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Here is the second chapter in The Test.  I honestly don't know where this idea is coming from, but I write and it just pours out of me.  I have outlined a complete plot for the next five chapters, so I will continue to write them.  I have already started on Chapter Three.  Each of the chapters are pretty long as I don't want to leave anything hanging, and I always want them to include some sort of growth.  Let me know what you think!!  Enjoy!!

The Test
Chapter Two

Asarualimnunna sat in the seventh plan of existence contemplating his good fortune at having so easily reached the simple mind of the human called Chad.  As soon as the other had left the room and Chad had picked up the crystal, the connection had been made.

Being in the eight plane made it difficult for him to speak directly with the human, but he placed a compulsive desire within him to help his friend discover the mystery of the stone at any cost.  As soon as that was engaged, the rest had easily fallen into place.  Now Asarualimnunna had broken into the seventh plane through the hole ripped open by the power set off by the human.  His prison was a complex one, but not one he couldn’t unweave.  Time had no meaning to him, and having been locked away for longer than 2,000 years was nothing more than an irritation.  Soon he would be free again, and nothing would stand in his way.  

Of course, as before, he had to grant a desire like a pathetic djinn in order to achieve the amount of psychic power needed to break through the barriers, but so be it.  There was always a cost in achieving ones aspirations.  Asarualimnunna knew that only too well.

This time it will be different, he thought to himself.  This time when he took complete control, it would be through the worshipers he was creating.  They would keep the humans at bay while he attained his purpose.  The first was perfectly formed.  He only had two objectives: muscle and sex, and that was what he created.  Chad was the epitome of virility, and just like those pathetic Greeks, mankind would follow him blindly.  

He reached his will out to Chad once again, and discovered his disciple was about to bring the other human to orgasm.  No matter how hard he tried, Asarualimnunna couldn’t reach Jacob.  There was too much doubt, too many questions.  Ultimately, he would fall; there was no doubt.  He had hoped that by witnessing Chad’s transformation he would bow to the power of the crystal, but something still stopped him.  It wasn’t fear… It wasn’t rebellion…  It was something more.  Asarualimnunna would have him… must have him… but that would have to wait.  

Scanning both for his next creation, he found the perfect candidate in a brief memory released by Jacob.  Yes.  This one was what he needed.  This one would demand followers.  

Using a reserve of power, he set the plan in motion.  It was easier now that he was on the seventh plane to control the human realm, and found the manipulation of the content on one zip drive was quite simple to alter.  When had finished, exhausted, Asarualimnunna’s will, which held his body together, broke apart, scattering him throughout the seventh plane.  One final suggestion implanted in Chad’s psyche, and the ball was rolling again.  Before this mortal day was complete, Asarulimnunna would be existing on the sixth plane.

Chad continued to tongue fuck Jacob.  This was easily performed, and he was pleased that his friend was receiving so much pleasure from so little.  He wanted to do more with his friend, much more, but he knew that in his present human form, Chad would easily destroy him.  It would have to wait until Jacob took his place next to Chad as a God.

Cum dribbled from Jacob’s penis as he cried out in ecstasy.  Chad experienced compassion for his friend as he compared himself to Jacob.  He craved deep down that Jacob would experience the cataclysmic orgasms he himself now had, instead of this this contemptible exhibition of pleasure.  Nevertheless, Chad loved his friend, but he understand that in many ways he had left him behind.  No!  He refused to allow Jacob to maintain this pathetic quality of life.  He would take him now to the stone and turn on the power.  He would force Jacob if he didn’t want to do it…

Chad felt an unexpected urge deep down in his soul.  He had to fuck.  He needed to fuck.  He needed hundreds of men worshiping his body.  Yes.  That is what he required.  Pre began to drip from Chad’s cock as he unwrapped his tongue from Jacob’s penis.  Not wanting to waste the dribbled essence that had fallen to the floor, Chad quickly lapped it up, and retracted his tongue back into his mouth.  He smiled down at his friend as he sat him on his desk.

-    How do you feel?
-    Incredible!  That was magnificent!

Jacob hoped off of the desk and moved toward Chad’s massive cock that grew from his crotch.  Gently he began to caress the limb, stroking it, even daring to lick the massive head.

-    I want to satisfy you now.  Tell me how.  Tell me what I can do.
-    Unfortunately, and don’t take this poorly, it is nearly impossible for you to satisfy me.  I want you, Jacob.  Believe me.  I want you badly, but if I took you now… it would kill you.
-    I’m sure it would.  I don’t think anyone could take that and live.
-    If you want to bring me satisfaction, come with me.  Let’s go where there will be many who can worship me.
-    How can you go out like that?  Where will you ever find clothes that will cover you?

With a simple thought, black leather pants formed around Chad’s legs.  The leather was tighter than skin tight, and reminded Jacob of something a superhero might wear in one of those DC comic films.  Chad’s immense penis was still evident, snaking down his right leg, and appeared even sexier behind leather than when he was naked.

Leather armbands enfolded themselves around Chad’s colossal upper arms, and piercings materialized in both of his nipples.  Black thick-soled boots formed on his feet completing the look.

-    Well?
-    You look like Tom of Findland’s wet dream.
-    Perfect.  Let’s go.
-    Let me just put this away.

Jacob crossed the room to the gem and detached it from where it sat.  Still clear, the crystal now resembled the Hope Diamond he had seen once on holiday with his family.  Moving to his desk, he released the bottom drawer and placed it back in the metal coffee can it had been shipped to him in.  When he was finished, Jacob looked at his best friend, once again taking in Chad’s complete form.

-    Thinking about it now…I don’t know how you are ever going to get out of this building without destroying it.
-    Come here and grab onto my arm.

Jacob did as he was told, and unexpectedly felt himself and Chad both evaporating into vapor.  His consciousness still existed, but his form was totally gone.

Declan Lease grabbed the Uber driver by the back of the head and demanded he drive faster.  If he had been this worm, he would have pulled over and insisted Declan leave his car at once.  To frightened to do anything but what he was told, the driver proceeded to his destination.

Declan had been sitting at the airport terminal, impatiently waiting for his late flight to board.  Something was apparently wrong with one of the lavatories, and this was a cause to inconvenience him even further.  Determined not to waste any further time, he removed his laptop from his bag and began to skim the presentation Jacob had put together for him.

As he read, Declan had to confess that it was good, though he would slit his own through before saying a word to Jacob.  When he had first hired Jacob for his department, he had gone out with him and several colleagues for drinks, and found himself attracted, even charmed by the manner of the diminutive man.  That night he had gone to one of the baths and face-fucked a twink boy that reminded him of Jacob until he was satisfied.  Fourty-six, divorced, and with two useless sons, Declan would never reveal his desire for men, so his craving for Jacob turned to animosity.  Not a day went by that he didn’t belittle him in one way or the other.  At least he paid attention to him.  Most men walked right by Jacob without even seeing him.  

As he flipped through the PowerPoint presentation, Declan noticed that some of the slides didn’t match up with the rest.  Reading through these slides that were placed by accident in the middle of his presentation, it appeared that Jacob was analyzing a gem Elliot had discovered on his dig in Greece.  Anger began to spew within Declan as he realized he would have to delete this information himself and reformat the presentation himself.  The talk was tomorrow afternoon and he landed in New York tomorrow morning.  He flipped through several other slides with notes on this gem when he came upon a video link.  Without even pressing it, the link started playing. 

On the small screen, Jacob saw an extremely handsome and muscular man standing before the gem that had been described in Jacob’s notes.  Offscreen a switch was pulled, and a beam of light went through the gem and into the man.  The video jumped time, but what he saw made Declan lean forward and look at the screen closer.  The man was standing directly in front of Jacob, and he was growing taller, broader, and hairier.  The man was evolving right in front of his eyes.  Just as Declan was beginning to get aroused, the video ended.

Declan’s heart began to race as he questioned what Jacob had discovered.  He flipped back through the presentation to read the notes again, but Declan realized that the every slide with information on the gem was now missing.  Rapidly he returned to the slide with the video on it, and that too was gone.  All that was left was the perfect presentation Jacob had put together for his meeting. Sitting in his chair, his pants straining against his errection, Declan began to contemplate what was going on.

He had always prided himself on keeping fit, maintaining the rugby physique he had formed at university.  Sure there may be a little more padding then he would have desired, maybe he had more of what they called a ‘Dad’s Body’ then he liked, maybe his brown hair had more grey in it then before and was thinning on top, but his age didn’t prevent him from showing off at the gym everyday in front of the younger men.  He was even strong then most men his age, had better stamina, and more muscle mass then most of his friends.  A doctor friend of his had prescribed a testosterone supplement, not because he needed it, but because he simply wanted it to keep young and virile.  Somehow, Declan assumed, this gem had caused that man’s muscles to begin to grow…and if that man had it… Declan wanted it.  Declan always got what he wanted.

Declan left the terminal just as they were announcing boarding for his plane.  He didn’t tell anyone he was leaving, and knew that his absence would more than likely cause the plane to be further delayed, but he didn’t care.  All he cared about now was finding Jacob and seeing the gem for himself.  He hardly remembered his journey to where Uber picked up.  He was thinking of only one thing and one thing only…power.

As Declan sat in the Uber craving for it to go faster, a message arrived to his Whats App.  Grabing his phone from his trousers, Declan saw that it was from Jacob.  What was Jacob doing sending him a message?  How did he even get his number?  Declan opened the message, and saw that it was a gif.  Tapping on it, the image came to life.  It was the same muscular man, now massively huge.  A snake-like tongue was emerging from his mouth and he was fucking Jacob’s ass with it.  Once again, as quickly as it played, the gif and message disappeared.  What game was Jacob playing with him?  Was he laughing at him… gaining everything he himself wanted?  This was the moment that Declan grabbed the driver by the back of the head and yelled for him to drive faster.

Declan jumped from the car and ran to the door of the dark building.  It was locked, but thankfully, he had his set of keys.  He had no need to worry about an alarm, as every thief in the vicinity knew that there wasn’t anything worth steeling in the century old building.  An alarm had been placed, and the signs and bells were attached to the building, but there was no code and no panel on which to set it.  Fumbling for a moment to find the keyhole in the dark, Declan threw the lock and swung open the door.  He was climbing the stairs as the door closed behind him and the lock turned on its own.

Scarcely out of breath, Declan made it to the laboratory on the fourth floor.  He swung open the door and stepped inside, ready to confront Jared and his friend, but the room was eerily empty.  Using the flashlight on his phone, Declan walked to the apparatus that had once held the gem and noticed that it was gone.  Of course, that prick would hide it away, the thought.  He knows what he possesses and doesn’t want to loose it.  Now…if I were he… where would I put it?  Would I take it home with me?  No… it might get stolen on the way.  It was safer to leave it here… but where?  Declan turned around and around the room to figure out where to begin when one word entered his head:

 -    Desk.

Declan stopped and heeded what he had heard as if it has simply been a thought that had come to him.  He moved quickly to the desk on the right of the room and began go through the drawers.  Swiftly his hands moved discarded objects around the desk drawers until he heard an odd sound coming form inside an old Greek coffee can.  Shaking as he lifted the can out of the bottom drawer, he removed the plastic lid and beheld the gem.  It was clear as glass and simply beautiful.  Slowly he placed his hand in the can and caressed it.  The moment his hand touched the stone, it turned a dark ruby red and then black.

Declan smiled as his pants tented again.  Carrying the gem in his hand, he placed it in the apparatus he had seen on the film.  He then walked over to a computer like surface where there were an odd amount of switches and knobs.  Flipping one switch and then another, Declan powered up the laser.  In an instant, a beam was shooting through the gem and into a spot on the opposite side of the room.  Declan grinned.  He first removed his overcoat and jacket, then his tie and shirt.  One by one, he threw these items onto the floor until his hairy bare chest flickered in the light.  Predicting the changes that were about to transpire, Declan proceeded to remove his shoes, his belt, his trousers, and then his socks.  Proudly he stood in his black briefs, his thick penis slowly leaking, heralding his eagerness.  With one quick move, he removed the briefs and walked slowly toward the beam.

My world changes today, he thought as he moved his entire body into the path of the beam.  The moment it hit him, his mind exploded into a thousand points of light and sound.  He still existed on the corporeal plane, but he now could see all that had been concealed before.  His grin grew larger as he felt thousands of fingers glide over his body, caressing him and welcoming him home.  With his newfound sight, he detected that the beam itself was not merely ruby red, but red mixed with specks of black.  He stretched out his hand to the beam and the light wash over it like a river of water.  He moved himself so the beam was hitting directly onto his penis… the source of his own power.  He felt so good… so alive.  This is why he had been born.  This was why he existed.  

Declan laughed aloud in the room and it seemed to echo, bouncing off the walls.  What now, he thought?  What happens next?  He felt so good he never wanted it to end, but he also desired more.  He called out to no one in particular.

-    What happens next?  What do I need to do?

Declan stood directly in the beam, being caressed by its brilliance when it went from red to fiery white.  He shielded his eyes for an instant due to the overwhelming power coming from the gem.  A voice rang out loudly in his head.

-    I called and you answered.  Very good.
-    Who are you?
-    Call me Asarualimnunna.
-    Asarualimnunna.  Who are you?
-    You’re new master.

Declan grinned broadly.

-    We’ll see about that.
-    You wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for me.  I have been controlling your path for the past two hours.  I believe that makes me the master and you the dog.
-    Why did you call me?  Why send me all of those hints?
-    We have a bargain to make.
-    A bargain?
-    I can offer you what you yearn for, and you will give me what I need.
-    Like selling my soul?
-    Your soul is long gone, my friend.
-    I know.  I’ve always been aware of that.  I never needed it anyway.
-    Good.  Now…tell me.  What are you?  Deep down… what are you?

Images flooded Declans mind.  He saw himself slap his wife when he discovered that she had cheated on him even after he had deceived her on dozens of occasions.  He saw himself pounding the asses of faceless men, each one or no significance or meaning to him.  He them saw himself belittling hundreds of individuals from wait-staff to friends, to his very own parents.  He saw himself climbing the ladder of success and not caring anything for those he left behind.

-    You show me exactly what I know I am.
-    Say it.
-    I’m power.  Unbridled power.
-    Exactly.  And will you be my soldier, Power?
-    I’m no ones soldier.
-    Good.  My warrior then?
-    I want to lead.  I want to control.  Give me the strength of hundreds of barbarians.  That is who I am.
-    I have that and more within my grasp to give.  Look deep within yourself and tell me what you are.
-    I’m Power.  I’m Annihilation.  I’m Plunder.  NO!  I know exactly what I am.  Yes.  I am Chaos.  
-    Say it!!
-    I’m the God of Chaos.
-    So you are.

The power of the beam became stronger as Declan felt it filling him up.  It’s happening he though.  I’m about to change.  I am the God of Chaos.  It’s time I took my rightful place.  A cracking sound was heard in Declan’s ears.  He looked down to where it was coming from, and saw his hands growing before his eyes.

-    Yes!

He shouted.  Both of his hands grew wider and longer, thicker and stronger.  He placed his hands directly in the beam and watched the process speed up.

-    Give it all to me, Asarualimnunna.  Give me every bit of your power.

His hands continued to get larger before him.  They were the strongest, most masculine hands he had ever seen.  Black hair was sprouting on them and traveling up his fore arms, which were also growing and thickening.  Declan willed the beam to inject more power into his arms, and he could feel himself pulling it from the source like a boy sucking a milkshake threw a straw.

-    Accept what I am giving you, mortal!  Take only what I give!
-    You called me for a reason.  Give it to me!  I demand you give me it all!!

Declan pulled harder, and suddenly the beam became thicker, filled with more light.  Asarualimnunna fought to partially close the doorway between the two worlds, but this mortal was proving himself to be even stronger than he suspected.  The two were in a battle of wills.  Declan walked slowly toward the source of the light… the source of the power, the gem.  His arms were exploding in size.  Bigger and bigger they grew, veiny and thick with hair.  His arms had surpassed the size of every pro body builder and every Mr. Olympia.

-    Give it to me, Asarualimnunna!  I demand it!  All of it is mine.

Declan reached for the gem and the realms blew apart.  Cracks appeared in each realm from the seventh to the 24th.  Power flowed wildly out of the realms and into Declan.  Fire washed over the human’s body as he screamed out.  It was suddenly too much.  What had he done?  What was he becoming?

Asarualimnunna tried to shut the cracks, but as one closed another ripped open.  The will of this mortal was too strong.  Soon all of the power of realm 24 fell… then 23… then 22.  He was slowly draining all power from each existence.

Declan looked down at his glowing body and saw that his torso was stretching taller and taller.  He held the glowing gem in his hands as it deposited all of its power into him.  His pecs burst with power, quickly gaining hundreds of pounds in a minute.  Still he continued to stretch taller, his chest getting wider and wider.  

Asarualimnunna watched as Declan’s super human drain on the power of every realm continued.  He had received the power of five so far and was eating his sixth.  Chad had only received a fraction of this power when it had been given to him.  Chaos did indeed stand before Asarualimnunna.  As he feared his new creation, he couldn’t wait to see what it would bring.

The man called Declan could no longer see over his powerful chest, but with his hands he felt it getting thicker and hairier.  His abs were become like 4 inch plates of metal.  A human could hide their entire arm within the crevices of his abs and not be able to see it.  He gloried in what he was becoming.  He welcomed it.  Wishing to bring on more change faster, Declan he pulled harder, and more power entered his body.

Near where his Adonis belt was growing grander and deeper, two small mounds began to erupt.  Chaos moved his hands down to them, and felt the round hairy protrusions.  Without realizing it, thick dark hair had covered the entire lower half of his body, and it was getting thicker.  He turned around and saw his perfect ass and part of his back was entirely covered with the long stiff black hair.  He had never been a fan of hair before, preferring to keep most of his body hairless, but now he welcomed the growth.  He fingered his hole, and even that was filling with hair.  With his hands, he felt his crotch and discovered that too was covered with an unusual amount of hair.  He wanted to see over his pecs, but they continued to gain size and mass, nearly too heavy for his body to carry.  Understanding that the evolution was swiftly moving out of control, Declan felt the protrusions began to get larger, and underneath something was beginning to stir and trying to get out. 

-    What are you doing to me?  What are you turning me into?
-    I am doing nothing, Chaos.  This is all your desire.

As soon as Asarualimnunna spoke these words, the mortal that had once been known as Declan knew it was true.  He released all fear, all humanity, and allowed the powerful change to wash over him.

Chaos shrieked an inhuman scream as two large stallion hooves emerged from the mounds.  Thick black legs pushed their way further out, growing longer and more commanding than any Earth-born horse.  Chaos grabbed onto the legs and felt that they were indeed his.  A second inhuman screech emerged from his mouth, this time deeper and louder, as his human back broke, repositioning him onto his new torso.

Chaos fell to the ground as his lower half grew grander, lengthier, and far superior to any stallion ever created.  He was wracked with pain, but still he pulled on the power source.  More words were being shattered to create this new creature.  Thousands of souls died to give birth to it.  Asarualimnunna watched as world after world was snuffed out.

Chaos’s original human legs reformed themselves into the thick hind legs of a massive stallion.  The beast he was becoming could easily hold twelve men on its back and still have room, he was so large, and still he continued to grow.  Chaos stood on his four legs and saw that he was nearing the ceiling of the laboratory.  Every muscle in his body screamed from the influx of power, but still he desired more.  

Quicker, more power poured from the gem into Chaos’ body causing his penis to elongate and grow.  Thicker and longer, the phallus emerged from its thick hair covered sheath.  No longer able to feel it with his own hands, he swiftly moved it in and out of the sheath causing pleasure filled friction.  Make me more virile than any before me, he willed the power.  Make my penis thicker, and longer till nearly nothing can take it.  He thought the words and they rang true.  His penis grew in size, massive veins feeding its magnificence.  His testicles grew along with his cock sending even more sensations coursing through his body.  

Chaos lifted himself onto his hind legs, and then slammed his front two legs to the floor, forming a large crack. He could run for days now without getting tired.  These four legs could leap over houses.  His cock could pierce brick walls.  He was the epitome of power… but now he wanted more.  He wanted the world to fear him.  With true power came fear… and Chaos wanted it all.

Chaos’ will drew on the gem.  His lats began to grow wider, thicker and larger then ever before.  His arms were pushed away from his sides as his lats began to defy any source of known anatomy, and still they grew.  He forced his arms to grown longer and broader, keeping in proportion to his inhuman lateral muscles. Chaos drew on the gem further and his back widened even more.  The world will fear me he thought as he drew the power of the destruction of the realms into him.  The world will cower in my presence…

Two large black wings emerged from Chaos’ lats.  Veins crisscrossed the surface and they extended getting lengthier and fuller.  Far from being birdwings, they would remind the casual viewer of large bat wings, but even more powerful then that.  That was merely a human comparison, and Chaos’ defied all comparisons.

Nearly there, Chaos thought, as he pulled further power from the source.  On the dock where a tail had never formed, a mass of muscle, tissue, and veins emerged.  Thick and twisted, the mound lengthened further and further, resembling what one might have thought of as a half formed penis.  Drool fell from Chaos’ mouth as he forced the newly grown appendage to continue to extend and thicken.  Chaos enhanced the muscles in his magnificent glutes, adding hundreds more pounds, as the new appendage became nearly too substantial to hold up.  Still it continued to elongate and stiffen, becoming harder and sharper as it grew.  I can do this, Chaos thought as more power was thrust through the source into his growing appendage.  Ultimately, it began to curve forward over Chaos’ back, become a colossal venomous scorpion singer.  Beautiful was all Chaos could think, as he flipped his new extremity, and struck it into the floor, creating a three foot crater.

Nearly perfect, Chaos’ thought and laughing at the creature he was building for himself.  Drawing again on his own fantasies of what he always wished to be, Chaos pulled in more power and destroyed another realm.  With this, his head began to grow in proportion to his massive body, and his chin became squared with a deep cleft in it.  Thick black horsehair grew on his upper lip and around his mouth forming a perfectly groomed goatee.  Closing his eyes and emitting a guttural moan of pain and pleasure, two mounds erupted from either side of his forehead.  Pushing with all his might, two massive bull horns emerged, shiny and black, but with tiny specks of red in them.  Each horn stretched up and to the right, twisting from their thick roots.  Chaos’ neck sprouted denser with more muscle to enable him to hold the practically one hundred pound each horns that propagated from his cranium.  Majestically lifting his head, he gouged out a enormous hole in the ceiling, permitting him further room for evolution.

Standing over fifteen feet tall, Chaos posed a colossally erotic yet malevolent figure.  His monumental wings extended nearly the length of the room, and his tail, when protracted, nearly doubled him in length.  The black hair of his horse body traveled up over his cobble stone abs, and onto his meaty pecs.  I am nearly perfect, he thought.

Chaos opened his mouth wide in what resembled a yawn, but a cracking sound revealed he was breaking his own jaw to make it slightly longer.  Baring his teeth, two large canines emerged, lengthening from their source into snake fangs.  Not to be outdone by the memory of Jacob’s muscular friend, he stretched his own tongue out, augmentation it further.  When it stretched two feet from his mouth, his mere will ripped the tip in two, creating a snake-like tongue.

Yes.  Now I am perfection, he thought.

-    Gaze upon my form, Asarualimnunna!  Look what I have created!
-    Give me what you owe!

Chaos’ penis quickly hardened, as a feeling of uncontrollable horniness filled him.  From the end of the room, another male Centaur emerged.  This new figure was not as large as Chaos, but still quite muscular and blonde.  The creature walked up to Chaos and began to caress his massive pecs, playing with both nipples.  Unable to control his animal lust, Chaos grabbed the other Centaur and began to kiss him deeply.  Suddenly, and with all of the strength of his upper body, he forced the male around till he was in position to mount.  With one graceful gesture, Chaos mounted the second Centaur and impaled him balls deep with his five foot penis.  The blonde Centaur screamed out as he felt Chaos forcefully enter him, and tried to pull away, but he was no match for his strength and power.  Chaos pounded the other Centaur’s ass harder and harder till he neared completion.  In the final moment before orgasm, just when he began shooting his seed into the other’s ass, he dug his razor sharp teeth into the blonde Centaur’s neck.  The poison traveling from Chaos’ teeth destroyed every cell in the others body, quickly reducing him to dust at his hooves.  Seeing how easily he could destroy, Chaos shot more, destroying the wall into the sixth realm.  

Still cumming, Chaos destroyed the room around him.  Flicking his scorpion tail, he reduced the apparatus to rubble, and with one powerful flick of his massive fists, destroyed the console that powered the laser.  None will come after me, he thought.  I am complete and ultimate power.

-    The humans will never accept you in this form.
-    They will be forced to submit to my will. 
-    In this form you will never be worshipped like the other… the first of my creations.
-    I am my own creator!!  I fashioned myself!
-    Let them come to you, then reveal your true form, like any other conqueror would.

Chaos knew Asarualimnunna was right.  With a thought, he went through one final transformation.  Two of his thick horse legs evaporated as the other two became thick muscular legs covered by jet-black jean material.  His large penis traveled down his left leg and sat just above his knee, always erotically visible.  His hooves became size 18 length knee-high riding boots.  His upper torso reassembled itself back into human form, yet maintained a 34” waist and 67” chest.  His wings folded down into a long black top coat, and a simple black tshirt stretched over his massive chest.  His horns laid down and became long black hair which fell to his shoulders.  His tail retreated back into the curve right above his perfect ass.  Only the venomous tip remained visible, now covered by his jeans.  The canines retracted, but remained razor sharp and venom filled.  The tongue he kept as it was.

Chaos’ visage now resembled the soul that had always grown inside of him.  Standing seven feet tall and weighing over a thousand pounds of muscle, he was power mixed with distinction.

-    Better.  Good boy.

Chaos smiled when he heard Asarualimnunna’s voice.  Walking over to where the clear gem sat on the floor among destruction, he picked it up and held it in his hand.  With no mere effort than what it might take to crinkle a sheet of paper, Chaos closed his massive hand around it, reducing it to dust.  Letting the dust fall to the floor, Chaos called out.

-    Enjoy your prison in the sixth realm, Asarualimnunna!

Now, the first thin he need to accomplish was to find Jacob’s friend have him submit to him.  Then he would gather worshipers.  Soon he would control this whole world.  Reducing himself to mist, he walked through the wall and disappeared.

Asarualimnunna regarded the retreating figure.  Enjoy your prison, my friend.  Though not in physical form, Asarualimnunna could still feel the pain where Chaos had taken him, and then the area of his neck where he had bit into him.  It had all proven necessary as he examined the sixth realm.  The seventh and eighth were still intact, but the others leading up to the 24th had been drained and destroyed to create Chaos.  Yes, he had underestimated the human’s power mad will, but that would never happen again.  With a pulse from his consciousness, the room reassembled itself, looking as if nothing had taken place minutes before.  From the floor, the power reformed into the clear crystal.  With one final pulse, Asarualimnunna called out to the next who would succeed in destroying the wall between the sixth and fifth realm.  Soon… very soon… he would be free.

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Things scalated quicky Cahos is an force to be reckoned and could anyone be able to stop him?

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