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I haven't posted a story in a while - here's my next offering, I hope it's enjoyable...I really loved writing it.

There are three parts, all pretty much written so I might post some more later.

Part 1

“Oh FUCK baby…give it to me,” Justin moaned.

I looked down to watch my thick cock sliding in and out of my boyfriend-of-2-years’ tight ass. 

“Mmmm, you fucking slut,” I growled, picking up the pace, ramming my 8-inch cock in hard and fast, enjoying the sound of Justin’s breath catching in his throat as I did.

We both LOVED fucking doggy style.

I grabbed his hips with both hands, pulling him back onto my cock and looking down to see my flexed biceps bulging. 

Justin screamed with pleasure.


Sweat dripped from my heaving, swollen pecs down onto my defined abs. Still pounding Justin’s sexy ass, I ran one hand up his back, feeling him shiver to my touch, and grabbed his hair, pulling his head back hard.

“Mmmmmmm YEAH,” Justin moaned, desperate.

He loved it rough.

“TAKE THIS THICK COCK SLUT BOY,” I roared, fucking him even harder.

Justin gasped, moaning continuously and pushing his twink ass back onto my cock.

“Breed me Daddy,” he begged.

I was getting close.

“Oh I will boy,” I grunted, pounding him like an animal rutting.

I looked up at the mirror on the wardrobe opposite our bed. God we looked hot when we fucked.

I brought one arm up, flexing my bicep as I hammered Justin’s ass hard. I loved the look of my swollen peak, veins mapped across the surface, the epitome of manliness. Justin loved it too – he looked up while we fucked and then reached down, starting to jerk his cock as he stared at my pumped bicep.

“Mmmmm look at your fucking huge biceps,” he groaned, clearly close to cumming himself.

The sight of my hot twink boyfriend jerking his cock to my muscular arms, pushed me over the edge.

“FUCK BABE I’M GONNA CUM,” I roared, feeling the orgasm start to rise up from my swollen balls.

“BREED YOUR BOY,” Justin moaned in response as I grabbed his hips again, thrusting my throbbing dick deep in him.

With that, my thick cock swelled even more, pleasure ripping through my entire body and an animalistic scream escaping my mouth. Jets of cum shot from my cock and I looked down to see Justin writhing too in his own intense orgasm.

It was always like this for us.

“FUCK,” we both screamed over and over, bodies writhing. I collapsed forward, my hard cock still in Justin’s tight ass. I knew he liked the feel of me on top of him like this and heard him sigh in pleasure.

We lay like that for several minutes as our powerful orgasms continued to subside, our rapid breathing starting to settle.

“Right babe…I need to hit the shower,” I said, suddenly aware of the time – I couldn’t be late for work again.

He tried to reply but no real words came out. I chuckled as I headed to the bathroom, pleased I could still fuck him into a sex coma.

I turned on the shower and, as I waited for the water to heat up, I appreciated my reflection in the large mirror above the sink. I couldn’t deny I was pretty happy with what I saw. Pushing on for 35 and with a busy job that involved plenty of shift work I had to put in a lot of effort to stay in shape. A boyfriend 10 years younger than me certainly helped as motivation. I’d been hitting the gym 4 times a week for 15 years and I guess it showed. I liked how my slightly hairy pecs jutted out over my abs, still heaving from the exertion of the fuck. I liked the size of my arms – I couldn’t help pulling a double bicep flex and watching the symmetrical mounds of muscle bunch up tight. Impressive peaks for an amateur lifter. I liked my 8 pack abs and the “v” leading down to my thick, now soft, cock. And I fucking loved my quads – big and thick – just looking at them made me feel so strong.

I quickly jumped in the shower, conscious that if I kept up this line of thought I’d be rock hard again and subsequently late for work. I let the warm water cascade over my worked-out body, totally relaxed from the amazing fuck session.

Five minutes later, I was back in the bedroom, a towel wrapped around my waist. Justin had barely moved, other than to flip himself over so that he was now lying staring at the ceiling, his arms above his head.

I couldn’t help letting out a deep moan as I took in the beauty lying in front of me. I loved his slim figure and smooth skin, still glistening with drops of sweat from his pounding. His cute boyish face was totally peaceful and a beautiful smile lightened his features as he opened his eyes to look at me. I ran a hand up his tight abs (Justin too kept himself in shape) and then tweaked his hot nipples causing him to shudder in response.

“Don’t…” he moaned. “You’ll be late for work…”.

A mischievous smile on his face. I knew he was right and headed over to the wardrobe to find my work clothes.

“Erm…Dan?” Justin said a minute later, his hesitancy causing me to turn and take in the slight frown that had appeared on his face.

“Yeah babe…what’s up?” I asked, pulling on my scrubs and walking over to sit next to him again.

“I was just thinking…”

Justin was never nervous.

“Go on babe, spit it out,” I said kindly, stroking his short blond hair.

“Well…could we…perhaps…try it the other way round next time?” he asked, immediately looking to the side to avoid my gaze.


“Justin…we’ve talked about this. I just don’t think it would work babe,” I replied, full of love for him.

“Why not Dan? You never tell me why…” he said, accusation in his voice.

This conversation came up from time to time. At first, it had been natural that I’d be the one doing the fucking – Justin loved riding cock and I loved to give it. Recently though he’d been more questioning…why couldn’t we swap sometimes? It was getting more and more difficult to diffuse the situation…

“It’s because of this isn’t it?” he questioned angrily, holding his cock in his hand.

I was surprised at his directness and was too slow to deny the accusation. It didn’t help that there was truth in what he said – Justin was blessed with a cute face and fit body but his smaller-than-average cock had always been a sore point for him. I didn’t want the experience to be disappointing for either of us…

“I knew it,” he barked, his normally beautiful features rearranged into a mask of anger and humiliation.

“No Justin…it’s not that,” I replied, trying to placate him. It was not a total lie. There was something else contributing to my reluctance – I had to admit that I’d gotten used to being the “big spoon” in our relationship. It just worked for us. The idea of taking on a more submissive role would be hard to swallow and even harder to admit.

“You’re lying,” he shouted, tears welling up in his eyes.

“No babe…wait,” I pleaded as he jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I heard the lock click and knew it was too late to convince him otherwise.

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Part 2

I didn’t see Justin much in the next few weeks – with both of us doing shift work this happened from time to time. When we did see each other, I couldn’t help but feel that there was an elephant in the room that neither of us acknowledged. I knew it would have to be me that brought up the subject again but, cowardly, I just couldn’t do it. The truth was I had no idea what to say.

Finally, driving home from a long shift one day, I decided enough was enough. I was going to have to tell him about my insecurities

“Justin,” I called as I came through the front door. “We need to talk”. 

“Just a minute…” I heard him shout from upstairs. “I’ll be down in a sec…”

I didn’t want to wait, scared I’d lose my nerve, so bounded up the stairs two at a time and burst into our bedroom.

I gasped in horror, taking in the sight in front of me.


Justin was stark naked in front of the mirror, a syringe of blue, viscous liquid in his hand, looking at me in terror.

“Justin…don’t…” I begged.

But it was too late. Before I couldn’t even get close he’d flipped the cover off and plunged the needle into his ass cheek, injecting the strange-looking fluid in one go.

“Oh FUCK Justin,” I moaned in dismay. “What the HELL was that?”

“J-just a supplement,” he stammered, nervous.

I spotted the packaging on our bed, snatching it up before Justin had a chance to grab it.

“No…please…don’t look,” he whimpered, his eyes pleading.

I looked down at the product information leaflet in horror. 

-------------------------MIRACLE GROWTH------------------------
“The ONLY penis-enlargement supplement worth taking”

Other than this attention-grabbing slogan, there was barely any information in the leaflet at all – it was just filled with wishy-washy testimonies from ‘satisfied customers’. Certainly, there was nothing that even got close to telling you what was in the damn thing.

“This could contain ANYTHING” I bellowed, apoplectic with rage. “HOW COULD YOU?”

“I had to,” he replied, trying to stand his ground whilst his face betrayed him, flushing with embarrassment.

“Do you really care THAT much,” I responded, still shouting.

“YOU MADE ME CARE,” he cried, starting to cry.

I was about to shout some more when a spasm crossed his face and I halted in my tracks.

“What is it babe?” I asked, all anger suddenly leaving me.

“I-I-I feel s-strange,” he moaned.

My heart dropped 40 feet. I knew it. This was bad.

“Strange how Justin?” I asked, doctor-mode taking over. “Come on, lie down on the bed”.

Justin did as he was told, lying back on the bed, a strange expression on his face.

“Tell me what’s going on babe…this is killing me,” I pleaded, kneeling next to the bed and stroking his hair in desperation. 

“No Dan…it feels…good,” he moaned, letting out all his breath in one go.

I still couldn’t relax.

“What do you mean, ‘good’?” I questioned.

“I dunno…I just feel…good,” he repeated infuriatingly.

I watched in amazement as he started rubbing his hands over his body, his eyes tight shut, a look of pure ecstasy on his face. He let out a deep moan as he played with his hot nipples. I felt my cock start to grow in my pants despite myself.

Justin’s cock was starting to get hard too. He ran one hand down his abs to squeeze it, his fingers pulled tight around his growing member. Within seconds his cock was fully hard, around 3 inches. 

“Fuuuck,” he moaned, deeply. 

“What is it babe?” I asked, nearly hysterical.

He moaned in response, starting to stroke his rock-hard cock, two fingers wrapped around its small girth. I noticed how even using just a few fingers, you could barely see his small cock head over the top.

“My cock…” he groaned. 

“What about it Justin?”

“It feels…amazing…” he moaned, now stroking faster and faster.

I watched as his whole body started to writhe in pleasure, moans escaping his mouth with every breath. He jerked his tiny cock like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh FUCK,” he gasped suddenly.

I nearly asked what was wrong but stopped myself, realising that there was nothing wrong at all. Justin was experiencing more pleasure than I thought was possible and the cause was blindingly obvious. I could barely speak as I noticed that Justin’s previously tiny cock was starting to swell before my eyes, its bulging head now an inch clear of his stroking fingers. It looked thicker too, starting to pull apart his fingers so that he had to readjust his hand.

My own cock was now painfully hard in my tight boxers and I reached down subconsciously to pull it out, starting to stroke as I watched.

Suddenly, Justin’s eyes sprang open and he looked down at his rapidly enlarging member.

“FUCK YES,” he moaned deeply. “I’m growing”.

His eyes shut again as he continued to stroke himself. His cock looked nearly 5 inches long now and was showing no signs of stopping its continuous growth. A thick stream of precum was leaking from his swollen cock head, running over his fingers. 

“It’s going to be fucking MASSIVE,” he roared, making me jump.

I could tell he was right and I couldn’t help jerking my own cock hard and fast as I watched. This was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. Justin was now using his whole hand to jerk his cock – something he could never have done before – and still it continued to lengthen. An inch beyond his fingers. Now two. When the fuck would it stop?

Justin’s moans were getting deeper, more erotic. I would cum soon just watching him.

His balls too had swollen in size, two globes nestled between his legs, full of hot twink cum. 

His massive cock was thickening, stretching apart his fingers so that he struggled to wrap them all the way round. I guessed it was about 7 inches long now.

We both had the same thought at the same time.

“FUCK. I’m going to be bigger than you,” he moaned, letting out a slight laugh.

I almost thought he’d forgotten I was there.

I looked down at my own not unimpressive cock and realised he was right. In that moment I didn’t care.

“OH FUCK THIS FEELS AMAZING,” he roared, his voice deeper and more masculine than ever before.

He reached down, rubbing his fingers over his bulbous cock head as he continued to stroke with his other hand. I watched as he then brought his fingers, glistening with thick precum, up to his mouth. He sucked on them, moaning deeply.

“Mmmm I taste good.”

My mouth watered as he reached down for another taste.

“Suck me,” he ordered, as if reading my mind.

I didn’t hesitate. His hand was immediately replaced by my hungry tongue and lips. I licked up and down his still-growing, veiny shaft before wrapping my lips around his swollen cock head.

We both moaned together. Fuck he did taste good.

Within seconds I was bobbing up and down on his dick, taking as much as I could but feeling it hit the back of my throat. I cradled his distended balls in my hands, amazed at their weight and size. His cock had to be bigger than 8 inches now.

Bigger and thicker than my own.

Still, I kept sucking, his moans feeding my own throbbing boner.

“FUCK,” he roared. “You’re a good COCKSUCKER”.

I bristled slightly at his words but there was no way I was going to stop worshiping his Godly cock. Justin started thrusting his hips up and down, forcing his mammoth cock into my mouth over and over, now holding the back of my head.

In a frenzy of bliss, I marvelled at how my twink boyfriend was now fucking my face with his enormous man meat. He was letting out deep, animalistic grunts with every thrust. Noises I’d never heard him make before. My throat was getting sore, abused by his immense tool. Gallons of pre were still oozing from his throbbing cock head, the taste making me dizzy with pleasure. 

I felt as his thickening cock started to stretch my lips…I could barely take half of it in my mouth now.

I pulled off his cock, looking down to take in his full size.

He was now over 10 inches and fuck he was THICK.

I wrapped both hands around his cock, stroking hard and fast, hearing him moan in response.

“I’m MASSIVE,” he bellowed looking down at me, his cock looking obscene next to his twink body.

I could tell he was close and started to jerk him faster. I couldn’t wrap my fingers all the way around it anymore. I licked his cock head as I stroked, drinking down his delicious pre.

His moans were getting closer together. Deeper. More like grunts.

His hands explored his body. Twisting his hot nips. Running over his abs. Constantly moving.

“FUCK!!” he roared. “I’m going to cum…”

“YES babe…Cum for me,” I moaned, hungry for his load.

He started thrusting his hips again and within seconds I saw his balls tighten.

“YEEESSSSSSSSSSSS” he roared, grabbing the back of my head and forcing me down onto his cock. I felt it swell in my mouth even more before thick, hot streams of cum hit the back of my throat. I tried to swallow it all but it was no use. Justin was still screaming in ecstasy as rivers of cum poured from my mouth, escaping down his veiny shaft.

And still it kept flowing.

And flowing.

I drank down as much as I could but the bed was soon soaked with his man juice.

Eventually, after an eternity it seemed, the cum stopped and I pulled my mouth off his enormous cock. I looked down to realise that I’d cum without even noticing, my own tiny load paling into insignificance in comparison to Justins.

“Clean up the rest,” he ordered, without opening his eyes. His voice was deep.

I nearly refused but then I realised – I wanted to.

I leaned down licking up the cum from his shaft, his abs, his balls – savouring it all. I moved on to the bed, licking up as much as I could from the soaked bedding.

“Good boy,” he whispered, a deep rumbling.

Boy? He’d never called me boy before.

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Oh my !! Please keep going, this is so hot!

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Role reversal stories are a great read. The writing is tight and hot. A really terrific story so far. 

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Okay!!  This story totally got me going.  I hope his penis and his dominance continues to grow!!

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Thanks for the comments - part 3 coming soon!

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Here's the final part. Sorry it took a while - hopefully worth the wait!

Part 3

What the fuck had just happened?

I knelt at the end of our bed, savouring the taste of Justin’s seed in my mouth and looking down at the colossal dick responsible for it. Soft now but still longer than most men’s when fully hard. A cock to die for. To worship. 

“That was incredible,” Justin groaned, his deep basso voice now sexily juxtaposed to his boyish features.

My own cock twitched.

“What do you think of my dick now babe?” he teased, a smirk on his face as he wrapped his fingers around his thick member and slapped it on his abs.

“It’s…it’s…” I stumbled painfully.

“Come on Dan, spit it out,” he pushed. 

He actually wanted an answer.

I looked down at his cock…there were no words to describe it. I had to fight hard not to lean forward and take the huge python in my mouth again, sucking him hard until he shot another unbelievable load down my throat.

“Time for round two, eh?” he teased again, reading my mind. “I can see how much you want this Dan”.

He started stroking his cock, one hand traversing the entire length slowly, lazily. I watched as it started to swell again and within seconds he was rock hard.

I was in a trance, my own cock swelling quickly.

“Measure it,” he ordered, snapping me out of my reverie.

I didn’t hesitate, jumping up to grab the measuring tape out of the draw before hurrying back to Justin. He was still lying on his back, stroking his tool, his fingers exploring its new size, tracing every line and appreciating the incredible girth. He paused to allow me to measure his newly enlarged manhood.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed, half in shock, half in pure lust.

He laughed.

“How big is it Dan?” he asked, eager.

“12 inches”. 

“FUCK,” he roared. “That’s massive…much bigger than yours”.

I didn’t deny it. The disparity was obvious. 

“Stand up,” he ordered, full of new confidence. His voice reverberated masculinity and power.

I did as he asked and he came and stood next to me. Both of our rock-hard cocks stood out in front of us. Justin laughed as he looked down, grabbing my cock in his hand and pulling it up against his.

“You look tiny in comparison to me,” he mocked.

“I know,” I murmured, still in disbelief.

“To think I used to think you were big…” he continued.

I couldn’t think of a reply.

Annoyed at my silence, Justin slapped me hard on the ass.

“I think I know what I want to try next,” he stated, coming to stand behind me, resting his thick cock on my ass.

“Justin…no,” I pleaded, suddenly afraid. “I can’t…it’s too big”.

The irony was lost on neither of us and Justin let out a low, deep chuckle, ignoring my plea as he pressed his bulging cock head against my hole. I let out an involuntary moan, surprising even myself as I reflexively pushed my ass back against the thick girth of his immense cock.

“Haha…look who’s the cock slut now,” Justin laughed, slapping my ass hard. 

As I felt him push harder and harder though something snapped and a mixture of panic and pride came over me. 

I couldn’t take his cock.

No, I corrected myself, I wouldn’t take it.

I was still the boss here. 

Justin may have the Godliest cock I’d ever seen but I was still more muscular and much stronger.

In one swift motion I turned, grabbing Justin under both arms and pushing him up against the wall, his feet dangling a foot above the ground.

“NO!” I roared, barely noticing that Justin’s colossal cock was inches from my chin, resting up against my heaving pecs. 

I looked up at him, seeing the fear in his eyes and my heart broke.

“I’m sorry babe,” I cried, setting him back down on the ground, my flare of anger passing as quick as it had started.

I stopped in my tracks. A familiar spasm had passed across my lover’s face.

“What’s the matter babe?” I questioned, concerned again. “It can’t possibly grow anymore,” I added in disbelief.

“No…this feels…different…” he murmured, confusion on his face.

“Oh fuck babe, I knew it…” I replied, panicking. 

“No…it still feels good…just…different,” he moaned.

“What do you mean?” I pleaded.

“Well before…it was just my cock that felt amazing…this time…it’s my whole body,” he let out between gasps of pleasure. 

I took a step back, scared, trying to spot the first sign of trouble.

Justin got there first.

“Fuck,” he growled, “I think I’m growing”.

With a spasm of shock, I realised he was right. It wasn’t his cock this time though…

I watched in disbelief as my boyfriend started to grow taller, millimetre my millimetre, his back still up against the wall where I’d left him.

“Oh no…Fuck…I don’t want this,” he moaned, his voice still deep. “Make it stop Dan”.

“I can’t babe,” I cried, “there’s nothing I can do”.

“Please…” he whimpered, his begging sounding odd in his bass tones.

Justin started to grunt as his torso continued to stretch. He’d previously been a good foot shorter than me but I knew that the gap between us was narrowing and fast – he’d already gained at least 3 inches.

“Oh fuck,” Justin moaned again, his face contorted.

It was then that I noticed that Justin wasn’t just growing taller, other parts of his body were starting to swell too, pulsing with the delayed effects of the injected serum. I watched, amazed, as his previously flat pecs started to push slowly outwards and his shoulders began to broaden. His biceps were swelling, huge veins exploding over them as the muscles demanded blood. Triceps, which had barely existed before, sprung from the back of his arms and his quads began to thicken, nicely framing his gigantic manhood.

Something changed on Justin’s face. The pain was gone…replaced by euphoria, ecstasy.

“OH FUCK,” he roared. “This…feels…AMAZING!”

The growth was getting faster and faster, no part of him left untouched. 

“LOOK at these pecs,” he said in amazement, staring down as his chest continued to swell. His hands started to explore his inflating muscles, squeezing and probing their size and firmness. And still he continued to grow, passing rapidly the build of a swimmer and on to that of a professional gymnast.

I watched as he brought his arms up into a double biceps, flexing instinctively as I knew he would never have done before. 

“FEEL THEM!” he ordered, his voice thundering, his muscles still expanding.

I stepped forward immediately, squeezing his flexed biceps with both hands. The rock-solid muscles felt like warm marble, smooth except for the drainpipe-like veins snaking across the surface. My fingers began to stretch apart as his firm mounds of muscle continued to inflate like balloons of granite. I started kissing and licking his biceps all over, staggered at the feel of them under my lips and tongue.

“Mmmm… WORHSIP ME!” Justin moaned, still flexing hard. “I’m going to be HUGE!!”.

I put one hand on each of his delts, feeling not just the growth of these muscles (they would soon be like cannon balls) but also the widening of his entire upper body. He was developing that inverted-V shape that many lifters toiled over for years, with broad lats spreading out from an impossibly tiny waist. My hands found their way to Justin’s pecs which were now jutting out over his abs, heavy with growing muscle. I could feel and see the striations rippling across them as he flexed hard, revelling in his new size.

I looked up and, with a start, realised that we were now the same height, looking eye to eye at each other. With even greater shock I realised that Justin had already surpassed me in muscle mass, taking on proportions I could only dream of. And, whereas my own muscle was covered in a thin layer of fat, Justin had next to none, making him look all the more impressive – every muscle was defined and ripped.

“HAHA…YES,” he roared, clearly coming to the same conclusions that I had. “I’M A GOD - ALREADY…BIGGER…THAN…YOU,” he added, pulling different flexes between each word, marvelling at his rapidly increasing size.

Without warning, Justin grabbed the back of my head, drawing me in towards his vast chest. As I started to suck on one of his huge, sexy nips I felt him wrap his pumped, vascular arms around my neck, pulling me in tight and surrounding me with muscle.

It was too much for me.

“Oh FUUUUCKK,” I moaned as, without warning, my body was wracked with the first hands-free orgasm of my life. I looked down to see my aching cock shoot streams of cum over Justin’s abs and tree-trunk quads.

Justin’s booming laugh reverberated against me.

“YES!” he roared, “Just the feel of my muscles is enough to make you cum”.

I didn’t have the energy or brain-space to feel embarrassed and I couldn’t exactly deny it…

“Get on your knees and clean me up,” Justin ordered.

I instantly dropped to the floor and looked up at the most amazing sight. My ex-twink boyfriend was now towering over me, mounds upon mounds of muscle adorning his frame and a continuous stream of pre-cum dripping from his obscene cock. His quads, complete with a perfect tear-drop of defined muscle, glistened with my seed which I obediently began to lick up. I’d never tasted my own load before but here, on my knees, in front of this beast I didn’t even hesitate…it just felt right. I moaned deeply, my tongue tracing the lines of his quads, simultaneously cleaning and worshipping him. I hungrily swallowed my cum, lost in an erotic muscle-induced daze.

“Mmmm FUCK…you’re a dirty cum whore,” Justin taunted.

I loved it and groaned with pleasure.

My face was now inches away from Justin’s huge cock and I moved to take it in my mouth again.

“No-no-no,” Justin chuckled, grabbing me by the neck and slapping my face hard with his thick, weighty cock.

That would bruise.

“My abs first…” he added, reminding me of my orders.

I had to stand slightly (he was still growing towards the ceiling) but lustfully I licked up the middle of his defined 8-pack abs, collecting more of my huge load in my mouth. I could see in front of my eyes and feel under my tongue that Justin’s abs were continuing to develop, sexy bricks of defined muscle pushing out from his torso. By the time I’d finished cleaning him he had a perfect, beautiful 10-pack that made me sick with both envy and lust.

“Good boy,” Justin cooed, watching me swallow my own load.


I fell back onto my knees, looking up at Justin to see that the growth seemed to be slowing. He had to be at least 7 feet tall when it finally stopped and was bigger and more ripped than any professional bodybuilder I’d ever seen. His swollen biceps looked twice the size of mine and his shoulders had to be as broad as two normal men. Massive lats framed his enormous pecs which heaved as he breathed deeply, like the rest of his body totally smooth and hairless. His waist was as tight as it ever had been, making his legs look even bigger – huge thick pillars of muscle which met in the middle and would rub if he tried to walk. Only Justin’s face was unchanged, cute and boyish as ever but now sitting on the thick neck of a muscle bull. 

“Fuuuck. I’m a BEAST,” he moaned, unable to stop flexing, pulling classic pose after classic pose. I stared up in amazement as he went through double biceps…most muscular…side chest… over and over. He turned, showing me a back that seemed to go on and on, a huge expanse of muscle upon muscle upon muscle, all seemingly competing for space. My eyes dropped to his massive glutes - two perfectly formed globes of ripped beef that jutted out at the base of his back like boulders of granite. He exuded power and virility.

“LOOK AT ME!!” Justin roared, turning to face me again and pulling a most muscular. 

There was no chance of me looking at anything else. 

Seeing his bloated muscles burst as he flexed I couldn’t help grabbing my cock and starting to jerk it hard. I’d never been so turned on in my life. I needed to cum again…badly.

“HAHA, I don’t think so…” Justin laughed, kicking my hand away from my cock with one of his massive feet. He then proceeded to push me backwards so that one foot ended up on my chest, pinning me to the floor.

“Justin…please…” I begged, struggling to get up but feeling him push me back down with the slightest pressure from his massive leg.

“You’ve had your turn already boy…it’s time for your muscle God to enjoy himself now,” he said, looking down at me as he wrapped one hand around his huge, throbbing cock and started jerking.

Soon, deep unearthly moans were escaping his lips.

“Justin…please…” I repeated. his massive foot was starting to hurt my chest.

He laughed.

“Oh I’ll let you up soon, don’t you worry,” he said, continuing to jerk his cock. “But first I think it’s time to reset the natural order around here, don’t you?”

“I-I don’t know what you mean,” I cried, my voice sounding pathetic and emasculated next to his deep growl.

More laughter.

“Oh I think you do Danny boy,” he replied. “Let’s start with what you’re going to call me from now on…any ideas?”.


“I just don’t think Justin will do the trick anymore,” he taunted, a thoughtful look on his beautiful face. 

He paused for effect.

“Yes, I think either ‘Muscle God’ or ‘Muscle Daddy’ will be much more appropriate”.

The words hung in the air, lingering with meaning.

“No…Justin…be reasonable…”

“Come on now boy…say it!” he ordered, his voice losing its playfulness, now only rough and hard…commanding.

I struggled on the floor, trying again to get up. He pressed down hard with his foot.

“SAY IT!” he roared, pressing even harder, the huge muscles of his quads flexed and taut.

His strength was incredible. 

Godly even.


“YOU ARE MY MUSCLE GOD!” I exploded, looking up at the towering beast above me.

I could feel the truth of the words.

“That’s better,” he growled, releasing some of the pressure on my chest and causing me to gasp with relief.

All this while he had been jerking his obscene cock and now he started to groan again, pleasure pulsing through his pumped-up body. Drops of his delicious pre were falling onto my face. Instinctively I tried to catch them in my mouth, wanting to taste him again.

Justin looked down at me, smirking.


My Muscle God looked down at me, smirking.

I wanted to reach for my own cock but knew that I shouldn’t. He needed to be pleasured first. He needed to be worshipped.

“Please Sir…” I started, the words feeling right. “Let me worship you…”.

“Oh, I will Danny…” he crooned, “…but first, let’s see think about what you’ll be called from now on”.

He put on a show – more fake thinking. He exuded arrogance and power.

“Hmmm…yes…I think you can choose from… ‘Boy’, ‘Slut’ and ‘slave’,” he concluded.

Despite everything this felt like too much.

“Please…no…Sir…don’t make me,” I begged, some remnant of pride still intact.

“You see the thing is boy, I think I will,” he retorted, a smirk on his face.

In less than a second he had reached down, grabbing me under the arms and lifting me to my feet in one smooth motion. It was effortless. Despite the shock I had time to noticed how his enormous, peaked biceps bulged and his forearms flexed like strings of granite rope.

He still towered over me – my face was level with the top of his abs.

“WHAT ARE YOU?!” he bellowed, his deep voice shockingly sexy.

“I…I…I…can’t…” I stammered pitifully.

Why was I resisting? I needed to serve my God. I needed to please him.

“YOU NEED TO LEARN BOY!” he roared.

“I’m n-not your b-boy,” I whimpered. 

Placing one hand under my jaw he lifted me up in the air, his strong fingers tight around my neck, my feet swinging almost comically below me.

Fuck he was strong. 

“I can hold you here all day slut,” he taunted.

I didn’t doubt it. It was as if I weighed nothing.

I could barely breath. My vision was going blurred. I grabbed onto his thick forearm for support, desperately struggling to free myself.

“SAY IT!” he roared, all of his muscles flexed with anger.

It was an awesome sight.

I felt pathetic. Small before him.

Before my God.


The words came tumbling out.

He let out a colossal, deep, bestial roar in response – his conquest now complete - before throwing me down on the bed.

I knew that this was how it would be now.

I lay there gasping for breath, looking up at my Muscle Daddy.

“FUCK YES YOU SLUT BOY” he shouted, flipping me over with one hand and then grabbing me by the hips and pulling me up on to all fours. I felt the heavy weight of his thick cock thwack against my ass, his big head teasing my hole. 

I moaned loudly.

“Beg for my Muscle Cock,” he ordered, grinding against my ass.

“Oh FUCK DADDY – please give me your muscle cock,” I pleaded, pressing my ass back against him and moaning with pleasure.

I knew I needed him in me.

He grabbed my hair, pulling my head back so he could whisper in my ear.

“Say it so I can hear it boy.”

His voice was so deep, rumbling against me.

“PLEASE MUSCLE DADDY GIVE YOUR COCK TO YOUR PATHETIC SLUT BOY!” I screamed at the top of my voice, not caring if the whole world heard.

With that I felt his swollen cock head pressing hard against my hole as he grabbed my hips and simultaneously pulled me backwards.

“OH FUCK!” I cried as he entered me.

It felt like I was being split in two as his massive tool slid in. I’d never taken a cock anywhere near this big before.

I knew he wouldn’t wait for me to adjust and sure enough he pressed on, inch by thick inch as I let out continuous screams of pain. I didn’t want him to stop though, needing my Muscle God deep in me.

“You fucking cock slut,” he growled, oblivious to my pain. “FUCK, you feel good…so TIGHT,” he added, moaning.

I was pleasing my Muscle Daddy.

Soon, as tears now streamed down my face, he had his powerful cock all the way in to the hilt. I looked across at the mirror to the side and nearly came from the sight. A Muscular God, barely recognisable as my twink boyfriend, had his giant cock buried inside me, his pelvis pressed against my ass. His hands were wrapped around my hips, his mighty biceps flexed, veins popping as he pulled me back on to his cock.

Slowly, powerfully, he started fucking me.

I screamed – both from pain but also from a growing feeling of pleasure.

“Fuck yeah,” I moaned as he built up speed. “FUCK ME DADDY”.

Justin growled in response, pulling me back onto his cock with his massive, manly hands. Even now I marvelled at his strength.

“Take this huge muscle cock,” he groaned, ploughing into me with incredible force.

Within seconds and with no warning I felt my second hands-free orgasm of the day explode within me. This one was even more intense though due to the onslaught of his superhuman cock on my prostate. It didn’t stand a chance.

“FUUUUUUUUCK!” I screamed, my voice high-pitched with ecstasy.

More pleasure than I’d ever felt in my life was coursing through my veins.

I was at the edge of consciousness.

“Don’t…stop…” I moaned as everything went black.


I felt myself coming back from the edge of consciousness, confused and dazed, my senses slowly starting to return to me.

Had it been a dream? I asked myself. An amazing, vivid dream?

I started to explore my body…my eyes still heavy with sleep.

I could feel a powerful grip like a vice around my hips and back.

And I was moving up and down. Fast.

And FUCK there was something HUGE in my ass.


“Welcome back boy,” I heard a voice grunt as my eyes sprung open.

I struggled to take in the incredible sight in front of me.

Whilst I’d been out cold Justin had flipped me over, picking me up into his vast arms, and was now fucking me standing up. His torso stretched out in front of me, nothing short of Godly, his massive pecs filling my vision, his arms pumped and vascular as he held me in the air. He was covered in a light sheen of sweat, droplets congregating in the valley between his mountainous pecs and running down his 10-pack abs.

Shit, how long had he been fucking me unconscious for??

“About an hour,” he answered my unasked question.

FUCK. I’d been out for an hour.

“But good news boy…you’ve woken up just in time for Daddy’s load,” he added, looking down at me, his cute face hungry with lust.

I’m not sure if I’d ever stopped being hard but I suddenly became acutely aware of my throbbing, aching cock.

How many times would I cum today?

“Fuck Daddy,” I moaned, “give me your huge muscle load”.

Justin picked up the pace in response, crashing his thick, powerful cock into me over and over again. The room was soon filled with my screams and his animalistic grunts. I ran my hands over his smooth, sweaty pecs that felt like marble under my fingers.

“FUCK BOY,” Justin roared as I squeezed his huge sexy nips, throwing his head back in pure pleasure.

I could tell he was close.

I wanted his load.

“Please Sir…fill me with your load,” I moaned.

Justin only grunted in response. He couldn’t speak anymore.

“You’re a FUCKING BEAST!” I screamed grabbing on to his massive, peaked, vascular biceps.

In that second I saw his eyes widen, his mouth open in a silent scream.

La petite mort.

Then his cock throbbed in my ass and I was in heaven. 

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He became  a beast and his partner never altho a big man himself have to learn to let go.


Amazing job.

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Love stories where the now smaller men learn to love their place. Awesome job!

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That was very hot, great job.  Hope you post more! :)

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