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Austin peeled off the skintight t-shirt from his bulging muscles, tossing it to the floor. He glanced at the mirror - almost pausing in shock from his own beauty - and flashed himself a seductive wink.

God damn. He was beautiful. So god damn beautiful. And he was making himself hard as hell.

Austin had a face that would look right at home as a Hollywood sex symbol. His mysterious brown eyes and powerful jawline were irresistible, and when he spread those lips into his trademark cocky smirk, he drove the bitches wild. He realized he could make women do anything he asked if he gazed into their eyes long enough - girls, and even some guys, were always happy to do minor favors and give him random gifts in exchange for a few moments staring at his perfect face.

He still couldn't believe his transformation. Only a year ago he was an awkward nerd, his high school's valedictorian and a skinny 5'6 twig of a boy. Puberty caught up late, but when it hit him, it hit him like a fucking truck. Almost overnight, his pimples disappeared and his skin cleared. His jaw grew heavier, his voice deeper, his gaze stronger. On a friend's recommendation, Austin replaced his glasses with contacts. Suddenly, every girl in class was chatting him up and messaging him after class.

"Damn, college girls are so much nicer than high school girls!" he told his friend one day.

The friend rolled his eyes. "That's not it. You're just hot now."

Austin took a quick selfie, and to his surprise, his friend was right! He was cute. Handsome. Sexy. Fuck, he was boning up looking at his own face. When did he get so arrogant?

Austin started growing around the same time. Over the course of two months, we blasted up from 5'6 to 6'0 - Nearly an inch of height every week!

"You're soooo cute!" a random chick told him one day, "and you're so tall as well!"

Austin shrugged. "Yeah, I know." He was used to unprovoked compliments at this point.

"You'd look even better if you bulked up, though," the girl continued. "Like, you look great already. But you're super lean. Girls love guys with muscles!"

So Austin hit the gym. He had never done so before. He was really weak at the start, a frail 140lbs, but his body seemed to blossom with strength and muscle after every workout. Before long he was addicted, lifting 6 times a week, gaining muscle each and every day. He learned about "bulking", and how he needed to eat a shit ton of food if he wanted to grow bigger. Fortunately, Austin had a crazy fast metabolism, so he never gained a pound of fat. Every waking moment Austin was either eating or lifting. The rich girls who flirted with him were super happy to take him out to eat - they didn't mind spending a few hundred dollars a week on protein and carbs for a few moments with this irresistibly handsome, genetically perfect muscleboy. Austin gained 5 pounds the first week, then another 5 pounds the second, and another 5 pounds the third. People told him that he would hit a "plateau" soon, but a few months and over a hundred pounds of muscle later, he was still growing like a weed.

As his body grew his appetite did too, and soon Austin had a squad of thirsty girls (and a few guys!) who were paying for his expensive bodybuilder lifestyle. At their request, Austin ditched his lame high school outfit and started taking his wardrobe seriously. With every visit to the mall, he was surrounded by a group of girls and gays who were only too glad to feel him up and provide fashion advice for his rapidly growing body. Austin began exclusively buying t-shirts and button-ups a size too small, getting them tailored so that only barely fit over his bulging muscles. Whenever the boy's massive flexing bicep or enormous expanding back burst through a shirt - a weekly occurrence at the rate he was growing - his squad would take him shopping for a new set of custom-fit tops. Austin's bottoms consisted of a variety of jeans, chinos, and sweatpants that hugged his breathtakingly perfect ass. Squats were Austin's favorite workout, and it showed. No matter what he wore, the boy's muscular bubble butt made his fans scream and giggle. In the privacy of his bedroom, he could barely believe how beautiful his own ass was, or how its delicious rock-hard mass filled up every pair of briefs he owned.

By the end of the school year, nearly 7 months later, Austin had doubled his weight. Standing at 6'4 and 280lbs with scarcely a pound of flab on his body, the boy was big enough to compete with the greatest bodybuilders and toughest powerlifters. Yet he was perfectly proportional, perfectly aesthetic, with a body that could grace any fitness magazine and a face like a Hollywood heartthrob.

Of course, with his new body Austin was getting even more attention! The girls who only casually flirted with him before had transformed into desperate stalkers, creeping on his social media and following his every post. The female and gay professors who had previously lectured him for skipping class now begged him to come to their office hours for some private tutoring. Even straight men found it hard to resist Austin's sexual energy - just staring at his cute smile or enormous biceps could make a lifelong hetero pop a woodie.

Austin started getting intimate with girls, and quickly realized he was a great kisser. He could give a woman a genuine orgasm with just his tongue and his lips. Of course, he was gifted in other ways as well. He had mind-boggling stamina, fucking for hours and hours with such skill and power that each and every thrust brought forth a new orgasm from his partner. He was incredibly versatile, rough or gentle, fast or slow, and no matter who he had sex with, Austin's every touch gave his partner more sexual pleasure than she had ever experienced before. Before long, Austin was bringing home a new harem every night. They fucked like a wild one-man orgy till the sun cracked over the horizon, Austin's incredible staying power keeping him erect the whole time. A night with Austin would ruin a girl for life - there wasn't a man alive who could satisfy a woman half as well as Austin did on a daily basis.

One day, one of Austin's regular fucks invited him to a club downtown. He quickly became a local celebrity. Club owners didn't care that he was underage - with a body like that, it didn't matter. Wherever Austin went, so did the crowd - the boy's fans crowded the streets wherever he went, dying to catch a glimpse of his beautiful smile or cop a feel of his rock-hard muscles. Austin made jaws drop with the way his body moved - he was a naturally gifted dancer, with irresistible steps that drove the crowd crazy. His fans screamed at the way he seductively gyrated his ass, his biceps jumping in tune, his pecs dancing to the beat. Most nights ended with a massive orgy, women and men alike unable to control themselves in the presence of his overwhelming sexual energy.

For Spring Break, he went back home and happened upon the old high school football team and their cheerleader girlfriends at a club downtown. They didn't believe him when he told them he was the same loser they bullied only a year ago, the nerdy dweeb too weak to lift a dumbbell or run around a track. The old head cheerleader started making out with him, right there in the middle of the club, and before he knew what was happening he was fucking her in front of everybody, her teammates cheering her on and their jock boyfriends powerless to stop him. Then he fucked each of the other girls, making them come over and over and over until they begged him to stop. And when he finished with them, he did their boyfriends, fucking them so hard and so deep that they never had a single straight thought for the rest of their lives. The entire group broke up after that - the cheerleaders knew they would never experience true joy ever again, not after the ecstasy of that night with Austin, and the footballers knew that the knowledge of their inferiority and submission would haunt them for as long as they lived. Nobody ever saw them after that.

After getting back from break, Austin began taking Instagram more seriously. With the help of his friends, he quickly became a social media sensation. He loved posing in nothing but his briefs, showing off the way his jawdropping junk and mouthwatering bubble butt filled up his tight underwear. The comparison between his wasplike 30-inch waist and sleeve-bursting 26-inch biceps drove haters to claim "photoshop!", but a record-breaking livestream quickly shut them into shame and silence. The unprecedented viewership of Austin's first livestream caused the video to cut off unexpectedly, prompting fan outrage that forced Youtube and Facebook to expand their network capacity. Austin's massive, heavy pectorals and flawless 8-pack abdomen made the college boy's torso a popular object of worship. A particularly wealthy fan offered him a million dollars to eat a full meal off his belly - and Austin accepted! The next day, he uploaded a photo of a half-dozen supermodels seductively licking a mess of ice cream, chocolate, and honey from his pillow-sized pecs and delicious abs. It took less than an hour to become the most-liked image on Instagram and Twitter, a flood of activity that took down half the world's Internet infrastructure.

Good memories. Back to the present. Austin smiled at himself. That same smile that made women pass out in ecstasy, that same smile that forced orgasms from confident straight men. Freshman year ended yesterday. Here he was, 19 years old, the sexiest man on Earth. What would he do next?

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Another great read from the master of the exact story that I love, I can't tell you how many times that I have gotten off on one of your many incredibly muscular, strong, handsome, sexually superior men. And Austin appears to be another in that mold. The only thing that I found lacking was descriptions of his power, if you do a second chapter or more, I'd love to see examples of how strong he is. Other than that, though, I enjoyed each and every bit of this! 

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I cantstopsaying how your one shots arealways adelight to rread.

You hae a way with words that just so incredibly hot.

Thank you

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On 1/9/2019 at 12:23 AM, musclehintz said:

What would he do next?

Excellent question, and one I hope will be answered soon.  You're one of my favorite authors, musclehintz.  I love it when your characters demonstrate, again and again, how much control they have over people and things, whether it is through awesome physical strength or just their overwhelming erotic energy.  Please let Austin bring the most reluctant men on the planet to their knees.

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As much as people have said it, I always enjoy reading anything written by this talented writer.  Austin is the kind of alpha male that inspires scores of stories and sexual fantasies.  Can't wait for another story from you, musclehintz.

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