[STORY] Not A Jock Story

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SYNOPSIS: Jed’s muscle growth is slow-going so he enlists the help of his local gym jock in order to gain weight and get a confidence boost. After the help, things are definitely not right. 




Jed wasn’t thrilled with the slow-growth of his muscle…


“You’ve gotta be kidding me, I’ve been coming here for months with hardly any change! All I want is to stick out just a little more so that I can score that dick!”


The conversation with himself always sounded the same each time he had it. Commonly, Jed would make a fitness goal and fall short. Jed’s social life was only just-average, but his job at a tech firm paid the bills. What lacked was his sex appeal. The only thing missing was muscle!


Jed so desperately wanted to become bigger but with his busy work schedule finding time for the gym was tough. Jed’s metabolism was fast and it was difficult for him to build weight. 


“Fuck my metabolism! I hate how if I skip the gym it means I might drop a few pounds, seriously!” 


The frustrations were real and it drove Jed so crazy that he opted to seek out actual help while at the gym. He looked up to some of the meatheads there… “They’ll know how to help.”


Long story short Jed found the guy… the one… Luke was his name and he was the coolest around. “I’ve seen this guy coming here for a year now!” 


Jed always noted the varying degree of social interactions Luke had on a regular basis. The guy seemed to be friendly with everyone, as he’d frequently be seen giving out fist-bumps and the like. After swaying a bit over the optics of physically walking over to a stranger who you feel you already know, Jed decided and went in. He walked up to Luke once he saw he’d completed a full set of bicep curls. 


“Hey man!” Eager, almost chipperly Jed spoke through a smile. “I’ve seen you around. Just wanted to see what your routine is. I’d like to get bigger like you.” 


In the process of saying all that, Jed’s sight bounced from Luke’s eyes right on down to his crotch, then back up to his armpit hair poking out. Eye contact was extremely difficult as it seemed Jed’s attraction level toward Luke was high – and it caught him off guard.


In stark comparison, Jed stood shorter, maybe four inches shorter in total. Jed’s stature was leaner but still not horrible, but his body lacked the type of masculine, thick hair you’d expect to see. As Luke responded now, he had to look down toward Jed just a bit.


“Oh yea man, sure. Let’s head down to the locker room and I can show you some stuff. I’ll be done my workout in twenty minutes.”


*  *  *


Now inside the gym locker room, Jed saw Luke with his duffle bag out. Once they were situated quietly in the back-isle Luke began to ask some things.


Luke began a line of questioning. “So how much do you weigh man?” 


Jed answered, “130 pounds.” Then added, “…But I’d love to get up to 150.”


“Uh huhh, yea man.” Luke reached into his duffle while nodding his head in agreement to everything Jed was telling him about his goals. Luke eventually cut in… “You got a water bottle for the supp.?”


“The what?” Jed was intrigued. 


Luke proceeded to mix a white powder from a small zip-lock into the water bottle Jed handed over. “It’ll add buckets of muscle to ya. Ten pounds overnight!” 


Jed lit up with anticipation. He took the water bottle back and began chugging it down. “Tastes chalky…”


Luke chuckled then patted Jed firm on the shoulder. “We’ll have you joining the ranks in another twenty pounds, buddy.” 



*  *  *


The next day waking up was… unpleasant for Jed. Not only was he battling an intense need to take a piss but his muscles were aching and causing quite a bit of morning discomfort. Even as he stretched, he struggled to remain silent of any sudden ouches. Jed made a dart to his bathroom in order to take scope of the growth. “Ten pounds is going to look awesome!” 


One millisecond looking at his reflection and Jed freaked… his hands began exploring his body… his reduced body.


“Wait? I don’t understand…”


“I’m supposed to be bigger! Why do I look smaller?”


“The scale!” Jed hurried to find it. 




Jed even stepped off then back on to confirm. Still 120. He grabbed his cell phone and thanked the fact he got Luke’s number before they parted ways. He frantically began calling Luke, pacing the bathroom the whole time. 


“Hello?” Luke answered, seeming to be clueless it was Jed calling. 


“Luke it’s me Jed from the gym yesterday. That stuff you gave me… I shrank from it! I don’t understand!” 


“No way man! Must mean you need a different blend. Come on back to the gym tonight and I’ll get you square!” 


“Thank you so much!” Jed said with a breath of relief. 


The day itself was no fun for Jed. As he waited for the evening to roll around, he ate as much food as possible in order try and feel correct in his clothes. His pants alone would slide down if he wasn’t careful.


“I look like a twink right now!” Jed noted his pale skin even more than usual. 


* *  *


Gym time—



Jed texted Luke the moment he parked his car and walked inside. “Hey man I’m here where are you?”


It took a few minutes of wandering the corridors and sitting on benches but finally Luke alerted Jed to his location. “Here. Same spot!” 


At the moment of visual confirmation, Jed’s heart began racing. Luke was wearing a gym shirt that was even more revealing than yesterday. Not only that, but Luke’s dick-print in his gym shorts was very telling of his endowment. Jed’s eyes locked onto it for entirely way too long. 


“Up here,” Luke teased. The tone was concerting at first, almost angry, but then a chuckle indicated that maybe it was a joke. 


“I wonder if he thinks I’m gay…” Jed wondered. “He’s been nice so far.”


Indeed, Jed was gay, but he hadn’t disclosed that fact to Luke. As Luke eyed him up and down Jed waited for the remedy patiently. 


“Alight, well you do look like a whimp. What do you weigh? Let’s go see.”


Jed could feel the heat of Luke watching the scale from behind him. The scale teetered and landed on 120 pounds. Jed looked to Luke for confirmation…


“120? You got hella catching up to do.” Luke took a rub of Jed’s tiny biceps and winked at the same time. 


Jed felt a rush of heat on his face as it turned bright red. He was also feeling vulnerable from the rubbing Luke was doing to his bicep. “I didn’t used to be this small!” 


Luke sorta laughed and replied with a snarky remark. “So, is your cock smaller too?” He even brushed his hand swiftly against Jed’s crotch to elicit a response. 


As Jed flinched, so did his cock. It became chubbed up almost instantly. Jed’s semi-twink body betrayed him as he got aroused. Luke let his comments continue to roll off the tongue…


“That’s pretty impressive for a small guy like you. What’s that? Five inches?”


As Jed remained silent from the attention, Luke opened up another zip-lock bag and made Jed another supplement. “Here, this will get you to where you want to go.” 


Jed hesitated. “Are you sure? I want to undo this loss to get bigger, not smaller!” 


“Don’t worry buddy.”


The two said their goodbyes and Jed headed to the workout floor. Unfortunately, all the weights he was used to needed to be lowered to accommodate a lower strength level. 


“I’m weaker also, what the fuck!” Jed began chugging the supplement from Luke as a means to get bigger even quicker. 



*  *  *


“Oh my God, Oh my God!” Jed woke in a frenzy.


Not only was Jed plagued with restlessness all night but he’d been popping random boners that’d kept him awake. Each time he dozed off he would begin dreaming of more dicks in locker rooms. 


Jed fell out of bed then stumbled on some dirty clothes. “Fuck! My balance!” 


A look downward confirmed the view of the bedroom floor, only it appeared closer to the eyes than normal. “Am I shorter?!”


Horror struck as he read the number on the scale of 100 flat. 


Then there was his spontaneous erection that topped out no larger than ‘four and change.’


“No! No! No!” 


No answer came from the attempted phone call to Luke. 


“I’m going to the gym! He’ll be there tonight!” 


* * *


The gym was busy and Jed had a hard time finding Luke – but eventually he did. Luke was shooting some hoops around with two of his jock buddies. Unwilling to wait, Jed barged into the court and yelled for Luke from the sideline.


“Luke! I need your help with something!” Jed realized he’d drawn some attention from gym goers. 


It was unwanted but the two friends ended up walking over instead of just Luke. They were all dressed the same, short mesh gym shorts with huge dick prints presenting, and the popping-out armpit hair that they didn’t seem to care about as they scratched. Each of the guys must have weighted upwards of 180 pounds. 


Luke was already talking to his buddies when he came up…


“Dude here’s the twink I was telling you about… Thinks he’s a jock!” 


Raised eyebrows were present on both of Luke’s pals. They both began flat out laughing. 


The one of his friends turned and said, “Will he suck dick in the locker room?” 


Luke laughed at the remark then began flexing in front of everybody. ‘Sure, he will.” Jed became overwhelmed at the sight and began shifting and fidgeting to help avoid an erection. It was working partially until Luke tugged on the waistband on Jed’s shorts. As they were already loose, they came sliding down to reveal a small chub. 


“Yea, definitely not a jock - this one.” They all laughed.


Jed looked in the mirrors along the wall and saw he was now a bonified, horny twink with an apparent need to go to the gym and embarrass himself. 



As Luke walked away from a red-faced Jed, he tells his buddies that the gym is better when he keeps people in check.  

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Muy buena historia me encantó, lo siento por jed de que lo estaban engañando y haciéndolo más pequeño

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Nice! Did this take place at the same gym as "Tuck Gets a Loan"? It feels like a sequel. A really welcome sequel! 

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