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Handyman Muscle...Finale, added April 16th


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Very slightly inspired by a recent news story...…………….     For the second day in a row, the doctor noticed the white van parked across the street as he pulled out of his driveway, headi

Part 2       When Doc woke up, he was in his bed. His head hurt, his neck hurt, his ass hurt. He basically hurt all over. He opened his eyes and saw Ruben standing at the side of t

Doc woke up, sore all over, again. He heard Ruben coming in from outside and tromping up the steps, the hard wood stairs creaking under his prodigious weight. He came into the bedroom shirtless, with


  Doc woke up, sore all over, again. He heard Ruben coming in from outside and tromping up the steps, the hard wood stairs creaking under his prodigious weight. He came into the bedroom shirtless, with Doc’s workout pants on, which fit Ruben like leggings. He was shiny with sweat. Doc noticed that he had some kind of a harness around his waist.


“Where you been?” asked Doc.


“Went for a little jog.” Ruben’s big roidgut and chest heaved in and out.


“What’s that around your waist?” asked Doc.


“Just a tow rope. Used it to pull your car behind me as I ran. Hope you don’t mind.”


Doc twitched at the thought of Ruben running up and down the streets of  his neighborhood, pulling his car up and down the steep hills around him.


“Didn’t people honk at you?”


Ruben laughed. “You think someone would honk at this?” He bounced his pecs. “Actually, someone did, but when he passed me, he got this panicky look on his face and then ran the stop sign we were coming up to.”


“How far did you go?”


“You remember the address we got off that little hoodlum that tried to shake you down for gear?”




“That far.”


“You went to his house?”


“Yep. I just stood on the street looking at it. He didn’t see me until he came out to go to work. That’s when I unhooked the tow line and started walking up to him. You should have seen him scurry to his car, fumbling to unlock the door. I got to him just as he got inside and slammed the door.”


“Then what did you do?”


“Nothing. Just watched him back out. I could smell pee though, so I don’t think he’ll be a bother. I just wanted to remind him not to be.”


Doc shuddered at how the guy must have felt seeing a 365lb superheavyweight bodybuilder unhooking himself from a car he was towing, and then walking menacingly up thru his yard at him. No wonder he peed himself. Doc got up and walked over to his dresser and opened up the top drawer.


“I have something for you, for making me feel safe,” said Doc, pulling out a pencil case sized box. He opened it  up, and inside were 6 pre-filled syringes.


“What’s that, Doc?”


“It’s a six month cycle of the newest gear from eastern Europe. Supposed to promote unreal gains. I just got it in. Haven’t tried it on anyone yet. You game?”


“There’s only six needles in there.”


“Yep. One shot per month. If you still have open receptors for it, it should act pretty fast.”


“No shit? Pin me with it, Babe,” said Ruben. He took the tow line off his waist and tossed amongst the rubble that was strewn around Doc’s bedroom. Then he pulled his jogging pants down over his huge glutes, turned around, and bent over.


“Jesus,” said Doc as he soaked in the sight of Ruben’s oversized glutes and hamstrings, stretching out and rippling with striations. It reminded Doc of the rump of the thoroughbred horse he’d looked at once when he was thinking about getting into horse breeding. The same kind of muscularity and power. “Jesus,” he muttered again as he took an alcohol swab out of the kit and swiped Ruben’s ass with it. Then he jabbed the needle into Ruben’s thick right buttocks. “This might take awhile, the oil is very viscous,” said Doc, as he pushed down on the plunger.


“That’s OK, Doc. Give it to me deep.”


Doc looked over the massive glutes jutting out at him as he pushed the super roids into them. “You ever bottom?” he asked the big man.


Ruben snorted. “About once a century,” he said.


“That century almost up?” Doc asked.


Ruben turned his head back and looked at Doc. “You think you could handle all that, Babe?”


“I wouldn’t mind trying.” Doc pulled the needle out and wiped Ruben’s hard ass with the swab. Then he rubbed his fingers on the injection site. The muscle didn’t press in at all, but the skin over it was tight as a snare drum, and slid back and forth across the site. “Jesus,” muttered Doc for the third time.


Ruben laughed as he pulled up his pants. “Tell you what, Doc. Let’s save that for another time. Your neighbors need their driveway resealed. I gotta get to work. Hey, you know what, man, I think that shit might already be kicking in. Either that or it’s getting really hot in here.” Ruben turned and looked into the full length mirror on Doc’s closet door. “Oh fuck yeah, look at me, Doc!”


The skin on Ruben’s upper torso had flushed a deep red. New veins were popping up across his chest and down his arms.


“I look like Bane!” Ruben declared. He flexed and his muscle stood out like never before. When he relaxed, his arms stuck out almost parallel to the floor, pushed up by his rising lats. “Goddamit, Doc. This is the best! I’m gonna go knock out that driveway job double time, then go lift. Fuck. Then I might go hunt down your little thug, show him what’s going on. He won’t just piss himself, seeing this!”


Ruben turned and faced Doc, who, for the fourth time, muttered, “Jesus.” Ruben was a muscle freak extraordinaire, pumped to the extreme without having pumped up.


Ruben stepped toward Doc, and his quads ripped thru his running pants, shredding the nylon like paper towels. The pant tatters fell around his feet, leaving him wearing just an old jockstrap.


“And you know what, Doc? I’m not doing this on my own.” He grabbed a syringe out of the kit, then pinned Doc down to the bed and jabbed the needle into Doc’s ass.


“The fuckk….”cried out Doc, as he felt the needle and the oil start to go into him. But he didn’t even try to struggle, not that he could have fought it. He had secretly been thinking about trying this stuff out, but just hadn’t had the nerve to do it himself. His body relaxed as Ruben plunged the syringe into him.  After what seemed like ten minutes, Ruben pulled the needle out and massaged Doc’s glute with his big beefy hand.


“There ya go, Doc. You on a new journey. Now I gotta go knock out that driveway.” He slapped Doc on the ass, then stood up and sauntered out of the room.


Doc stayed in the bed for awhile, feeling the new gear course thru his veins. The temperature in the room felt like it had been turned up to 100 degrees. His skin was sweaty and flush. He sat up and wiped himself down with the sheet. When he stood up, he realized he didn’t feel any soreness. He walked over to the mirror and noticed that all the deep bruising he’d gotten from roughhousing with Ruben were fading. There were pencil-sized veins running down his arms. He flexed his biceps, and instead of the rounded bulge he was used to seeing, a big peak rose up and a deep split ran across the top. “Fuck yeah,” said Doc, with a big grin.


He got dressed and went across the street to his neighbor’s front yard. Ruben had put on a pair of cargo shorts and was about to start work on the driveway.


“Put that shit away, man, aren’t you hungry? Let’s go get something to eat,” said Doc, who had never been hungrier in his life.


“Good idea, Doc. But we can just go into your neighbor’s kitchen. I got the fridge stuffed with food.” Ruben got the keys from his van, and they went inside. For the next hour, they gorged themselves on anything they could find. Doc was ravenous, and everything tasted so good, he couldn’t stop himself. Neither of them even spoke, they just ate. And ate. Doc felt like a bloated animal, and he loved it.


“Let’s go lift,” grunted Ruben as he wiped his mouth with his huge forearm.


They headed to the most hardcore gym in town. For the next 3 hours they went thru a grueling workout. Doc had always limited his workouts to an hour, knowing that anything more than that could lead to muscle atrophy. But now it was different. He felt super charged, like he’d been giving ten B12 shots. They both stopped between sets and flexed in the gym mirrors. Doc’s muscles popped out like he was ready to go on stage as a middleweight bodybuilder. When he lifted his tank top and flexed his abs, an 8pak showed up. Doc grinned like a kid, seeing the stacked bricks. He used to have to try hard just to get a 6pak to show. Not anymore.


And Ruben. He was pumped up beyond superheavyweight. Doc helped him peel out of his UA shirt, and he seemed to expand out even more. He roared with every pose he hit in the mirror. His upper arms had to measure over 26 inches. There wasn’t a guy in the gym that wasn’t staring at them in awe and envy.


At the end of the workout, they spent another half hour flexing and posing, side by side in the wall mirrors. Doc had stripped down to his briefs, Ruben to his jockstrap. Both of them had a pool of sweat at their feet when they were done. Some of the guys watching had shot in their gym shorts.


Doc couldn’t believe it was him he was looking at in the mirror. So swole and veiny. When they weighed themselves, Ruben came in at 379lbs, a 14 pound gain. Doc weighed in at 223, thirteen more pounds than he’d ever weighed, and far more lean.


And this was just Day One of the cycle.

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Great continuation to a great story, I absolutely loved it, Ruben is such a beast and now he might be turning Doc into a little bit of a beast himself. I look forward to more! 

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A month went by, and Doc’s body had transformed itself. He now weighed 275lbs and was leaner than he’d ever been in his life. He’d gained an inch in height and was now 6’2”. He’d given up his regular practice, but was keeping his hormone replacement clinic open for abbreviated hours, so he could spend more time lifting. He and Ruben workout twice a day now, for 2 hours each session. Doc’s vascularity had quadrupled, and sometimes, when he saw himself in the mirror, in the stringer tank and posers he wore to lift in, he’d spontaneously cum to his own reflection.


At his clinic, he found himself being more assertive, even aggressive, toward his patients. The big men who came in for their treatments used to intimidate Doc. Now, he was the one that intimidated them. He could see it on their faces. Even the ones who were still bigger than him. He figured it was because he was now way stronger than they were. And they could tell because of the way Doc could maneuver them around on the exam table. His hands and fingers had gotten thicker and bigger than he’d ever dreamed, and he liked the unbelievable strength he’d developed in his grip. He liked to hear a big guy give out a little yelp when he told them to lay back on the table as he grabbed their shoulder and pushed them back, squeezing harder than he needed to. “Jesus, Doc,” said one 300 pounder, “what kinda protein powder you been taking?”


Doc also liked taking his time going thru their charts while he stood in front of them in the exam room. He’d outgrown his lab coat, and now wore short sleeve white dress shirts. He could feel the men checking out the size of his arms even without looking up at them. And who wouldn’t look at them, all veiny and rock hard with sinew. His slightest hand movement made his forearm muscles roll and ripple with power.


Doc was especially looking forward to an appointment with a particular patient. Dino was a 340lb powerlifter, who Doc had overheard making homophobic remarks at the gym. Doc had never said anything to the guy, but he had replaced his hormone treatments with placebos, so the big oaf was coming in to find out why he was losing size and strength.


Once Doc had him in the exam room, he had him strip down to his briefs for a full exam. Homophobe or not, the guy was quite a vision to watch undress. Doc had to help him get his shirt up over his huge lats and off his 24” arms. His hairy chest was over 70 inches, and his pec slabs rested on his solid powerlifter gut ball. His hairy quads had to be 34 inchers. Doc had him lay face down on the exam table, which creaked and sagged under the big bull’s weight.


Doc snapped on a latex glove to his right hand, then he greased up his index finger. “Time for a prostate exam,” he said to Dino, who began to sit up in protest.


“I don’t take anything up my ass, Doc,” said the big man, pushing himself up on the exam table. But Doc put his left hand on the middle of Dino’s back and pushed him back down. As he held the big gorilla there, his face pinned to the table, Doc realized he was holding him down with relative ease. He must have at least twice the guy’s strength.


“Today you’re going to take at least my finger. We have to see if anything’s going on up there. Can’t you feel how weak you’re getting? I’m holding you down like a child.” With that, Doc pulled the big man’s briefs down over his huge hairy buttocks mounds, and jammed his finger into the deep beef crack. He found the opening and slid his finger in. Dino groaned in protest, but Doc held him in place with ease. He slid his finger in deeper and found the prostate gland. He rubbed his finger on it, around and around, far longer than he needed to, and as he massaged the gland, the pitch of Dino’s groans changed into moans of pleasure. Doc continued to stroke the prostate as the big ape started bucking into the exam table.


“Doc, what the fuck….feels so good….I never felt……” And as Doc caressed the gland over and over again, Dino’s eyes rolled up in pleasure. He bucked into the table so hard that Doc thought it might collapse.


“You like that, big boy?” Doc asked him.


“Fuck yes, fuck, fuck.”


“You want me to stop?” asked Doc.


“No!  No no no.” Dino was feeling the most ecstasy he’d ever imagined. His meaty cock was hard as steel as he rammed it against the table.


“Beg me for more,” said Doc.


“Oh please yes, more! More. Harder.” Dino was drooling all over the exam table paper. Doc slid a second finger into him and shoved into him harder. Goosebumps covered Dino’s rhino sized back. His skin flushed like a baboon in heat. Doc made one final thrust and held his fingers on the big man’s gland. Dino came into the table, gripping the frame so hard that the metal dented in.


Doc pulled his fingers out, took off the glove, and tossed it into the waste bin. “Okay, roll over and sit up,” he said.


Dino sat up on the table. His thick chest fur and gut were covered with sweat and cum. “What just happened?” he asked, his eyes glazy.


Doc grabbed a handful of paper towels and began to wipe Dino down. “I just unleashed your deepest latent desire. And now you’re going to want it again and again.” And despite the fact that Doc didn’t want to be drawn to the guy, he couldn’t help chubbing up as he rubbed down the big ape and his overly muscled, hypermasculine torso and quads, all ruddy from sex with an exam table. “I’m going to do you a favor,” Doc said, tossing the cum soaked towels away, then washing his hand. “I’m going to give you an address. After you leave, if you feel like you want to experience something like this, only better, go there. Just let yourself in the front door, it won’t be locked. I think you’ll like what you find on the inside.” Doc wrote down an address as Dino got dressed.


“I don’t know what you mean, Doc,” said Dino, acting as if nothing had happened. But he took the paper from Doc, and put it into his pocket. “I got to go.” He wouldn’t look Doc in the eye, but instead, hurried out of the exam room. He walked to his car, got in, and sat in the driver’s seat for awhile. He couldn’t believe what had just happened, how turned on he was having his ass worked like that by the doc. It didn’t mean he was gay though. Did it?


He pulled the piece of paper out of his pocket and crumpled it up, tossing it on the passenger seat. He started the car. He sat there for a couple more minutes, the engine running. Then he reached over and grabbed the paper, unfolding it. He entered the address into his phone GPS. He couldn’t drive there fast enough, to find out what was awaiting him.


Doc watched from his office window, and chuckled to himself as the uber-masculine Dino peeled out of the parking lot. Doc knew exactly what he was heading for.


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Oh Man what a mean cliffhanger.

If the Doc's changed his body to a 275 pounds muscle monster in a month then Ruben for sure surpassed his dream to eb the biggest +50 years oldbodybuilder out there.

I can not wait to read what's in store for Dino once he reaches the house

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Awesome, awesome, awesome! I read the first chapter, then got behind during the holidays. What a treat it was to read 2-4 all together! I'm glad Doc is getting big too, and yes, like everyone else, I'm dying to see how big Ruben has gotten after a month on the new gear. The demonstrations of strength are also fantastic, particularly Ruben running while using the car as a weight and the ease with which the doc handles his patients, even the huge power lifter. 

I'm looking forward to Dino's encounter with Ruben and of course more growth!

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