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New story I'm really excited about. Been thinking up this one for a while Chapter 1 “Oh my God, there’re back.”   I usually listen to music at the gym, but when I go with my best f

Chapter 5   I woke up to my alarm blaring, and for the first time in a while I relished the sound. It meant I’d go see Jack, I’d get to work out with him, talk with him, eat with him. I coul

Thanks for all the encouraging words and feedback!!!!    Chapter 6 The rest of my week was dominated by routine. Wake up, go to the gym, eat, class, eat again, class, and then eat for a

Chapter 8

After the meeting I realized I was essentially in charge of shaping and changing Dan’s body into any way that I pleased with the serum I would give him. I controlled his eating, what he trained, AND how often he trained. I could turn him into the musclehead that I morphed into 2 years ago. But now that I knew exactly what needed to happen to maximize muscle growth, I figured out I could completely blow up his body in the 4 months we had before we started cutting. Bulking Dan up would be difficult, but I made it my mission to turn him into a monster so I could win this year and prove I’m not a fluke. Plus there’s an added bonus of Dan becoming an absolute hunk. I bet he would be grateful to me for changing his body without him even noticing what was really happening.


The next two weeks flew by pretty quickly. I gave him the pills that would jumpstart his muscle growth and told him to take one a day for maximum results. I had to make up a phony lie about the real purpose, so I just said it’s protein recovery to take after the workout. He seemed to believe it, and said he’d follow through with them.


Training with Dan became more pleasant as he learned the ropes and stopped being a helpless newcomer to all matters gym. He knew what to do each day, and did it with ease. I was proud that I taught him well.


Eating, though, was where he was a bit weak. Dan had a hard time shoveling all the food down his mouth that would result in weight gain, so I had to tempt him a bit one day.


“Okay, I know it’s a shit ton of eggs, but think of how much protein you’re getting. On this one plate alone is probably 70 grams, and that’s maybe even more you ate before you joined the team.”

“Yeah, I know, it’s just hard. I always feel full afterwards and I don’t think my body’s reacting to the changes well.”

“It totally is! Remember how you gained almost 10 pounds in the first week? That’s a sign from your body telling you to keep it up. It’s ready to pack on some gains!”

“Okay, I guess.”

“Let me make it easy for you. The dining commons has those coffee cakes today that I know you like. Finish the eggs and you can have two.”

“Really? Aren’t they high in fat and like 300 calories though?”

“Yeah, but you want to be big, don’t you?”

“I guess if I want to be good at this, then yeah.”

“They have a lot of fat but when you’re bulking, all calories are good. Even fat. It adds to your midsection for a thicker look. All the guys on the team have it during bulking season and it’s nothing to be worried about. It makes for a stronger guy.”

“Yeah, I guess.”


He quickly went into turbo-drive and ate the remaining eggs, plus the coffee cakes. Seeing him chow them down made me hopeful about his gains to come. If his work ethic remained this strong for the rest of the quarter, there won’t be any stopping Dan.


The weigh-ins went very successfully. At week 2, he remained steady at 7 pounds gained so he went up to 185. He seemed ecstatic, as I expected him to. But it was no comparison to the week after, where the pills really went into effect and he gained 10 pounds to weigh 195, the heaviest he’s ever been, he said. My test subject was proving himself to be potential muscle pig material. I’d made him gain 25 pounds in 3 weeks. He was getting beefy, and quickly.

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Will Emily or Ryan find something is wrong with Dan? Hope to see whether Dan’s personality would be affected by either the pills or his transformation !! It has been quite a hot story and I really love it. Thanks!!

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Hey bosx,

I love this story so far. But are there any new updates coming or planned? I'd love to see where this is going. 

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