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New story I'm really excited about. Been thinking up this one for a while

Chapter 1

“Oh my God, there’re back.”


I usually listen to music at the gym, but when I go with my best friend Emily we talk to take our minds off of the burning sensation we feel in our legs while we use the ellipticals. Immediately as I looked straight ahead I knew what she was talking about; the men’s rugby team. How could you miss them? There were about 12 of them entering the gym, each with a different body shape but with the same identifying feature: they were fucking big. Their powerful legs jutting out of the short shorts they wore pulsed with every step, and their heaving arms swayed by their sides as they sauntered over to the machines. The best part yet: Their lack of definition. They were blobs of men, packed with muscle but with a cover of fat all over them from the tremendous amount of food they eat each day. They were everything I wanted to be.


“Wow, I’m so thankful the rugby season started up again,” I said while unable to take my eyes off the asses of some of these men.


“Right?!” Emily said in response. “You should talk to them, maybe some of them play for the same team!” She hinted at my sexuality.


I nervously laughed and brushed the idea away, but the thought of talking to one of these animals was enough to make my mouth water. I’d probably have a heart attack if one of them even looked at me.


After a grueling 30 minutes, we were finally finished with our cardio and exited the gym. Along the way, I couldn’t help myself and took several peeks at the team, working out, walking, and even just standing there. My heart was beating even faster than it was during the cardio session. One in particular caught my eye; he had piercing blue eyes and seemed more defined than the rest. His arms, still massive, had several lines in them, moving while he was spotting a much bigger man who was bench pressing near him.


“See you again tomorrow?” I asked Emily. Even though the quarter had just started, I knew I needed to get on top of going to the gym this year. Even though I’m not fat, I still have some excess belly fat I want to get rid of to get that flat, clean stomach I’ve been craving for so long.


“Nah, sorry. Tomorrow’s my busy day with classes, but maybe Thursday will work!”


“Ok, I’ll text you to let you know when I’m free!”


Later in my dorm, the thought of the muscle mean roaming around the gym penetrated my mind time and time again. God, just how they stood, with all the muscle and mass they had accumulated hanging off of their bodies stunned me. I thought about the man with blue eyes that had caught my eye again, and how lean he was. He was truly a major goal for me in my fitness life. I went to bed, hoping that one day I would look even remotely like that, or at least have a boyfriend of that size. I’d kill for it.


The next day, I woke up with the men on my mind. “It’s probably just a phase,” I reassured myself. I went through various things I couldn’t stop thinking about, for the obsession to end around 2 weeks later. This will be over soon. 


As I came back from brushing my teeth, the clip on our door had a new addition to it, adding to the list of promotional flyers, events, and clubs that it seemed everyone was trying for us to join. As I looked closer, it was for none other than joining the men’s rugby team. God, could they read my mind? My first thought was to just throw it away as someone of my size of 170 lbs at 5’10 could never make it among the ridiculously jacked men of the team, but decided to ask my roommate Ryan about it.


“Oh, yeah, I saw that! They have an info session today at 7pm, I might go to that just to see if I’m interested.” I was surprised that Ryan, while no bigger than I am, was even interested in seeing what the team was all about. He was about the same size as me, and went to the gym somewhat often. I think he went into the weights section instead of chickening out and doing cardio like me, but I never knew he could be serious about bulking up. “Are you going?”


“Um, maybe. I have to see if I’m busy.” The idea of me going went from a hard no to a possible yes as I considered all the possibilities about the meeting. I mean, going doesn’t mean an automatic sign-up, which I couldn’t possibly do because of the men on the team. I would be intimidated way too quickly, and I knew myself well enough to know I would be distracted all the time. Going to the meeting, would, however, mean that I would get to stare at these hunky men talk for an hour. Fine, I’ll go.


As it neared 7pm, I told Ryan that I would go, to which he was excited about. We walked together to the meeting about 10 mins away from our dorm. “God,” I thought, “If I have to walk this far this better be good.”


Not only was the meeting “good,” but it caused the biggest shift in attitude and personality I had ever gone through.

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New story I'm really excited about. Been thinking up this one for a while Chapter 1 “Oh my God, there’re back.”   I usually listen to music at the gym, but when I go with my best f

Chapter 5   I woke up to my alarm blaring, and for the first time in a while I relished the sound. It meant I’d go see Jack, I’d get to work out with him, talk with him, eat with him. I coul

Thanks for all the encouraging words and feedback!!!!    Chapter 6 The rest of my week was dominated by routine. Wake up, go to the gym, eat, class, eat again, class, and then eat for a

Glad this is enjoyable so far!

Chapter 2

As we entered the meeting room, it was clear what I had gotten myself into. And man, was I pleased.

All of the beefiest guys I saw from the gym were there, some sitting, some standing, for all of my viewing pleasure. The absolute mass of some of these boys was enough to almost buckle my knees and fall to the ground, but somehow, I remained my composure and sat down with Ryan in the back row. Around 10 or so newcomers had already arrived at the meeting, most all bigger than me. It cemented the fact in me that I could never make the team, let alone survive tryouts, and sitting in this meeting room with all of these big guys was nothing more than a memory I could use later tonight.


I looked to the screen that said “SDSU Men’s Rugby Team Info Session” and the two guys next to it. The blue-eyed hunk I had seen yesterday was to the right, and a much beefier and a bit older guy stood to the left. They were both chatting, and I had assumed they were the ones to be talking to us about the team.


After a couple more minutes, people kept on trickling in, and the two guys in front started their presentation. “Keep it together,” I thought to myself, “At least you’re sitting down.”


“Hi, I’m Jack,” the blue eyed guy said with a wave of his hand, revealing the definition in his inner arm. “And I’m Sam, the team captain,” the older guy announced. “Today we’re gonna tell you guys about the rugby team here, and why you should join. It’s great to have so many new faces here; I’m excited to see all the enthusiasm!” Jack said with a smile, surveilling the room.


“God,” I thought, “he gets hotter with every single word.”


“We’re gonna run you through the basics of what we do and why you should join, but first, to weed out the less serious attendees, here’s all the work you have to put in.” Sam said, before changing the slide to what appears to be a training plan. The comprehensive list included training time at the gym every single day from 7 AM to 9 AM, game days, times, practices, and everything else that made it look like a super-packed schedule. “Jeez,” whispered Ryan next to me, “training every day that early in the morning? I might have to pass.” I snickered and thought of the pain these guys put themselves through to look how they did. It might have been worth it, but damn if it didn’t sound excruciating.


After a mostly boring 30 minute session organizing how the game is played, most of which I spent staring at Jack, the guys said that the presentation was finished and we could all leave. After the clapping subsided, they announced that their info cards were stacked on a table in the back and that we could contact them “any time if we have any questions.” Oh, how we’ve all heard this nonsense before by club members and people desperately trying to seek questions from people who might have a drop of interest in their body. I thought to myself, “Why not grab the card? I’d have a real-life muscle hunk’s number in my phone, and maybe I could lead him on about wanting to join the team.” As everyone who was interested stuck around to ask questions, I grabbed it and quickly put it in my pocket, then went outside to meet Ryan.


“Ehh, not for me. The whole training schedule threw me. I’d be exhausted before noon!” Ryan said, seemingly already made up his decision. “What about you?” He asked. “Yeah, probably not my thing either. Those guys were like three times my size.” We headed back to the dorm, but on the way, I couldn’t help but think of the possibility of me joining the team. Their intense training regimen would no doubt keep me in shape, and it would definitely give me a chance to talk to these excruciatingly hot men. I’ll think about it.

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Chapter 3

“Dude, you’d be jacked! Go for it!”


I decided to bring up the idea of joining the team to Emily when we had breakfast the next morning, who was ecstatic about it, unsurprisingly. “AND you would get the chance to hang out with those beefcakes on the daily. If any of them are straight, you HAVE to set me up with one. Definitely do it!!” I laughed and replied, “They’re probably all straight macho bros. But I’m not sure, they seemed really intense about their training. I guess I can try it out just to see if it’s for me.” She eagerly tried to keep my enthusiasm up on the subject. “Yes! And you got that hot guy’s number right? Just text him with any questions and see what the whole thing entails. You got this!” I remembered that I had Jack’s number and instantly became flustered. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Okay, I got a lot of studying to do, so I’ll head back now. I’ll let you know what I decide!” I shouted out as I was leaving.


When I went to the gym, I saw the whole rugby team again as I was doing cardio on the second floor. Their huge bodies, buffed up with protein and excess calories, just heaved with every movement they made and their irresistible waddle due to their short shorts and overdeveloped thighs were so delicious. I almost got a hard on in the middle of the whole gym before I looked away and focused back on my music. It would be hard to pass up an opportunity to train with these guys, to be with these guys, and if all goes well, to LOOK like these guys. I finished my workout and left, looking down so as to not meet any member of the team’s gaze.


Later that night, I held Jack’s number in my head and decided if this was really something I wanted to go for or not. His piercing blue eyes, statue-like physique, were all so attainable and somehow I didn’t want to go for it. It seemed too out of comfort to me. I said to myself, I need to do this. This could very well possibly turn into something I disregard, but then immediately regret. I took a deep breath and started my text.


“Hey is this Jack from rugby? I was looking to maybe try out to see if I’d like it or not for the first week or so, is that something I can do?”


I proof-read it, and then hit send before a second of doubt could cross my mind. I immediately set my phone down and started reading a book to take my mind off of what I had just did.


Within minutes, my phone dinged and I don’t remember a time where I picked it up faster.


“yea! the first week all the newcomers just train with us to learn the ropes and then they decide if they want to join. are u interested?”


Fuck yes I am.

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Love this story. Hope he blows up into a massive muscled stud, bigger than the rest of them. Maybe he'll become the massive, roided captain and attract more guys to the team to grow.

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Sorry for the wait, Ch 5 coming soon also

Chapter 4

I looked down at myself. I’m bigger.

My pecs are coated with hair and bulge out on either side of my narrow waist. I can see lines, lines running down my stomach and swooping down into the waistline of my shorts. I pull them down with my arms, which now rub up against my chest as I move them down. I see my short trunks and my legs coming out through them. They’re bigger, much bigger, and thick. I’m thick. I’m beefy. I’m


My alarm blares with the sound of the default alarm. I open my eyes to see that my body is the same as last night, different from the highly erotic dream I just came out of. “Fuck,” I thought before getting up to turn off the alarm, “These dreams are probably a sign that I need to turn them into reality.”


I remember last night, talking with Jack about the Rugby team. After texting back and forth with him for a while, the pressure was too much and I decided to jack off before going to bed. I was exhausted, just thinking about the training schedule I’d go through if I commit to this. I read back the messages from last night:


“Yes! When does the training week start? And do I have to sign up anywhere?”

“nah, I got your name down. And it starts monday 6:45 AM at the rec cen. then breakfast is after”

“Great, do I need to bring or do anything to start?”

“just a good attitude to get thru the first session lol. and be prepared for soreness”


Just reading these texts, knowing I was talking to a muscled hunk, sent me spiraling.


I spent my alone time at breakfast thinking about how I would be a fully fledged rugby jock in two days, training and eating with the team, on my way to becoming huge just like one of them. I decided to text Emily about my decision.


“Hey so… I think I’m gonna be on the team hahahah just to try it out”

“YAY!!!!!! Get extra huge for me!!!”


I smiled at how I was so lucky to have a best friend who supported me in everything I do, no matter how weird. After finishing the thought, Ryan sat across from me, clearly having a late start to the day.


“You alright? Sorry if my alarm woke you up too early, I had some readings to do,” I offered.

“Nah, it’s all good. Just had a late night yesterday. Hey, are you joining the rugby team? I was curious because I think it’s starting soon.”

I nervously chuckled and said, “Yeah, I think I may try it out. No harm in just seeing what it’s all about.”

“Waking up early as shit every day is the harm in it!” He exclaimed. “Just kidding though, I think it’ll be cool! Let me know what you think!”

“Thanks,” I said, knowing I couldn’t reveal what I actually thought about the men’s rugby team.


* * * 


It’s Sunday night, 10PM. It’s so close to being here. I’m shaking in anticipation, asking questions like if I really would belong and if they would make the first workout easy on us. All questions would be revealed tomorrow, but I’m not sure if I’ll like the answers. I set my alarm for 6:30, and tried to go to bed, knowing full well the type of dreams I’d have that night.

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