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De Load Planning

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Does anyone have any preferences for what they change in a DeLoad phase/week?  Something pretty much always came up (getting ill, events, etc) that would force me to be out of the gym for most or all of a week, so I've never actually had to plan one.  I still have a couple weeks before it 'should' be scheduled, so this might be a little optimistic that nothing will happen between now and then, lol.

I'm looking at a few options so far:

- Just lower the weight on things I'm struggling with and keep other things normal.

- Reduce the weight on everything - from 85% 1RPM (4-6 reps) to 60-65%-ish (8-10?)

- Keep the weight the same but lower volume of reps.

- Do a few days of full-body compound lifts at reduced weight and increase days of cardio.  Currently I'm there 5-6 days a week.  The extra 'floater' day is devoted to cardio and core.

Thanks for any suggestions, input, ideas, etc. you may have!

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