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Handyman Muscle...Finale, added April 16th


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Very slightly inspired by a recent news story...…………….     For the second day in a row, the doctor noticed the white van parked across the street as he pulled out of his driveway, headi

Part 2       When Doc woke up, he was in his bed. His head hurt, his neck hurt, his ass hurt. He basically hurt all over. He opened his eyes and saw Ruben standing at the side of t

Doc woke up, sore all over, again. He heard Ruben coming in from outside and tromping up the steps, the hard wood stairs creaking under his prodigious weight. He came into the bedroom shirtless, with

  • 4 weeks later...

Dino noticed the houses as he got closer to the address that Doc had given him. “Damn, nice neighborhood,” he thought to himself. He felt a little less anxious. What could happen to him in this white bread community? He pulled into the cul-de-sac and parked in front of the house. He still couldn’t believe how turned on he got from Doc’s prostate exam. He never thought he’d love having something up his ass, let alone a dude’s finger. Yet here he was in the car, getting hard just remembering it. Did someone in this house have fingers bigger than the doc? He found himself hoping so as he got out of the car.


During the past month, Ruben’s brow had thickened and grown outward. So had his jawline. His traps had swollen up so high he didn’t really have a neck to speak of, just a thick spreading column of muscle, with thick, sausage-sized rolls below the back of his head, pushing his head forward. He looked like a Neanderthal. And now at 498lbs, a very massive Neanderthal. All he had on were a pair of black posers. His thick eight pack abs bulged out over the posers, pushing the waiststrap downward. He grunted deeply as he eyed Dino up and down like a new toy. He squatted down until the knuckles of his left hand touched the floor. He leaned forward on his knuckles, like an offensive lineman.


“Play football,” Ruben said. His growing neck muscles were compressing in on his larynx so much that his voice had gotten deeper and more gargled. He charged at Dino like a silverback gorilla, tackling the 300lb powerlifter to the floor. Dino’s big back hit the tile in the foyer so hard that some of them cracked. He’d had the wind knocked out of him as Ruben’s massive shoulder had slammed into his sternum. Ruben straddled him and looked down at him, studying him like he was an insect.  Dino struggled but Ruben had ten times his strength and held him with ease. Plus, Ruben had on a pair of sticky gloves, the kind NFL players were wearing now, that quadrupled his ability to hold and control anything in his grip. This was his first time trying them out. Doc had custom-ordered them for him,  made to fit his thickly muscled, oversized hands and fingers.


Ruben grabbed Dino by the shoulders, then stood up with him, lifting the powerlifter off the ground and holding him airborne. Even Ruben was surprised at how easy it was for him to hold this 300lbs block of muscle.


“We wrestle,” said Ruben, lifting Dino overhead, then walking around the living room with him. He threw Dino into a big sofa, so hard that it tipped over backwards. Dino rolled off onto the floor, and started to stand up. Ruben grabbed his by his upper arm and yanked him up and over the sofa. Then he proceeded to toss the big powerlifter around the room, smashing furniture and knocking pictures off the walls. In between tosses, Ruben admired himself in the big mirror over the mantle, flexing his 32” arms and kissing their peaks. He stripped off his poser and went after Dino some more, ripping his clothes off him along the way. On one of his tosses, Dino flew across the room and slammed into an end table, knocking a decorative marble orb off its stand. The orb was the size of a small globe. It rolled across the floor and came to a stop at Ruben’s feet. He leaned over and picked it up in his gloved right hand. He walked over to Dino and pressed his left index finger into Dino’s meaty chest, pinning him to the floor. He put his right hand next to Dino’s ear, and started squeezing the orb. Dino’s eyes widened as he watched the thick network of veins swelling out on Ruben’s 22” forearm.


Dino had always been the strongest kid around when he was growing up. By third grade, he could already outmuscle kids who were two or three years older than him. It was like he had entered an early puberty. Then, when he was twelve, he hit an even stronger puberty and grew even stronger. In high school, he loved pushing the smaller kids around. “Runt” he’d called them as he knocked them into locker doors or into bathroom urinals. He got a rush from the bullying. It made him feel superior. When he was seventeen, he started his first steroid cycle. He became twice as strong as any of the other jocks, even the ones who were also using. At that point, he stopped bullying the ‘runts’ so much. It was just too easy. Plus, he saw how they looked at him with fear and awe, and that was enough for his ego. Now, on the receiving end of vastly superior size and power, he knew why they had felt fear and awe. He felt fear from being pinned down so easily, and he felt awe as he heard the marble orb crack under Ruben’s grip. The first crack was loud, especially with the orb nearly touching Dino’s ear. Then Ruben’s thick fingers continued to close around the marble, and Dino heard more and more cracking and crushing. Chunks of marble fell out thru Ruben’s fingers and he crushed down even harder on the remnants, reducing the marble into powder, and letting it sift down onto Dino’s forehead.


Ruben snorted derisively as he looked down at the much weaker man at his feet. He reached down and grabbed Dino by his wrist, then dragged him thru the house like a caveman pulling his mate back to the cave. He pulled Dino to the back door, opened it up and dragged him outside, knocking the screen door off its hinges as he powered the 300lb lifter thru it. He tossed Dino off the deck and into the yard. Dino landed with a thud. When he sat up and looked around, he saw that the yard was filled with weights and lifting equipment. In the back, there was a row of Atlas stones lined up. Dino had done a couple of amateur Strongman contests and had some experience with the stones, but these looked bigger than any he had ever tried to lift. Ruben saw him looking back there. He came over to him, picked him up and threw him over his shoulder. He walked to the back of the yard, leaving deep imprints in the lawn from their combined weight of nearly 800lbs.


Ruben sat Dino down in front of the first stone. “Lift,” Ruben said.


Dino stood up and brushed himself off as he sized up the stone. Now maybe he’d be able to show this brute beast that he had some real strength of his own. At least he hoped so. He walked around the stone and saw on the backside was written the weight. 250kgs it said. Dino knew that was well over 500lbs. He also knew that the heaviest stone he’d ever lifted was 340lbs. And he’d only managed to get that two feet up before dropping it back down. He looked at Ruben, who merely smirked back at him and repeated, “Lift”. So Dino squatted down and wrapped his burly arms around the stone. He squeezed himself into the stone until his big pecs crushed up against it and his forearms had as snug a grip as he could get. Then he started to pull in with his arms, and push up with his big thighs. He grunted and strained, then strained some more. He’d show this big ape. He struggled and struggled. He could feel is eyeballs bulging out and his blood pressure spiking. He was trying with all his might, and was about to give up, when he felt the stone roll toward him, just about an inch. But that gave him hope, and his big hairy thighs started shaking with effort. He pulled and pulled, and finally, he felt the stone lifting, ever so slightly. He bellowed out a roar, and the stone lifted up, an inch off the ground. Then another inch. At three inches, Dino’s grip began to give out. His whole body shook as he tried to hold on, but the stone slipped thru his arms and thudded back to earth. Dino stumbled backwards, and looked at his forearms and chest, all scraped up from the rough stone.


Then Ruben stepped up to the stone. He leaned down and put one hand on each side of the 550lbs orb. Then he lifted it off the ground like it was an oversized bowling ball. Dino whispered out a ‘fuck’ as he watched the huge muscleman’s thick, ropey back muscles bulge and ripple with power. Ruben hoisted the stone straight overhead and held it there while Dino looked up at him in awe. Ruben shifted the weight of the stone to his right hand, then took his left hand off it, holding the big stone aloft with one huge arm. He reared his arm back, then threw the stone into the woods behind the house as if it were a baseball. The stone crashed thru the woods like a meteor, smashing tree trunks into splinters on its way. Ruben turned back and looked at Dino. He flexed his huge arms, the biceps peaks pumped and rising to 34 inches.


“Oh god,” groaned Dino. He never realized he could be so turned on.


Ruben walked over to the second stone. It was marked at 350kgs, which is over 770lbs. Ruben wrapped his arms around it and lifted it up. He squeezed it until it cracked in two against his pecs. The big stone had split even faster than the marble orb. He dropped the two halves down with a thud, then brushed the granite dust off his 80” chest. He went to the third stone, marked at 450kgs. Over 990lbs. He picked it up and put it on his back behind his neck, like Atlas himself. Then he started doing squats. Rep after rep. Twenty, then thirty. His quads bloating with pump. At forty reps, he stopped and shifted the huge stone on his massive bull neck. Then he did ten more reps before he dropped the stone behind him. His quads were swollen to 44 inches and snaked with veins. Sweat ran down his whole body in rivulets. His big horse cock was rock hard and arching up like a satyr’s, with pre-cum pulsing out of it. He lubed himself up with it, then looked over at Dino like he was a snack. He waddled over to the 300lbs powerlifter and lifted him up easily. Then he sat him down on his dickhead and entered him. He air fucked Dino right in the yard, bouncing him firmly up and down with his powerful hands, sliding him up and down his 8pak roidgut. When Dino realized that the massive muscle monster wasn’t trying to split him in two like another Atlas stone, he let the pleasure of it take him over. And as the bigger man entered him deeper with each thrust, Dino felt pleasure that was ten times more profound than the doc’s fingers. Maybe 100 times. He was being manhandled and used by a superhuman brute. And when Ruben looked him in the eye and called him “little bitch” between rough thrusting, Dino came so hard. It spewed out of him like never before. He never thought the day would come that he wanted to be someone’s little bitch, but that day was here, and he loved it.


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You never cease to amaze me as yours stories are always fantastic. Love muscle and strength domination and you brought it again. Thank you

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Man this story it's awesome.

I love the force Ruben has become and now Dio is taking it all like a macho man, He love being an alpaaha and dominate and being dominated

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Man this story it's awesome.

I love the force Ruben has become and now Dio is taking it all like a macho man, He love being an alpaaha and dominate and being dominated

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  • bbmikenj changed the title to Handyman Muscle...Finale, added April 16th

   A month after Dino had gotten his prostate exam from Doc, and had met up with Ruben, all three of them were living at Doc’s house. Doc had put Dino on the same regiment that he and Ruben were on, and Dino had responded well. Real well. And he wasn’t going for shred so much as for bulk. He’d gained 50lbs in 30 days, and was loving every minute of it. He couldn’t pass by a mirror without getting a big dumb grin on his face. He rub his big hard powerlifter gut, then bounce his big bloated pecs, and snort with pleasure. Then he’d go into the kitchen and make a gallon of mass gainer shake. Doc was buying it in bulk now, bringing it in by containers the size of spackle buckets. The three of them were going thru several buckets a day. On top of the vast quantities of food. They were each taking in tens of thousands of calories a day. Doc was up to 290lbs, and had stayed lean and symmetrical, like an oversized Frank Zane, or Bob Paris.


Ruben had muscled up 525lbs. He’d taken to hiking into the woods behind the house for his workouts. He liked to uproot trees, then snap their trunks across the back of his neck. He loved the sound of his power splintering the wood and the feel of his huge traps against the bark as the trunk bent across them until it cracked. He’d toss the splintery remains into one of the ravines that ran deep into the woods. The ravines were full of boulders that he could rip out of the ground and carry them up and down the steep slopes, bloating his monster quads and calves to superhuman proportions. He loved feeling the blowtorch-like burn in his massive thighs as he powered his way up the hillside. On his way back to the house, he’d clothesline more tree trunks with his clublike forearms, snapping them like toothpicks. He felt his loins churning as he used his strength and size to plow through the woods.


Local police started getting reports of Sasquatch sightings, and Doc could understand why. When Ruben reappeared in the backyard after several hours in the woods, he looked like a primordial beast, his massive frame covered in dirt, broken bark, leaves, his massive limbs scraped from thorns and branches. Sweat rolled down his torso, turning the dirt into rivulets of mud as it ran down his bulging gutball. He’d be raging to rut with whoever he grabbed first, Doc or Dino.  Good thing they weren’t fragile.  Ruben raged inside them, his eyes glazed over with lust. Afterwards, Doc would clean him up with rubbing alcohol, cleaning all the debris and scrapes until his skin was shiny and tight on his massive muscles. Then they’d blow each other. It was a good life.


Money, however, was a growing concern. Doc had cut way back on his practice, as he was now only taking new patients who already weighed over 300lbs and who wanted much more. Doc came up with the idea of starting a sperm bank after he did DNA tests on his remaining patients,  and also Dino and Ruben. All the men turned out to have a high percentage of Neanderthal DNA, which explained their thick powerful bones, heavy limbs, extra thick necks and traps, protruding brows and jutting jawlines. And the ease with which they added slabs of muscle to their already powerful builds. None of them ever got colds or the flu. Doc had their sperm tested too, and found out that the gear they were all on had permanently altered their genetic codes, triggering a stronger response from their Neanderthal chromosomes. Doc got ‘deposits’ from all of them, and marketed it on the dark web, in order to avoid any legal issues. He found a niche market very fast, of people wanting physically superior offspring, and money started pouring in.


Dino, to do his part, got a job as a security guard at a nightclub in a seedy part of town. It was known for having a rowdy crowd, especially in the wee hours, but the owners were smart enough to let Dino work with no shirt, and the number of brawls and street fights plummeted immediately. All Dino had to do was strut thru the club, his huge hairy arms sticking out as they rested on top of his barndoor lats, and the place stayed calm for the most part. If some dude got drunk enough to cause trouble, Dino would take them to a dark corner and explain to them how he could deadlift 1200lbs, so what did they think he could do to their fragile little bones. That calmed them right down. That, and having a 350 pound shirtless powerlifting gorilla about an inch from their face.


The owners also let Dino get up on stage to put on a muscle show. Dino was a huge hit. Turns out his 350lbs bulk, covered with thick black hair front and back, was a welcome change from the normal strippers the club usually hired. His massive bloated pecs were like two oversized hot water bottles, filled to the max, and he could control them perfectly, bouncing them up and down rhythmically, or heaving them out far and resting a beer mug on each pec, then walking around the stage with them balanced on his magnificent furry slabs. He loved seeing guys get wet spots in their pants as they watch him flex and strut. He knew which ones he could push over the edge by going closer to them and sucking in his big gut, then letting it out. Sucking it in, letting it out, until the pelt of his big ballgut brushed against their noses. Some men fainted from it. Dino would smirk and move onto his next victim, rubbing his thickly muscled gut along the way. He was coming home with thousands of dollars in tips every week.


One morning, two cops showed up at the front door of Doc’s house. Doc was at work, and Dino was sleeping in, so when no one answered the door, the cops started snooping around toward the side of the house. Someone had called in about loud noises coming from the area. The cops heard some deep guttural grunting coming from behind the house, so they walked around the side of the house to the backyard. Both of the cops stopped dead in their tracks as they saw a 525lbs Ruben doing curls with an Olympic bar loaded with 405lbs, wearing only a black pair of posers. He grunted out one slow, controlled rep after another, his biceps swelling bigger with each curl.


“Holy shit,” stammered the one cop, who was a 21 year-old rookie. “Look at that fucking guy.”


“Stay cool, Tom,” said the older cop, even though he was pretty stunned himself. He stepped into the backyard far enough for Ruben to notice him.


Ruben saw them, but continued to do his curls. He started counting out reps, grunting 54, 55, 56….until he reached 60, then he dropped the bar to the ground, the plates sinking 4 inches into the sod. He took a step toward the cops and said, “What can I do for you boys?” His voice so deep and strong, the cops felt it in their bones.  He casually bounced his massive pecs as he stood before them. He glistened with sweat, and both his huge arms had a vein the size of a garden hose pulsing down them and branching into multiple veins like a river delta. His delts were the size of basketballs, and rippled with thick ropey muscle as he rolled his shoulders up and back.


“Jesus,” said the rookie.


The older cop said, “Um, we’re just checking out the neighborhood for a noise report.” He was having a hard time not staring at Ruben’s unbelievable torso. “Have you heard anything unusual around here lately?”


“Not around here. Unless you mean something like this.” Ruben leaned toward them and flexed into a most-muscular pose. As he did so, he let out a tremendous roar. Muscle swelled up all over him, and veins emerged everywhere, even on his forehead. Both cops staggered backwards. Ruben stepped closer to them, and squeezed into his pose even harder.


“Holy crap…” said the rookie, feeling his knees start to buckle. The older cop grabbed him by the arm to steady him.


Ruben chuckled at how easy it was to stun the two cops with his mass. “Want a ride?” he said to them, as he grabbed both cops by their belts and lifted them. The cops each weighed around 200lbs, but Ruben was straight-arm lifting them like they were two pillows. Their feet dangled off the ground. Ruben curled them upward, and his huge arms bunched up into boulders that were bigger around than the cops’ waists. He hoisted them straight up overhead and walked around the yard with them.


Meanwhile, from an upstairs window, Dino was watching. He’d gotten up when he heard voices, and was now naked and jerking off as he saw Ruben using the two cops like light dumbbells. He was already leaking when Ruben turned and walked toward the back of the yard, his massive, stone-hard glutes bulging out of the sides of his posers. Dino could see the striations in the huge muscle ass even from upstairs. It pushed him right over the edge. He put one big hairy hand on the window frame, and  then he spewed all over the window.


Ruben put the cops down. Their legs buckled and they went down to their knees. Both of them were hard in their pants. Ruben smiled, then flexed his 8pak roidgut an inch from their faces. Both of them groaned. “Want to touch?” Ruben asked. The cops reached out and laid their hands on Ruben’s tight belly skin. Ruben pushed his abs out. They rounded out like 8 curved paving stones. The rookie cop was getting a wet spot in his crotch as he felt the stubble on Ruben’s rockgut, and ran his fingers along the deep ab ridges, slippery with sweat. Ruben looked down at him, feeling pleasure at the young man’s awe and worship. His posers were tenting out. Worship and awe always made him want to rut something.


Out front, Doc pulled into the driveway, arriving home early from the sperm bank. He got out of the car, wearing only a lab coat and a pair of boxer briefs.  He’d discovered early on that he could get ‘donations’ from the musclebound freaks at the bank much faster if he went into the exam room with them, and pulled his lab coat open at the chest, exposing his shaved, heavily striated pecs. None of his donators had muscle development that was as shredded and grainy as Doc’s.  And he kept his pecs shaved and oiled to highlight that shred. When he flexed them, thousands of striations popped out, tight as guitar strings. “Strum them,” he would say, and almost as soon as the big men’s fingers touched Doc’s chest, they would cum in their cup.


When Doc saw the cop car, he went around to the backyard, curious. He came around the corner just in time to see Ruben shaking out his 48”quad in the older cop’s face. “MASS,” said Ruben, and he flexed his leg. The quad muscles tightened up like stone, and his extreme vascularity pulsed through his skin. The cop put his hands on the monster quad, and when Ruben said, “Bigger than your chest,“ the cop came in his pants. Ruben snorted, then he grabbed the rookie by the back of his neck and lifted him to his face. Then he kissed him on the mouth. Deep and long and rough. The young cop came in his pants from the feel of Ruben’s muscle tongue owning his mouth. Ruben sat the rookie down on the ground.


When Ruben saw Doc watching them, he smiled, and flexed into a double bi, Doc’s favorite pose. Doc was already swelling up when Dino came out of the backdoor, still naked and hard.


“Need to rut,” said Ruben, as he ripped off his poser.


“Jesus,” said both cops at the sight of the naked behemoth, his big cock rising up as it engorged in the fresh air. The rookie looked behind him and saw the thick naked bulk of Dino, standing next to the 290lb Doc. “What is this place?”


Dino walked over to the rookie with the swagger that someone gets when he knows that guys will stuff 100 dollar bills into his jockstrap just to get close to him. “You’re in Muscle Heaven, little dude.” Then Doc walked over. He stood over the rookie, and opened up his lab coat, completely exposing his shredded torso. He flexed. Thousands of muscle fibers popped out all over him. The rookie fainted. The older cop craned his neck around to see. Doc turned to him, and flexed some more.


“Oh my god, look at you,” said the cop, bracing his hand on the ground.


Dino, Doc, and Ruben looked at each other, grinning. They stripped down the cops, and for the next couple hours, they had a 5-way in the backyard.  Doc focused on the rookie. Ruben focused on the older cop, reminding himself to be careful not to break him. Dino switched back and forth between the teams. The cops would never be the same. They ended up quitting the force and moving into Doc’s house. They pulled their weight by servicing the three huge musclemen in every way. They cooked and cleaned and maintained the house in return for hours and hours of worship and adoration. They got bigger themselves, just from all the muscle spunk they were taking in, but Doc never put them on gear, and they were perfectly happy just serving their muscle superiors. On Ruben’s 60th birthday, they baked him a protein cake and celebrated his age and the fact that he’d hit 600lbs of muscle at 2% bodyfat.


Life was good.

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Your stories are always something else and t's always sad to read their ending but all great things must come to an end and this was a fantastic ride.

The Doc gre to eb the ebst evrsion of himself and Ruben helped him achieve that then Dino came into the duo and got a new perspective on life one he throughfully enjoys.

This was awesome.

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