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Another commission-

Max drew his coat around himself as he got out of the car and headed into the office. With a permanent scowl etched on his face, he entered the lobby and punched the button for the elevator to take him up to the 24th floor. It wasn’t really that Max hated his job, he quite loved it in fact. It was everyone else that worked there that he didn't mind so much

“Maxie! Hey! Maximilian, hold that door!”

Max groaned rather loudly as he slowly turned around. He thought about ignoring Eric as he watched the shiny, brass doors start to close behind him. Until he caught a glimpse of his boss walking alongside the man. 

Eric- tall, charming Eric, with his blonde hair and blue eyes. It didn’t help either that the man had devilishly good looks and a body that even Adonis, himself, would kill for. He was everything Max wasn’t, everything Max had tried hard to achieve and yet still had failed. As the hunky blonde and Max’s boss stepped onto the elevator, Max found himself cursing silently at the fact that the other man even smelled better than him.

“Good morning, Max.” His boss greeted him with a warm smile, brining him out of his thoughts. “How are you today?” she asked. 

“Good,” Max replied with a curt nod. He took her slender, outstretched hand in his, cringing only once he realized that Eric had stuck his out as well.   

“That’s good Maxie!” Eric’s sultry voice seemed to boom loudly about the metal box as it continued its ascent up through the building. “I hope you don’t mind,” the blonde continued. “But I took it upon myself to bring you some breakfast this morning.”

The man jiggled the brown bag a little before handing it over. He then smiled broadly as he glanced over at Jessica, the firm's leading partner. “I’m always telling Max here, that if he turned sideways he would disappear! You need to put some real meat on those bones!” The blonde turned his attention back towards Max, who’s face had turned an ugly shade of tomato. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, man.” 

With their boss watching him for a response, Max grumbled a thanks before taking the bag. His stomach actually did growl a little as he looked in at the ‘everything’ bagel with a container of cream cheese on the side. 

“That was incredibly sweet of you, Eric,” Jessica gushed. Max, however, just wanted to vomit.

Much to his relief a second later, the elevator came to a pause and the doors finally slid open. He couldn’t get out of there fast enough before Jessica suddenly called out.

“I look forward to seeing both of you tonight at the party.”

The party.

Fuck, Max sighed.

“Oh, uhm--” he tugged at the collar of his dress shirt as he awkwardly turned around. There was just so much bile churning around in his stomach. “I wasn’t really planning on attending that “ he blurted out.

“Don’t be silly,” Jessica laughed. “It’s Christmas! And besides that, tonight I’ll be announcing who will be taking over the Anderson account.”

Max’s eyes grew wide as he looked over at Eric. There was no way in hell he would let pretty boy take this from him too.

“Yeah, ok,” Max gave a dismissive nod of his head. “I guess I could swing by for an hour or so--”

“Splendid!” Jessica gave a quick clap of her hands. “And don’t forget your gift for the secret Santa.” 

Max’s face fell as he watched Jessica turn around. Not only was he going to be forced to celebrate a holiday he hated, with a bunch of people he didn’t like, but now he needed to find a ridiculous gift as well. His eyes flicked over towards Eric, where a big, dopey grin was plastered across the handsome man’s face. Without missing a beat, Max held up the little brown bag. He dangled it in the air for a moment, before letting it fall right into the trash. 

He almost laughed as he saw the look on Eric’s face. It was like someone had just run over the man’s puppy… twice. As he turned to head towards his office, Max wondered when his distaste for Eric had grown into such a hostile hate. He guessed that it wasn’t so much a hatred for Eric, but rather-- jealousy. 

During his pubescent years, Max had actually spent a lot of time working out. He’d even gone so far as to spend all of his free time on meal prep, supplements and a gym membership that he used religiously back then. He’d never been able to pack on much more than ten pounds, and as a result, though he was well over thirty-three, Max still looked like someone who was just barely over sixteen. 

With a heavy sigh, Max rounded the corner to his office only to find another smiling face. “Good morning, Nancy.”

“Good morning, Max,” his secretary sang. 

Ok. So he didn’t exactly hate everyone in his office, he thought. Despite the harshness he had shown her when he’d first started with the company, Nancy had proved herself to be quite the valuable team player. And sometimes, despite her ultra bubbly exterior, Max knew that when he needed it most, the woman could bite back.

“Did I overhear that someone pretty much has the Anderson contract in the bag?” she beamed. 

“Well...” Max looked down at her slightly as he pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. He shuffled his feet a little too, right before answering. “I wouldn’t want to toot my own horn, but…” 

Nancy gave a slight squeal before moving around to the side of her desk. She gave him a quick squeeze and then suddenly pulled back. “Too much?” She eyed him warily before adjusting her blouse and skirt. 

“A little,” Max’s lips pursed into a firm line. “But since it’s Christmas, I’ll let that one slide.”

Nancy smiled gratefully and rounded the corner back to the safety of her desk. The two worked at a furious pace for the next eight hours, pausing only for a brief moment to grab something off the sandwich cart when it went by. It wasn’t until Max heard the knock on his door that he realized the sun had set and it was time for the party. 

“Ready, boss?” Nancy smiled as she stuck her head inside his office. 

The glare on his face was answer enough. 

“It’s not going to be as bad as you think,” she chuckled softly. “There’s plenty of alcohol… oh! And I got your secret santa gift right here,” she exclaimed. 

As Max followed her back out to her cubicle, not one, or two, but three brightly colored packages greeted him on her desk. 

“These two are for our secret santa. And this one--” she said, pointing to the bag with his name on it, “--turned up about an hour ago. I didn’t see who left it because I had stepped out to use the restroom,” she explained. 

Max looked down at her desk skeptically before taking the package in hand. It didn’t feel very heavy, and much to his dismay there was no indication of who it was from. 

“What do you think it is?” His brow furrowed as he looked up at his secretary. 

“How should I know?” She laughed. “Just open it, silly!” 

Max tore into the bag, tissue paper flying everywhere in his haste. He hated to admit it, but he was actually kind of excited. Truth be told, he couldn’t really remember the last time he had received a gift on Christmas. 

As the top of the present came into view, Max’s heart began to race. He shoved his hand into the bag and pulled out the frosted glass. “Is this some kind of joke?” 

Max angrily slammed the bottle of cologne down on Nancy’s desk. The sharpness in his tone causing her and a few of their other co-workers to jump in surprise. His poor secretary didn’t seem to understand his outrage, and she wouldn’t. But seeing that little bottle of cologne shaped like the muscular torso that he'd never have, brought out so many feeling of insecurity and rage.

Unfortunately Max didn’t have much more of a chance to think about it, as Nancy quickly swiped the cologne off her desk before holding it up to her face. “Jolly Ho Ho,” she laughed as she sniffed at the liquid contents. “Such an odd name for a cologne, but it doesn’t smell all that bad.”

It was like everything was in slow motion as Nancy suddenly turned the bottle towards him. Her finger moved to the silver top, he could literally see the mist spritzing out-- but for whatever reason, Max was rooted in place. 

“Oh fuck! Oh my god!” Max shrieked as he waved his hand in the air. 

“It is a little on the musky side,” Nancy agreed as she scrunched up her nose.

“A little?” Max coughed. 

As the last droplets of the three sprays Nancy had squirted at him landed on his skin, Max began to feel dizzy. “Something-- something’s not right,” he sputtered. Max tugged at the collar of his shirt, his eyes watering up. He gave a sneeze and then another. His body breaking out into a sweat. 

Max found himself clutching his stomach as he ran off towards the bathroom. He gave another six sneezes before finally making it there. As he braced the counter and looked into the mirror, his eyes grew wide as his skin seemed to crawl.  

He raised his hand to his face, an impressive, thick shadow coated his jaw. But that was impossible, he thought, since he had just shaved that morning. As he brought his hand back down to the sink, his fingers trailed over his chest. Max suddenly felt constricted, the sleeves and collar drawing up tight. 

He was sure he was having some sort of allergic reaction and opened his mouth to cry out for help. As he did so, he suddenly looked down at his forearms. They were thick and hairy, but they certainly didn’t seem bloated. In fact they rippled with muscle and powerful, pulsing veins. 

Max took a step back, watching as his jaw squared into that of a more manly man. His adam’s apple bobbed with power as his body took on a more confident, commanding presence. He could smell the musk of that new cologne surrounding him again, when a burst of pain from his now way-too-tight pants suddenly captured his attention. 

Lifting his arms into the air, Max gave a mighty flex. The dress shirt immediately exploded around his oversized arms before tearing down to reveal his impressive chest and lats. He watched in awe as his body continued to pile on mass before his eyes. It was growing massively muscular, such an imposing physique. But surprisingly he found kind caring eyes, under a mop of salt and pepper hair. 

A broad, meaty chest with a dusting of fur now reflected in the mirror. He toyed with the big, beefy nipples that pointed down as he inspected it, noting how thick his arms were as they pushed against his pecs. He gave another flex, feeling the immense power in those broad cannonball shoulders and veiny bicep peaks. 

The strength and endurance that flowed through him was astounding, there was no doubt he could keep a boy in line or protect him when needed. He felt just as much power down below in his massively thick thighs. Max ripped off the rest of his shirt, and with less effort than he could have ever imagined, he freed his mighty legs. 

He sighed in relief as his long, thick cock suddenly flopped free. His calloused, sausage fingers gave a slight tug, while his other meaty paw trailed over his abdomen- a huge slab of muscle covered with a slight layer of fat and fur. Max turned towards the door and smiled, exiting the bathroom with a jolly grin.

As he hefted the satin Christmas sack over his broad shoulder, Max adjusted himself below. He had just stuffed himself back into the tight red posers when Jessica suddenly announced. “Alright everyone, it’s time!”  

His heavy boots stomped down the hallway, the leather harness seeming to grow tighter around his chest. 

“I know it’s Christmas eve and that he should be out on his sleigh, but I hear tonight we’re all in luck,” his former boss shouted. With a nod of her head, the bass line to the Feliz Navidad remix thundered about the room. Nothing, however, could drown out the excited cheers from the firm’s co-workers, as Kinky Kringle emerged into their view.

“It’s true,” Max’s voice took over. His voice sounding rich and deep. “During the day my workshop can be a charming, happy little place.” His eyes swept over the room, a smirk growing across his lips. “But when the sun goes down, the beats get turned up. And I can promise you that the North Pole isn’t the biggest rod in town!”

Max gave a toothy grin as he witnessed the jaw of a particular blonde man go unhinged. Eric’s gaze, much like his mouth had dropped in awe as Max gave a stroke to the bulge with the word ‘naughty’ stamped across the rather large package. 

“Tell me, boy, have you been naughty or nice this year?” His voice sounded gruff as he slid up to Eric. And already he could see the effect he had on the younger man. "Why don't you go ahead and tell Santa what you really want?" He smirked. 

The big and dumb, newly-transformed stripper looked down at the blonde before shoving him into a chair. As a large stain grew in the front of Eric’s pants, Max knew had just ruined the other man for life. Eric visibly gulped as he looked up at this bigger-- stronger-- and much hairier version of Max.

“It’s alright, baby, I know this is what you’ve always wanted.” Max’s satin covered fingers curled around Eric’s wrist. As he continuously thrust his bulge into the blonde’s face, he witnessed the man’s mouth fall open a second time. 

“Tonight, nothing is off limits,” he purred. “Not even Santa's sack."

With Eric’s palm pressed firmly against the hardening outline in his satin pants, Max’s head rolled back as he let out an erotic sounding, “ho, ho, ho.” He smirked down at the other man, before bringing Eric’s hands up to one of his big, juicy pecs. “Would you like a taste, son?” Max flexed the magnificent muscle before suddenly pulling a candy cane from out of his sack. 

“I’m talking about my peppermint stick of course,” he winked before placing the candy against Eric’s lips. As the blonde man shot off another load in his pants, Max couldn’t help but smile. He just felt so warm and jolly, and as he turned around and flexed his guns he gave a shout. “Kinky Kringle is in the house!” 

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On 1/6/2019 at 10:27 AM, acd889 said:

so great. thanks for sharing! 💪


On 1/6/2019 at 11:29 AM, Ro20316 said:

This was awesome.

The stleofyour writting it's amazing. I dont get tired of saying it

Thank you so much for reading!

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