And You Wonder... What If??? (Part Three added on Jan 31st)

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This was a quick story I thought of while working out today, and wrote most of it a few hours later.  I was inspired by the pictures of this famous actor... who shall remain nameless... on Instagram.  It was just something quick and fun to keep my creative juices flowing while I work on the next chapter of The Test.  Hope you enjoy!!!


And You Wonder…What If ???


HC paced around the rented house he was staying in while in Los Angeles.  Gazing at his watch for the eight time, he could see that Peter was already 15 minutes late.  The little prick better not have run off with all that cash, he thought to himself.  Moving into the kitchen, he decided that he would make himself a cup of tea.  Yes.  That would calm him down.  Even after four days, he was still furious about the meeting with his agent.  It seemed Warner Brothers had no further interest in him playing Superman either in the next Justice League film or in the sequel to The Man of Steel.  Sure, he had said that he wasn’t interested in playing Superman anymore, but that was just a ploy to make more money.  Everyone knew that and everyone did it.  Of course, he wanted to play Superman again!

  • - You’re just not big enough?
  • - What the fuck are you talking about, Mel?  I’m bigger then ever?  I just finished filming The Witcher, and Mission Impossible got rave reviews.  How can they think I’m not big enough?
  • - No.  It’s not your fame.  That is totally fine.  You’re simply not big enough… in size.
  • - What?  
  • - You just aren’t big enough.  Look at JM.  He dwarfs you on the screen.  How can fuckin Aquaman be bigger then Superman?
  • - That’s crazy, Mel.  I can put on more mass.  You now that.
  • - Of course I do, but not enough for Warner.  They’re looking at some new kid who’s simply huge.  Name is Tanner Evans.  He’s gonna play Superboy or something.  Sorry, Harry.  That’s the way it goes.  Why do you think HJ isn’t playing Wolverine anymore.  
  • - Because he’s too old?
  • - Yeah.  There’s that, but the audience just doesn’t believe it any longer.  They want their superhero’s fuckin’ jacked just like they’re drawn.
  • - I’ll do another screen test.
  • - It’s not gonna help, H.
  • - Tell them I want to do another screen test!  Give me a month.  I’ll seriously bulk up.  I’ll do a cycle of roids.
  • - Don’t!  They’ll test you for your insurance, and if that comes up positive your dead.  How would that look blasted across the internet: Superman Dopes Roids.  
  • - Fine.  I won’t.  Just get me another test.
  • - I’ll try, H.  I can’t promise anything.  Now… lets talk about better things…

Sure there were other movies, but not like this one.  H had read the script and it was amazing.  Far better then any of the others.  He needed to play Superman again.  That was why he hired Peter Fall, the personal trainer who had gotten HJ back in shape after Les Miserables.  Peter and H met three days ago, and H told him exactly what he wanted.  

Peter had looked at H and told him it simply wasn’t possible.  What H did to get ready wasn’t for everyone.

  • - I’ll do anything.  I’ll work day and night.  24 hours a day if I have to.  You just need me to get in fighting shape.
  • - It’s not as simple as that.
  • - You know I’m dedicated.   Look at my build now.  I’m jacked.  
  • - You are… but what HJ did… that was different.
  • - What do you mean?
  • - Look… I don’t want to spread shit here…
  • - Just say it.
  • - HJ had a little help.  Pharmaceutical help.
  • - Roids?
  • - No.  Nothing like that.  This shit is different.  
  • - What is it?
  • - It’s an experimental growth hormone.  It’s mostly used underground by fighters, wrestlers.  Helps them get that edge over competition.  
  • - And…
  • - It doesn’t show up on any test.  You come up totally clear.  I got it for HJ, and you saw him in that film.
  • - Yeah.  He looked great.
  • - Exactly.  He still needed to work out for pics on Instagram to make it look like that was how he did it, but the shit did everything.
  • - How long does it take?  I only have a month.
  • - That’s the great part.  It works right away.  You’ll see results in minutes.
  • - That’s not possible.
  • - I’m not shitting you, man.  I promise.
  • - Get it.
  • - It’s expensive.
  • - How much?
  • - 10,000 a dose.
  • - How much did HJ take?
  • - One.
  • - Get it.

That had been three days ago.  A day later, Peter had called and told him that it wasn’t possible to purchase by the injection anymore.  He would need to buy a whole vile.  The cost would be 60,000.  HC didn’t care.  That was nothing.  He transferred the money right away.

Now Peter was late.  He never should have trusted him.  Never trust an ex-actor turned personal trainer!  That was the rule.  They always wanted to screw you over!!  Henry tried to calm himself down by taking a sip of tea, but it only made him more agitated.  Just when he thought he couldn’t take anymore, the doorbell rang.

H ran to the door and swung it open.

  • - Where the fuck have you been?
  • - Sorry.  Traffic.
  • - You have it?
  • - Of course.

Peter took a brown bag out of his backpack.  From that he removed a plastic bag filled with empty syringes, and a brown glass vial.

  • - Here you go.
  • - That’s it?
  • - That’s it.
  • - How much do I take.
  • - The dose is .25 cc.
  • - How do I do it?
  • - I’ll just inject it into your glute muscles, and there you go.
  • - Okay.  Let’s get on with it.

H began removing his jeans and t-shirt as Peter popped off the plastic top to the vial and sunk the needle into the plunger.  From the plunger he pulled up far less then .25 cc’s, since that wasn’t really the proper dose.  The proper dose was .2 iu’s, but H had no way of knowing that.  He had no way of knowing exactly what Peter wanted from this evening.  He should have listened to his own warning… never trust an ex actor turned personal trainer.  

  • - Bend over.
  • - Okay.
  • - Now, once I get the syringe in, don’t move.  It’s thick and will take a few seconds.
  • - Okay.

Peter pulled the back right side of H’s black briefs down and admired his smooth perfect ass.  Nice, Peter thought.  Very nice… and soon it’s going to be oh so much bigger and better!  First Peter cleaned the area with an alcohol swab, and then he sunk the needle into H’s ass and plunged the liquid in.  He kept the needle in far longer then usual so H would think he was injecting more then he was.  When he felt enough time had passed, he withdrew the needle and cleaned the area with the alcohol again.

  • - There you go.  All done.
  • - Excellent.  Should I be feeling it now?
  • - Give it a few seconds.
  • - Brilliant.

H began to move around the room again.  He couldn’t tell if he was more nervous or excited.  Suddenly he began to feel something he could only describe as a pleasurable glow filling his body.

  • - I can feel it.
  • - Great.
  • - Fuck yeah, I can feel it.  I feel fuckin’ incredible.
  • - Excellent.

His chest was where H noticed it first.  His recently trimmed hairy chest began to plump up, getting fuller.  In a few moments, every muscle in his body began to gain size.  His bi’s and tri’s pumped up, his lats grew a little higher, his quads bulked up, and his calves gained even more mass.  H felt incredible.  He was growing!!  Even the muscles in his hands and feet grew a little thicker giving him the more rugged look that he had always been after.  That’s why he never shaved his chest.  He loved the mountain man look, and now he was definitely getting closer to it.  In a few minutes, it was all over.

  • - Fuck yea, Peter!  Look at me!!!  How much do you think I gained?
  • - No clue.  You have a scale?
  • - Yeah.  There’s one in the bathroom.

Peter followed H into the bathroom and watched him step on the scale.

  • - Twenty-seven pounds!!  I’ve gained twenty-seven pounds in less then five minutes.  Amazing!!!
  • - That will certainly help for sure.
  • - Damn right it will!!

H began flexing in the mirror, going into a front double bicep pose, then a front lat spread, and then a side tricep.  Peter could tell H loved what he was seeing by the slight tenting in his briefs.

  • - Looking good, man.
  • - Yeah I am.
  • - They’ll definetly Cast you for sure.
  • - Exactly.  No way Tanner Evans has this size.
  • - Tanner Evans?
  • - Yeah.  You know him?
  • - Ummm… yeah.  I do.

H watched as Peter looked down at the floor.  He stopped posing in front of the mirror and looked at him.

  • - What is it?
  • - Sorry man… that kid is huge.  Massive.  You’re big, but you can’t compete with him.  I’m sorry.  You should have told me that was who you were going against.
  • - Fuck!!  But look at me!  I look amazing.
  • - Yeah… but not compared to Tanner.  Shit… he makes anyone look puny!
  • - Give me another dose.
  • - What?
  • - Give me another dose.  Can I take another dose?
  • - I don’t know.  They used to only sell it by the dose, but now no one wants an open vial, so you have to buy the whole thing.  I’ve only ever given one dose.
  • - I want another one.  I’m sure it will be fine.  Another should help, shouldn’t it?
  • - Well… You gained 27 pounds?
  • - Yeah.
  • - I don’t think another 27 will help.  Not against Tanner. I’m sorry.
  • - Why not?!!

H was getting angry now. 

  • - Tanner is much bigger then that.  You can’t beat him.
  • - Get the vial.  I’m doing another dose.
  • - I can’t.  I really can’t Henry.
  • - I paid for a fuckin vial, so get me the vial!!

Walking away to get the vial, Peter tried to hide his smile.  He had tried this out on HJ, but it hadn’t worked. He’d been happy with his results, but then he also had the role already.  He just needed the extra size.  H didn’t have the role… and he was much more vain then HJ.

  • - Here you go.
  • - What was the dose you gave me?
  • - .25 cc’s.
  • - Fine.  If that gave added twenty-seven pounds, .50 will add over 50.
  • - I don’t think you should do this, H.
  • - Give me a needle.
  • - I won’t give it to you, H.  I want no part in this.
  • - Fine.  I don’t need your help.  You can go if you want.

Peter handed the syringe to H and watched him plunge the needle into the vial.  Tipping the vial upward, H pulled up .50 cc’s, and thinking better of it, decided instead to pull up .60 for good measure.  H pulled his briefs completely off, turned around, and plunged the needle into his ass.  Pressing down on the needle, he injected all of it into his body.

  • - There.  Sixty more pounds of muscle will definitely make me bigger then this kid.  He can’t be fuckin Hercules.

H had just finished saying Hercules when he felt it over his entire body.

  • - Fuuuckkkk!!!!  This feels fucking amazing!!

H’s voice had gotten much deeper as he spoke.  Sweat was pouring down H’s body and he started pacing around the room like a caged animal.

  • - This is it, Peter!!  This is it!!  I feel like a fucking nuclear warhead, and it’s only getting stronger!  Listen to my voice!!  It’s getting so deep!!!
  • - Yeah.
  • - It sounds so fucking sexy.   It’s going to sound great coming from Superman.
  • - Yeah it will.
  • - My pecs!!  They’re growing again.

Peter watched as H’s two massive hairy pecs began expanding again.  Larger and larger they proceeded to grow, a deep crevice appearing between the two.  Soon the immense weight and size of each pec began forcing his nipples down towards the floor.

  • - Oh yeah!!!  They’re going to have to make me a completely new suit!!  Fuck!!  They’re nearly blocking my view!!

H laughed, enjoying the tremendous feeling this growth was causing.  Soon his lats joined in with his growing pecs evolving into what made him look like the head of a cobra.  His arms began to hang further and further from his sides as his lats continued to grow even larger.

  • - There’s no way that kid can beat me for size now!

H cried out in pain as he looked at his hands.  They were growing thicker his well.  The muscle began to flow up his fore arms, blowing them up broader and thicker, and then up to his bi’s and tri’s.  Henry flexed, and his upper arms were now nearly the size of Peter’s head.

  • - What do you think, Peter?  Do you think Superman has biceps like these?

H stumbled for a moment, loosing his balance.  He heard cracking coming form his hands and when he looked at them again, he could tell that they were getting longer.

  • - I think I’m getting taller, Peter!!  Should this shit be making me taller?
  • - I don’t know, H, but you are definitely getting taller!

H was inching up higher to give his body more area to add muscle mass.  His legs blasted next in size, his quads and calves inflating, fashioning two titanic columns. 

H stood nearly 6’5 now and still he grew.  If it was possible, his square chin got even more chiselled, and his hairy chest began to get even hairier.   The fifty pounds he had thought he would gain was far behind him as he gained nearly 100; and still he grew.  In the back of his head, H was concerned about what he did.  He was getting too big… far too big.  He was becoming almost unrecognizable.  He was surpassing most bodybuilders when it came to size.  The other part of his brain loved it and wanted the growth to continue.  It just felt too good.  He felt so powerful… as powerful as Superman!!

H, with some difficulty, moved into the bathroom so he could look at himself in the full length mirror.  The growth was continuing, but now it seemed to be focused on his cock.  What had been of considerable size before was soon multiplying into a thick anaconda.  The same size veins that travelled down his arms and legs began to wrap themselves around his cock feeding it, giving it more size.  Forgetting Peter was even in the room, H began to stoke his cock as he looked at himself in the mirror.

Peter hadn’t forgotten his was in the room.  As H moved to the bathroom Peter made his move as well.  Leaning down, he picked the vial up that had been left on the floor.  Taking another syringe, he emptied the rest of the vial into it.  With it in his hand, he moved into the bathroom.

  • - You look incredible, H.  Simply amazing!
  • - I know.  Even my cock is growing.
  • - I can see that!
  • - That kid will never beat me now.
  • - No one will.

With that, Peter injected H with the rest of the vial.

  • - What the fuck have you done?!!
  • - Enjoy the ride, H!

HC’s whole body quaked with the onslaught of muscle growth.  His chin was pushed further up as his pecs ballooned even bigger and grander.  His abs formed an enormous cobblestone path down from his pecs to his crotch.  The bones of his pelvis cracked and actually got tighter instead of wider, creating an inconceivable V taper to his body.  His Adonis belt, or cum gutters as he called them, grew cavernous and more pronounced.

This third injection apparently sent H’s testosterone into overdrive.  Always a hairy man, the hair on his body began to grown in thicker and denser.  His entire chest, which 30 minutes ago had been nicely trimmed and manicured, now filled with curling black hair.  The hair travelled up his freshly shaved face, and began to sprout dark stubble.  A few moments after, H had a thick five o’clock shadow, then two days worth of growth, then a week.  H’s beard became thicker, blacker, and more intense as it grew till the tip of it was rubbing against the hair on his pecs.

H looked up and saw that his growth was propelling him to the height of the vaulted ceiling in the bathroom.  He had to be nearly ten feet tall or taller, he thought with an excited shutter.  H was in two minds.  One part of him begged for the growth to stop and for everything to go back to the way it was before.  The other part begged for it to continue or never ever stop.  From what he could still see of himself in the mirror, he looked incredible!  He was so massive, so hairy, so masculine!! And his cock!!  Fuck!!!  His cock was a monster!!  It had to be at least fifteen inches long and still growing longer and thicker.  The head itself was simply unheard of.  It was mammoth, dark red, and pulsing with each heartbeat.  It was as long as his old cock had been soft, at least four inches, and at least nine inches thick.  The head was at least an inch and a half fuller then his growing shaft, and persisted to grow bigger.  He reached his hands down to touch it, and discovered he needed both hands to completely engulf it, the circumference was so immense.  Even when soft, he couldn’t imagine how his own foreskin would ever fit around it.  H laughed loudly realizing that his own cock head was the pinnacle of his hyper masculinity.

A deep bass cry of pain left H’s throat as his balls proceeded to grow.  What had once been hen eggs now grew to oranges, then grapefruits, and then coconuts.  His crotch had also grown excessively hairy, and from his balls, he could smell his own musk rising up.  Lifting his right arm up, he forced his face as close to his pit as possible.  Flooded with long thick dark hair now, he soon discovered that his pheromones were also working in overdrive and he was exuding the masculine of smells.  His own scent was quickly turning him on, and he found himself licking the head of his own bicep.

He had to widen his stance, as his quads grew thicker.  Afraid he was going to be a prisoner of the bathroom, H grabbed for the doorframe, and with less effort then it would take to rip a sheet of paper, he created a hole large enough for him to bend over and go through.

I have to weight over a thousand pounds now, he thought as he forced his way into the living room, breaking down doorframes and demolishing everything in his way.  On the floor he found the clothes that he had been wearing only this evening.  He laughed a deep belly laugh as he leaned over and lifted up what appeared to the now giant of a man as something that would only fit a child.

He searched for Peter but discovered the Personal Trainer was gone.  That was too bad.  He was getting hornier by the second and needed a place to stick his cock.  That has-been actor had destroyed his career now, but H no longer cared.  As he neared the ceiling in the living room, he realised that before he was always playing Superman.  Now he WAS Superman!!!  He would still be famous, there was no doubt, but now he would also be worshiped.  A thick river of pre began to fall from his massive cock head.

As he began jerking himself off, H continued to grown.  He was relishing every sensation, as he grew closer to the ceiling.  His muscles began adding on more pounds faster and faster, and his own legs began crushing his balls.  He moved his feet further apart hoping to make more room, but soon they began to press against his balls again.  He didn’t know what idea he liked more… his balls becoming so immense, or his legs becoming so massive.  

As best he could, H began to feel up his entire body. He no longer could touch his shoulders nor could he really turn his head, but he saw out of the corner of his eyes how round and hairy his deltoids were becoming.  He began to think he would need to hire someone to shave his back, but then, he thought, why bother.  Let the world see a real man for once, hairy back and all.

Fuck, he was horny.  His own pointer finger was now four times the size his old penis was, so he brought his hand down to try and finger his own asshole, but found he could only reach as far as his hairy glutes.  Since he couldn’t see his own ass, he could only tell by feeling how unbelievably round, hairy, and full of pure muscle it was.  H laughed, and executed a deep squat, watching his quads simply explode in size.  Lusting after his own size, H grabbed his cock and began to jerk off.  He had always been an XL on that one dating/sex app he had, but now he would have to list himself as XXXXXXXXLLLLL!!  Even a serious fister wouldn’t be able to get his cock head in!  Just thinking about that made his pre flow faster.  H reached down to his oozing head, filled his palm with seeping pre, and coated his whole penis with it.  As he jerked faster and faster, drool leaving his mouth and falling onto his own beard and chest hair, he quickly reached orgasm.  HC let out a deep moan which escalated quickly to a roar.  The orgasm lasted longer than a minute and nearly brought him to his knees.  When he finished, he realised his cock was still as hard as before, and he was still just as horny.  Would he ever be satisfied again?

Just as he was about to hit the twelve-foot ceilings, the growth tapered off and stopped.  Standing over eleven feet tall and over three thousand pounds of pure muscle, HC roared like the massive grizzly of a man he was.  He loved the sound of his deep bass roar and expected to do it a lot from now on.  He looked around the destroyed room and tried to find his cell phone.  He wasn’t sure how he would dial it, but he had to call his agent.  He was going to introduce himself to the world soon, and he would need someone to deal with all the press.  Then he had to get back in touch with Peter.  There were several other famous men H had on speed dial he’d like to see be introduced to the contents of that vial.  He definitely wanted Peter to purchase more.  At least ten to start.  A new thought crossed his mind… maybe he would play Superman on film again.  He would build his own Justice League of massive, freaky, muscular men.  He would handpick each one, and he knew just where to start!





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OMG this was great. A perfect Fan fiction loved it.

I can totally picture the vvialgoing to Tom Holland when they talk to him about growing for Venom

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Here you go!  Episode Two!!!  I wrote this over the last couple of nights I've been spending alone in a hotel room.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!!

And You Wonder…What If ???

Episode Two


ZE has a problem.  He wanted it all.  He always had.  Even when he was younger, he wanted more money, more success, and more fame.  Those desires plagued him throughout his career, and no matter what he did, no matter how popular and celebrated he became, he was never satisfied.  Nothing seemed like it would ever be enough.

Now HC was hogging the spotlight in Hollywood.  Ever since he had revealed himself in all of his immense glory wearing a custom made Superman speedo, he was all anyone talked about anymore!  You couldn’t get away from the guy.   You turned on the TV, and he was on every talk show.  You picked up the magazine, and there his big mug was on the cover.  He was even trending the most on Twitter and his account an mass followers were breaking all Instagram records.  He was a huge success... and Z hated it.

Although HC was going around saying he didn’t know how he had gotten so massive, ZE knew it had to be because of HGE.  He had used the totally experimental drug himself right after High School Musical 3 to get away from playing all of those teenage twink roles, and then again when he was prepping for Baywatch and he wanted to look as if he could take on The Rock.  His friend Peter, a personal trainer and one time actor had introduced him to it, and even the small amount Z had injected into his body had done wonders.  He never regretted taking the easy way out to get where he was today, and if he had to do it again, he undoubtedly would.  

That was why after days of internal debate with himself, he had called Peter and told him he wanted to purchase another dose.  Sure, he would never be able to compete with the mountain of man that was HC, but he needed something to get him out of the rut in which he found himself.  His last four films, although not flops, didn’t do the best business at the box office, and the scripts he was receiving just didn’t seem exciting anymore.  He also found his first grey pubic hair three weeks ago.  He actually hadn’t found it, the girl he had been fucking had, and all night she kept calling him grandpa.  He could take Daddy.  She could call him Daddy all day and all night, but don’t call him grandpa.  He had plucked it out that night, but since had found six more.

He needed a change, and a little more muscle mass would do the trick.  With it he might be able to get an action franchise or perhaps a role in a Marvel film.  He needed everyone to forget he was the High School Musical kid and think of him as his own man.  That was why at three in the morning six days prior, Z had picked up the phone and called Peter.  At first his friend had refused to purchase it for Z, claiming he was out of the business, but when offered 2 million to deliver a dose, he ultimately said yes.

Now, Z waited for Peter to arrive.  He didn’t have to wait for long when a buzz came from the front gate of his LA home.  Pressing the button in the kitchen, Z let Peter’s car onto his property, and within three minutes, he was at the door.

  • - Here you go, man.
  • - Thanks Peter.

Z took the brown paper wrapped package from Peter and began to close the door.

  • - Need any help injecting it, Z?
  • - No.  I’m good.  I need to do this on my own.
  • - You okay?
  • - Yeah.  I’m good.  I’d just rather be on my own when I do this, okay.
  • - Yeah.  Of course.  Give me a call later.
  • - Will do.

With that, Z closed the front door and locked it.  He watched Peter drive up to the gate on his security monitor, exit the property, and drive away.  Once the gate was closed, he unwrapped the package and found one syringe and two vials instead of the syringe filled dose he had ordered. 

Why two vial vials?  Peter must have thought when I offered him 2 million that I wanted more than one dose, but why would I want two?  I just need the one dose to get me over my hump, he thought.  That’s it.  I just need something to get me back in the game.

Z walked into his bedroom with the opened package, and placed it on his bed.  He then proceeded to take off his clothes.  His heart was beating fast as he pulled the T-shirt over his head, and he could feel the familiar stirrings of his body getting aroused.  With a stomach filled with butterflies, he took off his sneakers, socks, and then his shorts.  Ultimately, he stood alone in his room in only his boxer briefs.

Fuck, he thought.  I’ve wanted to do this again for a while now, and here I am.  Looking at his own body in the mirror, he admitted to himself that he looked great, but he could always look better. Most 32 year olds wished they looked like me, he remarked to himself with a grin as he flexed his bicep and watching it plump up.  His body was still rocking, and it was obvious he took excellent care of it.  He even paid attention to what the public posted on Instagram, like letting his chest hair grow out a little, but also keeping himself boyish and clean-cut. 

Fuck it!!!  Z knew there could only be one Number 1 in Hollywood, and that was always meant to be him.  He had it all: looks, charm, talent, charisma, and that special something all Hollywood stars require.  He was extraordinary.  He knew that.  He just needed to make the world sit up once again and take notice.  

With even more determination, Z pulled his underwear off and threw it in the hamper. If he did the same dose as last time, he should gain about 15 pounds in muscle mass, which would look jacked on his 5’8” frame.  Should he do the same dose???  That was the real question that haunted him.  Z’s heart was beating swifter as he stood looking at himself in the mirror.  Do I do the same dose, or do I just say fuck it and go for it?  Do I throw out my clean-cut image and just become what I’ve always wanted?  Z wanted muscle.  He loved muscle, especially on himself.  

When he first saw HC on tv his cock had gotten instantly hard.  Fuck!!!! he thought.  To possess all of that muscle!!!!!  It must feel so incredible…so powerful… such a rush, Z thought.  His height, his size, his hairy body, even his massive cock and balls were a turn on.  It wasn’t that he was gay, he just wanted to experience what all of that muscle felt like on his own body.  He lusted after that knowledge.  What it must feel like to be living in that huge body, touching that serpentine cock, running his own hands through his chest hair, flexing his muscles and knowing there was no other like him...  no other...  Nightly he dreamt of having so much muscle mass he could barely move, and each morning he woke up with his sheets soaked with cum.  When it came to material things, he had everything a man could desire… except his true desire.  What he really wanted.  

Z walked over to the bed and uncapped the vial first and then the syringe.  He plunged the needle into the rubber stopper, took a breath, and began to fill the syringe.

Patches of sweat started to form on his forehead as he approached the original dosage, and passed it.  His heart seemed to flutter as he kept pulling back on the syringe letting more of the oil like substance in.  He snickered a little when half of the vial was gone.

You can stop now, he thought as his hand kept pulling back, and filling up the syringe.  What am I doing????  Am I really doing this????  The oil continued to fill the syringe, until there was nothing left in the vial.  Wanting it far away from him, Z threw the vial across the room and heard it shatter against the wall.  He then took a quick breath and pierced himself with the needle.  Before he could stop himself, before he could talk himself out of it, before he could think twice, he was injecting the thick liquid into his glute.

God, this shit is thick, he thought as he forced the plunger down.  It seems to be taking forever... and shit it burns!!!  I don’t remember it burning last time.  With more pressure, he pushed down on the plunger, until finally every globule was depleted from the syringe and in his body.  He removed the needle from his asscheek and placed it on his bed.

What have I done, he thought as he twisted around and looked at himself in the mirror again.  Say goodbye to this!!!  In a few minutes... a whole new world!!!

Z’s cock was hard and leaking a little when the first wave of heat hit him.  Oh man!!  Fuck!!!  This feels so unbelievable!  I’ve never done drugs, but this has to be the high they always go on about.  He bounced his pecs for himself as his hand began slowly stroking his cock.

A feeling he could only describe as true muscle lust hit him, and was continuing to get stronger.  It hadn’t felt like this before.  No.  This felt a thousand times better!!! I feel like I’m gonna take off!!  I feel like an electric current is filling my body with power... simply filling me up!!!  Fuck!!  How could I ever have denied myself this!!!

His entire body began to tremor as if he were standing outside naked in the dead of winter, but he wasn’t cold.  Every cell in his body was on fire, his DNA was rewriting itself to pump his body full of muscle.


He felt so incredible.  So commanding! So dominant!!  He never wanted it to end.  It just keeps getting better and better.  Fuck, my cock is harder then it’s ever been!!!  Z was breathing hard while laughing at the same time.  I’m gonna grow soon, he thought.  I’m going to burst with power!!!

He had so much energy he began pacing round the room.  As he moved, he could feel each muscle flexing and then releasing.  He was totally in tune with his body.  I’m gonna cum, he thought.  I feel like my whole body is going to have one massive ejaculation!!!


He was laughing, his cock so hard that it hurt as he sauntered over to his bed.  His shaking hand grabbed the syringe and reached for the second vial.

I need more!  I need to feel more!!!  I need to do this!!!  His finger flipped the plastic cap off the vial and implanted the needle.  Stop!!! he told himself, but he couldn’t.  He wouldn’t!!!  If one felt this good he could only imagine what injecting two who vials was going to feel like... what it was going to do to him.

With the syringe filled with the contents of the entire second vial, he injected himself again.  When he did, his body released the loudest moan of pleasure.  All rational thought was gone.  He was only thinking of muscle.

I can literally feel it entering my glute, I’m so attuned to my body right now!!  Fuck!!! My cock!!  It’s so hard it’s red!  Yeah, man!!  I can’t believe I’m actually doing this to myself!!  When the syringe was empty a second time, he pulled it out, and like a drunk man threw it on the floor.

Staggering around the room, Z could feel it all happening faster.  I can feel every inch of my body!!  Every fiber of my being.  He walked toward the mirror but tripped on his own foot and fell against the wall.

  • - FUCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!

Z screamed, and he punched the wall, his fist going through it like a hot knife in butter.  I didn’t even feel that!!  He did it again, and again, and again.  What am I doing??  He tried to clear his head, but it was getting harder to think.  

  • - When I’m done, I’m gonna destroy this house just by moving my body!!!  No room will be big enough for me!!!!  I’ll laugh at the idea of clothes fitting me!!  

After the sixth punch, a kick to his groin made him stop and glance down.  His balls, always small to fairly average were appearing to swell.  Slowly they grew bigger and bigger with each heartbeat.  Quickly, his sack was stretched completely full and still they continued to grow, looking absurd next to his short penis.  The throbbing in his balls was getting harder and harder to bear as the seed inside each of them proceeded to multiply repeatedly.  Z was so in tuned with his body that he could literally feel each ball filling to capacity.   They were each growing larger to make more room for his seed, only to have them fill up again.  The process kept repeating until Z was dizzy.

  • - What the fuck have I done to myself???!!!!

As Z shouted into the empty house and guffawed uncontrollably, his voice was getting deeper and deeper until it was simply a bellow.  

  • - What the fucks happening to my voice???

He spoke again, but his voice was now a deep bass now and getting lower.  He tried to cup his balls, the source of the insane amount of testosterone flooding his body, but they were simply too big.  Fuck, he thought!!!  How is this going to end? ??!!!

With a cry, Z’s abdominal muscles cramped, and he quickly leaned over to try and deal with the agony.  He was now shaking so hard that he could barely stand on his own feet.  Sweat poured down his body and for a second Z was terrified by what he had done.  His world was never going to be the same.  On the other hand, he yearned for the transformation to go quicker so he could leave his old life behind.

The pain in his abdominals was increasing.  Z tried his best to stand upright, but just moving a little sent shockwaves through every muscle in his body.  He carefully moved his hands down to his abs to feel them, and discovered that what had once been a well defined six pack was growing and expanding into what felt like granite constructed bricks of muscle.

Yearning to see his own abs growing, Z once again tried to stand, but the tremors running through his own body forced him to the floor.  Trying to curl into a fetal position, Z discovered that this was now impossible as his newly formed abs were becoming too large and thick and were now taking up more and more room on his lower torso.

Z gritted his teeth in pain as a severe popping and cracking sound could be heard coming from his hands.  He moved them in front of his face in order to see what was happening, and discovered they were growing both longer and thicker.  The breaking sound grew louder, more extreme, and more agonizing as both of his arms joined his hands and proceeded to grow.

At the same time this was occurring, Z’s abs had continued to swell, forcing themselves to jut out further and further from his body creating a massive wall of muscle which was now shoving him into an upright position despite the pain.

When he was finally able to get to his feet and look down at his abs, he couldn’t believe how freakishly thick they had become.  His 32” waist was now at least 36 inches and still growing.  He would have been concerned about his growing waist size, but despite the increase it was obvious that there was not an ounce of fat on his body, his abs were simply so immense and thick.  He tried lifting his elongating arms and was shocked to see how quickly they had lengthened in such a short amount of time.  His arms were currently as long as his legs and getting longer by the second. Holding his hands up to his face proved difficult, but he was able to see that his massive hands now dwarfed his own head.  Z’s cock began to leak as he thought that if this were the size of his hands, just imagine how massive he would be when his whole body caught up!!

With one swift movement, Z struck his own abdomen, but felt nothing.  He punched it again, harder this time, but still nothing.  Again, and again, and again, he punched, his hands growing thicker and mightier, but it only felt like a wind was touching his skin.  

  • - I’m becoming  totally indestructible!!!!

Z was drooling at that thought when his torso and legs began to grow.  For an instant he thought he would pass out from the pain of his bones cracking, repairing themselves, and breaking again, but he simply revelled in the fact that his body was growing larger so it could pack on more muscles.  Gone was his old 5’8” body as he stretched higher and mightier.  His hands and part of his forearms still lay on the floor due to their immense size, but when he looked up he could see his head getting closer and closer to the ceiling.  In no time at all Z had passed 7 feet tall and was closing in on 8.

As his balls continued to swell larger, a massive wave of testosterone exploded into his body.  His trimmed hairy chest began to get fuller as his current hair grew longer and new hair pierced out of the spaces available between the follicles.  Thick brown hair seemed to burst from his face giving him a true Paul Bunyan beard.  His whole body itches like hell as the hair follicles multiplied and forced their way out.  Even the hair on his head grew longer and thicker with silver coming in at the temples.  Within minutes the buzzed hair on his head flowed down to his shoulders, and his manly beard became thicker and denser.

Another massive burst of testosterone rocked his body again, and Z could abruptly feel his glutes putting on serious mass.  His legs had always been a problem area for him demanding serious attention, but they never would be again.  Despite the thick brown hair coating his legs, it was impossible to miss every striation of his growing legs.  

Z salivated as he watched his calves swelling to the size of his old quads, and then proceeded to add on more size.  His own quads, he could now only compare with a normal man’s torso, they were so full, so round, and so firm.  Twice he had to widen his stance to allow more room, but his body, adapting to any difficulty he might have, complied and forced his torso to grow larger to add on more mass.

              - I want to worship my own fucking legs their so insanely huge!!!

Z screamed out in his rumbling bass voice.  He had never heard a voice so deep and so sexy in his life that he wanted it to drop even lower!!  Let it drop so low no one can even comprehend it!!  No one could ever compete against him when it came to his low-pitched resounding voice.

His waist was nearing 40” and still growing larger with his immense and hairy abs.  The crevices were so deep and so filled with brown hair they appeared like deep canyons.

Z’s head hit the ceiling just as his pecs began to swell.  The concept of how tall and massive he was, combined with how big his pecs now were bursting from his chest had him laughing hysterically while a river of pre began to flow from his cock.

Z had to crouch in order to not hit the ceiling, and then found it easier to simply go down onto his knees to give himself more room.  His pecs were becoming mountains of muscle, filling with power and might.  Z lifted his hand and began to squeeze his nipple firmly, but this only succeeded in forcing more and more pre to explode onto the already soaked carpet.  The nipples, as if craving more tactile sensation, grew larger with his nipples rivalling the length of his old thumbs.  His areoles were dark brown, and as he played with them, they became even more and more sensitive.  Grabbing his left pec and lifting it up the best he could, Z tried to kick his own nipple, but was prevented from doing so when a sudden surge of growth forced them to point down and forever blocked his view of his lower half.

Not to be left behind by his immense chest, Z’s lats detonated with improbable size.  His wingspan exploded so suddenly with size that his whole body shook from it.  His arms flew up, and Z found it impossible to rest them at his sides again.  I wish I could see myself in the mirror, Z thought, but the only thing he could see was his immense lower half getting even larger.  

Joining in with his back, Z’s neck and delts got larger and thicker, granting him his wish of an even deeper voice.  His shoulders, back, and chest were now so wide that it would be virtually impossible for him to walk through a normal door... ever... and still he grew like there was no tomorrow.

With a smack, Z’s head hit the ceiling again, and he was on his knees.  He was now taking up half of the massive bedroom.  With his fists, Z began to punch holes in the ceiling to fashion more room for him to grow.  As if trying to help with this process, his bi’s and tri’s started to surge with size till they were as large as his old legs had been, and just getting thicker.

Understanding the immensity of his own size and power, Z began to stand up.  As he did, his immense arms and hands began to tear apart the ceiling above him.  Soon the ceiling couldn’t take it anymore or the pressure from Z’s growing body, and came crashing down upon the colossal man.  As he stood up, Z could only celebrate in the fact that he was indeed Paul Bunyan now, and had definitely surpassed HC in both height and muscle mass.

Throwing the king sized bed to the side of the room as if it belonged to a doll, Z made more room for his body.  Another monumental surge of testosterone was released into his body, and with a sweltering explosion of pain, Z’s almost non existent penis began to grow to match its master.  Longer and thicker, it grew, gaining as much mass as his arm, and becoming just as veiny.  It felt like he was cunning every time it swelled longer and longer till finally the tremendous cock appeared in his view.  Z felt sadness and exhilaration at the thought that he would never fuck a woman again with this monster of a cock.  It would easily rip a woman in half, and still it continued to lengthen and thicken.  The slit in the immense head was now so large that pre flowed out like someone had turned the tap on full blast.

Spasms of growth surged through Z as he began to stroke his colossal prick, loving the feeling of finally having such an immense tool in his hand.  He still felt so much power running through his body that he believed he was never going to stop growing.  His upper torso had already burst through the hole in the ceiling giving a great view of the guest bedroom, and still the muscle mass packed on.

Z was gaining hundreds of pounds a minute in muscle mass.  Suddenly Z bellowed out again as the bones in his head began to expand and reform themselves, keeping his head in proportion with his own body. Grabbing his face as best as he could, the colossus stumbled and took down more of the ceiling with his own body.

When his head was finished growing, it reformed itself with the squarest of chins that was impossible to see under such a thick beard.  Z’s brow-ridge came in a little more distended then it had been, destroying his boyish good looks and replacing them with a sexy Neanderthal appearance.

A surge of growth pushed through the mountain of a man causing Z to pump his cock harder and harder in a state of total self worship.  He willed his body to pack on more size and more muscle mass, and like the drug it was, complied.  Pipe-like veins wove their way around his entire body like wild ivy, feeding him more and more.  Z began to moan loudly as he took in his own manly smell, felt his hairy body, and pumped the freakish organ that was his cock.  If he had a third vial, he would have taken it right then and there.  He never wanted the growth to stop.  His head began to swim as another surge of testosterone forced him several inches talker and several hundred pounds heavier.  The world isn’t going to be ready for me!  When I tear myself out of this house, and I will, they will finally recognise me for what I am!!!  I’ll finally be taken seriously!!  Fuck!!  I’m nearly two stories tall!!!  My cock could destroy a building if I wanted it too!  I’m too much... and I love it!!  This should be my nightmare but it is MY... DREAM... COME... TRUE!!!!!!!!

Z’s cock shot gallons of cum like the fire hose it was.  The ground floor bedroom was entirely destroyed as the human Titan had the most intense orgasm of his life.  A roar, which could have only come from a massive grizzly bear, could be heard for miles around.  The growth surged one last time and then stopped after he had completely coated the room below with his seed.

Sweating, panting, and laughing hysterically Z surveyed his surroundings.  He had grown into the upper bedroom up to his navel.  Assessing from his own point of view, Z estimated that he had to be nearly 15 feet tall and 3 or 4 thousand pounds of pure muscle.  This insight made his cock hard again, and he started to slowly stroke his cock, savouring each sensation.  When he was finished, then he would take down the house around him and show the world what a really daddy ZE was!!

The next morning every news channel, web site, and published newspaper reported on another victim of the bizarre virus that had hit HC.  Strangely, two days later HC had a relapse, which caused him to tower over ZE once again.  Hopefully, the reporters stated, these would be the only two affected by this peculiar occurrence.

Peter chuckled to himself as he shut off the news.  Every channel had coverage of the announcement that ZE would be stating as Batman opposite HC in the new film “Gods of the DC Universe.”

He got up from his desk and walked over to his lab where he was synthesising HGE.  No one knew he was the inventor of this serum, and what had begun as a hobby was now becoming the source of his ultimate revenge.   His scheme was working exactly as he knew it would.  One by one the vain fools were taking the bait, and one by one they would fall.  He couldn’t wait to see who he would be staring opposite next when the foolish “Gods of the DC Universe” met there match.  Soon, when his new formula was ready, he would reveal himself to them and to the world as their rival, the Ultimate Doomsday.

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1 hour ago, Ncgazza said:

he would reveal himself to them and to the world as their rival, the Ultimate Doomsday.

Woao. He is not a good guy after all. This will eb awesome man

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On 1/22/2019 at 7:47 AM, Ro20316 said:

Woao. He is not a good guy after all. This will eb awesome man

I read that to and was like broooo Doomdsday!? This is gonna be good! 

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Omg please continue

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Would be so great to get a continuation of this

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LOVE the first two chapters! I thought a chapter three was posted? What happened to it?

It didn't hurt that I just happened to finally get around to reading the first part right when I was looking at Men's Health (US edition) with "HC" on the front cover. You can tell by the size of that dude's thighs that he doesn't just lift to look good in a tight shirt. His legs are massive. Something tells me he might go for the HGE if given the chance. 

One remark, I think you can use the guys' names rather than just initials, as long as you say that it's fan fiction, no similarity to any real person is intended or some other such disclaimer. Plus, we promise not to tattle to their agents! 😀

I would love to see this continued,. Whether you repost what you had written originally or decide to write something else and take the story in a bit of a different direction, I'm sure it will be fantastic!

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