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23 minutes ago, anormorph said:

I'm not thrilled at the split, because I really shipped Trevor and Brooke, but I don't hate her.  She took the path of least resistance once a viable opportunity presented itself.  Trevor and Brooke's relationship wasn't years in the making, right?  Machiavellian me also wants to think it was all a ploy to force Trevor to reconnect with Seth - Brooke was the last thread of a support network Trevor had.  We know this probably isn't true via Seth's admission she's with Jack, but I hope she gets a bit more playtime. 

Her comments about size are an interesting post-breakup conversation.  She shaves a half-inch off of Trevor's starting height and highlights he was never that big before.  The flirtation tactic is neat as well.  She finds it hot (am I wrong subbing in 'adorable?') that the smaller guys flirt, but does not choose to date any of them.  I feel her intent is to try and stimulate Trevor's thoughts and shake up his reality, but some of her words are contradictory.  She's done, but she isn't trying to be cruel.  It's a last ditch effort to save Trevor from himself.

I think there's more to come from Brooke and Jack - they both jumped without knowing much about each other.  Just like people are 'supposed' to do when 20-ish years old.

I totally see your point of view, and if our rather sadistic author, lol jk, takes this tack I can buy it.  It's just that everything doesn't add up, as you stated. I do not think you're wrong about subbing adorable.  I just do not know if it is sincere on her part in really wanting to help Trev or more self-centered and self interested (Your paragraph on size, the thing I noticed in these last couple of Chapters from Brooke.)  I dont know if it is intentional cruelty, but if it wasnt, she sure made it look like it was.  If she was Trev's last thread of support, it was a very poor thread.

I agree too about the possibilities between her and Jack.  They both got together basically over lust, as far as we can see so far in the writing.  That only goes so far, even in 20 year olds.  And when Brooke is up against an ego far larger than she is used to - that she cant dominate, which in passing with Trev she thought that she really enjoyed - what will happen.  They may be perfect for each other.  Or they may fly apart.  My instinct says fly apart.  But, instincts can be wrong on so little information.

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Another part so soon?  Don't get used to it.  I've been sick at home all week so I had extra time to write while trying to combat boredom.  

After last weeks feel goodery Trevor will again have his mettle tested.


Part 8


Before school starts back up for the Spring semester Trevor and Seth hang out two more times before Seth departs for his co-op. The month of January comes and Trevor settles himself into a nice routine. He finds that without Brooke there to constantly remind him of how much she and the others have grown, he begins to feel more normal. He has even started going back to the campus gym. Some of his old gym buddies say hi and ask where he's been and he replies that he's just been busy. He does not have the confidence to wear his old tank tops, but is able to put that aside and enjoy his workouts.


Every once in a while he spots Jack at the campus rec center. And fuck if he doesn't look hotter and bigger than ever. Having a basketball background, Jack is often spotted playing pick up basketball, where he easily overpowers the competition with his size and strength. Historically he played guard, a position meant for the shorter players, but now that he was likely over six and half feet tall, he played under the rim. And where most tall basketball players were long and lanky, Jack was buff with muscle. With his muscle packed legs he could easily bowl over his defenders and jump up and dunk the ball with minimal effort. On defense, games wouldn't go more than few minutes without Jack skying high and blocking a shot.  This was always followed by a booming "NOT IN MY HOUSE!" as thumps his meaty pecs.  He chuckles to himself at how stupid the basketball coach was to cut him last year.  With Seth out of town, Jack had clearly assumed the role as the new alpha of the gym.


Trevor is afraid to face Jack so he does his best to avoid him. When he sees Jack approaching he scampers into side rooms or heads in the opposite direction. He just can make himself face the man that won his girlfriend. The better man.  The bigger man.  The taller man.   Luckily, Jack is easy to spot, and hear, approaching. With his dude-bro attitude he is loud and boisterous. Constantly sauntering the halls of the rec with his shirt off. It's not uncommon to see his flexing for an admiring girl.

It's a position that Jack relishes. He loves his best bud Seth, but can't help deny that he always felt a bit in Seth's shadow. And Seth has a LARGE shadow. Jack loves the attention he gets being the big man on campus. He's got it all now. He's tall. He's muscular. He's even more good looking than he was. And he's banging one of the hottest chicks on campus. In the gym he constantly gets stares and he eats it up and loves to reinforce his superiority.  In the weight room he loves to go up to small newbie Freshman lifters and standing right next to them with his shirt off. Most Freshman are very skinny, so next to Jack's towering frame they look downright puny, which makes Jack feel even bigger and more powerful. He lets the runts stare up at his hulking sweaty muscles, high above their own, making them shiver in fear...until he smiles and relaxes them.


“Hey there dudes! I'm Jack. If you ever want advice on how to lift right and get big. Just let me know. As you can see, I'm pretty damn BIG. Check out these guns!” Jack throws up a cocky biceps flex as the tiny Freshman stare in awe. “I'd be happy to answer your questions, just be careful not to bother me when I'm lifting the big weights. I'd hate for you little guys to get hurt!  But you little guys lift big and eat your vegetable and maybe one day you'll grow up to be BIG LIKE ME!” As the Freshman stare on stunned, Jack turns and resumes his workout, happy to have and demonstrated his superiority.


Trevor has seen this seen from afar as has no desire to be a part of Jack's boasting. He quickly learns Jack's schedule and starts attending gym at Jack's off hours. Trevor is happy to fall back into a normal lifting routine. He begins to gain back his old strength and starts to shed some of the fat that he had put on. It's a slow process and he hasn't quite gotten himself back into his bodybuilding-type workouts, opting for full body workouts as he gets back in shape, but he finally feels like he's getting back to his old self.


The final week of January is soon upon everyone. Seth will be back in town and the two have made plans to enjoy the weekend together. Seth is happy that Trevor has actually been keeping in touch via text messages. Stacy is visiting family until Sunday, so Seth decides this will be a guys weekend, just him and Trevor. He considers inviting Jack, but knows that wound is probably still too fresh for Trevor, so he thinks better of it to just be the two of them. 


“I bought two tickets to college basketball game and have some gym time planned. Just us two. On top I've got some beers to drink so we can just chill and hang out, bro! No stress, no problems.”


Seth tells Trevor all of this over the phone and can tell Trevor is relieved. He is grateful to be spending time with Seth just one on one, like they used too. It's been forever. Plus with Trevor's workouts he is feeling more energetic and looking better, so he feels like he is in a good place, like a weight has been lifted from his shoulders.


“That sounds like a great weekend, Seth. Really, I'm excited. We'll see you in a couple of days. Later, bro.”


On Friday evening Seth is back in town and picks up Trevor in a new black Chevy Tahoo. Trevor climbs up into the monstrous cab and sees Seth, looking as bulky as a silverback in his winter coat.


“Woah, Seth when did you get this beast of a ride?”


“Haha yeah man. The old Toyota got way too small.  I couldn't move the seat back any further. My parents would joke and ask if I strapped the Toyota on my back when I came home. So they helped me lease out this thing. It fits me a bit better, don't you think?”


Trevor looks around at what feels like a cockpit to him. The enormous vehicle gives him plenty of room to stretch out in the passenger seat...and yet still, Seth looks a crammed up against the steering wheel and his head is awfully close to the ceiling.


“So what did your parents think of...um...you being so huge?”


“At first they were a little freaked out. I mean I grew over the summer but even THIS size shocked them.  They were worried about my health and stuff. But they calmed down. I can tell my Dad LOVES it. My parents look so tiny compared to me. My Dad is only like 5'6, so I just dwarfed the little guy. I think since he has always been short that he always wanted a big and tall son and now he finally has one! And he especially loved having me help him take down this old shed out behind our house. He told me that with my muscles it probably took only a one third of the time he was planning on. Haha dude after we loosened the shed walls, I was literally able to reach up, grab the roof and push it over with my strength! That really got a kick out of my old man!”


Seth parks and the two walk down the street to grab a pizza. Seth stoops into the parlor and the owner already knows what to expect.


"The usual Big Seth?"


Seth grins and nods. "Carry out this time, though. Me and my buddy are hanging tonight!" He says as he puts his arm around you.


Trevor can feel the heavy weight of Seth's arm resting on his shoulders, almost like how it feels when preparing to do squats. The pizza place owner looks over at Trevor and laughs, causing Trevor to scrunch his face.


"Oh, I thought that was your kid brother! No worries! Order is coming up!"


Twenty minutes later, the pizzas - plural - arrive on the counter, "Three extra large, double meat pizzas for Big Seth!"


Trevor glances at Seth as he blushes a bit. "Dude... I'm a big guy. Big guys get really hungry!"


They both laugh, feeling like old times. They head back to Seth's and drink, eat and catch up. They talk about Brooke and Stacy, and just commiserate about school and life. They watch a couple of episodes of the latest viral Netflix feature before finally getting sleepy late into the night. Seth yawns and stretches his incredibly long arms which tests the tensile strength of his shirt fabric.


"Remember dude don't stay up too late. We have to hit the gym tomorrow morning, just like old times!"


Seth pulls out a bed from the couch for Trevor before heading into his room. Trevor strips down to his boxers, visits the bathroom and then heads back to the couch. He plugs in his phone and then slips under the covers into the warmth. He hears Seth moving about, doing his nightly routine and using the restroom as well. Soon the light in the hallway flips on and Seth walks out, ducking under the door frame.


Seth, this huge,tall muscle god, is standing there nonchalantly in extremely tight briefs.


“You good for the night, Trev? Do you need anything else? More pillows or blankets?”


Trevor tries to disguise his surprise but can't. Seth just looks so incredible. Every muscle bulges perfectly large yet still in proportion. It's like someone took a photocopy of a 6 ft tall muscle model and blew him up by 10 inches. He doesn't look long and lanky. He's just...BIG. Tall and packed with smooth muscle. And big EVERYWHERE, as Trevor sees when his eyes are naturally drawn to the bright white, STUFFED, briefs which offset the dark golden tan of Seth's unblemished skin.


Seth can see Trevor staring at his huge bulging crotch pouch, his unders barely able to contain his huge cock. Seth has gotten used to the site in his mirror, and it still surprises even him when new people get a hint at the size of his endowment. Trevor looks with shock that the sheer weight of Seth's dick seems to be pulling the waistband down, exposing the top of a trimmed bush of pubes. As Trevor continually stares, it empowers Seth, making him feel proud.


Seth then notices a small tent forming under the covers. Internally he's amused and knows he could tease Trevor a bit over it, but he lets it go for now. A wry smile crosses his face as he heads back, ducking his head and returning to his room, leaving Trevor with a look at the world biggest, tightest and most muscular ass, also barely contained in the tight white briefs.


Seth heads to bed with a smile. Later, in the quiet of the night, he swears he can faintly hear what he think is little Trevor beating off, thinking about his body. His amazig height, huge muscles and grandiose cock... But he can't be sure. He laughs to himself though, now chubbed at the thought that he is so hot now that his friend beats off to him and thinks to himself, "guys got to do what guys got to do," before falling back asleep.


The next morning Seth wakes up and heads toward the kitchen to make breakfast. To Trevor's unspoken disappointment, Seth is in long shorts having apparently learned his lesson from the prior night.


"You hungry, little guy?"


Seth cracks a dozen eggs into a frying pan. Trevor watches the shirtless muscle man brew some coffee. They sip the dark roast which helps to clear the cobwebs created from the late night. Trevor watches as Seth devours eggs, oatmeal, fruit and even some bits of steak. The amount of he shoves in in astounding. Meanwhile, Trevor only eats a bit, not wanting to get too much in him for the gym. He feels like a mouse munching a modest meal while Seth inhales plates of breakfast food. Seth finishes up with a banana as he gets up and loads the plates in the sink


"You ready, bro?" Seth asks after cleaning up. "Can't wait to hit the gym. Need to turn this food into MUSCLE!" He says as he strikes a double bicep pose with a bright grin. “You're going to love my gym. The equipment is all nice and new. Perfect for betting BIG!”


Twenty minutes later the two are dressed in their workout gear and climb into Seth's Tahoe with their gym bags and change of clothes on hand. With Stacy's help, Seth had gotten a free guest pass for Trevor. Everybody at the gym greet Seth with resounding hello's and big waves. He is very popular there and Trevor can understand why.


It has been about six months since Trevor last stepped foot in a commercial gym and he is floored by the overall look and atmosphere of this place. All the equipment is sparkling new and polished. The dumbbells shimmer under the bright fluorescent lights hanging from the tall ceilings. This is truly an upscale place. Trevor wonders how Seth can afford a membership here until her remembers that Seth is sponsored by this very gym and that Stacy works there as well.


They drop their stuff in Seth's locker which uses a fancy finger scanner to lock and unlock. They then head out to the free weights to warm up and get started. The two decide to work on chest, because bros love working chest together. It quickly becomes clear that Seth is in a league of his own. Trevor is able to work up to using the 75 lb dumbbells for flat bench but is shocked when Seth uses those same weights as a warm up!


“Seriously Seth, THAT'S your warmup?”


“Haha yeah man. What can I say. I've gotten pretty damn strong.”


Trevor uses the same weights for two more working sets while Seth eventually works up to lifting dumbbells the seem unimaginable to Trevor.


“Holy shit, Seth. I didn't even realize they made 225 lb dumbbells!”


“Yeah this gym is awesome. They have the biggest weights in the state! They actually have 275's that I'm working up to. Stand back, little dude. I'm holding more than your body weight in each hand, if something goes wrong I don't want you to get crushed. Here we go. HUP!”


Trevor watches stunned as Seth lets out a beastly grunt and leans back onto the bench bringing 450 lbs worth of dumbbell over his prone torso. Trevor thinks how to a little guy like himself, this act would be suicide.  But to a Herculean giant like Seth it's no worry.  Trevor wonders if he can even pick up just ONE of these monster dumbbells.Seth then performs a perfect set of 11 presses. His pecs bulge and grow upward with every grunted rep, straining his tank top. When finished Seth sets the weights down. Even though they weight 225 lbs each, Seth's massive hand and thickly corded forearms handle the weight with care.  No dropping the weights here.  Still, the bells are so heavy Trevor can actually feel a tremor as Seth places them on ground. Seth stands up and swings his arms to loosen up his joints and Trevor looks way UP in awe at the masses of his pecs stretching and flexing.


“Woo! Good set, eh, little buddy! I'm feeling it today! You feeling BIG too?”


Trevor gulps but forces a smile. He doesn't feel big, especially watching his towering musclebound friend. Seth looks so...HUGE that he can't help but feel small. But, he definitely feels something watching Seth pump up.


“Ye...yeah Seth. Let's keep pumping!”


The workout buddies decide the use some of the machines. Seth hops on a shiny new pec fly machine, adjusts the seat and arm bars to the biggest setting and bangs out a set, using the full stack of weights. Trevor is mesmerized watching Seth's meaty pec pillows bunch up and crash into each other, fighting for space in front of his sternum.


“You're turn, Trev! Remember to really squeeze those pecs together. Force that blood into those littl-...into those muscles.” Seth corrects himself.


Trevor rolls his eyes remembering how it was he who originally taught Seth all these little tricks to maximize growth. Trevor first grabs the wight pin and halves the weight. He then steps up and sits on the seat. It is an innocent mistake that instantly makes him feel puny as his feet dangle way above the ground. Embarrassed, he hops off, having forgotten to lower the seat and move the arm cushions inward. Seth mercifully does not say anything. Trevor lowers the seat to he lowest setting and moves the arm pads in as far as they can go. He hops back on the seat and gasps. It becomes clear to both men...the machine is still TOO BIG for Trevor!


Trevor's feet are still dangling just above the ground and he can't properly reach the arms pads. It is then that Trevor remembers how Stacy had mentioned a while back that the gym had been investing in larger machines for their literally growing clientele. On this supersized pec fly machine Trevor feels like a toddler sitting on a King's thrown. Seth notices too and feels bad.


“Oh...em... Sorry, Trev. I forgot about the new larger machines. Let's see. Maybe we can have you sit on a 25 lb plate, like a booster seat. Or maybe...hmm...”


Trevor heart races in horror as Seth looks around innocently trying to remedy the solution. Trevor appreciates his concern but that fact he needs a 'booster seat' is another blow to his size obsession.


“Hey Trev! I just remembered the old machines are over there in the corner.” Seth points over to a cramped, low-lit dingy alcove just off the main gym floor. “Trev, why don't you go do pec fly sets over there and we'll meet back up when we're done.”


Trevor sulks off to the alcove. All the old machines are squeezed in tight into the confined space. He locates the pec fly machine which of course is the closest to the main floor and leaves him exposed to the rest of the gym. As Trevor hops on and starts doing his sets, a couple of jacked guys walk by. They notice Trevor on the machine and snicker to each other. And Trevor knows why, they are both big. Big and tall. Not nearly as tall as Seth but they must be over 6 ft 4. It is then that Trevor looks around the gym. Since it's Saturday morning the gym is not crowded. Only a small amount of dedicated lifters are here. But, to Trevor's horror he suddenly realizes that all the men in the gym are taller than him!  Much taller.  And since this is the dedicated crowd they are all muscular and ripped. Wide, broad, capped shoulders. Long toned legs. There are even a couple of women using the over-sized machines on the main floor! Trevor sees that he is the only 'average' sized person in the whole gym. And in here, 'average' is...tiny. Small. Weak. Among all these huge and powerful people Trevor feels like he is basically using the kiddie weights section!


Having finished his set, Seth soon saunters toward Trevor, smirking as he passes two other lifters...lifters who, while tall, come nowhere to matching his own size which pleases him immensely. He spots Trevor on the old machine frantically looking around and all the big beautiful people. Seth notices his little friend's anxiety and suddenly realizes that maybe coming this supersized gym wasn't such a good idea. Seth leads Trevor back over the free weights, avoiding the titanic machines. They finish their workout with Seth hovering near him, which makes Trevor feel like Seth is protecting him from the huge, cocky men milling about doing their own workouts. It makes him like a child with his giant overprotective father.


However, the humiliation of being too small for this gym is offset by Trevor watching Seth finish his workout. Seth has a tendency to flex whatever muscle he working after each set which makes Trevor drool in admiration. With Seth's help, even using weights that are a fraction of what Seth uses, Trevor is able to obtain a decent pump. After the workout they head to the locker room to shower and change. Trevor is grateful that his embarrassment in the weight room is now ending and he relaxes as you Seth leads him into to the locker room.  at Trevor doesn't realize is the he's about to feel more emasculated than ever.


"Good lift. Let's hit the showers, little guy. I don't want to reek for the basketball game later."


Seth puts his big hand on Trevor's back as he confidently strolls into the locker room. Trevor demurs a bit, clearly uncomfortable.


“Hey Seth, why don't we just shower back at your place?”


“And get my new Tahoe all stinky and sweaty? Nah man let's do it here. The showers are right over there.”


Seth heads over to his locker with his ridiculously wide back to Trevor. He begins stripping, first his shirt comes off, showcasing his incredibly wide shoulders and power packed back which tapers down to an impossibly tight waist for such a large man. Even with his frame, Trevor estimates that he still must only have a size 34 waist - superhuman on a frame like his. Then come the shorts, revealing thick, manly corded quads and hamstrings and big, developed calf muscles. This of course leads up to his huge, high and tight bubble butt which is showcased in perfect relief against the tight grey workout briefs he's wearing. Then, while nearly panting, Trevor sees Seth hook a finger in the briefs...knowing what is coming next.


Trevor sucks in a breath in anticipation. Unaware of Trevor's intensive ogling, Seth nonchalantly slowly strips off the tight briefs, revealing the tanned skin of his perfectly sculpted ass to the entire locker room. Time seems to slow as Seth turns around to face Trevor. The moments flicker in Trevor's head like an old movie until Seth is facing you directly.


"Come on, dude. Strip down. Showers are over there," Seth says pointing behind you with my long, muscular arm.


Trevor stares at Seth's cock in absolutely disbelief. It's huge. Not just HUGE, but INCREDIBLY HUGE. You estimate that it must be about 8" soft and still thick as a beer can. No wonder why Seth's briefs barely fit it! No man, even guys his size, have cocks THAT BIG!!


Seth grabs a towel and heads to the showers, his massive feet slapping against the tile. Unlike Trevor, Seth flips the towel over his meaty shoulder and proudly strolls to the showers naked and free while Trevor has his towel Saran-wrapped around his waist. Trevor follows nervously behind, strongly considering turning and not showering at all instead of suffering the humiliation of the inevitable comparison to come. Finally they enter the showers. A few guys are already in there and to Trevor's horror he sees the two big guys who snickered at him earlier chatting and washing off their tall taut bodies.


Even through the steam, it's easy to spot Seth, though, TOWERING over them. Trevor quickly hangs his towel and scampers over next to Seth hoping the steam and Seth's size will shield any eyes on his comparatively diminutive body. Trevor glances around through the steam, noticing guy after guy who just look perfect. Some pumped up like bodybuilders, some leaner like fitness models, all extremely fit and muscular. And TALL. It doesn't seem like there's a guy under 6ft4 at all there! And all have these perfect bodies that, despite Trevor's aggressive efforts in the gym as of late, make him feel he looks bloated and undefined by comparison.


If that weren't bad enough, their cocks, too, hang long and low while his small member seems to retract into your body. Trevor watches Seth shower next to him, leaning down to catch water. Even in this gym for giants Seth is a bit too tall for these showers which, to him, seem very high up. It's clear though that Seth has outgrown them for some time as he does his best to wash his short dark hair. After Seth scrubs his face, he looks over and down at his little buddy. Seth doesn't say anything, but even he is surprised just how SMALL Trevor looks next to him. 


"See dude, this wasn't so bad, right?"


Trevor looks up at Seth's tan body, crazy how he seems to maintain it over the bleak winter months, next to his own lake white body. Does Seth tan or did the Elongro enhance his pigmentation just as it seems to have everything on Seth. Trevor can't help but compare himself to the naked bodybuilder right in front of him. It only takes Trevor a moment to realize that Seth is doing the same. Seth looks over to make sure no one can hear them. He can't help but comment. He doesn't mean what he's about to say purely as an insult...he's just stating his observation from the perspective of his new truth...that of an alpha muscle giant.


"Fuck, Trev. You are small... I always thought you were hung..." Seth says, staring at Trevor's little dick. Trevor immediately blushes red and reflexively covers up. "I mean you were fucking Brooke for a long, long time. I figured that's why she was with you even when she blew past you in height because you were packing... but, fuck, dude, clearly not.  Huh."  He chuckles.


Trevor feels humiliated, but in the presence of Seth's anaconda, he almost forgets about his own modest endowment. Trevor can't help but look down and look back at Seth's cock, the water cascading off its long, big mushroom head. He think to himself how it looks as big as his fist. It is by far the absolute BIGGEST cock he's ever seen. The size difference between Seth and Trevor is so astounding, so mind-bogglingly unreal...that it excites Trevor.


"Jeezus Seth. It's...it's so big, so long, so HUGE..." Trevor mutters to himself.


It only takes a moment to break Trevor out of his daydream, however. Seth leans over and whispers harshly at Trevor.


"Dude! Are you getting hard from looking at my cock?"


Trevor's reverie is broken and he flushes with embarrassment at the realization that he's been caught.


Trevor panics and moves himself closer to the wall and faces it, doing his best to hide his erect state. Trevor turns his and head and looks up at Seth more embarrassed then he has ever have been in his entire life. Seth meanwhile is smirking down at Trevor in amusement. Trevor pleads quietly under the sound of shower.


“Please, Seth. Don't point it out. Please!” He says nearly crying.


The sight gets to Seth because he looks around and makes sure the other men can't see. Seth uses his Herculean frame and positions himself so the men to the right  can't catch a glimpse either. From over Trevor's head, Seth easily spots open showers near the corner of the large open room.


“Scoot down to the corner shower, little buddy.”


Trevor sidesteps down wall and Seth takes the one next to him. The other guys notice them moving and Seth turns to them.


“Better water pressure down here.”


They others guys take one look at his muscles and his mega-dick and decide not to question him. Trevor stays facing the wall.


“Ok, little buddy, take your time. We'll wait until the other guys leave.”


"I'm so sorry, Seth, please don't pound me. I don't know what it is. I swear I'm straight, but you are so...so...I don't know...MASSIVE that I can't help it! It's like you have this gravitational pull on me. I just find it so weirdly arousing. Fuck, this is so wrong!"


"Hey hey hey! Dude, really it's fine!" Seth looks around. “Ok the coast is clear, other guys are gone.” Seth smiles warmly at Trevor and again put his hand on Trevor's shoulder. "Honestly bro, I get hard looking at myself in the mirror, nowadays too! I mean look at this monster!"


With a cocky grin Seth reaches down and grabs his cock and swings it around in helicopter circle, clearly proud as a peacock.


"Dude, I don't care if you like it. I like it, obviously. It doesn't necessarily mean you're gay, if that's what you're worried about. Although I wouldn't give a shit if you were anyways."


Trevor still looks terrified and feels small, humiliated and exposed. Seth thinks to himself that the tiny man cowering in the corner would otherwise look pathetic, if that man weren't his best friend.


"Trev, think of it like this, when we watch porn, we like to see women getting pounded with huge cocks, right? We don't want to watch chicks playing with little wieners. Size is hot, dude. Trust me, I KNOW” Seth chuckles.


All this talk about porn and watching Seth fondling his massive cock, does nothing to make Trevor's erection subside. Trevor again turns to the wall to try to calm himself down, but a curiosity overcomes Seth. He showed Trevor his junk, he feels that Trevor should reciprocate.


"No...no wait Buddy. Let me see, now I'm curious," Seth says.


Seth grabs Trevor's shoulder and easily spins the small man to face him. Trevor looks up nervously. With a nod from Seth, Trevor moves his hands out of the way. Trevor is quickly back at full erection and Seth stares way down at it, in awe himself.


"Is...is that it?" He says, almost ashamed to say the words. "Dude, my SOFT dick is way bigger than your hard one, look at this!"


To Trevor's horror Seth steps forward so their dicks are facing each other. Seth bends his knees, crouching down nearly a foot so that their two crotches are in line. The difference is astounding. like comparing a carrot to a cucumber. Even soft, Seth is much longer and thicker.


"Holy crap, little man. No wonder Brooke stopped fucking you. Sorry man, but it's true."


Then, just to add insult to injury, Seth grabs his soft dick and SLAPS it against Trevor's erection. The weight of it feels impossible! It's so incredibly emasculating yet Trevor finds himself remaining granite hard. Feeling Seth's heavy meat batter his own makes him nervous that he's going to come. Trevor is leaking pre but the shower water is hiding it.


"That really is incredible. I'm pretty sure your dick was bigger than mine when we moved in together. I can't believe mine has grown THAT much. You think I'm big when soft?  Dude, you should see MINE when it's hard!"


Seth chuckles as he turns off the shower and heads out. As he reaches the entrance of the shower he tosses Trevor a towel so he can hide himself as soon as possible. Before getting dressed Seth's stomps over the the scale.


"Hey dude, I got to check my weight before I dress. Weekly weigh in.”


Seth steps on the fancy electronic scale and they watch as the display LEDs cycle as the machine processes his inhuman weight. Finally the number settles in. 343 lbs of rock hard muscle. Trevor gushes at the numbers. Being a follower of bodybuilding, he's never known a pro bodybuilding to weight that much while being as lean as Seth. Of course, nearing 7 ft tall certainly helps.




Seth smirks way down at Trevor. "All muscle and COCK, little Bro! HAHA!" He says while lewdly groping his massive hanging cock. It is an insanely masculine and cocky gesture...one that Trevor also finds erotic.


“So that's little me, Trev. How much are you weighing these days, big guy? I can see you look more ripped."


Seth stands aside and has Trevor you step on the scale. You watch the numbers, expecting to crest 200 easily but the scale settles on 190. A nice reduction of 10 lbs of mostly chunk.


Seth grin, "Not bad, little buddy, not bad!" he says, slapping Trevor's back who lurches forward from the hit, surprised by the weight behind it.


"Looks like all that working out is doing you good! I can tell you are getting some definition back, so you have clearly lost a few pounds!"


Tervor smiles. Getting any compliment from a giant bodybuilder certainly feels good. While the logic fits, it still feels a bit off to him. Trevor has been 190 before and knows how it looks on his body. He thinks about it more and then head over to the stadiometer.


"I need to check something, if you don't mind..."


Seth watches as Trevor adjusts the bar to the top of his head.


“Read me the number, Seth.”


"Uh, ok. Hmm...Is this a joke, little guy? You slouching or something?"


Seth ask with a serious tone as Trevor's heart falls. Trevor looks up at Seth, eyes filling with water, and shake his head no.


“No...no! Just tell me. What is it??”


"Five ten is what I'm seeing. Dude... I don't know what to say.... no wonder that machine looked big on you today. That's ... um... that's pretty short, bro.” Seth says with sympathy. "Do you think maybe your shot didn't take? Maybe you need another shot of Elongro to restart things? I don't want you getting any smaller! I may step on you by accident. Heh heh..."


Seth half-playfully laughs, pulling Trevor in for a hug, trying to ease the tension. It doesn't work. Seth's big thick muscles engulf Trevor's body and Trevor can feel his huge, thick dick at what feels like chest height to him. Trevor shakes a for a few moments until the warmth of Seth calms him. The juxtaposition of Trevor feeling like he is being squeezed smaller by a man who is likely now an entire foot taller than him contrasts with the safety and arousal that he feels in the same position.


“It's ok buddy. I've read that people's heights can vary by an inch or so every day. Maybe this is just a short time for you right now. Tell you what.... I'll get you a beer at the game to take your mind off this. I know you love basketball. It'll be fun!"


Seth releases Trevor and heads back to his locker to get changed. After what started out as a great guy's weekend, Trevor seems dejected and exhausted after the latest revelations. Seth is again bigger and taller than ever...while Trevor is literally smaller. Seth goes to take a piss and Trevor can help but quickly examine Seth's shoes...now size 20. The soles are so thick that Seth most likely now clears a full SEVEN feet tall in shoes...if he's not there already.


Trevor sighs and sets the shoes back down. He recollects his thought and tells himself that he WILL have a good time with Seth. He just has too.


Trevor contemplates his predicament. His ego has been bruised yet again, but he just can't seem to abandon his best friend. He just to powerful, too strong, too...sexy.

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I'm loving the tension in the story.  Somehow you make "humiliation and dominance" more palatable than it already is.  I don't enjoy super hardcore humiliation and you hit the mark just right where it is part of the threads of dialog and it supports the story's flow and rhythm...and you make it sexy and arousing.  Loving this.

Also, hope you are at least starting to feel better.  Illness is not good for GAINZ :-)  

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So I just finished a hard shift at work so I was  super excited to find another chapter had been posted so quick. I was really hoping it would help me unwind. But it had only got me all excited and wound up at the same time. 

Last chapter I was so pleased with Seth for being the bigger man and I don’t mean in size. He really came across as being the friend that anyone would want to have around. I thought he had finally realised how hard Trevor had been finding things. 

This chapter had me going up and down with emotion towards Seth. At one point he seamed to really care about Trevor but in the next he was dam right mean to him.” No wonder brook stopped fucking you” that is just cruel. I wish Trev would make it clear to Seth that he is a complete dick sometimes. 

maybe a test of his loyalties as a friend would be nice to see.  What If  Seth  discovers jack has been tormenting Trevor with his new size and strength. 

It would be nice to see Trevor grow both in personality and in size. 

It would be nice if maybe Seth is maybe being so mean to Trev just to cover the fact he is starting to have feelings for Trevor too. 

One thing I would like to see happen, is that Trevor discovers he is getting smaller but at the same time is becoming more dense with Muscle ready to explode in size at a later date.

maybe he could keep this discovery a secret until his real growth starts  This Elongro does work differently on each person. 

I can’t belive I have so much to say about this story , I hope you take this as a compliment  Dreadlifter you are a fantastic writer. 

keep the good work up. I can’t wait to read the next chapter. 

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