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Dane's Ghost (Part 23 added 02/20/19)

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he still needs  to gain confidence. I do hope that the gym helps him a little with that.

Dane is feee when he is ith Pete but his worries always run thr fun-

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"No one's gonna need with you Pete cause you're the man... If you keep going to the gym soon you'll be a muscle stud like me" 


Yup I'm eagerly waiting till we get to see Pete swagger walking up to Dane, those formerly twiggish arms now massive bazookas flanking his looming pecs. How ya like me now bro he can say, as he presses his chest into Dane's 



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1 hour ago, kutam said:

"No one's gonna need with you Pete cause you're the man... If you keep going to the gym soon you'll be a muscle stud like me" 


Yup I'm eagerly waiting till we get to see Pete swagger walking up to Dane, those formerly twiggish arms now massive bazookas flanking his looming pecs. How ya like me now bro he can say, as he presses his chest into Dane's 



Hehehehe. First of all, I thought I must have made a typo until I realized you didn't want to repeat curse words I wrote into the story. 

I will say that I picture Pete as an ectomorph and even if he works out continuously, putting on muscle will be difficult for him. I'm an endomorph but this is again, only semi-autobiographical. This is one of those things I throw in to make the story hotter, in my opinion. I just really like the idea of them having wildly different body types but still having them be attracted highly to each other. I have so many stories, like the majority of stories here, where a skinny geek turns into a hulk. As fun as that is, I felt the need to just say that their bodies are very different and have that be a continued benefit to the story and plot. 

I say this in another chapter but I picture Pete as looking like a member of an indie rock band from the 90s. Emo hair and thin but way more handsome than he thinks. 


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Part 19


After we were done, we went back to my room and I tried to give Dane a massage. I had never done that before and he enjoyed me rubbing his shoulders.

“Fuck, that feels good,” he groaned. “I think I need to blow a load. You wanna eat my cum again, Pete?” he mumbled/slurred his words into his pillow.

“Fuck yes!”

“Do you like the taste of cum?”

“I’ve only had yours but so far I can truthfully say I’m a fan.”

“I stopped jerking off. For you. So you know, you can have more to yourself.” Dane smiled proudly. I was filled with warmth all over. He made me feel things I’d never felt before. Just the fact that he was so happy with me made me feel warm and special.

I tasted his sweet dickhead and probed his dickhole with my tongue. I fucked his dickhole with my tongue. He moaned. Minutes later I was licking his balls, feeling the enormity of them with my tongue and thought about how much bigger down here he was, too. How big his testicles were and how it made me feel to be with a man of his size. It was like every dream I ever had come true. Part of me was jealous. But mostly I just felt lucky. I licked his balls for a while as he let out whines and moans and I licked a certain part of his balls that hit a special nerve with him. He cried out in pleasure.

“Oh yeah. Oh god. More there! Yes! Oh!” I continued to lick his balls as he directed me to, moving my tongue around and especially getting in between the folds of skin, my tongue sliding special lines and swirls like a French impressionist artist, only instead of brush strokes, I was painting a whole world with my tongue and his balls were my canvas.

He ordered me to try to take more of his dick. I choked to the point where I started crying but it felt so good to have so much of his dick go down inside my throat. He stopped for a while because I was crying too hard. He got me some tissues and I blew my nose a few times.

“You’re really something, Pete. You really know to make me feel good. No one’s ever made me feel as good as you.” He stood there naked and hugged my naked body to his. It was like hugging a living larger-than-life statue. We stayed there, just holding each other. I had a firsthand view of his cobblestone-abs, which I felt for a while, feeling them in wonder. His dick rubbed against my torso until it got hard again. He picked me up in midair and stared me in the eyes. I always took my glasses off when we got naked together now. He supported my ass with one hand and cradled my head with the other, and brought his forehead to touch mine. His head was larger than mine and his voice, though low, rumbled in my eardrums.

“I love you. I want to be with you forever. I love you so fucking much. I love holding you. Do you love how big I am, Pete?”

“Yes,” I said meekly. “I think I’m the luckiest guy ever.”

“I don’t want to change a thing about you,” he told me. “I love that you’re so much smaller than me. I don’t want a guy like me. I want you to know that. You are the sexiest motherfucker on the planet. Do you even know that? Do you even realize how hot you are?”

“No. No one’s ever called me that before.” I didn’t know whether to feel like crying or not. I did wish I was like Dane in that respect. I felt like crying way too often. Maybe I needed more testosterone or something.

“Come on. We’re going for a ride.” Dane carried me, still naked, and as he held me to him with one arm, he opened the door and turned right into our shared bathroom. He set me down and closed the door behind us. Both of us were naked: Dane in all his muscular glory, his suntanned golden god skin shimmering, his gorgeous, large cock swinging elegantly between his legs. He was twice my size, 283 pounds of him. He was so engorged it didn’t look real. His massive arms jutted away from his body like some kind of statue of Atlas holding up the entire world. He lifted up his arms and bought them up in an arc and flexed with his palms wide open.

“Flex with me, Pete. Do it like I do it.” I followed along with Dane, after grabbing my glasses back from my room. Dane chuckled as I came back. He smiled widely and insisted I copy him. So I did.

“This is the front bicep pose. Do it like this.” I did so. “This is the front lat pose.” He showed off his pecs and put his fists to his side and I tried to copy him.

“This is ridiculous. I feel ridiculous. I don’t have the body of a god like you do.”

“You don’t have to look like me. Just do it.” So I did. He stopped posing and traced the outline of my pecs with a finger. “Now, we’re going to show off the side chest.” I turned with him. “Do you see how amazing you look? How your hot face has these hot little sideburns? Now, side triceps.” I copied him again and showed off how I had a little definition there from my time in the gym but nothing like Dane.

“Now this? This is a most muscular. Watch me.”

I about died seeing make all his muscles pop out at once. I wanted to scream out in joy or faint outright.

“So how did that make you feel?” Dane asked me, his voice deep and at a low volume.

I was almost out of breath. “I think you’re the most amazing, gorgeous, manly stud on the planet.”

He bent down to look me in my face. “Dude. That’s how I feel about YOU. I feel the same way. I mean, I get off on attention. All the attention you’ve given me? It makes me feel amazing all the time to get that attention. It’s really sexy. Like, any girl that comes onto me? Like, no girl ever in my life has made me feel special like you do. You really love muscle and you really love my muscles. You think about muscle as much as I do. And I love your body. You may not have a lot of muscle, but you’re fucking tight as hell. Your body just responds differently to working out. You’re never going to look like me but if you looked like me, I couldn’t carry you around.” He slipped a hand around my back and stroked me. “I couldn’t pick you up with one arm. And I loved doing that just now, dude. It was fucking awesome. Now, do a most muscular. Right here, in front of me.”

So I did. I looked nothing so magnificent as Dane, but I didn’t have very much fat on me at all, whatsoever. My body was really tight and my dick was flaccid at maybe 3 inches.

“I wish you could know how badly I feel like fucking you right now. I want to fuck you so, so much. But. I’m not going to yet, because my dick is too big and that is actually a problem because I don’t want to hurt you. I asked questions on the internet about this. We need to uh…work on your ass? And open it up before we can do that.” Dane fingered my hole as he spoke. “But you are perfect, Pete. Your body makes me hard all the fucking time. Like, when we’re at work together? I’m constantly thinking of fucking you. All. The. Fucking. Time.” He put a big hand firmly on my shoulder.

“I can’t English speak,” I said, my eyes bulging.

He lifted me up again. He held me in the bathroom for a while, his dick rubbing up against my ass crack, grinning like a Cheshire cat, then turned me around, controlling me like a normal man would pick up a terrier dog, with my legs straddling his thighs, my dick grinding against his abs, and I rubbed it up and down, moaning from the sensation of my dick bumping up and lightly touching his body with my dick tip. Dane smiled and slowly walked back into my bedroom while I gently kissed his golden-brown stubble. He laid me down, went back and gently closed the door, came back.

He had me kneel on the bed mattress as he situated his dick over my head.

“Just suck the tip this time, and then slowly…okay…wow…oh Peeeete. Oh, God.” Dane’s head rolled back and he moaned as I worked more of his dick into my throat again. I worked on it. I wanted to be good at this. I wanted to be good at pleasuring him, more than any girl could. I knew I wanted him to like me more, or at least get him to praise me. I wanted him to like me more than he ever liked girls. I wanted to be the best sex he’d ever had, the best mouth willing to suck him off. I wanted him to choose to be with me forever. I sucked harder and let him slide his cock down my throat. I dry heaved for a little while and desperately breathed through my nose. The volley of cum was jolting and splashed down with force, and this time he clamped his large hand over my head so I couldn’t turn away, and he started to utter a half-scream, half-grunt. The force was so great that automatically I couldn’t take any more and fought against his hand so he knew to remove it, and popped my mouth off. Dane’s dick had a mind of its own and all nine inches of solid erection spurted all over his legs and the floor at the same time, and spurted one, two, three more times, hitting me across the face on one of those dickwags, without Dane even having to touch his own dick. I got down onto the floor and licked the slime trail of cum off his leg and scraped it off my own face, then licked the remaining cum off his dick, and boy was it ever sweet. Dane erupted one more time, a small spurt in my eagerly waiting mouth and he moaned as I slurped the last of it. It was the most addictive thing I’d ever tasted. It was like being told all your life you can’t have the most delicious candy on the planet, and then suddenly someone gives you a piece, unexpectedly. And you can’t believe it’s in your mouth. Because it wasn’t for so long, and you weren’t allowed to even go near that candy. Sucking Dane’s cum didn’t feel at all like the connotation of humiliation that assholes growing up around me gave it. It didn’t feel like humiliation at all. It felt like joy. It felt like heaven. It felt like an honor to have a piece of Dane’s manliness inside me, becoming a part of me.

I knelt down and hugged his calf muscle for a while, stroking the muscles above my crouching head, there at his feet, just worshiping him. There I was, his apparently, according to him, good looking sexy boyfriend, crouching down to make him feel all the taller and bigger.

“You havin’ fun down there?” he asked. I whimpered in joy. I clung to his leg and kissed the inside of his knee joint, the tender skin between his upper and lower leg. I licked it tenderly and realized how the muscles that came together there were from this angle like the columns of some enormous stone archway.

I stood up again and hugged him.

“You really think I’m not ugly?” I said, sounding like I was near to tears.

“No, you’re not ugly. You’re not ugly at all,” he whispered. “You just had shitty people tell you that because they were fucking jealous of you.”

“Yeah, right,” I said, in a muffled voice, my face smooshed against the tautness of his lower pec.

“Pete, think about it. You had straight As and you fucking skipped a grade. And you had so much to deal with and you did it alone. All those assholes suspected you were gay, of course they called you ugly. It’s because they were taught…they were taught gay is bad so you have to make fun of it so no one thinks you’re gay. I watched it happen and I was a coward and I didn’t say anything. They pushed this gay boy around at my high school. They would follow him and yell things at him. And he never did anything to them. And…and he was so hot, Pete. But they called him ugly little queer. And I wanted to tell him that he was hot. And I didn’t. I fucking should have.”

I pulled away from him. I threw some clothes on really quick and asked Dane if he had an internet connection on his computer and asked for the kid’s name. I asked for his age. He was 18, a year younger than Dane. Dane got his clothes on, too, giving me a quizzical look.

“Do you have to do this right now?”

“OH yeah. This is highly necessary.”

And I had a phone number! Usually kids his age weren’t in the phone book. Usually they used their parents home phone numbers. Again, back then most kids our age did not have cel phones. That came a few years later.

So I went back out the living room and dialed. Dane looked almost paralyzed.

“What are you doing?” he looked almost scared. “You can’t just call him!” I wore an ebullient grin on my face.

“Hello, is this Chris? My name is Pete. Do you know Dane Holt? Yeah, that one! Giant Pete. Well…no, I’m a friend. Actually, he has something he wants to tell you.” I handed the phone over.

“What if he tells everyone I know?”

“Tell him whatever you want,” I told Dane while he covered the phone receiver with his hand so Chris couldn’t overhear us. “This is your chance to say something. It’s your choice. You don’t have to say anything you don’t want to.” Dane nodded.

“Hey, Chris. Yeah, hi. Yeah, I know. My voice got even deeper. You sound good. Yeah. So…yeah, I’m calling because…in high school. I feel really bad. Because people treated you like shit and I could have done something about it. Yeah, I feel really bad. I always felt bad. I should have protected you. I was like the biggest guy in school. No, I know I never did anything to you. Oh. That’s sweet.” Dane paused as he listened to Chris some more. “I’m really happy for you. I really am. And Chris, I don’t suppose you talk with anyone back home, do you? No, huh?” I heard the faint sound of laugher over the tiny speaker. “Because I just want you to know that I. I um. I’m like you. I’m bisexual but I mostly like guys. And I really, really got pissed when guys told you that you were ugly. You weren’t. I thought…I thought you were so hot. I had a total crush on you.”

“Shut the fuck up!” the voice on the other end said, but it was very difficult to hear anything so that part must have been way louder.

“No, it’s true. I think you’re so hot. I’m glad you have a boyfriend, too. Yeah, that was him. He is. He’s my boyfriend,” Dane said, looking at me with puppy dog eyes. “It just feels so good to tell you all this finally. I wish I’d done everything different, Chris. I would have protected you and told everyone to fuck off and not ever fuck with you again. Wait, I…I did! I forgot about that! Yeah, Jimmy Gillard. I remember that, I almost wolloped him. I almost forgot about that! I remember now, he tripped you and I reacted so immediately. You were on the ground and…yeah, I helped you up! Shit, I forgot about that! Well…you’re welcome. I guess yeah, I’ve just been feeling bad because I wasn’t out and I wanted to just punch everyone that made fun of you but I guess I did punch Jimmy! Holy shit, I forgot all about that. You’re welcome, man. You, too.” There was a pause as Dane listened for a few minutes. “Okay, wow. Yeah, let’s be friends, I’ll give you my email.” Dane looked back at me, his eyes bulged as if to say “oh my gosh”. “Yeah, well we originally called you because I was telling my boyfriend that he was just like you in high school. Because he’s super hot as fuck and I was telling him about you and how everyone called you ugly but you were fucking fine. Yeah, that was my point. Okay. Okay, I won’t. Yeah, sure. Haha! Okay. Here you go. He wants to talk to you.” Dane handed the phone back to me.

“Oh my God, your boyfriend’s awesome!” Chris told me.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m beginning to think.”

“Seriously, dude. I always had the hots for him and I was just telling him not to feel bad, like over and over. And dude, you better keep him because he’s so fucking cool. He defended me when no one else would. He doesn’t even remember. He told people to shut up a number of times when they were giving me shit in my algebra II class. I remember it like it was yesterday. He was one of the only people in high school that was at all good to me. I won’t tell anyone he’s gay or bi, by the way. God, I would never. I just think this whole conversation is awesome. I can’t believe Dane Fucking Holt just called me to tell me I’m hot. I feel like orgasming.”

“Yeah, I pretty much feel like that all the time.”

“I fucking bet. And like, I have a boyfriend, too? He’s 35 and has a house,” Chris told me. “I’m very happy right now. I had to lie to my parents about it until I was 18. I was seeing him when I was 17 but like, whatever. It’s so my decision. I’m very mature and I can decide who to date. Anyway, we’re in love and my parents are furious but I give zero fucks. And I just want to say. If you’re anything like me, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and realize, all those jealous bitches were fucked up because they were all afraid of being thrown to the wolves themselves. High school is all about surviving how many people you are thrown together with, that you’ll never see again, do horrible things to you. I used to think I was ugly, too? But like, I’m really fucking hot. I took a bus across four counties and went to a gay bar at 16 with a fake ID and everyone wanted to fuck me. It felt fucking awesome. I was like fuck yes, get me a beer and a ticket out of this shitshow of a town. I went back a couple times and that’s where I met Jerome. And then everything fucking changed because he lived fairly close to me. So we started this clandestine relationship and I was blown away. He told me all the time, you’re fucking hot and you could do porn. And guess what, motherfuckers? I am doing porn. I’m 20 years old and I make more money than my own father. I have guys writing to me from the Internet every day telling me I’m hot. I live in a world where I get paid to have sex with the hottest guys imaginable. My boyfriend is totally okay with it and thinks it’s hot. I am living the life I want and I love every second of it. So dude, send me your photo, because I want to tell you how hot I think you are.”

“No shit?”

“Let me give you my email. Go send me your photo.”

“I only have like one photo. I had to go to the copy shop so it’s not like naked or anything.”

“Oh my fucking God. You are priceless. Just send it.”

So I went to Dane’s computer and logged into my email account and forwarded Chris my photo, and came back.

“Okay…it’s coming up. Yes! Holy SHIT. YOU think you’re ugly?”

“Yeah, everyone used to tell me that.”

“They were a bunch of CUNTS. FUCK ME. Dude, I don’t have much of a body shot here but you are bringing it. Your face looks like you could be the member of a rock band. Your hair is like kind of big but not too big. You have really cute little tiny sideburns. And your stubble looks like it’s going to get much thicker. Oh my God. Usually it takes guys until their mid 20s to have that kind of stubble so when yours grows in more, it’s going to be smoking.”

“Yeah, it’s been growing in faster. I hit puberty kind of late, too.”

“Well sometimes the best things in life are late, sweetie. You’re hot as shit. Deal with it.”


“I gotta go. Jerome is calling me, but you have got to go have sex with Dane some more. I can tell you just had sex. I have like, sex psychic powers. So just go. Have a ball. You have my email. Don’t be a stranger. Mwah!”

“Pete,” Dane said after I hung up. “Did he tell you about being a porn star?” He laughed.

“Uh, yeah?”

“Do you want to look him up now?”


I finally had a face to put to the name when we found some short sample video clips of Chris on a website where he got fucked by older, hairier, muscular men with beards. They called him boy and slapped his ass and he moaned in pleasure. Dane paid for a subscription and we jerked each other off on his bed (which had a much nicer homemade blanket from home covering it) as I watched Chris moaning in ecstasy. I pictured him with Dane overpowering him, manhandling him, pushing him onto a bed and fucking the shit out of him…and I came so hard it sailed up in the air by several feet.

“Holy FUCK, Pete! I didn’t know you could gush like that! You have to do that again! That was like a fucking geyser!” Dane was so thrilled. I smiled deliriously.


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It's sweet Dane is scared for Pete when it comes to penetration. The guy cares for Pete and wants to give him the best experience he can.

Now now why i feel like Our couple might be joing the porn world now? or am i reading too much into things lol.

I can totally see a scene where Chris and Jerome invites Dane and Pete for a show for Chris' OnlyFans Acc. 

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18 minutes ago, Ro20316 said:

It's sweet Dane is scared for Pete when it comes to penetration. The guy cares for Pete and wants to give him the best experience he can.

Now now why i feel like Our couple might be joing the porn world now? or am i reading too much into things lol.

I can totally see a scene where Chris and Jerome invites Dane and Pete for a show for Chris' OnlyFans Acc. 

Or better yet, a sex partner trade off for one night.  "You can play with him but remember, he's mine." said by both Jerome and Dane to each other.  There seems to be an almost automatic trust between them.

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Aw I need a Dane!  He is so awesome. A big giant muscular superhero. 

I loved when Pete got on the floor and adored Dane's huge calf muscles.  And how he did it to make Dane feel bigger and taller.  Awesome story. 

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Part 20


Dane was not that hard a boss/supervisor to work for. He knew the drill. He advised people to switch tasks if they got too bored with doing something. He joked around with people. He kept us motivated simply by telling us to try to finish on time. He wasn’t an ass about anything.

We sometimes walked home together depending on where on campus we were working. We walked home on a particular day and he was talking about how he had to take a single class for summer to qualify to stay on campus so he was taking an oceanography course but he was having trouble with it. I’d taken that course and gotten an A so I promised to study with him so he could do well on his test, which was the next day. He rubbed my shoulders and thanked me. I felt so warm and good when he touched me. Just the slightest bit of affection from him makes me feel like my world is right. There was no one around but just the fact that he touched me in public as we were walking home made me feel so loved suddenly.

I knew that I would be tempted to smooch him endlessly in either of our rooms, so we studied for a while in the living room. I explained about how currents affect weather in as succinct a manner I could, and we covered a lot on ocean tectonics. I drilled him on vocabulary until he was getting all the major terms. Then I went to my room to get a pen and he shut the door behind him.

“We’re not done studying,” I told him with a smile.

“I know, but I missed you,” Dane said playfully.

I smiled. I felt complimented.

“Tell me more about those bodybuilder magazines of yours. Do you still have any lying around?” I asked, somewhat out of nowhere.

“I have a few. I bet you do, too. How much do you want to bed I’ll find a stash of muscle magazines under here?” Dane asked, and walked over to the right side of the bed that I normally slept on.

“Wait, no. Don’t, there’s no magazines under-“ I stopped as Dane pulled my dagger out.

“What the fuck is this? What are you doing with a knife?”

“It’s not a knife,” I replied, shaking my head. “It’s a dagger. A knife isn’t as useful because a dagger can puncture more quickly. Look, see?” I took it from his hands and demonstrated. “You don’t have to actually stab someone with a downward motion. You can puncture up, which is useful if you have to defend yourself if you just woke up and there’s someone standing over you. The weight of the blade and the handle can pierce better if you need to stab someone,” I explained logically.

I realized Dane had a look of horror on his face.

“Why the fuck would you need to stab someone??” Dane looked under my mattress to see if there was anything else and pulled out a metal wire. “And this??”

“Yeah, I fished that out of the garbage. I don’t know what it was originally used for but it’s perfect if you um…need to…you know, strangle…someone around the…neck.” I made a motion with my hands as I explained.

“Okay, so my boyfriend wants to be James Bond now?” Dane looked slightly freaked out.

“Whatever. If you join the army, this is par for the course. And thank you for calling me your boyfriend!” I said, blushing and smiling.

“You’re welcome. I guess you are my boyfriend now. I don’t think I’ve ever said that out loud before. But wait. Do you honestly expect you’ll need to stab someone here?”

“Well, Mutt was nuts,” I said defensively. Dane didn’t look convinced. “You would thank me if someone broke in here,” I informed him.

“We’re a bunch of college students. What are they going to find?”

“Joey has that cappuccino machine. His stuff is expensive. Look, be prepared is my motto, okay? And it makes me feel safer. If someone tries to hurt me again, I’m going to be fucking ready this time.”

“Who’s going to hurt you? What do you mean this time?”

I looked into his great big innocent face.

I sat down with my dagger and felt the hilt of it. It comforted me. Dane sat down next to me.

“People have hurt me. I learned my lesson. I have weapons for a reason. I’m not big and strong like some people,” I hinted. “I’ve never been a big guy. I was very small and surrounded by danger growing up. People shoved me into walls a lot. They laughed at me, tricked me, beat me, tripped me. They shoved me on the ground. Have you ever been shoved on the ground? It’s not fun. Your friend Chris knows what that’s like. Ever been surrounded by a circle of guys all yelling they were going to beat you and they take turns shoving you into each other and laughing? They shoved me on the ground so hard once I nearly broke my jaw.” I said the last part to myself.

Dane looked at the wire in his hands thoughtfully.

“Sounds pretty bad.”

“Yeah, it was.”

“What about your parents? What did they say?”

“Ha! They were too busy drinking to care. My stepfather and mother were very violent people. So I learned to stay the fuck out of their way. They were unpredictable. So were the cocaine dealers that lived next door. Violent fights were common growing up. Between all of them. I learned to make escape plans when I was 8 in case something went down. I hid rocks I knew would be good to throw at someone’s head in case I had to use one quickly because even as an 8 year-old I was having to think about what I’d have to do if someone decided to try to kill me that day. I know it seems like it might be overboard but it makes me feel safe, okay? I need these things. I don’t have size.”

“Not yet, you don’t,” Dane told me. “If you keep working out, you could pack on some decent muscle. Almost anyone can. I don’t think you’re as small as you think you are. You could, no lie, you could get up to 190 or even 200 pounds of muscle. You’re what, 5’8”?”

“I actually did grow a tiny bit since you met me,” I smiled. “I’m 5’9” but I probably won’t get any taller.”

“You have to stop thinking of yourself like you were back in junior high or high school,” Dane said. “You’re here now, and you have a HUGE boyfriend and you get to work out with him, so trust him because he knows what he’s talking about,” Dane said, pinching my arm. “Hey. Your arm is definitely getting a little harder. See? I didn’t feel your arm until recently, I know, but I know how it looked. It’s definitely bigger than when I met you. You’re making progress.”

"Really?" I felt my bicep. It was a little harder than it had been before. I hadn't even noticed. Maybe I was getting somewhere. Kind of. 

“Yeah, well. It would be great to never get my ass kicked again and to look like I might actually be able to, you know, knock someone’s teeth out just by using the raw fury of my fists.”

 “So like, the school didn’t do anything when you were getting your ass kicked?” Dane said. “My high school was kind of like that but yours sounds worse.”

“No one wanted to deal with it, I guess. Plus, group dynamics. It was normal for my school. Everyone was just so used to it happening. No one questioned it. The teachers didn’t get paid to care unless a fight broke out right in front of them. And that actually happened kind of a lot. So it’s like regular bullying was nothing compared to two students actively trying to kill each other. My high school was like Junior Thunderdome, only the Asians were all too rich to get into fights because their parents could sue. But I was super poor, so I had to constantly worry about kids jumping me, throwing me around, punching me, yelling faggot at me. And I never told anyone that I was gay. It's like the other kids could just smell it. They knew. I just kept to myself. You’re actually lucky. At least you could pass for straight.”

“Yeah, but I was still really fucked up,” Dane admitted. “In high school, all I wanted to do was fit in but it’s like, the only way I could do that was by working out and playing sports.”

“There, there,” I said, fake comfortingly, patting his knee. Dane responded by hugging me to him with one arm, very strongly. 

“I had height, but that wasn’t something I did. I had to play sports to try to accomplish something. My grades were like, okay. But everyone thought I was boring. People don’t like talking to me.”

“Who are these people?” I asked in my best Seinfeld voice. “Seriously, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like talking to you.”

“And,” Dane continued “I…it was so hard not to get hard in the locker room. I wanted to fuck everyone on my team, almost. I wanted to tell people. It fucking sucked. I wanted to kiss boys in the hall like everyone could kiss girls. Like, you’re not supposed to but everyone gets away with it. Except if you like guys. And you are a guy.”

“Everything sucks. We should sue someone,” I said. “Oh, I just remembered! I have something for you. I bought this great book that tells you all the ways you can kill a man with your bare hands! There’s over 20 different ways,” I said, changing to a much more excited tone. I said that as I got it out from my dresser. “You can borrow it if you want, but I’ll want it back.”

Dane looked at me with another shocked expression and blinked several times.  

“No thanks, you keep it,” he said. “I want to beat so many people up right now…come here.”

Dane wrapped his big arms around me, hauling me up onto the bed so he could hold me more easily. He held me as his anger dissipated into loving concern, and I could smell his sweat through his T-shirt. I loved the smell of him and his clothes. The smell of Dane always made me feel better. We were like that for several minutes. He gave me just the biggest set of bear hugs before he finally let go.

“I mean, my family keeps guns,” Dane admitted. “My dad had guns. Mom keeps them locked up but she says she’s getting rid of them. She has a baseball bat, but…I dunno. I just never considered it. I guess I was just surprised. You’re a LOT more hardcore than I took you for.” He smiled at me, like he was proud of me. He put an enormous paw of a hand on my cheek.

“I plan for the worst. That’s just what I do. If we end up in Thunderdome, I got your back.”

“If anyone ever fucks with you again, I will absolutely beat the shit out of them,” he told me without hesitation. “And as for these, you won’t need them if you’re sleeping in the same bed as me, but if they make you feel safe, go for it. I’m serious about protecting you, though. I am your boyfriend and I’m fucking huge. If anyone fucks with you, they fuck with me. And they do not want to fuck with me.” Then he put my dagger, which I’d left on the bed, and wire back under the mattress where I had easy access to them. “Wait…are these brass knuckles?” He pulled them out to examine them.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about those.” Dane did a double take.

“What else do you have under here, a tank?” Dane asked.

“Oh, please. Like I could afford a tank on my salary.”d

"Is there anything else?"


“I should not be turned on right now, but I really am.”

“Study first. Then boner,” I said, seeing and pointing at the tent in his shorts.

“But boner now!” he whined and came over, pushing me up against the bed, rubbing his giant crotch against mine. Dane made whiny unh unh unh noises as he continued to emphasize he had a boner.

“Okay, well it is my fault, I guess.” I took his shorts off and his deliciously clean dick bounced up to greet me. As I sucked him off, he started moaning for me to take the brass knuckles and just press them gently against his skin. He was completely getting of on my weapons stash!!

“Oh god, you’re such a little fucking badass. You gonna fuck someone’s shit up, huh? You little punk ass?” He patted my hair gently. I stopped sucking to say:

“Fuck yeah, I’ll knock the shit out of anyone that fucks with you. I’ll be your protector, Dane. Don’t worry,” I told him matter-of-factly.

“Oh fuck, that’s so hot!”  

Dane moaned and I sucked him off, my brass knuckles pressed against his torso, pressing them gently along his skin, and then he took his dick in his hands and jerked off for a few minutes until he came all over my face. I opened my mouth to catch some of it. God, it just spurted…everywhere.

We spent the rest of the evening studying oceanography for another hour of so, and when I was sure Dane would do well, we switched to watching TV while cuddling. It was nice. Dane occasionally would reach over and kiss me gently on the forehead and whisper. “God, you’re sexy. You’re such a sexy little man and I love you.”

I kind of forgot about worrying when I was with him, and I was beginning to feel like maybe I was a bit too paranoid. Maybe I did expect the worst and I should try and expect that good things could happen, or at least try. Try to picture good things could happen when you aren’t alone in the world.

If that was true, maybe it felt like I could do anything.

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You know, even though you said you’d update this story every few days I still check it every day.  Just to make sure I haven’t missed some of your wonderful writing. It’s a real pleasure reading your words.  Please keep them coming.  

This update was beautifully done.  

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