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I NEED Help!

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Hey guys! So I've started my journey to become a muscled beast recently, and I am SOOOO new to all of this. I've been going to the gym for about two months now (Had to take some weeks off during the holiday due to family and getting sick.) But I was hoping you guys could maybe help me out a little bit. I have tried researching information and everyone has different opinions on what's best, so I don't know what I need to do. There's also a lot of issues i'm having with my form, even though i'm slowly figuring things out I'm still struggling with a few things. Iv'e tried watching youtube vids and step by step guides, which helped with some of my workouts, but there are a couple that will just not click. 

I'm working full time and going to school part time, so I hit the gym late at night. Sadly I can't not afford a trainer, plus I live in a smaller midwest town so the closest personal trainer is like 40 mins away. I also tried getting some help on the discord... ya no luck there at all. 

So Mostly what I am asking for is someone to chat with who can help answer some of my questions and would want to help me grow! I know that's probably asking alot, but hey wouldn't hurt to ask. I would appreciate it so much. Thanks guys and keep on growin. 


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Do you have a preference for anything that you've read?  I sucked it up when I first joined a gym and paid to have a starting routine made for me.  Totally worth the extra cash while I devoured a few books to add/tweak what they gave me a while later.  There are multiple ways to go about training, not just one correct one.  There will be a pretty large amount of experimentation on your part to figure out what works for you physically and schedule-wise.  Form can be a bit tricky... especially for some of the compound lifts.  I work-out alone so I default to exercises/equipment that don't really need me to have a spotter.  You also have a great starting frame, btw!

I got a huge amount of mileage out of Strength Training Anatomy and Strength Training Anatomy  Workout books 1 and 2.  They include many different workout plans/styles as well as variations to substitute in if you don't have equipment or understand form for something.  Each exercise also gets a pro/con/risk assessment.  They are larger books, but you don't necessarily need to read them cover to cover right away.  They're well organized to read the planning and design chapters and then use them as a reference tool for exercises as you need them.




Bigger Leaner Stronger was also a surprisingly helpful read.  There's a 3rd edition coming out soon so I won't link that one - the author's most recent message sounds like quite a bit of content has been updated/changed from the first edition.

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