for a sex counselour.

Im sticking to my theory it's the wife that causes teh changes. She migth love her husband but the sexual sparkle is not as strong as teh few years and that's why he was a stud. She has a magical vagina :v 

And the father is the one fucking and not the son, the son can't do it so he can't get the benefits.  Interesting point.  Ride the magic vag!

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2 hours ago, ploder4 said:

And the father is the one fucking and not the son, the son can't do it so he can't get the benefits.  Interesting point.  Ride the magic vag!

Exactly. When the son was fuckinmg ehr she wasnt feeling it cause she lost that something that make her connect with him maybe was all the years, maybe was his attitude, maybe was the monotony but teh father is new and she feels reinvigorated and her magic Vagi does the work 

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Part 5 took a while but it's well worth the wait. So hot to see Matt finally getting rid of the last bits of his humility and being so arrogant and condesending towards weak pathetic  beta males like Luke

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Yes!  So hot.  Love the dynamic and how Matt is getting even more dominating, letting himself literally grow into his demeanor. 

Like others I wonder if the wife has a magical vag.  My guess is that it's her orgasm.  Perhaps in all their years of marriage the son has never actually given her a proper orgasm, something that sex therapist Dad, with his hot body and bigger cock, can make her experience easily. 

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On 4/7/2019 at 11:13 PM, dredlifter said:

Yes!  So hot.  Love the dynamic and how Matt is getting even more dominating, letting himself literally grow into his demeanor. 

Like others I wonder if the wife has a magical vag.  My guess is that it's her orgasm.  Perhaps in all their years of marriage the son has never actually given her a proper orgasm, something that sex therapist Dad, with his hot body and bigger cock, can make her experience easily. 

One, I completely agree that this story keeps getting hotter and hotter. Two, Matt's increasing dominance as he grows is a great development as well. 

I've also been trying to figure out what the cause of Matt's growth is. I've wondered if it was the wife's um fluids, the act of her having an orgasm, or the act of humiliating his son. Almost like muscle theft, but so far Luke isn't actually losing muscle as far as we know. It can't be any humiliation though, or Matt would have grown this chapter, but would have to be related to sexual humiliation. It does raise the question of what kind of growth Matt would have if Luke himself submits to his father.

Lots of interesting ways this can go. Thanks for a great story so far. 

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We'll know more when Matt has the orgy with his incoming clients.  It might end up being Matt's humiliation of Luke that may spark the growth.  He wasn't able to do that before he visited.  If we find out the others don't make him grow unless Luke is around...  etc.


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