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Self consciousness, depression and weightlifting

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Astromuscle, bro, everybody have problems, in my caso I have sabotaged my own progress in the ways you’ve described 3 times!, when i visited others gyms and i saw others big guys lifting up 120lb or 200lb in press bar i felt so bad myself, ashamed, thin, etc. so i left gym for a while, and one day a friend helpme to focus in tiny tasks, so tiny that you feel is a easy task and when is done celebrate yourself by this task done, bro! is a really really usefull , i hope that help you, bucasue this is my fourth intent to be a huge bodybuilder, four month ago i enrolled in a gym for a year and i'm focus nutrition (becuase the others intents i didn't focus to the meals) so i started for something simple, for example eat small portion of rice, and that's it, then add other good habit and other and other until you feel conformatable, go tiny step by step, don't see to other guys, maybe they have bigger problems than you.
be grateful, go tiny step by step and you have this community that will support your progress, they do not have it.
together we can more!
big hug!

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