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Muscle, Sex, Magic: Part III posted 02/09/19

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Part II


Dantalion peered into the eyes of his final and 12th Bound.  On some deep level, he felt a certain sadness knowing that this would be his final cycle, his last gasp of existence, his ultimately terminal binding. Somehow, somewhere in his apathetic soul, he understood in the moment that he was no longer immortal.  He would perish just as the humans with whom he had encountered had perished.  He finally had something – just one thing – in common with them. 


He cleared his mind for the last time, the blue flames in his eyes intensifying as he felt his physical self become searingly hot. “Blue flames are far hotter than orange ones,’ he thought fleetingly.


Trevor, for his part, was still recovering from his near-catastrophic orgasm.  In a daze caused by Dantalion’s ability to give him just one of his many fantasies, he realized that he had accepted the binding in haste but it was too late to back out now – and he wouldn’t have wanted to anyway.  He felt is was more of a reflexive “yes” than a well thought out answer.  


“Trevor, all you have to do is look in my eyes.  This will take but a moment and you will be in no pain,” Dantalion spoke with authority. “All you have to say are these words: Dantalion, I bind with you.  I do not give you my soul unless I deed it to you freely.  I accept your gifts and you accept mine.”  Dantalion stared directly into Trevor, boring into his innermost parts. “Trevor, it is time.” 


Trevor, for his part, was still feeling residual pulses from his over stimulated prostate and cock. The image of Dantalion’s arms, shoulders, forearms, and massive hands had burned themselves into Trevor’s consciousness. But he knew that he must engage with Dantalion now in order to continue living in the dream world that he had now become a part of.


“Help me remember the words, Dantalion.  I still feel quite…out of sorts.”


Dantalion returned to his previously demure size, assuming the form of Dante, the assistant to Trevor’s grandfather.  His upper body including his biceps, triceps, forearms, and hands were still occupying almost the entirety of Trevor’s bedroom. Dantalion began to shrink back the massive muscle of his upper body – the ones that Trevor had willed into existence. 


Dantalion needed to focus on Trevor completely now.  The djinn felt a strange kind of compassion with this being.  The gentle pleading of his comments, ‘Help me remember the words, Dantalion.’  Again, this human seemed different.  He was not commanding or at all disrespectful.  He was considerate and did not push too far, a bit like his grandfather had been, but even more so.  So many of the others had been too quick to exploit his power and they had almost never so much as considered being respectful to the source of their dominance and power. “Focus on Trevor,” he reminded himself.  


Dantalion began again, prompting the man in front of him. “Dantalion, I bind with you.  Say that Trevor.”


“Dantalion, I bind with you.” The human repeated in a near trance. 


“I do not give you my soul unless I deed it to you freely.”


Trevor repeated as instructed but felt that this phrase was pregnant with meaning and he would require explanation about the wording in the near future.


“I accept your gifts and you accept mine.”


Trevor looked directly into the eyes of the djinn and repeated the words. 


Suddenly, he felt an overwhelming sense of peace, which bordered on the definition of tranquility. He felt safe.  He felt confidence and power surging into him.  It was profound but also sublime.  No trumpeting angels or cataclysmic lightning, but warmth, determination, and fortitude. 


The djinn slowly approached his final Bound. Trevor was just beginning to come out of his sexual stupor. He had experienced brain-melting ejaculation from Dantalion’s biceps and triceps exposition and remains of that experience were still tickling his libido. 


“Now what, Dantalion? What do I do?  My grandfather told me in a note that I should help you become more that you thought that you could be.” The man felt incompetent in a way.  Trevor had just been gifted with the power of trillions of stars and he was beginning to realize it. He could feel it in every cell in his body.  “You have given me a gift that I do not think that I deserve and may not be able to wield in any significant way.”


“Trevor, what do you desire?”  Dantalion’s voice was soothing and deep as a dark chocolate river. 


“I want to see your true form, Dantalion.”  Even saying the name of the djinn now, Trevor felt energized.  Somehow, speaking the name on his tongue engendered some connection to immense power.  


Dantalion’s eyes had finally returned to a lid-licking orange.  A look of resolve passed across his face and his body began to morph. 


Strangely, or not, Trevor believed that Dantalion’s true form would be Earth-shattering in size and dimension.  Conversely, Dantalion maintained his average-for-a-human height but began to become thicker and more substantial. He lost his thin, waifish body type but his clothes seemed to form to his new representation of himself.


“Dantalion, do not hide your body. No clothes.  I want to see your true form unobstructed.”


Dantalion’s close-fitting suit, which had been expanding to accommodate his growing width, evaporating like the dew on a hot summer morning. Dantalion was not accustomed to requests for presentation of his body.  This triggered thoughts of Trevor’s first few wishes just moments ago.  This human’s fascination with his body and what it could do was so … unique and new. 


The djinn proceeded to expand into the form that he considered his baseline.  He looked toward Trevor, just a few feet in front of him, “This is the true me, Master.  I am not as powerful as my brothers and not nearly as immense as they are.  I wish I were.  I wish I were the djinn who would be able to grant you godhood as I ascended to the same level, but alas, I am too far behind to make that a reality.” His voice nearly caught.  There were layers of emotion and history that Trevor sensed but was not ready to tackle. And why would he right now?  Trevor did not understand even a word of that comment, but he knew that he had just been thrust into a world that he knew nothing about.  


He continued to realize that the more he knew, the more questions he had.  Other djinn brothers? Godhood? Too far behind?  So many questions, he did not know where to begin processing.  But for now, Dantalion was transforming.  That yanked his attention back to the present.  


In front of Trevor stood the most exquisitely beautiful and muscular man he could have imagined. Dantalion was fucking ripped beyond human capability to attain.   He wasn’t tall per se.  He was powerful though.  His shoulders were uncommonly wide for his 5’ 11” height.  They were at least 3 foot across and muscular beyond human standards with enormous muscle-capped shoulders.  His waist appeared to be 26” in diameter, the dictionary definition of a wasp waist.  


Dantalion’s body continued to morph. More mass was driven into his quads, his calves, and ultimately his ass. And God, what an ass.  Tight, high, round, hard.  His abs seized into blocks the size and shape of mortaring bricks.  He looked like what the word “power” would be if it were to be personified. 


Trevor looked at Dantalion’s form.  His face was incomprehensible, smooth, without emotion. He could not identify an ethnicity or race.  He had attributes of a Middle Easterner, with hints of East Asian, European, African, and Latino.  His countenance was ultimately, indeterminable. The color of is skin was warm and brown, reminiscent of a dark mocha with too much milk.  His face appeared to be 20 years old but with eyes conveying knowledge that hinted at thousands of years or knowledge and experience. Trevor could barely pull his eyes away.  


“What do we do now, Dantalion? I don’t know what to do or say.  I feel so much confidence, security, and power now coursing through me.” Trevor’s eyes were locked onto Dantalion’s, their gaze not breaking since the binding just a few short moment’s ago. How could this being believe himself to be inferior to his “brothers?”  The questions from a moment ago surfaced again.  But again, the stunningly monstrous beast before him made him forget his questions for the time being. 


The djinn’s true form had finally settled in. Standing 5’ 11” with a nearly 4’ shoulder spread, huge slabs and chords of meat hung down at his sides -- massive things that resembled arms but seemed to hang lower and more powerful. Trevor thought they appeared almost ape-like from dangling so low.  Dantalion’s hands were huge, with enormous meaty fingers, devastatingly thick  wrists, and knuckles meant for exerting dominance and smashing things. His traps hugged his ears, not hinting, but shouting at his strength.  Two billowing pecs jutted out with purpose and in almost a lewd way, like muscle porn (NSFW) with attendant nipples shoved to the floor due to a lost competition with too much chest mass.  Ten vein-riddled abs tightening against each other and flowing down to a shockingly tight waist topping out at 28” max. Trevor would have to measure.  He needed to measure it – it was too narrow to believe. 


Thick writhing meat hung off of his thick thighs like gunny sacks full of wheat and calves 28” around (the same as his fuckin waist!) packed on the lower legs below them. Dantalion was a sight to behold.  Trevor was just beginning to catch on to the powerful body that was before him. 


When his eyes moved from Dantalion’s in an effort to absorb the totality of his djinn slave’s body, he smacked his lips.  His tongue began working, trying to moisten the inside of his suddenly dry mouth. “Fuck, you are beautiful.”


Dantalion was taken aback. He was not nearly as massive or beautiful as his two remaining brothers.  He was always considered a runt with regard to the original 12 djinn. How could his new Bound believe him to be even remotely “beautiful?”  What would Trevor say if he saw Bael or Asteroth in their true form?  His bound would think him to be slovenly, unworthy, weak. He was on his last of 12 bindings and his Well was only ½ full.  He had little to offer.  In fact, he was more likely a risk!


Why did this human make him feel this, what is the word…vulnerable?  


Trevor felt some sort of hesitancy on the part of Dantalion.  Maybe it was the bond between them now, or maybe it was just watching the djinn’s face and the near-imperceptible mico-emotions he noticed as he complimented Dantalion’s body.


“Dantalion, I’m ready for you to start granting more of my wishes.  And I think this time, we should begin with augmenting MY body.”


Dantalion instantly felt a surge in the energy flowing from his new Bound, Trevor, into his Well.  He had not felt so much power flowing through that channel since his first binding.


Trevor’s eyes narrowed and his face suddenly looked mischievous. His deepest, darkest, most depraved desires bubbled to the surface of his consciousness. “Let’s take you out for a test drive, Dantalion!”  Trevor’s voice was dripping with an eagerness Dantalion had not encountered previously, but he was up for the challenge.  He noticed Trevor’s cock twitch in his slacks, still wearing his funeral attire. For the first time in his existence, he wanted to please his Bound master.  Where was this feeling coming from?


“Dantalion, I want you to listen carefully.  We need to start with some upgrades.”

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I had fun writing this part.  Most of it was spent with my hands down my pants doing, well, you know what. 

It's a bit shorter than my usual, but wanted you all to experience the same -- reactions -- that I had while writing it. 

Part III:

Dantalion had never “wanted” to please a Bound just for the sake of pleasing.  It was a compulsion to please the Bound, in that way extracting more energy –or mana as the djinn called it—from the binding.  That was his ultimate purpose after all: To fill his Well. 


Maybe something had shifted inside him, knowing that this was his final round.  He felt his inner-self change a bit as he reflected on his past. He felt himself consciously let go of any bitterness, any sadness, any worry.  Examining his own new mortality, after millennia of existence he found new commonality with the man in front of him and he wanted to do his very best for Trevor.  Maybe that was it.  


But maybe this one WAS different.  Trevor had already shown such inventiveness with his third wish.  The look in his eyes had been near-catatonic as he watched Dantalion expand his arms and shoulders by just uttering a few words.  But why was Trevor so fascinated by the simple ability to expand the djinn’s frame and musculature?  He would never understand their simple linear ways of thinking. But he did internally admit, it was unique and had piqued the interest of the djinn.


He peered back to Trevor who was currently taking all of his clothes off.  He appeared to have not trepidation about this.  Dantalion assumed that the human was so used to being naked with the women in his harem, that he had no guilt about being disrobed. Some of his previous Bound did seem more reticent in their nakedness, but not this one. Shame, especially body shame, seemed common in this species. He, of course, just chalked it up to another weakness in their design. 


“OK Dantalion,” Trevor shook his last sock off and stood there, 5 feet away from the ridiculously wide and powerful-looking djinn.  Trevor’s cock stood at salute as he lustily glanced again over Dantalion’s impossible proportions.  


“Please increase my musculature and height.  I would like to be 7 foot tall.  I would like to be 300 pounds, most of it muscle.  Give me a 10” cock.  Can you do that?”


“Doing that is easy, Master. Do you want to again tell me how to proceed or should I improvise?” His previous Bound did not allow him to improvise much – they had always feared that he would somehow escape their control or would become too dominant in the power differential; however, that was impossible. The djinn had only ever wanted to please his Bound.  That was the way to their mana. 


Trevor thought a moment, “You aren’t going to do some crazy shit and hurt me or anything, are you?”


The djinn was taken aback at this directness, although he had heard some of its iterations before. “No. Remember, my purpose is to satisfy and fulfill your deepest desires.  Unless that desire involves your personal pain and suffering, then I will not hurt you.”  He remembered his third Bound did like a bit of pain sometimes.  A flash of unease flashed across Dantalion’s face when he voiced the words “pain and suffering” and this did not go unnoticed by Trevor. He could almost sense, through their connection, a retreat into a dark memory. He paused a moment before continuing. 


“I will allow you to improvise.  But, I want it to feel good, like the best sex in the world.  When my muscles and bones grow, I want it to feel like my body is just one big cock that is getting the best blowjob in the history of the world!” Trevor’s eyes were dancing, darting around, over active with thoughts of how he would soon feel.  


“I believe I know enough about human biology and neurochemistry to make that wish a reality. If something seems ‘wrong’ let me know immediately, Master Trevor.”


“Um, excuse me Dantalion. Did you say you believe you know? Have you never felt the galaxy rocking pleasure of a good erection?  Have you never blown your wad so hard that you felt as if your very soul was shooting out of you?” An incredulity of such profundity racked Trevor.  Here was one of God’s most beautiful creations: muscular to the point of reaching grotesque levels, huge powerful hands, and the djinn’s dick was no laughing matter extending nearly to his knees. 


“I have never experienced sex, Trevor.  Sensations to my body are only unlocked by a Bound’s direct instructions.  I do not feel physical senses otherwise.  I do not feel weight, I would not feel it if you punched me or twisted my skin, I have never experienced ‘pleasure’ as you would experience it.  I have experienced some of your human sensations but none of them were pleasant.” Dantalion averted his eyes away from Trevor.  There was something hidden there, but now wasn’t the time to discuss it. 


Trevor narrowed the gap between them and gently put his hand on Dantalion’s engorged chest. “I can’t believe you have never in your existence felt real corporal pleasure, D.” The human was truly sad for the djinn.  What a hollow existence it must be to not have the ability to sensate. “We’ll fix that one day.  I promise. But for now, I have some growing to do. And by the way, I’ll call you D from now on.  If I call you Dantalion again, you’ll know you’re in trouble.” Trevor chuckled and put his hand on D’s chin and pulled his eyes back up to his own.  “No get to work on making me huge!”


Without any further announcement, Trevor felt his body beginning to burn, every cell of it. Burn in a good way, like after a long run when the endorphins have kicked in and you feel almost high.   He looked down at his thin taught body and could not see any immediate changes.  The burning increased near the point of being uncomfortable, but it still felt so fuckin good.  Suddenly, it felt as if his skin was being licked by a thousand hungry mouths.  His cock, which had lost some of it’s turgor, shot straight up again, bouncing with a ‘thwack’ on his tight abs.  


He felt a pulsing rhythm begin to throb inside of his core.  It wasn’t his heart, it wasn’t in his lungs.  It was just everywhere in his center. Throbbing.  Beating harder.  The tongues licked his nipples and powerful jolts shot directly into his dick.  He moaned like a beast about to rut the fuck out of something.  The feeling was near overwhelming.  


He grabbed his cock in his hand.  As soon as his cock felt his hand wrapping round it, another jolt rocked him, this time spreading from his churning balls.  He could feel the cum being made inside of them.  His balls quivered as they grew slowly still churning.  Cum swirling inside of them.  He could feel invisible hot wet mouths tugging on his sack, popping one nut and then the other into their steamy holes, tonguing the bottom of his pulsating expanding balls.  


A gasp erupted from him as he suddenly sensed a soft tongue running along the ridge of his taint moving in a bee line toward his tight pink pucker. The tongue licked at his opening, becoming more insistent in its demand for entrance.  He relaxed his chute and the tongue penetrated his sweet tight ass. It pushed and then withdrew, then repeated this over and over.


He put his hand back on his cock and felt the jolt again. The mouths were sucking his nuts, playing with his ass. His nipples were being put through the best fucking workout of his life.  


He felt warm breath on the nape of his neck and more licks on the bottoms of his feet and the backs of his knees.  He could feel hot wet mouths sucking on his toes.  Then he felt his dick being sucked by the most talented mouth in the universe.


He looked down and saw nothing there.  He looked ahead at D who was staring directly into his eyes.  Trevor felt a redoubling of D’s effort.  D for his part was in a state of djinn bliss.  The power being wicked away in this interaction was like nothing he had experienced before.  He felt his power expanding.  Giving Trevor this intense pleasure was nothing short of amazing in the mana that it produced.  


“Make me grow, D!”


Suddenly, the sensations increased by ten-fold.  Trevor’s mind was buzzing like a live-wire.  He felt his skin begin to stretch and pound after pound of thick strong beef expanding his growing frame.


Without warning, his now-enormous cum globes pulled up toward him.  They felt angry and horny and they would not be denied.  He felt a split-second pause in every sensation occurring in his mind and body…then…


His mind seemed to dissolve. His prostate and its own need thrust itself to the forefront of his consciousness – pulsing, thrumming, pounding inside his groin. The sensation was cataclysmic. The world seemed to be ending, the feeling of complete and utter bliss was nearly frying his brain. He lost sense of time, of reality, of anything else. His balls throbbed and he felt a floodgate open inside of him.


 Thick ropes of cream erupted from his member.  With every pulse of his orgasm, dozens of pounds of muscle packed themselves onto his expanding frame. With every powerful blast, he could feel himself growing taller.  Without any warning, a wave of  complete mind-numbing exhilaration slammed into his body.  He was aware of the cock that seemed to be pushing into his tight hole,  hands twisting his nipples, countless tongues and mouths on his skin, his hands wrapped around his enlarging manhood. The wave that hit him pushed him even further…

He felt his orgasm become a steady state of cumming.  His throbbing churning orange sized eggs pushed out continuous quarts of thick rich juice.  It was not longer the normal pumping, throbbing, pulsing orgasm.  It was though a firehose had been turned on.  Cum flooded the inside of his body and exploded out his cock in one steady stream.  He felt his growth accelerate, not growing in quick staccato spurts, but in one fluid movement now.  


He looked at D with wide and wild eyes.  The djinn lifted a corner of his mouth in a sexy fucking smirk.


He felt his growth slow and the thick rope of cum began to slow.  Again he felt a pump, pump, pump as his inner G spot returned to normal ejaculation, then slowly stopped all together.  


He stood there, naked, in a 3 inch puddle of his own emissions.  Dantalion was nearly covered head to toe in his seed.  He flexed his arm in front of his chest. Veins snaked across their surface.  He looked down between the chasm that now existed between his globular pecs.  He could not see his feet, but he could see thick tight abs and a cock that would choke the most experienced cock sucker. He felt powerful and close to invincible.  


Trevor finally realized that the last few minutes had not been a dream.  He was awake.  He sat down on the couch in his room, leaned forward and put his head in his hands.  This was real.


“Have I done something to offend you, Trevor?” Dantalion probed carefully.  


Trevor looked up at the beastly djinn in front of him, covered in his very own spunk, and shook his head.  He patted his knee and beckoned the djinn to come closer.


“Sit down, my precious God.” He patted his knee again and D sat down in his master’s lap.


Trevor put his arm around Dantalions waist with his right arm, and his left rested on Dantalion’s shockingly defined left pec.  He leaned in and gave Dantalion a soft kiss. 


“Thank you, D.” His voice was shallow and ragged.  His mind and body was still recovering from what had just occurred.  


Dantalion could feel mana flowing out of Trevor in a continuous stream.  In millennia, he had never felt this much power flowing into him.


“Now, its time you finally experienced what I just did.”  

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7 hours ago, Ro20316 said:

IM imagining this two as the Djinn and the Salim from American Gods and im having te best of time doing it.


This is one the several inspirations for this story.  I watched this when it first aired and thought the whole scene was so amazing and beautiful - much more than is shown in the clip of course.  Good call man.  Dantalion is obviously much broader and muscular; Trevor, in my mind is a bit different, but a good comparison, nonetheless   :-)  

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Extra bonus points in the choice of names for the djinns: Exactly the sort of Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic or Arabic names (or coined to sound Greek, Hebrew, Aeamaic or Arabic) that were mangled in the process of transcribing them into mediaeval Latin! They do pop up in renaissance books about "magic" during the 16th and 17th century. By the look of it, you went to Lemegeton-Goetia to make the names sound "real", rather than taking a look in Heptameron or Steganographia? Very atmospheric!

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