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Here Comes Santa Claus (Part 3 Added)

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This is my first story in quite a long time. I’ve been hesitant to share anything on the forum, but this idea struck me the other day and I’ve been working away to try and get it out before Christmas. This part is really just setting the scene, but I promise there’s a big payoff in the next part. Please enjoy, and let me know what you think!



Noah had been planning this, in one way or another, ever since he learned that Santa was real.


He of course had reached the same conclusion that many children reach as they grow older: that Santa was no more than a fixture of the season, utilized by parents everywhere to instill the holiday spirit (and ensure good behavior). What many children and parents didn’t realize, however, was that this aging out was entirely by design. Santa may very well be a man with incredible abilities: delivering gifts all around the world in a single night, flying a sleigh led by reindeer, even eating all the cookies and drinking all the milk that children left out. But Santa is after all still a man like everyone else. Sure he’s able to give children presents all in one night, but tweens? Teens? Young professionals? People in their midlife crisis? The elderly and infirm? It would simply be too much.


For that reason, Santa works his magic to gradually age children out, allowing him to maintain a more manageable Nice List. Children gradually begin to suspect their parents are behind it all, and Santa uses a little bit of magical suggestion to make all parties involved believe it. But as I mentioned earlier, Santa is still a man underneath that red coat and holiday cheer. And like any man, he can make mistakes.


Noah Lawson was just such a mistake. It had been innocent enough, just a last minute flight cancellation and a cobbled together plan for Christmas Eve. His mother, insisting that distant family was better than no family on Christmas Eve, had arranged for him to spend the night at  his second cousin’s (more specifically his mother’s cousin) home for the night and then catch a flight the next morning to make it home for Christmas dinner. This would have been more than fine, except that the shuttle from the airport broke down not even a mile from the airport. By the time he managed to get back to the terminal, hail a taxi, and actually make it to his second cousin’s home, it was well past midnight. 


When Noah arrived that night, he was greeted by a house with darkened windows and a note on the door, barely legible in the warm light from the lamppost down the street. It apologized that nobody was awake to greet him, and asked him to let himself in quietly to avoid disturbing the kids upstairs. The note also directed him to use the guest bedroom off of the living room on the main floor.


Noah did just that, quietly slipping in the house, down the entry hall, through the living room, past the fireplace and Christmas tree, and into his room for the night. As he was rummaging in his suitcase and getting ready for bed, Saint Nick was finishing making his rounds of the neighborhood. That last house was, as you may have guessed, the one Noah had just let himself into. 


Now Santa was generally very good about making his list. He knew who lived in which house, what general schedule they kept, and who needed presents. The list would also update to reflect guests, if someone was awake, and even if he had a chimney to go down or not. Santa was also very good about checking the list. Before he went through a new neighborhood, he would check for any changes on the list or any potential problems with delivery. Most of the time he would even check it twice. But this was not most times, and if it had been, he would have noticed the house he was currently descending towards had a new addition, a certain Noah L, and that said addition was currently very much awake.


So as it landed on the roof, Santa’s sleigh made only the faintest of clacks against the shingles, a sound which wouldn’t rouse even the lightest sleeper. But, given that Noah was rather awake, he heard that thud ring out in the quiet house. Noah was a very cautious 18 year old, and for that reason he had visions of burglars rather than sugar plums dancing in his head as he peeked out through a crack in the door into the living room. This position gave him an excellent view of the fireplace as Santa emerged into the living room. 


If you asked Noah what it looked like, he would tell you that it was as if the fireplace gave a big sigh and blew a bubble at the same time, if the bubble was actually a large man in a red coat. Although Santa’s legs came first, it was hard to miss the large belly that followed, filling up that trademark red suit. The size of the gut wasn’t what surprised Noah the most, though. It was how spry the man seemed to be in spite of it as he went about his work. Pulling a large sack out of the hearth behind him, Santa stood to his full height (almost level with the top of the tree, Noah couldn’t help but notice) and pulled out an armload of gifts. He splayed them under the tree with expert precision, barely disturbing any of the gleaming ornaments.  Noah couldn’t help but notice how the thick, cord-like muscles of his arms strained the fabric of his coat a little as he did so. Then Santa strode over to the milk and cookies left on a small tray by the hearth and downed them in a flash, giving a small belch as he finished.


“Oof,” Santa grunted as he turned back towards the fireplace, “wish I was a bit stronger. Then maybe carrying this big ol’ spare tire would be easier with how big it gets by the end of the night.”


And with that, the fireplace seemed to take a deep breath, and Noah was left gaping at an empty living room with an erection he wasn’t quite sure why he had.


Though Noah only heard those two short sentences out of the man, they stuck with him through the next decade. They were in his mind when he decided to study biochemistry and pharmacology at college, when he kissed a boy and realized he never liked girls in the first place,when he went on to pursue his MD, when his gaze lingered a little too long at the burly men at his gym, and when he accepted a position at a well-known pharmaceutical company as a researcher. They were especially on his mind in late July almost 10 years later when he finally perfected his modification of a workout supplement the company was developing to help increase muscle mass and burn fat.


It was from that point he began to formulate a plan for Christmas Eve that year, one he was sure both he and Saint Nick would enjoy. In August, he applied for a transfer to the research department in Anchorage. In September, he was approved and began looking for housing. In October, he found an excellent unit in a duplex with a lovely family living next door and moved in. In November, Noah had some problems with the fireplace and had some maintenance work done on the chimney. In early December, he began smuggling his modified supplement out of the lab and storing it at home in a jar innocuously labeled ‘Sugar.’ On Christmas Eve, Noah slid perfect gingerbread men onto a wire rack to cool, counting down the few remaining hours until his plan came to fruition.


Noah had been planning this, in one way or another, ever since he learned that Santa was real.


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Oh this was a well done first chapter and so in tune for the holidays.

I will sure read more


Have a merry X mass

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Thanks for the feedback, guys! I’m working on the second part right now and I hope to have it done and uploaded by the night of Christmas Eve (which I suppose fits with my theme here). Hope you all enjoy it!

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This next part is not quite up to the climax of the story, but there are some things in here that might tickle your fancy. I’ll hopefully have the last (?) part done and lightly edited by Christmas morning for all of you. Thanks for your patience, and Merry Christmas!


Noah’s living room might as well have been the setting for a hallmark Christmas movie. A glorious pine tree dominated the room, bedecked with lights, beads, and baubles on every available branch. Above the fireplace hung two stockings spaced just perfectly, embroidered with holiday scenes. A garland of pine boughs bound with brilliant red ribbon was festooned over the mantle as well. And to bring it all together, a neatly plated collection of gingerbread men occupied a small table to the side of the fireplace, accompanied by a tall, cold glass of milk. All Noah had to do now was wait. 


At this point you might have a number of questions, many probably something like “why is he in Alaska? How does he know Santa will come to his house? How will this work if he’s awake/ not a child/ some sort of Kringle pervert? Why am I reading this smutty holiday story?” I may not be able to address all of your questions, but I hope that, by laying bare Noah’s plan, I may be able to answer some of them. You see, Noah’s plan was not slapdash or hurried by any means. He had thought through almost every detail.


Noah may have only heard two sentences from Santa, but the phrase “by the end of the night” particularly caught his attention. If that jolly old saint was already that big when Noah saw him in Maine, how big would he be after he had covered almost all of the Americas? To this end, Noah tracked down a pharmaceutical company with a research facility as close to the international dateline as he could find, thus ending up in Anchorage.


This got him in the right location, but Noah knew he would need a fluke of some sort for Santa to come down the chimney for him on Christmas Eve. For this, he came up with a rather cunning plan. 


To set it in motion, Noah decided on living in a duplex with a family next door. This was for a few reasons. The first was that the family next door had children who were young enough to receive presents from Santa, thus necessitating a visit to the area from the man himself. 


The second was that the fireplaces and chimneys of the units mirrored each other and shared a wall and allowed him to carry out the next phase of his plan. When doing ‘repairs,’ Noah had his and his neighbors’ chimneys swapped so that the chimney above his home actually fed into the fireplace of his neighbor, and vice versa. Of course only he and the contractors knew this, So when Santa came down the chimney to deliver the children’s presents, he would instead land in Noah’s living room.


And so Noah waited in the hall closet,  huddled with his back against a swath of coats and jackets and peering through the crack in the door at the fireplace in his living room. Sure enough, he soon heard a light thud from the roof above him. Noah held his breath and watched the fireplace, willing a black boot or a scrap of red fabric to appear.


And appear it did.


Much like the first time, the fireplace seemed to exhale and blow a red suited bubble. But unlike the first time, the bubble just kept coming. With the smaller sound of straining fabric, Santa’s red clad paunch just kept coming out of the fire place. Further and further it strained, until the stockings hung above were draped across the massive gut and began to be dragged along with the still exiting bulk. Eventually though, the rest of the man followed.


Noah was greeted with a sight somewhat different than before, and Santa’s gripes about needing a little more strength certainly seems an understatement now. The man’s gut was absolutely gargantuan. The whole thing hung down low enough to almost completely cover the man’s thighs, though Noah assumes they must be rather large themselves to support the massive man before him. ‘Hung down’ may have actually been the wrong term to describe the gut before Noah though, because as Santa turned to drag his sack of gifts from the hearth, he could see that the sheer size of the thing simply didn’t allow it to go anywhere else but down and out.


Yet this did not seem to bother Santa much, as he worked around his considerable waistline with an unusual grace. He quickly scooped the correct (he thought) presents from the sack, turned to the tree, and with what appeared to be no difficulty stooped down and placed each gift underneath. Noah might have tricked himself into thinking the man’s stomach was no more than a gag, maybe stuffed with pillows, had Santa’s footfalls not been so loud and heavy as he approached the tree.


His main task complete, Santa pivoted to the tray of cookies which he regarded with a chuckle. Noah had indeed baked him gingerbread men, but the cutouts has not been standard. He had used a novelty bodybuilder cutout he found online, and carefully decorated each to have perfectly iced abs, pecs, biceps, and all the rest. 


“A shame to eat such eye catching cookies,” said Santa under his breath, “but I have a reputation to uphold.”


And with that, Santa downed the cookies quick as a flash, with the glass of milk following soon after. Santa gave a contented sigh and patted his stomach. The gesture, although small, was too much for one of the poor buttons on his coat, which ripped from its thread and clattered to the floor. The white-clad bulk underneath quickly surged forward into the new space. Bending down, Santa swore as he realized he couldn’t reach his arms around his girth to pick the button up off the floor.


Noah, realizing if he didn’t act now his plan would be for nothing, confidently stepped out of the hall closet and into the living room. Shocked by his sudden appearance,  Santa snapped up straight and took an involuntary step back. Before he could say anything, however, Noah scooped up the button and offered it to him. 


“I noticed you were having trouble so, well, here you go,” said Noah, almost immediately wishing he had said something even slightly more charming or sophisticated.


Santa stood there in stunned silence for a moment. Mutely, he took the button, nodded in thanks, and began to pivot back towards the fireplace.


“Wait!” Noah said, taking hold of Santa’s coat sleeve. “I have something else I wanted to give you...”


“Now, ah, what would that be?” Santa asked, clearly unused to receiving gifts from another person face to face.


“Well it should be, err, right about now,” Noah said, checking the clock on the wall.


Santa opened his mouth to speak, perhaps to ask what on earth Noah was talking about, but all that came out was a small grunt as Santa clutched at his stomach.


“Oh sorry, I meant to warn you,” Noah apologized. “ This might be a little uncomfortable. It might be better if you sit down for this part.”


Noah ushered Santa over to a plush armchair in front of the fireplace, into which Santa plopped down and let out a choking gasp.


“I’m really sorry, but this shouldn’t take that much longer,” Noah said, a hint of anxiety edging into his voice.


“What on Earth-“


But Santa, suddenly wracked with a much larger spasm, wasn’t able to finish his sentence, and he contented himself with gripping his gut and riding out whatever this was. He began to notice though, that with each spasm he seemed to be sunk less and less into the armchair, and his hands seemed to be coming close and closer together at the front of his stomach. In fact, as he looked down at them, he could actually see his hands slowly moving towards each other as his gut seemed to recede. The buttons on his coat were no longer strained, and as he continued to watch he could see folds and wrinkles begin to appear in his red coat. His black belt, which had been keeping his belly contained more so than keeping his pants up, now was draped loosely across his lap. With one final grunt, the last of his fat seemed to disappear.


“Well, that was quite a trick,” said Santa in what was possibly the understatement of the year.


Standing up, Santa gathered the loose fabric of his suit in one hand and the belt in the other. He ratcheted the belt to the last hole and resecured the buckle, though even that was almost too loose to keep everything together. Though Santa was still just as tall as before and had kept all his strength, he was still left as a much skinnier man swimming in the folds of a suit made for someone much wider. 


“I, ah, appreciate your gift,” Santa murmured, slightly awestruck with the transformation he had undergone. “Mr....?”


“Lawson,” he replied nervously, “Noah Lawson, Mr. Claus.”


“Oh please, none of that ‘Mister’ business,” interjected Santa. “Call me Nick.”


“Oh, uh, alright then... Nick,” Noah replied. “I feel like I should tell you though, it’s not over yet.”




“Yea, there’s um, there’s one more stage left”


Nick looked like he wanted to say several things at that moment, but all he could get out was a low moan as a pleasurable burning sensation began to spread through his body.

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Apologies for the delay! With all the festivities I severely misjudged the time I would have to write this last part (not to mention how long it turned out). Despite it being almost a day late, I hope you all enjoy this final part. Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate, and Happy Holidays to those of you who don’t. Without further ado, here is the third part!


“What have you – ooh – done to me?” Nick managed to ask between grunts and moans as he sank back into the armchair.


“Well,” Nick said cautiously, “a few years ago I, well I saw you on Christmas Eve on accident, and I heard you say that you wished you were bigger so you could carry all the weight you gain by the end of the night and, well, here we are.”


I’m not sure what you’ve done to me Noah, but-“


Nick had to pause for a moment as another gasp escaped his lips and he began to writhe in the armchair.


“It feels... why it feels absolutely amazing.”


And, after managing to get that last sentence out, Nick let himself fall further back into the armchair, followed by a small moan. With Nick’s rhythmic writhing,  Noah could occasionally see various muscles and body parts as they pressed up against the loose fabric of the suit. His chest, his arms, his legs; everything danced behind the red veil of his suit. As he watched though, Noah noticed that he could see more and more detail. 


Biceps began to bunch up against Nick’s sleeves. Quads began to swell and fill his pants. Pecs began to push out against the tightly drawn coat. And as Noah

Took this all in, Nick regarded him with half lidded eyes.


“Well you seem to like what you see,” Nick breathed between gasps and moans, “why don’t you - huuuuuh... why don’t you come over here and get a closer look.”


Noah, not wanting to hesitate should the invitation be retracted, approached the writhing man seated in his armchair.


“How about, huugh, you get a little, hmmf, hands on?” Nick huffed, a sly smile played across his lips.


Noah needed no further prompting, and he pushed his probing hands into Nick’s chest. There was still some excess fabric in the suit, but nonetheless Noah quickly found Nick’s solid chest. Where the man had previously had soft mounds Noah now found some solid pecs. Their size easily pushed out his hands and, as Nick gave another moan and a flex, they surged out further. In an uncharacteristically mischievous move, Noah managed to find Nick’s nipples and give them a pinch through the suit, eliciting a groan of pleasure. In response, Nick’s pecs seemed to grow even faster, and at this point Noah was sure they had formed a decent shelf underneath that coat.


With a low growl, Nick leaned forward towards Noah, grabbing his waist. 


“Why don’t you sit in my lap,” he rumbled, “and tell me what you want for Christmas.”


With that, Noah felt himself being tugged forward, and soon found himself sitting on two large, thick thighs, which he could slowly feel swelling under him. He could also feel, just in front of him, the slow swell of something else. In a flash of risqué inspiration, Noah looped his arms around Nick’s neck, threw his legs up over the legs of the chair, and pulled himself up flush with Nick’s body.


“All I want for Christmas,” Noah murmured, “is you.” 


And with that he began to grind on Nick’s growing package.


The effect was nearly instantaneous. Heralded by a long moan from Nick, his muscles began to expand at a more rapid pace, especially the one receiving the most attention. Nick reached down and, enveloping Noah in his expanding arms, locked lips with him in a passionate kiss. Noah continues to gyrate against his swelling member, and Nick responded in kind with the occasional small thrust of his hips. Both of them broke of the kiss though when they heard the slow and tortured snap of threads in a seam.


It seemed that, having been tailored for legs which did not have much fat on them to begin with, Nick’s pants were the first to give up the ghost. Through the ripped seams, Noah could now see the still expanding cables of muscle that formed   Nick’s quads, as well as a The festive mistletoe print of his briefs. With a few more pops, the seams were completely torn from the waist and down to the knees.


“Well that won’t do,” rumbled Nick.


He then picked Nick up off his lap with relative ease (with arms that severely strained his sleeves, Noah noticed) and placed him to the side of the chair. Then, standing up for a moment, Nick ripped the remains of his pants off before sinking back into the chair, another ecstatic moan escaping his mouth. It was then Noah noticed two things. One, that Nick’s package was much larger than it had been before and was beginning to put a strain in even the stretchy material of his briefs. Two, that Nick was not even half mast yet, which was hard to believe since the thing was almost as large as his head now.


Noticing that Noah had become momentarily stunned, even through the haze of his growth, Nick have him a wry smile.


“Big gifts are great, but, hmmmmm, is there anything else you want to open first?”


Pulling himself from the gravity of Nick’s massive endowment, Noah surveyed the rest of his body. By this point the formerly baggy suit was beginning to tighten around Nick’s expanding bulk, leaving almost no mystery about what laid underneath. The buttons of the coat, formerly strained by the bulk of Nick’s massive gut, now found themselves strained by the inexorable forward march of his titanic pecs. The plush white collar had previously concealed whatever definition Nick’s traps had before, but now it was pressed firmly up to tickle his ears by the considerable mounds growing from his shoulders. 


Nick’s arms, having not been inconsiderable before, fought against the seams of his jacket and peered out through slowly expanding gaps. Even Nick’s abs, thought they could not yet be seen, caused the thick leather belt to groan in protest.


“Looks like I’ve, huh, outgrown my coat,” Nick said with a chuckle. 


With that, he lifted his arms up and flexed hard. The sleeves, already taxed as they were by the growing biceps beneath them all but exploded off, revealing arms thicker  than the base of his Christmas tree twice over. With the sleeves taken care of, Nick shifted into a crab pose, sending the top 5 buttons of his coat clattering to the ground and revealing pecs that put two pumpkin pies to shame. All that remained of Nick’s trademark suit were some red tatters held up by a straining black belt, and with a quick yank that was gone too, revealing perfectly cobbled and deep set abs.


Not wanting to miss any more of the action, Noah returned to straddling Nick’s lap, settling down on top of the still expanding endowment. Nick gave a small huff, grabbing onto Noah’s waist and grinding against the smaller man with small, languid motions.


“Why don’t I help you out, since your hands are a bit occupied at the moment,” Noah suggested as he brought his hands up to caress the monstrous slabs of meat before him. 


His hands were completely dwarfed by Nick’s pecs, and if he put his hand into the cleavage between them, Noah was sure they would swallow up to his wrist at least.  Even sitting on his lap as he was, Noah could tell that Nick had to crane his neck to peer past his enormous chest and see what was going on in his lap. Even then, his pecs’ still expanding mass were quickly making that an impossibility.


Nick then became aware of a slightly growing pressure on each of his shoulders and, thinking that Nick has shifted his grip up, moved his hands to each side to caress each hand. What he found instead was the bulging mass of two eye popping biceps.  Pressing up against him. With Nick’s hands still on Noah’s waist, his biceps had begun to run out of room and push into the space Noah occupied. Noah gave one of the peaks, which was quickly surpassing the size of his waist, a slow lick. In response Nick gave a low groan and pulled Noah closer into a meaty embrace.


Noah now found himself face planted into the two gorgeous pecs he had been admiring earlier, with the bulk of Nick’s arms keeping his own pinned to his sides. With no other recourse, Noah began to run his tongue up and down the cleavage between Nick’s pecs.


“Whuuuuhhhhhh,” Nick huffed, his voice heavy with lust. “You’re a, huhhh, real pro at this, hyeugh, aren’t you?”


Noah responded by moving his mouth over to one pec, tilting his face up, and swirling his tongue around Nick’s left nipple. A guttural growl rose up from Nick’s chest as all his muscles tenses for a moment and he thrust his waist up and pressed Noah into the bottom of his pecs.


It was at this moment both men realized the chair beneath them had been groaning in protest for quite some time and, with that last erotic push, finally collapsed in on itself. Nick fell onto his thickened glutes with Noah following close behind, bouncing off of Nick’s pillowy pecs and onto the floor next to him. Nick, pushing himself up out of the remnants of the armchair, stood up and turned to offer Noah a hand up. Noah took it, and after standing to his feet appraised the changed (and still changing!) man before him.


Nick had not been a short man before, and was already an inch or two taller than Noah’s even 6 feet when he came down the chimney earlier that night. But now he nearly scraped against the ceiling. As Nick regarded him over his immense chest, no small feat at this point, Noah could see that the man’s pecs had grown so large they now mounded up and pushed against Nick’s well-trimmed beard. His traps had grown as well, now swallowing his muscles neck and reaching up almost to Nick’s ears. His biceps jockeyed for space on his crowded torso, their bulk combined with his large chest forcing his arms to rest jutted out at his sides. Noah was fairly certain that those considerable arms were now larger around than the breadth of his own torso, each. Though not as large, Nick’s forearms had grown in tandem with his biceps, now at least as large as a large piece of firewood each.


Noah also noticed for the first time just how broad Nick’s back had become. It had assumed a sharp triangle shape, his broad lats tapering quickly down into a tight, muscled waist. Even from the front, it was easy to see the muscles of his back has been growing just as much as his chest. Further down, Nick’s quads were, in a word, monstrous. They had ballooned out to be even larger than Nick’s still impressive waist, forcing him to stand in a slightly spread stance. His calves weren’t fighting for space, but their toned, wide diamond shape was nothing to shake a stick at. When Noah’s gaze reached Nick’s feet, he couldn’t help but laugh. The boots had been putting up a valiant fight, but the laces had all but snapped and the toe was clearly being pushed to its limits. Nick’s feet were comically constrained, and Noah’s laughter made him suddenly aware of just how uncomfortable he was.


“Could you, uhh, help me out a little bit?” Nick asked, slightly sheepish.


Noah nodded and bent down to unlace the tortured boots. The laces came undone like a coiled spring, and Nick gave a deep sigh of relief as Noah popped the boots off his feet. As Noah unbent his back from his crouched position, he felt his head bump against something large and soft above him. Shuffling back a bit, Noah tunes his gaze upward and was greeted with a rather enormous and festively wrapped package.


By this point the mistletoe pattern of the briefs had been distorted into a squiggly mass of red and green by the burgeoning endowment beneath it. The briefs were stretchy, but even they had a limit that was quickly approaching. To buy some more time, the briefs had ceded some ground, and now the thick root of Nick’s cock was visible above the distended waistband. Though the struggling briefs still nominally covered all the important bits, they left little to the imagination. Noah could clearly see the outline of Nick’s massive sack and thick tool through the threadbare briefs now, a situation which only became more apparent as Noah watched. Standing up, Noah reached out and ran a hand across the fleshy head on Nick’s cock, now quite visible despite still being technically contained. Nick sucked in a quick breath as he did so.


“Well you’ve saved the best gift for last,” Nick said with a wink, his glinting eyes regarding Noah over his looming pecs. “Why don’t you open it?”


“Hmmm,” Noah said pretending to ponder Nick’s offer. “I think I’ll try and figure out what’s inside first.”


Noah then grabbed both sides of the package and gave the whole thing a shake, then put his head down near it in a mock attempt to discern its contents. This earned him a sharp intake of air from Nick, followed by a lusty huff.


“Hmmmm, still not sure,” said Noah, continuing his charade.”


Noah rubbed his hands down the thick shaft, grabbing as he went, until he reached the large head.


“I wonder what is could be?” Bantered Noah as he kneaded the soft head. “Maybe a large stuffed animal?”


Santa, still giving the occasional heavy grunt or sigh, locked his hands behind his head to keep from grabbing at his bulge, treating Noah to a gorgeous pose of rippling abs, bulging arms, and swelling pecs. After admiring the view for a moment, Noah returned his attention to the somehow still contained package. Though his previous ministrations had clearly excited  Nick, Noah saw that he was still nowhere near full mast. With a small scowl, Noah decided he was going to have to significantly up his game. Nick has then grown to the point where, if he stood at his full height, he would bump into the ceiling, and as a result he had adopted a wider stance and bent over slightly. This meant that Nick’s package was now almost at chest level with Noah, and that gave him a rather... exciting idea.


With a small jump, Noah threw himself onto Nick’s bulge and clambered to the top. Pivoting around so that his back rested against Nick’s stomach, Noah straddled the large cock and, with a devilish grin began to rock and gyrate his hips, running his hands over the surface as he did so.


“On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer,” Noah cheered, barely suppressing a giggle.


 Nick let out a long, loud moan of pleasure and, having to do something with his hands while this happened, latched on to his nipples and began to tweak them. Though his body had overall seemed to stop growing, Nick’s cock was still growing in another way. As it continued to swell, there was suddenly a loud snap as Nick’s briefs gave way and his cock burst out. It quickly rose up, the head throbbing and tinged purple, soon pressing Noah snugly against Nick’s abs and cocooning him under the shelf of Nick’s pecs. The head rose steadily higher, soon curving slightly backwards and nestling in between his mammoth pecs. A dollop of precum glistening as it oozed from Nick’s cock.


Reaching his hands up from his nipples, Nick caressed the sensitive head, releasing a shaky breath as he smeared the precum down its front. With this greater attention, precum began to run down onto the burgeoning shaft. With this new source of lubrication, Noah took it upon himself to move beyond just grinding the base of Nick’s cock. Wrapping his arms as far around the towering endowment as he could, which he soon found meant barely touching his fingers together on the other side, Noah began to work his arms up and down. 


“Ho ho hooooh,” groaned Nick, his hips giving an involuntary buck as pleasure emanated up and down his sensitive cock. “D-don’t stop, Noah.”


This encouragement egged Noah on even further, and he sped up the already vigorous motions of his arms. Nick’s breaths became more and more labored, his own hands rubbing slower and slower across the head of his cock until he gripped it like a life preserver at sea.


“Noah,” he managed to choke out between breaths. “I’m... I’m, hahhh, so close now. Where... where should I... huff... point this thing?”


But Noah was too caught up in servicing his giant cock to notice, and so Nick contemplates his options. Bending his cock down to aim anywhere was simply out of the question. The thing was hard as iron and about as bendable too. That left him two options. Allowing his cock to shoot into the air like a fireworks display not only would give the ceiling a new paint job, it would likely splatter across the room and create  a horrendous mess, likely ruining whatever got caught in the splash zone. All too aware that he had already broken an armchair, Nick went with the second option.


Hunching over as much as he could without crushing Noah, Nick wrapped his arms around his lodgepole sized member and hugged it as close to his body as he could. He then strained his neck down as much as he could and latched his lips over his cockhead, fitting as much of the mushroom tip as he could into his mouth. With his pecs already pushed firmly against his chin, Nick began to thrust his hips, slowly sucking more and more of his endowment.


At this point, Noah could to little more except wrap his legs around the base of Nick’s cock and hold of for dear life and the thrusts came after and faster, sandwiched as he was. With a strong final thrust and a muffled moan, Nick hugged his cock as tight as he could as a torrent of cum travelled up the length of his member and poured down his gullet. He gulped down the flood as fast as it came, and after a few moments Nick let the head pop out of his mouth, gave a contented sigh, and released his hold on his titanic manhood. Now free from Nick’s grip, the cock sprang forward and came to a rest in it’s still-softening state jutting straight out, as if a dowsing rod for fireplaces.


Noah took the opportunity to jump down and turn back towards Nick, taking a few steps backward so he could see the man’s face past his immense chest. His common sense and usual personality returning after the last bits of lust drifted from his mind, Noah was suddenly rather nervous to be standing in front of a man who he had turned into a hulking titan of muscle without asking.


“Er, tada?” Said Noah, gesturing lamely up at Nick’s transformed body.


Nick regarded him with a cocked eyebrow for a moment, then burst out into a hearty laugh.


“It’s been a long time since anyone has given me a gift,” Nick said, grinning merrily, “let alone one this... unique. What exactly did you gift me? And though I do not wish to be unappreciative, why me?”


Noah proceded to explain how he had come to know of Nick’s existence, how he overheard him, what his job was and how it related to the modified muscle building and fat burning supplement he had been working on, and how it all culminated in the gingerbread cookies he gave him that night. 


“So the compound works by...?”


“ using a compound in the supplement in conjunction with molecules with high energy content, in your case fat, to rapidly build muscle mass,” Noah explained. “The supplement generally requires a large amount of a substance to kickstart a reaction, like it did for you. It’s fascinating though that the supplement doesn’t just use fat. It could be any other molecule with a high energy content, why it could even be-“


Noah’s eyes widened at his sudden realization, and he took an involuntary step  back.




As if on cue, Nick gave a low moan of pleasure as his body began to expand again. His head bumped against the ceiling and was pushed forwards into his pecs as he stopped slightly to fit his delts now firmly pushed up against his ears, not to mention they now sat flush with the ceiling. Nick’s pecs, already considerable, ballooned further out, the monumental rift between them large enough for Noah to lose an arm. Their new size pressed even more firmly against Nick’s chin, almost prohibiting him from speaking.  


His lats pushed out his arms even further, leaving Nick’s arms resting at an almost comical angle jutting out from his body. Any space this may have created was soon swallowed by the massive bulk of Nick’s biceps, now considerably larger than even his own head. The crevasses between his abs deepened as the muscles grew more defined. His ridged, immense back widened even further, his previously wide v shape being superseded by more of a T shape. 


His quads, already forcing him into a wide stance, expanded even further and thicker, pushing his feet out well past his waist and into something reminiscent of a more reserved sumo stance. This pose also thrust his massive endowment forward as his cock also grew in size, surging out at least another few inches in size. His sack, and not the one he left back by the tree, now contained two large balls that dangled down to nearly his knees, each roughly the size of a volleyball. As the growth reached his calves, widening them even further into even more exaggerated diamonds, Nick sank to his knees and rested his hands around the base of his member. His ballsack now resting on the hardwood floor, his cock almost in the flue, and his chin somewhat snug against his hefty pecs, Nick gave Noah a lusty smile.


“It looks like I could use some help finishing up tonight,” Nick said with a twinkle in his eye, “ maybe in more ways than one.”


“You mean you want me to come with you and finish delivering presents?” Noah asked, his excitement barely contained.”


“Hopefully in that order too,” Nick responded playfully. “But in all seriousness, yes. You seem like just the sort of man I’ve been looking for. If you want, you can even accompany me back to the North Pole after we finish this last little bit of work.”


“Well that would... that would be amazing,” said Noah, slightly in shock. “I would love that.”


“Then it’s settled!” said Nick, a warm grin spreading over his face. “But first, you think you could, ah, help me with this?”


Nick gestured to his cock, which was starting to rise off of the floor and leak precum. Noah gave a small chuckle, nodded, and sauntered over to his new lover.


And so ends this holiday tale of muscles and growth, of Noah and Nick, and merry hijinks. So, in the spirit of the season, a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a growy night.

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