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A (now late) birthday gift for Abyss123. What happens when on one birthday, a little guy is gifted with anyone he looks at swelling into a huge man. (Features renders done by Hugeadmr)




“Hold the door!” A voice called out before a slim man dashed into the train cart, just making it in as the doors closed behind him with an almost silent hiss right before the train shifted and began its journey. Making his way through the rather sparse compartment, careful not to bump into the other passengers, Jordan praised whatever god there was as he spotted an empty seat before plonking himself upon it, breathing heavily as he tried to catch his breath.

“... Hate... huff... That alarm... clock...” The man panted out as he opened the front of his jacket slightly, the exertion of running so much having him feeling uncomfortably warm despite the cold weather today. Jordan relaxed in his seat, pulling out his phone to pass the time till he got to work, eyes widening slightly when he saw a message notification on screen despite the early hour.

Praying it wasn’t work telling him he’s to go to a different location, Jordan opened the message, pleasantly surprised to see it was a birthday message from a friend. “Huh, forgot I told him about it.” He said to himself as he read the message.

‘Happy Birthday little guy, Hope you’ll have a good day. For your gift I want you to type out a wish and it’ll come true. All the Best.’ The message read, followed by some heart emoticons and a template for the ‘wish’ starting off with ‘For my birthday, I wish:_____’

“Really?” Jordan couldn’t help but scoff at his friend’s idea of a joke. But figuring he had nothing to lose and it could be a fun way to pass the time. “Could be fun.” He whispered to himself, copying the template before typing out his wish, deciding to have some fun as well as he sent the message, rereading it.

‘For my birthday, I wish: to be surrounded by big beasts.’

Smiling as he knew his friend would get a good laugh, and feeling significantly more relaxed than he was before, Jordan went to slip the phone back into his pocket before it vibrated again. “That was quick.” The slim man smiled, figuring his friend had added a steamy comment or maybe shared some risqué art of large guys. Instead Jordan was greeted with a rather cryptic message.

‘Then for today, anyone you look at shall become a massive bear of a man, be it with fat or muscle. Enjoy.’

“Huh? What joke is this?” Jordan raised an eyebrow at the weird message he was sent before groaning as his eyes suddenly ached, rubbing them before blinking rapidly to try and ease what happened.

“Hey man, you okay?” Jordan turned to the voice belonging to the clean shaven man seated next to him, taking in the rather athletic build beneath the tracksuit he wore.

“Y-yeah, just a headache is all.” He said, blinking a bit as he looked over at his seat neighbour, his mind confused as with each blink, the man seemed to grow... bigger. Whilst Jordan saw the changes, watching the tracksuit stretch and get tighter, muscles steadily bulging bigger before his very eyes, no one else seemed to notice the clearly growing man seated down, least of all the man himself.

“So, like what you see?” The now deeper voice shook the slim man from his thoughts, lifting his gaze off the bulging pecs that strained the front of the tracksuit as if trying to force the zipper open, moving towards the handsome face that smirked at him. Jordan blushed at being caught staring at the muscular man, seeing his neck thicken out more as he seemed to inch taller. Jordan cranes his head back to try and keep his eyes on the man’s face, watching as the light 5 o’clock shadow began to darken, steadily spreading into a beard that framed his square jawline.

When Jordan tried to apologize for the obvious gawking, he could only barely utter out a stutter filled mess, before being silenced when the seeming ever growing man let out a deep chuckle, earning some side glances from other passengers by its volume before they returned to their own business. “No need to panic little guy. I like it when guys look at me, makes me feel bigger. By the way, Name’s Carl.” He introduced, flexing his pecs that caused the zipper to drop down, exposing some of the hairy chest. Carl brought up his large paw of a hand in greeting, the massive hand was reaching the size of an baseball mitt as his thickening arm saw the sleeves to stretch and pull back, exposing more of the hair covered forearm. Jordan said his own name as they shook hands, the smaller man’s being completely eclipsed by Carl’s.

Before Jordan could speak again, mainly about how the man was growing bigger before his very eyes, a harsh ripping sound erupted in the cart, all eyes turning to the source just below the enormous man that was Carl. Jordan looked down, trying not to focus on the prominent bulge between the thickening thighs that Carl had as he saw the training shoes he wore now ripped apart, exposing his large feet that were stretching out the sock he wore.

“Man that feels good. Though I like those shoes they were getting to tight for me.” Carl said with a relaxed sigh as he sat back as much as the cramped seat would allow, wiggling his now free toes as they forced out from the remains of the now destroyed shoe-wear.

Jordan watched the man swell bigger with each breath he took, trying to keep a conversation with him, only to stop when his thick biceps and forearms to rip through the sleeves off his tracksuit, his quads shredding through his pants making them tight shorts against his thick muscular thighs. When Carl’s broad shoulders and enormous pecs finally forced the the rest of the ruined tracksuit to rip off, giving Jordan a good view of the hair covered chest and sweat soaked tank top, the tannoy system sounded, announcing the arriving station.

“Oh, that’s my stop.” Jordan said, standing up before glancing at Carl once more, surprised to see he was eye-level with the seated man who only chuckled deeply.

“Alright little guy, nice to meet you. Hope I’ll run into you again.” He said, his deep baritone of a voice practically shaking the train cart as they pulled into the station, the gargantuan man shifting in his cramped seat as passengers had to step over his long thick legs, Jordan gave the enormous bodybuilder one last look before heading off, leaving him in the train as he noticed how people he so much as glanced at seemed to swell out a bit more with size, clothing getting tighter as no one was suddenly surprised to be taller or heavier.

‘Damn it, can’t have the place filled with big guys.’ Jordan said, trying to stay rational as the temptation to let his birthday ‘gift’ go wild had to be contained. Glancing back at the now leaving train, the slim man saw Carl, now having to crouch as he stood, swell larger that his broad shoulders pressed into the roof of the cart, thick, hairy muscles pressing against his fellow passengers, all growing larger before the train disappeared out of eye shot.


Taking a deep breath, Jordan kept his eyes on the ground as he slipped into the morning rush. Seeing the people next to him swell with his eyes down, the slim man tried to figure out what do as they approached the stairs, being pressed against the swelling men as their clothing being to rip and pop. Getting closer to the stairs, Jordan glanced up, watching a few men have sudden growths that saw their suits rip open to expose their enlarged forms, before spotting a close by open elevator that none of the other other commuters seemed to be heading for. Deciding to risk it over filling the entire underground train system with huge men, Jordan shouted apologies as he made his way through the crowd, earning some choice curse words and a cacophony of shredding clothing before making it into the deserted lift compartment, quickly slamming the ground floor button as he slumped against the far wall of the elevator.

As the door began to close, a voice suddenly called out. Raising his head up, Jordan watched as a slim woman  slipped inside, panting as she pressed the same button to go up, leaving the two in silence as the elevator began it’s arguable slow ascend. As Jordan saw the woman, noticing his slim build and long hair, he figured his ‘gift’ wouldn’t affect her at all… only to blink and see the ‘woman’ now with more masculine traits as he leaned back against a wall.

‘Well, Drew was efficient with his gift.’ Jordan sighed, glancing away as the swelling man scratched his chest in the tight sitting suit he was wearing. Looking away, Jordan was mentally cursed himself as he realised the walls in the elevator were covered in mirrors, ever angle turning him back to the steadily growing man, his long hair receding back as he grew bigger, thickening fingers tapping on a phone as he remained unaware of his sudden gender and size shift. After a few seconds of taking in the situation, and earning a deep relaxed sigh from the swelling man as his feet burst through the tight work shoes, Jordan just shrugged and thought, ‘fuck it, might as well enjoy this.’ As he focused all his attention on the growing man, seeing his bearded face inch higher in their confined space as his shoulders grew broader, the back of his suit straining against his thickening back and bulging ass cheeks threatening to burst through the seat of his pants. Looking at one of the reflections, he watched as the front of his suit strained against the swelling pecs and round gut that were forcing the buttons apart, each popping off as he took breaths, sweat dripping down as he swelled bigger and bigger with his pants shredding apart to reveal the tight speedo he was wearing, eventually having to start to crouch down as his head started to reach the ceiling. Eventually all to soon, the elevator dinged and the doors opened.


“Finally, getting cramped in here.” The swollen behemoth of a man said with a room shaking baritone, grunting as he bent over to fit through the tiny doorway, leaving behind the shredded clothing as he gave Jordan a good view of the swelling, speedo stretching ass.


As he stumbled out, breathing in the musky odor the bear left behind, Jordan shrugged and headed for work, not minding changing the people as he walked, figuring his day at work will be plenty fun now.




“Heh, sorry little fella. Didn’t see you there.”

Jordan quickly waved off the immense man’s worry as he ducked beneath the imposing behemoth’s frame. Once a well built office worker stopping for some supplies, after a couple minutes of Jordan staring at his back, he had now swelled to colossal proportions. His bald head pressing against the ceiling of the store along his impossibly thick neck and broad shoulders, despite the colossus crouching. Looking up, Jordan saw his thick front, the 5 o’clock shadow that was stubble now a thick beard that trailed down and mixed with the carpet of chest hair that spread over the billboard sized pecs. His thick stomach more like a turtle shell with it bulging outwards with the outline of his abs being highlighted by the dense treasure trail.

Glancing down to eye level, between the huge man’s thick legs swollen as they were bend to keep from breaking through the ceiling, Jordan stared at the impressive cock that strained the skin tight jockstrap that gargantuan beast was clad in. Taking one last look before the tell tale sound of the ceiling cracking from the growing man pushing against it, Jordan looked down before heading back to the storage room, feeling the entire store shake with the behemoth’s powerful footfalls as he left the store. Deciding to risk a glance when he heard the behemoth grunt loudly, Jordan watched him trying to squeeze his gigantic form out the double doors, his broad shoulders and thick arms halfway out before the metal began to bend as he grew against. After some struggling and more growth, to which seemed to be enjoy if the booming moans were anything, the gigantic beast managed to get out, the door almost broken off.

“Sorry about the mess.” The huge man said in a deep voice, glancing back to the tiny store before standing tall and adjust his front in the now much too tiny jockstrap. His bulging ass towering out of sight of the ceiling to floor windows before the beast began to stomp off, Jordan deciding to look away now rather than make the leaving giant into a skyscraper sized beast… at least, for now.


Deciding to get back to work, Jordan turned back to the store room, sparing a glance to one of the posters on the wall depicting a slender woman advertising some ‘diet water’. With a blink, the slim man couldn’t help but smile at the now massive bodybuilder of a man, flexing his thick arms over head with his back spread out across the landscape, the ad now for the new ‘Mega Bulk Beer’. Jordan had to relish this gift before heading back into the storeroom to continue the work he had to do, thankful he just had about two more hours left till his break and he didn’t have to make excuses to go to the front whenever they had a customer.

Before Jordan could settle back into the store room, contemplating putting on an old tv to watch the news and make the news anchors swell out of the studio, he heard the familiar sound of his supervisor call him to his office.

Entering the closed room, Jordan struggled to push down his smile as he looked at his supervisor. The once short but well built man, a marathon runner, now took up a couch for an office chair as his bulbous body swelled behind the desk, belly and moobs stretching out the sail sized shirt with his gut pressing the desk further away. On the sides, Jordan caught sight of the silo thick thighs pushing against the tight cloth, spreading out with his huge feet swelling bigger than any shoe could contain.

“You know why I called you shrimp?” The huge man mumbled out through a stuffed mouth, shifting his immense body in the creaking couch, a donut in each hand. Earning a shake of Jordan’s head, the swelling man groaned, stuffing more food into his mouth and surging in size more, buttons popping off the straining shirt like bullets, showing more hair covered flesh. “The head office need someone to come in for a meeting and since they haven’t updated the place for big guys like me, I need you to go in and sit for the meeting instead of me.” The blubbery boss said, punctuating his sentence with a room shaking belch, causing his fat loaded body to wobble about before settling after a few seconds. Although more buttons rapidly popped off with the movement, revealing more of the two hills that were his heavily packed moobs.


Jordan nodded at the order, watching his growing boss grumble over the latest shirt malfunction, before leaving the room, one last glance at the mountain of fat that was his boss, feeling the ground shake when the couch finally gave up holding the colossus of fat. Smiling as he stepped towards the employee locker room, Jordan smiled when he thought of all the more beasts he could make at the office… and the many on his way there too.



“... And that concludes the stock market. I hope you’ve already put money in Jacob’s clothing stocks since they’ve had a good quarter in sales, especially in their jockstraps and undergarments.” The hulking bear explained to the camera, flexing his huge bulging muscles proudly with one hand reaching to snap the strap of his over stretched jockstrap he was wearing.


The camera shifted back over to the main anchormen Daryl and Karl, formerly Darla and Karen. Now two massive hulks that crouched behind the tiny desk that only provided slight cover for their massive speedo clad fronts. The two caught mid flex before smiling at the camera, barely suppressing a moan as they surged with size, bumping the desk the towered over.


“Thank you… Alex.” Daryl panted out as he looked down at the camera, his pecs heaving with each breath he took, swelling larger as he tried to remain composed on air. “With that we’ll take a break for weather before coming back to talk about recent property damage due to reckless individuals and how the city plans to tackle these issues.”


“Next stop, Main Street Square.”


“Ah, that’s my stop.” Jordan said to himself, unplugging his headphones and turning off the news livestream on his phone before shoving both back into his pocket.


The slim man glanced up from his seat on two massive hulks’ legs, reaching up towards the bell before keeping his eyes down as the bus slowed to a crawl. Getting up, Jordan waved to the two men he had sat beside and then a top of, the hulking men chuckling as they swelled again, heads denting the bus roof as they surged with more height and muscle mass. With a sigh Jordan hopped out of the musk filled bus, seeing it off before he headed down the sidewalk, men and women beside him growing bigger. It wasn’t long before the scrawny man made it to the office building, glancing up before walking into a spacious lobby.


With glances to the now plus sized employees, stepping towards the reception, Jordan greeted the fit man behind the desk, smirking when his swimmers build began to swell with muscle and fat.


“Hi there, I’m here for a meeting on behalf of my regional store supervisor.” Jordan said, explaining to the receptionist where the store was. Waiting for confirmation, the slim man kept his eyes on the growing man, his suit stretching with the swelling man adjusting his seating. Jordan watched the man switch to using pencils to type as his fingers grew too thick, his slim stomach bulging out into a solid gut as he broadened out more. Eventually the big man swelled taller than Jordan despite staying seated on two chairs, one for each cheek. His suit straining audibly against his burly hulking form, his deep baritone voice calling down to the tiny man.


“It’s confirmed, do you mind waiting in a seat?” He asked, adjusting his almost spectacle sized glasses on his nose with his slim face thickening out as a pale beard began to spread on his chin and cheeks.


“Not at all, thank you… Jon.” Jordan said, getting a bashful smile when the huge man suppressed a moan when his growth saw to his suit buttons popping off, exposing his thick chest. Turning towards his seat and passing some of the growing men, Jordan thought of all the size he could share before the day was over. Glancing to his phone to see the time was only 2 o’clock, Jordan saw his wallpaper with his now hulk sized dads lifting him on the boulder sized bicep. It was then he decided to use his time to reward his friend Drew for the gift. Sitting down on a chair that a growing superchub got off before it broke under his weight, Jordan glanced at the man’s ripping purple shirt and tearing trousers before turning back to his phone.


“Hope he’s not in work.” Jordan chuckled to himself, opening the gallery to find Drew’s photo, realising he should share this gift with all his online friends.


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Loved this story. Is it being greedy that I'd love to see a part 2? 


I always like stories where growth isn't contained to one person, but instead, is spreading to multiple people.

very hot, hope it continues. 

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31 minutes ago, garrix said:

Loved this story. Is it being greedy that I'd love to see a part 2? 


I always like stories where growth isn't contained to one person, but instead, is spreading to multiple people.

very hot, hope it continues. 


I'm glad you enjoyed this, I'd very much would love to enjoy continuing this, though this was planned as a one time scene for Abyss123's birthday. Though have plenty of ideas with growing multiple people, so will see. ;)

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