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Such a perfect chapter.

Trevor has come to term on what happened to him. Im sure his tiem for growth will come later in life maybe that regression actually helps him in the long run but nwo eh is happy with his size and happy for his friend.

The three man have graduated now and the three are gonna be great on their respective works and as many suspected the Elongro not only helps them grow but it enhances their brain and like i said so many times the mental state of a person it's important for the drug to work.

The girl are godesses themselves. They are a pair that anyone will envy and both are getting the man they need for them. 

I would love for Trevor to grow later in life but if not then Trevor will be happy and he will find someone that will make him happy as well. He is happy for his friends and  he deserves happiness too.

Brooke, Jack and  Stacy took the power play so well. They know it's a fetish thing and the three like Seth get off on showing off their awesome bodies.

The story it's ona point where everyone will follow a new path and chapter in their life bur Seth and Trevor will remain the best of friends, Im sure their new ride will be amazing

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I just realized something...  Seth went from his first college to Harvard on a fast track.  Did he graduate the first college and go for a Master's or PhD?  Did he get a double or triple PhD?  If so, in what?   Could you imagine Seth waving that in Trev's face?   Did all the giants excel in college in that way?

Could you also imagine if an unexpected Elongro side effect would be delayed plate fusion?  Trev becomes 4'2" with a near non-existent dick and near non-existent muscle?  It already sounds like Trev may end up a femboy. 

Did Trev struggle through the rest of his college days?  It already seems like Trev is in a state of life-long disability.  He's likely short, weak, and stupid compared to even normal people.  Maybe he will get some charity from the giants who will pull some strings and get him a minimum wage mail room job or fast food job (to which Trev continuously fails but is kept on because Seth pays the manager big bucks to keep him.  After all, it seems like Seth is going to be extremely well off.)

Or, Trev goes his own way.  Finds out he can make money being a slave boy to others but has to work for really cheap because he's near worthless.  Only to be hired later by the giants as a permanent slave boy/pet.  Trev works for free but is given room and board.  I dunno. 

Or, Trev could go on his own and fail at life so badly he ends up homeless.  Maybe ODs on some drug which ends up laced with Elongro (that the dealers put in as a joke) and ends up shrinking to the point where he has to watch where he steps or he may through into a sewer grate.  lol 

Trev won't even be tall enough to clear Seth's calves.


Two separate posts from me, to completely flipped ideas.  lol  Despite my bi-polar treatment of what I think Trevor could go through, the story is well balanced over all.  We are likely to find something in between.  More likely realistic (they drift apart but are still friends if they ever meet again).  Trevor goes through struggling with real life as he is (barely able to make ends meet with a low wage job or on and off employment).  Seth and the other giants become amazingly famous.  Maybe in the future, the giants think of Trev once in a while... but it will be fleeting thoughts since their lives have moved on.  At least Trev can say he had a hand at making those giants, even though no one will believe him.

Or, there's always the next drug (with possibly different effects).   The giants will definitely have enough money to purchase it for Trev, if they still have him in mind. 

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added thoughts
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Loved this chapter so much. I liked the time shift. And not knowing how much everyone had grown. I love the scenes where Seth seams to read Trevor’s thoughts.  When Seth lifted up Trevor into his arms and explained that they where doing this for him. I wonder what that conversation was like with Seth asking the others to do this for Trevor.  Is was  so awesome Trevor Being held in Seth’s arms like that. Feeling his biceps next to his torso. 

The fact jack went and got a ladder to help Trevor measur was amazing. Trevor having to climb up to the top and still not being able to reach Seth was very hot. 

I cant belive Trevor is 5”4 that is exactly the same height as myself, so I felt like I could really relate to his perspective. And seeing the giants way way up above. 

I’m still unsure if the elongro has made Seth smarter or has he just been helped along the way by people in awe of his new stature. 

I hope this is not quite the end. I would love to have the wedding day and the speeches. 

It would be nice to hear Seth tell everyone at the reception That if it was. It for Trevor he would not be the man he is today or be with the woman he has just married. And maybe just maybe have jack say a few kind words. 

Another time shift would be awesome too to find out if in fact Trevor does start to grow now that he has come to terms with his stature.. I would love to see Trevor happy and maybe meet someone special. What happened to that hottie at spring break. And did Seth arrange it. 

Whatever happens this has been an awesome story one that I will read from the start again and again.  Thanks dreadlifter 

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Aaaand we're definitely fanning ourselves to keep from bursting into flames from the heat you're serving, Dredlifter!  🌶️🌶️🌶️  And you jumped ahead to a Wedding as an uplifting edge to the continued humiliation vibe you keep tantalizing us with!  So many things to read and awe over!

This was an interesting development after some of the comments people have posted throughout the tale:

15 hours ago, dredlifter said:

Trevor can't believe what he is hearing. He always knew Seth was a good student, but not THAT good. And to get into someplace as selective as HARVARD? Was it possible the Elongro also enhanced his mental capacity and intelligence? Trevor genuinely feels happy for Seth...though he can't help but feel smaller and more pitiful than ever. It truly felt like Seth was leaving him behind, ascending to a plane of humanity so far above little Trevor that it was like comparing and elephant to an amoeba. He sighs and knows he has to congratulate him though.

Or commentary on the power of Seth's Elongro enhanced confidence?  Or on the way the world is geared to be easier for the beautiful, the tall, the strong? 

Loved Seth's assertion that he would still outsize Jack despite Jack's approach to Seth's spring break size.  Loved it even more when you delivered the height measurements later!  Go Team Seth! 💪

The way you build in how they slowly start to drift apart but have Trevor continue to carry his torch for Seth is like the song of my people.  It's romantic in a quiet, resolute but unrequited way without ever having them achieve more than stolen moments of intimate comparison bliss.  The whole giant strip and measure scene as a gift arranged by Seth was a brilliant cap off to this theme that you've carried through the entire story.  Including more adult versions of all four of them in it almost as a kink apology/humiliation scene was quite gratifying.  So much more entertaining than cake and a stripper, lol!  The open moments of affection Seth and Trevor share in full sight of the others were also absolutely stunning.  This little part did have me grinning like a fool:

15 hours ago, dredlifter said:

Trevor then measures Seth's. It is unbelievably heavy as he picks it up. “Seth is 15 inches!” Trevor gasps, "Omigod, the last time I measure you were 15 inches HARD!"


Jack and the girls shoot Seth and Trevor a crooked look. Trevor has just revealed that this had happened before.  With the confidence that only a giant hung bodybuilder can pull off, Seth shrugs his massive shoulders.


"What can I say, the best little man has been into me for a while. And who can blame him?  I'M A GIANT MUSCLE GOD!"

The age reversal science fiction tip-of-the-hat you included was unique:

15 hours ago, dredlifter said:

Thanks to the second dose of Elongro, he's not only shrunken in height, but he's lost muscle mass, definition and even some body hair. His once prized treasure trail looks like it did when he was 15. Taking a final look at the giants, who all stare in awe at just how much Trevor's body has regressed

This is a really powerful way to potentially balance the scales for Trevor and what he lost.  Turning back time for him quite literally or freezing it for him.  It gets extra kinky with the tiny/servant vs giant/master vibe that comes out of Seth and Trevor during the measuring scenes that then gets picked up and indulged (enjoyed possibly?) by the others.  Almost like Trevor has been immortalized as their ageless worshipper because of his averse reaction to Elongro.  When the giants are all well into their 30s, 40s, and beyond, Trevor could still look like  he does now - his worship and his diminutive size as a reminder of their youth helping Seth, Stacy, Jack, and Brooke maintain or rekindle any confidence/strength/passion etc. that fades with age.  You may also have meant to use it as a spark for a spinoff where Trevor finds himself going through puberty all over again, many years later.  Or you could have just meant it as a display of Trevor's loss of masculinity.  Or a bit of all three or something else entirely, lol.  Whichever way you meant it, Dredlifter, I really enjoyed it's inclusion and how you expanded upon it!

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