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Security Incident 31JAN2019

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Everyone - 


It has come to our attention that within the last 24-hours someone was able to access the database and retrieve user information. This includes email addresses, password hashes, and member group information. They were not able to access decrypted passwords and for the time being we believe that they are safe. 


As a precautionary measure we've reset everyone's passwords and you will be required to submit a password request request through the forums to generate a new password. Along with that we've enabled some advanced security measures that include the activation of two-factor authentication. While you are not required to activate it, it will be highly encouraged that you do so. 


We believe at this time that we have patched all security holes and secured the rest of the site. 


Additionally we will be closing down the Unfiltered section. Because of the target of this attack in combination with my evolving feelings about the Unfiltered sections I have decided to close it. We know it has been a major sticking point in a lot of discussions and the best way to keep the community going forward and free from conflict is to shut it down. 


I'm sure there will be other sites that may support that kind of content but with the general nature of our audience it doesn't quite fit in anymore. 


Keep strong and live on, 


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