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It’s still entirely dark outside when I slowly lift my head off of your chest. My fingers graze softly over the dark hair that sprouts up before running across your wide, freckled shoulders. I give a tight squeeze to the massive delt that threatens to eat the rest of your arm. It’s impenetrable though, and without even looking, I perfectly trace the pattern of the tattoo that’s inked into your skin.  

You give a slight moan as both our cell phones begin to vibrate on the nightstand. As I look up at you, you smile down at me. Your strong hand glides down to cup my ass. 

“Time to grow,” you growl playfully before pulling me towards your mouth. 

I moan as your lips slant over mine, indulging in the feel of your body before pulling away. I practically have to wrestle myself from your grasp, but you know that you have to let me go. As you turn on the light I stumble out of the bed. 

I can hear you grunting as I exit the room. I don’t even need to turn around in order to know that you’ve started curling the ninety pound dumbbells we keep by the bedside. I sneak down the hall and out to the kitchen, wincing slightly as I turn on the big, overhead light. It’s a crazy schedule we keep, waking at 3am for you to get in slight pump and a snack. But if it gets you bigger than Ramy-- or as you’d prefer, bigger than a dinosaur-- then all of this was worth it.  

And just so we’re clear, I will get you bigger than Ramy. 

I carefully toss two bananas and a tablespoon of peanut butter into the protein shake I have whirring in the blender. When I’m satisfied that it’s well blended, I don’t even bother to pour it into a glass. I know my big, hungry man will have it all chugged down in a matter of seconds.

I did my research when we first started tossing back and forth this idea. While some suggested that this was ridiculous, you and I both knew you had the testosterone of at least ten horses racing through your bloodstream. We’d also been keeping a close eye on your waistline. So far we we’re entering into month two, and all of your gains certainly seemed to be muscle. 

“--Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen.” You give me a cocky grin as you set the one hundred and ten pound dumbbells down. 

No doubt you want me to come and check out your massive pump. But first things first and with a hand on my hip, you watch as my eyebrows slowly raise. As you give a slight shake of your head, you push the weights back under the bed. 

“There,” you chuckle. “Happy?” 

I nod my head and stroll forward, stopping only once I'm between your thick thighs. “Very,” I smile. “You know I can barely move them.” 

With a satisfied grunt, you take the blender jar from my hand. “And that’s how I want it,” you say. “I want to be your powerful, roided up beast.”

As you toss the shake back, my eyes watch as your mighty adam’s apple bobs up and down. I decide right then and there that this late night ritual has to be working. You are entirely fucking massive, I think, while one of your arms slowly encircles my waist.  

You pull me against your wide naked chest, nostrils flared, breathing is ragged. I find comfort in your warm skin and your impossibly, hyper-masculine form. As you keep me trapped and surrounded by your brawn, I tremble against you. Your free hand moves south, brushing my hip before plunging between my legs. I clamp them shut as hard as I can. 

You chuckle again, a deep, rumbling noise. 

I squeeze my thighs tighter around your wrist, but you’re just so damn strong. You respond by pressing you finger harder against the button of nerves between my legs. Then growl slightly as your arm stiffens around my torso.  

Your hand steadily draws me mad. Each stroke causing me to loose a little bit more consciousness. You always yell at me for being shy, but if I’m being honest, it’s almost embarrassing how wet your muscles make me. I try my damndest to stop from coating your finger in the unsanctioned slickness that is slowly working its way out of my core. 

Its of no avail though, as I’m completely subdued in your powerful grasp. I fall limp against your insanely broad shoulder and you continue your assault on my most secret part. I can tell your finger in drenched now by the way it glides effortlessly back and forth. I don’t turn my head to look up, I don’t need to. I can tell by the way your chest puffs out that you’re gloating. 

With a newfound enthusiasm you begin to slide your finger back and forth across my clit. If you were testing the waters before, certainly you're diving straight into them now. Without warning you suddenly plunge a finger in, but it's the thickness of the digit that causes me to hiss. 

I jerk and raise my head, but you’re so far gone it doesn’t even register. Lost in the sensations of lust, I’m positive you don’t even realize that you’re growing. Determination is evident in the movements of you finger and as I watch your body nearly double in size, there’s a tension building in my lower belly that I've never experienced before.

“Oh my god.” I whimper as your bicep and forearm tightens around me even more. For a moment I wonder if you even notice, but then I see you glancing down at your own arm. The pulsing vein bulging up thick as hell.

“I told you that I just needed to get huge for you.” With each breath your chest expands a little more. Your legs thicken, your arms swell and harden. “My muscles are going to get so fucking massive for you.” 

You growl into my ear slightly as your finger pumps in and out of my hot, wet sex. “Fuck, baby. I need the power.” 

Slowly you start to rise--

--With my ass in your growing palm and your finger still buried deep inside. 

My toes can barely touch the ground, but that doesn’t even matter. I’m so fucking aroused by this display of your power. My walls begin to tighten and contract, almost as if working to guide your finger in deeper. In the height of my ecstasy I begin to fuck myself on your finger. 

I can’t say that I’m surprised by my own behavior or your’s. A fierce, low groan escapes your chest, and I hear you draw a deep breath as if you'd been holding the noise in for a long time. You’re enjoying my pleasure, and for a moment I wonder if it's possibly even more so than your own growth.

“I’m going to destroy the gym,” you say. “I’m so fucking strong, I’ll rip doors accidentally off their hinges.” 

You words cause a surge of wetness to drip out of me, no doubt down your fingers and wrist. My cheeks flame in embarrassment but I know you love every second. As you swipe one finger across my clit, the resulting contraction inside of me causes you to draw the digit slightly out and then back in. 

With a deepening chuckle, you suddenly stop moving your fingers. “I fucking love how my baby girl gets so horny for all this muscle.” 

I don’t want to admit it to you at first, but with widening eyes I realize I’m gently fucking myself with your finger. In fact, I almost think I might die as I push myself onto that single digit like its the center of all pleasure in the fucking universe. You refuse to move though, and I think you enjoy the fact that I’m using you to get myself off. 

“I want you to cum for me baby,” you groan deeply into my ear. Your finger rubs back and forth against my clit and it feels as if you have all the time in the world to bring me to climax. Too bad I can feel how painfully erect you are. 

Any second now I fully expect you to slam me down on this bed. I imagine the head board will ram violently against the wall as you exclaim how you’re just getting so fucking powerful. Lost deep in my own thoughts of your growing mass and size, I can feel a wall break as your finger slides deep into me one last time. 

Suddenly there's light and tightness, darkness and stars, oxygen, electricity, and a million other things that I never knew all made up the kind of mind blowing orgasm that leaves you gasping for air. When my muscles finish clenching and I stop wiggling on your hand, I collapse against your chest and acess how you must be the biggest motherfucker in the known and unknown world.

As you withdraw your hand, you smear my wetness across your pecs like a badge of honor. I attempt to get down off your lap to collapse into our nice warm bed, but it's futile. Your calloused hand stays clasped around my waist. Your words-- gravelly and resolute-- emerge from your warm, powerful chest. “You are mine, in entirety. Do you understand?" 

I’m unsure what to say at first, but I know better than to argue with a four hundred pound monster. "I understand." I say, as your earthy colored eyes peer deep into my soul. 

“Good, girl," you nod. "Now I'm going to make you scream." 

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"As you withdraw your hand, you smear my wetness across your pecs like a badge of honor."  Love that...love how the muscle is like a sex toy for this gal....x

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I really like the idea of a relationship being centred around bodybuilding. One growing absolutely massive and the other supporting the growth. Can't wait for when he needs to go to a junkyard to get a good workout. He'll become such a muscle behemoth for his babe!

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On 2/5/2019 at 5:31 AM, XSP21 said:

He'll become such a muscle behemoth for his babe!

I believe he prefers the term, 'monster' lol

On 2/6/2019 at 11:04 PM, dredlifter said:

Ooof!  So very hot.  Great work. 

Thanks! A major compliment from a distinguished fellow author.

10 hours ago, shadownexus said:

Super hot and has left me wanting more. Please say you're working on the next instalment.

Not sure if I'll be working on this or The Price of Milk next. Either way, I'll have something out soon. Thanks for reading!

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“Good Morning, baby girl,” you mumble against my neck. As you roll over, your strong arms encircle me and pull me towards your chest. 

“Somebody must be feeling much better this morning,” I remark with a little wiggle of my ass. Your cock never ceases to amaze me. Even now with your boxer briefs keeping your hardon pressed tightly against you. 

I roll towards you as you sit up and lean against the headboard. My hand rubs across your broad shoulders and wide, muscled chest. I see how your adam’s apple bobs up and down as my fingertips brush down your thick, veiny arms. 

The room seems to grow hotter, smaller even as my eyes lock on to yours. “I want to play a game, ok? One where I finally turn you into my big, muscled beast. Think you can handle that?” I ask-- innocently enough.

You sit up straighter as you look down at me. “What kind of game?” you ask. But I can see how the corners of your lips twitch upward in amusement.

With a grin like you’ve never seen before, I place my knees alongside your legs. “I think my big man could use a little one on one lesson in self control,” I smirk. “The rules are simple. Don’t cum until you’re told, and you’ll continue to grow.” 

I watch as you lick your lips before nodding your head. Already I can see how your fat cock strains your briefs. I hope you can last long enough for me to turn you into a massive bull. 

You close your eyes and lean your head back as my fist begins to pump up and down. Immediately it grows even harder in my hand. The muscles in the base of your cock are already twitching. 

“I know you’ve been dreaming about this for weeks, baby. The muscle, the power, the growth-- it's intoxicating.” I hear you moan slightly as I wrap my free arm around your thick neck. “I know how badly you want to grow for me. Grow, baby. Please.” I beg. “I need you so fucking massive.”

You groan deeply as my thumb rubs in the glob of pre cum that dribbles from your tip. “Don’t cum yet,” I scold gently as your cock jerks. But I quickly realize that it’s actually the growth beginning to take over. I smile up at you as I resume stroking your big, fat prick, but it’s growing more difficult for you to see me over your expanding pecs.

Thick, heavy veins strain down around your arms, winding over the expanding muscles as your biceps and triceps fight for space against each other. As your shaft continues to pulse wildly in my hands, I watch as both arms continue to blow up with more rock, hard mass. 

At this rate, I’m not sure how much longer either one of us will last.

“Fuck, baby,” you growl in warning. The deepening pitch sends shivers down my spine. “I need more… bigger. Please. Make me so much bigger.” 

I nod my head as I tell you. “We're only just beginning. You’re going to grow so much bigger and stronger for me,” I say.

I buck my hips once, unable to control myself. I know how your moans are about to deepen to new lows. I’m playing a dangerous game here, but you know that I know. Especially as I smile up at you with a gigantic wink of my own.

“Your cock is so hard, baby,” I moan as my closed fist glides up to your tip. “I know how badly you want to slip into my cleavage and empty those full, heavy balls. All that cum you're saving for me, for your growth…”

You’re so painfully erect I wonder if you even realize that your muscles are growing. I watch with ernest fascination as six, thick slabs of solid muscle carve their way out of your torso. They’re topped off with two of the most juicy, round pecs I have ever seen. 

I can feel your cock pulsate, the engorged veins sticking out. "You can’t cum until I tell you,” I remind you before giving your shaft a hard tug. “This dick, these muscles… they’re all under my command now."

A soft whimper escapes you as my hand pulls back from your cock. “Please, I need to--” you stammer. 

“No.” I reply forcefully. “You will cum when I say you are allowed and not before!” 

The pleasure of my hand and now the absence of such bliss, seem to have scrambled your ability to talk.  “I… I won’t cum,” you grunt. 

“Good,” I nod my head before taking hold of your angry, red prick once again. It jerks under my gaze and by now leaks massive amounts of pre. I slather it all over you cock head and begin pistoning my fist up and down the bruised glans. You won’t be able to take much more. And neither will I.

I keep my focus on edging you closer, watching as your tip swells and swells. The next time I look up at you, your eyes snap open at my gasp. “Oh my god, baby. You’re-- you’re--”

“I’m fucking huge.”

Your deep voice booms about the room as you bounce your chest. Insanely huge balls of veiny muscle bulge on your now massive arms as you bring them up into an incredible flex. With my hand still gripping your cock, you place your much larger one over mine and continue to force me to stroke. “Bigger. More. I. Need. MORE!” 

With a snarl you lean forward and wrap a huge arm around my waist. You pull me against your thick, broad chest before kissing me deeply. My lips move down the side of you neck while the fingers on my free hand pinch the strong, pulsing veins that crisscross over your shoulders and delts. 

You grunt loudly as another wave of growth crashes into you. I don’t stop, but my eyes grow wide as I watch the veins snaking around your biceps pulse with a little more power. I can't help it, I moan slightly as I rock my hips against you needing release. I'm absolutely gushing, and you can feel the wetness all over your enormous, growing quad. Every pound, every inch is rock hard and bulging. You feel me shiver against you with immense pleasure and the next time I grind into you I watch your head fling with a roar.

My hand grows more sticky as you grow more desperate for release. “I can’t…” Your voice rumbles deeply about the room like an incoming thunderstorm. I think about letting you cum but as I look up at you, I decide I'm just not done. 

I withdraw my hand from you cock as your hips buck forward, “tsk, tsk,” I shake my head. “I didn’t say you could cum.”  

You huff but nod your head when suddenly the growth seems to intensify. “What-- what the fuck are you doing to me, baby girl?” We watch as pounds upon pounds of mass and power pile on to your ever lengthening and broadening frame. Every part of you swells larger, bulges harder. I feel your chest rumble as you seem to expand with pure power. “Look at me!” You growl. “I’m so fucking immense!”

I hear you growl and watch you flex, my hand cupping one of your huge pecs as I silently marvel at the weight. My head darts forward and my lips nibble on your bicep peak. You turn your head and inhale sharply, the scent of my honey shampoo filling your nostrils. 

“That’s right, baby girl. Worship these muscles.” I shudder again but this time with the realization of just how much you’ve grown. As I lick and kiss every inch, I can feel your balls growing heavier. “Am I big enough now?” 

I’m surprised by the desperation in your voice, but I know how badly you need to cum. As I look up into your handsome face, I nod my head and climb into your lap. My voice is shakey, my breathing ragged. 

As I slowly slide down onto your massive cock, your entire body gives a monsterous shudder. 

“Yes, my bull,” I moan in response. “I need to feel you filling me up, fucking me with your huge muscles and all your might.”

You certainly don't need to be told twice as torrent after torrent of warm jizz detonate from your cock. Your screams of pleasure are unlike anything I’ve ever heard before and after what seems like hours, you finally come down from your high. As your hand strokes my cheek, you smile down at me. “Damn, babe. You certainly weren't kidding when you said you needed me big.”

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