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Really thankful for all the wonderful feedback! Please be warned, this particular section contains/starts with a rather violent scene. Reader be warned.


Smitten Part 5

It had been two months since I had woken up in Carlos’s basement. The chain he had used to hold me to the bed was long for a reason: I had become his chore boy over the course of my imprisonment. Every Friday, I washed his clothes, so he had “fresh threads” for clubbing with his friends on Saturday. Every Saturday and Wednesday, I prepped his meals in the kitchenette. I packed his cooler with the Tupperware he used to haul around his bodybuilder’s menu every day. Every Sunday, I made his cheat meal for dinner. I had learned to cook well before being chained up, but now I made meals with an almost military precision. Nothing burned, nothing wasted, nothing over-seasoned. I had spent the first night after burning his chicken thighs between his thighs while he watched one of the unabridged Lord of the Rings films. When the white wizard fell from his tower onto the spike, he squeezed, and my neck cracked a little. “Next time you burn my protein, putito, I’ll crack it all the way.”

Carlos was prepping for a show in November, the California Turkey Classic, or some other shit like that. Or rather, I was prepping him. He really didn’t need to keep up the diet or the gym, but he did anyway to keep up appearances. “Big dude stops going to the iron pit but keeps gettin’ bigger… you do the math.” He would say. Carlos was magnificent. Every day he seemed to perfect himself a little more under my unwilling but lustful gaze. He was inching towards 400 pounds of pure power by now, at 367. I had been bringing him up slowly, but phenomenally, at around four pounds of muscle per week. One Saturday night, he came home blitzed out of his mind. I gathered from his shouting that some twink had turned him down because he “didn’t like meatheads.” I was scared. Carlos just might snap my neck if he was in a foul enough mood.

“Get up, putito.” I looked over at him and edged away. He was drunk, and my fear outweighed my common sense. “I said GET…UP…putito.” He growled, yanking my chain. The hinge on the manacle slid down my bicep, gouging out a three-inch cut. “Now look what you made me do. You’re bleeding. Who’s gonna want damaged goods like you now, except for me, my little puto?” His face cracked into a lopsided grin. “Lose the pants, slut. My date didn’t pan out and I need some ass tonight.” I shucked my jeans and underwear. If I was quick and quiet, he might even use lube. “Thas right, putito.” He slurred. “I’m comin’ in hot, so you better be ready.” My torso slammed into the mattress, thrusting my ass into the air. In spite of myself, I was hard. Some physiological responses can’t be conditioned out.

“Aw, do I make the putito hard? Does he like big, bad Carlos and his big-ass fuck stick?” I breathed in. He slapped my ass, hard. “ANSWER ME!”

“Y-yes…” I was close to tears at this point. “…I like how big you are.” By now, his hands were almost big enough that his pinkies could rest on my hip bone while his index fingers teased my nipples. He had wanted those monster mitts, and they came with his increased height. I could feel his cock sliding between my glutes. I had never taken anything that big, mainly because I had never taken anything up the rear before. “It’s intoxicating. I lose control around you, you’re so big.”

“Then beg for it, putito. Beg for this dick.” His hands wrapped around my rib cage and he squeezed ever so slightly. “Beg for it before I crush your fuckin’ ribs.” I didn’t know that where your ribs joined your breastbone could crack like that until he did it for the first time.

“Please…” I sobbed, “Please just put it in me already!” And he entered me. It was wild. It was amazing. It was painful. It broke what was left of my spirit. This was torture, to be locked up by a man so gorgeous and yet so disgusting. To feel sexual bliss and, simultaneously, violation. My soul wanted Chris, but my body responded to Carlos. I will never forget it, because he was my first. Why did he have to be my first? I openly wept as he ejaculated into me. When he pulled out, I curled up and my body shook. This was not vengeance for a past violation. It was wrong then, but it was worse now. This was rape, and I felt that my body had betrayed me to him.

“I’ll be leaving in the morning for the Pilgrim Classic, whore. I’ll be back some time next Saturday afternoon. If win, you better be ready to help me win my next show. I want you bent over and ready for me by the time I get down into the basement on Saturday, putito.” He stomped up the stairs, and I broke down.

*          *          *

“So, that bitch Jenny moved in to snatch the smoothie I made for the hot guy at the gym. She was all ‘One jumbo protein deluxe, on the house’ with her number on the cup.” Mike was having fun, telling me about his coworkers. “Of course, I was keyed in at the register, so it would’ve been out of my paycheck.” He snorted, “Boy, was she surprised we he asked, ‘Is this the cute man’s number or yours?’”

“Oh my gosh, he didn’t!” The spoon froze halfway to my mouth. “No way!”

“Yeah, but it turns out he just didn’t like her using my cashbox to fuel her dick quest.” Mike took a bite of the panna cotta and talked lumpily through it. “Straight as an arrow, but willing to take a bitch down a notch.”

“You have such interesting coworkers, Mike. Mine just go on and on about Deleuze and Guattari this and Judith Butler that, arguing about pedagogy and second language acquisition methods. I’m just trying to get my students to be interested in what I teach, not shake their world view to pieces like a hungry rottweiler with a chicken.” I took the last bite from the plate and held it up to him. He looked pleasantly surprised and opened his mouth for it.

“Yeah, but yours are all sexy and brainy, like you.”

“Hardly, I’m the youngest one in my department by almost fifteen years, and it’s hard to imagine Dr. Gómez as sexy.”

“Point taken, Marlon. Or is it, Dr. Marlon?”

“It was almost doctor, at one point. Then I had to move again. Curious neighbors and an angry straight guy.” I sighed. “All I had left was my dissertation.”

“So, it wasn’t…”

“No, fortunately Carlos hasn’t found me yet.”

“Carlos? You never told me his name.”

“Yeah, Carlos Cruz Castillo. He was on track to be Mr. Olympia for a time. He won three amateur shows in two months, then went on to get his pro card less than six months later. He was the fastest competitor to ever hit the Olympia stage. He was pissed when he lost. Didn’t realize how political the show would be. They can’t let some nobody go and unseat the champ his first year, can they? I’ll show you the marks sometime, if you’re unlucky.”

“I remember… He got banned from the show for two years for ripping off a judge’s tie.”

“Having second thoughts about hanging out with me?” I smirked. “He might find me and he’s still pretty damn big. Last I saw he was sitting pretty at around 350 and placed third in Vegas at the 2035.” I picked at my teeth for a moment. “Nowhere near as shredded as when I was his secret weapon though.”

“Well if he comes for you, you’ll just have to make sure I’m bigger than him then.” Mike gripped my hand. “I mean, right now he would outweigh me by about a buck, but you jammed around forty pounds onto me last Friday afternoon. I went to the gym and they gave me a trainer job after I showed them what I could throw around in the pit now.” He flexed his bicep and I swear I heard threads on his polo pop. “I really ought to thank you, that job came with a forty percent raise! You know…”

I barely heard anything he had said after “make sure I’m bigger than him.” There was no hesitation. He would protect me if he had to. As they were wont to do, the tears came. There was no sobbing, just a gentle flow of tears. “Damn it, Mike!” He stopped gabbing and looked at me. “You are just too perfect to be real!” I wiped my eyes with my napkin in my free hand. “Has the past few years just been a fever dream? Am I still locked up, chained to that dirty twin bed? God damn!” Mike let go of my hand and stood up. He came around the table and looked down at me. He wasn’t hot anymore, he was beautiful. He pulled me out of my chair and wrapped his arms around me and he whispered in my ear:

“I am yours, Marlon. I will never let you feel like you did when Carlos had you ever again.” I wrapped my arms around him in a short embrace, then pulled him toward my car. I wasn’t going to let this one escape me.

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woao. He really went through alot but how could he scape and where was Chris? after that first encounter? why didnt he save our guy?

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Because somebody texted me to remind me to post this next part, here's the real part 5 of my story. We might be looking at two more parts after this one. Here is where some of the two storylines come together.

Smitten part 5


After two years and nine months in the basement, Carlos had finally learned some things. Firstly, even a week away from me was enough to cause the pounds I had added to him start sliding off. He had got onto the train at 375 and come home ten pounds lighter. Second, if he could offer me something, then snatch it away at the last moment, I would break almost instantly. Finally, there seemed to be physical limits to what my power could do for him. I could make him massive, but I could never get him past 425. His body just wouldn’t take more. Once he reached that magic number, he just became more symmetrical, more vascular, or more ripped.

He had me well trained. Even when I wasn’t confined to the basement, like when he went to a foreign show, I stayed near him and kept him as pumped as possible. I wore long sleeves to hide the bruises on my limbs from his rough nights alone. He kept me well fed, so I wouldn’t get so thin as to slip from the manacle at home or so sick as to die. At twenty-two, I was afraid that this was all my life would be.

“Hey, putito.” I looked up at him from the bed. “In September, we’re goin’ to Vegas. I got in to the O.” His throbbing manhood was visible, imprinted in his blue jeans. “So, I think we should celebrate a little. HEY!” He turned to look up the stairs. “Put on the blindfold, you hot piece of ass. I’m comin’ up for you.” Then he whispered, “You’re going to do me a favor, putito. See, I brought home a new boytoy this weekend. He just couldn’t keep his hands off me at the club. But, I’m too big for him, if ya get my drift.” I arched my eyebrows. Carlos, concerned about what someone else? Color me shocked. Carlos wrapped his hand around my bicep. “So, you’re gonna fix him up for me. I want him to be about one hundred pounds lighter than me. If you don’t pump him up…” Carlos began to squeeze. “…I’ll be forced to ram something bigger than my cock up your ass. Something like my fist.”

“O…Okay…Carlos.” Never been threatened with a fisting before, and Carlos’s mitts would do some real damage. Carlos smiled, then ran up the stairs. He really liked this guy. He was having me grow him the perfect partner, someone else to keep me down here. September was two months away, which meant I could probably expect to spend a few weeks prepping by researching his competition at the O and bringing up his weaker points. I had gotten good at being a posing coach.

“What are you doing, baby?”

“I’m going to let you get your freak on with me and my secret weapon.” They were coming back.

“Secret weapon? You mean…” the new man gasped, “You’re going to tell me how you got so big and sexy?

“Yeah, baby. Then, we’re gonna do it so loud the people fifty miles away are gonna complain.” Carlos sounded almost… loving… when he talked to this guy. “I’m gonna blow you up so big…”

“What if your weapon works better on me? What if you become the small one eventually?”

“He knows better.”

“He?” I could see him now. He was lithe, built like a dancer. Tight, like a bow. Not quite the usual twink Carlos brought home. He couldn’t see me with his blindfold on. Fuck, this was, unfortunately, hot.

“That’s right. Now…” Carlos forced the new man onto his knees. He pulled out his cock, which sprang to attention almost instantly. “…suck it. We gotta make my putito hot if we want this to work.”

“Say my name and ask nice, papi. Then I’ll do it.”

“Fine. Will, won’t you lick my popsicle? I know you’ll like it, it’s got a creamy center.”  What. The. Fuck. Submission? Of any kind? This could not be Carlos.

Will nodded. “That’s better, Carlos.” He could only get the first half of Carlos’s prodigious manhood into his mouth, but he was really going to town on it. In spite of myself, I was getting kind of aroused. That was when Will started swelling. Unlike Carlos or Chris the first time, Will wasn’t wearing athletic clothes. He had on jeans and a button-down shirt, with some very nice shoes. As Will sucked, his back broadened bit by bit until his shirt looked stretched to the limit. His ass and legs swelled too, until it looked like the denim of his pants was shrink wrapped onto his lower body. He looked uncomfortable in his too tight clothes. “Carlos, what’s going on? I feel really… restricted.” Will stood up. And up. And up some more. He was about three inches taller than Carlos now, putting him at around 6’8”. He ripped off the blindfold and said “Holy shit! I’m massive!” He had started at around 185, but now he had to be closer to 250. “How…”

“Look behind you babe.” Will turned to face me, and I saw disappointment flicker in his eyes. Disappointment, in whom? In me, for being so weak? In Carlos, for being so cruel? “When he gets hot and bothered, the guys around him swell up with muscle. It’s like he’s a sex crazed super steroid.” Carlos frowned at me. “What the fuck, putito? I told you, one hundred pounds lighter than me, not one seventy-five. Get on it, or so help me…”

“Carlos…” Will put his hand on my captor’s shoulder. “…maybe he just needs some positive reinforcement.” Will sat by me on the bed, putting his hand on my thigh. “What’s your name, cutie-pie?”

“A…Alex… Alex García.”

“Well, Alex, I think it would be really nice if you would…” He squeezed my crotch. “…perk up a little and keep the juices flowing.” He leaned in, close to my ear. “I’m sooooo close to what my man wants, and only you can give it to me.” I shivered, and a button popped off of his shirt. “That’s better baby. Keep it coming.” How much trouble was I in now?

*          *          *

I let Mike drive on the way home. It just felt… right to let him take charge. He had his left hand on the wheel, and his right was holding mine. The ride home wouldn’t be all that long, so I decided to be a little selfish. I was going to have as much time as I could with him before I inevitably had to decide whether or not to let him go. I didn’t want to. I wanted our bodies to become one, every night, until we were bones. “That’s my favorite meal, Mar. Pasta puttanesca with oysters, with a big helping of dessert.” He squeezed my hand a little tighter. “But, I think the pasta pales in comparison with the company.”

“Stop, Mike. You’re embarrassing me.” I looked up, more than a little pleased that he looked flustered too. “You were wondering if comparing me to pasta was a good idea, maybe?”

“Well… when you put it that way, it does sound a little…”

“It’s nice, to compete with your favorite meal. I know that the decision will be hard if you ever have to choose between us.” I turned back to face the front. “Do me a favor, Mike. Take the next exit.”

“But that’s not the way to your apartment.”

“Trust me, take the next exit.”

“Okay, whatever you say, college boy.” He turned off the highway and followed my directions for the next ten minutes. We wound up at a small beach, behind a stand of palm trees. “I thought you said you didn’t want a beachfront date?”

“I said no fish. I love the beach.” I kicked off my loafers and rolled my pants legs up to mid-calf. “I really wanted to show you this, before… well…” We looked out over the moonlit water and we watched the waves. Slowly, fins began sliding in and out of the crests, moving parallel to the shore. “I wanted to share the dolphins with you. I know you’re a Florida guy, and have probably seen dolphins before.” We were walking through the sand together, hand in hand.

“Yeah, but it’s different, when you’re on a date. They’re cuter when you’re with someone. Especially if that someone is really cute, too.” Mike looked down at me and I was again stunned by his radiance. Even in the low light by the ocean, he seemed to glow. “Mar, I know you’re still thinking of running away. I know you’re still scared of hurting me or me hurting you. But, whatever you decide, I’ll respect it.”

“I… want you to stay with me. But, I’m scared you’ll think I’m not enough. I mean…” I gestured at his impressive body. “Look at you. You are gorgeous. And huge. You’ll probably keep getting huger. What happens when I can’t keep you satisfied. That why Carlos…”

“You have some pretty skewed ideas about self-worth and relationships, babe. Sure, I like a good fuck as often as the next guy. But a relationship isn’t all sex. It’s talking about how work went and making dinner and doing yardwork and having soap fights while washing dishes.” He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his pecs. “If I get too big for you, I guess I’ll just have to learn how to bottom.” Mike smiled. “Not that I’ve ever done that for anyone before.”

“I’m flattered.”

“Marlon, you are the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, the rest of forever with.”

“We’ve only known each other two weeks.”

“Not true. I’ve been… kinda… bus stalking you since you moved into the neighborhood.”


“Yeah, I usually got off work an hour before you do, so I would wait and try and get on the bus I knew you would be on. I saw you two years ago and thought ‘Damn, he’s really cute. I wonder what it’ll take for him to notice me?’” He grinned sheepishly. “I mean, it sounds like a frikkin’ Disney movie, but I got to know you by watching you.”


“Yeah, I already knew what type of person you were when I followed you home. Any time there was a mom with little kids on the bus, you had some kind of picture book stashed in your briefcase and you’d keep them occupied while mom got some rest. Or when Thelma, from the assisted living home, needed help with the groceries, you’d get off the bus three stops later to carry her bags.” Mike was blushing a deep crimson. “You gave that guy a dollar when he didn’t have enough change for the bus. I followed you to your house and exposed your secret, Mar, and the first thing you did was offer me cookies and a drink. You are a good person, and I just never quite knew how to approach you.”

“You mean, you’ve bee waiting an extra hour to get on the bus just to see ME?”

Mike reached up and rubbed the back of his head. “Yeah. Sounds kinda creepy, doesn’t it? I think I better just…” He turned to leave, with a hangdog expression on his face.

“Turn the fuck around and look at me, Mike.” His head turned and I saw him look a little hopeful. “I can’t believe you’ve been following me for almost two years, and that you noticed all the little stuff I did. That’s what attracted you?”

“Yeah. You just… exuded… kindness. It’s like they say, those who have been hurt the most know how to help the best. I started working out, to see if I could catch your eye.”

“It worked. But I was lost the first time I saw you on the bus too.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You had these blue eyes and an intensity that seemed almost wild. Whatever you were doing, you were in it deep. I thought you were like a force of nature, almost.” Now it was my turn to blush. “Like an earthquake or a riptide. Powerful, unpredictable, inescapable.”

“So, we’re even?”

“Even Steven.”


“Yeah. One more thing though.”

“What’s that?”

“My real name is Alex García.”

             “Fucking finally, putito. I was getting tired of trying to confirm it.” Ice filled my veins when I heard the voice that still haunted my nightmares right behind me.

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This is sooo great.

I have to admit... as mean and he might be, Carlos really turns me on. Wouldn't mind to see him grow huge.


Can't wait to see how this goes.

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Okay, okay. I though I could stagger this but I can't. I went ahead and combined the last parts of the story into one. Please enjoy! Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Spoiler (sort of, just don't read the yellow): Chris wound up being more of a plotbrem for me than anything else. I couldn't figure out how to keep him and Mike. I'm sorry if y'all wanted him to come back, but I just couldn't do it right.


Smitten part 6

We made our way down the Las Vegas strip, Will, Carlos, and I. We were staying at the Bellagio for the Mr. Olympia. Carlos, even though he was a pro bodybuilder with lots of supplement deals, only rented one room with a single bed for the week. Maybe, if I was lucky, I’d get a trundle bed thrown in. “Baby, let’s go to the room. I want to get my pump on before you go on stage. I want people to wonder why I’m not competing so I can say ‘Cos my boyfriend will beat me too easily.’” He ground his butt up on Carlos’s crotch. “I wanna talk you up so the judges are scared to vote for anyone but you.”

“Babe, keep that up and I won’t be able to keep my posers on.” Carlos put a meaty paw on Will’s ass and groped. “We’ll go up to the room, I’ll let the bitch charge me up, then we’ll get you going.” They kissed. Even if I found the two of them to be disgusting, I couldn’t deny that they were hot. While Carlos manhandled me to get what he wanted, Will whispered sweet nothings in my ear to pack on the pounds. Both of them aroused me. Even though Will had been around since mid-July, I still couldn’t quite figure him out. When Carlos was around, he was almost indifferent to me, even cold. His touch didn’t quite reach me when he fondled me. Without Carlos Cruz, he was warm and kind. He even would let me go from the bed when he was alone at home.

When we got to the hotel, I pulled our suitcases behind me while Carlos checked us in. When we got into the elevator, he and Will started making out. They were surrounded by reflections of themselves, so who could blame them? “Hey, Alex.” I was shocked. It was the first time I had heard my name in months. I looked up and Will had broken his lip lock with Carlos and was now looking at me.

Carlos scowled. “Don’t call him that, call him ‘bitch’ or ‘puto or something. He needs to remember who he belongs to, ‘cos nobody else is gonna want him.” A small wince flickered across Will’s face.

“I’ve got a package coming to the hotel with some time sensitive material at around six, but that’s when we’ll be on the convention floor. Since you’ll be in the room, I want you to come down to the front desk and get it. It needs to go in the fridge immediately.” He pulled his card key out of his pocket. “Take this, and be quick.”

“Babe, you can’t give him too much freedom. What if he runs away?”

“I don’t think he’ll be able to.” Will looked at me and crouched to my eye level. It made me feel even more childishly small. “Alex knows that the longer the chain is, the more it will hurt when we snatch him back to his doghouse.” He smiled at me. “Isn’t that right, Alex?”

“Y… yes, sir.” Will had never been like this with me before. He had never been so sadistic.

“Besides, how far could he get in Vegas with no wallet and no ID? This town practically breathes money.” The elevator dinged at the ninth floor. “C’mon, I want to get some making out in so we can get your testosterone flowing before the pre-judging.”

Will, it transpired, had taken to my ministrations like no other. Chris became bigger and Carlos was now huge, but Will was a god. He had been beautiful before me, of course. But now, he was an Adonis. Instead of the 315 pounds the Carlos had wanted, Will was now at 385, just thirty pounds lighter than Carlos. That extra seventy pounds was probably the result of me subconsciously reciprocating his perceived kindness. However, it might have been just the way his body responded to me. He towered over Carlos by almost six inches now, so his mass didn’t seem as impressive compared to his boyfriend.  He was still massive compared to me, outweighing me by 200 pounds. “I’ll handle it Will. Everything will be perfect for when you and Carlos come back from pre-judging for dinner.”

“It had better be, puto.”

“Good. Thank you, Alex.” The elevator was now far behind us as we approached the room. “I’m so glad they gave us a corner suite. You know, they’re just a little bigger that the rest of the rooms. Like you, papi, when I look at all the other musclemen out there.” Will giggled and tweaked Carlos’s chin. “Just a little bigger.” They kissed, arms wrapped tightly around each other’s torsos. I bit my lip in an effort to distract myself from the erotic display of clothes getting ripped off and muscles writhing. Carlos was right, I could try and run on Will’s little errand. But it seemed too simple. I could tell that Will was swelling when Carlos came up for air.

“Damn, you’ve got me all revved up, Will. I’m so fuckin’ hard, I think I might pop right now.”

“Hold it in, babe. I want to keep you as horny as possible for as long as possible. Then, when you’re flooded, I’m gonna make you hold it in until tonight so you stay pumped all through the show.” He clamped down on one of Carlos’s nips. “You’re gonna be so high on yourself, you’ll make the others look like little girls.” Carlos growled. I could tell he didn’t like the idea of waiting for sex, but Will seemed adamant. “If it makes you feel better, when you’re done thrashing everyone on stage, you can come back and go to town all… night… long on my ass.”

“Fine, but I’m gonna wear a cock ring. If you’re gonna make me wait, I’m gonna bulge as big as possible when I wreck that thing.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, papi.”

An hour and a half later they left to make their way to the Olympia venue, leaving me in the room. At six in the evening, precisely, I received a call from the front desk. “There’s a package down here for room 9007. Will you be coming to get it?”

“Yeah, I’m on my way now.” I practically ran to the elevator and, when it got to the lobby, to the front desk. I was not going to let Will’s package spoil.

“Are you from 9007?” asked the guy behind the front desk.

“I am. I’m just here to grab a package, then I’ll be on my way.”

“Here you are then.” He handed me a small box and I thanked him. As I walked away, I looked at it and noticed that it was not address to Will, but to me: Alex García. I ripped the lid off and sat down on one of the many sofas in the lobby area, anxious to see what was there. The box contained a set of car keys, a Florida ID, and what appeared to be a stack of hundred-dollar bills. Underneath all of that was a letter:


            I know that this can’t possibly make up for all the terrible things that Carlos has    done to you for however long he’s had you locked up in that basement. I can’t believe he         would hold another human being against his will, when he seemed so cute and nice at the         club. Well, I suppose him being beautiful doesn’t make him a good person. He might have      just been after me because I’m loaded. In here there is a new identity for you: social security card, ID, everything you need to start over. You’ll find a car about three blocks north of            here, on the fifth floor of the graffitied parking structure. It’s a Dodge, and it’s yours now.    Please run. I’ve grown to know and like you over these past few months, and I want you   to be safe. I’m gonna get out of here as soon as I know you’re gone. Don’t dump anything     in this box until you’re at least four hundred miles from Vegas. I don’t want to take any         chances. I’m sorry I was such a douche to you for all this time, but I had to get Carlos to           trust me. I knew from the moment I saw you, I had to get you out of there. Run as far away       as you can. Find a new life, and a man who’ll love you and not your powers.


Will R.

I didn’t think twice. I was gone before the sun set that night, and in New Mexico before midnight.

*          *          *

            I was terrified. My body didn’t want to respond to my desire to run away, or to throw myself into the ocean and let the tide carry me off. Carlos Cruz Castillo, my jailor, had found me. After a very short scuffle, Mike was on the ground five feet away and Carlos was looking at me with hunger. “You know, Will didn’t want to tell me what happened to you that night.” He was walking toward me, leaving deep prints in the sand. His body, though not as big as it had been before, was still massive. “I figured that he had done something when I looked in the fridge and there was nothing there. I had a hard time pinning him down after all that extra muscle you added to him, but I got him to the basement. He wasn’t a bodybuilder, so he lost his mass faster than me. It took a year, but he said he had gotten you to Florida somehow. It took years, but I finally found you.” He was feet from me now, exerting the gravity that only he could on me. His eyes were glittering, with tears or malice, I’m not sure which. “Come back to me, putito. I need you.”

Suddenly, Carlos was on his knees, my hand in his, in a travesty of a proposal. He held on tight and continued. “I’m no good without you, putito. I’m so… small.” He looked up, tears actually streaming down his face. “I’m so weak without you. Come back to me, and I’ll give you whatever you want. You can even stay upstairs, call yourself my boyfriend, leave the house if you promise you’ll come back. There’s no way I could keep winning after turning thirty without you.”

“You mean… after all you did to me… you want me to willingly come back with you?” My breath hitched in my chest. “After you kept me in that basement, held me hostage, and let my family and friends think I was dead, you think I’ll want to go with you?” I was still frightened and expecting him to hurt me for my disobedience. But anger was slowly replacing my fear. How dare he think I would see that as some sort of love, as a relationship?

“Please, putito, I have to have you.” He gripped my hand even tighter. I think I actually felt the joints start to crack.

“No Carlos. I’m staying here, away from you.” It was a risk saying that. Suddenly, the world reversed itself and the moon and stars were underneath me. I found my body slamming down into the sand. Carlos had thrown me.

“Fine, if you’re not going to come on your own, I’ll have to give you a reason to come. Maybe if I take something from you that you want…” He was stomping over to Mike, who was now coughing. Carlos threaded his fingers into Mike’s hair and yanked him to a standing position. “If I get rid of your boytoy here, maybe you’ll come with me.” He cocked his fist and seemed to be considering which part of Mike he wanted to hurt the most.

“STOP!” I was running to them, damn the consequences. He had Mike, and I couldn’t let a third person be dragged into this, not after Chris and Will. “Stop. Please. I… I’ll go with you, Carlos.” He lowered his victim and considered me for a moment. “I’ll go with you, just don’t hurt Mike. It’s not his fault I’m here. I ran away on my own. I should’ve known you would find me one day.”

“NO, Mar, you can’t!” Mike struggled against Carlos’s iron grip. “Don’t let this asshole do that to you again!”

“Just let him go Carlos. I’ll say goodbye, and we’ll go. You can even kill Marlon Rodríguez too, before we leave town, if you have to.” I was sure he would have to.

“Fine, putito. I’ll let this bitch live. He’s too small to worry about anyway.” He threw Mike down and started walking away. I ran to Mike and crouched by his side. “I’ll give you two minutes to say goodbye. But, if your bitch comes at me again, I’ll snap his neck and he’s fish food.” When Carlos was about ten feet away, my tears began to flow freely.

“Mike… Michael, I have to go now. If I stay, he’ll kill you.”

“Mar, no. You can’t go with him… I won’t let you.”

“You’ll find somebody else. As long as you’re safe, I’m happy. After all, you’ve only really known me for about a week. I’m replaceable. You’ll find someone else, someone better.”

“That’s not your choice to make, Marlon. Not before the second date.” I laughed in spite of myself. How the hell was he so funny, even in the face of such danger? He was looking up at me, crying too. “You don’t get to say that. You can’t just walk into my life and then waltz out because I might get hurt. I told you, I’ve been watching you for almost a year. I would do anything for you. Anything.”

“Then stay here. Please. Stay here. It would destroy me to see something happen to you.” I was on my knees now, looking at him. “I love you Mike. Let me do this for you.” I kissed him. Like our kiss at dinner, this one was toe-curlingly amazing. Unlike it, however, this kiss had a finality about it and an emptying warmth, like he was sucking out my ability to love and feel love.

“I ain’t gettin’ any younger, puto. Move it.”

“Stay here, Mike.” I stood, turned, and started walking to Carlos. I had gone maybe three feet before I heard a roar behind me and a large blur ran by. I had never known anyone to be that fast on sand while wearing shoes. Unfortunately, Carlos was ready for him. He caught Mike in the stomach with a fist, looking satisfied. There was a sharp outlet of breath and Mike crumpled. However, his satisfaction was short lived. Mike was laughing, actually laughing, after taking a blow that would’ve ruptured the liver of a weaker man.

“You don’t get it, bastard.” Mike said through the laughter. “You got as big as you did because you made him horny. Think about the power that’ll come if he actually loves someone.” I looked at the prints in the sand. Each crater was larger than the last, carved deeper into the beach. Mike’s clothes, which had looked tight at dinner, now looked positively painted on. “When I heard that someone had kept Marlon captive for three years, I knew I had to do something about it if the S.O.B. ever came back. He had to change his name and leave everything behind, for fuck’s sake.” Mike stood straight and tall. I don’t think he had been that size when Carlos got to the beach. He looked over his shoulder and said to me, “I told you, just make sure I’m bigger than him if I have to take him on.”

That triggered something in me. For what felt like the first time in my life, I was consciously in control of my power. Mike’s shirt split down the back, revealing deep cut muscles and the top of his glutes. I was going to make Mike so powerful that Carlos would be a little bitch by comparison. He was getting broader as he got taller, his shirt falling off in rags. They slammed together, interlocking their fingers and wrestling for a better hold on each other and on the beach. Mike’s body seemed to bubble, and he suddenly swelled up even more, putting on what looked to be another thirty pounds. His tan skin turned a richer shade of brown, becoming a deep golden bronze. He and Carlos were evenly matched now in terms of size, but Mike was much more ripped. The layer of fat that rested on Carlos’s body meant that Mike was now stronger than him. How much stronger, I wasn’t sure.

I was torn. On the one hand, Mike was probably going to thrash Carlos into the sand. On the other hand, I had thought that Chris was going to be the absolute winner of their fight, and Carlos had cracked him over the head with a pipe. So, I had no choice but to keep going. Mike surged upwards about six inches, bring his height to almost seven feet. I actually saw the moment when Carlos lost all hope, when it drained from his face, and my heart leapt. Mike was going to win, and I was helping him do it. Carlos started sliding back, slowly losing his footing in the sand and getting buried on the beach. When his knees hit the ground, Mike gave him a good yank, pulling him out of the pit. “You…fuckin’…son…of…a…bitch!” Every word was punctuated by Mike hitting Carlos in the gut. A lesser man would have died already, with ruptured organs and broken bones. Carlos was still holding on though, smirking through the pain. “Why? Why would you do something like that to Marlon?!” Mike had Carlos held up by the shirt, hand cocked back for another punch to the face. He stopped though, when Carlos began to speak.

“Why? Now that you have felt his power, how can you ask me why?” Carlos grabbed Mike’s forearm, gripping so tightly that his own veins stood out on his deeply tanned skin. “You…are… a…god! No man, not even a Mr. Olympia winner, can hope to match you! You’re seven feet tall, you probably weigh almost five hundred pounds!” His hands were quivering as he spat these words at Mike. “You are better than any man ever! I’ve FELT that before. I want that again, I HAVE to have that again. I am going to have him, and I am going to make him love me, make him give me the power you have!” Then his leg, the leg I had seen press more than a ton, swung back and slammed forward into Mike’s crotch. Mike crumpled, clearly in pain.


“Alright, putito. Alright. You want to do this the hard way? Fine. You WILL love me, and you WILL make me powerful again.” Carlos was walking toward me again, bearing down on me. I could see, even though his jeans, that his big cock was hard at the thought of taking me again, of me making him into a god like Mike. He smiled that lopsided smile of his, eager at the thought of me going with him. What he didn’t notice was that Mike was already getting up, looking at me, as if searching for cues.

“Fine.” I said, looking into Carlos’s eyes. “Fine, I give up trying to run.” His face split into wide grin. “I’m not going to hide again. You want my power, you’re going to get to feel it. Every last ounce of it, until you break.” I turned and looked over his shoulder to Mike, who had seemed to deflate as I spoke to Carlos, thinking I was giving up to him. “Babe, kick…his…ass, please.” I turned my back on them, seeing both of their faces stunned.

*          *          *

It had been about a month since our encounter on the beach. I was sitting on the couch, watching TV. The perky news reporter delivered her speech in a clipped, short fashion. “And finally, in sports news, Carlos Cruz Castillo has announced his retirement from the sport of professional bodybuilding. This comes after the competitor suffered severe injuries in a car crash about one month ago, which left him severely atrophied.” I turned off the TV and walked away, heading for the kitchen.

“I can’t believe that plan worked. I was still all for killing the bastard.”

“Well, we couldn’t have you becoming a murderer, now could we? I think this is a much better revenge. Now he’ll live out his natural life knowing he’ll never, ever, be the best, ever again. I still think it was so smart of you to take his car to a place that would make all those injuries look like they came from a massive accident before you threw it at the cliff face.” I could feel him in the kitchen with me, right behind me. I fell back into his chest and looked up into his eyes. “You’re beautiful, you know?”

Mike laughed. “So you keep saying. Maybe I’ll have to get you into the bedroom so you can remember that you’re beautiful too.”

“I still don’t know how I’m able to take that thing between your legs.”

“Maybe your body changed as you changed mine. Maybe I’m changing you.”

“Maybe it’s just that I love you.” He leaned down and kissed me on the forehead at that.

“Shall we?” He lifted me up single-handed and worked his middle finger into my ass.

“You big ape, you just tore through my jeans!”

“Yeah, but you thought it was hot.” Mike smiled at me, finger fucking me as we kissed. “I’m going to loosen you up as best as I can, then we’re going to make love until I’m tired.”

“We’ll be here until next week, you’re practically a superhero.”

“I know. But you love it.” Mike brought his arm up and flexed it. I had measured it two days ago. It was thirty inches around, cold. Mike was everything Carlos had been, but magnified. He weighed 450 pounds, almost every pound of which was muscle. I looked at him in the eyes, and I could see my own hunger reflected there. His huge pecs heaved, his tank top straining to contain them. He was like a golden god.

“And you’re all mine.”

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