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Ohh what an outstanding first chapter.

Someone being a sex therapist it's something that i havent read in  a story, It's fire to burn many and many topics and i hope we read more of Matt's adventures and not only how he "helps" Luke and Macy's marriage.

Luke is a complelling main character. He is nice and just let himself go through life but im sure if he sets himself to eb proactive again he canregain his looks from collage he has great genetics for it if his dad is something to look out.

Matt grows from sex but it looks like it's tyeh first time it happens. Can not wait to reach the part from the beggining of this story

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Wow what a great start! Wonderful detail in your writing and the premise is very interesting, growth from sex is one of my favorite triggers. I'm excited to see where you go from here

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Wow...I loved ALL of this. I can't wait for more! This is great! I love how you wrote a cuckold story with actual depth and a possible muscle theft / muscle alpha hypno-persuasion storyline. I want to know how his father is bending him to his will, and I hope his takes over his house!

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A very amazing, interesting approach.  I really like this ans can't wait to see where it is going.

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That was a great, inventive first chapter. It puts a really interesting spin on both cuckold stories and muscle dad (actual father being bigger) stories, both of which are extremely hot in their own right. This is more than just hot though. It also has a really interesting plot developing that I can't wait to see continued. Luke's varied feelings and premonitions add yet another great twist. I can't wait to see where it goes from here!

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Thanks for all the kind comments ❤️ Link to part I & II



Luke was surprised to see his neighbour standing in his garden when he pulled into the driveway.

She was a slight, elusive figure that rarely came out of her house. This had always disappointed Luke, who thought her beauty rivaled Macy. He had been thinking of opening lines in his head, trying to think of a way to show he had a sweet personality to go with his plump body when he saw the reason she was standing dazed in his garden, biting her lips.

She was staring through the living room window, where she could clearly see his dad repeating the morning ritual that had startled Luke yesterday.


Matt, once again lying on the couch playing with his nude body and cock, in the most blatant and obscene manner possible.


Luke immediately discarded any plans for pleasant conversation and rushed inside.


“Dad?!” Luke said while he shut the front door. “What did I tell you about jerking off in the living room?”


All Luke got as a reply was a groan of pleasure from his dad.

Luke made his way over to the couch. He glanced out of the window, and could see his neighbour moving down the sidewalk like she hadn’t been staring at Matt stroke his meat for god knows how long.


“Dad?” Luke asked, a lilt of insecurity invading his voice while the man lying on the couch remained unresponsive.


Luke found himself once again staring at his father’s naked body, and once again couldn’t help but think the man was a little bigger than yesterday.


A few more bumps of muscle here.

A bit less fat here.

And a bit more size, well, everywhere.


An indiscernible change to anyone else, but if you had seen your dad naked as often as Luke had, it was hard to ignore.


The rhythmic jerking, an urgent yet sensual motion, and the audible pleasure it created was the only indication that Matt was awake. His eyes were closed, as he likely conjuring up hot images of fucking Macy to fuel his session of self worship. Luke felt like at a loss what to do, he couldn’t just leave his dad lying there, exposing himself like that, but if he was intentionally ignoring him…


“Dad. Can you go upstairs? Please.”


Without any sense of urgency, Matt opened his eyes.

And for a brief moment Luke’s dad looked at him with the same cold glare as yesterday evening. A firm glare filled with dominance and contempt for the smaller man.


But then it faded, and Matt’s goofy smile appeared. A lingering, foreboding dread remained with Luke however.


“Oh. Sorry Lukey, must not have heard you.” He laughed, continuing his jerking unapologetically.


Luke felt disgusted again, though he knew with as many times he had walked in on his dad in the middle of some sexual act he should have gotten used to the sight by now.


But beside the usual disgust, Luke felt a certain curiosity and intrigue about his dad’s sexual needs.


“Do you really need to do that again?” Luke said. It was more of a thought than anything he really wanted to know.


His dad just raised his eyebrows, as if to ask, “You don’t?”


“I mean, you jerked off yesterday morning, you, uhm, came last evening. Do you really need to let off steam again? Seems excessive.”


Matt shrugged his wide shoulders.


“A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. I’ve needed to empty my balls at least three times a day since I’ve hit puberty, but for some reason I’ve been even more horned up today.”


Matt clearly didn’t intend to brag, but to Luke it certainly felt that way. He was lucky if he got horny every other day. What man nearly fifty still had a sex drive that like that?

While he watched his dad lying there, his pecs twitching while he continued his slow stroking without a care that his son watched. Luke knew exactly what kind of man would have a sex drive like that. A masculine man.


“Doesn’t take away from my enjoyment of last night though.” Matt remembered with a lascivious smile.


Luke felt embarrassed as he recalled the previous night’s events, then quickly remembered his confident and completely nude dad was still jerking off in front of the window.


“Well, anyway. Good talk dad. You can take your jerking upstairs now.” Luke said while averting his eyes, fearful his dad had noted his lingering gaze.


Matt didn’t move a finger. Well, nothing besides the hand that was providing him with self worship of course.


“Hmmm, why would I Lukey? I’m obviously comfortable here.”


“But the neighbours….”


Matt’s eyes suddenly flared up.


“Stop being such a little tiny prude.” Matt barked.


Luke imeditialy dropped quiet, it felt like a fatherly scolding and he couldn’t free himself of the feeling that he had done something wrong.


Matt caught his tongue before he lashed out again.


“I’m sorry.” He said rather sheepishly. “I don’t know what came over me. An excess of male hormones I guess. When you’ve been edging for better than an hour you forget you aren’t king of the world. I’m the guest here.”


Matt gave his cock a few last thoughtful tugs and then he athletically jumped up from the couch and strolled to the stairs, his legs jutting out just a tad more than yesterday, his masculine butt even firmer.

Again, Luke couldn’t lose the thought that every part of his dad just look a tad… Bigger.


He had to ask.


“Dad. Do you feel bigger?”


Matt didn’t bother looking back.


“Besides my natural morning pump? No, don’t think so.”


Luke was just about to ask what a ‘natural morning pump’ entailed when he was interrupted by Macy letting out a loud yawn.


“Morning Matt.” She said standing there in her thin nightshirt with her eyes half closed.


Luke still couldn’t shake the thought something was off about his dad’s body. Yesterday he had been the exact same height as Macy’s 5’9 body. But now he seemed just the tiniest bit taller, was he standing on his toes?

Macy scanned up and down the erect nude man in front of her as he smiled at her. Without any warning she went for a hug, Matt’s painfully hard dick pressing into her belly.


“Had a good night’s rest?” She asked while pressing her bosom into Matt’s body.


Matt could only nod, even the sex guru had been left speechless by the sudden lewd display.

Macy skipped down the stairs as Matt rushed to the bathroom, wanting to take care of his boner with greater urgency than before.


“I can’t believe you just did that.” Luke said, not quite sure yet how to interpret his wife’s actions.


Macy shrugged her toned shoulders.


“Honestly Luke, we’ve had a threesome, there are no lines left to cross.”


Macy pondered for a moment while staring Luke in the eyes.


“You’re a bit of a prude sometimes, you know that Luke?”




“And then I said: ‘Little lady, I’ve been counseling your pathetic husband for years on how to deal with the anxiety of being upstaged in the bedroom by a superior man, I think he’ll mind if we fucked!’ Oh man, you should have seen the disappointment on her face! I loved it!”


Laughter erupted from the table, though the sound was far from genuine.


Luke was only laughing out of politeness, wondering if every single story his dad had from his work as a sex guru had to involve cheating, threesomes and other men’s inadequacy.

Macy was laughing just a bit too easily and too loudly, staring at the substantially pumped pec cleavage Matt showed off in his shirt following his intense workout, rather than focusing on anything he said.


“You must love your job.” Macy whispered with a sense of awe.


“I certainly don’t mind getting up the morning, no.”  Matt replied with a grin.


Luke, nervous that the two were about to exchange flirtatious comments, decided now was the right time to put away the dinner plates.


“Dinner was delicious.” Luke mumbled while giving Macy a quick kiss.


The display was meant as a way to rebuff his dad and defend his territory. But the limp gesture failed to spark the passion Matt easily stoked in Macy. It didn’t help Luke’s ego that she was staring deep into Matt’s brown eyes during the brief kiss.


“Mmmmmm, that steak was great.” Matt said, while swiping away some grease from his thick 5 o’clock shadow with the back of his hand.


“You two little lovebirds go upstairs, I’ll take care of the dishes.” Matt said with sly grin.


Luke raised his eyebrows. His dad was many things, but willingly doing dishes which he considered women’s work was certainly not normal.


Matt scolded Luke, “What? C’mon little guy, don’t you see the twinkle in Macy’s eye? A day of prancing and posing her sexy figure, nearly nude in front of strange men with camera's has gotten her more than a little aroused. Urges like that should always be encouraged son.” He stared directly at Macy, his thick tongue slowly licking the last bit of grease from his full lips.


Luke wondered if his dad was aware that the twinkle sparkling in Macy’s eye was entirely directed at him. Maybe Matt wasn’t aware of the passion he stirred in Macy?

But really, would a man of his experience not note the longing glances Macy had directed at him since he fucked her to orgasm last night?

Luke’s line of thinking was interrupted when Macy grabbed his hand and guided him up the stairs.


The carefree whistling coming from the kitchen while Matt scrubbed away on the dishes floated up to the bedroom, so even though he was out of sight Luke couldn’t help but feel like his dad was standing right there with him. In the dark.

Matt’s prediction that Macy was lusting for release had been spot on. She quickly discarded her clothes and Luke felt himself bone up right away, seeing the outline of her beautiful figure.


“C’mon Babe, hurry up.” Macy said while she slinked toward the head of the bed.


Luke obliged, unceremoniously struggling out of his clothes and assuming the position between her long legs that his dad had taken last night.


It did not take long for Luke to fall into rhythm, though his thrusting was a little shaky and without clear purpose. This was his usual approach. It also did not take long for Luke to notice his wife looked bored.

He had hoped Macy’s inability to cross the threshold of pleasure was like a guy being unable to maintain a firm erection. That it was just in the person’s head, the result of some deep rooted anxiety. He had hoped that once his dad had given her a taste of pleasure it would be easier for Luke to make her cum.  

The strained and bored expression plastered on Macy face didn’t support that theory.


And a more deeply rooted hope within Luke was that whatever had happened to his dad last night that made him bigger, more muscular and leaner would happen to him too, however slight. Looking down across his sagging hairless chest, he remained his flabby old self.


Luke panted like an out of shape office worker as he approached the cusp already. This wasn’t gonna work.

He pulled out without resistance, catching his breath while he looked at his average dick with disappointment.


“What’s wrong babe?” Macy asked, her voice containing real concern.


Luke thought about his options for a second as he held his quickly softening penis.


He could just say that nothing was wrong and life would move on. He likely wouldn’t ever be able to give her a thrill in the bedroom without sacrificing his dignity to a strap on. In that scenario she’d never ask for a repeat of last night’s adventure, no matter how pleasurable it was for her. She might feel a constant hunger for Matt but in a few days he’d move out and be gone from their lives for god knows how long again. In a sense, she’d always be the small town timid girl, to shy to ask for big presents.




Or he could give her the thing she wanted most in the world right now. But he knew that once could be written off as a fluke. But twice? That’s a pattern, a pattern that could continue regardless of how Luke felt about it.


He sighed. Luke might like to think he had options, but knew deep down he really didn’t if Macy was ever going to be sexually satisfied and truly happy..


“Mace. I think we should try with my dad again.”




Matt had been calmly sitting in the living room, staring into the void of the evening sky when Luke barged in.


The way he had been looking into nothingness, unoccupied, his hands behind his head, lounging like a king, it almost appeared as if he had been waiting.


“Done already?” Matt said with a teasing tone that bordered on arrogance.


“No. It’s just.... Uhmmm.... We thought that…. Well, since we have you here…. We might as well…”


Matt just had to raise his eyebrows before Luke got the hint.


“Right, I’m rambling. We wanted to ask, since we have you here…”


Luke took a deep breath and just blurted out the rest.


“....Do you have any tips to show us in the bedroom. You know, as a ‘guru’ or whatever.”


Luke felt proud that his apparent prudish mind had been able ask a question so directly.


His dad seemed unshaken.


“Oh yeah? Hmmm, I guess so.”


“Had he been expecting this?” Luke wondered, or was Matt just so casual about sex that even fucking his son’s wife was not out of the ordinary?


Luke didn’t have to ponder that for too long, because before he knew it, he was standing in his bedroom again. Only now his dad was not looming over him in his thoughts, but in reality.


“Lesson one kiddo, sex is all about the foreplay. You gotta tease your partner.” Matt explained as he looked at Macy.


Slowly he lifted his shirt up, revealing his hairy, muscular body then tossing the shirt at Luke’s feet. After dropping his trousers he slowly groped the significant bulge in his grey boxer shorts for a bit, causing Macy’s mouth to water.


Luke looked down to his own pudgy body and much, much smaller bulge and wondered how he would ever tease Macy to arousal. Maybe the reviews for his dad’s workshops stating that it contained little actual expertise besides the bragging of a hung stud had a ring of truth to them.


After bouncing his heavy pecs up and down, something that made Macy squirm in delight, Matt finally stepped out of his boxers, revealing his soft, heavy manhood.


“Lesson two kiddo, start with the female’s mouth and work your way down, gives you plenty of time to bone up before you pound her.”


Luke felt that need for time was rather redundant. He couldn’t look at Macy’s naked form for more than a few seconds without getting rock hard. Only someone like his dad, who had slept with hundreds of women, would need to additional stimulation by such a hottie to get hard.


With an expertise that Luke was all to familiar with Macy started to enthusiastically exploring Matt’s plump penis with her tongue. It didn’t take long before Matt let out a groan of approval.

Besides the intimidating cock her tongue was getting acquainted with, Macy took time to explore each and every part of Matt’s body: his large, heavy balls, the muscles that made up his thick thighs and glutes, the faintly outlined abs, the protruding set of fur covered pecs. Her small hands swept over all of it, feeling the masculine power just beneath his skin.  

It was clear Macy’s expertise was a little much for even Matt to handle. After Macy carefully traced one of the veins trailing from the root to the tip with her tongue, his cock looked painfully hard and angry.


“Lesson three. Take charge when you need to.” Matt growled through clenched teeth.


Without any further warning he grabbed Macy by her hair, and shoved the entirety of his big, thick cock down Macy’s throat. She struggled for a moment, emitting some choking noises as the hefty cock filled so much space.


Without regard for his prey’s struggle Matt started pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, using her throat as if it was his personal plaything.

Luke wanted to intervene, to make sure his wife was okay, but then he noticed her expression of utter happiness. She even tried to let out some primal moans, but the big cock drilling down her throat was muffling any and all sound.

Any hope that Luke had for his own sexual prowess was destroyed when he saw her underwear getting wetter and wetter. He swore he could smell her arousal.


Macy was clearly having a good time. Matt definitely was.


Luke wondered how such utter disregard for her pleasure could evoke such a strong response within Macy. He had tried every position he knew she liked and even some she didn’t! But his dad just grabbed her by her hair and shoved his cock in. Why did she not get horny when Luke tried his best, but did do so when Matt barely tried at all?

Luke only had to look at his dad’s body again to get his answer. Matt was big, everywhere. Women would love him in bed no matter what he did. He didn’t have to try, every woman would want to be his cum dump.


“Fuck yeah.” Matt whispered while pulling his drool covered cock out and shoving it back in.


It was at this point that Luke again noticed something odd.


Odd perhaps wasn’t the right word, because he had seen the same strange sight once before, when the same two people were banging.


With every thrust that Matt made, he inflated with size and masculinity. Like a balloon, pounds just seemed to pack onto his frame like a magic trick.


“Now, boy. Lesson five. Or three. Or whatever number we were on. When a woman is already on the edge you show her what real pleasure feels like.”


Finally Matt let her head go, and pulled his cock out with a plop, Macy resisting his retreat. Her moving mouth reminded Luke of a fish out of water as her lips reached for that fat prick.


“Dad. Something seems really wrong with you. You… Grew. Just now.”




Matt ignored Luke, as he was too consumed with how fucking great it felt to be himself to listen to the latest nonsense coming out of Luke’s mouth.

Fuck, Matt had to admit he felt even better than usual, some unknown energy fueling him, making him feel even bigger than he already was.

Shit, even my cock looks bigger than normal, Matt thought to himself.

Matt took the same position he had yesterday evening between Macy’s spread legs, granting his glorious battering ram prime access to her wet pussy.


Out of the corner of his eye he saw Luke timidly crawl up to the position he had been in yesterday, though Macy’s mouth eagerly opening to service the thinnish member pointed toward her face.

She couldn’t get enough, even if Luke’s painfully average dick was a downgrade from the beefstick that had just been stretching her jaw.


Haphazardly Matt pulled a rubber over his cock, failing to notice how much tighter the thing felt on him while he lustingly stared at all the curves making up Macy’s body.

Even though she now had her husband’s dick in her mouth, all Macy could stare at was the man standing between her legs with an athlete’s stance radiating testosterone.

With the raincoat in place, Matt firmly pushed into her as she moaned and started pounding away.


With each thrust Matt felt an intense burning sensation in his chest. He had felt it yesterday and again today when he fucked her mouth. He assumed it was just the feeling of satisfaction you got from finally getting the piece of tail you’ve been lusting after for years.


Matt was not accustomed to women who didn’t beg for it. That’s why Macy’s teasing flirtation had enticed him for so long.

Thrust. He chuckled as Macy’s eyes rolled back.

Softly he heard Luke’s nagging voice, begging for attention, but Matt couldn’t be bothered to lift his focus from fucking his son’s beautiful wife.


At first he had respected Luke’s claim to the girl. But that was when Luke himself had still been a stud. A stud worthy of the young goddess. But for the past few years Luke’s claim had weakened as had his body….  

Thrust. A loud moan traveled out of Macy’s lips as Matt held her in place.


For the past few years he had considered Macy free game. But despite the palpable attraction between them, she kept true to her wedding vows. Exclusive commitment was understandable and respectable, but Matt thought it was so… Boring.

Thrust. Macy mewed like a kitten eliciting a sneer on Matt’s thick lips.


Matt had realised that the one thing holding their exclusivity together was their inexperience. Macy stayed with Luke because she simply didn’t know any better. An ‘accidental’ bump at Christmas with Matt’s thick cock must have been an eye opener for her.

Thrust. Matt could feel Macy’s whole body tremble with pleasure and he laughed.


Out from the mist of thoughts and sex Matt heard Luke’s whining voice again. The big man didn’t feel bad for ignoring it. Despite the fact he was getting his dick sucked, Luke was but a spectator now, watching as his dad easily pleasured his wife.


Matt didn’t really mean for that ‘accidental’ nude encounter to dry-up Macy’s pleasure. He had just wanted to show her the world outside of her husband existed, and it was much brighter than she imagined. How could he have known that simply seeing an actual man for the first time in years would ruin Luke's flabby attempts at sex.

Thrust. Macy’s pupils were dilated and her eyes were filled with tears as Matt stared directly into them.


Of course, it had brought him great joy that he she had chosen him to not only open up this world, but guide her through it as well. Guide her to pleasure she’d never get from fat, lazy Luke, who was content to pursue the pleasure of a donut rather than that of a nubile woman.



The heat in Matt’s chest reached a boiling point and suddenly he became aware a fog had been covering his mind, twisting his perceptions.


Those thoughts that had been shooting through his mind felt strangely alien now, like they hadn’t been his own.

Matt agreed with them, to an extent. He had always hungered after Macy like she was a delicious meal. But the nude encounter had been accidental, right? I mean, of course he knew exactly what time Macy went for a shower each morning, and he just so happened to forget his clothes…


Matt realised what alien entity had been depositing these thoughts in his mind. It was his own deep subconscious, a confession of his guilt.


Matt glared through the haze of sex and lust covering the room and finally made eye contact with Luke.

The alien voice of his subconscious told Matt of Luke’s real place. The place of any man who was less muscular and less well endowed than him. The place of a man who allows another to fuck his wife. The voice urged him to be dominating. To be more just, to not let politeness inform his actions toward the inferior men walking the globe.

Matt resisted. He wasn’t ready to submit to such a cruel way of looking at the world.


But then a couple memories flashed through his mind.


His son commenting on how he looked bigger.

His son lustfully looking over his own father’s naked body.

His son watching his father’s larger cock as he stroked it in the living room.

Then he remembered the deep powerful sensation whenever he was inside Macy, stretching her open.


Matt finally made the connection.  


Confidently, Matt raised his right arm into a bulging bicep flex. He smirked as his inferior and jealous son looked with glassy eyes at the globe of power.

The powerful stench of intense fucking filled the air.


And then he could see what his subconscious had been trying to tell him. His biceps slowly inflating with power. Growing bigger and bigger.

He didn’t really care how it was happening. Or why. He just loved that it was.


The effect slowed as Matt’s dominant humping tapered off. He could usually have gone for hours boning a hot woman like Macy but with his realization found himself incredibly close to an orgasm.  

Macy gave him a sated smile, clearly content with how many times she had come over the last hour. As she should have been.


Matt stared at his arm again, which now looked so much tighter and more muscular than before. Exclaiming ‘Brawn!’ at an very audible volume.


“I’m fucking growing.” His dad snarled between heavy breaths.


Luke whined as his body gave a weak convulsion and dribbled a few drops of cum onto the bed.

Matt joined his enthusiasm, albeit much more triumphantly.


He pulled out, quickly ripping of the condom, which was drenched in his pre and her copious emissions.


Macy laid there, a vision of contentment and satisfaction smiling gratefully. It was the last kick he needed before the best orgasm he had ever had hit him.


He roared. Ropes and ropes of thick cum shot out of his cock at record breaking speeds coating Macy in his seed.

There seemed for a moment no end to his pleasure or the contents of his balls. But eventually, after what felt like forever, even his titanic bliss tapered off.

But not before he had created a nice thick stain of spunk all over Macy’s chest.


Matt had to catch his breath after that epic fuckfest before he could go back to making snarky remarks to Luke.


“And that son….” he paused, his new, bigger chest rising and falling as he found his new dominant footing,


“....is how a real man fucks your wife.” Matt gloated looking Luke directly in the eye with a smug grin and a full body stretch, displaying his large endowment and far superior physique to his out of shape and modestly hung son.


Fully nude he strutted out the door, his softening penis slapping loudly between his thighs with a sound that oozed manliness. It didn’t even register to Matt that he was a few inches closer to the top of the doorframe, or that his width had equally increased. Luke, however, took note.


For some reason, as Matt walked down the stairs he couldn’t help but sing a little song. It was the first one that came to mind, one he had heard in the gym earlier today.


“Ain’t her fault she’s out there getting loose.” He sang with a whistle.

“Gotta blame it on her juice.”

Link to Part 4

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