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Part 2:

Everyone breaks for college and Trevor temporarily moves out of state for his summer internship. Not only is he going to be away from Seth but he will be away from Brooke too, a thought that saddens him but he realizes he has a golden opportunity to make some good money over the summer. Money that he can use to buy supplements and food to fuel his continued growth.

However, a couple of weeks into his internship, Seth quickly realizes that while he is making good money, the job also takes up a lot of time. Being the intern, lots of busywork gets dropped on him by the higher-up businessmen. Unfortunately, this requires the young stud to often stay late or work from home in the evenings, meaning he begins to miss many of his workouts.  And if he does get to lift on weeknights he was usually relegated to using his crappy apartment complex's gym. The hard work is also preventing him from preparing his typical healthy meals. Trevor finds himself often eating out at fast food places for lunch due to the lack of meal prep. Soon he notices that he is only lifting on the weekends.

One month later and exhausted, on a Friday evening Trevor and Seth are exchanging texts.

Seth: [Hey man, hows it going! I haven't heard from you in a couple of weeks. How the job?]

Trevor: [Hey bro! Sorry, just been so busy at work, promise I'm not ignoring you. Job is good but crazy busy!]

Trevor reads his text. He knows he should return the question but he's almost afraid to ask. He knows his progress has stagnated or maybe even regressed due to the stress, unhealthy diet and lack of time. He opts for a vague update simultaneously hoping Seth with and will not give an update on his progress.

Trevor: [So how are you doing? How life back in the college town?]

Seth: [It's great, man! I'm working in the dorms as a maintenance handyman. Been helping the supers with basic upkeep while the students are out. It's nothing like what you are making but it's something! And it allows me free access to the student rec center! And gym is going awesome, you taught me well, bro! I'm getting stronger and stronger. How's your workouts going?]

And there it is. The question Trevor didn't want to answer. It's not the most honest answer but he can't help himself.

Trevor: [Yeah man, gym is good. I haven't been able to go quite as much but doing what I can. With making so much $$ I've had to skip a few workout but you know me, can't keep me out of the gym too much!]

Seth: [Haha yeah, dude, you are the ultimate gymrat. I bet you are getting jacked. I bet you've finally passed that 6 ft mark, huh? I can't thank you enough for getting me on Elongro. I'm still growing a little taller, probably not as much as you though. But short guys like me will take whatever we can get, LOL]

Trevor's mind is racing. He's not sure, he hasn't measured himself since he left college, but he hasn't felt any taller or bigger lately.

Trevor: [Hell yeah man. Great to hear. We are gonna be buff tall studs!]

Seth: [I can't wait man! Even with you still being bigger I feel like I'm finally becoming an alpha male, haha! I've actually been getting some attention from more and more ladies. Being big rocks, I see why you were so happy all the time, haha]

Trevor: [Yeah bro, gotta run. Adios!]

Trevor decides he needs to buckle down and find the time to lift big and eat big. He can't let his gut soften up any further.  By this point his abs were only faintly visible. He can't let Seth get more muscular than him.

Unfortunately, it was not meant to be for Trevor. Work became even more exhausting. Working for a marketing firm in the big city was a big eye opener for just how dedicated some of the more senior businessmen and businesswomen were.

The two continued to sporadically send messages to each other.  Same story between Trevor and Brooke. Every time Trevor gets a message from Seth he can feel the energy and excitement behind Seth's words. One message mentions a new hobby for Seth.

Seth: [I was running laps around the courts the other day and these guys asked me to play pickup Bball with them. It was fun! I wasn't nearly as bad as I thought, lol. Been a while since I shot around but I picked it back up fast. I was far from the worst guy playing, lol.]

“Basketball?” Trevor thinks to himself. He never knew Seth lnew how to play basketball. Plus, basketball didn't really seem like his sport, being more meant for...well...tall people.

Seth has been loving his summer job. Sure, it wasn't a big moneymaker but it allowed him to use his hands and burgeoning strength. He could only grin every time the maintenance workers would ask him to help carry the heavy replacement parts and equipment. One of the older of the supers had even taken to calling him 'Mr. Muscles'. The extra motivation was pushing him to lift bigger and heavier weights in the rec center, where he was becoming quite popular with the few college girls who had stuck around during the summer.

The rest of the summer flies by, and before they know it, there is only a week before school starts back up. Seth is already on campus, having decided to live at a place he had found back in July with some guys he met playing basketball. Trevor just returned back in town yesterday and was busy moving into his small one-bedroom apartment. That weekend Seth had invited him to a party at his new place. Trevor had been dying to see Seth, both to catch up with his best friend but also to see if he's gotten much bigger. From Seth's summer progress texts Trevor was prepared to see new mass on his buddy. Perhaps Seth might even nearly weigh as much as himself now, since Trevor hadn't made any progress that summer...either in muscle mass or height. He hoped Seth wouldn't notice how he had actually softened up a bit from his formerly shredded physique. After he got settled in to his new place, Trevor's phone buzzed that afternoon before the party.

[Hey man! Come on over anytime after 7. A few buddies are over too. Bring some beer if you can. Worked out two hours today, and I'm THIRSTY, haha! Can't wait to see you, bro!]

Tervor rolls up to Seth's apartment. There are a few cars there already and music is pumping loud. The place looks packed. "When did Seth meet all of these people?" Trevor wonders silently to himself. Seth has never never been all that outgrowing. Apparently this has been his summer to make a plethora of new buddies. Carrying a case of Bud Light, he knocks on the door and a very tall guy opens. He catches his breath, looking up and up, before realizing that it must be one of Seth's new friends.  He relaxes slightly.

"Yo, Seth, beers here!" The tall guy yells out.

He must be at least 6 ft 5 and just towers over Trevor with a strong build as well. Seeing taller guys has always made Seth uncomfortable, hearkening back to his constant desire to be the alpha in the room. Trevor sees a pile of shoes, takes the hint and kicks off his shoes next to the pile. He notes that they all look huge, with none being under what looks like Size 12. Quite a few seem much bigger than that. Just then he hears Seth, though his voice sounds even deeper than before.

"About time, bro!"

Trevor sets the beer down on the floor and before he can get a good look and say anything back Seth quickly walks and gives him a full on brotastic-bear hug. Only this time Seth leans back, lifting Trevor off the ground! Seth's arms feel like steel as they wrap around Trevor. Trevor hugs back and the reunited friends pat each others' backs. To Trevor, it feels like he's hugging a granite statue. Seth lowers him back to the ground and steps back, his arms on Trevor's shoulders holding him at arm's length for inspection. Trevor notices a wicked cocky grin on Seth's face and soon realizes why. Trevor is...staring UP at Seth.

It's not a glaring difference, but Seth's eyes are clearly above his pal's, just so. Trevor can tell that Seth's has processed this as well and knows what Trevor must be thinking, but he is relishing letting Trevor soak it in. After a lengthy pause, Seth gives Trevor a once over and asks,

"Hey dude, what happened? You look a little softer since I last saw you. I can still tell you're buff but your arms aren't as veiny as they were."

Comparatively, Trevor notices that Seth's forearms are bulging with sinew and veins. Trevor's heart beats fast but he tries to play it off, tries to retain his alpha-stud demeanor.

"Oh yeah, the internship was nuts. I made some great money but it really took away from my gym time."

Seth notices Trevor staring at his arms and he flexes his wrist, really making them bulge. Seth looks...very good. Strong, lean, more muscular. His jaw seems to be more defined, as if his face shed some baby fat. Not to mention...the height. Finally Trevor can't stand it and asks.

"How tall are you, Seth?"

Seth throws his head back and laughs. It's the moment he's been waiting for, even since he saw Trevor, the new smaller Trevor, standing in the doorway.

"Dunno exactly, buddy. But when I had my checkup late last month I hit 6 ft flat! Isn't that awesome! I'm a bona-fide six-footer! And that was like 4 weeks ago.  Haha, dude, but clearly I passed you this summer!  And I've been rocking it at the gym. I benched 225 lbs TWENTY times yesterday bro! It's was fuckin' awesome!! Benching all that weight is easy when you are up to 210 lbs like me, haha! And I'm even leaner than I was at the start of the summer, so I put on like 35 lbs of pure muscle and bone over the last three months!”

Seth is obviously excited and loves bragging about his new progress. Trevor's mouth is agape, all those updates of Seth's progress in the gym weren't exaggerating. If anything, they downplayed his actual growth. Thirty five pounds of muscle is a shit-ton to put on in one year, much less three months not to mention what looked to be like 3 inches in height!  "Where the fuck did THAT come from?  He's actually taller than me now," Trevor thinks to himself.  Seth see's his new smaller friend's shocked expression, gives a wry grin and steps right up to Trevor, chest to chest.

“And how tall are YOU, Trev?”

Trevor gulps, his eyes just slightly pointed up looking into Seth's. He tries to hide his intimidation, forcing a smile back at Seth. Trevor measured himself last week and knows the true measurement but some weird instinct in him fights its way to the surface.

"Well it looks like obviously we grew differently like back in spring, but like you I reached six foot! I finally hit that magical mark too! It's awesome!"

Trevor does his best to act excited like Seth but sees Seth smirk, seemingly skeptical.

"Oh yeah, Trev? Hmm...we will just have to test that out!" Seth says, laughing.

Trevor laughs too, nervously. Thinking the situation was over. Then, to Trevor's horror, Seth calls out to one of the guys in the room.

"Hey Jack, come over here. I want you to meet my buddy Trevor!"

Jack walks over. He's clearly a gym guy too, but he's less developed than Seth... or even Trevor by this point. Seth introduces his former roommate to Jack. The three talk for a bit about your internship, Seth's job and Jack's job. They gab about school and the classes we will take this upcoming semester and just the summer in general.

"Trev, you know Jack used to play basketball? He was a walk-on for the college team last year. Jack is one of the guys I met playing this summer.”

As he speaks, Seth claps his big mit on Jack's shoulder, clearly getting to a point.

"Say Jack, what did you say you were listed on the roster again?" Seth grins as Trevor looks at him with horror, realizing what is coming. Jack responds.

"Coach put me at 6 ft 1 but I'm really 6 ft on the dot. Sure wish I was that tall, haha. Coaches are always fudging the numbers a bit. Would have helped my game having another inch."

Trevor looks at Seth, pleading with his eyes, but Seth is having too much fun enjoying the moment.

"Trevor was just telling me he grew a bit this summer. He says he's 6 ft like you!"

Jack looks Trevor up and down.

"Really bro? No offense but..."

Seth laughs. A deep manly guffaw emanates from his thick muscular neck. He has a suggestion.

"Easy way to settle this. Go back to back! I'll say if you are the same."

Seth beams. Jack shrugs, clearly not minding the goofiness of the whole ordeal. 

Trevor protests, "I haven't done this since I was a kid, Seth. This is silly..."

Seth keeps pressing, enjoying the moment.

"Come on, it'll take a second.."

Historically Trevor would just smile and steamroll Seth and move on. But seeing Seth's new bigger muscles and taller frame, Trevor feels compelled to comply to his friend, something that his new for the former alpha.

With a huff, Trevor submits and turns to face the other direction. Jack does the same. Seth stands in judgment, grinning and chuckling.

"Six foot, eh?" He says once, confidently. "Well, it looks to me you are just UNDER that mark if Jack is six foot on the dot. Jack has you beat, ever so slightly!!!"

Trevor sighs, dejected. He doesn't want to make a scene. Luckily, Jack helps him out.

"No worries dude! I'll grab you a fresh beer. What are you drinking?"

Trevor was clearly fuming, but this gesture disarmed the situation. Seth thinks it is damn funny, but he can sense his now smaller bud's frustration.

"Haha sorry, man. I had to. Shit dude, this is the first time I've ever looked down at you. I must have at about an inch on you right now!”

Trevor turns his head, trying to hide his annoyance. Seth tries to perk him up.

"Hey man, I only tease because like you said, the growth isn't always even. Last spring I grew first and then you did after me. Looks like I got the growth spurt this time. I'm sure you'll get the big growth next and pass me up again, so I gotta tease you while I can!  You seem like you still grew just slightly taller though, so the stuff must be still working for us. Let's keep pushing this as much as we can. I want us BOTH to be huge, Trev!" Seth says, slapping Trevor on the back.

Seth's slap hits Trevor with more force than he is prepared for and he falls forward slightly. Even Seth is surprised at the power you he has exerted on Trevor.

“Geez Seth, easy up. I could feel that new muscle in that swing. You said you were up to 215? Shit dude, you're...big.”

“210, Trev!  Haha, but like you say though, 'NOT BIG ENOUGH'!”

Seth throws up a sudden, short-lived mock double biceps flex and Trevor can see how his arms bulge and fill the sleeves of the t-shirt. They are looking mighty, along with the rest of him. Even though the white t-shirt isn't tight, Seth's build is clear.  His big round delts, his pecs, his wide lats, traps and arms are all evident underneath the light fabric. Clearly the shirt is bigger than the size Large Trevor is currently wearing that is comfortably loose. Trevor wonders how big the shirt is, if it has just one 'X' or, gulp, 'XX' in front of the 'L' on the tag.  Seth continues his humblebrag.

“Yep, I'm still growing thicker too, not just taller. Added two-to-three an inches to all my measurements! Including almost two and a half inches on my arms! The guns seem to really respond to the weights. So did you put on any weight, Trevor?”

“Um just a couple of pounds, not much difference. That internship really fucked with my fitness this summer.”

“Wow, man! So I got like 10 lbs on you. Never thought I'd say that!”

Trevor thinks to himself, “Me neither.” Although it was true that Trevor hadn't put on or lost any weight, he had added some fat. Which means he lost a bit of muscle over the summer as well.

Thankfully, the pairs conversation moves away from their bodies soon after and the rest of night they have a good time. Trevor loosens up, trying and mostly succeeding in letting his size go and enjoys the party. Though, he can't help but note that all of Seth's new friends are...well, big. Both tall and athletic. Very little collective fat could be found at this party. Among the crowd there are only a couple of guys shorter than him, but he sees with disappointment that they are both clearly more muscular, looking like actual young amateur bodybuilders. If Trevor used to have the build of a physique model, these guys could've been stage ready with some diet and conditioning. With their pumped muscles they likely weighed more than Trevor...making him officially the smallest male at the party, a thought that sickens him. It doesn't help that he then notices that Seth looks almost as buff as they do!

Later on the night everyone is starting to get a bit wasted. After chatting with some others, the two friends meet up again out into the back yard. By this time the craziness of the party is starting to settle down and some of Seth's buddies have headed home. With it still being August, it is hot, humid and sticky outside and everyone at the party is sweaty. True to college jock form, Seth and his new friends nonchalantly strip off their shirts to cool down in the evening air. Trevor is quickly in shock at what he sees. A minute later Trevor corners Seth on the deck.

"HOLY SHIT, SETH! You...you are buff. Your chest and arms look HUGE! You have abs, deep ones! Your v-taper is incredible. You are...fuckin' JACKED!"

With a alcohol induced haze in his eyes, Seth smirks back at Trevor and brings his arms up into a double biceps flex. He looks like a tanned Greek god fratboy stud. Nothing like the former short, slim and quiet roommate Trevor used to know. Seth's peaks rise and mound up and outward between his delts and forearms. Seth barely notices Trevor is there as he gets wrapped up in his self-admiration. He stares at his right biceps as he flexes and unflexes the arm. His meaty triceps sag full and heavy toward the ground, rounding out the full and balanced muscular development of his guns.  Eventually he looks back at Trevor...little Trevor. He'd almost forgot that Trevor was standing there.

Seth grins at Trevor. In his inebriated state the inhibitions are gone and he feels powerful. Confident. Superior. And though he can't help it, cocky. For all his time in college he looked up to his roommate, at his good looks, taller height and bigger muscles. And now he had that same guy beat in each facet. Seth smirks at Trevor. DOWN at Trevor and cockily responds.

"Thanks...little dude."

Trevor blanches at the words. “Little dude.” Now he knows why Seth hated being called that.


Jump to Part 3:  https://muscle-growth.org/topic/16655-elongro-added-part-3-on-1819/?do=findComment&comment=207417


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I always have conflicting feelings about stories like this. Because on the one hand it's insanely hot seeing a little guy become a big cocky alpha and overtaking his roommate, but on the other hand, I always end up empathising too much with the guy who drew the short straw. So these stories are always very bittersweet for me. 'My Brother Moves On' gave me very similar feelings.

You did a really good job with this story and I'm interested to see how you continue it (though it could end pretty well right now). Your prose is great and the descriptions are hot as hell. 

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Trevor had a set back cause of his job while Seth's Handyman job help him a lot and had more free time to be  at the gym.

Im sure now that they are both  back in school their training routine would be different but Trveor will grow too not as big and fast as Seth but he will grow.


Im more sad about the fact that their frienship is strained cause of it. Seth have new friends that for the looks of it will keep all teh attention on Seth and both of them got new places to live. They still gonna see each other around but their friendship from now on is different. They are not gonna be the Tall bull buddies they once desired to be together and worst of all once Brooke returns from break too she will notice the difference and will be a harder blow form their friendship and Trevor's ego.

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8 hours ago, Speech500 said:

I always have conflicting feelings about stories like this. Because on the one hand it's insanely hot seeing a little guy become a big cocky alpha and overtaking his roommate, but on the other hand, I always end up empathising too much with the guy who drew the short straw. So these stories are always very bittersweet for me. 'My Brother Moves On' gave me very similar feelings.

It is an interesting take.  Trevor isn't a villain, and I didn't want him to be, so he is a sympathetic character in some way.  There are gobs of revenge stories on here and I wanted this story to stay away from that and more focus on the new, never-before-experienced dynamics between the friends. 


6 hours ago, Ro20316 said:

Im more sad about the fact that their frienship is strained cause of it.

I think there friendship will be fine.  Remember, they have only been back around each other one night.  But things will probably be different for sure!    

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