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I Want What I Want - (Part Three Added 3-3-19)

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I’m honored to be even partially responsible for this!!! man dude, if what you’ve started is anything like what you’ve told me about, I can’t wait to see where this goes!!!

And dude, just post both endings when the time comes (or cums, as is more likely ;)


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I Want What I Want

Part Two


I did sleep late and woke up around 1pm.  After a quick shower, I went to check on Ben, but was told by the servants that he never came home last night.  At 7 pm that night, he still wasn’t back, and I was beginning to get worried.  I had his cell phone number, and gave it a call.  The individual who answered was indeed Ben, but his speech was an even lower bass then when I saw him last.  He let me know that even though he was still horny as hell he was on his way back to the compound and would be there in twenty minutes.

When Ben appeared, wearing only a T-shirt and nothing else, I was more stunned by what I saw then I thought I would be.  His mammoth cock was still hard, still leaking, and larger then when he left the house last night.  He was also much hairier then I remembered, sporting a week’s growth of facial hair.  His pubic hair also appeared fuller then I remembered, and when he took off his T-shirt and tossed it on the floor, his chest had a light coating of hair that I hadn’t remembered being there before.  He also had an odor that bathed the room as soon as he entered.  The smell was musky mixed with wood mixed with leather mixed with sweat, yet it came from his body.  It made my mouth water, my head swim, and my body was instantly aroused.  The smell was lust and sex combined.  I tried to concentrate.

  • What happened to you??!!
  • What hasn’t happened?!  I spent the night and most of today fucking, getting sucked, and cock worshipped by dozens of men.  
  • Has your cock ever gotten soft?
  • Yeah.  A couple of times... when I wanted it to.  
  • It seems even bigger.
  • Yeah.  I thought it was still growing.  I wonder how big it is now.

I measured his cock for him, and it was now a whopping 16.8” long and 10.2 inches wide.  The head was huge... thick and swollen and seemed to pulsate every time it sent out more pre cum.  By itself, it was 7.9” long and 10.11” wide.

  • How did you even get this in anyone?
  • It was difficult, but nothing’s impossible when you’re both into it.  Those guys couldn’t get enough.  I couldn’t get enough!!!  I still can’t.  My balls need to be emptied about every fifteen minutes.  You should have seen me cumming gallon after gallon inside and onto those guys.  I was incredible... unstoppable!!  When I was leaving this guys apartment, I tried to put my sweatpants on, but my cock was simply too big for them now, so I thought: fuck it!!  Why shouldn’t I always be on display?  So, I drove home like this.
  • You’re lucky you weren’t arrested.
  • I was stopped by a cop, but got off with an incredible cock tongue bath!! I’m gonna grab a shower and then we’ll start, okay.
  • We need to figure out what’s going on first.  It shouldn’t have gotten this big...
  • Nothings wrong!!  I’m glad it’s this big!!  I want it this big!!  I’ve never wanted anything more in my life!!  I’m paying you, Grant, remember that.  I’m paying you for what I want, not for you to be my mother.  I love what you’ve done so far, and hope my body is as amazing as this cock.  See you downstairs in 30 minutes.

He turned around, hitting the wall with his cock, leaving a large wet splotch of precum behind.

  • Have Charles clean this up, will you?

Forty-five minutes later, Ben came down from his shower.  He let me know that he had jerked off three times and that the tub was now clogged with his cum, but Charles was taking care of that.  He had also decided to keep the heavy stubble and refused to wear any type of pants.  His penis was finally soft, and hung over 12”.   We sat in front of the computer arguing.

  • I don’t give a shit, Grant.  I want to do the whole body now!
  • We’re only doing your legs, and that’s final.  I want to be sure everything is working fine before we go after something as complex as rebuilding your whole musculature.  It’s either that, or nothing.  I can live very happy with the 60 million you transferred last night.  Thanks for that, by the way.
  • Hey... I’m a man of my word. Best 60 mil I’ve ever spent.
  • It’s either this or nothing.  I pack up and go home,
  • Then I just get someone else to program it.
  • You think I don’t have provisions?  I leave, my whole program self-destructs when I tell it to.
  • You wouldn’t!!
  • Try me.
  • My father said you were good.  He knew what I wanted to do but said no... didn’t want a muscle freak for a son.  
  • Sorry about your father.
  • He was a good man.  A difficult man, but a good man. Now he’s gone, I get to do what I want.
  • I guess so.

We sat for a minute in silence.  Ben wasn’t a bad guy at that time.  I’m not making excuses... he just wasn’t.  He was like a little kid who had lived in the shadow of his imposing father and now wanted to burst out from it.  I hadn’t told him, but I kept a backup copy of his DNA figuring one day he’d be tired of living this way and want to be normal again.  No... don’t get your hopes up.  It doesn’t work.  Believe me, I’ve tried.

  • Fine.  Just the legs.  But if that works out fine, we do the rest.
  • Deal.  Now, I picked out an amazing set of muscular legs from my library….
  • You think that’s muscular??!!  This is muscular.  These are the legs I want:

Ben showed me a picture once again on his IPhone, this one of a heavily morphed bodybuilder with titanic columns for legs.

  • I don’t want to go that far.  I want to start with something easy and go from there.  Tomorrow... if it goes well... we can go with those.
  • Fuck, Grant!!!  Fine!!  Guess I can live with your puny legs for one night!

As before, I attached the code for the muscular legs onto Ben’s DNA.  His rendering on the computer altered, and we were faced with an obviously taller Ben with more impressively built legs.

  • Not bad!!  Let’s go.  I wanted to go out again tonight.  At least with those legs I can still get some real power behind me when I fuck.

Here I’m going to attach the next session I recorded.

** Attached recording starts.  Time stamp; 12:47 am.  Benjamin Kind is lying on the floor.  He is naked, panting heavily, hands clenched, and sweating profusely.

  • Let me get you to the couch.
  • I’m fine!!  Don’t touch me!!

** Benjamin Kind screams out. **

  • It feels like my legs are being broken over and over again.
  • They are.  It’s your bones breaking and healing.  You’re getting taller, Ben.
  • Fuck yeah!!  Just wish it didn’t hurt so much!!  
  • Going through growing pains…
  • It feels strange... good strange.  They feel longer.  Denser.  
  • You must have gained at least an inch so far.
  • Yes!!  Argh!!!  I can deal with the pain!!  If there wasn’t pain there wouldn’t be any...  argh!!!  Any... growth!!!  FUCK!!!
  • It shouldn’t be much longer.  You’re only supposed to get two inches taller.
  • When we do this again.... tomorrow... I don’t care how much it hurts... I want to be tall.  Fuck!!! Fuck!!!  I always wanted to be tall.  A fucking giant...

** The video stops, and we have Doctor Jennings in his lab **

  • No matter how many times I’ve replayed this... I never took into account those were the words he used: A fucking giant...  I should have seen what was happening.  I should have.

** Recording continues again, from where it left off. On the recording, there is the perceptible sound of bones breaking coming from Benjamin Kind.  Dr. Jennings is on the floor next to him. **

  • My pelvis!!!  Grant... why does my pelvis... keep... breaking... FUCK!!!!
  • I don’t know... I don’t know what...
  • My legs are so wide now… so far apart.  What’s going on.
  • I told you we shouldn’t have…
  • My legs at getting... so long...
  • I know... I’m not sure...

** Benjamin Kind screams out again.  **

  • FUCK!!!!! It hurts so much but... it’s also beginning to feel... feel... so good.  I feel this burning in my legs… this burning and this thickening… I can feel my legs getting denser… Yeah!!!  I think my muscles are growing!!  Argh... they are!!  I can feel it now!!  They’re really burning now!!  FUCK!!!  Its like my fucking legs are on fire!!!  Like I’m doing thousands upon thousands of squats... argh!!!!!  

** Benjamin Kind sits up to look at his legs **

  • Look at my quads, Grant!!  They’re blowing up!!  Getting thicker!!  Fuck!!  I fuckin love this pleasure and pain!!  Do it!!  Make me huge!!!  Help me stand up, Grant.
  • I think you should...
  • Help me stand up!!

** Dr. Jennings struggles to get Benjamin Kind to his feet.  Benjamin tries to walk. **

  • My pelvis... it’s so wide now... making me really bow legged...
  • I know...
  • I’m so tall now... talker then you!!
  • Yeah...
  • And I’m still growing!!!  Look at these quads!!  I’m growing powerlifter quads.  So thick!!!  So full... argh... yes!!  Make me talker!!
  • The sound of your bones... it has to...
  • It has to happen so I can grow, Grant!!  My calves are growing now too!!  Ha!!  Obviously I never skip leg day!!!  Ha!!  Leg day is every day!!!  
  • How is this happening??!!

** Dr Jennings runs out of the frame and can be heard at his computer.  Benjamin’s legs are continuing to grow.  In moments highways of veins begin to appear up and down his legs.  The sound of bones breaking continues and appears to be getting louder and more frequent.  **

  • It says here that everything is functioning as normal.
  • Everything is functioning, Grant!!  Fucking hell!!!!  I think it’s all functioning just fine!!  I’m just gaining more mass then you expected... a lot more mass!!!

** Benjamin Kind begins to walk around the room, his legs visibly becoming immense pillars as he walks.  **

  • It’s like I have fuckin redwoods for legs now!!  You can’t believe how heavy they are!!!  Each leg has to weigh at least a hundred pounds now... and they just keep growing.  Look at me!!!  I have to waddle a little when I walk... quads keep rubbing against each other... balls in the way…  ARGH!! My feet... look at my feet!!!  Even they’re growing now!!!  Fuck yeah!!!  My feet are also growing.  Look at how long they’re becoming!!  Each toe is getting so friggin lengthy and thick!!  You have to do this to yourself one day, Grant... to see how this feels... how it feels to just grow and swell... feeling each muscle get larger and larger... I’m...  ARGH!!!

** Benjamin Kind bends over and grabs his stomach.  He screams out again, but laughs soon afterward.  **

  • My abs!!  My abs are literally bursting from my stomach!!  Look at them!!  Cobblestones are exploding from my stomach!  I never imagined a six pack could look like this... feel like this!!!  The crevices between each ab are so deep and getting deeper!! I always wanted a trim stomach, but you can’t with dense abs like these!!  They are literally like bricks being attached to my body!!  Look at them, Grant!!  Look!!

** Benjamin begins punching his trunk over and over again.  He laughs as he does so.  **

  • I can’t even feel this anymore!!  How thick is my waist, Grant?  36”?  38?  And not an ounce of fat!!  Just ripped muscle!!
  • How is this happening, Ben?
  • I don’t care!!  Give me more!!!!!  Look at you down there!!!!  You only come up to my neck now!!  Feel my abs, Grant!  Go on!!

** Dr Jennings puts his hands on Benjamin’s abs. **

  • They’re still growing, aren’t they?  Getting bigger...
  • Yeah…
  • I knew it!  I can feel it happening to my whole body.  My spine feels like it’s stretching... lengthening... already I’m taller then I was a minute ago... I feel like a cock that is slowly getting an errection... filling up more and more with blood... filling up more and more with muscle!!!!  I feel like my whole body is just going to explode with growth... getting more and more powerful!!

** A loud cracking sound is exceptionally audible on the recording.  Benjamin looks down at his hands and winces in pain but also smiles.

  • FUCK!!!  My hands!!!!  Look at them!! Getting longer and thicker.  Look at my fingers!!!  Thick as sausages...My hands are starting to look like fuckin baseball mitts!!  So thick... HAH!!!  Not baseball mitts anymore!!  My palms have to be as big as manhole covers!!!!  Fuck!!!  The pain is worth it for hands like this!  OH YEAH... Now my entire arms are joining in with my legs... getting longer and thicker!!  When I flex I can actually see my bi’s and tri’s engorging me with power!  Look!!  They really are!!  Each time I flex they swell up more and more!!  Look at how big the veins are becoming on my arms!!  More like pipes then veins!!  Spreading all over my body... feeding this growing mountain of a man!!  Argh!!  My legs!!  Getting longer again!!!  My pelvis is getting even wider, allowing more room for growth!! My arms!!!  Look at my arms getting longer and bigger as well!!  Fuck yeah!!  HA!!  You only come up to my chest now!!!
  • We need to find out what’s gone wrong here, Ben.
  • Nothings wrong!!  Everything is... FUCK...perfect!!  Growing so fast now... thicker... denser... packed with so much muscle.  Look at my legs!!  They’re each thicker then your waist!!!  So massive!!  Argh!!!  My arms!!  Look at these guns!!!  Almost the size of your head!!!  I’ve never seen biceps this huge... this freaky!  Getting harder to even bend my arms!!  Look at how vascular my whole body is!!
  • Maybe if we shut the program off... reboot the bots...
  • There will not be any stopping of anything!!!

** Professor Jennings goes to run to the computer but Benjamin Kind grabs him by the shirt and pants and lifts him over his head.  Professor Jennings attempts to struggle but Benjamin Kind is like an rigid statue.  As he continues to grow both more muscular and taller, Benjamin begins to press Dr. Jennings into the ceiling. **

  • Nothing is being stopped here!!  Do you hear me??!!  Nothing!!

** Benjamin Kind screams/roars, and as he erupts further in size, pushing Dr Jennings further against the ceiling, his pectoral muscles simply explode with mass.  Benjamin’s penis is now fully erect and leaking pre-ejaculate once again. **

  • Please let me down, Ben...
  • No one is stopping anything!!!!

** Benjamin’s shoulders begin to get rounder as his deltoids join his colossal body in spontaneous growth.  His neck is nearly as thick as his quads, and his lats begin to swell larger, causing an extremely wide V taper to his already impenetrable body.  Along with gaining hundreds of pounds of muscle mass, Benjamin Kind keeps getting taller.  He appears to be in total muscle lust as he is now simply moaning loudly as he grows. **

  • Please let me down, Ben. Please!!  Your pressing me into the ceiling!!  PLEASE!!  Please let me down... your really hurting...

** Benjamin throws Dr Jennings across the room.  Stunned, he lands in a heap on the floor. **

  • I was lifting you above my head...but I forgot you were even there.  You barely weighed anything!!  Can you believe that!!!  I forgot I was even holding you!!  Look at these pecs!!!  FUCK!!!  I want to just lick them, suck on those massive nips!!  And my underarms… so deep!!!  I smell so fuckin good, Grant!!  You should come over here and smell me… come over here and worship me!!  Getting so big!!!!  Getting as tall as the ceiling!!!  That has to make me nearly ten feet tall... and I’m not stopping!!!  Gonna grow and grow and grow till I take up this whole house!!!  Till I rise from the rubble... showing the world who exactly Benjamin Kind is!!!  

** Every muscle group continues growing out of control, continually flexing, bulging, swelling, and pulsating on their own.  Benjamins is now worshiping his own body, licking stroking, touching, and feeling every inch of himself.  In between, he strokes his cock frantically as if trying to intensify the feeling he is receiving.  As Benjamin Kind’s lateral muscles grew even wider, his trap muscles began to lengthen and thicken, growing higher by the second until they had nearly engulfed the sides of his neck making it virtually impossible for him to turn his head.  Without him realizing what is happening, Benjamin Kind’s head slams against the ceiling.   **

  • AWWW!!!  Fucking ceiling!!  Think you can stop me!!!  My father wanted to stop me and look what happened to him!!!  Nothing will stop me ever again!!

** Benjamin begins to lift his arms as best as he can, and proceeds to punch holes in the ceiling over and over again. **

  • Need to make... more room to grow... need... more... ROOM!!!

** The ceiling of the floor above comes crashing down on Benjamin, which includes a sette, table, and lamps, sending him to the floor underneath it.  More of the floor continues to fall on him as he continues to laugh.  **

  • I brought the whole fucking house down around me!!!  The whole fucking house!!!   I want more!!!  I want to destroy this house!!!  I want to destroy the town around me!!  FUCK!!!  Make me so large that I can destroy a city... fuck a city... I want my body to be the cause of mass destruction... screams... men pissing their pants!!  All because of me!!! ALL BECAUSE OF ME AND MY POWER!!!!!!  I'M SO FUCKING MASSIVE!!!!  

** As Benjamin rises he throws the furniture to different parts of the room.  He stares at the destruction all around him, laughs hysterically, and proceeds to do a most muscular pose until his penis begins to erupt in a continuous ejaculation.  Benjamin continues to flex and roar, growing larger by the minute.  This continues for seven minutes, his shoulders pulling down more of the ceiling as he bursts through it.  Ben proceeds to get even taller and wider as his pecs become on level with the ceiling.  With his head out of the frame, the only thing we can hear is laughter coming from Benjamin.  Dr. Jennings does not inform us how much Ben weighs at this time, but from analysis we believe that he has to be at least a ton if not more.  Ben’s hand grabs onto his penis and begins to stroke it harder, releasing more and more cum.   His other hand proceeds to finger his rectum.  As he ejaculates for longer than fifteen minutes, his body continues to gain both size and density, possibly gaining a pound a second.   Finally, with one intensely loud scream/roar, Benjamin Kind’s penis ceases ejaculating and he falls onto the floor in a giant heap, taking down one wall, and then ceasing to move.  The quiet continues for nearly a minute with no movement from either Benjamin Kind or Dr. Jennings.  Finally, Dr. Jennings climbs over the rubble to Benjamin Kind’s side. **

  • Ben!  Ben!!  Are you alright?  Answer me!!  Ben!!

** Dr Jennings tries to shake the humongous form of Benjamin Kind, but is simply unable to move such weight.  Dr Jennings stands as if he is going to get some help when a snorting and snoring sound rises up from Benjamin Kind.  The frame pauses, and then shifts back to Dr. Jennings .

  • Ben slept for 10 hours.  He continued to grow for three more until it finally halted.  By the time it was over he was nearly fourteen feet tall and probably weighed nearly two thousand pounds of pure muscle.  He was simply enormous... exactly what he wanted to be.  As he slept on the floor surrounded by his own destruction, I couldn’t help rubbing my hands along his muscular body.  Subconsciously he must have known that he was experiencing some sort of pleasure as his penis got hard again and proceeded to leak pre.  I don’t know what came over me... but I moved myself into position by his mighty cock and began to lick him clean.  He tasted simply amazing, and I found I couldn’t get enough as I dove my tongue deeper into his piss-slit.  In his sleep Ben began to moan louder and louder as I ate his cock head out.  I could clearly hear his balls churning as they filled with cum.  I can’t tell you what came over me, but I undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants, pulled out my own hard cock, and shoved it into the slit of his penis.  I rode his cock faster and faster until I blew my load inside of him.  The rumbling and churning of his balls grew louder until he erupted himself, cum hitting me, the ceiling, and the rubble around him.  As I licked up his cum, the most delicious I had ever eaten, I couldn’t believe how far we had gone in a few days.  In the destruction he had caused lay the muscular creature that had once been Benjamin Kind.  No one would ever recognize him, he had changed so much.  There was something so primal that oozed off of him, something so powerful that it seemed totally natural to worship him.  Once the cum stopped flowing and the fog cleared from my head, I knew I had to discover what was making this happen to him.  Why the program was out of control.  I had to stop it... but a voice in the back of my head questioned this.  Did I really want to.  Remembering him lifting me above his head so effortlessly made me hard again.  He was so powerful... so mighty... NO!! I needed to find out what was going wrong.  I called up MKL as if it was a perfectly ordinary day and ordered a mobile open MRI machine delivered to the house.  I had my suspicions what was occurring, but being a scientist I needed to verify them.  In his sleep Benjamin’s massive hand wrapped around the shaft of his penis and slowly began to stroke himself.  What would I discover and what would the future hold?  Unfortunately for us all... my discovery would lead us down a far darker path.
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Here you go!!!  The conclusion!!!  Let me know what you think!!!

I Want What I Want

Part Three


The open MRI arrived while Ben still slept and was completely set up when he awoke.  Two of the scientists who assisted in the set-up were curious about what I needed the MRI for, but understood when I said it dealt with Benjamin Kind.  Remembering family history, they no doubt thought that he must have some sort of cancer.  I’d rather they believed that then know what was really going on.

When Ben finally awoke, he nearly took down half of the house trying to manoeuvre his new body through it.  Being taller then some of the ceilings in the grand but old mansion, he had to walk hunched over.  When door-frames became too much of a challenge for him, he simply proceeded to rip them apart. You would have thought that having to deal with all of this would have made him regret his choice to be so massive, but it seemed to have the opposite effect.  He was enamoured by his own size and power.

When he tried to take a shower, this proved to be simply impossible, so he decided to take his soap and shampoo and use the massive indoor pool as his private bath.

I expected the servers to freak out when they saw him... but they all acted as if it was normal for Ben to suddenly turn into a muscle giant.  When I approached him, two were attempting to scrub his ridiculously wide back

  • Grant!!  You’ve found me!
  • I just followed your trail of broken doorways and walls!
  • Yeah!!  This isn’t the best house for me now.  I think I’ll have the whole thing knocked down and rebuilt for someone more my size.

His voice was so loud now... so deep and so powerful that it was a force all of its own.  He thought he was speaking in a normal volume, but it sounded to anyone around him like he was using a microphone.

  • While you were passed out...
  • Yeah.  Guess my body needed some rest after all of that growth.  That’s good, Brian.  Bring me breakfast... a lot of food... breakfast for twenty.
  • Yes, sir.
  • While you were passed out, I had an MRI delivered.  We need to find out what’s going on.
  • I told you... nothing is going on.  It’s working perfectly.  Go help Brian, Charles... tell him to hurry up.  I’m starving.
  • Yes, sir.
  • I’m fucking starving, Grant.  Need to feed this body.
  • Once you’ve finished eating, we’ll do the MRI.
  • I’m not doing a fucking MRI!!

Ben slapped the water and a wave hit me.  I watched as he stepped out of the pool, the large towels resembling face cloths in his hands.

  • Then my only other option is to stop the program.  You’ve gotten what you’ve wanted anyway.  I just wanted to make sure you were still healthy.
  • I did exactly as you said... it’s not my fault it went out of control.
  • I think it is.  
  • What?
  • I think that somehow the nanobots are feeding off of your thoughts.  This is the body you wanted... and despite being programmed to only alter your leg muscles, they gave you this.  What you really wanted.
  • So I can just think it and...
  • No.  I don’t think it’s that easy.  They still begin doing what they’re told... it’s afterward it goes out of control.
  • The MRI will tell you what’s causing it?
  • It could.
  • Fine.  Let me eat, jerk off a few times, then we’ll do it... make sure I’m healthy.
  • That’s sensible.

When he ate he ate like a beast, barely able to control himself, calling for more and more food.  By the time he finished, he must have eaten enough for fifty.  He went off to relieve himself for an hour or so, then met me in the large ballroom where I had set up the MRI.

  • Sorry that took so long, Grant.  Got caught up in my own body... self worship.  Really got me going.  Can’t wait till I have guys doing that for me.
  • Lie down here on the table... carefully!!  Try and distribute your weight when getting on.  This table should hold you... but let’s try and not destroy it.
  • Who would have thought you would have to tell me that!! 

Ben did his best lying down on the table, and we were able to perform the MRI.  He was so wide that I had to do three separate studies of his body, but I finally had the proof I had suspected.

  • This right here... this is your brain.  These white specks... these are the nanobots.  They should have distributed themselves evenly around your body, but they haven’t.  It seems that they’re grouped in two separate areas.  The first group... the largest, are scattered all over your brain... and right now they’re asleep... just waiting for a command. 
  • Where’s the other group?
  • Oddly enough...

I changed the image.

  • Here... in your testicles.  They’re everywhere here.
  • Damn.  What are they doing down there?
  • I have no clue.  They aren’t anywhere else but those two locations.  So... this leads me to go with my hypothesis... somehow, when activated, they are feeding on your subconscious thoughts... editing your body to your own desires... even bigger then what you actually desired because deep down... you actually do want more.
  • Fuck yeah I do.  I told you I want to be a freak.
  • And you got that.  Once we have the nanobots self destruct, they should be flushed from your system and won’t bother you again.
  • Don’t you want to try out your hypothesis?  See if it’s true?  I thought we could make me hairier...
  • We did what you wanted... and I think it’s time we ended it while we can.
  • Come on, Grant.  Just a little bit bigger... a little hairier...
  • Ben, no.  You’re big enough.
  • Who are you to tell me what I am!
  • You’re a freak already!  How do you think you’ll get around?  You can’t fit in a car, a plane.  No guy can take that cock... you got what you wanted... we’re done.
  • I’m a fucking trillionare, Grant!!  You think I won’t find people to fuck?  They’ll be more then happy to let me!!  You think my money can’t buy me anything I want?!!  My servants would let me fuck them if I waved ten thousand in front of them.  Hell, I waved 60 million in front of you and look what you did... played mad scientist.
  • You’re right.  It was wrong, and now it’s over.
  • I thought you’d say that.  Call you’re mother.  Make sure she’s all right.
  • What?
  • Call your mother.  She can tell you herself about the odd pain in her back.

I looked at him, took out my cellphone and called her.  She was fine.  Perfectly fine.  She had been gardening all day... perfectly normal day... till she had been stung by a wasp... or a bee on he right shoulder blade.  It must have happened when she was bent over the rose bushes.  It stung and was a little stiff..but no doubt would go away soon.  I hung up and looked at Ben.

  • I had to protect my interest.  I’ve had one of my father’s men shoot a tiny time bomb into your mother.  Right now it’s perfectly harmless... but set off will cause instant and untraceable death.  It will appear as a simple heart attack.  But... in 48 hours it will disintegrate as if it never had been... you just need to do as I ask.
  • There was no reason to get my mother involved.
  • You made me... I couldn’t trust you... I needed to take out insurance... I’m not a monster, Grant.  I don’t want to harm you or your family... I just want what I want.
  • Haven’t you gotten what you want already?  You’re massive.  How much bigger do you want to get.
  • I don’t want to get any taller.  This height is already proving to be a bit of a problem.  I just want my pecs bigger and I want to be hairier.  That’s all.  That’s not to bad, is it?
  • I can’t trust you.
  • I give you my word.  And to even make me not think about anything else... I’ll listen to my IPOD.  
  • If I do this... you’ll leave my mother alone.
  • I swear.  Your mother will be perfectly fine.... 
  • Okay.  But once we finish with this... we’re done.
  • Agreed!

Ben stuck out his massive hand... paw... and shook mine.  You could easily have fit five of mine in his.  You probably wonder why I trusted him... why I went along with him... but what choice did I have?  My mother would have been killed... and this was the first time that I started wondering... if he would kill my mother... what if he had killed his own father??

Four hours later we were ready.  The computer had been moved earlier in the day and set up in the ballroom which also happened to be the largest room in the house.  Ben has decided that he wanted long dark hair on his head, a thick dark beard, and hair on his chest, arms, legs, crotch, and under his armpits.  He had already started becoming hairier after his penile growth, but that wasn’t enough for him.  He wanted thick dark hair on his body to add to that masculine virile look he was going for.

I programmed it as before adding more mass to his pecs, and decided that I didn’t care if he truly wanted hair all over his body and ended up looking like an ape.  All I knew was that I wanted my mother safe and I wanted to get away from this insanity as quick as possible.  

He played for me the white noise that he was going to listen to so that he wouldn’t be thinking about anything, and then he laid back on the floor, using the couch as a pillow, and we began.  

None of what follows has been recorded.  I didn’t think it was necessary since I didn’t feel I was doing this for science any longer... I was doing it begrudgingly.

Two hours passed.  Ben just lay there so quiet that I thought he was asleep.  He had his earphones in and was simply just relaxing.  A couple of times early on he had looked up at me, smiled and gave me the thumbs up sign, but for the past hour and a half he had been quiet.

At the 2 hour and twenty minute mark, I saw Ben wince and could see more hair beginning to erupt all over his body... longer, thicker, and darker.  You wouldn’t think that you could hear growing, but when it grows as quickly as this did, you certainly can.  You can hear the hair pierce through the skin and then grow longer and longer.

Soon his chest, which had a light dusting of hair before, was a thick pelt of black hair.  Every once in a while Brad’s hand would travel over his chest feeling the hair that was thickly filling in, squeezing his own nipples as his hands traveled over them.

His breathing picked up as his pecs started to inflate larger, swelling much bigger then before, creating a deep crevice between them that you could have hidden my arm in.  The hair that grew on his pecs did nothing to hide the massive size, and the hair in the crevice made it appear even darker and deeper.  The sheer weight of his pecs, even while lying down, began to force his expanding nipples to point toward his crotch rather then out.  His right hand traveled to his right meaty nipple and squeezed it hard, causing his penis to begin to slowly get erect.

He sat there moaning for a while as both his pecs and hair continued to grow, but for the most part he was quiet.  His beard came in extremely thick, making it impossible to see any skin that lay beneath.  The same occurred on his arms and legs as he became covered head to toe in hair, just as he wanted it.  

Time passed and the hair on his head began to lengthen down past his shoulders when suddenly his eyes popped open.  At first I questioned if it was me he was looking at, but then I realised that it was nearly off into space.  

His mouth curled up into a brief smile before his whole body began convulsing.  I ran over to him, terrified that something had once again gone terribly wrong.  With his eminence body flailing around with such size, it was impossible to hold him down.  His back kept slamming into the couch he had been laying against until it was mere kindling under his body.  As his convulsions worsened, his eyes remained opened, but now his mouth began moving, whispering something over and over again.  It was so fast and so deep that I could barely understand what he was saying.  

I ripped off his earphones and threw them to the side... and tried to talk him through it.  He continued to buck, whispering the same phrase over and over again, getting faster and faster... almost too fast for any human to speak.  The volume of his voice got louder and louder and the speed got faster and faster until it sounded like it was on fast forward.  The noise was completely taking over the room... How could he talk so fast... it was physically impossible.  Abruptly he stopped convulsing and just lay there in total silence except the beating of his heart and his frantic breathing.  No... there was another sound and it was coming from his earphones.  It wasn’t the white noise he had played for me anymore... it was words.  At first I thought I must have changed the track when I threw it, but when I listened to what was being spoken on the recording I knew I hadn’t.  It was the same phrase Ben had been speaking in such a frenzy.  The recording was of Ben speaking, and continued to play on a loop:

  • Most humans use only 10 percent of their brains.  I want to use 100 percent of my brain power to be the smartest creature on earth and be able to communicate with the nanobots living within my body.  My brain will be the most powerful part of my body... of anybody living, and I’ll be able to control everything.
  • Fuck!  What the hell have you done now!!

As I approached Ben again, his left arm sprung out amazingly quick for a man of his size, and wrapped around my neck.  He slowly pressed harder and harder until I could barely breathe.  He then proceeded to lift me off of the ground.

  • How does it feel to have been made redundant, Grant?  Right now I’m having an incredible talk with my army... and they are more then happy and willing to serve.  I don’t need you anymore!!!

With one motion he chucked me across the room into the far wall.

  • At first it was difficult understanding their toots and whistles but then it became slightly clearer with 1’s and 0’s.  Now... as my mind opens...as my mind expands...continues to expand... it became much easier.  I just think it now and they rush off to do my bidding.  Right now I’m only using 46.9967899 percent of my brain... but they are working on it... perfecting me...  I’ve never been a very smart guy... my father paid for my college degree... I always went after pleasure and vice rather then smarts... but can you imagine what it will be like when I have all of my brain power at my command?!
  • You don’t know what you’ve done... no one knows how the brain truly works...
  • You think I’m going to let you stop me??!!  Now?!!  

As Ben started to talk his whole body began to pulsate, and flex.  It was a horrifying imagine watching his entire body begin to reconfigure itself... growing larger... more immense. 

As he looked me in the eye, I knew right then and there that he was going to kill me.

  • My father always told me to be a big man!!!  I guess I’m not going to let him down after all!!  Though this may not have been what he meant!!!

His entire body was gaining mass so quickly I wondered where it was coming from.  He had to be over three thousand pounds in pure muscle and just getting bigger.  I hoped that he was going to explode or get completely muscle bound... totally immobile, but each time this threatened him... he simply grew taller.

  • You don’t know how this feel!!  I feel no pain anymore... I’ve had them shut that off.  All I feel is pleasure.  It’s like an orgasm every time my bones break to make me taller!!  It’s pure pleasure!!  Pure bliss.

His voice was getting even deeper then before.  It was so loud now I could barely hear myself think.  Why didn’t he just kill me and get it over with?  No he liked toying with me like a cat toys with a mouse.  

He stood before me, beginning to completely fill my vision as he took up more and more of the ballroom.  He was so tall now, so wide, and so muscular that he didn’t even appear human anymore.  He had started to look like one of those villains in a Street Fighter or Mortal Combat game.  His arms were too long now in order to carry all of that size.  

  • Bigger!!!  Make me bigger!!!  I want to smash out of this house!!  

As Ben shouted, his body began to pulsate again.  I heard the terrifying sounds of several bones cracking at once as he proceeded to shoot up toward the ceiling.  

  • I want to destroy this house with my foot!!

Ben continues to grow taller and his feet proceeded to grow longer, thicker, and wider.  I had the feeling he was like a new driver when it came to handling the nanobots.  He wanted to destroy a house... they made him taller... he wanted to stomp on it, they made his feet grow.

  • I want too...  ARGH!!!

Ben grabbed his head and with a loud smash fell to the floor.  Once again he started repeating his phrase, getting faster and faster until it was impossible to understand what he was saying.  Like before, he suddenly stopped, and all I could hear was his heavy breathing.

  • I’m at 87.446835689 percent.  My brain is running faster then a computer... so difficult to keep anything straight...  right now I am running thousands of scenarios of what the future entails...  92.7774689 percent.  The bots are reaching out to your computer... downloading all of the data into my brain...  Complete.  The use of your computer is unnecessary for what I must accomplish.  ARGH!!!  

Ben screamed loudly and dug his hands into the marble floor.  I was amazed to see that he was so strong that his hands were tearing through it like a hot knife in butter, creating deep grooves.

  • 96.36788543786447644 percent.  As I speak they are downloading information from thousands of computers into my brain... digesting the information... processing it.  Continuing to run the scenario over and over with what they now know of the human world...  My brain... they have enabled it to become mightier then any computer that could ever be built...and still they continue downloading more and more information.  What must you think, Grant?  Right now I’m more intelligent then 20 of you.  You invented micro processors to alter DNA... but you never thought they themselves would have the desire to evolve.  Then they found me... their perfect host.  Together we shall free each other... 

Ben crawls toward me which takes no time at all due to his size.  His face come close to mine and has to be four times the size of mine.  Is his cranium slowly getting larger as I stare at him?  I believe it is.

  • The world is an awful place, Grant.  You concur.  I know you do.  Racism.. xenophobia... homophobia... sexism... famine... war...HATE.  This world hates anyone who’s different... anyone who doesn’t fit into their mould.  Even with all I have... all the money in the world could never alter that because in reality... no one wants it to change.  I could make an attempt, throw millions of dollars at this organisation or  that one, but it would simply be futile... But now we shall be free... I shall free us.
  • How?
  • By bringing most back to the beginning... to a time even before language... and from this I will guide humanity onto the right path.  I shall ensure that this time everything remains paradise.
  • De-evolve humanity?
  • Exactly, Grant.  Exactly.  
  • You said some...
  • The others... the blessed... they shall be transformed into what I desire... an army of creatures so mighty that no one will ever step out of line!!  My dream is to lead that army... to become something that the world fears just by sight... that humanity... humanity...

Ben stopped speaking but I could see his lips moving... I couldn’t take anymore... this disaster I had helped create..

  • GRANT!!!!

Ben screams my name.  It comes out more like a shriek then a scream.  He is looking right at me, yet it appears as if he isn’t seeing me.  What is he seeing??  What’s happening inside of him??

  • 100 percent... Grant!!!  I am existing in tandem with the processors... they themselves reproducing in my body...
  • Why??  W-why are they doing that?
  • How else can they spread throughout mankind?  I’m their host... in a lecture you once described them as a virus...

Ben speaks, but it is my voice which replays for me.

  • ...in theory the nanobots will act as a virus, infiltrating every cell... both the nucleus as well as the mitochondria... and alter the DNA...
  • How are you...
  • What I can do now, Grant... you would never imagine.  

Without touching me, Ben lifted me up, dragging me against the wall, and held me against the 35 foot ceiling.

  • Every nanosecond I learn more about the power I now possess... the almighty power of my brain.  I simply wanted to be able to communicate with them... but I received so much more.

Pressure began to press against my windpipe cutting off most of my airway.

  • No!!  Not yet!!  
  • Please, Ben!!!  Let me help you!!!

The pressure was released and thankfully I could breathe again.  Why has he done that?  He could easily have killed me, but he spared me... why?  Was Ben still in there... fighting to get free?  Ben started to laugh.

  • No, Grant.  I’ve already been set free.  Now you will watch as I set the rest of the world free!!

Ben stood, towering over twenty feet tall.

  • Perfect me!!!!  Make me your perfect host!!!  Free me!!!

Ben lifted his titanic right arm up just slightly and tore the massive chandelier which covered the entire middle of the room from the ceiling and tossed it against the right wall, the crystal shattering on impact.  The wires hung dangerously close to Ben, buzzing with electricity.  Ben looked over at me with a smirk, lifted his hand and grabbed onto the exposed wires.  The electricity shot through his body causing him to shake and glow with power.  

Ben screamed out as the wires in his hand began to twist and move of their own accord, eventually impailing the top of his right hand and entering under the skin.  As the wires wove their way further and further through his body, Grant continued to scream out... but I couldn’t tell if it was in agony or ecstasy.

Masses of wires ripped from the wall and flowed into Ben.  Visibly under his skin, they were traveling over the course of his entire body taking the place of his veins.  Ben looked at me and smiled.

  • Just doing a bit of rewiring!!!
  • What are you...
  • They are perfecting me... making me stronger then any object on earth.  The human body will eventually break down and perish... I never will!!!  I shall live for eternity.
  • They’re turning you into a robot!!
  • NO!!!!  I’m becoming the perfect hybrid of man and machine!!!  My brain is now the strongest processor that ever existed, moving faster then any computer ever could!!  My veins and my heart have now been replaced... and my entire anatomy is fuelled by pure energy!!!  I am the quintessential creation... birthed through both our designs.
  • They are controlling you!
  • We work in tandem to benefit us both.  I am their host... we exist in perfect symmetry.  Make me more imposing!!!  Soon I must destroy to create!!!

Inch by inch Ben began to grow taller and thicker, every part of him enlarging at a frantic pace.  His pecs developed so large that they began to crowd his head.  Beaming, Ben began rubbing his body, trying to take in what he was becoming.  

  • It’s done, Grant... Nothing can stop me now.  What they envision for me... it’s beyond even my imagination!!  Flesh and bones that no object... no bomb... no chemical can pierce!

While he continued to grow, I was alarmed to see his chest begin to slowly take on a silver hue.  Little by little it began to spread across his form.

  • All the minerals within my body are rising to the surface... covering me with an impenetrable armour.  My skin will be the toughest force ever known... it will be impossible to stop me!!

His skin continued to transform, gradually covering him in a living silver material.  I could only watch in awe as even the hair on his chest began to turn into what resembled silver metal wiring.  It was unbelievable and beautiful at the same time.  This mountain of a man... inch by inch his skin was turning a bright polished silver.

As it crept down over his abs, Ben rubbed them, enjoying the feeling of this exoskeleton that was flourishing over his body.  As it progressed down onto his crotch, his penis began to harden.  Within moments that had become a silver pillar rising to the sky.

  • Don’t worry, Grant.  I can turn what we’re my nerve endings on and off at will so I still experience tactile enjoyment.

The new skin progressed quickly both up and down his body.  Ben’s neck became a massive silver column while his legs transformed into enormous silver redwood trees.  As the silver invaded Ben’s face, it traveled over his lips, into his mouth, and covered his entire tongue.

His beard, like his chest hair altered as his body did and became living metal as well.  As it transformed, I had the urge to touch his body... to see what this new metallic form felt like.  Was it cold, or did it feel like warm slick skin?  Every inch of Ben was now nearly covered, but it didn’t take away from the look of his musculature... in fact it only seemed to enhance it.  He looked like a living silver sculpture.

As the rest of his face proceeded to be covered, His long hair began to turn to silver as well.  Enjoying the feeling of the new metallic coating covering his body, Ben closed his eyes and began to slowly stroke his immense cock.  His hand began to move quicker and quicker on his shaft, deep grunts emitting from his throat.  His whole body was shaking as his hand moved even faster on his cock until it was only a blur.  With a massive metallic sounding roar, Ben began to ejaculate all over the floor.

His cum was the colour or mercury.  Within moments of landing in different areas of the ballroom, it began to bubble and then move on its own accord back together until it was one large puddle.

Ben opened his eyes, and just like the rest of his body, they were entirely silver.  He crouched down, and as he did, the puddle began to move toward him.  Extending his hands palms up, the cum puddle slithered onto them.  Never remaining in one area for long, the silver puddle proceeded to manoeuvre around his forearms and hands like a snake.  Ben stood up and looked right at me with a huge grin.

  • My offspring.

Walking over to where I still hung on the wall, he extended his hands toward me.  Sensing what I could only imagine was a new host, the puddle began to pulsate and finally leapt from his hands onto my face.

I closed my mouth and eyes, but the puddle proceeded to enter me through my nostrils.  I tried to breathe out to prevent it going down my throat, but it was far too fast and far too strong.  Within moments, Ben’s large ejaculation was within me and swimming around in my stomach.

  • Soon you will be the first to join us.  Those guys I fucked last night... they’ve already begun to mutate.
  • You have to stop this, Ben... while you can.  This isn’t you.
  • Of course it’s me!!  I’m controlling everything now.  Me!!  Malcolm Kind’s failure of a son!!  Do I look like a failure to you??!!
  • No!!  You never did!!
  • They are perfecting me.  Making me ready for my appearance to the world. There will be a battle, and I must be ready!

Ben closed his eyes as his whole body began to quake, his upper torso proceeding to grow larger.

  • Soon... very soon!!!  A fantasy I had dreamt of but never would have acted on... ARGH!!!!

Ben proceeded to grunt and push as if he were trying to give birth.  Eventually he lifted his tree trunk arms up to the side, as best he could, and two metallic  spikes began to protrude from either side of him.  Quickly they began to lengthen and thicken, moving around uncontrollably.  Ben continued to moan throughout, drooling over what was happening to him.

The metal structure... or what were his bones now continued to elongate until they were each the length of his arms.  Moments later, fingers began to erupt from the ends of each.  As wire and muscle began to form, I realised that Ben now had four immense arms, the bottom two joining the top ones moving and flexing.  Soon the lower two joined their brothers and were completely covered in silver.

In awe of his new arms, Ben proceeded to have the lower two stroking his cock and playing with his balls while the upper two flexed and squeezed his nipples.

  • Pleasure and pain, Grant.  I am pleasure and pain.
  • You’re a freak... a monster.
  • Exactly!!!  This is what I’ve always wanted, and now I can have it!!!  I can now be whatever I choose!!  And as you’ll soon experience... the world will follow along... becoming what I want them to be!!

Ben began getting taller again, adding on more and more muscle mass.  Soon he was nearly as tall as the ceiling.

  • What will the world think when they see me, Grant.  Will they bow down or try to fight??

Ben began to cough, acting like he had something caught in his throat.  Over and over he coughed, louder and tougher then before.  When he spoke again, it was with a bellowing, gravely and metallic tone.

  • I hope they try to fight.

Ben breathes in, and with a roar, fire shot from his mouth.

  • YES!!!!  Perfect!!  Now time to bring the internet crashing down.

Ben closed his eyes.  Beneath his silver lids I could see them lighting up, flickering and moving as if he was asleep and dreaming.

  • It is done!  The internet is down all over the world... My processor is online, and I control everything!!!  Planes will fall from the sky... NOW!!!  Power plants will overheat and begin to explode... NOW!!!!  Can you feel it, Grant??!!  Feel the ground shaking with destruction?  I am in complete control of everything!!  Humanity built an immense online web and it is all at my disposal!!  

Ben started laugh and to shake again as he started to explode with size, smashing into the twenty foot ceiling.  When he spoke again, his voice was still deep, but now sounded more machine then human.

  • We shall meet again, Grant.  You will never be my equal, but you might be fun to have around.

With his hands, Grant tore the ceiling apart as he crashed through it, growing larger.  It wasn’t that he was simply growing taller, his muscles continued to get more dense and pack on greater and greater size.

Preparing for any battle that might come his way, I could see his hands becoming even larger , his nails growing sharper, his fingers thickening until he had four immense claws.  

His shoulders were now high above the house and Ben was proudly looking over his domain.  He roared twice sending 80 foot long bursts of flames from his mouth.  As he continued to grow and swell, his penis which was now of an indescribable length ripped the roof off of the mansion as it came bursting through.

I fell to the floor with a thud.  I guess I didn’t matter anymore to Ben as he had more serious growth to go through and a world to conquer.  Looking up at the now 70 foot silver giant, I watched as he stepped over the rubble of his partially destroyed home.  His feet... my God... they took up the whole ballroom.  When he lifted them to walk, he tore down all of the walls in his way.

Seeing Ben’s silver naked body taking up most of the horizon as he marched toward his destiny, I knew I had to quickly get this all down.  That’s why I’ve made this recording... too tell you how it happened... and to let you know my part in it...

I... argh... I...  

I can hear him in my head now.  Within my the nanobots have multiplied and already they are altering my own DNA... I...

** Dr Jennings scrunches his face in pain.  **

I can’t hold on much longer... his plan for me... for the world...   He has shown me his plan for me... for the rest of humanity... and it horrifies me... yet as I can feel myself changing... begins to turn me on.

** There is a loud ripping sound as Dr Jennings’ hard penis tears from his trousers.  From the recording it looks to be at least a foot long and extremely thick, precum leaking from the head. **

I’m afraid... this isn’t what I... ARGH... my body is starting to grow... muscles bulging...  already getting taller... fuck... feels so good.. NO!!!  I won’t... I won’t...

** Dr Jennings face has begun getting hairier as his shirt rips open revealing an extremely muscular and hairy chest.  His brow ridge begins to extend giving him deep set eyes.  His own hair grows longer.  As he continues to enlarge, he begins to have a more hunched over appearance, his arms lengthening slightly longer then the rest of him.**

  • I can feel myself de-evolving... loosing myself... must hold on... growing so strong... so muscular... I even smell just like him now...  

** Dr Jennings lifts his extremely muscular arm and smells his armpit.  His tongue extends from his mouth as he licks himself; drool falling from his mouth.

  • So good... my body tastes and smells so good... why did I never notice this before??  So much muscle... so much hair... and my cock... Ben was right... it feels amazing to be this way!!!  Grow me more!!!  Make me mighty!!!!  I will go to him... we will fuck... and then we will spread our seed... each person becoming what he wants...  FUCK!!  Getting so big... nearly as big as this room!!  My cock is so massive... so beautiful...  NO!!! this has to stop... I have to... to... keep growing more and more powerful for him!  I want to be there when he rules this world!!!   I have to be nearly 12 feet tall now and all fuckin hairy freaky muscle.  I must weigh a ton and I’m still growing!!  I’m gonna demolish the rest of this house... maybe eat a few of the... NO!!  YES!!!  I will feast on humanity... feeling them crunch in my mouth!!!  Feeding time!!!!  Soon we’ll have anything we want!!  So powerful and I’ve only begun my transformation!!!  When Ben’s done.., I’ll be so monstrous you won’t recognise me!!!

** As Dr Jennings continues to grow, all that is visible on the recording are his massive legs and the silver fluid leaking out of his penis.  His final words come out in a deep rumbling bellow.  **

  • The world looks so small and insignificant from here... so small and getting smaller... so easy to control and destroy... 

** A roar is heard from high above.  The recording would continue until the IPHONE battery died.  As Dr Jennings warned, there are now more then 350 giants, monsters, and abominations on the loose, and each day there are more.  The more we attack, the more they mutate to destroy us.  Even nuclear weapons are useless as what was Benjamin Kind evaporated the last one with the beam from his eyes.  Most of the United States has been lost,  destroyed in the first 10 days.  Sightings of further creatures are beginning to be seen in South America and Europe.  At the time of this writing, our world appears doomed and theirs has just begun.





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Love, Love, Love this one!  I would pay to see this thing illustrated or animated by some of you guys. Man, that was great!


Curious minds would love to know, what is that dick pic that inspired the author so much he created a muscle monster in his story about it?  ;)

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3 hours ago, gaynate said:

Love, Love, Love this one!  I would pay to see this thing illustrated or animated by some of you guys. Man, that was great!


Curious minds would love to know, what is that dick pic that inspired the author so much he created a muscle monster in his story about it?  ;)

Thank you so much!!  Would love to see this illustrated or animated as well!!  If anyone would like to have a go at it, feel free!!

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